Questions Asked on
October 21, 2016

  1. Maths

    If P and Q are two integers such that `P' is the predecessor of Q, what is the value of P- Q?

    asked by Ajay
  2. math

    Raj is deciding between two cell phone plans, A and B, which are both linear functions. The monthly charge for plan A according to the number of minutes used is shown in the table. Monthly Charge for Plan A Minutes used, x Monthly charge ($), y 0 14.45 3

    asked by Regina
  3. art

    The math tessellations: unit 4 1. The architectural design was created by: 1. using an organic pattern in the form of tessellation. 2. using a geometric pattern in the form a tessellation. 3. using no definite pattern and placing shapes randomly. 4. using

    asked by Justin
  4. math

    Suppose y varies directly with x and y = 72 when x = 6. What direct variation equation relates x and y? What is the value of y when x = 10?

    asked by kyle
  5. English

    Pablo insists that a conclusion should reinforce the thesis statement. Patrice says that the conclusion should follow logically from the introduction. Who is correct? A. Both Pablo and Patrice are correct. B. Neither Pablo nor Pam is correct. C. Only Pam

    asked by brooke
  6. Spanish Literature Q & A

    LITERATURA: Drama (10 Puntos) “La Dama del Alba”: acto primero por Alejandro Casona, 1903-1965, (España) PREPARACIÓN: 1. Revisa el sumario de las primeras diez páginas del acto primero de La dama del alba que escribiste la semana pasada. 2. Lee el

    asked by Jaylnn
  7. physics

    what is the minimum effort required to raise a load of 5kg in an ideal pulley system taking gravity to be 10m/s/s

    asked by francis
  8. Science

    find the force required to do 25 joule work when force causes displacement of 0.5m

    asked by Amrit nauny
  9. Calculus

    Let f be a function with second derivative given by f''(x)=sin(2x)-cos(4x). How many points of inflection does the graph of f have on the interval [0,10]? (A)Six (B)Seven (C)Eight (D)Ten (E)Thirteen

    asked by Mike
  10. Math

    What number has 7 tens and 3 less ones than tens?

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Physics

    Can you find two vectors with different lengths that have a vector sum of zero? What length restrictions are required for three vectors to have a vector sum zero? Explain.

    asked by Amrit
  12. math

    State whether the lines are parallel, perpendicular, or neither. Show your work.x–5y=103 and –2x=–206–10y i got neither is that right

    asked by allie
  13. chemistry

    A sheet of gold weighing 11.4 g and at a temperature of 15.6°C is placed flat on a sheet of iron weighing 24.2 g and at a temperature of 54.9°C. What is the final temperature of the combined metals? Assume that no heat is lost to the surroundings. -

    asked by Dani
  14. English

    Which sentence segment contains a punctuation error? "Yes I visited Crested Butte, Colorado, last winter," replied Mrs. Souza. last winter," "Yes I visited replied Mrs. Souza. Crested Butte, Colorado,

    asked by Lenae
  15. Chemistry

    The compound copper(II) nitrate is a strong electrolyte. Write the reaction when solid copper(II) nitrate is put into water:

    asked by Liz
  16. Math PLease Quick!

    Ashley is making cookies the recipe calls for 3/4 of a cup of sugar she needs to make 5 batches of cookies. How many cups of sugar does Ashley need? a. 3 cups b. 3 1/4 cups c. 3 1/2 cups d. 3 3/4 cups***** ***My work*** 3/4 * 5 = 3.75 .75= 3/4 3 3/4 AM I

    asked by RL GRIME
  17. English

    Pablo insists that a conclusion should reinforce the thesis statement. Patrice says that the conclusion should follow logically from the introduction. Who is correct? A. Both Pablo and Patrice are correct. B. Neither Pablo nor Pam is correct. C. Only Pam

    asked by anonymous
  18. Coding ( topic of maths)

    If TOM is coded as 48 and !@#$%^& is coded as 27, then What is the code for Harry? Help box: a) 46 b) 50 c) 70 d) 6733

    asked by Ajay
  19. algebra

    f(x) varies inversely with x and f(x) = –10 when x = 5. What is the inverse variation equation? is the answer f(x)= -2/x ?

    asked by megann
  20. Math

    Which is the greater amount of money, 120% of 0.3% of $1000 or 120.3% of $1000?

    asked by Alyssa
  21. English

    In 1609, Galileo was the first person to look AT THE MOON through a telescope. Is this an adjective phrase or an adverb phrase.

    asked by Lenae
  22. English

    In which of the following sentences does the use of prepositional phrases make it harder for readers to find the main point of the sentence? A. The committee voted on several of the issues under consideration. B. In what way is a political group considered

    asked by brooke
  23. Chemistry 2

    The mechanism for the reaction of nitrogen dioxide with carbon monoxide to form nitric oxide and carbon dioxide is thought to be the following. NO2 + NO2 NO3 + NO Slow NO3 + CO NO2 + CO2 Fast What would be the overall balanced equation to this reaction?

    asked by Alanna
  24. Technology and online learning

    2.To verify a website you should look for_________. A.up to date and accurate information B. Blogger and illustrator name C. Professional looking and biased information D. A professional logo and accurate information

    asked by raina the helper
  25. Biology

    Mutations can occur in the chromosomes of all types of cells. Mutations that are passed on to offspring must occur in

    asked by Angelina
  26. Japanese

    こんにちは。たなかです。きょうは にがつ じゅうごにちです。わたしの たんじ... 23. From the passage you know that ____________. あしたは げつようびです。 あしたは すいようびです。 あしたは

    asked by 왕 은혜
  27. Math

    A manufacturer of 24-hr variable timers, has a monthly fixed cost of $56,000 and a production cost of $9 for each timer manufactured. The units sell for $16 each. Find the break-even point algebraically. a. break-even production 16,000 units; break-even

    asked by Kal Jay
  28. P.E.

    Which of the following is not true about a soccer throw-in? A. Both hands must be on the ball. B. The ball must come completely behind the head. C. Both feet must stay in contact with the ground. D. The ball can be thrown in-bounds with sidespin Not sure

    asked by Just a confused person...
  29. chemistry

    A 77.40 kg piece of copper metal is heated from 19.6°C to 337.3°C. Calculate the heat absorbed (in kJ) by the metal.

    asked by Dani
  30. Math

    A total of 45 412 runners participated in the Vancouver Sun Run. Of these runners, 0.85% completed the run in under 40 min. How many runners completed in under 40 mins? In fact, 0.13% of the runners completed the run in less than 34 min. How many runners

    asked by Anne
  31. Math

    3. (2.56 x 10^6) x (3.56 x 10^2) = a. 9.1136 x 10^12 b. 91.136 x 10^8 c. 9.1136 x 10^8 d. 91.136 x 10^12 4. In a recent year, the population of California was about 2.52 x 10^7 people. Its land area is about 4.05 x 10^5 km2. What was the average number of

    asked by Nick

    During a storm, a car traveling on a level horizontal road comes upon a bridge that has washed out. The driver must get to the other side, so he decides to try leaping the river with his car. The side of the road the car is on is 21.9 m above the river,

    asked by MYA
  33. math

    Which equation is set up correctly to determine the volume of a 3.2 mole sample of oxygen gas at 50°C and 101.325 kPa? V=(3.2 mol)(8.314 L⋅kPa/K⋅mol)(323 K)101.325 kPa V=(3.2 mol)(8.314 L⋅kPa/K⋅mol)(50∘C)1 atm V=(8.314

    asked by anonymous
  34. Literature Study

    I cant find my book so i need help with this quick check. 1. Jimmy wears his army costume to bed because he a. wants to be ready to play as soon as he wakes up b. refuses to wear anything else c. likes to play even when he is supposed to be sleeping d.

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Math

    9. A grocer wants to mix a type of spice which costs £22 per kilogram with another type which costs £12 per kilogram, to obtain 20 kilograms of mixture which will cost £15 per kilogram. What quantity of each spice must the grocer take?

    asked by Alice
  36. Math

    What is an estimate of the solution of the equation 6n+3=2? Use a table ok so I know the answer is -1/6 but its asking to use a table? does anyone know what kind of table you use for this and how I'd use it? thank you soo much

    asked by Kylie
  37. physics

    A car travels 20 km southwards and then another 30 westwards. What is the displacement of the car from its initial position?

    asked by Victor
  38. Calculus 2

    A spring has a natural length of 25 meters. A force of 12 newtons is required to stretch the spring to a length of 30 meters. How much work is done to stretch the spring from it's natural length to 40 meters? -I forgot to add the 40 meters part to my other

    asked by chase
  39. Math (Calculus)

    Determine if each of the following functions is in Big-O, is Big-Omega and is Big-Theta of x: (Could be multiple) a) f(x)=10 b) f(x)=3x+7 C) f(x)=x^2+x+1 d) f(x)=5log(x) e) f(x)=|x| f) f(x)=x/2 I'm in calc 1 and I have no idea what's it even asking me.

    asked by Ray
  40. Health care tech

    Which of the following are required by networks? A network card A network router Network cables Hardware and software All of these B and C but im assuming all of these

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Health!

    Statistics of Suicide regarding Antisocial Personality Disorder

    asked by J
  42. Algebra

    a formula that can be used to find the diagonal length of any paper square and a formula that can be used to find the total number of triangles needed

    asked by willy pierre
  43. English Writingsh

    Could you change your utensil itself by learning? This sentence does not make sence for me. I'm not English speaker but do you think so..?

    asked by Oo
  44. Health care

    Which of the following refers to the presentation of patient information in a useful form and the association of other relevant details with it? Computer data Health information Patient data Health data Consumer information Computer dat? was my gut choice

    asked by Anonymous
  45. calculus

    Union membership as a percentage of the labor force can be modeled by M(x) = 0.0003x3 − 0.066x2 + 4.64x − 81, where x is the number of years after 1900,and M is membership as a percentage of the labor force. a. Find the rate at which membership is

    asked by lis
  46. physic

    a stone starts to fall from rest positon from of top of the hits the ground with velocity 112 m/s. how to calculate the it taks to hits the ground and hight of the hil.

    asked by remon
  47. History

    1.What did the colonist believe their rights were? 2.What limits are there on these rights? 3.What problems did colonist have with King George? 4.Did the colonist feel that these rights were were being violated.If so,why?

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Maths

    The projection of a line on axes are 6,2,3. What will the direction cosines of the lines be?

    asked by DC
  49. math

    I'm really struggling with the concept of direct variation and indirect variation. Is there an easy way to explain it and understand it?

    asked by Carly
  50. Physics

    A neutron with mass 1.67e-27 kg moving with speed 5.0 × 101 km/s makes a head-on collision with a boron nucleus, originally at rest, with mass 1.66e-26 kg. A) If the collision is completely inelastic, so the particles stick together, what is the final

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Nutrition

    Hola soy makiya y necesito ayuda con la nutrición

    asked by makiya
  52. math

    what is the answer to 1/3 * -1 1/5

    asked by dude
  53. maths

    Find the cost a square garden in 30 feet at the rate of 83 rupees per square feet

    asked by elakkiya
  54. Math

    Three-dimensional tic-tac-toe can be played on three arrays of 3x3 lattice points. To win, three points in a line must be chosen. Examples of such lines are ABC, ADE, AFG, AHI, FHJ. How many different lines can be found?

    asked by Thomas
  55. Chemistry

    Prepare 0.03 mole fraction solution of NaOH in water Total volume of solution is 100ml

    asked by Faisal
  56. Math Please Help

    The demand equation for a certain brand of GPS Navigator is x + 3p - 565 = 0, where x is the quantity demanded per week and p is the wholesale unit price in dollars. The supply equation is x - 16p + 480 = 0, where x is the quantity the supplier will make

    asked by Kal Jay

    What is the frequency and wave number associated with light of wavelength equal to 6000 angstrum

    asked by DAVID CHIRISWA
  58. algebra

    someone help please im homeschooled and dont understand math at all, its my weakest subject :( If y varies inversely with x and y = 6 when x = 3, then what is y when x = 2? a.) 9 b.) 12 -im guessing this? c.) 18 d.) 36

    asked by megann
  59. Math

    For the pair of supply-and-demand equations, where x represents the quantity demanded in units of 1,000 and p is the unit price in dollars, find the equilibrium quantity and the equilibrium price. 2x + 9p - 93 = 0 and 3x - 14p + 108 = 0 a. equilibrium

    asked by Kal Jay

    write the orbital notation for the following set of quantum numbers n=1, l=0, m=0

    asked by DAVID CHIRISWA
  61. chemistry

    A 0.1219-g sample of solid magnesium is burned in a bomb calorimeter that has a heat capacity of 1769 J/°C. The calorimeter contains exactly 271 g of water, and the temperature increases by 1.126°C. Calculate the heat given off by the burning Mg, in kJ/g

    asked by Dani
  62. chemistry

    A 45-kg person drinks 390. g of milk, which has a "caloric" value of approximately 3.0 kJ/g. If only 17% of the energy in milk is converted to mechanical work, how high (in meters) can the person climb based on this energy intake? [Hint: The work done in

    asked by Dani
  63. college algerbra

    Describe how you know if an inequality is an “and” or an “or” problem. (use -3 < x+5 < 8).

    asked by mary
  64. Math

    In set-builder notation, how do you write the soultions of the inequality? 5x+17>=7 A.{x|x>=2} B.{x|x>=-2} C.{x|x=-2 B. {x|x>=2 C. {x|x

    asked by Anonymous
  65. Government

    What are 10 ways to increase voter turnout in the United States? If possible, rovide justification for each one because some of the turnouts are unclear...

    asked by Lindsey
  66. Math

    $2,000 principal earning 3%, compounded annually, after 3 years.

    asked by Dean
  67. Algebra

    Suppose U={1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10} is the universal set, and P={1,4,9}. What is P'? A. {2,3,5,6,7,8} B. {2,4,6,8} C. {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10} D. {2,3,5,6,7,8,10} Is the answer D? Thank you

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Math

    The table shows the population of a school for the years 1992-2008. Year: 1992, 1994 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008 Population: 628, 656, 692,751, 793, 840 ,868, 902, 940 Which is the best prediction for the population in 2012? 1000 1100

    asked by Sasha
  69. Chemistry

    The principal quantum number (n): A) specifies the subshell of the orbital. B) specifies the principal shell of the orbital. C) specifies the 3-D shape of the orbital. D) specifies the maximum number of electrons. E) none of the above

    asked by Katelyn
  70. Math *corrected myself*

    he table shows the population of a school for the years 1992-2008. Year: 1992, 1994 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008 Population: 628, 656, 692,751, 793, 840 ,868, 902, 940 Which is the best prediction for the population in 2012? 1500 1100< or 1500

    asked by Sasha
  71. Math Help!

    Help me please. Not sure how to solve this. Can someone show me how to do it step by step. -2/5x-9

    asked by Amber
  72. supply & demand

    duantity demand=60-8(p) quantity supply-20+12(p) P=1.6 WHAT IS QUANTITY SUPPLY?

    asked by che
  73. English

    1. Two-thirds of the books are novels. 2. One-third of the water is sweet. 3. Most of some pencils are short. 4. Most of some water is salty. 5. Half of every apple is rotten. 6. Half of each apple is rotten. -------------------------------------- Are they

    asked by rfvv
  74. Math

    Frank reads at least 24 pages but not more than 36 pages of a book. He reads 12 pages per hour. The number of hours Frank reads p pages is modeled by a function. t(p)= p/12 1.) All real numbers from 2 to 3, inclusive. 2.) All real numbers. 3.) All real

    asked by Jay
  75. Math

    Luke receives a salary of $200 per week plus a 3% commission on all sales. Last week he sold $2,100 in merchandise. How much did he make that week?

    asked by Josh
  76. physics

    The characteristics of a horizontal and undamped spring-block system are k=400N/m and M=0.3kg.The position of the block is determined by its abscissa along an x'ox axis. When the spring has its natural length then x=0. a) the spring is stretched by

    asked by vicky
  77. Physics

    What is the order of drift velocity of electron during the flow of current through the metal?

    asked by Prism
  78. English

    Does writing an expository paragraph or writing a literary paragraph or writing a persuasive paragraph come first alphabetically?

    asked by Lenae
  79. Precalc

    You have a wire that is 100 cm long. You wish to cut it into two pieces. One piece will be bent into the shape of a right triangle with legs of equal length. The other piece will be bent into the shape of a circle. Let A represent the total area enclosed

    asked by Cristiano
  80. Geography

    4th vertex of the kite (5,9), (8,12), (11,9)

    asked by Patty
  81. physics qui

    The radius of the Earth is 6.37×1000000 m and its average dencity is 5.517×1000kg/m×m×m.calculate the mass of earth to correct significant figures.

    asked by Anonymous
  82. algebra

    linear equations y=192+0.04y I have no work to show has I don't know where to start

    asked by slynn
  83. English

    1. It's usually very windy and foggy. 2. It's usually very windy and it's very foggy. 3. It's usually very windy and it's very foggy. ======================================= Does #1 mean #2 and #3?

    asked by rfvv
  84. English

    1. Do you want to know more. 2. Do you want to know a lot. 3. Do you want to know a lot of things. 4. Do you want to know effectively. ----------------------------------- Are they all grammatical? The verb 'know' is used as a pronoun and as a verb. Then

    asked by rfvv
  85. English

    1. That is the place in which we can play. 2. That is the place on which we can play. 3. That is the place at which we can play. 4. That is the place where we can play. ------------------------------------ Which preposition do we have to use, at, on, or

    asked by rfvv
  86. Physics

    Two bodies with equal momentum have KE in the ratio 5:4. What will be the ratio of their masses be?

    asked by Prism
  87. chemistry

    A Li2+ ion had its electron in an excited state. When the electron relaxed to the ground state (n = 1) a photon of light was emitted with an energy of 1.884×10−17 J. What energy level was the electron in before it transitioned to the ground state?

    asked by malina
  88. English help

    I added more of my ideas: Is the main conflict in Return of the soldier between Chris's desire to return to the past and his responsibility to the present, between Jenny and Kitty or is it between two other opposing forces? I must write an essay about this

    asked by Mark
  89. Math

    Please help!! This is a really weird question but I'm in a dilemma. My economics teacher doesn't post our marks online so idk what mark I'm actually at in his class. Can anyone help me figure out what percent I'm at right now if I give the following

    asked by Maya
  90. Politecnica

    2. A TV pollster believed that 70% of all TV households would be tuned in to Game 6 of the 1997 NBA Championship series between the Chicago Bulls and the Utah Jazz. A random sample of 500 TV households is selected. TV households is selected.

    asked by Minoslaba16
  91. earth science

    Compare the formation processes of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. In general, which process can be the most direct, requiring the fewest number of steps? Which can be the most complex? I am guessing igneous rocks are the easiest because the

    asked by sasha
  92. Statistics

    Write an inequality that represents all of the data values X, that fall between the values of the mean +/- the standard deviation

    asked by Mary
  93. math

    c=65.94ft r=?

    asked by dipbdrsorali
  94. Math

    suppose that unit price p in dollars for a quantity demanded X of a certain product of a company is given by p=-0.08+620 (0

    asked by Shala
  95. Physics

    Two vectors A and B have magnitude A=3 and B=3,their vector product is A×B=2i-5k what is the angle between vector A and B?

    asked by Amrit
  96. efe

    find the formula for calculating compound interest. If Mr. John Chrystal invests $6,000 today (Present Value) at a compound interest of 9 percent, calculate the Future Value of the investment after 30 years using the compound interest formula. In addition,

    asked by Anonymous
  97. English

    1. Turn off the radio, will you? 2. Turn off the raidio. 3. Turn off the raido, please. ................................... Is #1 a polite sentence? Is #1 the same as #3 in politeness? 4. Open the window, will you? 5. Open the window, won't you? 6. Don't

    asked by rfvv
  98. Civic education

    I need help with my assignment please :discuss five consequences of human rights violations

    asked by Cuteii
  99. Math

    Which equation(s) represents a proportional relationship? A) y = 5 + x B) y = 4x C) y = 7x² D) y = 2 - x

    asked by Sara
  100. science

    identify the best way to display statistics in a research report

    asked by luma
  101. Math

    which number is greater than 5.5 x 10^-7 and less then 5.5 x 10^7? a. 1.8 x 10^-12 b. 6.7 x 10^8 c. 5.2 x 10^3 d. 3.9 x 10^-8

    asked by Josh
  102. English

    1. Dogs can't see some colors. 2. Dogs can't see several colors. 3. Dogs can't see a few colors. 4. Dogs can't see any colors. .................................. Are they all grammatical? Can we use 'some,' 'several,' or 'a few,' together with 'not'?

    asked by rfvv
  103. Revolutionary Georgia Unit Test

    Which best describes the connection the French and Indian War had with the American Revolution? As a result of the French and Indian War, France occupied numerous areas under English control As a result of the French and Indian War, England began to tax

    asked by Kendy
  104. Health And Physical Education

    according to psychologist Abraham Maslow, a person must have his or her physical needs, the need to feel safe the need to belong and the need for esteem met in order to reach. 1 point 1).Self concept 2).Self actualization 3).Self esteem 4).Self awareness

    asked by OREO COOKIE DOUGH
  105. Algebra

    Linear Equations (solve for y to put it into slope intercept form...y = mx+b). Are these 2 correct, please show me what I did wrong if not, thank you... A) y-5 = -2(x-3) y-5 = -2x+6 (add +5 to both sides) y = -2x+11 B) if m = -2/1 = -2 y-0 = -2(x+4) y =

    asked by KERN1
  106. Cost Volume Profit Analysis (Math)

    Margin of safety - 20% Fixed costs - $900,000 Contribution margin - 25% Break-even - 12,000 units Calculate actual total sales revenue. I have been trying this question out in many different ways however I still cannot solve it. Could someone show me the

    asked by Anonymous
  107. Chemistry

    The specific heat of a metal was found to be 0.38 J/g*°C. When 0.5007 g of this metal was heated in a stream of chlorine gas, it produced 1.0586 g of a metal chloride, MClx. a. Determine the formula of the metal chloride and the accurate atomic weight of

    asked by Anonymous
  108. Government

    Asha lives in a nation that has a legislature and a prime minister. Citizens in her country vote in elections to elect their legislative representatives. Then parliaments appoints the prime minister. 1. Explain why a student would chose "limited, because

    asked by Lexi
  109. physics

    A rookie quarterback throws a football with an initial upward velocity component of 15.9 m/s and a horizontal velocity component of 18.0 m/s . Ignore air resistance. a) How much time is required for the football to reach the highest point of the

    asked by Kiran
  110. calculus 2

    A spring has a natural length of 25 meters. A force of 12 newtons is required to stretch the spring to a length of 30 meters. How much work is done to stretch the spring from it's natural length?

    asked by chase
  111. Physics

    A student has a small battery-powered alarm buzzer. The student throws the buzzer toward a stationary wall (possibly due to frustration following a physics midterm examination). The buzzer emits sound with a frequency of 74 Hz, and the wall reflects the

    asked by Po
  112. math

    A scuba diver dove from the surface of the ocean to an elevation of -79 9/10 feet at a rate of -18.8 feet per minute. After spending 12.75 minutes at that elevation, the diver ascended to an elevation of -28 9/10 feet. The total time for the dive so far

    asked by tiffany
  113. science

    if you see lightning and then 3 seconds later you here the thunder how many yards are you from the lightning are you

    asked by haley
  114. physics

    When a water gun is fired while being held horizontally at a height of 1.00 m above ground level, the water travels a horizontal distance of 5.30 m. A child, who is holding the same gun in a horizontal position, is also sliding down a 45° incline at a

    asked by sofia
  115. math

    the 6th term of a gp is 2000 and it ratio is 10,find it first term

    asked by Philip
  116. History

    In what way was the government of ancient Athens different from that of the United States? A. Athens was direct democracy in which citizens voted on laws themselves B. Athens was an oligarchy ruled by the wealthy members of the council of 5 hundred. C.

    asked by Kay
  117. Physics

    A 1200 -kg car is pushing an out-of-gear 2100 -kg truck that has a dead battery. When the driver steps on the accelerator, the drive wheels of the car push horizontally against the ground with a force of 4500 N . The rolling friction of the car can be

    asked by Amily
  118. Physics

    As part of a daring rescue attempt, the Millennium Eagle coasts between a pair of twin asteroids, as shown in the figure below where d1 = 2.55 km and d2 = 1.28 km. The mass of the spaceship is 2.53 x10^7 kg and the mass of each asteroid is 3.70x10^11 kg.

    asked by A
  119. Math

    TOXIC CLEANUP Three months after cleanup began at the dump site, 800 cubic yards of toxic waste had yet to be removed. Two months later, that number had been lowered to 720 cubic yards. a. Write an equation that mathematically describes the linear

    asked by Elena Davis
  120. Math

    Why do you have to use estimation to find the number of triangles you need for the string? I was wondering why this question is quite confusing and i was wondering if you can explain it to me in a way i can understand it. I'm not looking for an answer just

    asked by Jacob
  121. Physics

    A ball hanging from a twisted string is released from rest, and spins around in a circle (reversing direction periodically). The angular velocity of the ball is given by: 𝜔(𝑡)=(16 𝑟𝑎𝑑/𝑠) sin[(𝜋/5 𝑟𝑎𝑑/𝑠)𝑡] Find the number

    asked by A
  122. Math

    An automated production line uses distilled water at a rate of 300 gallons every 2 hours to make shampoo. After the line had run for 7 hours, planners noted that 2,500 gallons of distilled water remained in the storage tank. Write a linear equation

    asked by Anonymous
  123. Maths

    In a class 30 students pass in maths, 20 pass in physics and 8 pass in both. Find the number of students failed in both if the total students are 45.

    asked by Swapnamayee sahoo