Questions Asked on
October 23, 2016

  1. math calculus

    A poster is to contain 300 (cm square) of printed matter with margins 10cm at the top and bottom and 5cm at each side. Find the overall dimensions if the total area of the poster is minimum.

    asked by Aquino,Vanessa Mae
  2. Math

    How would you describe your understanding of rational numbers? (Select all that apply)

    asked by Taylor
  3. Phyics

    A 56 kg astronaut stands on a bathroom scale inside a rotating circular space station. The radius is 250 m and the bathroom scale reads 42 kg At what speed does the space station does the floor rotate

    asked by Jo
  4. Physics

    Your daredevil friends attach a rope to a 140kg sled that rests on a frictionless icy surface. The rope extends horizontaly to a smooth dead tree trunk lying at the edge of a cliff. Another person attaches a 30kg rock at the end of the rope after it passes

    asked by Hang
  5. Physics

    Particle A makes a perfectly elastic collision with another particle B at rest they fly apart in opposite direction with equal speeds the ratio of their masses mA/mB is?

    asked by Mritunjay Pandey
  6. math

    An art class is making a mural for their school which has a triangle drawn in the middle. The length of the bottom of the triangle is x. Another side is 10 more than four times the length of the bottom of the triangle. The last side is 3 more than the

    asked by Anonymous
  7. MATH

    A farmer wants to fence a small rectangular yard next to a barn. Fence for side parallel to the barn will cost 50 per foot and the fence for the other two sides will cost20 per foot. The farmer has a total of 2000 dollars to spend on the project. Find the

    asked by LAY
  8. Calculus

    Ship A is moving east at 20 miles per hour, while ship B is moving north at 15 miles per hour. At noon ship A was 5 miles east of an island, and ship B was 75 miles south of the island. At what rate is the distance of the ships changing at 1 pm?

    asked by Allie
  9. physics

    A 64.8 g drink is left on a turntable causing it to turn with an angular speed of 8.50 rad/s. If the drink has coefficients of friction of μs = 0.890 and μk = 0.500 with the turntable, what is the furthest distance that the drink could have been placed

    asked by kate
  10. physics

    A race car track has been constructed with the a bank angle of 32.7° so there is no friction force. The race car track has a curve radius of 394 m. What speeds, for the race cars, has the track been designed to accommodate?

    asked by marina
  11. Physics

    A 83.0-kg person, hanging from a rope, is being pulled away from a burning building by a firefighter, as shown in the figure below.

    asked by Mikayla
  12. Chemistry

    Balance the following redox reaction in basic solution. H2(g)+Fe3+(aq) ---> H2O(l)+Fe2+(aq)

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Frequency-Math

    The table below shows the scores of a group of students on a 10-point quiz. Test Score Frequency 3 0 4 2 5 2 6 1 7 2 8 3 9 0 10 4 The mean score on this test is: The median score on this test is

    asked by LEE
  14. accounting

    The entry to transfer a net loss to the owner's capital account would include a debit to

    asked by Anonymous
  15. poetry

    what's the significance of the poet's structure and style choice in the poem Dover Beach?

    asked by sydney
  16. Physics

    You toss a tennis ball straight upward. At the moment it leaves your hand it is at a height of 1.3 m above the ground, and it is moving at a speed of 7.4 m/s. (a) How much time does it take for the tennis ball to reach its maximum height? (b) What is the

    asked by Mary
  17. 5th grade math

    a sticker costs 15 cents, and a packet of similiar stickers cost $1. clement buys 37 stickers. what is the least amount of money that clement spends on the stickers

    asked by Anonymous
  18. physis

    (1) A solid weight 0.04 Newton in air and 0.024 newton when fully immersed in liquid of density 300 kilogram per metre cube.What is the volume of the solid? (2)The density of a body is 5*10^3 kilogram per metre cube and it weights 1 newton in air

    asked by Daniel
  19. Math

    Estimate f(5.9) given that f(6)=5 and f′(6)=3.

    asked by Ashley
  20. algebra

    The two smaller angles of a right triangle have equal measures. Find the measure of the smaller two angles, and the measure of the largest angle, in degrees.

    asked by gina
  21. psy/315

    Two boats, the Prada (Italy) and the Oracle (USA), are competing for a spot in the upcoming America’s Cup race. They race over a part of the course several times. The sample times in minutes for the Prada were as follows: 12.9, 12.5, 11.0, 13.3, 11.2,

    asked by trudyann Blackmon
  22. Physics

    A 0.630 kg wooden block is spun around on a wooden table. The wooden block is being spun around on a 2.00 m long massless wire. The wooden block has air being pushed out behind it causing a thrust force of 3.30 N. The air is being pushed out at 70.0° from

    asked by Fred
  23. Physics

    The mass of a spacecraft is about 480 kg. An engine designed to increase the speed of the spacecraft while in outer space provides 0.09 N thrust at maximum power. By how much does the engine cause the craft's speed to change in 1 week of running at maximum

    asked by Anna
  24. math

    A certain number was increased 5 times, then decreased by 3, then halved. The result was 0.3 less than the original number. What was the original number?

    asked by tom
  25. Math

    Use the digits of your birthday as the amount of your initial investment (i.e., 6/25 is $625), calculate the value of this investment after 10 years at 3.5% APR for interest compounded yearly, quarterly, monthly, and daily. What do you notice?

    asked by Abe
  26. Chemistry need asap

    Situation: The Production of Nitric Acid can be achieved by the following process: Nitrogen monoxide gas(NO) + diatomic oxygen gas+ water (liquid) ===> Nitric Acid (aq) a. Show complete balanced reaction for process What I have: 4NO+ 3O2+ 2H2O > 4HNO3 b.

    asked by John
  27. Math

    A submarine at -28 feet dives 40 feet. What is the submarine's elevation after the dive?

    asked by Matthew
  28. Social Studies

    Describe The European view of Columbus’s voyage and his encounter with the Taino

    asked by esdra
  29. Statistics

    Assume a study of 500 randomly selected school bus routes revealed 480 arrived on time. Is it significant for a school bus to arrive late?

    asked by Tracy
  30. Physics

    Ball 1 initially travels with a velocity of u m/s.Ball 2 is stationery and has a mass of 0.2kg and this collision lasts for 0.1 s.Afterwards both balls move in the direction of ball 1's initial velocity. Each ball has a different final velocity. During the

    asked by Wasim
  31. Geometry

    Two buildings are separated by an alley. From a window 80 feet above the ground in one of the buildings, it can be observed that the angle of elevation to the top of the other building is 62*, and the angle of depression the the bottom of the building is

    asked by George
  32. Physics

    A box of mass m = 59.0 kg (initially at rest) is pushed a distance d = 84.0 m across a rough warehouse floor by an applied force of FA = 204 N directed at an angle of 30.0° below the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the floor and

    asked by Daisy
  33. Math

    In a basketball game, Albert made 11 out of 15 free throws and Jake made 10 out of 13 free throws. Who had the greater ratio of free throws attempted? Explain your reasoning.

    asked by Sarah
  34. finance

    You want to purchase a car. It costs 25,000. You have 3,000 that you have saved up for a down payment. You can go with the 5 year car and 60 month car loan. The car manufacture is offering a special deal on your car. You can get zero percent financing or

    asked by Kate
  35. physics

    During strenuous exercise, it is possible to exert forces to the joints easily ten times greater than the weight being supported. What is the maximum force of friction under such conditions? The frictional forces in joints are relatively small in all

    asked by tia
  36. math

    If each small square on a grand chess board is 2 cm by 2 cm, each diagonal of the whole board measures 800 cm. How many small squares are on the board?

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Economics

    Below are my answers to the following multiple choice questions, please check and correct me if im wrong, thanks :) 1.Manufacturing high end products in Canada requires (Multiple Answers Allowed) Select one or more: a. Very focused customer strategy b.

    asked by kary
  38. maths percentage

    in a 400ml can of mixed juice, 41% is MAngo Juice, 3205% is pineapple juice and the rest is water. find the volume of Mango, pineapple and water ?

    asked by maria
  39. Algebra

    A small garden measures 11 ft by 8 ft. A uniform border around the garden increases the total area to 154 ft2. What is the width of the border? I cant seem to get the right answer. Please help

    asked by Brittani
  40. Math

    Explain why an account balance less than-40 dollars represent a debt greater than 40 dollars

    asked by Keke
  41. maths

    the number of 3-digit numbers which end in 7 and are divisible by 11 is?

    asked by ayaan
  42. Chemistry

    In a three reactions system the first two reactions are endothermic with DeltaH values of 138kj and 241kj. if the final reaction is exothermic what is the minimum value of DeltaH3 that would make the overall reaction exothermic? explain your reasoning. i

    asked by Anonymous
  43. physics

    A stone is moved round a horizontal circle with a 20 cm long string tied to it. if centrepetal acceleration is 9.8 m/s2, then its angular velocity

    asked by charu
  44. statistics

    The current rate of success is 70% for 200 students. When the new test is implemented, the rate increases to 85% for the 50 students who pass the test and are allowed into the program. Is this difference significant?

    asked by pamela
  45. math

    Write 360 as powers of its prime factors

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Math

    Two riders, A and B leave the starting line at the same time. A takes 12 minutes to complete one lap and the B takes 18 minutes. How long in minutes after they will it take for them to meet again at the starting line?

    asked by Anonymous
  47. mathematics

    the sum of two numbers is 31. 2/3 of one of the numbers added is equal to 5/8 of the other.find the two numbers

    asked by Blessing
  48. physics

    A car starts from rest and accelerates for 8.7 s with an acceleration of 4.4 m/s 2 . How far does it travel? Answer in units of m.

    asked by Jess
  49. physics

    You raise a bucket of water from the bottom of a well that is 12 m deep. The mass of the bucket and the water is 5.00 kg, and it takes 15 s to raise the bucket to the top of the well. Part A How much power is required?

    asked by ...
  50. Math

    A typist types 70 pages in 3 hours 30 minutes how long will she take to type 300 pages

    asked by Rupa
  51. English

    1. Did you know? + Where did he go? 2. Did you know where he went? 3. Did you know where he had gone? (Which one is similat to #1?) 4. Do you know? + Can he play the guitar? 5. Do you know if he can play the guitar. (Are both the same?) 6. Do you think? He

    asked by rfvv
  52. English

    1. This is the classroom in which I met her. 2. This is the playground at/on/in which I met her. 3. This is the coffee shop at/in which I met her. 4. This is the street in/on which I met her. ---------------------------------------- Can we use all the

    asked by rfvv
  53. Math

    an industry representative claims that 30 percent of all satellite dish owners subscribe to at least one premium movie channels. in an attempt to justify this claim, the representarive's claim is true, and suppose that a sample of six dish owners is

    asked by Emma
  54. Chemistry (atoms)

    How many atoms of oxygen, O, are in 0.0595 moles of water?

    asked by Ray
  55. Chem

    Consider the decomposition of a metal oxide to its elements, where M represents a generic metal. M203(s) 2M(s) + 1/2 O2(g) info given for Gf(kJ/mol): M203= -6.00 M(s)=0 O2(g)= 0 1.) what is the standard change in Gibbs energy for rxn as written in forward

    asked by dscd
  56. Maths GRE

    The basic sticker price on Mr. Feldman's new car was $3200, The options he desired cost an additional $1800. What percent of the total price was made up options? 3200 *100 1800 *x X=56.25= 56 1/4

    asked by Marco Victoria
  57. Physics

    A ball is on the end of a rope that is 1.75 m in length. The ball and rope are attached to a pole and the entire apparatus, including the pole, rotates about the pole's symmetry axis. The rope makes an angle of 78.0° with respect to the vertical. What is

    asked by Ray
  58. science

    assuming the earth to be a sphere of uniform density,what will be the value of g in a mine 100th below the earth surface.Given r=6400 km and g=10m/s.

    asked by Aditya
  59. Social Studies

    1. Explain the role that religion had in different parts of the Colonies during early settlement. 2. Compare and contrast the economies of the New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies.

    asked by Help me
  60. poetry

    what's the significance of the poet's structure and style choice in the poem Dover Beach?

    asked by Andrea
  61. Physics

    An object of mass m1 is placed on an inclined plane (angle theta above the horizontal) is connected by a string going over a pulley to a hanging object of mass m2. Determine the acceleration of the system if there is no friction between object 1 and the

    asked by Anna
  62. Math

    Substituting the four numbers 1, 9, 8 and 3, for the four letters in the addition problems (different number for different letters) BAD + MAD + DAM. Find the largest sum!

    asked by rom
  63. Math

    A farmer has only pigs and chickens. When she stands on her porch and surveys her stock, she sees 22 heads and 52 legs. How many chickens does she have and how many pigs?

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Mathematics

    find the equation of the parabola passing through the origin with the turning point (2;-8).help mi.

    asked by Patricia
  65. math

    A 5.35 kg steel block is spun around a motor at 36.5 rpm. The angular acceleration of the block is -2.14 rads/s^2 and it takes 1.79 s for the block to come to a complete stop. What is the angular displacement while the block slows to a stop?

    asked by charlie
  66. Math

    The daily temperature is decreasing at a rate of 2 degrees Fahrenheit T represent the daily high temperature now right then expression for the high temperature in five days the current at high temperatures need to address for hi-fi high temperature in five

    asked by John
  67. Pure Math

    Find the complex number u=x+yi where x,y € I, such that u^2=-5+12i. HELPPPPPPP!

    asked by Kai
  68. Science

    In an experiment ti determine the density of a liquid the following pieces of information were obtained. Mass of empty bottle=50g Mass of bottle and liquid=85g Volume of liquid=100cm^3 Use the information to determine the density of the liquid

    asked by Patrick
  69. phy101

    station A and station B apart from rest st station A and acceleration at A constants rate of a=1.2 m.s.s until the mid point to station B it slows down at the same rate a and stop at b final? a) the time of train between station ? b)The maximum speed of

    asked by ibra
  70. advanced math

    A ladder is placed 4 ft from the side of a building. The top of the ladder must be 13 ft off the ground. What is the shortest ladder that will do the job? 4^2 + 13^2 = x^2 16+169=185^ =34,225

    asked by K
  71. Math

    Gary walked 1 1/2 km to school, then 750 m to his job, then 1 km home. How many kilometres did he walk altogether?

    asked by Winston
  72. Geometry

    Once drawing the pentagon with a radius of 2, how would you figure out the side length when only knowing that the radius is 2 and when the apothem is placed it splits into a 36-60-90 triangle?

    asked by George
  73. history

    i'm writing an essay comparing indentured servants and slaves. can you just read what i have so far and correct errors in grammar and how I word my sentences. thank you Between the 16th and 18th centuries, cheap labor, agriculture and mercantilism ensured

    asked by apoorva
  74. English

    1. How long did it take for him to finish the 200-kilometer course? 2. It took 6 hours and 49 minutes. 3. It took him 6 hours and 49 minutes. 4. It took 6 hours and 49 minutes for him. (Are the answers all correct?) 5. What was Henk Angenent's record? 6.

    asked by rfvv
  75. Physics

    Weight of an object on the surface is 100N . What will we it's weight a planet whose mass 10times that of earth and radius is 3 times as that of earth??

    asked by Rani solanki
  76. Algebra

    I'm thinking of a number. When I multiply it by 6 and subtract 30, the answer is 78 What is Noah's number?

    asked by Ali
  77. English

    Had you better go at once. (Can we use this sentence?)

    asked by rfvv
  78. Math

    A shirt button gas a mass of 400 mg. A factory produces a tonne of these buttons in a year. How many buttons does it produce.

    asked by Winston
  79. science

    How do you prepare 1000ml of 0.1M from solid NaOH from NaOH pellets?

    asked by Peterh
  80. finance

    You have only saved 2,000. You are going to trade in your old car and get a new one. The dealership has offered you 3,000 for your trade, and you have accepted their offer. The car you want to buy costs 23,000 but you talked them down to 21,000. The

    asked by Kate
  81. math

    You are 18 now. You want to have one million dollars when you are 45. How much do you need to save each month, at 10 percent to have your million dollars at age 45?

    asked by Katey
  82. Physics

    You push a 1kg block against a spring with spring constant k = 100 Nmon a horizontal table top. The spring is compressed to 0.2m away from its relaxed length, and then the block is released. If the horizontal table top has a coefficient of kinetic friction

    asked by Kevin
  83. Maths

    Draw a rectangle in which each diagnol=6cm and the acute angle between them is 45

    asked by Anonymous
  84. math

    Integration: integral (sin2x / rad (1+cos^2 x) ) dx=? integral (x / (x^2 -1)(ln (x^2 -1)) ) dx=?

    asked by fab.
  85. Statistics

    A dice rolling just once What is probability of given the face is odd, it is a 1?

    asked by Rashad Suleymanli
  86. maths

    Find the first term (a) of ago sequince in which the common ratio is 2 and sum of the first 10 terms are 93

    asked by nasra
  87. math

    John was jogging at a rate of 5mph and he has a one half mile start on Sue who jogs at 7 mph. In how many minutes will it take before they meet?

    asked by Donna
  88. Math

    The weights of divya and himanshu are in the ratio of 5:7. If himanshu weights 28 kg , find the weight of divya

    asked by Rupa
  89. Geometry

    The lengths of the three sides of an isosceles triangle are 24", 24", and 14". Find the measure of each length of each angle. Then find the area of the triangle.

    asked by George
  90. English

    1. In 1963, how many percent of the skaters finished the race? 2. In 1963, how many percents of the skaters finished the race? 3. In 1963, how much percent of the skaters finished the race? 4. Only one percent of the skaters finished the race.(answer)

    asked by rfvv
  91. Physics

    A 350-kg disk-shaped non-rotating satellite gets hit by a 5-g piece of space debris moving at 1.5 km/s. If the debris buries itself near the satellite’s rim, how rapidly will the satellite rotate after the hit?

    asked by Josh
  92. Maths

    Mona has scored 94 points in the last six basketball games. If she earns two points per basket, how many baskets at all must she shoot in the next six games for her average points per game to be 16?

    asked by Anonymous
  93. Math

    A bus leaves Town A on Saturday night and is supposed to arrive at Town B at 08:17 am on Sunday morning. If the estimated journey time is 10 hours 43 minute, at what time on Saturday should the bus leave Town A?

    asked by Lin
  94. math

    Estimate the distance the bus travels in 2 3/4 hours at 60 mph.

    asked by alee
  95. English

    In the center of the table was a plump, golden brown turkey, surrounded by numerous side dishes. Are my commas in the right places in the above sentence?

    asked by Kimmy
  96. Literature

    In Love Must Not Be Forgotten, From the narrator’s perspective, what are the Pro’s and Cons of marrying Qiao Lin? If you do develop a list-type comparison, which decision prevails, and why do you think so?

    asked by Sammy
  97. N.E.U

    station A and station B apart from rest st station A and acceleration at A constants rate of a=1.2 m.s.s until the mid point to station B it slows down at the same rate a and stop at b final? a) the time of train between station ? b)The maximum speed of

    asked by Ibrahim
  98. Math limits

    lim as x --> infinity ( 4x + (3 / x^2) ) My work: (4x^3 / x^2) + (3 / x^2) (4x^3 + 3) / x^2 degree of top > degree of bottom No horizontal asymptote, so the limit does not exist The correct answer is infinity. How?

    asked by Paige
  99. English

    Dongdo and Seodo are 151 meters away from each other. ................................. 1. 151: one hundred and fifty-one 2. 151: one hundred fifty-one 3. 151: one fifty-one (What is the common way of reading the number? Are all OK?)

    asked by rfvv
  100. chemistry

    proof that the energy of the first spectra line in Lyman series E =3/4Eo Eo=2.18×10-18

    asked by mesfin Gebre
  101. math

    Gordon swims 4 metres for every 1 metre Maria swim. By how far in metres will Gordon beat Maria if the race is 50 metres?

    asked by Anonymous
  102. Math

    Pat cuts a 40 cm length off a 3 m ribbon. How many centimetres of ribbon remain?

    asked by Winston
  103. value

    The sum of 9 and a certain number is 2 whole number 1 over 4 times the original number. Find the number

    asked by value
  104. Visual Arts

    What are the 4 spatial types in art?

    asked by Joffrey
  105. Algebra

    Factorize 1: 8z^2+19z+15=0 2: 4x^2+16x-6=0

    asked by Amy
  106. Chemistry

    When 26.16 g of iron is heated in the presence of excess chlorine gas, they will react to form 76.08 g of a compound called ntaining these 2 elements. If the molar mass of this compound is 644 g/mil find the molecular formula.

    asked by Josh
  107. Algebra

    one number is 5 more than another number.3 times the greater plus twice the lesser is 30

    asked by Allwyn
  108. Math

    What is the last digit of the number 4^2006

    asked by Anonymous
  109. math

    Please help. given the units for four of the six variables, what must be the units of z and y? a=m t=s/K h=N^4 x=m z^a=xh cos(yt)

    asked by lexy
  110. Math

    In a 5 km race, Anna swims 450 m, then runs 800 m. She then cycles the rest of the race. How many kilometres does she cycle?

    asked by Winston
  111. math please

    Before electricity, nights in towns and fields were often times pitch black, except when there was a full moon. How many times brighter is the noonday sun than the full moon when the moon is at the closest point to the earth? Model the moon as a sphere of

    asked by Dip
  112. Algebra

    solve for the negative value of x: I know if you solve for a positive value, the answer for x=13; but how to get the negative value. |2x-8|=18

    asked by Annie

    HOW DO YOU MULTIPLY 3,333 and 5?

    asked by Anonymous kid (no name pl
  114. Math

    How do you write 1.42 * 10to the fifth power in standard form?

    asked by Live
  115. Math

    Express the given sums using sigma notation. 1/2+1/2×3+1/3×4+...1/99×100?

    asked by Girma
  116. EASY MATH

    WHAT IS 20x20+13-100x2 and What is the value of y in yx2=12?

    asked by Anonymous kid (no name pl
  117. Easy art

    Who is famous for painting the ram's skull and has the first name that is a state?

    asked by Anonymous kid (no name pl
  118. English

    1. Only a part of story is true. 2. Only part of the story is true. 3. Dokdo was first recorded as part of Korea in the 500s. 4. Dokdo was first recorded as a part of Korea in the 500s. (Do we have to use 'a' before 'part'? Are both okay?)

    asked by rfvv
  119. Math

    How many vertices are in a polyhedron if there are 7faces 1 hexagon and 6 triangles

    asked by Tash
  120. math

    Andi has shopping 48 orange and 45 apples, he wishes to divide it equally into bags. How many possible ways he can do this (he can have 6 bags of 8 fruits)

    asked by cintia
  121. English Writing

    The explain in one paragraph for each website why you think the website is good for academic work. Structure: Topic sentence 2-3 reasons why it is good or bad, or a little of both. Concluding sentence. Make sure to use the evaluative word "because" in your

    asked by Chris
  122. Math Homework

    The Men's 400 meter race 5th finisher LESLIE DJHONE from France 45.11/ The Women't 400 meter race 5th place finisher was ANASTASIA KAPACHINSKAYA from Russia 50.03. If both of those 5th finishers had completed in the semifinals of the 2013 World

    asked by Anonymous
  123. Math

    Three blocks, each 15 cm thick, are stacked on top of a 1.2 m box. How many metres high is the stack?

    asked by Winston
  124. Chemistry

    5.58g of Fe reacted with 3.0g of oxygen. How many moles of Fe were used?

    asked by Alyssa
  125. math

    52/4 - 4 /5/9=

    asked by connie
  126. English

    1. How many islands do you think Dokdo is made up of? 2. Do you think how many islands Dokdo is made up of? (Is #2 incorrect? Why is that?)

    asked by rfvv
  127. Maths

    list the set of: counting numbers from 20 to 30

    asked by centa
  128. math

    list the set of: counting numbers from 20 to 30

    asked by Anonymous
  129. Mathematics

    Find the inverse of g(x)=3^x

    asked by Patricia
  130. Science

    How long would it take Kara to drive 324 miles at an average speed of 57 mi/hr? d=324 km s=57 mi/hr t=? What equation do I use for this question?

    asked by Unknown
  131. Science

    Total distance 25 km Total time taken 20 minutes What is average speed

    asked by Aakansha
  132. English

    After grace, I helped myself to a slice of cake which melted in my mouth because it was so moist. Is my sentence correct? Or should it be help without the ed?

    asked by Kimmy
  133. science

    The first ionization energy of Boron is 799, give an equation illustrating first ionization with Boron

    asked by Alexandrina
  134. math

    Two angle of a quadrilateral is 90 degree and 100 degree. the remaining two angles are equal. calculate the size of each remaining angle.

    asked by Rofhiwa
  135. math

    write in index form 3/8 x 3/8 x 3/8

    asked by Anonymous
  136. maths need help too hard

    4^x+3^x=9^x find x thanks

    asked by Anonymous
  137. math

    what property of rational numbers justify the statement2/3+0=2/3

    asked by marjorie hernandez
  138. Maths

    what is a rule of next three terms of 6, 10, 15, 21, ....., ......, .....

    asked by Anonymous