Questions Asked on
October 16, 2016

  1. Science

    Describe and explain 2 ways ti separate a mixture o sulphur powder and sodium nitrate crystals to collect pure samples

    asked by Abbie
  2. math

    identify the situation that each graph could represent

    asked by angie
  3. math

    In a class of 150 students 70 passed in verbal and 90 passed in aptitude.10 failed in both the many students passed in both subject

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Physics

    5. You are hiking in a canyon and you notice an echo. You decide to let put a yell and notice it took 2 seconds before you heard the echo of your yell. How far away is the canyon wall that reflected your yell?

    asked by Debra
  5. Physics

    An object of mass 10kg is placed on an inclined plane at 30 degree to the horizontal. Calculate the reaction between two surface and what is the coefficient of static friction.

    asked by God'sp
  6. Social studies

    Why was the mayflower compact so significant?

    asked by Johnny

    An 42 kmph wind blows towards 215 degrees while a plane heads towards 125 degrees at 152kmph. What is the resultant velocity of the plane? tenks vry much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    asked by Urgent Smith
  8. phy 101

    A 2.0 kg mass traveling at 3.0 m/s strikes another 2.0 kg mass traveling at -1.0 m/s. They collide and have a complete elastic collision. If the second mass moves at 3.0 m/s after the collision, what does the first mass do?

    asked by alee
  9. physics

    A stone is thrown vertically upward with a velocity of 58 ft./sec. A.) How high will it rise? B.) How soon will it reach the ground again? C.) What is its velocity half-way up?

    asked by ja
  10. Social Studies

    Why were Middle Colones more favorable to farmers than New England? Thanks in advance for any responses!

    asked by Jake
  11. Physics Force and Friction question

    A crate of mass 100kg is at rest on a horizontal floor. The coefficient of static friction between the crate and the floor is 0.4, and the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.3. A horizontal force, F, or magnitude 350N is applied to the crate. Which of

    asked by Anon
  12. Math

    1. y-5/3=1 -2 8*** 18 6 2. 6x+29=5 -4*** -18 204 -144 3. -21a+16a -5a*** 5a 37a -37a 4. 9a-b-2a-10b -7a+11b 11a+9b -11a-9b 7a-11b*** 5. 5(x+10)+x 6x+15 5x+15 6x+50*** 4x-50 6. -4n+7+2n=1 1 3*** -3 4 7. 4(y-4)=8 -2 2 4 6*** 8. Raymond buys bottles of water

    asked by EmberShy
  13. Spanish 1A

    Which is the most common rice dish in the Spanish speaking countries? A. arroz con leche B. arroz con pollo C. arroz bianco D.quesó

    asked by Marshmellows
  14. maths

    In a class of 60 students,the number of students who passed biology is 6 more than the number who passed chemistry.Every student passed at least one of the two many students passed biology many students passed chemistry many

    asked by Obert
  15. Social Studies

    Why were backcountry colonist more self significant than plantation?

    asked by Stacey
  16. math

    Christie pilots her plane for 360 mi against a headwind in 33 hrs. The flight would take 22 hrs and 15 mins with a tailwind of the same speed. Find the headwind and the speed of the plane in still air.

    asked by JULIA
  17. Statistics

    If there are 6 red disks numbered 1 through 6, and 4 yellow disks numbered 7 through 10, find the probability of selecting a yellow disk given that the number selected is less than or equal to 4 or greater than or equal to 8.

    asked by SHEYLAMIEL
  18. value

    If 13 Times A Number Is Subtracted From The Square Of The Number,the Result Is 30.Find The Number.

    asked by value
  19. Chemistry

    What is the maximum mass, in grams, of NH3 that can be produced by the reaction of 1.0 g of N2 and 1.0 g of H2 using the reaction below? N2+H2→NH3 (not balanced) What is the maximum mass, in grams, of that can be produced by the reaction of 1.0 g of and

    asked by Beth
  20. Algebra

    The difference between twice a number and a number that is 5 more than 3. Write an equation that could be used to find the value of the number n, and explain how you arrived your choice

    asked by Shane
  21. Chemistry

    What is the total no. Of atoms present in 25.0 mg of camphor

    asked by sneha
  22. mathematics

    In a class of 40 students;30 offer science; 20 offer mathematics and 8 neither. a.illustrate this information on a venn diagram . Many students offer both subjects. many students offer exactly one subject

    asked by tori
  23. Geology

    Which of the following is consistent with the plate tectonic theory? Which of the following is consistent with the plate tectonic theory? A. Lithosphere convection drives mantle movement. B. As a plate sinks into the asthenosphere, it pulls the trailing

    asked by lee
  24. chem

    Using the balalnced chemical equation, how many grams of MgO are produced when 31.0 grams of O2 react completely with Mg? 2 Mg + O2 → 2 MgO Molar Mass Mg = 24.3 g/mol O2 = 32.0 g/mol MgO = 40.3 g/mol 55.7 78.1 89.1 111.3

    asked by chris
  25. math

    A dairy farmer wants to mix a 20% protein supplement and a standard 10% protein ration to make 1200 pounds of a high-grade 15% protein ration. How many pounds of each should he use?

    asked by larry
  26. Math

    Jean has $280 in her savings account starting next week she will deposit $30 in her account every week is the amount of money in her account proportional to the number of weeks. Thank you for helping

    asked by Jonathan
  27. Physics

    A 1.55 m tall person lifts a 1.80 kg book off the ground so it is 1.95 m above the ground. A.) What is the potential energy of the book relative to the ground? B.) What is the potential energy of the book relative to the top of the person's head?

    asked by andrew
  28. Math

    if one gallon of milk, $3.84, what is the cost of three pints

    asked by Yani
  29. Math

    At the beginning of a trip, Gail's odometer reading was 100001 km. Gail filled the tank with 35L of gas. During the trip Gail bought 48L of gas, and at the end of the day filled the tank with 45.5L of gas. Gail was surprised to find at that time tat the

    asked by Johnathon
  30. Percentage

    On a rainy day,out of 150 students in a school 25 were absent.find the percentage of students absent from the school? What percentage of students are percentage?

    asked by Keerthan
  31. Math

    Henry walks out of his hall and proceeds to walk 160 feet due north. He then turns left (west) and walks 150 more feet. Finally, he turns 65 degrees left and walks 280 feet. How many feet is Henry from his starting point?

    asked by Amber
  32. science

    what is the difference between xylem and phloem?

    asked by connie
  33. Math

    Mary bought a scarf for five dollar spent Half of the remaining money on jogging shoes bought lunch for two dollars and then spent half of her remaining dollars on a DVD she had $10 left how much money does she start with?

    asked by Sarah
  34. algebra

    The sum of two numbers is 56. The sum of the smaller and 5 times the larger is 192. Find the numbers.

    asked by larry
  35. Physics

    On a windless day, a sailor (m=75kg) decides he wants to go sailing (=300kg). In order to move on this windless day, he decides to mount a powerful battery operated fan )m=(20 kg) on the back of his sailboat and points the running fan at the sail. The fan

    asked by Lester
  36. Geology

    Which of the following pieces of evidence supports the plate tectonic theory? A. Ocean-floor sediments are oldest at the ridge crest. B. The stripe patterns of high- and low-intensity magnetism are mirror images on both sides of an oceanic ridge. C.

    asked by Tony
  37. Physics

    A superhero flies 185 m from the top of a tall building at an angle of 15◦ below the horizontal. What is the horizontal component of the superhero’s displacement? Draw the vectors to scale on a graph to determine the answer. Answer in units of m. Your

    asked by Sophia
  38. Science/Math

    You put 50 mL of water in a graduated cylinder, then you place an object in the water. The level rises to 55 mL. What is the volume of the object?

    asked by Mary
  39. chem

    Using the balanced chemical equation, the number of moles of oxygen gas needed to react with 2.5 moles of Mg is __________. 2 Mg + O2 → 2 MgO

    asked by chris
  40. Chem 125

    Three bulbs are connected by tubing, and the tubing is evacuated. The volume of the tubing is 27.0 mL. The first bulb has a volume of 37.0 mL and contains 5.65 atm of argon, the second bulb has a volume of 250 mL and contains 2.16 atm of neon, and the

    asked by Marisa
  41. MATH

    d sum of 2 numbers is 38 when 8 is added to twice one of the numbers d result is 5 times the other number find d two no

    asked by Barsit
  42. Science

    MnO4+C2O42-=Mn2+ +CO2

    asked by Penyetaraan redoks
  43. Math

    The first three terms of an AP are x ,2x+1 and 5x-1.Find the value of x and the sum of the first 10 terms

    asked by Galena
  44. algebra

    Travis is 19 years older than his sister Danielle. In 14 years, he will be twice as old as Danielle. How old is each of them now

    asked by larry
  45. Physics

    A) An object with mass M=10kg is held on a incline. The object and the incline surfaces have a static friction coefficient of 0.3. What is the maximum angle at which the object starts moving? B) Again, suppose that the force in A) is a push applied

    asked by Timothy
  46. calculus

    5.In a certain state the maximum speed permitted on freeways is 65 km/h and the minimum speed is 40 km/h. The fine for violating these limits is Rs.15 for every kilometer per hour above the maximum speed or below the minimum speed. Express the amount of

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Math

    Mary bought a scarf for five dollar spent one and a half of her remaining money on jogging shoes bought lunch for two dollars and then spent half of her remaining money on a DVD she had $10 left how much money does she start with?

    asked by Sarah
  48. algebra

    Admission to a baseball game is $4.50 for general admission and $5.50 for reserved seats. The receipts were $4588.00 for 948 paid admissions. How many of each ticket were sold?

    asked by larry
  49. English

    1. He feels gloomy. 2. He feels blue. 3. He feels depressed. 4. He feels down. 5. He feels melancholy. ====================== Thank you for your help. They all seems to be correct? What about #5? Can we use that way? Which ones are commonly used?

    asked by rfvv
  50. Math( 7th grade advanced math so 8th grade math)

    Salvador bought 3 pounds of oranges that cost x cents per pound, a cucumber for 59 cents, and 2 bananas for 35 cents. Write an expression in simplest form that represents the amount spent. I don't understand how you would write that into an equation. I

    asked by Jacobe
  51. Inorganic Chemistry

    Methyl Alcohol (CH3OH) and ethyl alcohol (C2H5OH) form ideal solutions at 50°C, the vapor pressure of pure methyl alcohol is 0.529 atm, and the vapor pressure of pure ethyl alcohol is 0.292 atm. What is the vapor pressure at 50°C of a solution containing

    asked by Cris
  52. Math

    Solving ya Systems of Equations by elimination -14x+15y=3 21x-20y=-10 The LCM is 42 so I am able to get (-14x +15y=15)3 = -42x+45=45 (21x-20y=-10)2 = 42x-40y=-20 y =7 but when I plug it in to try and figure out x I do not get a whole number, can you help?

    asked by Angela
  53. Physics

    A 46−N lithograph is supported by two wires. One wire makes a 28° angle with the vertical and the other makes a 16° angle with the vertical. Find the tension in each wire.

    asked by Helena
  54. Chemistry

    A hypothetical pure element consists entirely of two isotopes. The natural percent abundance of the isotope with mass 25.5 u is 78.8 percent. The other isotope has mass 29.5 u. Calculate the atomic weight of the naturally occurring element.

    asked by Amanda
  55. Inorganic Chemistry

    A 1.577 M solution of AgNO3 has a density of 1.220 gram per centimeter cube. What is the molality of the solution?

    asked by Cris
  56. Math

    The first term of a GP is 64 and the common ratio is 1/2.How many terms must be added to obtain a total of 127 1/2?

    asked by Galena
  57. Chemistry a level

    A solution of potassium permanganate (KMnO4) was standardised by titrating with 0.20 g of Na2C2O4 dissolved in 50 cm3 of acidified water. The endpoint was reached after 23.10 cm3 of solution had been added. Calculate the molar concentration of KMnO4 in the

    asked by Rob
  58. Math( 7th grade advanced math so 8th grade math)

    Bacterial populations can grow to enormous numbers in a matter of a few hours with the right conditions. If a bacterial colony doubles size every 15 minutes, how many bacteria will be present after 1 hour if the colony began with 4 bacteria?

    asked by Jacobe
  59. Physics

    If someone pushes on a box on a horizontal floor with a horizontal force of 17.8 N, but the box does not move, what is the static friction (Fs) between the box and the floor? Explain. The next question is: If the box just starts to move with a horizontal

    asked by George
  60. Math

    A machine produces open boxes using rectangular sheets of metal (12in by 20in). The machine cuts equal-sized squares from each corner, and then shapes the metal into an open box by turning up the sides. Express the volume of the box V(x) in cubic inches as

    asked by Faith
  61. Math

    Convert each statement below into symbolic form and generate its truth table: If the New York Yankees win the world series or the New York Jets win the super bowl then New York fans will be overjoyed and dance in the streets. Y: The New York Yankees win

    asked by NR
  62. Math

    order these numbers from least to greatest. 3/20, 45%, 1/5, 7.5%, 27.5%

    asked by SHARON
  63. math

    In a survey, 12% of people have no pets, 44% of the people have 1 pet, 16%of the people have 2 pets and 28% have 3 or more pets. If 126 people have two or fewer pets, how many people were in the survey?

    asked by procraft
  64. Math

    If an average catcher takes 1.9 seconds to throw a baseball from home plate to second base on a 90 foot baseball diamond how fast in mph did the catcher throw the ball?

    asked by Anne
  65. chem

    For the reaction 2 N2(g) + 3 H2(g) → 2 NH3(g) which of the following can be determined using only the coefficients of the balanced chemical equation? the number of moles of NH3 obtained if 4.2 mol of N2 react completely to form NH3 the weight of NH3

    asked by chris
  66. Physics

    How much power is required to move a 1500 kg elevator at a constant velocity of 2.5m/s.

    asked by Anwar
  67. Math

    In ΔABC, A=75 degrees and b=6. Giving your answer in interval notation, find the range of values of a such that: only one triangle is possible. two different triangles are possible. Please explain or show work!

    asked by Amber
  68. physics

    A car travelled 7km40degree west of north and then 10km east.what is the resultant displacement using scale drawing

    asked by Anonymous
  69. maths fraction

    1/2 of the pupils in a class are girls. 3/8 of the girls and 1/4 of the boys wear spectacles. what fraction of the pupils wear spectacles? 3/8 + 1/4 = 3/8 + 2/8= 5/8

    asked by sarah
  70. Math

    On a California map 1/4 of an inch represents 20 miles how many miles does 3 1/4 inches represent

    asked by Ally
  71. chemistry help

    Chlorine has two Isotopes with mass number of 35&37.if the relative atomic mass is 35.5, find the percent abudance of Cl-35(isotope with mass number 35)

    asked by Anonymous
  72. Math

    A bouquet of 5 roses is made from 8 pink roses and 7 white roses: 1. Find the number of bouquets of 5 roses. 2. Find the number of bouquets of 5 roses in which three are pink and two are white. 3. Find the number of bouquets of 5 roses composed of all pink

    asked by Crystal C
  73. Physics

    A red ball is thrown straight up from the edge of the roof of the building. A green ball is dropped from the same point 1.80 seconds later.a)if the height is 60.0 m, what is u(red)?b)if u(red) greater than u(max) determine u(max). Ive solved abut i cannot

    asked by Shams
  74. Math

    What does the greater common factor, in this case 12, represent in terms of cupcakes. It means that I have 3 boxes with 4 cupcakes in each box. I am representing 2x2x3. I drew 3 boxes each box is representing 2x2. The three boxes represent the 3

    asked by Carina
  75. American Government

    Which influences helped the most to create a lasting, stable Constitution? Paragraph 1 – introduction of historical influences of Constitution and thesis statement Paragraph 2 – source 1 (philosopher) and contribution to lasting, stable Constitution

    asked by idk
  76. Physics

    a 1 kg textbook has been pushed and let go sliding to the left on a flat table no one is pushing the book at this moment. it is sliding a. calculate the weight of the textbook? How do I do these calculations? b. based on this weight, what must the normal

    asked by Ruth
  77. Calculus

    Suppose f(x) and g(x) are functions of x differentiable at x = 4. Given that f(4) = 3, f'(4) = -2, g(4) = 6, g'(4) = -5, find the value of each of the following. a. Derivative of f(x) * g(x) My answer: -27 b. Derivative of (f(x))/(g(x)) My answer: 1/12 c.

    asked by Anonymous
  78. English

    1. Aren't I pretty? 2. Ain't I pretty? 3. Am I not pretty? 4. I'm pretty, aren't I? 5. I'm pretty, ain't I? 6. I'm pretty, am I not? ------------------------------- Are they all grammatical?

    asked by rfvv
  79. Art History, college

    Q: How did the Babylonians make the Ishtar Gate blue (and all its other colors)? A: The Babylonians make the Ishtar Gate blue (and all its other colors) through the use of blue glazed enameled bricks for the blue which was thought to be made of the

    asked by Alex
  80. Math

    A hardware store makes a mixed bag of 42 items using screws, bolts, and washers. The cost of screws are $3.00 each, bolts cost $2.00 each, and washers are $1.50 each. The mixture calls for four times as many screws than bolts. The total cost of the mixture

    asked by Aaron
  81. Math

    Determine whether the statement is true or false. The lines with equation ax+by+c1=0 and bx-ay+c2=0, where a ≠ 0 and b≠ 0, are perpendicular to each other. ______________________________________________ True. The slopes of the lines are m1 and m2

    asked by Kal Jay
  82. Statistics

    A tobacco company claims that the nicotine content of its "light" cigarettes has a mean of milligrams and a standard deviation of milligrams. What is the probability that randomly selected light cigarettes from this company will have a total combined

    asked by mike
  83. Art History, college

    Q:The Old Kingdom, or Old Dynasty, of Egypt is considered the golden age of Egypt. Using specific examples, explain why. A:The Old Kingdom, or Old Dynasty, of Egypt is considered the golden age of Egypt because of the monumental building efforts such as

    asked by Alex
  84. Math

    A machine worth Ruppes 25000 by 5% find the value after 1 year

    asked by Harshit
  85. Math

    There are 50 pupils in wesleys year group at school three tenths of them don't like PE lessons the rest do how many pupils in wesleys year like PE lessons

    asked by Joun
  86. Inorganic Chemistry

    What is the mole fraction of solute in a 1.00 molal solution in which toluene (C7C8) is the solvent.

    asked by Cris
  87. physics

    The speed of sound in air is 350m/sec the frequency of the fundamental node emitted by tube length 50cm open one end is:

    asked by Sagar Ali Joyo
  88. Chemistry

    what is the energy if a photon of red light that has a wavelength of 8.90x10^-7

    asked by Anonymous
  89. chemistry

    Zinc react with diluted sulfuric acid to give hydrogen but silver doesn't explain?

    asked by Anonymous
  90. MATH

    During the 1st year at university, Erica¡¦s father had been sending her $1,000 per month for incidental expenses.Starting from the 2nd academic year, her father decided instead to make a deposit into a savings account on August 1st every year so that

    asked by Anonymous
  91. Math

    If one liqid gallon is 231 cubic inches, how many gallons of juice would fit in a container that is 2 ft. by one foot by 1 foot.

    asked by KAte
  92. chemistry

    what is the type of catalyst that corresponds the use of the platinum wire

    asked by vicky
  93. Ela

    1) tank 50 deep 2)discharge pump will empty tank at 250 gallons per minit 3)tank will at 100 gallons per minit 4)2-floats will contor (m1) to fill tank set at 25feet 42feet 5)a float is set at 10feet for shut off for discharge pump 6)install pressure

    asked by Anonymous
  94. 6th grade algebra

    The largest flying flag is 7410 sq ft and weighs 180 lbs. There are a total of 13 horizontal stripes on it. Let h represent the height of each stripe. What is the value of h?

    asked by enrique
  95. chemistry

    No. Of atoms in 12g of Mg is equal to

    asked by sneha
  96. Physics

    If someone pushes on a box on a horizontal floor with a horizontal force of 17.8 N, but the box does not move, what is the static friction (Fs) between the box and the floor? Explain. The next question is: If the box just starts to move with a horizontal

    asked by George
  97. English

    How can "teacher behaviours in math" be connected to constructivism??

    asked by Trish
  98. Math (derivative by limit process)

    Find the derivative of the function by the limit process. f(x)=1/sqrt(x) I've worked through my problem and got f'(x) to be -1/2x but the actual answer is -1/2x^3/2? Where did the 3/2 power come from? Any help is greatly appreciated!

    asked by Ray
  99. Physics

    A satellite orbits the moon at height of 2000m.assuming it to gravitational pull of the moon,find the speed and time it takes for one orbit,given that mass of moon is 7.34 * 10 to power 22 kg and radius is 1.738 * 10 to power 6m.(g = 6.6 * 10 to power

    asked by Hellen
  100. maths

    In an isosceles triangle if two angles are 60 degrees, what degree will the third angle be?

    asked by Suleman
  101. Maths

    A rectangle has an area of 36m2 list all possible lengths of sides using while numbers it could have

    asked by Teresa
  102. algebra

    The length of a rectangle is 6 inches more than the width. If the perimeter is 176 inches, what are the length and the width?

    asked by larry
  103. maths

    annie bakes some cupcakes for her children. If she gives each child 8 cupcakes,she will have 2 cupcakes left.If she gives each child 9 cupcakes, she will need another 2 cupcakes. How many children does annie have? 8-2= 6 6 divide 2= 3 9-2= 8 8 x 3= 24 24

    asked by sarah
  104. Math

    In a school there are 7 girls to every 5 boys.If there are 120 more girls than boys.How many pupils are there in tge school?

    asked by Anonymous
  105. PHYSICS

    Explain for each of the following, The Magnus force applies and how it causes an effect. a. A car tire rotating while a car drives. b. A tennis ball curves while moving towards the opposite side of the net. c. A tennis ball changes directions when it hits

    asked by JAY
  106. Enlgish

    Explain how the following visuals could influence your reaction to a news story. Video footage of refugee camp, in which thousands of people are living in tents and suffering from lack of food and medical care. A photograph of a politician in handcuffs

    asked by Tala
  107. Geometry I

    Two transformations take place, the resultant change is A(x,y) ---A''(x+4, y-6), This is a result of a reflection in the y axis followed by a _________ (translation, reflection, rotation). I have the answer give by teacher as a "reflection, but I don't

    asked by Susana
  108. English

    1. They used to live there, didn't they? 2. They used to live there, usedn't they? (Are both OK?) 3. Didn't they use to live there? 4. Usedn't they to live there? 5. Did they not used to live there? 6. Did they use to live there? 7. Did they used to live

    asked by rfvv
  109. science

    If we implemented the FSM above six states using two digits 0,1 and only one bit per cycle using the classic ROM + State register circuit (shown below), only one input and outputwhat would be the appropriate number of locations in the ROM and the

    asked by bear
  110. Gov

    How much leniency should be given to the federal and state governments in searching homes and collecting intelligence?

    asked by Alissa
  111. math trig

    how do you solve arcsin(3/5) without a calculator?

    asked by help
  112. calculus

    For each of the following limits, determine the indicated limit if it exists. lim f(x)=? x approaches 4 from the left f(x)= -3.9997

    asked by tor
  113. distance problem

    Ricky can ride 17 km on his bike in the same length of time ha can walk 9 km.if his riding speed is 4 kph faster than his walking speed how fast does he walk

    asked by layce
  114. math

    The length of a rectangle is 3 feet less than 4 times the width. If the perimeter is 84 feet, find the length and the width of the rectangle.

    asked by larry
  115. dinesh physics

    a car start from rest and sccelerates uniformly at 2 ms-2 for 10s what is its velocity at the end of 10s

    asked by sneha
  116. Math

    Guys please help me with this Trigonometry question based on De Moivre's theorem. Q: Find ¦È such that 0¡Ü¦È¡Ü360. cos7¦È + cos3¦È = cos5¦È I attempted to solve it with limited knowledge but I kind of doubt my answer. Anyway, this is how I

    asked by Nye
  117. Physics

    Circular motion: Not sure if I did this right. I need to find the speed that a spaceship needs to rotate to create an artificial gravity of 9.8m/s^2 (at feet) r=10m a=V^2/r 9.8=v^2/r root of(9.8*10)=v v=9.9m/s is this close?

    asked by Jana
  118. English

    1. The radio is out of order. 2. The radio doesn't work. 3. The radio is out of work. 4. He is out of work. 5. He is unimployed. ------------------------------- #1 is #2, right? What about #3? Does #3 mean #1? Does #4 mean #5?

    asked by rfvv
  119. data managment

    what are the similarities and differences between organized counting and permutations, with examples?

    asked by ella
  120. Math

    What's the missing number ? 5+3-6-8+4-?=-9

    asked by Kay2605
  121. English

    1. The cooker is used to cook rice. 2. The machine is used to make books. 3. The knife is used to cut vegetables. 4. The table is used for the kids to study. 5. The room is used for him to study. 6. The car is used for his wife to go shopping.

    asked by rfvv
  122. Math

    If 1 bag of mulch covers 2 cubic feet, how many bags of mulch do you need to cover a garden three inches thick, eight feet long, and four feet wide?

    asked by Noah
  123. MATH

    Allyne said that she had 8/5 of pizza left from the party. Billy said that she had 1.3 pizzas left. Explain if Billys answer is correct or not.

    asked by SHARON
  124. Science

    The dimensions of a certain water tank 8m*6m*4m.what is the pressure at the bottom of the tank,if the tank of half filled?

    asked by Astha Tamrakar
  125. Social Studies

    I have to search and compare these civilization... ・pre 20th century Japan ・Incan It's my Social Studies project😲💦 Would you recommend me some good websites in English?

    asked by Chris
  126. Physics

    A 75.0 kg object is on an incline of 30 degrees horizontally. I have to calculate several things from this, and I need help with some of them. I have to find the following: 1. Static coefficient of friction 2. Kinetic coefficient of friction 3.

    asked by George
  127. English

    Is post structuralism theory applied on the novel A fare well arms by Hemmingway?

    asked by Sagar Ali Joyo
  128. Math

    What's the missing number? 5+3-6-8+4-?= -9

    asked by Mo
  129. Math

    Find the value of x. x is hypotenuse given is the angle 28 degrees and the adjacent is 11 now how am i suppose to find the hypotenuse with only given the angle 28 degrees and the adjacent 11 i don't have the opposite

    asked by Kianna
  130. Maths

    What is the equation, in the form y= x^2 + bx + c of the parabola which passes through the points (-3,0) and (1,-16)? y=a(x-s)(x-q) y=a(x-(-3))(x-1) y=a(x+3)(x-1) y=a(x^2+2x-3) I'm confused...

    asked by Debora
  131. Math

    5/9 ,7/18 and 1/2 arranged from the smallest to the largest

    asked by Peter
  132. biology

    Pearl formation is in the syllabus of aipmt or aiims?

    asked by Shubhangi
  133. Physics

    A girl jumps off a platform with a horizontal velocity of 2.06 m/s and lands in the water 1.3 s later. Gravity is 9.8m/s^2. How high is the platform.

    asked by Nicole
  134. Physics

    pressure is force per area in a high wind the increased pressure inside of a skyscraper can be up to 29 lbs/ft2. calculate the wind load in pounds on the windward side of a 150 ft wide, 850 ft tall building. How much is this in newtons?

    asked by JOE
  135. english books

    Who was the first to challenge the book The Awakening.

    asked by sydney
  136. Science

    How high can a crane lift a 500 kg object using 20 000 Joules of energy

    asked by Joska
  137. Geometry I

    Two transformations take place, the resultant change is A(x,y) ---A''(x+4, y-^, This is a result of a reflection in the y axis followed by a _________ (translation, reflection, rotation). I have the answer give by teacher as a "reflection, but I don't

    asked by Susana
  138. Inorganic Chemistry

    what is the molarity of concentrated hydrogen fluoride if the solution is 48% by mass and has a density of 1.17 gram per milliliter.

    asked by Cris
  139. English

    1. I went to get my seal carve/cut out. 2. I went to get my stamp carved/ cut out. -------------------- Can we us both expressions, seal and stamp? What is the difference between them?

    asked by rfvv
  140. math

    Ed will deposit $10 every week to his bank account for the next 4 weeks. How much money will ed have in his bank account after 4 weeks?

    asked by Darlah
  141. math

    find the lcm for 6, 18

    asked by Dave