Questions Asked on
October 17, 2016

  1. Algebra2

    Does the relation in the table represent direct variation inverse variation or neither? If it is a direct or inverse variation, write an equation to represent the relation. (x,y) (5,2) (10,1) (15,2/3) (20,1/2)

    asked by Sally
  2. Spanish

    1. What does "Yo necesito la carpeta de argollas" mean in Spanish? A. You need a calculator. B. I need the three-ring binder. **** C. You need to take science class. D. I need a dictionary 2. What country was Diego Rivera from? A. Cuba B. Puerto Rico C.

    asked by Just a confused person...
  3. english

    What grammatical name is given to this expression 'whose cake is the best'

    asked by Alechenu
  4. Algebra 2

    Describe the graph of y=1/2x-10 -3 compared to the graph of y=1/x

    asked by Sally
  5. Language

    which of the following words from the poem has a negative connotation? splendor vibrate murky fringed**

    asked by Ally
  6. social studies

    i need help with Social Studies 7 A Unit 2: Eastern Europe and Russia. What conclusion can be drawn based on the map above- B. Identify features 1-3 - No awenser Which type of vegitation zone most likey would be found in region 7. No awenser What

    asked by help help help!!!! important!!!
  7. Social Studies

    What Impact did Robert Fulton have on Farmer? A.His development of a canal system helped irrigate dry farmland. B.His development of better roadways connected farmers to the east coast. C.His invention of the steamboat allowed for cheap transportation of

    asked by LUIGI
  8. Social Studies

    In the text, You read this about the bank of the united states: The bank of the united states had been a subject of dispute since its early days. The bank had greate over the nations banking system because it controlled loans made by state banks. When the

    asked by LUIGI
  9. physics

    A rotating wheel requires 7.00 s to rotate 28.0 revolutions. Its angular velocity at the end of the 7.00-s interval is 97.0 rad/s. What is the constant angular acceleration (in rad/s) of the wheel? rad/s2

    asked by amy
  10. Literature

    PART A: What is Asimov's main idea in this essay? (Science an the sense of wonder) A- space is best appreciated through poetry B- poetry and science can work together****** C- the universe is more than beauty D- scientific knowledge is always advancing

    asked by Kendra
  11. Physics

    A cricket ball is thrown at a speed of 30ms^-1 in a direction 30 degrees above the horizontal. Calculate: 1. The maximum height. 2. The time taken to return to the same level. 3. The distance from the thrower to where the ball returns to the same level.

    asked by Tom Lisby
  12. MATH (Please Help)

    An office building worth $1 million when completed in 2000 is being depreciated linearly over 80 years. What will be the book value of the building in 2048? (Assume the scrap value is $0.) a. The book value of the building in 2048 will be $200,000. b. The

    asked by Kal Jay
  13. Math

    Which container holds more, a half-gallon milk jug or a 2 liter juice bottle? My answer: 1 gallon=3.79 liters 3.79 liters/2=1.895 liters A 2 liter juice bottle would hold more. Can you please check my work and let me know if there is another way to figure

    asked by Erik
  14. math need help ASAP

    use benchmark to estimate the sum 3/5 + 3/17

    asked by N
  15. fountain of knowledge international academy

    A metal x with relative atomic mass of 56forms an oxide with formul X2O3 .How many grams of the metals will combine with 10g of oxygen Ethane burns completely in oxygen according to the equations below C2H6+7¡2O2~2CO +3H2O what is the amount in moles of

    asked by Blessing
  16. American History

    Check my answers? 1. In what way was the government of ancient Athens different from the united states A) Athens was a direct democracy in which citizens ** B) Athens was an oligarchy ruled by the wealthy members of the council of five hundred C) Athens

    asked by JojO
  17. Spanish

    What makes Pan American Games different from the Olympic Games? A. some sports are unique, like jai alai B. they are celebrated every 2 years C. only Cuba can host them D. they are celebrated every 6 years Can someone help me please?

    asked by Just a confused person...
  18. Biochemistry

    A new investigator would like to express and purify a newly discovered protein. She decides to clone the gene into a plasmid that contains the sequence for a hexahistidine tag. Plasmids that contain a sequence for a hexahistidine tag will produce a

    asked by Jeli
  19. Algebra

    graph the system of constraints find the values of x and y that maximize the objective function x+y_0

    asked by Lirio
  20. history

    which of he following excerpts from article I of the constitution reflects the results of the great compromise a. article 1 section 2 clause 3 b. article 1 section 1 c. article 1 section 2 clause 5 d. article 1 section 2 clause 4 is the answer b?

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Grammer

    i don't know, but it's hanging by its feet chirped flitter What is the complete subject and complete predicates

    asked by John
  22. Social studies: Jefferson's Presidency Quiz

    Why did Congress decide the election of 1800? Select all that apply. *Based on the outcome it was mandated by the U.S. Constitution.*** *The popular vote was a tie. *No candidate won the electoral vote. *Not enough citizens voted to determine the

    asked by 123bruh
  23. Math Question

    A product may be made using machine I or machine II. The manufacturer estimates that the monthly fixed costs of using machine I are $18,000, whereas the monthly fixed costs of using machine II are $15,000. The variable costs of manufacturing 1 unit of the

    asked by Kal Jay
  24. Social Studies

    After the xyz affair what did president adams do instead of declaring war? Need help

    asked by Adlyn
  25. math 6th

    You make a large bowl of salad to share with your friends.Your brother eats 1/3 of it before they come.What fractional portion of the origanal bowl of salad does each friend receive

    asked by kaylah
  26. history

    which of the following was a law established by the northwest ordinance? A.only territories with a population of at least 60,000 can apply for state hold B.the education would be paid for by the central government. C.anyone who escapes slavery would be

    asked by Anonymous
  27. psy

    2. Which of the following statements regarding the outcomes of Mary Ainsworth's strange situation experiments is most accurate? A. Ambivalent children may both hit and embrace their mother on her return. B. Avoidant children cry when the mother returns to

    asked by stacy
  28. history

    can I get help with the connections academy unit 3 test please its on the American revolution and what happened after (links and stuff to get info)

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Physics

    A car of mass 1000kg is travelling along a straight flat road at a constant speed of 30.0ms^-1. It then accelerates with constant acceleration of 3.00ms^-2 for 10.0s, after which it continues to travels at a constant speed. Determine: (a) The final speed

    asked by Saphina Almatary
  30. history

    a few states agreed to ratify the constitution only if what condition was met? A.George Washington will be elected president*** B.a bill of rights will be added C.the federalist government would maintain complete power new states would enter the union

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Marco Eco

    Suppose you borrow $100 of principal that must be repaid at the end of two years, along with interest of 4 percent per year. If the annual inflation rate turns out to be 8 percent, (a) What is the real rate of interest on the loan? (b) What is the real

    asked by Billy
  32. Physics

    a wrecking ball weighing 2500 N hangs from a cable. Prior to swinging, it is pulled back to a 20 angle by a second, horizontal cable. What is the tension in the horizontal cable? We recently started these problems, and I still am so lost with them. Sorry

    asked by Allyson
  33. Math

    Why is 0.57 a rational number?

    asked by Correct
  34. Economics

    Suppose you borrow $100 of principal that must be repaid at the end of two years, along with interest of 4 percent per year. If the annual inflation rate turns out to be 8 percent, (a) What is the real rate of interest on the loan? (b) What is the real

    asked by Need Help Please
  35. Math (Confused)

    A certain economy's consumption function is given by the equation C(x)=0.75x+5 where C(x) is the personal consumption expenditure in billions of dollars and x is the disposable personal income in billions of dollars. Find C(0), C(50), and C(100). a.

    asked by Rob
  36. Physics

    A 2260kg truck drives East with a constant velocity of 18m/s. It comes to a stop after traveling 123m. What is the noraml force exerted by the road on the truck? Also, is the distance travelled essential to solve the problem or is unnecessary information?

    asked by Grace
  37. Chemistry

    Calculate the molarity of Fe(NO3)3 in Solution A. Solution A: Mass of Fe(NO3)3 solid: 1.21g & Vol of Solution: 100mL In a previous ? Using the mass I weighed 404.0g/mol to calculate moles of Fe(NO3)3 in solid hydrate----I got 0.00300 mol Fe(NO3)3)

    asked by Rosie
  38. Math

    1. Which of these numbers can be classified as both real and irrational? 5.858585858 63.4 square root 21 ** square root 36 2. Which is both a real number and an integer? 23 ** 1 over 4 square root 27 3.402538 3. Which of these numbers is classified as both

    asked by Cassidy
  39. 6th grade math

    A camera is capable of snapping three fourts of a pic per second. How long will it take the camera to snap 6 pictures?

    asked by Lee
  40. Math

    Jared bought a cell phone for $42. Juanita spent 1 1/2 times as much. How much did she spend? Explain

    asked by Christian G
  41. algebra

    write an explicit formula for the nth term an for 17,20,23,26

    asked by angel
  42. Social Studies

    Why did Adams increase the size of the American Navy? He wanted to prepare for all-out war on Britain He hoped it would deter more attacks by French ships He needed to use tax money to fund an increase in military spending Congress passed a law that

    asked by Becca
  43. 6th Grade Math

    Estimate a range for each sum. 7.8+31.39+6.95 How do I estimate a range??

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Spanish

    What are at least two different ways you can ask what you or someone is like in Spanish?(4 points) Can someone please help me please?

    asked by Just a confused person...
  45. Physics

    A girl throw a ball with initial velocity V at an inclination of 45° .The ball strikes the smooth vertical wall at a horizontal distance d from the girl & after rebounding returns to her hand .What is the coefficient oof resitution between wall & the ball

    asked by Javaid
  46. physics

    A 63 kg child descends a slide 7.6 m high and reaches the bottom with a speed of 3.20 m/s. How much thermal energy (in joules) due to friction was generated in this process?

    asked by kassy
  47. chemistry

    The 17.35 g of NaCl sample was dissolv ed in an unknown amount of water. All we know is that prepared solution has 22.5% of NaCl . The mass of water is _____ g.

    asked by shawna
  48. 2nd grade math

    My number has 1 hundred and 1 thousand. It has double the number of tens as ones. What could my number be?

    asked by Court
  49. Chemistry

    Since the unkown acid is monoprotic, this also equals the number of moles of acid to use. A typical molar mass for an unknown acid in this experiment is 380 g/mol. Using this molar mass, calculate the mass (in grams) of unknown acid you should use per

    asked by Raeann
  50. History

    What were some challenges that knights faced?

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Geometry

    Find the distance CD rounded to the nearest tenth. C=(7,-4) D=(-8,-5) CD=?

    asked by CJ
  52. Home Economics

    List three careers for each Branches of Home Economics

    asked by Anonymous
  53. Maths

    The count of bacteria in a certain experiment was increasing at the rate of 2 per hour. Find the bacteria at the end of 2 hours if the count was initially 500000.

    asked by Sneha
  54. physics

    You toss a tennis ball straight upward. At the moment it leaves your hand it is at a height of 1.5 m above the ground, and it is moving at a speed of 6.4 m/s.When the tennis ball is at a height of 2.2 m above the ground, what is its speed?

    asked by tori
  55. Math Limits

    lim(as p-->4) of (p^3 - 64) / (4-p) My work: p^3 - 64 = (p-4)(p^2 + 4p + 16) 4 - p = -(p-4) ((p-4)(p^2 + 4p + 16)) / -(p-4) p-4 cancels out -(p^2 + 4p + 16) -((4)^2 + 4(4) + 16) -(16 + 16 + 16) - 48 Is this right?

    asked by Anne
  56. math

    How many liters each of a 55% acid solution and a 80% acid solution must be used to produce 50 liters of a 60% acid solution? (Round to two decimal places if necessary.)

    asked by larry
  57. social studies

    The national government of Uganda has supreme political authority in the country, with the local governments having limited power. This type of system is known as a A) republic. B) dictatorship. C) unitary government. D) totalitarian government.

    asked by oolo
  58. math

    The sum of two numbers is 94.6. If one number is 19 times the other, what are the two numbers?

    asked by karly crouse
  59. MATH 115

    The price of a home in Medford was dollar-sign Baseline 100,000 in 1985 and rose to dollar-sign ⁢ 148 ,000 in 1997. a. Create two models, f(t) assuming linear growth and g(t) assuming exponential growth, where t is the number of years after 1985. Round

    asked by Anyno.
  60. MATH

    The quantity demanded for a certain brand of portable CD players is 200 units when the unit price is set at $90. The quantity demanded is 1,200 units when the unit price is $40. Find the demand equation. I'm leaning toward d, but I'm not sure. a. p = -

    asked by Kal Jay
  61. Math Help

    A server purchased at a cost of $108,000 in 2002 has a scrap value of $18,000 at the end of 5 years. Find the linear equation expressing the server's book value at the end of t years. a- V(t)=108,000 b- V(t)=108,000t-18,000t c- V(t)=18,000t+108,000 d-

    asked by Rob
  62. math

    Which is the better buy? Twelve 710mL bottles of water for $6.60 or twenty-four 500mL bottles for $9.18

    asked by Anonymous
  63. physics

    An object of mass 2 kg is dropped from a certain height. On rebounding from the ground, it rises vertically till 2 th 5 of its initial height. The ratio of magnitude of momentum of the object just before and after striking the ground is

    asked by kalash
  64. physics

    A 550 N crate rests on the floor. How much work in joules is required to move it at constant speed 7.0 m along the floor, against a friction force of 150 N?

    asked by kassy
  65. criminal justice

    When we claim that certain moral values or principles (e.g., do not steal) apply or should apply to all people, everywhere, we are saying that some values or principles are:

    asked by j
  66. social science

    Why is there uncertainty about the first explorers of America?

    asked by Anonymous
  67. psy

    4. In the _______ theory of motivation, _______ motivation is to satisfaction provided by activities that are their own reward as _______ motivation is to satisfaction derived from the reward for some kind of behavior, such as money or status. A.

    asked by stacy
  68. honors chem

    naturally occurring boron is 80.20% boron 11 (atomic mass= 11.01amu) and 19.80% of some other isoptopic form of boron. what must the atmoci mass be be in order to account for the 10.81 amu averafe atomic mass of boron? round to two decimal places i got

    asked by Tom
  69. fountain of knowledge international academy

    Calculates the mass concentration in g dm3 of the ions in the following solutions A, Cl- ions in 0•2mol dm3 of NaCl solution B,NO3 ions in 0•75 mol trioxonitrate (v) acid C,SO4^-2 ion in 2 mol dm3 potassium tetra ox soul phage ( VI) solutions

    asked by Blessing
  70. Math

    How many square tiles with sides 1 foot long would be needed to cover the floor of an 8' x 10' room

    asked by Mary
  71. Geography

    "Farmers in this area benefit from a long growing season" describes what type of religion ?

    asked by Chyna
  72. English

    identify the portion that contains a compound subject during the 1940s and 1950s , Dudd Abbott and Lou Costello were a popular comedy team on radio, televison ,and sage a. 1940s and 1950s b. Bud Abbott and Lou Costello ..... c. radio, televsion, and stage

    asked by .
  73. statistics

    An unfair coin has a probability of coming up heads of 0.55 the coin is tossed 4 times. What is the probability that it lands heads at least once?

    asked by gio
  74. Math

    A 2 digit even number is divided by 5. The quotient is a 1 digit even number. What are all the 2 digit numbers that fit this description ?

    asked by Fred
  75. English

    1. Do you remember the day when we met first? 1-1. Do you remember when we met first? 2. Do you remember the day on which when we dmet first? (Can we use #1-1?) 3. Tell me the reason why you were late. 4. Tell me why you were late. (We can delete 'the

    asked by rfvv
  76. English

    1. This is the way how he did it. (X) 2. This is the way he did it. (O) 3. This is how he did it. (O) 4. Do you know the reason? 5. Do you know why? ----------------------------- #1 is ungrammatical. #2 and #3 are grammatical. Why is #1 ungrammatical? Was

    asked by rfvv
  77. pys

    3. In the research conducted by Hans Eysenck, factor analysis was used to identify ________ basic personality dimensions. Of these, the tendency to distort reality was labeled: A. three; extraversion B. five; neuroticism. C. three; psychoticism D. five;

    asked by stacy
  78. History (one question please check)

    As towns grew, which group was most likely to take responsibility for making improvements to the town? a. merchant guilds b. artisan guilds c. wealthy cathedral bishops*** d. noblemen on whose land the town was built

    asked by Olivia N J
  79. American government

    Which power allows congress to check the foreign affairs powers of the president? Eminent domain power Judicial power Taxing and spending power Commerce power**** Which of the following examples reflects an action that congress can take under the war

    asked by .....
  80. Physics fundamentals

    When a crate is moving on a track where friction is not negligible. The friction force is said to be kinetic friction static friction Non existant

    asked by Timothy
  81. Ratio

    2s:3t is the duplicate ratio of 2s-p :3t-p then A . p^2= 6st B . p= 6st C . 2p=3st D . none of those

    asked by Venki
  82. maths

    What is the length of an arc of a circle that subtends 2 1/2 radians at the centre when the radius of the circle is 8cm

    asked by Joshua
  83. PRE-CAL

    Factor the trigonometric expression. There is more than one correct form of the answer. cot^2 x + csc x − 19 NOT SURE WHETHER TO REPLACE THE COT WITH COS^2X/SIN^2X THEN CSCX TO 1/SINX?

    asked by RACHEL
  84. math

    The area of a circle is 25π square inches. What is the length of the radius of the circle in inches? (Area of circle = πr^2). I don't understand it please explain it to me

    asked by Jordan
  85. Thermochemistry

    What volume of benzene (C6H6, d= 0.88g/ml, molar mass= 78.11g/mol) is required to produce 1.5x10^3 kJ of heat according to the following reaction? I just can't figure out what equation to use to solve this. Help, please?

    asked by Anon
  86. math

    A closed-topped cylindrical tin can is to be made with a volume of 25 cm ^3. a) Determine a function to model the height h, of a can in terms of the radius, r. b) Determine a function to model the surface area A, of the can in terms of the radius, r. c)

    asked by Anonymous
  87. physics

    A cannon fires a shell straight upward; 1.7 s after it is launched, the shell is moving upward with a speed of 19 m/s. Assuming air resistance is negligible, find the speed (magnitude of velocity) of the shell at launch and 5.4 s after the launch.

    asked by tori
  88. MATH

    Consider the supply equation p=2x+10, where x is the quantity supplied in units of 1,000 and p is the unit price in dollars. Determine the number of units of the commodity the supplier will make available in the market at the given unit price. p=16

    asked by Kal Jay
  89. History

    What was the primary purpose of the Constitutional convention of 1787? A. Outlaw slavery In both the north and south B. Place taxes on the imports and exports C. Revise the articles of confederation D. Reduce the power of the federal government

    asked by Riley
  90. Please explain

    Find the point of intersection of the pair of straight lines. Round the answers to nearest three decimal places. y=7/3x-21 2x + 4y + 42 = 0 a. (3.706, -12.353) b. (21, -12.353) c. (3.706, 12.353) d. (2, 4) e. (7, 3) Thanks a bunch!

    asked by Kal Jay
  91. chemistry

    Calculate the mass of pure NaCl that will yield enough HCl gas to neutralize 25cm3 of 0•5 of KCO3 solution

    asked by Ozioma
  92. Math

    A square plot of land has an area of 1,156 square feet. What is the perimeter of the plot?

    asked by Johnny
  93. physics

    If 1000 electrons are removed from an isolated neutral metal sphere, calculate the charge acquired by the sphere. -1 mark question of state syllabus.

    asked by Angela
  94. math

    How can you use a rate to compare the costs of two boxes of cereal that are different sizes?

    asked by Human Being
  95. Math

    Tickets to a concert cost $12 for adults and $8.50 for students. A total of 950 people paid $10175. How many adults were at the concert

    asked by Tony
  96. MATH

    Determine whether the equation defines y as a linear function of x. If so, write it in the form y = mx + b. 6x-9y^2+8=0 a. y=6x+8 b. y=6/9x-8 c. y=6x-8 d. y=6/9x+8 e. y isn't a linear function on x. Thank you.

    asked by Kal Jay
  97. Calculus

    Let f be a differentiable function defined on the closed interval [a,b] and let c be a point in the open interval (a,b) such that I.f'(c)=0 II.f'(x)>0 when a≤x

    asked by Mike
  98. Trig

    Use the half-angle formula to simplify (sin4theta)/(1+cos4theta)

    asked by Sade
  99. Math115

    From the graph the median price paid for a home in 1968 is about $20000 and in 1993 is about $100000. Use these data points to construct a linear and an exponential model to represent the growth in median price from 1968 to 1993. for p(t) linear I got

    asked by Brita
  100. english

    What is the grammatical name for this 'what sr cake is the best'

    asked by Alechenu
  101. Physics

    A stone thrown upward to just reach the top of a palm tree that is 8.2m tall. Calculate the initial speed that is require

    asked by J.Mark
  102. Science (Chemistry) Ratio of mole

    You measured out 0.101g of Mg. You heat the sample and measure out 0.234 of the magnesium oxide compound. Given your data, what us the empirical formula for the Mg(x)O(y)? x and y are ratio x:y If I'm doing this correctly, I divided 0.101g of Mg/24.31g of

    asked by Ray
  103. Chemistry

    A sample of cobalt, A, with a mass of 5g is initially at 25 degrees Celsius. When this sample gains 6.70J of heat, the temperature rises to 27.9 degrees Celsius. Another sample of cobalt B with a mass of 7 g is initially at 25 degrees Celsius. If sample B

    asked by Matthew
  104. PHYSICS

    On a windless day, a sailor (m = 75 kg) decides he wants to go sailing in his sailboat (m = 300 kg). In order to move on this windless day, he decides to mount a powerful battery-operated fan (m = 20 kg) on the back of his sailboat and ponits the running

    asked by LESTER
  105. Math

    There are 240 students in the hall 3/8 in fraction of them are boys.if 3/5 in fraction of them are gis have short hair ,find out the number of girls who have long hair

    asked by Kimay
  106. 6th Grade Math

    I don't understand how to "estimate the range". The question is... Estimate a range for each sum. 7.8+31.39+6.95

    asked by Person
  107. geom

    The slope of the line containing the points (-5, 3) and (-2, 1) is -2/3 2/3 -3/2

    asked by Dejloafer98
  108. Maths

    The difference between the compound interest and simple interest on a certain sum for 2 years at 6 % per annum is rs. 90. Find the sum.

    asked by Sneha
  109. Chemistry

    Calculations involving a limiting reactant Now consider a situation in which 20.0 g of P4 is added to 54.0 g of Cl2, and a chemical reaction occurs. To identify the limiting reactant, you will need to perform two separate calculations: 1) Calculate the

    asked by Beth
  110. Chemistry

    The molar enthalpy of combustion of demand is -6.78KJ/mol.What mass of decane would have to be burned in order to raise the temperature of 500ml of water from 20 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees celsius. I tried using ndeltaH=mcdeltat. But it didn't work.

    asked by Kelvin
  111. Chemistry

    0.5g of MG ribbon is reacted with 100ml of 1M HCL. The initial temperature of HCL is 20.4 degrees celsius. After the reaction the highest recorded temperature is 40.7 degrees celsius. Calculate the molar enthalpy of MG. I tried to find mol from HCl and

    asked by Jacob
  112. Ratio

    p:q is the sub duplicate ratio of (p-x^2):(q-x^2) . Then x^2 is A . p/(p+q) B . q/(p+q) C . pq/(p+q) D . None of the above Please answer I tried but I didn't got answer

    asked by Venki
  113. Linear equation

    When mona was born her father was 25years old What will be the linear equation

    asked by Anonymous
  114. Physics

    An object has a mass of 100 lb is projected from the ground level in the air at an angle of 60 degrees with the horizontal direction with a velocity of 72 km/hr. What is the projection velocity in m/s ?

    asked by KeKe
  115. Geometry

    The measure of angle 2 is 20 less than one third the measure of its supplementary angle 1. Find the measure of the angles

    asked by Anonymous
  116. Chemistry

    1. Suppose that 10.2 mL of 0.0512 M NaOH were required to titrate a sample of unkown acid. How many moles of NaOH were used?

    asked by Raeann
  117. Trig

    Write 3theta - sin 4theta as a product.

    asked by Sade
  118. 6th grade math

    98.547/4.93 985-493=437 4377-4437=4877 4877-4437=4400 here's where we get stumped the calculator shows we should have a 9 in out answer

    asked by gloria
  119. Geography

    Find the equation of the locus of the points that are equidistant from points (-1,0) and (1,0)

    asked by Sofia
  120. geometry b

    Point T is the midpoint of . The coordinate of T is (0, 4) and the coordinate of J is (0, 2). The coordinate of H is: z

    asked by Dejloafer98
  121. Math

    Write each number 327 ; 792 between: two consecutive multiples of 10

    asked by Fahed
  122. Arithemetic progression

    For any series 5+7+9+.....the sum of how many terms will be 480 ?

    asked by Vijay
  123. PHYSICS

    Two balls of identical sizes but different masses moving exactly along the same straight line. The left ball (m = 0.5 kg) is moving with a velocity of 2 m/s to the right, and the right ball (m = 0.1 kg) is moving at 0.25 m/s to the right also. The balls

    asked by LESTER
  124. History

    Does anyone have a picture on how yin and yang symbol looked like in Ancient China and how it looks like now? My teacher said to draw comparisons on how different they look but I cant find a picture on how it looked like before

    asked by Anonymous
  125. Math

    there are 50 animals on a farm,24% of them are pigs, 30% are cows and the remaining are sheep. what is the percentage of the total number of cows and pigs to that of the sheep?

    asked by Anonymous
  126. Chemistry

    1) How does the atomic radius change from left to right across a period in the periodic table? A) It tends to decrease*** B)It tends to increase C) It first increases, then decreases D) It first decreases, then increases 2) What is the charge of a cation?

    asked by Mary
  127. university physics

    there is a crate of mass 4.67 kg on top of another crate of mass 2.29 kg. The coefficient of friction between the lower crate and the floor is μk = 0.280 and the coefficient of static friction between the two crates is μs = 0.820. If the crates start at

    asked by troll101
  128. Math

    Determine whether the equation defines y as a linear function of x. If so, write it in the form y = mx + b. Can someone please break this down to someone who's terrible in math. 6x-9y^2+8=0 a. y=6x+8 b. y=6/9x-8 c. y=6x-8 d. y=6/9x+8 e. y is not a linear

    asked by Gregg
  129. math

    Gregg has made 40% of his free-throw shots, after attempting 20 shots at a free-throw competition. How many more consecutive shots must he make in order to increase his percentage to 50%?

    asked by Anonymous
  130. math

    one-half a number minus 6 is 4. find the number

    asked by Alfred
  131. MATH

    The area of a circle is 25π square inches. What is the length of the radius of the circle in inches? (Area of circle = πr^2). I don't understand it please explain it to me

    asked by Help please
  132. Physics

    A car starts from rest and travels for 10 seconds with a constant acceleration of 3.0 m s^-2. The driver then applies the brakes causing a negative acceleration of -4.0 m s^-2. Assuming that the brakes are applied for 2.0 seconds, calculate, a) the

    asked by Katherine .Mk
  133. Algebra

    I need help with this ~ 1.(6.0×10^-5)×(3.0×10^4)= A.18×10^20 B.18×10^9 C.1.8×10^20 D.1.8×10^10 2.(5×10^-2)÷(2×10^3)= A.2.5×10^-5 B.2.5×10^-1 C.25×10^1 D.25×10^2

    asked by Angii
  134. Math

    Jay can jump rope at a rate of 8 jumps for every 10 seconds . Find the rate

    asked by Kay
  135. Math

    Henry took five tests. His average score was 57 points. He scored at least 50 points on each test. There were 100 points possible on each test. What is the highest score that Henry could have earned on any of the five tests?

    asked by Edgar
  136. university physics 2

    three crates are connected by a string and pulley system. The mass of the crate hanging on the left side of the table is 0.820 kg and the mass of the crate on the table is 1.78 kg. If the coefficient of kinetic friction between the table and the 1.78 kg

    asked by troll101
  137. Math

    24 is 33 1/3% of what number?

    asked by Jenny
  138. Chemistry

    A solution of potassium permanganate (KMnO4) was standardised by titrating with 0.1908 g of Na2C2O4 dissolved in 50 cm3 of acidified water. The endpoint was reached after 24.50 cm3 of solution had been added. Calculate the molar concentration of KMnO4 in

    asked by Anonymous
  139. Calculus

    If the functions f and g are defined for all real numbers and f is an antiderative of g, which of the following statements is NOT necessarily true? (A)If g(x)>0 for all x, then f is increasing (B)If g(a)=0, then f(x) has a horizontal tangent at x=a (C)If

    asked by Mike
  140. physics

    Which of the following statements is false regarding the ‘drift’ of charge carriers?

    asked by Anonymous
  141. chemistry

    5. One hundred milligram of caffeine is dissolved in 50 mL of water. a. How many mg of caffeine will remain in the water if you extract with 20 mL of methylene chloride? Show your calculations (KD = 4).b. How many mg of caffeine will remain in the water if

    asked by reem
  142. Math

    At the end of the course David averaged a 90% on Tests; 80% on Quizzes; 60% on Quick Checks; 90% on Discussions; 100% on Participation and 95% on Sample Work. What would be his final percentage to the nearest tenth and please show how you got your answer!

    asked by Please Help!
  143. MATH (Celcius/Fahrenheit)

    The freezing point is 0C and 32F, and the boiling point is 100C and 212F, respectively. Find F as a function of C and use this formula to determine the temperature in Fahrenheit corresponding to temperature of 15C. a. 60F b. 62F c. 59F d. 61F thank you

    asked by Kal Jay
  144. Chemistry

    A solution of potassium permanganate (KMnO4) was standardised by titrating with 0.1908 g of Na2C2O4 dissolved in 50 cm3 of acidified water. The endpoint was reached after 24.50 cm3 of solution had been added. Calculate the molar concentration of KMnO4 in

    asked by Anonymous
  145. Geometry

    Write a two column proof for: Given t is parallel s; angle 5 is congruent to angle 6. Prove: l is parallel m. Statements Reasons 1. t is parallel 1. Given to s 2.

    asked by Sharon
  146. math (Help)

    Determine whether the equation defines y as a linear function of x. If so, write it in the form y = mx + b. 6x+√y-7=0 a. y=-6x-7 b. y=-6x+7 c. y=6x d. y is not a linear function of x

    asked by Paul
  147. Arithmetic progression

    Find the sum of the numbers lying between 1 and 100 which are divisible by 2 or 5.

    asked by Vijay
  148. Physics

    A child saw a skunk in a hole of a tree, standing 2.5m away. The child attempted to throw a pebble into the hole, but missed with a speed of 11m/s. Angle of elevation is 75 degrees, what was the Vfy of the pebble?

    asked by jj
  149. Math Question

    Determine whether the equation defines y as a linear function of x. If so, write it in the form y = mx + b. 6x-9y^2+8=0 a. y=6x+8 b. y=6/9x-8 c. y=6x-8 d. y=6/9x+8 e. y= y is not a linear function on x Thank you for your help.

    asked by Robie
  150. History

    What was family life like in Indian society? PLEASE HELP ME!

    asked by Bloo
  151. math

    given sin theta=8/17 when 0°

    asked by jeysha
  152. Math

    Find the 12th term of the sequence-1/3,-5/6,-4/3,-11/6

    asked by Janet
  153. Math

    What is the overall charge of 9 group with 12 protons and 1 electron? What electric charge does this group have?

    asked by Tina
  154. Math

    the length of the hypotenuse of a right angled triangle is one unit more than twice the length of shortest side and the other side is one unit less than twice the length of the shortest side. find the lengths of other two sides.

    asked by Prathamesh
  155. Math Functions

    Please help me.. A mountain climber begins a hike at an elevation of 6000 feet. She then climbs such that her elevation increases by 1000 feet per hour. Let x = the amount of time that the climber has been hiking, in hours. Let E(x) = the elevation of the

    asked by Ayaka
  156. Geometry

    Find the measure of an angle if its measure is 8 less than its complement

    asked by PLZ HELP!!!
  157. 8th pre algebra

    solve for x 2x-7=13 subtract 7 to both sides divide by 2 both sides i right?

    asked by henry
  158. math Please help/explain

    A division of a corporation manufactures bicycle pumps. Each pump sells for $9, and the variable cost of producing each unit is 40% of the selling price. The monthly fixed costs incurred by the division are $50,000. What is the break-even point for the

    asked by Robbi
  159. math

    It takes Ashley 8 hours to kayak 18 km up river and 18 km back down the river. if the river is flowing at 3 km/h, how fast did she puddle assuming she paddled at a constant speed?

    asked by Anonymous
  160. History

    The Aryans were made up of different groups of people. However, in what way were they alike? I am having a lot of trouble answering this question Please help.

    asked by Erik
  161. Science

    If a lowercase letter (recessive alle) comes before the uppercase letter (dominant alle) what is the genotype? Can someone help me understand this with good details.

    asked by Ras
  162. Math

    Moesha volunteers at the zoo. She prepared a bar graph that shows the number of pounds of food eaten one day, by each animal. What information goes on the horizontal axis?

    asked by Kaylene
  163. Chemistry

    What mass of calcium citrate, Ca3(C6 H5 O7)2, would a tablet manufacturer need to use to provide the same amount of Ca that you found in your tablet? (show calculations) The mass of Calcium for the experiment was .7374g We assumed that any solid that

    asked by Chris
  164. calculus

    A printed page is to have 1 in. margin on all sides. The page should contain 80 sq. in. of type. What dimensions of the page will minimize the area of the page while still meeting the other requirements?

    asked by Jo
  165. math

    three times a number n minus two equals the sum of n and six.

    asked by ary
  166. Math

    What is the product of -1 3/8 and 2 4/5 expressed as a mixed number?

    asked by Jackson
  167. Math115

    From the graph the median price paid for a home in 1968 is about $20000 and in 1993 is about $100000. Use these data points to construct a linear and an exponential model to represent the growth in median price from 1968 to 1993. for p(t) linear I got

    asked by Brita
  168. algrebra

    I can't figure this one out. Help!! what is 7-6x=9 thanks!

    asked by Jackie
  169. History

    What was family life like in Indian society? Please help.

    asked by Erik
  170. social studies

    why do scientists believe that paleo-Americans pulled to shore to get supplies of food and water.

    asked by xack
  171. Math

    Nathan made a triple bar graph showing the numbers of bronze, silver, and gold medals won by each country in the last Olympics. How can he use the information from this graph to create a bar graph that shows the total number of medals won by each country?

    asked by Kaylene
  172. calculus

    A running circuit is to be constructed in the shape of a rectangle with two semicircles attached at the east and west ends of the path (see figure). A picnic area will be set in the center of the circuit. If we want the total length of the circuit to be

    asked by Jo
  173. Physics (Mechanics)

    Two blocks with equal masses m1 = m2 3.2 kg are connected via a pulley as shown in the above figure. Take the coefficent of kinetic friction to be 0.3 and the angle of the incline to be 40 degrees. Find the acceleration given that (Note: enter a negative

    asked by Kevin
  174. English

    The sun so hot I froze to death, Susanna don't you cry Oh, Susanna, Oh, don't you cry for me I came from Alabama with my banjo on my knee. ====================================== What does "don't you cry for me?" mean? Is the one of the following? 1. Dont'

    asked by rfvv
  175. Riddle

    I'm Popular to Many. My popularity increases the weaknesses of others.It's not easy to notice my populace and weaknesses together.The Good thing is that I change every time.who am I?

    asked by Nicolete
  176. Biology

    Hi all, Need help with this: What is the difference that you see on a EKG when you have non-transmural MI vs. transmural MI? a) In transmural MI the Q wave is amplified, and the R wave is depleted making the QRS complex look inverted b) In non-transmural,

    asked by Bobby
  177. math

    A 2-digit even number is divided by 5. The quotient is a 1-digit even number. what are all the 2-digit number that fits the description

    asked by Antonio
  178. Math

    What percent of 70 is 7

    asked by Jenny
  179. Math

    In her social studies report, Suzanne included a bar graph that showed the populations of different native Americans nations in 1800. The interval she used was 2000 people. If one nation had a population represented by 2.5 intervals, how many members of

    asked by Kaylene
  180. Math

    I am purchasing a car for $8,500. I have a loan for the purchase with a 9.2% annual interest rate compounded continuously and the loan will run for three years. How much do I pay per month?

    asked by Shauna
  181. Math Functions

    Hello. Could you please help with my math homework...? An online bookseller gives the following information for their shipping information: "The shipping and handing charge per order is $4, plus $1.50 per book." Let x = the number of books that someone

    asked by Chris
  182. Math

    The sum of three numbers is 69. The first number is one less than the second number. The third number is seven more than the second number. What are the three numbers?

    asked by Losa
  183. Maths

    A man is erecting a fence around a square piece of land of side 60 metres he outs posts every 60 metres how many pists did he use?

    asked by Bibi
  184. Chemistry Plz Help!

    How to calculate dimensional analysis using the density and molarity to calculate the percent (w/w)???

    asked by Barbie
  185. Engineering

    If the cost of a .75 x 6.0 x 19.0 sheet of ABS plastic is $18.00, what is the cost to make 20 parts?

    asked by Mary
  186. English

    We have covered short stories: Killings, The Destructors, The Step Not Taken, Identities, Story of an Hour and the movie, V for Vendetta. Question: In the literature we've covered, WHEN is more important than WHERE. Attack or defend this claim. Please

    asked by Jenna
  187. Science

    Can a genotype be a lowercase letter than a uppercase letter? if not, why not?

    asked by Ras
  188. Chemistry

    Why was etching needed to bring out the grain boundaries? My answer: Is it for the light to bounce back?

    asked by Chemistry
  189. science

    which wave arrives second?

    asked by Raeann
  190. algebra 1

    write and solve an inequality for following statements: ten minus the sum of s and 3 is less then twenty

    asked by Raji
  191. Math

    You are buying 4 tickets for a football game on stub hub for tickets are $60 each you have to pay a handling fee of $5 per ticket and a shipping fee of 10 for the entire order How much is or going to cost? How much does each person owe you for their fair

    asked by Kay
  192. 6th grade math

    If someone can please help me i keep re reading my mathbook I need help i tried I'm unsure: Is there a relationship between area and perimeter? (My answer : yes they both are meadurements one reads the outside and one inside.) Does changing one mean the

    asked by Angel
  193. Physics

    A girl tried to overthrow gender stereotypes by kicking her stuffed animal across a park with an initial velocity of 25m/s, making an angle of 45 degrees with the horizontal. Upon reaching maximum height, her cat jumped and propelled it further

    asked by jj
  194. math

    square picture frams has perimeter of (20+30)what is the length of one side of the picture

    asked by Anonymous
  195. application programmin

    I need to write code in Visual Basics 2012 for a grading system. I can do most of it but I don't know how to make it see missing grades. Also when they fail a grade the background turns red but when I clear the boxes it stays red this is my clear: Private

    asked by Mattie
  196. Organic Chemistry

    Butanamide (Amide) vs Aminobutane (Amine) Which compound do you think has the higher melting point? Explain your reasoning.

    asked by matt
  197. math

    Amanda, Lauren, and Shauna all live on King Street, east f the library than Lauren, who lives 2.5 miles further from the library than Lauren. who lives 0.8 miles closer to the library than Shauna. Shauna lives 1.9 miles from the library. How far does

    asked by Aleatra
  198. Math

    Find the 12th term of the sequence - 1/3,-5/6,-4/3,-11/6

    asked by Janet
  199. Geography

    What are some ways the environment had impacted the lives of the people who live in Chicago?

    asked by Erick
  200. maths need steve

    The sum of 3 numbers is 4, the sum of their product is 5 Find the sum of their cube if the product of there number is 6

    asked by Anonymous
  201. English

    1. I don't know the way. 2. I don't know how. ---------------------- Are both grammatical? Can we use both?

    asked by rfvv
  202. Differentiation

    Differentiation with respect to x' of the following function: (1) (x2-5x+6) (x-3)

    asked by Vijay
  203. math

    The perimeter of a field is 500meters. If the length is 50meters more than the width calculate the length

    asked by Rowland
  204. English

    In the literature we've covered, WHEN is more important than WHERE. Attack or defend this claim. Please help. Thanks in advance

    asked by Jenna
  205. Math

    What is the value of -3 + 4.5 - (-1.2)?

    asked by Christian G
  206. Math

    4 - t = 3(t - 1) - 5

    asked by Random
  207. Algebra

    is 5-2x+12x-1 answer 10x-4?

    asked by Esme
  208. math

    thea verage of two middle rational numbers if 4/7,1/3,2,3,5/9 in aceding order is

    asked by sahithi
  209. algebra

    How many liters each of a 55% acid solution and a 80% acid solution must be used to produce 50 liters of a 60% acid solution? (Round to two decimal places if necessary.)

    asked by larry
  210. Math

    If 9 apples cost $8.1 how much would 5 apples cost

    asked by Emily
  211. Maths

    If X,y,a and b are real numbers and if x+yi = a/b+cosp+isinp , show that (b^2-1)(x^2+y^2)+a^2 =2abx

    asked by Joel
  212. Math

    Place value

    asked by Sarah Sellers
  213. Physics (Mechanics)

    A block of mass m1 hangs vertically and is attached by a string to a block of mass m2 on a frictionless slope inclined at angle theta to the horizontal, as shown above. If m1 = 2.5 kg, it accelerates at -0.108 m/s2. If m1 = 0.8 kg, it accelerates at 2.888

    asked by Kevin
  214. Algebra

    the sum of two numbers is 6. one number is 2 times the other. find the number

    asked by Kyair
  215. Maths compound interest

    Solve :123467×4325678÷98764+567909+33445678-211456/123476 ☺☺☺☺☺

    asked by Sneha
  216. English

    Our instructor has asked us to read Alice Munros "fits" short story, I read it multiple times like 4 times and I'm really confused . Can someone explain what happened in the story cause I'm left with many questions in my mind but no answers . Did peg kill

    asked by Maya
  217. Math

    what percent of 45 is 9

    asked by Jenny
  218. Mathematics


    asked by Latasha
  219. Engineering

    If the cost of a .75 x 6.o x 19.0 sheet of ABS plastic is $18.00, what is the cost to make 20 parts? each part has a mass of .437lb.

    asked by Mary
  220. math 6th

    how many tenths are in 4/5

    asked by kaylah
  221. Math


    asked by Maria HELPPP
  222. Math 8

    What is the sum of 5/6 + 2/3?

    asked by Person*
  223. Economics-Macro

    Help please?

    asked by John
  224. math


    asked by Meee
  225. S.S

    What does immigration mean?

    asked by Anonymous
  226. Mathematics

    (5 3/5÷1 5/9)-(1 1/5)

    asked by Latasha
  227. Math

    Javier makes a double bar graph that shows the number of cats and dogs owned by members of his class. If Javier himself owns one dog and two cats, how will the heights of the bars compare?

    asked by Kaylene
  228. Maths

    4 times square root od 3

    asked by Shahriyar
  229. Physics


    asked by Igoniderigha
  230. Math

    5 1/4 + 2 9/16

    asked by Ruby
  231. Math

    dawn gathered information about the population of each country in her state.if she prepares a bar graph of this data, what information goes on the vertical axis?

    asked by Kaylene
  232. Math

    what percent of 2 is 6.4

    asked by Jenny
  233. Math

    What is the value of -3 + 4.5 - (-1.2)?

    asked by Chris
  234. Differentiation

    (3x-4) (x'2-6x+7)

    asked by Vijay
  235. Math

    what is 4x(6-5)?

    asked by Anonymous
  236. Quick english help

    what moral does malcolm still state when he realizes that his last hope in the prophecies is gone act 5 scene 6-7

    asked by Anonymous
  237. math


    asked by trish
  238. math

    2-squre of 3

    asked by lea