Questions Asked on
November 2, 2016

  1. history

    1. Which of the following is necessary to propose a new amendment to the Constitution? (1 point) approval by a popular vote held in every state approval by two­thirds of the House and Senate approval by three quarters of the House and Senate approval by

  2. SS Check Answers

    1. What value in American identity is most fundamental to the U.S. political system? A. indivual rights B. social conformity C. national security D. freedom from rule 2. Why was the Voting Rights Act of 1965 necessary A. Each citezen must be ruled by the

    asked by Katie
  3. Art

    (this is vital. I need to pass this, its a big part of my grade and you HAVE to see the picture) (gyazo(.)com/bb51395755cee29dbfc14c057315bb4a) The artist was able to create this tessellation through the use of.. 1. Postive space to form a pattern 2. Value

    asked by Check this? Please...?
  4. math

    Dog Debate UNIT NAME: EQUATIONS AND INEQUALITIES Directions: The traditional method for calculating a dog's age in dog years is to multiply its age in human years by 7. The chart below describes a different method some veterinarians use to estimate a dog's

    asked by helpppppp
  5. Physics

    1.A block accelerates at 3.1 m/s2 down a plane inclined at an angle 24.0◦. Find μk between the block and the in- clined plane. The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s2 . 2.A 1200 kg car moves along a horizontal road at speed v0 = 20.1 m/s. The road is

    asked by Casey

    1. 619.5 km=__m A, 0.6195 B, 61.95 C, 61,950 D, 619,500*** Write the metric unit that makes the statement true. 2. 5,941 mm= 5.941__ (1point) A, m*** B, km C, cm D, dm Use benchmarks to estimate the sum, difference, or product. 3. 1 7/8+1/9 A, 0 B, 1 C, 2

    asked by Connexus plz help
  7. Chemistry 1

    Calculate q when 22.0 g of water is heated from 25.0°C to 100.0°C.

    asked by Someone
  8. math

    Four students work to find an estimate for square root 37. Who is closest to finding the true estimate? (1 point) Rhonda: "Use square root 16 and square root 25 to estimate." Ricardo: it should be between square root 25 and square root 36." Riley: "i use

    asked by lily
  9. Science

    name two types of evidence used to support the theory of evolution explain how scientists use each type of evidence to provide support for evolution give one example for each

    asked by LEgit_VIPer
  10. math

    Four students work to find an estimate for square root 54. Who is closest to finding the true estimate? (1 point) Rhonda: "Use square root 16 and square root 25 to estimate." Ricardo: "I use square root 25 and square root 36." Riley: "It should be between

    asked by lily
  11. Math

    Kate cycles the first 350 km of a 470 km journey at a certain average speed and the remaining distance at an average speed that is 15 km/h less than that for the first part of the journey. If the time taken for her to travel each part of her journey is the

    asked by James
  12. Math HELP!!

    Chuck needs to cut a piece of cardboard for an art project at school. He has four pieces of cardboard that he can cut from: 6 inches, 5 inches, 7 inches, and 3 inches. If the length of the cardboard he needs is √35 inches, which piece of cardboard should

    asked by lily
  13. SS Check Work

    Asha lives in a nation that has a legislature and a prime minister. Citizens in her country vote in elections to elect their legislative representatives. Then parliament appoints the prime minister. 1. Does Asha's nation have a limited or an unlimited

    asked by Katie
  14. Physics

    1.A student moves a box of books down the hall by pulling on a rope attached to the box. The student pulls with a force of 181 N at an angle of 20.8◦ above the horizontal. The box has a mass of 40.3 kg, and μk between the box and the floor is 0.29. The

    asked by Alana
  15. calculus

    At a sand and gravel plant, sand is falling off a conveyor and onto a conical pile at the rate of 10 cubic feet per minute. The diameter of the base of the cone is approx­ imately three times the altitude. At what rate is the height of the pile changing

    asked by Brian
  16. American Gov.

    In holt vs hobbs what did the supreme court use as a basis for its decision? a. Holt was not a member of a recognized religion. b. the government was preventing Holt from practicing his religion. c. The prison had a compelling interest in facilitating

    asked by Mike
  17. Social Studies 7 Pls CoRRect Mee

    What happened to some native Americans during the Jackson presidency? They were to leave their homeland and move westward. They allied themselves with slaves to seel equal protection under the law. They were given large land grants on their native soil.

    asked by Marry Hernandez
  18. American Government

    How have NATO's operations changed over time ? A.) NATO only directs peacekeeping measures now B.) NATO no longer defends Western Europe C.) NATO has fewer member countries now than when it began D.) NATO's activities now include crisis management and

    asked by Taylor

    Asha lives in a nation that has a legislature and a prime minister. Citizens in her country vote in elections to elect their legislative representatives. Then parliament appoints the prime minister. 1. Does Asha's nation have a limited or an unlimited

    asked by Katie
  20. History

    How much does geography affect people's lives? Use what you have learned about culture in the Americas to respond to the prompt. Be sure to cite at least one piece of evidence about each geographic region (middle america, south america, and north america)

    asked by I NEED HELP!!!!
  21. Math

    A piece of string is 3 yards long. How many 1 1/4-yard long pieces can Julie cut from the string? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4

    asked by Leo
  22. Art

    Which of the following subjects enabled artists to begin using clay to form art? 1. Language arts 2. Social Studies 3. Mathematics 4. Science *** I think its D.

    asked by Check this? Please...?
  23. Math

    pls help round to the nearest 1/2. 1/9, 14/27.

    asked by Rels
  24. Social Studies 7 Pls CoRRect Mee

    President Andrew Jackson is said to have responded to the supreme courts ruling in Worcester v. Georgia with the word { Chief Justice} John Marshall has made his decision now let him enforce it! Which of the following best explains the meaning of this

    asked by Marry Hernandez
  25. Math

    find the length of the segment. write the mixed number in simplest form.[i don't have the picture]

    asked by D&B NATION4L
  26. science

    A species that influences the survival of many other species is an ecosystem is called a(n) (A) Niche species (B) Extinct species (C) Keystone species (D) Endangered species

    asked by 220134
  27. English 2 please help

    Please check these! The High School Step Team Karla’s cousin Jade urged her to join the step team. “This afternoon you should definitely try out!” Jade suggested after the final bell rang. “I know she wants the best for me,” Karla thought to

    asked by Olivia N J
  28. Adv function

    Express sec2x in terms of tanx and secx I know you have to sec(2x) = 1/cos(2x) = 1/(cos²x - sin²x) But how do you split that. Like how to simplify that?

    asked by Anonymous
  29. physics

    A 3 kg block (block A) is released from rest at the top of a 20 m long frictionless ramp that is 5 m high. At the same time, an identical block (block B) is released next to the ramp so that it drops straight down the same 5 m. Find the values for each of

    asked by Katelyn
  30. Chem 3

    A 2.00 kg piece of granite with a specific heat of 0.803 J/g·°C and a temperature of 95.0°C is placed into 2.00 L of water at 22.0°C. When the granite and water come to the same temperature, what will that temperature be?

    asked by Someone
  31. Math

    12a-3b2. When a=9 b=4. Please explain steps

    asked by Leah
  32. Physics

    calculate the magnitude of electrostatic force on a charge placed at a vertex of a triangular pyramid (4 vertices, 4 faces), if 4 equal point charges are placed at all four vertices of pyramid of side'a.

    asked by Vandit Shah
  33. Algebra 2

    Which of the following could be the equation of the graph shown below? Check all that apply.

    asked by Isaac Rosario
  34. Probability & Stats

    The probability that Pete will catch fish on a particular day when he goes fishing is 0.8. Pete is going fishing 3 days next week. 1. The probability that Pete will catch fish on exactly one day is: a. .008 b. .096 c. .104 d. .8 Please show work

    asked by Sally
  35. plz plz help me belive me have tried

    cosx+cosy=a and sinx+siny=b show that sin2x+sin2y=2ab(1-(2/(a^2+b^2)) plz plz show step

    asked by maths
  36. Physics Urgent!

    1.You are driving at the speed of 28.7 m/s (64.2138 mph) when suddenly the car in front of you (previously traveling at the same speed) brakes. Considering an average human reaction, you press the brakes 0.427 s later. Assume that the brakes on both cars

    asked by Mikayla
  37. Chemistry

    When a 3.80 g sample of magnesium nitride (MW 101g/mol) is reacted with 3.30 g of water, 3.60 g of MgO is formed. What is the percent yield of this reaction? Mg3N2 + 3 H2O --> 2 NH3 + 3 MgO

    asked by Jessica
  38. math

    A man owned 75 shares of stock worth $50 each. The corporation declared a dividend of 8%, payable stock. how many shares did he then own?

    asked by chris
  39. math

    ty uses 20ft of fencing to make a rectangular garden.he devides the rectangle into 4 equal squares all in 1 row.the side of each row is 2ft long.what is the area of the garden? i dont know how show representations,or write an equation for this problem

    asked by micah
  40. time speed and distance

    Three friends anil, bala and chetan, from X to town X to town Y which was 4o km. Anil who had a bike started along with bala while chetan started simultaneously on foot. After some time , anil dropped bala on the way and went back to pick up chetan while

    asked by Dharmesh

    A piece of string is 3 yards long. How many 1 1/4-yard long pieces can Julie cut from the string? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4

    asked by Leo
  42. Physics

    a) Rain drops hitting the side window of a car in motion often leave diagonal streaks if there is no wind. Why? b) For a certain projectile, the horizontal range is twice in magnitude of the maximum height attained by it. Find its angle of projection.

    asked by Eliza
  43. 7th American History

    I am working on a assignment the problem is: Be able to explain how transportation innovations of the time period affected migration patterns in the United States. Be able to talk about different types of transportation innovations, how they these

    asked by 7th Grade American History Help
  44. Calculus

    All edges of a cube are expanding at the rate of 3 centimeters per second. How fast is the volume chang­ ing when each edge is (a) 1 centimeter and (b) 10 centimeters?

    asked by Brian
  45. Calculus

    A spherical balloon is inflated with gas at the rate of 20 cubic feet per minute. How fast is the radius of the balloon increasing at the instant the radius is (a) 1 foot and (b) 2 feet?

    asked by Brian
  46. SS CHECK

    2. What is the purpose of the separation of powers? A) to keep ordinary citizens involved in politics B) to prevent any branch from dominating the government C) to distribute work between state and federal levels of government D) to ensure that every

    asked by Katie

    10.5/7-4/6 A.1/21*** B.1 C.1/42 D.1/14 11.-3 7/9 - 1 2/9 A.-2 5/9*** B.2 5/9 C.-5 D.4 5/9 12. 6 1/3 - 4 4/9 A.2 1/3 *** B.2 2/3 C.1 8/9 D.1 2/3 13. Kevin had 3/4 yard of string. He used 1/3 of the string for a school project. How many yards of string did

    asked by Connexus plz help
  48. Physics Urgent!

    A snowboarder of mass 60 kg is at rest on the top of a sand dune. The coefficients of static and kinetic friction are 0.55 and 0.4675, respectively. 60 kg μk = 0.4675 μs = 0.55  What is the angle  the incline must exceed so that the snowboarder starts

    asked by Mikayla
  49. language arts

    in " all together now " , Jordan uses appeals to emotion and appeals to reason to try to persuade her readers that her views are important . in a paragraph , site one example of each king of appeal in her work . then , explain whether you find jordans

    asked by help please
  50. Chemistry

    At a certain temperature, 0.885 mol of N2, and 2.654 mol of H2 are placed in a container. N2+3H2=2NH3 At equilibrium, there is 0.823 mol of NH3 present. Determine the number of mol of N2 and H2 that are present when the reaction is at equilibrium. Answer

    asked by Ashley
  51. language arts

    which conjunction would best combine the following sentence ? you could borrow my car . You could borrow my truck. a) for b) yet c) or d) so

    asked by help please
  52. Math

    Samuel measured three ropes as 3 63/80 feet, 3 1/5 feet and 3 11/20 feet. put the measurements of the ropes in order from least to greatest.

    asked by D&B NATION4L
  53. physics

    Two buses leave a bus station and travel in opposite direction from the same standing point.if the speed of one is twice the other and they are 240km apart at the end of one hour. What is the speed of each km

    asked by anonymous
  54. Math

    write three and seven eighths as an improper fraction and as a mixed number.

    asked by D&B NATION4L
  55. physics

    A 1200 kg car traveling north at 14 m/s is rear ended by a 2000 kg truck traveling at 25 m/s. If the truck and car lock bumpers and stick together, what is their speed immediately after the collision?

    asked by Katelyn
  56. Geography

    Why did the neolithic agricultural revolution mark a turning point in history?

    asked by Tyler
  57. American Gov.

    Which of the following does the free exercise clause of the first amendment protect? a. Teacher-led prayers in schools b. attending church c. the establishment of a state religion d. nurses reading the Bible to patients in a public hospital. My answer is

    asked by Mike
  58. MATH

    13. write the ratio as a fraction in simplest form. 30:48 A.1/6 B.5/8 C.30/48 D.8/5 14. Write the ratio as a fraction in simplest form. 38 to 20 A. 38/20 B.1/9 C.19/10 D.10/19 15. write the ratio as a fraction in simplest form. 6 out of 9 A.1/3 B.3/2 C.2/3

    asked by Urgent
  59. Calc III

    Express the volume of the solid that the cylinder r = 4cos(theta) cuts out of the sphere of radius 4 centered at the origin with a triple integral in cylindrical coordinates. I have already found the intervals, but I cannot solve it. The bounds are

    asked by Anon
  60. English

    Which statement is false? A. Parentheticals aren’t crucial to the meaning of a sentence. B. Parentheticals are like asides. C. Parentheticals are crucial to the meaning of a sentence. D. Parentheticals are like comments. Is it C.?

    asked by Alexa
  61. Physics

    A rod is lying on the top of a table. One end of the rod is hinged to the table so that the rod can rotate freely on the tabletop. Two forces, both parallel to the tabletop, act on the rod at the same place. One force is directed perpendicular to the rod

    asked by Lisa Johnson
  62. Math

    patsy needs 3 1/3 cups of flour for a recipe. write the number of cups needed as an improper fraction.

    asked by D&B NATION4L
  63. Math

    the weights of 3 bags containing footballs are 15 oz, 30 oz, and 60 oz. the greatest common factor of 15,30, and 60 gives the weight of each ball in the bags. what is the weight in ounces of each ball? ps i know you people maybe tired of me asking for help

    asked by D&B NATION4L
  64. Math

    The table below shows the populations of four countries for the year 2006 expressed in scientific notation. Population in 2006 Country Population Lebanon 3.90 × 106 Mexico 1.08 × 108 Peru 2.84 × 107 Spain 45.5 × 106 Of the countries listed, which one

    asked by Mariana
  65. chem

    Consider the isotope arsenic-76 How many protons are in an atom of this isotope? 33 What is the mass number of this isotope? 76 How many neutrons are in an atom of this isotope? 43 What is the atomic number of this isotope? 33 Give the nuclear symol 76/33

    asked by Anonymous
  66. Algebra

    Bailey has 21 yards of embroidery floss to make friendship bracelets. if each bracelet requires 2 1/3 yards, how many bracelets can she make?

    asked by Mike
  67. Chem

    At a certain temperature, 0.885 mol of N2, and 2.654 mol of H2 are placed in a container. N2+3H2=2NH3 At equilibrium, there is 0.823 mol of NH3 present. Determine the number of mol of N2 and H2 that are present when the reaction is at equilibrium. Answer

    asked by Mary Kate
  68. Teas 6

    I'm taking teas 6 soon can semeone help plz

    asked by Sam
  69. Science

    How is a parallel circuit different from a series circuit? A: A parallel circuit only has one path for the circuit to take. B: A parallel circuit has more than one path for the circuit to take.** C: A parallel circuit has a broken path for the circuit to

    asked by Marry Hernandez
  70. calclus

    A fish is reeled in at a rate of 1 foot per second from a bridge 15 feet above the water. At what rate is the angle between the line and the water changing when 25 feet of line is out? (Assume the fish stays near the surface of the water.)

    asked by Brian
  71. Chemistry

    The cesium-131 nuclide has a half life of 30 years. After 90 years, about 6g remain. What is the original mass of the cesium-131 sample?

    asked by Please help
  72. Calculus

    Given ||v|| = 5 theta=30 degrees, write the vector v.

    asked by Sade
  73. Social Studies

    Who warned General Braddock about the danger of ambushes on the way to battle?

    asked by Aralyn
  74. Algebra

    two opposite angle of a parallelogram are(5x-20) and (70-4x) what are the measurements of other angle of parallelogram

    asked by Sabir
  75. Chemistry

    How much heat is required to convert solid ice with a mass of 810 g and at a temperature of -18.0 °C to liquid water at a temperature of 62.5 °C? (The specific heat of ice is cice = 2100 J/kgK, the specific heat of water is cwater = 4186.8 J/kgK, and the

    asked by Anonymous
  76. Math (Help!)

    Note: Remember to show all of the steps that you use to solve the problem. Be sure to use the text box where the question mark (?) first appears to show your mathematical work. you can use the comments field to explain your work. Your teacher will review

    asked by Ive
  77. business

    According to equity theory, when workers perceive an inequity, they will A. always increase their efforts in the future. B. leave for a similar job in a different organization. C. try to reestablish an equitable feeling in a number of ways. D. generally be

    asked by danni
  78. phy

    A 1200 kg car traveling north at 10 m/s is rear-ended by a 2000 kg truck traveling at 27 m/s. What is the total momentum before and after the collision? before collision after collision

    asked by ME
  79. Chemistry

    ...Zn(s) + ...H+(aq)--> When the equation for the reaction represented above is completed and balanced and all coefficients are reduced to lowest whole number terms, the coefficient for H+ is? Am I just supposed to know what products are made from this

    asked by Wenny
  80. Chem 2

    Using values from Appendix C in your textbook, calculate the value of ΔH° for the reaction 4 NH3(g) + 5 O2(g) → 4 NO(g) + 6 H2O(g)

    asked by Someone
  81. Math

    Which set best. Describes the numbers used on the scale for a standard thermometer ?? I think it's whole numbers

    asked by Gabs
  82. Calculus

    A plane traveling 500 mph (called airspeed) in the direction 120 degrees encounters a wind of 80 mph in the direction of 45 degrees. What is the resultant direction of the plane (in degrees)?

    asked by Sade
  83. math

    if 19 quarts more paint is needed to paint the outside of abarn than or the inside. if i use 107 quarts in all how many gallons o paint will be used for the inside of barn.\

    asked by kiley
  84. Physics 1

    a 12.5 m long string vibrates as 100 hertz standing wave with nodes at 1.0m and 1.5m from one end of the string and at no points in between the two. Which harmonic is this? What is the string's fundamental frequency?

    asked by David
  85. Trigg county

    How to solve 5280 divided by 500

    asked by Will kline

    PLEASE HELP THANKS! CONNECTIONS ACADEMY 6TH GRADE! hamburger meat is on sale for 2.50 a pound this can be written as 2.50x evaluate this expression if you buy 7 pounds of hamburger

    asked by PLEASE HELP
  87. Math

    Two forces F1 and F2 act on a particle. F1 has magnitude 5N and in direction 30 degrees and F2 has magnitude 8N and in direction 90 degrees. Find the magnitude and direction of resultant.

    asked by Aladdyn
  88. math

    Find an equation of the circle that has center (-3,6) and passes through (4,-1)

    asked by .
  89. Physics

    An automobile is travelling west. Can it have velocity towards west and at the same time can it have acceleration towards the east? Under what circumstances.

    asked by Amrit
  90. Chemistry

    The iodine-131 nuclide has a half-life of 8 days. If you originally have 625-g sample, how many grams will you have after 2 months(approximately 64 days)?

    asked by Please help
  91. Social Studies

    Following the French and Indian War, the British believed that _____. A. the crown had the sole benefit from the war and the sole financial responsibility for its debts and results B. the colonies had the sole benefit from the war and should shoulder all

    asked by Aralyn
  92. chemistry

    C4H10(g) + 13/2 O2> 4CO2(g)+ 5H2O(g) Hrxn -2658Kj What mass of butane in gms is necessary to produce 1.5 times ten ^3Kj of heat? What mass of CO2 is produced?

    asked by gladstone
  93. Chemistry

    A calcium sample weighting 607.4 mg was precipitated as oxalate and calcined calcium carbonate giving 246.7 mg. What the percentage of calcium in the sample? Calcium molecular weight: 40.078 g/mol CaCO3 molecular weight: 100 g/mol

    asked by MONICA
  94. Calculus

    If f(x) = 2xsqrt(x-6), what is the value of (f^-1)(40)?

    asked by Anonymous
  95. Physics

    An electric train leaves a station starting from rest and attains a speed of 72km/hr in 10 second. It travels at that speed for 120 seconds. Then it undergoes uniform retardation for 20 seconds to come to halt at the next station calculate : a) distance

    asked by Amrit
  96. Physics 1

    A 2.5 meter long string vibrates as a 100 hertz standing waves with nodes at 1.5 meters and 1.0 meters from one end of the string and at no points between the two strings, which harmonic is this? and what is the strings fundamental frequency?

    asked by Derrick Ngugi
  97. Geometry (Please check my work)

    Find the image of O (-2,-1) after two reflections, first across the line y=-5, and then across the line x=1. I believe the answer should be (-1,-6) Can someone please confirm?

    asked by Sami
  98. math

    A wrench 0.4 meters long lies along the positive y-axis, and grips a bolt at the origin. A force is applied in the direction of ⟨0,1,5⟩ at the end of the wrench. Find the magnitude of the force in newtons needed to supply 100 newton-meters of torque to

    asked by dara
  99. Calculus

    A 5ft tall person is walking toward a light 20ft off the ground at 8 ft/sec. What is the rate of change of the length of the persons shadow when they are 15ft away from the light? What is the speed of the tip of the shadow moving?

    asked by Ben
  100. Math

    In a sponsored walk for charity, 560 students participated. Of these, 0.72% completed the 15-km walk. How many students completed the walk?

    asked by Alyssa
  101. math

    Which of the following phrases would represent this expression? x/3

    asked by bob
  102. Physics

    A 1200kg car rounds a curve of radius of 50m with a speed of 80km/hr. What is the coefficient of friction if the car is just about to skid off the road? I got: ac= 9.88m/s2 Fc= 11851N I also know Ff=uFN but have no idea how to figure this out. Thx.

    asked by Deanna
  103. Algebraic linear equations

    Stefanie's train will leave the station in 24 minutes and she is y miles from the station. To catch the train, she walks at a speed of 4 miles per hour and later runs at a speed of 8 mph. Write an equation in terms of y for the distance she has to walk, w,

    asked by Logan
  104. Maths

    A metere long strip is cut into 12 equal pieces. What is the length of each pieces

    asked by Anonymous
  105. physics

    Two crates rest on top of one another.There is a crate of mass 4.62 kg on top of another crate of mass 2.19 kg. The coefficient of friction between the lower crate and the floor is μk = 0.440 and the coefficient of static friction between the two crates

    asked by 2FUN
  106. English Lit

    1. What pattern or structure is there to the development the the plot? Describe the way the events are organized. Is the structure significant to the meaning? "Car Crash While Hitchhiking" -Denis Johnson

    asked by Annie
  107. physics

    What is the rotational speed of the hour hand on a clock? -----rev/s

    asked by Sue
  108. math

    YikesMcTugg biught 1/2 pound of potato salad.He ate 2/3 of it forma lunch. How muchos potato salad was left for an afternoon snak

    asked by valeria
  109. Chemistry

    100 g piece of granite and a 100 g piece of lead are placed in an oven that is at 100°C. The initial temperature of the pieces are 25°C. After a couple of minutes, neither one is at 100°C, but which one is warmer? Which one will reach 100°C first? How

    asked by Someone
  110. chemistry

    A mixture of NaOH and HCl is formed in a calorimeter. There is 50 mL of 2.078 Molar HCl and 51.7mL of 2.134 Molar NaOH. How would the heat capacity of the calorimeter change if you were to double the volume of NaOH? Justify your answer

    asked by Max
  111. math

    in a class of 50 pupils 24likes oranges 23 likes apple and 7 like the two fruits .How many do not like oranges and apples.What is the percentage of the class who likes apple only

    asked by feranmi
  112. art history

    in the painting the wedding, each person is a

    asked by Anonymous
  113. biology

    Which of the following elements is most likely to form an ion that will then form an ionic bond with an ion of a Group 1A element? Be I Fr **my choice Pt

    asked by sel
  114. Math7 grade

    An architectural drawing has a scale of 2 in=5 feet. If living room is 15 feet by 18 feet ,what is the living room size . What is the area of the living room in drawing. What is the area of actual. Living room . How do they compare. Using proportion and

    asked by Ina
  115. Chemistry

    Elements A and B combine to form two different compounds. The first compound contains 15.0 grams of substance A, and 8.60 grams of substance B. It can be represented by the formula A2B (subscript 2). The second compound contains 5.0 grams of substance A,

    asked by N
  116. calculus

    A point is moving along the graph of y = x2 so that dx/dt is 2 centimeters per minute. Find dy/dt when (a)x = 0 and (b)x = 3.

    asked by Brian
  117. Physics

    Two workers pull horizontally on a heavy box, but one pulls twice as hard as the other. The larger pull is directed at 25 degree west of north and the resultant of these two pulls is 350 netwon directly northward. Use vector components to find the

    asked by Amrit
  118. math

    a boat goes 12km upstream and 40km down stream in 8 hour it go 16km upstream and 39km down stream in same time find the speed of boat in the still water and in the stream

    asked by deepa
  119. Math

    Evaluate the line integral SC F · dr, where C is given by the vector function r(t). F(x, y, z) = sin x i + cos y j + xz k r(t) = t^4i − t^3j + tk, 0 ≤ t ≤ 1

    asked by Taylor
  120. physics

    Given that the carbon atom has a mass of 12 amu, how many carbon atoms are there in a diamond with a mass of 8 g? ....atoms

    asked by Math
  121. Physics

    QUESTION: In the figure provided, a 2.83 kg textbook is connected by a string to a 0.970 kg cup. The textbook is pushed up a slope of 34.7° with an initial speed of 2.81 m/s. If the coefficients of friction are uk = 0.370 and Îus = 0.760 with the

    asked by Haniah
  122. Science

    Without. Specie is not able to survive

    asked by Kahvon
  123. Chemistry

    Half life period of Ra226 is 1620 years calculate the decay rate of Ra226 in alpha particle per gram per sec

    asked by Shilva
  124. math

    a line passes through the point (-4,6) and has a slope of -5/4. Write an equation in point-slope form for this line.

    asked by .
  125. geography

    Jews were originally expelled from their homeland by the: A. Palestinians B. Romans C. French D. British I think that it's B, but I'm not sure. Thanks!

    asked by Elizabeth
  126. Gaussian Elimination Method

    Write the system of equations as an augmented matrix ⎧⎪⎨⎪⎩u=150−7s+4m=25019s−11m=300

    asked by Anonymous
  127. Math Help

    Data released by the Department of Education regarding the rate (percentage) of ninth-grade students that don't graduate showed that out of 50 states, ​ 16 states had an increase in the dropout rate during the past 2 years. ​18 states had a dropout

    asked by Kal Jay
  128. Science Psysics

    A 6 kg black is placed at the very top of a ramp that is inclined at 31 degrees and the block is released to slide down the ramp. As the block slides friction exerts a constant resistive force of 17N directed back up the ramp What is the block's speed when

    asked by Amy
  129. chemistry

    0.049M solution of NaOH was used to standerize a solution of HCl. 20 ml of aliquot of sodium carbonate was placed was placed in a conical flask and titrated with HCl from a buret . the correct indicator for this reaction would be one of the changes colour

    asked by raja
  130. History

    Which of the following is important when a primary scheduled as heavily front-loaded as it was in 2008? A. A clear stance on the issues B. The ability to raise money C. A comprehensive general election strategy D. A steady, slow building following with the

    asked by Sami
  131. art history

    in the painting the wedding, each person is a

    asked by Anonymous
  132. Math

    Marty wants to make a dog run in his backyard using the end of the garage as one side of the run if he has 113 1/3 Feet of fencing and the garage is 19 2/3 feet wide how long will the run be?

    asked by Jenny
  133. Math

    suppose the distance(in feet) that an object travels in t seconds is given by the formula s(t)= 2t^3 + 45 - 5. find s(2), v(2) and a(2)

    asked by Han
  134. Physics

    A 3.2 Kg box is pressed up against a wall by a person’s arm that makes a 35-degree angle with the wall. The box slides down the wall with a uniform speed. There is a coefficient of friction of 0.45 between the box and the wall. A. What is the magnitude

    asked by Grant buttler
  135. Math

    How do you shade in 4/5 in a hundred yard grid

    asked by Nataly Aguilar
  136. Chemistry

    If the half life of Pu-239 is 2.4 x 10^4 years, how many years are required for a 20-gram sample of plutonium-239 to be reduced to a mass of 5 grams?

    asked by Please help
  137. geometry

    construct an isosceles triangle and construct Sierpinksi's triangle. Repeat the pattern three times. What segment of a triangle does this pattern make use of over and over again?

    asked by George
  138. chemistry

    A student conducts a reaction and measures a 19.9 g yield. The theoretical yield of the reaction under the conditions used is 31.4 grams. What percent yield did the student achieve?

    asked by Alyssa
  139. math

    eli is twice as old as josh, and ben is six years older than josh. the sum of their age is old is each person?

    asked by somebody
  140. Math, Precalc

    Sue rides her bike at a rate of 15 mph to May’s house 5 miles away. Then Sue and May walk to a park 2 miles away at a rate of 3 mph. What was Sue’s average speed for the entire trip?

    asked by Ashley
  141. statistics

    Despite he outrageous incomes of some, the mean income of all aging rock stars is relatively modest: $75,000 with a standard deviation of $2,000. On that scale, Chubby Checker, appears to do better than average: at most, only 6.25% of aging rockers make

    asked by Anonymous
  142. Math

    The population of the town increase at the rate of 4 percent every year. If the present population of the town is 500000 ,compute the population of the town after 3 years.

    asked by Fresh
  143. math

    Two towns on a map are 5 inches apart. The scale on the map is 1 inch to 10 miles. What is the distance between the two towns in miles?

    asked by rihana
  144. math

    Suppose the temperature outside drops 4 degrees each hour. How much will the temperature change in 5 hours?

    asked by Kenzie
  145. Math

    Find the simple interest of $3800 at an annual rate of 3.5% for 3 years.

    asked by Alyssa
  146. physics

    An ideal gas has the following initial conditions: Vi = 490 cm3, Pi = 5 atm, and Ti = 100°C. What is its final temperature if the pressure is reduced to 1 atm and the volume expands to 1000 cm3? _____°C

    asked by Katelyn
  147. math

    the number of trucks crossing the border fell from 3240 to 2673. What is the percent decrease?

    asked by Alyssa
  148. counseling

    Which test is among the most commonly used intelligence instruments?

    asked by blake
  149. Algebra 2

    A particular radioactive element has a half life of 10.0 days. How much is left after 30.0 days if the sample started with 345g?

    asked by Please help
  150. maths

    The cost of fencing a square field at 40paise per meter is rs.2000.Find the cost of watering the field at 80 paise per 100square

    asked by Anonymous
  151. Chemistry

    What mass, in grams, of sodium chloride is needed to prepare 15.0 ml of 10% (m/v) NaCl solution?

    asked by Irene
  152. Math

    The area of a. Front cover of a book is 120 square inches. The perimeter is 44 inches.what are the dimensions of the cover. HELP

    asked by Marcy
  153. geography

    In 1979, iran's secular government was overthrown during the ? A. Arab-Israeli war B. islamic revolution C. communist revolution D. ottoman empire I honestly have no clue! Thanks!

    asked by Kacie
  154. math

    a. running track has a perimeter of 800*1/4meters if a runner takes five round of it how much distance did he cover?

    asked by ankit
  155. Math

    If lady liberty was a real woman standing 5 foot 6 inches tall, how long would her index finger be

    asked by amber lady
  156. Government

    How does the 3 branches of government influence the bureaucracy?

    asked by Alyssa
  157. Math, Precalc

    (3^x)+(5^{x+3})=(3^{x+4})-(1/3)*( 5^{x+2}). Solve

    asked by Susan
  158. Calculus

    Find the particular solution that satisfies the differential equation and the initial conditions. F'(x) = 4x^2 f (-1)=3 F'(t)=10t-12t^3 f (3)=2

    asked by Anonymous
  159. maths

    The cost of fencing a square field at 40paise per meter is rs.2000.Find the cost of watering the field at 80 paise per 100square

    asked by Anonymous
  160. Chemistry

    Technetium-99 has been used as a radio graphic agent in bone scans. If the isotope has a half life of 6.0 hours, what amount is left of 10.0 mg after 2 days?

    asked by Please help
  161. math

    At a supermarket, pineapple juice sells at $1 per pint (16 oz). Greg wants to buy eighteen 40 oz cans of pineapple juice from the supermarket. How much does he have to pay altogether.

    asked by teresa
  162. math

    A tunnel, one-sided, with a 4m width is topped with two vertical walls of high diameter 2.5m. A 2.5 m wide truck must pass. what can be the maximum height of the truck?

    asked by olalekan
  163. Maths

    A regular polygon has an interior angle which less than ten times its exterior angle by 84°.Find the sum of all its interior angle?

    asked by Mahinda
  164. Math

    Find the integral of (sin x)^4 times cos x with limits 0 to pie/2

    asked by Aladdyn
  165. Math

    Make a riddle for the number 68

    asked by Yoobi
  166. physics

    The pressure in each of your car tires is 2.10 105 Pa. The mass of your car is 1550 kg. Assuming that each of your tires bears one-quarter of the total load, what is the contact area of each tire with the road? ______ m2

    asked by Katelyn
  167. Physics

    A 1200 kg car moves along a horizontal road at speed v0 = 20.1 m/s. The road is wet, so the static friction coefficient between the tires and the road is only μs = 0.189 and the kinetic friction coefficient is even lower, μk = 0.1323. The acceleration of

    asked by Mikayla
  168. Advanced Physics

    What is the displacement for the following vectors? A vector moving 45 degrees northeast at a velocity of 3m/s and turns 30 degrees southeast

    asked by Chanda
  169. chemistry

    Calculate the number of moles of O2 that can be produced by the decomposition reaction of water

    asked by gjf
  170. Calclus

    A point is moving along the graph of y = 1/(1 + x^2) so that dxldt = 2 centimeters per minute. Find dy/dt for the following values of x. (a) X = -2

    asked by Brian
  171. Statistics

    Suppose Cindy is taking a multiple-choice test where there are 5 possible answers on each question. If she guesses on all 8 questions, what is the probability that she gets: a.) exactly 3 correct. b.) at least 1 correct. c.) What is the mean? d.) What is

    asked by Luna
  172. English

    Write an ivf summary for the story Welcome to Dead House by r.l. Stine.

    asked by Hersey
  173. maa central

    a set is composed of marbles with different colors, namely: 5 blue marbles, 3 red marbles and 2 gren marbles.What is the fractional form of blue marbles?

    asked by nick
  174. Politics

    Two examples of how accountability is ensured in U.S. Bureaucratic Agencies. What does it mean by accountability

    asked by Sandra
  175. English

    1. I find it is good that he likes helping poor people. 2. I believe it is good that he likes helping poor people. 3. I think it is good that he likes helping poor people. 4. I consider it is good that he likes helping poor people. 5. I guess it is good

    asked by rfvv
  176. science

    Determine the magnitude and direction of the horizontal resultant force on minibus A=1800N and B=800

    asked by daisy
  177. still math

    write an equivalent expression for 3f+ 4s +2f

    asked by D&B NATION4L
  178. maths

    The cost of fencing a square field at 40 paise per meter is rs 2000.find the cost of watering the field at 80 paise per 100msquare

    asked by kery dezosa
  179. Chemistry

    What amount of naoh require to neutralize 1kg HCl

    asked by Pravin
  180. acc206

    The objective of the statement of cash flows is___________________________. (Points : 1) A, to provide a way to audit the bank statement for accuracy B to provide information that is helpful in assessing the amounts, timing, and uncertainty of n c

    asked by madam
  181. Chemistry

    A particular radioactive element has a half life of 10.0 days. How much is left after 30.0 days if the sample started with 345g?

    asked by Please help
  182. Plane Trigonometry

    tan A=-4/5;A in Quadrant 2 and cos B=-5/13: B in Quadrant 3. What is the exact value of the expression cos(A+B)?

    asked by Math
  183. chemistry

    A solution contains 0.100 mg of NaOH dissolved in enough water to make 10.0 L of solution. whats the concentration

    asked by byu
  184. Math


    asked by Rajpal Rawat
  185. Math, Precalc


    asked by Frederic
  186. Math

    The Blue Jays won 17 more games than they lost. They played 52 games in all and had 3 ties. How many games did they lose?

    asked by Sharon
  187. Calculus

    Find the dot product of: and .

    asked by Iris
  188. Calculus

    True or False If F(x) and G(x) are antiderivatives of f(x), then F(x)=G(x)+C If f'(x) = g(x) then integral g(x) dx = f(x) + C Integral f(x) * g(x)dx = integral f(x)dx * integral g(x)dx I have a feeling it's False True True

    asked by James
  189. geography

    Which of the following countries contains the most arabs? A. Jordan B. Israel C. Syria D. Lebanon I think the answer is either B or C, but i really need a definite answer! Thanks!

    asked by Katie
  190. Math please explain how to do this

    Please explain how to work the formula for the following. Quarter Warehouse and Transportation Expense 1/2009 $12,500 2 11,300 3 11,600 4 13,700 1/2010 12,900 2 12,100 3 11,700 4 14,000 1/2011 13,300 2 12,300 3 12,100 4 14,600 The results of a simple

    asked by Patte
  191. Physics

    At what altitude above the Earth's surface is the gravitational field strength equal to g/7? .981 = -(1.0003322(6,371/6,371+h))^2)

    asked by Denise

    11.-3 7/9 - 1 2/9 A.-2 5/9*** B.2 5/9 C.-5 D.4 5/9 12. 6 1/3 - 4 4/9 A.2 1/3 *** B.2 2/3 C.1 8/9 D.1 2/3 11.-3 7/9 - 1 2/9 A.-2 5/9*** B.2 5/9 C.-5 D.4 5/9 12. 6 1/3 - 4 4/9 A.2 1/3 *** B.2 2/3 C.1 8/9 D.1 2/3 plz hep me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    asked by Connexus plz help
  193. Math

    For what real values of 2x^2+ax+25 the square of a binomial? If you find more than one, then list the values separated by commas.

    asked by Eleanor
  194. English

    Write an ivf summary for the story Welcome to Dead House by r.l. Stine.

    asked by Hersey
  195. English

    Write a sequence of events of story welcome to dead house by r.l stine

    asked by Kayla
  196. Plane Trigonometry

    sin A=-4/5;A in Quadrant 4 and csc B=-7/3;B in Quadrant 3. What is the value of the expression cos(A-B)?

    asked by Manuel
  197. physics

    A 3 kg block is released from rest at the top of a 20 m long frictionless ramp that is 5 m high. Find the values for the block just before it reaches ground level. (a) gravitational potential energy ----J (b) kinetic energy ----J (c) speed -----m/s (d)

    asked by Sue
  198. math

    an equipment hire company A hires camping.for use of camping,A charges $20 for each of the first 7days plus $50 for per day for each extra day?

    asked by maira
  199. Calculus

    What is the unit vector of v: ?

    asked by Iris
  200. Algebra

    Which are the order pair for 3x+y>6

    asked by Brock
  201. Chemistry

    Products of elimination reactions are?: a) unsaturated b) electrophilic c)More hydrophilic than their reactants d)Heavier than the reactions If you could also explain why, that would be great :)

    asked by arthur
  202. Maths

    Test the solution of an equation: Prove that x=5 is a solution of the equation: 3x-3=2x+2 LHS= RHS= LHS=RHS,ie x=5 is the solution.

    asked by Dian
  203. Math

    The area of a rectangle is 222 sq feet. What is the length of its sides?

    asked by Ellen
  204. Math

    Evaluate the line integral, where C is the given curve. (Integral)C z dx + x dy + y dz, C: x = t^4, y = t^5, z = t^4, 0 ≤ t ≤ 1

    asked by Taylor
  205. Physics

    A hockey puck is hit on a frozen lake and starts moving with a speed of 12.1 m/s. Four seconds later, its speed is 6.7 m/s. What is its average acceleration? The ac- celeration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . Answer in units of m/s2. What is the average value of

    asked by Mikayla
  206. Math

    The distance between two cities is 2 1/2 inches. Find the actual distance.

    asked by Trayvion
  207. maths

    the net of a cube has an edge of 5cm. calculate the perimeter

    asked by joshua
  208. math

    mama rabbit hops 6 steps at a time, while baby rabbit hops 3 steps at a time. which steps will they hop together if they are 20 steps?

    asked by franc
  209. English

    What are two themes in Perseus Adventures? Reading the book but really don't understand the question

    asked by Shane
  210. Physics

    What does it mean if a motor is described as “One Horsepower”?

    asked by Daddy
  211. algbra

    You have a full time job at a clothing store that pays a base rate of $13 per hour, with time-and-a-half for hours over forty in a week. You also earn a 2% commission on your total sales for the pay period. You are paid biweekly. You have determined that

    asked by Anonymous


    asked by YOLANDA
  213. Math

    Which is an example of the associative property? –(18.9 + 3.2) = –18.9 + (–3.2) –17.5 + 0 = –17.5 –5.5 + 7.9 = 7.9 + (–5.5) (8.4 + 10.3) + (–4.1) = 8.4 + (10.3 + (–4.1))

    asked by Britney
  214. Math

    A new custodiam Cleaned 1/7 of a classroom in ten minutes this was only 8/9 of what an experienced custodian could do what part of the room could an experienced custodian clean in ten minutes?

    asked by Jenny
  215. Spanish

    Hola! I was wondering if someone could check my work! Llene el espacio en blanco con el MANDATO apropriado. 1. ¡No _____ tú esas tartas! (TOCAR) toca 2. ______ Ud. la lista de ingredientes para el flan, por favor. (ESCRIBIR) escriba 3. No me _______ Uds.

    asked by Anna
  216. Mathematics

    Given the following equation in general and intercept form y=3x-3.find the inclination of line containing p1(1,5)and p2(7,-7)

    asked by Richieh amoh
  217. Math

    n/-3 + 5 > 4= Have to explain all of the steps...every time I do it I come out with a different answer. Please I am totally lost on this one...Thank you.

    asked by Justin
  218. math

    Solve equations: 2x=3x

    asked by Dian
  219. calclus

    A point is moving along the graph of y = 11(1+x2) so that dx/dt = 2 centimeters per minute. Find dy/dt for the following values of x. (a) X = -2 (b) X = 0 (c)X=2 (d)X=10

    asked by Brian
  220. maths steve reiny

    Sqrt(x)^sqrt(x)=2 show solution step that all i need thanks

    asked by Anonymous
  221. geography

    Which country out of the following contains the most arabs? A. jordan B. israel C. syria D. lebanon

    asked by Katie
  222. Pre-algebra

    How would I turn pi into a rational number?

    asked by Britney
  223. algebra 2

    f(x) = -4x + 7 and g(x) = 2x - 6.

    asked by Anonymous
  224. Math

    suppose a= {4,6,9,2,-3,-10} then (∇x)v5=-5 how do you get that

    asked by Maggie
  225. Algebra 2


    asked by Please help
  226. Algebra 2


    asked by Urgent
  227. math

    I have 209.2 cups of cupcake batter in a bowl. If each cupcake uses 4 cups of batter, how many cupcakes can be made? How many times bigger do the divisor and dividend need to be in order to solve this problem? I divided 209.2 by 4 and got an answer of 52.3

    asked by Ayla
  228. Letter Writing I Guess

    I want to thank a veteran and know what to do but I don't know exactly what to say.

    asked by softball lover
  229. Physical geography

    Identify the glacial term that corresponds to each of the following. I'm stuck on these two. Thanks for the help Melting by wind: Sudden massive melting:

    asked by 1212ven
  230. math


    asked by Anonymous
  231. piedad elementary school

    Which of the given fractions is NOT equal to 1/3? a.) 100/300 b.) 10/30 c.) 3/10 d.) 2/6?

    asked by sam
  232. Math

    7/3 divided by 5/6

    asked by Amy
  233. Math

    (4 to the second power divided by two)subtract 2 to the second power plus five

    asked by Josie
  234. math

    A car was purchased for $3,495 and will depreciate 20% of the original price each year. Find a linear function for the value of the car at time t in years. Define variables clearly. Graph the function you found in part A. A claim is made that the car will

    asked by arik
  235. Maths

    A trader marks his goods at a profit of 150 and his loss is 175 what is his gain.

    asked by Zeanoth
  236. Math

    Find the work done by the force field F(x, y, z) = on a particle that moves along the line segment from (1, 0, 0) to (5, 2, 3).

    asked by Taylor
  237. Calc

    How do I find the indefinite integral of: sec(y)(tan(y) - sec(y)) dy

    asked by Sarah
  238. Math

    Consider sequence Uvn=2x^2. Find (∇u)vn and write u as an accumalation sequence

    asked by Sarah
  239. Math


    asked by Jeannette
  240. Algebra 2


    asked by Please help