Questions Asked on
October 22, 2016

  1. Physics

    A football quarterback shows off his skill by throwing a pass 45.90 m downfield and into a bucket. The quarterback consistently launches the ball at 40.00 ∘ above horizontal, and the bucket is placed at the same level from which the ball is thrown. What

    asked by Lily
  2. Chemistry

    According to the quantum-mechanical model for the hydrogen atom, which of the following transitions would produce light with longer wavelength: 3p to 2s or 4p to 2s? A) The 3p to 2s transition would produce light with longer wavelength. B) The 4p to 2s

    asked by Sue
  3. Maths

    A rectangle measuring 7cm by 4cm is enlarged by ratio 2:1? a)what's area 1)the original reactangle 2)the enlarged rectangle b)by what ratio has the area been enlarged

    asked by Abdirahman
  4. math

    It takes 8 hours for one crew to clean an office building. It takes a second crew 10 hours to clean the same building. If the first crew works 2 hours and leaves and the second crew takes over to complete the job, how long will it take the second crew to

    asked by Christos
  5. Algebra

    The formula I = PRT where I = Interest, P = principal, R = rate, and T = time is used to calculate the amount of simple interest earned. Solve this formula for T.

    asked by Kay
  6. Business Mathematics

    Find the sum of first thirteen terms of a linear sequence whose 8th term is 18 and 11th term is 24.

    asked by Boadi Yiadom Ellen
  7. physics

    The pressure of water on the ground floor is 40,000 Pascal, and at the first floor is 10,000 pascal. Find the height of the first floor.

    asked by Manilyn
  8. Chemistry, que 10

    How many atoms are present in one formula unit of calcium hydrogen carbonate Ca(HCO3)2? Could someone explain to me why the answer is 11? Thank you.

    asked by Cheezel
  9. Chemistry

    A Solution Has A PH Of 3.4.What Is Its Hydrogen Ion Concentration?

    asked by Ola
  10. cal

    If h(x) = (4 + 3f(x))^(1/2) ,where f(3) = 4 and f '(3) = 3,find h'(3).

    asked by Gagan
  11. PLEASE HELP Math

    As a fringe benefit for the past 8 years, Colin's employer has contributed $50 at the end of each month into an employee retirement account for Colin that pays interest at the rate of 8%/year compounded monthly. Colin has also contributed $2,000 at the end

    asked by Tammie
  12. Math Homework

    The following frequency table contains the total number of deaths worldwide as a result of earthquakes from 2000 to 2012. Year Deaths 2000 231 2001 21,357 2002 11,685 2003 33,819 2004 228,802 2005 88,003 2006 6,605 2007 712 2008 88,011 2009 1,790 2010

    asked by Chris
  13. science

    A flywheel makes 120 rpm. Find the angular speed of any point on the wheel and linear speed of a point is 10 cm from the center of the wheel.

    asked by Shubhrajyoti ghosh
  14. PHYSIC

    A bullet is fired in a horizontal direction with a muzzle velocity of 300m\s in the absence of air resistance,how far will it have dropped in travelling a horizontal distance of (a)20m (b)40m (c)60m (d)how far will it drop in one second

    asked by JOY
  15. Math

    Pierce Publishing sells encyclopedias under two payment plans: cash or installment. Under the installment plan, the customer pays $23/month over 2 yr with interest charged on the balance at a rate of 15%/year compounded monthly. Find the cash price for a

    asked by Kal Jay
  16. English

    Which of the following quotes from Adventures of Huckleberry Finn contains a metaphor? A:"Look at it, gentlemen and ladies all; take a hold of it;shake it. There's a hand that was the hand of a hog; but it ain't so no more; it's the hand of a man that's

    asked by Marylyn
  17. physics

    Calculate the mass of moon if free fall acceleration near it surface is know be 1.62 m/s^2 ( radius of moon is 1738 Km )

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Math

    Find the accumulated amount A if the principal, P = $3700 is invested at the interest rate r = 7%/year for t = 12.5 years compounded semiannually. Round your answers to two decimal places. ​ a. The accumulated amount is $8544.01. b. The accumulated

    asked by Jass
  19. math (horizontal tangent line)

    Determine the point(s) if any at which the graph of the function has a horizontal tangent line. y=x^3+x I graphed this function out and it looks like there isn't any horizontal tangents. Am I correct or am I forgeting something? I tried finding the

    asked by Ray
  20. math

    Fishing hook E is dropped 2.5 times its present depth. where is fishing hook E now? NOTE: FISHING HOOK E is -7.1 is the answer -4.14 or -17.75

    asked by alice
  21. science

    An object is placed at a distance of 12 cm from a concave mirror of radius of curvature 16 cm .find the position of the mirror.

    asked by tia
  22. Biochemistry

    You wish to make 3 reactions (1 ml each) with the specified amounts of protein. The remainder of each reaction consists entirely of buffer. The source of your protein is a stock solution that has a concentration of 0.5 mg/ml. What is the volume of stock

    asked by Alwxy
  23. BioChemistry

    how many moles of estradiol (mw = 272) are there in 2 ml of a 100 μm solution

    asked by Alwxy
  24. Math7 grade

    Wallpaper was applied to one rectangular wall of the photographer s studio. .The dimension of the wall are shown below 42 ft by 25.5 feet .If the total cost of the wallpaper was &771.21, what was the cost of the wallpaper per square foot.

    asked by Anna
  25. Chemistry

    What happens to an atom when it absorbs energy? 1) The atom stores the energy for later use. 2) The atom re-emits the energy as electromagnetic radiation. 3) The extra energy increases the speed of the electrons in their orbitals. 4) The extra energy

    asked by Beth
  26. Math

    A shopper keeper sold a total of 15 boxes of pencils on Monday and Tuesday. She still three more boxes on Monday then on Tuesday. There were 12 pencils in each box. How many pencils did she sell on Monday?

    asked by Gabriella
  27. Chemistry

    The principal quantum number (n): 1) specifies the subshell of the orbital. 2) specifies the principal shell of the orbital. 3) specifies the 3-D shape of the orbital. 4) specifies the maximum number of electrons. 5) none of the above

    asked by Beth
  28. Present Value Math

    Find the present value of an ordinary annuity of $500 payments each made quarterly over 6 years and earning interest at 8% per year compounded quarterly. ​ $9,456.96 $2,311.44 $24,968.07 $5,264.38 Thank you

    asked by Kal Jay
  29. Algebra

    One alloy of brass is 70% copper and 30% zinc. Another alloy of brass is 40% copper and 60% zinc. How many grams of each of these alloys need to be melted and combined to obtain 300 grams of a brass alloy that is 60% copper and 40% zinc

    asked by Jonn
  30. physics

    If a 5kg object experiences a 10 N force for a duration of 0.10 second then what is the momentum change of the object.

    asked by Manilyn
  31. algebra 1

    by the end of your 6th Spanish lesson you have learned 20 vocabulary words. when you started (0 lessons) you only knew 2 words. write an equation that gives the number of vocabulary words you know, y, in terms of the number of lessons you have had, x. (iv

    asked by mackenna
  32. bctc

    A tank of water in the shape of an inverted cone is being filled with water at rate of 12m^3/min. the base radius of tank is 26 meters and the height of the tank is 8 meters. at what rate is the depth of the water in the tank changing when the rains os the

    asked by alaeddin
  33. math

    A model car travels horizontally after being released. The car travels a distaance d metres in a time of t seconds. d is directly proportional to t. The car travels 20 metres in a time of 2 seconds. A.Calculate the distance the car travels in 3 seconds.

    asked by Michelle
  34. Chemistry

    In a reversible reaction PCl5 ↔ PCl3 + Cl2, the value of K is 2.5. What will the partial pressure of Cl2 be?

    asked by Sidharth
  35. physics

    I have put a 100 gram weight ball in a plastic bottle and weight of this bottle is 20 gram .Now I shake this bottle in horizontal direction towards 5 centimeter back and forth with the applying force of 1 newton .So what will be the kinetic energy of this

    asked by vikram
  36. Physics

    I've been stuck on this questions for 2 days A 7.2-kg bowling ball traveling at a speed of 3.5 m/s collides with a 1.2-kg bowling pin at rest. After the collision, the pin moves with a speed of 3.0 m/s at an angle of 60° with respect to the original

    asked by Lana
  37. Science

    suppose a skydiver (mass = 75 kg) is falling toward the earth. when the skydiver is 100 m above the earth he is moving at 60 m/s. at this point calculate the skydiver's

    asked by Michelle
  38. math

    A bird beats it's wing 24 times per second. How many times will it beat it's wing in one hour

    asked by karen
  39. English

    1. I bought a ball-point pen at the stationery store. 2. I bought a ballpoint pen at the stationery store. 3. I bought a ball pen at the stationery store. 4. I bought a ballpen at the stationery store. 5. I bought a ball point at the stationery store. 6. I

    asked by rfvv
  40. Math Physics Torque Equilibrium

    A uniform meterstick pivoted at its center has a 100 g mass suspended at the 21.0 cm position. At what position should a 95.0 g mass be suspended to put the system in equilibrium? What mass would have to be suspended at the 80.0 cm position for the system

    asked by Brandon
  41. math

    a gardner having 150 meters of fencing materials wishes to enclose a rectangular plot of land and also erect a fence across the land parallel to two of the sides.find the maximum area he can enclose

    asked by hemant
  42. Science

    A screwdriver with the one similar shaft in a 4 cm handle is used to tighten a screw the mechanical advantage is

    asked by Courtney
  43. Calculus

    An error in the measurement of the radius of a circle results in an error in the computation of its area. Find and interpret the sensitivity of area (a) of a circle to the measurement of radius, r, when the radius r=2 meters.

    asked by jan
  44. Math

    If there are 35 kids in a class and 22 are girls what is the ratio of girls to boys in the class

    asked by Nick
  45. Math

    12(p-2 1/3)=-8

    asked by Wossum
  46. History

    How did George Mason influence the creation of Bill of Rights? A.He refused to sign the United States Constitution. B.He encouraged others to opposed the ratification of the Constitution. C.He assembled a anti-federalist convention in Virginia to discuss

    asked by James
  47. physics

    Question 6) Oil and gas exploration companies find new underground deposits by measuring (with incredible precision) the value of g at the Earth's surface. EXTRA INFO GIVEN: The challenge: F=Gm1m2/r^2 ONLY works for two cases: point masses, or if one of

    asked by katie bornia
  48. physics

    The center of a 1.00km diameter spherical pocket of oil is 1.00kkm beneath the Earth's surface. Estimate by what percentage g directly above the pocket of oil would differ from the expected value of for a uniform Earth? Assume the density of oil is

    asked by katie bornia
  49. Please Help

    Find the present value of an ordinary annuity of $1,400 payments each made semiannually over 8 years and earning interest at 12% per year compounded semi-annually. ​ $6,954.70 $9,763.58 $14,148.25 $3,365.99 Thanks for the help

    asked by Kal Jay
  50. Chemistry

    0.3975 g of an oxide of divalent metal on reduction with hydrogen gives 0.090 g of water. The atomic weight of metal is: a) 63.5 b) 24 c) 55.5 d) 40

    asked by Avy
  51. Math (Calculus)

    Determine if each of the following functions is in Big-O, is Big-Omega and is Big-Theta of x: (Could be multiple) a) f(x)=10 b) f(x)=3x+7 C) f(x)=x^2+x+1 d) f(x)=5log(x) e) f(x)=|x| f) f(x)=x/2 I'm in calc 1 and I have no idea what's it even asking me.

    asked by Ray
  52. Math

    2.6(m+1.9)=6.5 Solving equations involving distributing property

    asked by Wossum
  53. Science

    an object of mass 2 kg is dropped from a certain height.On rebounding from the ground,it rises vertically till 2/5th of its initial height.what will be the ratio of magnitude of momentum of the object just before and after striking the ground?

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Math, Functions

    If g(t)= 1/t-2-1, how to solve g(t)=0 ...? Please teach me..!

    asked by Chris
  55. Chemistry

    A chemist reacted 0.05 mol of sodium with water to form 50cm3 of sodium hydroxide what was the mass of sodium reacted Na+h2p-Noah+h2

    asked by Maria
  56. Math

    2(p-2 1/3)= 12

    asked by Wossum
  57. Math, Functions

    What is the Domain and Range of the function f(x)=2x+1 ? Please teach meeeee!

    asked by Jiwon
  58. math

    4. Thomas is at a store buying school clothes. T-shirts are on sale for $13 each and jeans are on sale for $18 each. a) Write an equation that represents the total cost for x T-shirts and y pairs of jeans. I need help with a.. b) Thomas bought six T-shirts

    asked by Sasha
  59. math

    1 1/2(n-4 1/2)=12 Solving equations involving the distributing property

    asked by Wossum
  60. Algebra

    Mickey charges $15, $30, $45, and $60 for babysitting 1, 2, 3, and 4 hours, respectively. Is the relationship between the number of hours and the amount charged porportional? If so, find the unit rate. If not, explain

    asked by Amy
  61. Chemistry

    What pressur would the propane gas sample have at 75Ml

    asked by Teela Lange
  62. physics

    What is the pressure of the water in pascals at the bottom og a lake which is 5 meters deep?

    asked by Manilyn
  63. physics

    If the systolic blood pressure is 120mmHg, what is the pressure in lb/in^2 and in pascals?

    asked by Manilyn
  64. Physics

    A 51.6 g box is left 17.8 cm from the centre of a merry-go-round. If the box has coefficients of friction of μs = 0.790 and μk = 0.480 with the merry-go-round, what is the maximum speed of the merry-go-round without having the box slide off of the

    asked by Tom
  65. physics

    The water tank is 8 m above the tap. What pressure forces the water out from the tap?

    asked by Manilyn
  66. Physics

    A 1.11 kg toy train rolls around a circular horizontal track. If the train has an angular acceleration of -2.2 rads/s2 and is released with an angular speed of 17.0 rpm, what time is required for the train to come to a complete stop?

    asked by Tom
  67. Physics

    If vector A×vector B=0,does it necessary follow that A=0 or B=0? Explain.

    asked by Amrit
  68. Algebra

    Country A has a growth rate of 4.7% per year. The population is currently 5,646​,000 and the land area of Country A is 13​,000,000,000 square yards. Assuming this growth rate continues and is​ exponential, after how long will there be one person for

    asked by David
  69. Accounting

    during 2016 bava corporation sold merchandise for a total of 600000 the cost of merchandise to bava was $450000 bava offers credit terms of 1/10, n/30 to encourage early payment. at year end there are $15000 of sales still eligible for the 1% discount.

    asked by Larry Burton
  70. Grammar

    Is the word "bring" a linking verb?

    asked by Maggie
  71. math

    Fishing hook G is let down 2 1/2 times its present depth. where is fishing hook G now? FISHING HOOK G = -6 2/3

    asked by alice
  72. math

    The value of a car decreases at a constant rate. After 1 year the value of the car is $20,000. After 2 more yearsit is $14,000. Write an equation in slope-intercept that represents the value y (in dollars) of the car after x years.

    asked by sophia
  73. Math

    What is the distance between 86.25 to -17.75

    asked by alice
  74. English

    What Is Annoying

    asked by Nesuha
  75. Chemistry

    calculate the mass ratio of 25% cacl2 solution and water to prepare 500 g of a 5% salt solution

    asked by Regan
  76. Eng

    Wath Is Diplomat

    asked by Nesuha
  77. Physics

    A vehicle moves in a straight line with an acceleration of 2 km/h^2. By how much does the speed change each second? Answer in units of km/h. Plz help?

    asked by Jazz
  78. english

    "They have arried in the Land of opportunity and the opportunities are swirling dizzily promiscuously around them" Is this quote suppose to have a negative connotation? The passage I got it from is about someone arriving to America and being disappointed

    asked by Anonymous
  79. Math

    Write two that have given absolute value of 4,38,260,4092?

    asked by Amberly
  80. Describing Data

    The following frequency table contains the total number of deaths worldwide as a result of earthquakes from 2000 to 2012. Year Deaths 2000 231 2001 21,357 2002 11,685 2003 33,819 2004 228,802 2005 88,003 2006 6,605 2007 712 2008 88,011 2009 1,790 2010

    asked by Anonymous
  81. Chemistry

    Find the frequency if given energy 6.3x10^-19 Do I use the formula E=hf? 6.3x10^-19=6.626x10^-34(f) Then do I divide E and H?

    asked by Anonymous
  82. Math, Functionsons

    What is the domain and range of the function f(x)=x^2-2? please teach me..!

    asked by Jiwon
  83. Calculus

    Can you please help me find the x and y intercepts of this equation. How do I solve this? y= x^2 √9-x^2

    asked by Stephanie
  84. Chemistry

    Calculate the wavelength, in nanometers, of the spectral line produced when an electron in a hydrogen atom undergoes the transition from the energy level n = 2 to the level n = 1.

    asked by Joseoh
  85. bctc

    Suppose that 3 ≤ f '(x) ≤ 5 for all values of x. prove that 18 ≤ f(8)-f(2) ≤ 30 ?

    asked by alaeddin
  86. Repost(Physics)

    A vehicle moves in a straight line with an acceleration of 2 km/h^2. By how much does the speed change each second? Answer in units of km/h. Plz help?

    asked by Jazz
  87. Computer

    Please give me an example of websites that are good for academic work..! What is the thing have in common??

    asked by Ariana
  88. Physics

    Can you find two vectors with different lengths that have a vector sum of zero? What length restrictions are required for three vectors to have a vector sum zero? Explain.

    asked by Amrit
  89. Cost Accounting

    What effect can an increase in production volume has on per unit fixed costs, per unit variable costs, total fixed costs, and total variable costs?

    asked by Patte
  90. math

    The value of a car decreases at a constant rate as it grows older. When the car is 2 years old, it is worth $23,000. When the car is 5 years old it is worth $15,500. Write and equation relating y (value of the car $) to x (age of car).

    asked by sophia

    The value of a car decreases at a constant rate. After 1 year the value of the car is $20,000. After 2 more yearsit is $14,000. Write an equation in slope-intercept that represents the value y (in dollars) of the car after x years.

    asked by sophia
  92. Chemistry

    The heat of combustion of C2H4 at 27 C at constant prssure is -333.3 Kcal. What will be the heat of combustion at constant volume considering the water to be in liquid state? (R=1.987 cal)

    asked by Sidharth
  93. math

    design a container box yhat can be able to hold 15pieces of 4g candiy and has a parabola as the main theme of the design. use the correct mathematical equation in solving for the dimensions of the container.

    asked by boyd
  94. Physics

    Can you find a vector quantity that has a magnitude of zero but components that are different from zero? Explain.

    asked by Amrit
  95. math

    The value of a car decreases at a constant rate. After 1 year the value of the car is $20,000. After 2 more yearsit is $14,000. Write an equation in slope-intercept that represents the value y (in dollars) of the car after x years. What is the y-intercept

    asked by collin
  96. Physics

    A 500-kg disk-shaped nonrotating satellite gets hit by a 5-g piece of space debris moving at 1 km/s. If the debris buries itself near the satellite’s rim, how rapidly will the satellite rotate after the hit?

    asked by Megan
  97. Math

    A car rental agency charges ​$35 per day to rent a car and ​$14.95 per day for a global positioning system​ (GPS). Customers are charged for their full tank of gas at ​$3.40 per gallon. A car has a 19 gallon tank and a GPS. a) Write a function rule

    asked by Steve
  98. Physics

    Is it possible that resultant of two vectors e smaller than the smaller of the two vectors?

    asked by Sonika
  99. physics numerical

    A 15 g bullet is fired from a gun of mass 2kg with a speed of look m/s . Find the recoil velocity of the gun.

    asked by Anonymous

    if F(x) = f(xf(xf(x))),where f(1) = 4, f(4) = 6, f '(1) = 4, f '(4) = 5,and f '(6) = 6,find F '(1).

    asked by Gagan
  101. Physics

    An astronaut with mass M floating at rest in the International Space Station catches a spinning frisbee that someone has thrown directly towards his or her center of mass. The frisbee has a mass m, a radius r, a moment of inertia of ⅔ mr2, and had a

    asked by Juan L
  102. English

    1. I think you are not serious, are you? ..................................... Does 'serious' mean 'injured severely'? ======================================= 2. I don't think he is serious, is he? (Does 'serious' mean 'thoughtful' or 'injured badly'

    asked by rfvv
  103. Science

    Give reason-why current pass through the water

    asked by Mukesh shankopal (koli)
  104. English

    1. This is the way by which he passed. 2. This is the way. He passed by the way. (Are both correct? If the two sentences in #2 are combined, can we get #1?) 3. This is the way by which he could understand the situation. 4. This is the way. He could

    asked by rfvv
  105. Math

    Suppose you want to fence in a field, and then subdivide it into three equal parts. You have 2400 yards of fencing material to use. What should be the dimensions of one of the three smaller fields, if you want to fence in the maximum area?

    asked by sdf
  106. Measures of Central Tendency

    The table below shows the scores of a group of students on a 10-point quiz. Test Score Frequency 3 0 4 2 5 2 6 1 7 2 8 3 9 0 10 4 The mean score on this test is: The median score on this test is

    asked by shley
  107. special education

    Which children (not just gender) with ADHD are least likely to be identified as having it?

    asked by Heather
  108. math

    A line has a slope of -6 that passes through the point (-12,5). What is the equation of the line? a. 6x + y = -77

    asked by Sasha
  109. Math

    A car rental agency charges ​$35 per day to rent a car and ​$14.95 per day for a global positioning system​ (GPS). Customers are charged for their full tank of gas at ​$3.40 per gallon. A car has a 19 gallon tank and a GPS. a) Write a function rule

    asked by Steve
  110. integrals

    why cant we just use power rule for this 1/((x^2+4))^2

    asked by byu
  111. Kumar

    C6H6-O-CH2-C6H6 + HI

    asked by Rishikesh
  112. English

    1. Did you know? + Where did he go? => Did you know where he went? 2. Did you think? + Why was he late? => Did you think why he was late? => Why did you think he was late? - I thought he was late because he got up/gotten up late. 3. Did he know? + When did

    asked by rfvv
  113. English

    1. Do you know? + Can he play the piano? 2. Do you know if/whether he can play the piano? 3. Do you think? + Is he still alive? 4. Do you think if he is still alive? * 4-1. If do you think he is still alvie? 5. Do you think he is still alive?

    asked by rfvv
  114. Physical

    A motor car travelling at 14m/s on dry flat surface should be able to stop in 14m.Assuming the deceleration to be uniform. Given: its value and the corresponding bracking time is -7m/s^2 , 2 sec Calculate the distance travelled during the first second

    asked by Joey
  115. english

    Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart as a defiance of eurocentric sociological and anthropological narration of South Africa

    asked by lydia
  116. english

    Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart as a Postcolonial novel

    asked by lydia
  117. english

    Nwoye and Ikemefuna as a representation of the rise of new cultural formation among the igbo society in Achebe's Things Fall Apart

    asked by lydia
  118. science

    Now what happens if your feet hit a slippery spot on the ground? your feet slip and the (blank) cant exert as much force back on you.

    asked by Anonymous
  119. Math 7 grade

    The photographer wants to display her photograph in her studio A wall in her studio is 10 ft wide .She wants each picture to be 3 feet apart .If she displays photographs that are 4"wide by 6" high . How many photographs can she display side by side on her

    asked by Anna
  120. English

    1. Do you ask what it was? 2. Do you tell what it was? 3. Do you remember what it was? 4. What do you suppose it was? 5. What do you imagine it was? 6. What do you believe it was? ---------------------------------------- Are they all grammatical?

    asked by rfvv
  121. English

    1. This is where I live. 2. Tell me where he lives. 3. Will you tell me why he was late. 4. Do you know how he solved the problem. 5. I remember when he arrived. ------------------------------ There are where, why, how, when in the sentences. Which ones

    asked by rfvv
  122. Physics

    in the laboratory frame, a photon of energy 8.0 x 10^3 eV and a free electron of energy 2.0 x 10^3 eV (consider what is meant by 'energy' here; is it kinetic energy? total energy? can it be total energy?) are moving directly towards each other and collide

    asked by deniz
  123. Physic

    Point B is 5.0 KM east of Point A. A cyclist leaves A and goes 3.0 km in a direction of 30 degrees to the north of east A. in what direction mus the rider go from this point to reach point B? B. what distance must be covered? please explain

    asked by Anna
  124. science

    Mass of 48.176 * 10raze to power 23 molecules of CH4 will be

    asked by Anonymous