Questions Asked on
October 20, 2016

  1. math

    f(x) = 4x-5 and g(x) = 3x, find (fog)(x)

    asked by cris
  2. math

    How many 3-digit numbers can be formed using the digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 if repetition of digits is not allowed?

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Spanish Homework

    Usa la forma presente de ESTAR con el participio pasado del verbo entre paréntesis para completar cada oración. 1 La maleta ya ___(1)___ ___(2)___. (ABRIR) La maleta ya está abierta. 2 ¿ ___(1)___ ___(2)___ todos estos regalos? (DECLARAR) Están

    asked by Jaylnn
  4. coordinate geometry

    find the equation of circle having centre in 1st quadrant, touching x-axis,having a common tangent y=3^1/2x+4 with the circle x^2+y^2+4x+4y+4=0 such that the distance between two circles along the x-axis is 3 units ?

    asked by rakesh
  5. Math

    Three numbers form a g.p.if the first and third numbers are 5 and 245 respectively, find two possible values for the middle number.

    asked by Tony
  6. Math

    Find the 999th derivative of cos x. I got sin x.

    asked by Dave
  7. Social Studies

    1.Why Was Stephen Austin able to establish a colony in mexican territory. A.The Mexican Government gave him a land grant B.He Claimed the land for Himself C.The U.S. government gave him an Exemption D.The local farmers were generous

    asked by Lui
  8. Algebra 2

    The graph shows a probability distribution. Which probabilities are equal to 0.3? Select each correct answer. P(X≥3)

    asked by ashleigh

    A physics book slides off a horizontal table top with a speed of 1.90 m/s. It strikes the floor after a time of 0.410 s. Ignore air resistance. a) Find the magnitude of the horizontal component of the book's velocity just before the book reaches the floor.

    asked by SAM
  10. algebra 1

    Which type of function is represented by the table of values below? x y 1 4 2 16 3 64 4 256 5 1,024

    asked by sandra
  11. Algebra 2

    Given: 11-pound mixture of peanuts, almonds, and raisins Cost: peanuts - 1.5 per pound almonds - 3 per pound raisins - 1.5 per pound mixture: twice as many peanuts as almond; total cost of mixture is 21. a + p + r = 11 lbs a + 2a + r = 11 lbs 3a + r = 11 r

    asked by Becky
  12. CALC

    Find center of mass of the lamina that occupies the region D and has the given density function ρ. D is the triangular region with vertices (0, 0), (2, 1), (0, 3); ρ(x, y) = 5(x + y) mass=30 Find center of mass

    asked by HELP
  13. physics need help

    An object , constrained to move along the x-axis is acted upon by a force F(x)=ax + bx^2 where a=5N/m , b=-2m/s The object is observed directly from x=1m to x=3.0 m... How much work is done by the force?

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Physics algebra and trig

    A pair of fuzzy dice is hanging from the rearview mirror of a race car. As the car accelerates smoothly, the strings of the dice are tilted slightly toward the rear of the car. From the perspective of the driver, which one of the following statements is

    asked by Kyle
  15. Check my answers

    1. Why was capturing Quebec so important to the British during the French and Indian War? (1 point) By gaining control of Quebec, the British could increase financial and military support from the colonists. By gaining control of Quebec, the British would

    asked by BILL CIPHER
  16. Math

    Craig used the diagram to compute the distance from ferris to dunlap to butte. how much shorter is the distance directly from ferris to butte than the distance craig found? 14 mi 28 mi 70 mi*** 98 mi

    asked by Ras
  17. math

    a blacksmith has a rectangular iron sheet with the length of 10 cm. he has to cut out 7 circular disc of radius 1 cm. what is the minimum width of that rectangular sheet?

    asked by pk
  18. science

    When there is a lot of friction in a machine, what is lowered and causes mechanical efficiency to be lowered

    asked by antiana
  19. algebra

    Molly deposits $200 in a savings account that has a 20% interest rate compounded annually. What will be her total after 3 years?

    asked by Brandon
  20. Social Studies

    9. Which of the following statements comparing the Continental and British armies is most accurate? A. The British had more troops and were better disciplined than the Americans. B. The British had limited access to supplies while the American supplies

    asked by Student
  21. ipc

    A 95.00 kg man on ice skates catches a ball moving at 18 m/s. The man is initially at rest. The man and the ball move together after the collision. The ball's mass is 0.14 kg. What is the final velocity

    asked by nicole
  22. History

    How did the South attempt to compensate for it's disadvantages? A:Southern military leaders devised the Anaconda Plan to end the war quickly. B:Confederate troops remained within their own territory at all times. C:Southern leaders approached foreign

    asked by Marylyn
  23. algebra 2

    A quadratic equation can be written in vertex form or in standard form. Sometimes one form is more beneficial than the other. Identify which form would be more helpful if you needed to do each task listed below and explain why a. factor the equation b.

    asked by wordss
  24. american goverment check answers

    2. In what way does geographic location influence cabinet secretary selection? (1 point) The president selects cabinet members to give regional balance to his administration. Larger states have more power and therefore have more cabinet members.

    asked by Anonymous
  25. algebra

    If al items are 0.(99) cents each what is the cost C(x) if 2 items are purchased

    asked by Char
  26. mathematics

    a student answers 90% of the questions on a math exam correctly.if the answers 27 questions many questions are on the exam?

    asked by Anonymous
  27. math

    two strips of fabric measure 14 2/3 inches and 20 7/8 inches in length. to form one length, the strips are sew together using 3/8 inch from each strip to make the seam. what is the final length of the fabric after the two strips are sewn together.

    asked by charles
  28. math

    When an airplane leaves the runway, its angle of climb is 24° and its speed is 345 feet per second. How long will it take the plane to climb to an altitude of 10,000 feet? 16,000 feet? (Round your answers to one decimal place.) 10,000 ft = ? in s 16,000

    asked by Arora
  29. Math

    The marked price of a car is $49500. A person pays a deposit of 30% and interest at 12% per annum is charged on the outstanding balance. The total amount payable is to be paid in 2 1/2 years Calculate the amount paid each month and the hire purchase

    asked by Korian
  30. Math

    Roy throws a flying disc, and it lands 30 meters away.The distance Anna throws the disc is times the distance Roy throws the disc.The distance Glen throws the disc is times the distance Roy throws the disc. Place the names in order from greatest to least

    asked by 123bruh

    1. Which activity is part of both private and civic life? (1 point) learning about politics •• voting for a candidate going to sports games working at a bookshop 2. Why are elections necessary for good governance? (1 point) Elected officials can be

    asked by GrimmGamer
  32. physics

    a 700g solid cube having an edge of length 10cm floats in water how much volume of the cube is outside the water?

    asked by Jahnavi
  33. Core World History

    Which is an accurate statement about Greek art and architecture? Greek art and architecture are characterized by asymmetrical, informal designs. Greek art is known for the use of a special purple paint made only in Greece? Greek art and architecture are

    asked by Lenae
  34. Social studies

    How should the success of the united states be evaluated and measured? what tools or data should be used to do this? I have no idea what to say for this.

    asked by softball lover
  35. Math

    the sum of two numbers is 21 five times the first number added to 2 times the second number is 66 find the two numbers

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Social Studies

    12. Which of the following excerpts is a grievance of the American colonists that was included in Declaration of Independence?

    asked by Student
  37. Math

    adding and subtraction number using greatest common factors 940-420=? What is the GCF?

    asked by Student
  38. History

    How did African Americans support the war effort? A:Slaves and free blacks fought for the Confederacy B:Enslaved African Americans spied on the Union troops and the Confederacy. C:By law, African Americans were forbidden from supporting the was effort on

    asked by Marylyn
  39. Math

    Walmart sells a case of 24 cans of diet coke for $6.88. Publix sells a 12 pack of diet coke for $3.99. Which is the best buy? I need help on this.

    asked by Erik
  40. Physics

    At what speed would a 50kg person have to run to have the same kinetic energy as a 1000kg auto traveling at 100 km/h? Help ASAP please!! Show work step by step along with the equation

    asked by Anonymous
  41. math

    Show me how to make $0.60 in two ways,without using quarters or pennies

    asked by angel
  42. English

    Read the following opening sentence of an introductory paragraph and answer the question that follows. Should you ever find yourself in a situation in which you suspect that someone is listening in your private conversation, you might not be as paranoid as

    asked by brooke
  43. History

    the georgia constitution of 1777 stated that each county in georgia should have a school paid for with_____. slave labor federal government funds state government funds*** tobacco taxes

    asked by Mr.Young
  44. Physics

    A stone is tied to a string (length = 0.600 m) and whirled in a circle at the same constant speed in two different ways. First, the circle is horizontal and the string is nearly parallel to the ground. Next, the circle is vertical. In the vertical case the

    asked by Sam
  45. statics

    The following is a list of 12 measurements: 50, 57, 85, 34, -28, 68, -17, -33, 81, -12, -70, -17 Send data to Excel Suppose that these 12 measurements are respectively labeled . (Thus, is labeled , is labeled , and so on.) Find .

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Algebra

    Mrs. Hill is 4 years older than twice her sons age. If the sum of their age is 50, how old is her son?

    asked by Rosa
  47. check my work

    5. What kind of primary does the following scenario describe? A candidate competes in a state’s presidential primary and wins 26 percent of the popular vote. Twenty­six percent of the state’s delegates are officially pledged to vote for that candidate

    asked by Anonymous
  48. history

    How did the Black Death affect medieval Europe? a.) It led to social upheaval and helped end the social order of the manor system. b.) It caused the Great Schism in the Roman Catholic Church. c.) It led to the Crusades and the spread of new ideas. d.) It

    asked by megann
  49. Advanced Biology

    A recessive lethal gene in chickens causes circulatory failure and death of the embryo at 70 hours.A commercial hatchery finds that a hatching failure due to this gene of greater than 4% is unacceptable.What is the upper limit for the frequency of this

    asked by Cassandra
  50. Chemistry

    i need help making an acrostic poem using the word nonmetal

    asked by Josh
  51. math

    If I have 2 sweatshirts, 2 shirts, 2 pants, 2 shorts, and 2 shoes what would the tree diagram look like?

    asked by Kira
  52. Core World History

    What is Herodotus best known for?

    asked by Lenae
  53. pre-calc

    Solve for t if 0

    asked by Mary
  54. Algebra

    -4 less than or equal to 4(6y-12)-2y

    asked by Anonymous
  55. History

    what's the historical significance of the Hotel des Invalides

    asked by Andrea
  56. Math

    Sarah cycle 30mi to grandmother house at a steady speed of ten miles mph if she leaves home at 2:00pm what time does she arrives?

    asked by Emmer
  57. Science

    For many years it was believed by geologists that the location of the continents was fixed.These scientists believed that the locations of the continents was determined many billions of years ago,as the young Earth cooled down from its original state as a

    asked by Donald
  58. history

    1. Why was capturing Quebec so important to the British during the French and Indian War? (1 point) By gaining control of Quebec, the British could increase financial and military support from the colonists. By gaining control of Quebec, the British would

    asked by awesome guy
  59. Advanced Biology

    Hi could you help me with this problem as well? The alleles for red and white coat color in cattle show absence of dominance, the heterozygote being roan. A.In a freely breeding herd of 1000 head how many would you expect to be of each coat color if the

    asked by Cassandra
  60. Science

    Consider: Brittle materials are approximately considered to be those having a fracture strain of less than about 5%. My answer:. I am not sure what the author is saying here. Is it percent elongation that has to be more than 5% to be consider brittle.??

    asked by Curious
  61. Social Studies

    7. What was the impact of the Olive Branch Petition?

    asked by Student
  62. Physics

    A 0.15 kg baseball is moving at 35 m/s toward home plate when it is hit with the bat. The ball is in contact with the bat for 0.0019 s, and leaves the bat at 25 m/s directly away from home plate. Determine the average force exerted by the bat on the ball.

    asked by Timmy
  63. scıence

    If a stone ıs put ınto a liquid wıth a density of 2g per cm3 explaın what wıll happen

    asked by Denıs
  64. Algebra

    In a rectangular room 10 feet wide 40 feet long and 50 feet high there are four Windows each 30 inch by 48 inches what is the ratio of Windows Surface 2 floor area in this room?

    asked by Joe
  65. physics

    a 1000 kg truck traveling at a speed of 40m/s skids to a halt on wet concrete where µk = 0.60. how long are the skid marks? (Please explain all variables and equations I'm clueless in this subject) I keep trying to use the equation I found online: d=

    asked by joe
  66. math

    S varies directly to the square of t. Given that S = 100, when t = 4, calculate the value of: a) k, the constant of proportionality b) S when t = 8 c) t when S = 1

    asked by Jess
  67. Science

    The above is an article which I had to read for homework and one of the questions that I have to answer is as follows: Which bucket(s) could be supported with evidence from this Document? I do not understand this at all. Please help me.

    asked by Donald
  68. English

    1. He hasn't been to Japan. 2. He ain't been to Japan. (Is #2 an informal sentence. Is it correct?) 3. He has not a book. 4. He ain't a book. (Is #4 an informal sentence. Is it correct?)

    asked by rfvv
  69. math

    The baker packs 36 bran muffins in boxes of 4 . Draw and label a tape diagram to find the number of boxes he packs.

    asked by avery
  70. Chemistry

    Heat from burning a fuel is absorbed by a copper calorimeter. The calorimeter has a mass of 81.34 g and contains 200.0 g of water initially at 21 degrees Celsius. a) How much heat was absorbed by the calorimeter and the water if the final temperature of

    asked by lomonoyan
  71. Math

    Juana paid $1,200 for a sofa. The price of the sofa Ben purchased was 3/5 the price that Juana paid. How much did Ben pay for his sofa?

    asked by Tan
  72. social studies

    Contrast and compare the cultures of native Americans who lived in the southwest with those who lived on the west coast or select two other tribes. My answer: The Native Americans that lived in the Southwest mainly fished and chopped down trees. The Native

    asked by sum gurl
  73. maths

    In a class of 38 students, each student studies at least one of the following subjects: French, Mathematics and History. The following table gives further details of the subject studied. French 9 Mathematics only 8 History only 1 French & Math. 7 French &

    asked by gtj
  74. achieving success

    The divine command theory is an example of

    asked by Anonymous
  75. Math

    adding and subtraction number using greatest common factors 121-22=? What is GCF of this problem?

    asked by Student
  76. Chemistry

    I have a 0.6573g mixture of NaHCO3 and Na2CO3. Calculate the mass of NaHCO3 and Na2CO3 in the unknown mixture.Also calculate the mass of NaCl formed in the reaction of the mixture and HCl.

    asked by Sam
  77. Physics

    A ball of mass 2kg travelling in a straight line at 4ms^-1 is acted on by a force of 3N acting in the direction of motion for 5 seconds. What is the speed of the ball after 5 seconds?

    asked by Saphina AlMatary
  78. Algebra

    What is the slope Gas cost 3.29 per gallon. A function can be used to describe the cost to fill up a car.

    asked by Sharon
  79. Algebra

    Country A has a growth rate of 2.6% per year. The population is currently 4,069​,000 and the land area of Country A is 33​,000,000,000 square yards. Assuming this growth rate continues and is​ exponential, after how long will there be one person for

    asked by David
  80. Physics

    A ball of mass 1.5kg is struck by a bat in the opposite direction to the motion of the ball. Before the impulse the ball is travelling at 16ms^-1 and the impulse of the bat on the ball is 50 Ns. Find the velocity of the ball immediately after the impact.

    asked by Saphina AlMatary
  81. Physics

    Two identical boxcars (m = 14866 kg) are traveling along the same track but in opposite directions. Both boxcars have a speed of 5 m/s. If the cars collide and couple together, what will be the final speed of the pair?

    asked by Cindy
  82. Physics

    A vehicle of mass 600kg, moving at a speed of 30ms^-1 collides with a stationary vehicle of mass 900kg. The two vehicles lock together on impact. Calculate: 1) The speed of the two vehicles immediately after the impact. 2) The force of the impact, if the

    asked by Saphina AlMatary
  83. Algebra 1

    Select the points that lie on the function H(x)=3x^2 (1,3) (1,9) (-1,-3) or (-1,3)

    asked by Jaycob
  84. Physics

    An object of mass 12kg is pushed 34m up a frictionless slope that is at an angle of 56^o to the horizon. Determine both (a) the work on the object and (b) its change on gravitational potential energy.

    asked by Saphina AlMatary
  85. Trigonometry

    A tree is 5.8 metres tall and casts a shadow, the Suns elevation is 55 degrees, what length is the shadow? How do I work this out please?

    asked by Meika
  86. Maths

    Find the number such that when 3/4 of it is added to 3 1/2 the sum is the same as when 2/3 of it is subtracted from 6 1/2.

    asked by Es
  87. Math

    adding and subtraction number using greatest common factors 940-420=? 169-26=? 15+75-45=? 48+16=? 17+51=? What is the GCF?

    asked by Student
  88. Physical Science

    1. which of the following should be classified as a suspension? A. soda** B. sand in water C. glass D. milk 2. Which of the following is an of example of a chemical property? A. density B. flammability C. hardness** D. melting point 3. Which state of

    asked by Becky
  89. physics

    An adult dolphin weighs around 1560 N. How fast must he be moving as he leaves the water vertically in order to jump to a hei ght of 3.50 m? Ignore air resistance.

    asked by Cuti
  90. Describing Data

    The following frequency table contains the total number of deaths worldwide as a result of earthquakes from 2000 to 2012. Year Deaths 2000 231 2001 21,357 2002 11,685 2003 33,819 2004 228,802 2005 88,003 2006 6,605 2007 712 2008 88,011 2009 1,790 2010

    asked by Anonymous
  91. physics

    a football is kicked with an initial speed of 80 m/s at an angle of 30 degrees above the horizontal. A. what is the maximum height that the ball attains? b. what is the balls hang time? (how long is it in the air) c. what is the range of the ball? (how far

    asked by Ely
  92. Readiny

    The first three sentences are (1) Everyhting I know about gardening i learned from my good friend Sandy (2) When I first moved from Iowa to Georgia last May, I tried planting a vegetable garden right away. (3) As i happily weeded the ground i thought to

    asked by Ras
  93. Math

    A rectangle, a circle and a triangle are drawn in a plane. What is the maximum number possible points of intersection. The sides of the triangle are not collinear with any of the sides of the rectangle.

    asked by David
  94. Math

    Use the quotient rule to find the derivative of cot x. I tried to solve this, but somehow I got (sec^2x)/(tanx)^2.

    asked by Dave
  95. MATH

    Suppose an object moves along the x-axis so that its position at time $t$ is $x=-t+\frac{t^3}{6}$. (a) Find the velocity, $v(t)=x(t)$, of the object. (b) What is $v(0)$? What does this say about the direction of motion of the object at time $t=0$? (c) When

    asked by Sara
  96. Math

    lim (cos(π/4 + h) - cos (π/4)) h->0 _________________________ h Somehow I ended up with cos(1).

    asked by Dave
  97. Math (Function differentiable)

    Determine whether the function is differentiable at x=2 x^2+1 for x2 I did the math for the limits of both equations and they both approach to 4. So that means they are differentiable right?

    asked by Ray
  98. Science

    If the density of copper is 8.9g/cm3 and that of silver is 10.5g/cm3, how could you find out if a quarter has more silver or copper in it?

    asked by Anonymous
  99. chemistry

    How we make 0.02ppm solution in 25ml?

    asked by Usama munir
  100. English

    Please help to understand this assignment. Like sections, introduction and subheadings. Ideas. How should I start with the subheadings/sections? First introduction and overview? Thank you! Building Communities: Do a situational analysis of the police

    asked by Jessica
  101. Math

    My number has 2 tens and 2 ones what is my number?

    asked by Karma
  102. Math

    A rectangular school banner has a length of 36 inches and a width of 52 inches. A sign is made that is similar to the school banner and has a length of 22 inches. What is the ratio of the area of the school banner to the area of the sign? What is the ratio

    asked by Sun
  103. Math

    the 3 sides of a triangle have lengths of (x+7) inches, (5x+6) inches, and (5x-3) inches. What is the length of the shortest side if the perimeter of the triangle is 43 inches

    asked by Nethan
  104. Science

    A gold chain with a mass of 40 grams is placed into a graduated cylinder. The graduated cylinder had a volume of 30 ml before the chain was placed in graduated cylinder. After it was added to the graduated cylinder the volume had risen to 50 ml. What is

    asked by Kyra
  105. Math

    A Boy Scout has 3 meters of rope. He cuts the rope into cords 3/5m long. How many cords will he make?

    asked by Bibi
  106. Math

    This is a really weird question but mom in a dilemma. My economics teacher doesn't post our marks online so idk what mark I'm actually at in his class. Can anyone help me figure out what percent I'm at right now if I give the following information ? He

    asked by Maya
  107. GCF

    adding and subtraction number using greatest common factors 940-420=? 169-26=? 15+75-45=? 48+16=? 17+51=? What is the GCF?

    asked by Student
  108. All of math

    What are all the answers to unit 4 lesson 11

    asked by Sam
  109. Algebra

    -(3x-2y) -(5x-4y)=

    asked by Tante
  110. Analytical chemistry

    Calculate to four decimal places the mass of purely dry MgCO3(Magnesium Carbonate) required to make 1L of a 1000 ppm Mg stock solution.

    asked by cindy
  111. Algebra

    1/5x + 4/5y + 2/5x - 1/5y=

    asked by Tante
  112. american goverment check answers

    3. The National Science Foundation (NSF) raises money for scientific projects and research in the United States. What kind of agency is the NSF? (1 point) staff agency line agency legislative agency judicial agency 3.C

    asked by Anonymous
  113. Math PLEASE HELP!

    4^2-(2•2^4) i got -16 if i'm wrong please explain. i also got -240 doing it a different way, PLEASE help!

    asked by Sally
  114. physics

    Calculate the velocity time graph of a body at rest is given an initial uniform acceleration.

    asked by 7up
  115. Precal

    solve for x if -2=log(3x+5)

    asked by Mace
  116. science

    What is the geologic time scale and what are some thing scientists use it for (at least two things)? Here's my answer could you please verify. the geologic time scale is a record of the geologic events and life forms in Earth’s history. Scientists use it

    asked by John
  117. Social studies

    Compare and contrast the cultures of Native Americans who lived in lived in the Southwest with those who lived on the West Coast.

    asked by softball lover
  118. Chemistry

    You add 7.326g of solid CaCl2 to 45.5 mL of water in a coffee cup calorimeter and measure as the temp. Increase from 22.6 C to 41.5 C. Specific heat water is 4.184 J/ g.C and the density of water is 0.9977 g/mL. Find the mass of water. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

    asked by Dania
  119. Spanish

    Hello! I'm stuck on a Spanish worksheet, I could use a little help. "Answer the questions below based on the pictures. Use complete Spanish sentences. Each sentence needs to follow the structure: subject pronoun + verb in the present tense. 1. ¿Que hace

    asked by Rocket
  120. physics

    Calculate the velocity time graph of a body at rest is given an initial uniform acceleration .

    asked by 7up
  121. chemistry

    For the following reaction Co(g)+H2o(g)=Co2(g)+H2(g) If the initial concentrations of Co and H2o are 1.00 mol in a 50 L vessel, what is the number of mole of each species at equilibrium, if the equilibrium constant Kc= 0.85 at 1000 C? please can any one

    asked by b.k
  122. Math

    Kat has a smoothie company. She needs to make 240 cups of fruit smoothies for the next day. If she wants to store the smoothies overnight in quart containers, how many quart containers will kat need?

    asked by Lucus
  123. Math

    What is 17% of 800 and 83% of 800?

    asked by Anonymous
  124. Math

    What integer represent a debt of 12$

    asked by Sara
  125. English

    Find the adverb. (is batch the adverb) I baked a batch of brownies for my friends.

    asked by Caleb
  126. Science

    Which group of organisms includes only multicellular heterotrophs?

    asked by Chicken tenders
  127. Math

    Length of equal sides of an isosceles triangle is 4cm less than twice the length of third side.find length of equal sides if perimeter of the triangle is 57 cm

    asked by Sandy's
  128. Math

    You mix 8 tablespoons of hot sauce and 3 cups of salsa in a green bowl. You mix 12 tablespoons of hot sauce and 4 cups of salsa in an orange bowl. Which mixture is hotter? My Answers: My first train of thought is that there must be a conversion factor to

    asked by Erik
  129. English

    Is the main conflict in Return of the soldier between Chris's desire to return to the past and his responsibility to the present, between Jenny and Kitty or is it between two other opposing forces? I must write an essay about this so please help me. I do

    asked by Mark

    Who attacked first on the Battle of Little Bighorn??? The natives or the army?

    asked by s
  131. Math

    Evaluate 2n up3 -3b, if n=3 and b=1. 1.8 2.9 3.15 4.21 5.33

    asked by emily

    A lamp of marble chips was dropped in excess 0.1mol/dm hydrochloric acid and observed for sometime. (a) State what you would see. (b)Describe how the rate of reaction changed with time. (c)Explain why the reaction stopped after sometime. (d)The reaction

    asked by BELDEN
  133. Algebra

    Hello again! I've got two questions I'm stuck on in an algebra worksheet. 1. Solve the equation: 2𝑦 + 5 = 1/2(4𝑦 + 8) (I really don't know how to solve these correctly, I've tried everything.) 2. The density of an object is calculated using the

    asked by Rocket
  134. Math

    Length of a rectangle is 16 centimetre less than twice its breadth if the perimeter of a rectangle is 100 centimetre find its length and breadth

    asked by Harvinder
  135. Algebra

    Four less than 1/3 of a number is 8 1/3 x -4+4=8+4 3x12==36 36: 3=8 12-4=8

    asked by Ginna
  136. Physics

    On vacation, your 1350 kg car pulls a 540 kg trailer away from a stop light with an acceleration of 2.20 m/s2. (a) What is the net force exerted by the car on the trailer? (b) What force does the trailer exert on the car? (c) What is the net force acting

    asked by Timmy
  137. math

    12,b,75 are consecutive terms of a geometrical sequence what is the common ratio?

    asked by victor
  138. Math

    What is the answer to use the rule to write the first 12 numbers in the pattern the square root of the pattern in the numbers first rule of 6 first term

    asked by Hannah Quarles
  139. Analytical chemistry

    Calculate to four decimal places the mass of pure dry CaCO3 required to make 1 L of a 1000 ppm Ca stock solution.

    asked by Angel
  140. Math

    Distribute 35-15

    asked by Kat
  141. Social Studies

    4. Favoring the idea of national regulation of trade between states would be an example of which political party's stance listed in the chart? (1 point) the Federalist Party’s belief in a strong central government the Democratic Republican’s support

    asked by Mimi
  142. College algebra


    asked by Kiita
  143. Chemistry

    Determine the mass of urea, CH2N2O, required to make 250mL of a 0.235 M solution

    asked by Lauren
  144. Physics

    At room temperature of 30 degree celsius, a glass of water takes one minute to cool from 80 degree celsius to 60 degree Celsius. How long will it take to further cool from 60 degree celsius to 50 degree celsius?

    asked by new user
  145. Math

    The variables p and q have the same numerical value but the opposite sign; that is, one is positive and the other is negative. If -3*p + 4*q is positive, what can you say about p and q?

    asked by Mo
  146. ALGERBA

    x-5 x-1 ----- = ----- -2 -3 Solve for x. I understand there is cross-multiplying involved.

    asked by Drizzelia
  147. Algebra

    How do you simplify 1/3 + 3/x 1/9- 9/x square

    asked by Nocholas
  148. Physics

    Starting from rest, a 5kg block slides 2.5 m down a rough 30o incline in 2 seconds. Find a) the work done by the force of gravity. b) the work done by friction. c) the work done by the normal force Help ASAP please!! Show work step by step only with the

    asked by Anonymous
  149. Physics

    Use the Work-Energy Theorem to show that an object with initial velocity vo will travel a distance d across a rough horizontal surface before stopping, where d = vo2/(2mKg). Help ASAP please!!

    asked by Anonymous
  150. English

    "The Lottery" (1948) by Shirley Jackson ** this website won't allow for links; therefore, I couldn't put the link of this story** (the short story is online for reference) The question that needs to be answered is: EXPLAIN the source of horror in

    asked by Jamie
  151. Social Studies

    Why did Adams increase the size of the American Navy? He wanted to prepare for all-out war on Britain He hoped it would deter more attacks by French ships He needed to use tax money to fund an increase in military spending Congress passed a law that

    asked by Brooke
  152. Math

    The sum of three consecutive natural number is 153.find the numbers

    asked by Nikhil
  153. maths sequence

    Find the sum of the first eight terms of a linear sequence whose first term is 6 and last team is 46. Plz help

    asked by Anonymous
  154. Math

    This is a Bennett diagram question. If 24 students take music, calculate the number of students who take music and drama and also calculate the number for drama only If 3x + x +7 + x

    asked by Chris
  155. Pre algbra

    18. -2/3 + (-3/10) A) -5/13 B) 6/3 C) 1/3 D) -29/30

    asked by Please help fast need good grade
  156. Math

    Please help!! This is a really weird question but I'm in a dilemma. My economics teacher doesn't post our marks online so idk what mark I'm actually at in his class. Can anyone help me figure out what percent I'm at right now if I give the following

    asked by Maya
  157. Math

    Jonathan goes running every 2 days and he goes swimming every 5 days today he went and went swimming and how many days will he run and swim in the same day again

    asked by Antoine

    Crickets Chirpy and Milada jump from the top of a vertical cliff. Chirpy just drops and reaches the ground in 3.10 s , while Milada jumps horizontally with an initial speed of 89.0 cm/s. How far from the base of the cliff will Milada hit the ground? Ignore

    asked by SAM
  159. English

    Rewrote This because I added more of my ideas: Is the main conflict in Return of the soldier between Chris's desire to return to the past and his responsibility to the present, between Jenny and Kitty or is it between two other opposing forces? I must

    asked by Mark
  160. Calculus

    differentiate the given function, simplify your answer by leaving no negative or rational exponents. final answer should be in factored form where possible. y=(x^2 +2x)^3(x+2)

    asked by matt
  161. Physics

    Movers are looking to lower a cabinet out of an open window to a mattress on the ground below. One end of a rope is tied to a 188 kg dresser, looped through a pulley, and the other end of the rope is tied to a cabinet. If the coefficient of kinetic

    asked by Grace
  162. English

    1. This is the way how he did it. (X) 2. This is the way he did it. (O) 3. This is how he did it.(o) 4. This is in which he did it. 5. This is that he did it. ------------------------------ Is that right? What about #4 and #5? Are both ungrammatical as

    asked by rfvv
  163. Physics

    Ok, I have few questions which I solved but the answers in he book do not match with the ones that I got. Q1. The de-Brogile wavelength of a neutron at 927 degree C is {lambda}. What will be its wavelength at 27 degree C? I got 2 {lambda}, book says

    asked by new user
  164. algebra/AP physcis

    how do i solve for v in the equation: v^2/.6=1.2v^2/.6 +9.8

    asked by Sam
  165. English

    1. This is the place where he was born. 2. This is the place he was born. 3. This is where he was born. 4. This is that he was born. 5. This is in which he was born. ==================== Which ones are ungrammatical and why is that?

    asked by rfvv
  166. social studies

    10. Which of the following best describes the purpose of the Non-Intercourse Act? (1 point) to forbid the U.S. from trading with Britain and France so the countries would recognize U.S. trading rights to allow U.S. merchants to resume trade with all

    asked by Brooke
  167. Math


    asked by Nasra
  168. AP

    x-2, 5 and x-2 are the 2nd, 3rd and 4th term of an ap respectively. find x

    asked by Lawal
  169. Math

    There are 2 loaves of bread and 1/4 of each bread is served to 6 students? How many many are served to each student?

    asked by Aiden
  170. Physics

    An 8kg ball traveling to the east at 10m per sec collides, with a 2kg ball traveling to the west with a velocity of 5 meters per sec. After the collision they move together.Determine the final velocity of the balls. Assume that there are no resistive

    asked by Jae
  171. history

    Which was a powerful trading empire that stretched from the Atlantic Ocean across much of West Africa? a.) Songhai b.) Zimbabwe c.) Ethiopia d.) Swahili help me please?

    asked by megann
  172. physics

    a 10-g fridge magnet is holding a 2.0 piece of paper on the stainless steel fridge door. A normal force of 0.19 N( the horizontal force of the fridge pushing against the attractive, horizontal, magnet accelerated down the fridge with a net acceleration of

    asked by kinsey
  173. English

    1. I remember when we first met. 2. I remember that we first met. ----------------------------- Are both grammatical though they are different slightly in meaning? 3. I remember the fact that we first met. (Is this correct?)

    asked by rfvv
  174. Science, Biology

    How did a new species with different variation affect the availability of food for the previously existing species..?

    asked by Oo
  175. English

    1. I went to London, where I found him. 2. I went to London, and there I found him. 3. I went to London, and I found him there. -------------------- Are they all grammatical and the same? Which one is common, #2 or #3? 4. The man came to me in the

    asked by rfvv
  176. social studies

    jame madison introduced the virginia plan , which later became the framework for the

    asked by Anonymous
  177. Math

    Ok I am lost I need help. Describe how you can use a generic rectangle to multiply two numbers. Give an example. I'm just thinking of 22×35

    asked by Jessica
  178. math

    Lily and Rose are playing the game in the game each player starts with 0 points

    asked by Derek
  179. Calvary School

    9 yards 12 inches divided by 4

    asked by JaJon
  180. English

    From Beowulf "the battle with the dragon" and " the death of Beowulf" which of these names the protagonist/atagonist relationship in the battle with the dragon?" Grendel/the dragon The dragon/grendel BEowulf/the dragonn the dragon/beowulf I think it is C,

    asked by Ahri
  181. Math

    A 6-foot person standing 15 feet from a streetlight casts a 10-foot shadow. Two similar triangles are formed. One triangle is formed by the person and the shadow that the person casts. A second triangle is formed by the streetlight and the ground from the

    asked by Alex
  182. Math

    an irrigation pump can do a job 3 times faster than another. If the y work together it takes 9 hours to complete the job. How long would it take the larger pump by itself

    asked by Pat
  183. Math

    A rectangular shaped desk has a length of 36 inches and a width of 16 inches. A desk with a similar shape has a width of 24 inches. What is the length of this desk?

    asked by Alex
  184. Math

    The cost of renting a car from Rent-it Cheap for one day is $29 plus 50 cents per km. For the same period, Thrift Cars charges $37 plus 48 cents per km. When would it be more economical to rent a car from Thrift Cars? from Rent-it-cheap?

    asked by Saleeha
  185. English

    1. This is the restaurant where he had lunch with Susan. 2. This is the restaurant he had lunch with Susan. (Is #2 correct? 'Where' is missing in #2.) 3. Look at the hospital where he was born. 4. Look at the hospital he was born. (Is #4 correct? 'Where'

    asked by rfvv
  186. physics need asap help

    Two masses m amd 2m approach each other along a part right angles to eachother. After collision, they stick together and move off at 2m/s at an angle 37¤ to the original direction of m....what is the initial speeds of the particles???

    asked by Muse
  187. chemistry need help

    Balance the following equation in an acidic and basic medium * Cr^(+3)+BrO^(-)--->CrO4^(2-)+Br^(-)

    asked by booob
  188. check my work (american goverment)

    7. What best describes a faithless elector? (1 point) an elector who cheated to become an elector an elector who fails to vote an elector who votes for a non­Christian an elector who does not vote for the person who won the state's popular vote 8. Who

    asked by Anonymous
  189. history

    Which was Pope Urban II's goal in calling for the First Crusade in 1095? a.) opening trade with China b.) converting Muslims to Christianity c.) recapturing the Holy Land d.) sacking the city of Constantinople

    asked by megann
  190. Math

    1/3 gallon of tea into 3 cups. How much in each cup?

    asked by Marie
  191. Math

    1/4(x-y) =1, find y thanks

    asked by LA
  192. Calculus

    A nut store sells 200 bags of almonds per month at a price of $5 per bag. For every $0.20 decrease in the price, the store sells five more bags per month. Determine the marginal revenue when 120 bags are sold.

    asked by Matt
  193. Math

    Three numbers form a g.p.if the first and third numbers are 5and245 respectively,find two possible values for the middle number.

    asked by Tony
  194. Math

    A rectangular school banner has a length of 36 inches and a width of 52 inches. A sign is made that is similar to the school banner and has a length of 22 inches. What is the ratio of the area of the school banner to the area of the sign? What is the ratio

    asked by Jack
  195. Chemistry

    A 75.0g sample of liquid contains 17.5% by mass of H3PO4 (molar mass = 98.0g/mol). If 215.0mL of Ba(OH)2 is needed to completely neutralize the acid, determine the concentration of the Ba(OH)2 solution used

    asked by Biplob