Questions Asked on
October 5, 2016

  1. SS

    Which of the following responsibilities are held by the federal government? Choose all that apply. (2 points) protecting national parks administering healthcare providing Social Security managing intercity traffic creating garbage collection services

    asked by Dean
  2. SS

    How is the number of Electoral College seats per state determined? (1 point) by the number of party delegates assigned to the state by the total number of House and Senate representatives by the traditional number assigned under the 12th Amendment by

    asked by katherine
  3. math

    Write two subtraction equations to show how to find 15-7

    asked by vic
  4. College Algebra

    Find the dimensions of the rectangular corral split into 2 pens of the same size producing the greatest possible enclosed area given 300 feet of fencing. (Assume that the length is greater than or equal to the width.)

    asked by Bri
  5. American Government

    Check answers? 1) When the Framers created the legislative branch of government, why did they decide that this branch would have a bicameral structure? A) They wanted to ensure equal representation for each of the thirteen states. B) The Framers formed a

    asked by Scarlett
  6. History

    What effect did the conflict between Athens and Sparta have on ancient Greek civilization? A)It made the Greeks vulnerable to conquest by Troy. B)It strengthened democratic rule within Athens and other city-states. C)It led to a tenuous alliance between

    asked by mic
  7. Government

    Why did the Framers of the U.S Constitution include a legislative branch in the new government?

    asked by Susie
  8. History

    I really need to get 100% on this.... 1. Which of the following are formal qualifications for serving in the senate? Select all that apply. A. Must be at least 30 years old.*** B. Must be a U.S. citizen. C. Must have a law degree.*** D. Must have served in

    asked by Allisson
  9. Chemistry

    To what volume should 10L of 0.5M CH3COOH (Ka = 1.8×10–5) be diluted in order to double the OH– concentration?

    asked by Sandu
  10. Physics

    A golf ball with an initial angle of 34 degrees lands exactly 240 m down the range on a level course. a.) Neglecting air friction, what initial speed would achieve this result? b.) Using the speed determined in item a, find the maximum height reached by

    asked by George
  11. L.A.

    What is the part of the story in which the conflict eases?

    asked by Dani
  12. History

    The Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments reflected the growing 19th century American trend of A) granting universal manhood suffrage. B) upholding rights of free speech and religion. C) decreasing the power of the Federal government.

    asked by Ariana
  13. College Algebra

    Suppose that the price per unit in dollars of a cell phone production is modeled by p = $45 − 0.0125x, where x is in thousands of phones produced, and the revenue represented by thousands of dollars is R = x · p. Find the production level that will

    asked by Bri
  14. Physics

    Suppose your car was mired deeply in the mud and you wanted to use the method illustrated in the figure below to pull it out. (a) What force would you have to exert perpendicular to the center of a rope to produce a force of 14,500 N on the car if the

    asked by Anonymous
  15. art

    this image was created by using basic math concepts that include all of the following except A)knowing how to create a pattern B)using understanding the angles of the shapes C) a basic understanding of different geometric shapes. D) applying appropriate

    asked by tom
  16. Math

    28. Molli purchased 8 apples for $2.96. While looking at her receipt, Molli divided $2.96 by 8. Why might Molli perform this calculation? (1 point) in order to find the total number of apples purchased in order to find out how much she paid per apple in

    asked by unknown
  17. Engineering/Physics

    When gasoline is burned in the cylinder of an​ engine, it creates a high pressure that pushes on the piston. If the pressure is 150 ​pound-force per square​ inch, and it moves the 3​-inch diameter piston a distance of 6 centimeters in 0.1

    asked by John
  18. Math

    1.which symbol completes the statement 3\8 - 1\4 a.> b.< c.= 2.which symbol completes the statement 5\8 - 11\16 a.> b.< c.= 3.which symbol completes the statement 4\6 - 6\9 a.> b.< c.= 4.order the following fractions from least to greatest

    asked by emily
  19. Algebra

    1: Dory bought 2 computers on sale for $210.99 each. He sold them to his friend for $240.00 each. What was his profit? -$52.99 -$58.02 ***** -$421.98 -$480.00 Please check ;)

    asked by Lexi
  20. Social studies

    which of the following is necessary to propose a new amendment to the Constitution a. approve by a popular vote held in every state b. approve by two thirds of the house and senate c. approve by three quarters of the house and senate d. approve by the

    asked by Lana
  21. Language Arts

    Write an essay in which you analyze the importance of plot events and characters’ actions to the development of a story’s theme. Review and evaluate a story from the unit that has a clearly identifiable theme. You might choose “Raymond’s Run” by

    asked by Anymous
  22. College Physics

    A 1300-kg car moving on a horizontal surface has speed v=65 km/h when it strikes a horizontal coield spring and is brought to rest in a distance of 3.0m

    asked by Jake
  23. English (please check my answers)

    1.What is the indirect object in the sentence? Sid built us a stereo cabinet in the basement. I think the I.O is 'us' 2.Which is the predicate nominative in the sentence? Switzerland is a politcally neutral country. I think the P.N is 'country' Last one...

    asked by Yeri
  24. history

    explain the relationship of Spindletop's location in Texas to it's importance on the economic development of Texas and the United States.

    asked by Grace
  25. Language Arts

    What is a subject matter achievement goal?

    asked by Britney
  26. Geography

    What was one reason for the establishment of the colony of Rhode Island? A. Thomas hooker left Massachusetts to start a new charter granted by the king of England B. Roger Williams believed in religious tolerance which wasn't practiced in Massachusetts C.

    asked by Help?
  27. Physics

    A mark on the rim of a rotating circular wheel of 0.50m radius is moving with a speed 10m/s. Find its angular speed.

    asked by Snehal
  28. Physics

    An object, initially at rest, is subject to an acceleration if 34 m/s^2. how long will it take for that object to travel 3400m

    asked by Student
  29. Chemistry

    Consider the following reactants. Which produces a gas? 1. NH4Cl(aq) + AgNO3(aq) → 2. Na2CO3(aq) + BaCl2(aq) → 3. Na2S(aq) + HCl(aq) → 4. All of these would produce a gas.

    asked by Sue
  30. literature

    In the merchant of venice act 3 scene 5, Antonio quips that the devil can cite scripture for his own purpose (I, iii, l.95). How does the scriptural debate between Launcelot and Jessica serve each character’s purpose? This debate has the potential to

    asked by katie
  31. chemistry

    The weight of a china dish with a saturated solution of sodium nitrate at 40°C is 80 g. After evaporating the whole solution the dish's weight along with the crystals is 40 g and solubility of NaNO3 at 40°C is 20 g. What is the weight of empty china dish

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Science

    A scientific hypothesis must be , A or d? Correct Able to be manipulated Able to control Able to test

    asked by Food
  33. Physics

    A dike in Holland springs a leak through a hole of area 0.80 cm2 at a depth of 1.2 m below the water surface. How much force must a boy apply to the hole with his thumb to stop the leak?

    asked by dave
  34. Math

    Find the width of a rectangle with the perimeter of 90 and length of 15 A. 90 B. 15 C. 45 D. 30**

    asked by Cats
  35. chemistry

    What is the composition of a methanol () – propanol () solution that has a vapor pressure of 121 torr at 40°C? At 40°C, the vapor pressures of pure methanol and pure propanol are 303 and 44.6 torr, respectively. Assume the solution is ideal. Mole

    asked by savanna
  36. maths

    A car is moving along a straight road. The graph below shows how the speed varies with time. "'0 W WCl. (/) time - Which of the following graphs represents the distance covered by the car with time? I 1. t 2. 0> U 0> C o .l9 c '" .l9 ii .!!! "0 time - time

    asked by Collins

    1)Explain judical review and why is it important 2)How is the principle of federalism connected to the idea of limited government 3)Give atleast two reasons why the article of confederation were inadequate to meet the needs of time

    asked by 3 questions
  38. Physics

    Suppose a 356–g kookaburra (a large kingfisher bird) picks up a 65.0–g snake and raises it 2.30 m from the ground to a branch. How much work did the bird do on the snake? How much work did it do to raise its own center of mass to the branch?

    asked by Ashley
  39. History

    Of the following, which influenced the idea of self government in the colonies? Select all that apply. The U.S Constitution English Bill of Rights-- The Declaration of Independence Virginia's house of Burgesses-- Fundamental Orders of Connecticut--

    asked by Anonymous
  40. algebra

    A wire 20 cm long is cut into two pieces. The longer piece is 4 cm longer than the shorter piece.

    asked by riley
  41. English

    Duane feel he d too many years in inactivity, so now he welcomes the of a exercise program.

    asked by Anonymous
  42. chemistry

    What mass of glycerin (), a nonelectrolyte, must be dissolved in 200.0 g water to give a solution with a freezing point of –0.900°C?

    asked by Amber
  43. Physics

    An object is shot upwards, from the ground, with an initial velocity of 120 m/s. How high will it be after 4.0s?

    asked by Student
  44. Science

    A gene is to a chromosome as _______. a) a pea is to as a pod b) a front is to a back c) a bike is to a car d) a building is to a window I think it is a.

    asked by Elizabeth
  45. chemistry

    The normal boiling point of methanol is 64.7oC. A solution containing a nonvolatile solute dissolved in methanol has a vapor pressure of 670.0 torr at 64.7oC. What is the mole fraction of methanol in this solution?

    asked by rose
  46. Algebra 1 Honors

    Which of the following statements best describes the effect of replacing the graph of f(x) with the graph of f(x) − 5? The graph shifts 5 units up. The graph shifts 5 units down. The graph shifts 5 units left. The graph shifts 5 units right. Is the

    asked by Mina
  47. english

    shortly before the Russian Revolution an eccentric man named Rasputin became

    asked by Anonymous
  48. chemistry

    Pentane (C5H12) and hexane (C6H14) form an ideal solution. At 25oC the vapor pressures of pentane and hexane are 511 and 150 torr, respectively. A solution is prepared by mixing 25 mL pentane (density, 0.63 g/mL) with 45 mL hexane (density, 0.66 g/mL).

    asked by savanna
  49. english

    Duane feels he squandered too many years in inactivity, so now he welcomes the of an exercise program

    asked by Anonymous
  50. math

    A sheet of paper measures 50 CM by 30cm. A strip 6 CM wide is cut from all around. Find the area of the remaining sheet and also the area of the strip cut out.

    asked by Sarita
  51. calculus

    12. (1 point) The height y (in feet) of a ball thrown by a child is y = − 1 16 x 2 +4x+5 where x is the horizontal distance in feet from the point at which the ball is thrown. (a) How high is the ball when it leaves the child’s hand? (b) What is the

    asked by ty
  52. Nonhomogenous DE

    Which of the following are solutions of 2x^2y'' + 5xy' + y = x^2-x on(0,infty)?

    asked by Erica
  53. Physics

    Two forces whose resultant is 100N are perpendicular to each other. If one of them makes an angle of 60° with the resultant, calculate its magnitude.

    asked by Benita
  54. Physics

    A satellite is in a circular orbit around an unknown planet. The satellite has a speed of 2.15 × 104 m/s (Va) and the radius of the orbit is 5.15 × 106 m (ra). A second satellite also has a circular orbit around this same planet. The orbit of this second

    asked by Bex
  55. physics

    A convex lens with a focal length of 20 cm is placed in front of a convex mirror with a focal length of 7.5 cm. A luminous object is placed in front of the convex lens at a distance of 40 cm from it. What is the distance between the mirror and the lens to

    asked by Samm
  56. Math

    Lana took one and a half tines as long as jayden to finish a project. If lana took 15 days, how long did jayden take?

    asked by Sue
  57. American Government

    American foreign aid might be used to support which of the following foreign policy? A) Deterrence B) Containment C) Collective Security D) Isolationism My guess is B or possibly C? Definitely not A or D.

    asked by Sarah
  58. Maths

    A man spent one third of his wages on food and one fifth on rent.what fraction does he spent on food and rent together?

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Math

    Julian works as a sales representative for a home improvement store and he earns $1200 plus 9 1/2 percent commission on sales each month. Write the equation of the function f(3) that represents Julian's monthly earnings where e represents the amount of

    asked by Anonymous
  60. Science

    Two boys A and B are at two diametrically opposite points on a circle. At one instant the two start running on the circle; A anticlockwise with constant speed v and B clockwise with constant speed 2v. In 2 minutes, they pass each other for the first time.

    asked by Collins
  61. Geography

    why was the economy in the new england colony different from the economy in the middle colonies? A. The environment provided different resources for earning a living B. The settlers had different skills and work experience C. Religious beliefs affected the

    asked by Help?
  62. maths

    An ant is crawling along the x-axis such that the graph of its position on the x-axis versus time is a semi-circle (see figure). The total distance covered in the 4 s is x[m] 4 t [sI

    asked by Collins
  63. Physics

    The sum of two vectors of fixed magnitudes has the greatest magnitude when the angle between these two vectors are?

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Physics

    A boy throws a ball straight up into the air so that it leaves his hand at 11 m/s. 1) If the ball has mass 0.15 kg and the boy's arm moved through 1.5 m as he threw the ball, then what average force did he exert on the ball? Please show it step by step

    asked by Anonymous
  65. astronomy

    The isotope potassium-40 (40K) decays into the isotope argon-40 (40Ar) with a half-life of 1.25 billion years. Suppose we find a rock in which seven-eighths of the potassium-40 has decayed to become argon-40, and only one-eighth of the original

    asked by cindy
  66. Chemistry

    Identify the precipitate(s) of the reaction that occurs when a silver nitrate solution is mixed with a sodium chloride solution. Check all that apply. silver nitrate sodium chloride sodium nitrate silver chloride

    asked by Betty


    asked by SAVIOUR
  68. history

    "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction." - The Thirteenth Amendment to the United

    asked by selma
  69. Business Finance

    You choose to invest your $3,560 income tax refund check (rather than spend it!) in an account earning 5% compounded semiannually. How much will the account be worth in 5 years?

    asked by Anonymous
  70. math

    1.twice a number is 6 2.four added to a number gives ten 3.twenty five decreased by twice a number twelve 4.if thrice a number added to seven,the sum is ninety eigth 5.the sun of the squares of a number x and 3yields 25 6.the difference between thrice a

    asked by jamaica
  71. maths

    A car is moving along a straight road. The graph below shows how the speed varies with time. "'0 W WCl. (/) time - Which of the following graphs represents the distance covered by the car with time? I 1. t 2. 0> U 0> C o .l9 c '" .l9 ii .!!! "0 time - time

    asked by Collins
  72. Math

    A ball is thrown upwards from ground level and reaches a height of "h" metres after "t" seconds, given by the formula h=20t - 5t^2

    asked by Amandeep
  73. physics

    a simple pendulum has a period of 2.0s and an amplitude of swing 5.0cm.calculate the maximum magnitude of the acceleration of the bob

    asked by joy
  74. Aglebra, math

    Hi I really need help with this question and I don't know a thing about algebra!!! If anyone can help me understand this that would mean a lot! So here's my question. Brad says that the literal equation a = 3b + 4c - a is solved for a. Do you agree? Why or

    asked by Alyssa
  75. jkuat

    find log30 if log2=0.301 and log3=o.477

    asked by karl
  76. Physics

    a 50 kg ice skater is skating on a frozen lake where the ice has a coefficient of friction of .08. How much force is required to push her across the ice at a constant velocity?

    asked by caroline
  77. chemistry

    A solution is made by dissolving 22.9 g urea (), a nonelectrolyte, in 302 g water. (The vapor pressure of pure water is 23.8 torr at 25°C and 71.9 torr at 45°C.) Calculate the vapor pressure of this solution at 25°C. Vapor pressure = torr Calculate the

    asked by aliza
  78. Math

    can someone please help quick Choose the correct simplification of the expression (3x)4 can you explain how you got your answer

    asked by lisa
  79. statics

    4. In a certain game of chance, your chances of winning are 0.2. If you play the game five times and outcomes are independent, the probability that you win at least once is 5. A set of data is found to have a sample standard deviation of 25. Suppose 9 were

    asked by Anonymous
  80. Physics

    As a hiker in Glacier National Park, you are looking for a way to keep the bears from getting at your supply of food. You find a campground that is near an outcropping of ice from one of the glaciers. Part of the ice outcropping forms a 31.5° slope up to

    asked by Morgan
  81. Algebra

    Divide 105 in two parts such that 1 third of one part is equal to 1 forth of other part

    asked by Anvay
  82. Statistics

    If a basketball player has a shooting percentage of 60% , find the probability that the player will make at least 2 of her next 9 shots?

    asked by Hannah Jorgensen
  83. Math

    How many 5/8 foot pieces of wood can you cut from a board that is 2 7/8 feet long??

    asked by Anonymous
  84. indiana Connections acadamy

    i know that this isnt really a homework question but i do know alot of people from connexus are on here. If i want to unenroll from Indiana conenctions acadamy, can i unenroll in the next 9 weeks or do i have to wait until next semester. My parents wont

    asked by Emma
  85. Math mystery number

    This number has 7 digits The digit in the ten thousands place is 9 The digit in the hundreds place is 3 times greater than the digit in the ones place The digit in the millions place is the difference between the tens place and the thousands place The

    asked by Creative kid
  86. Physics

    A man walks the distance of 8km in a direction of 20degrees east the walks another 6km in a direction 50degrees south east. Using vector diagrams find the magnitude and direction of the final displacement relative to the starting point.

    asked by Tom
  87. History

    Major cities of qin dynasty?

    asked by Anonymous
  88. Math

    Use the diagram below. Write an equation using the angle measures shown. Then, find the measures of LAVB and LBVC

    asked by Ashley
  89. percentage

    There are two distinct natural numbers. Each is first increased by 10 then by same percentage as each was increased for the first time. Each number finally results in 72 Find the difference between the numbers. i have received your answer as your faculty

    asked by vipul
  90. Social studies

    I need a visual ad Brainstorm about the ancient farmers!!! i have been working on it for a long time but i got no results plz someone help meee

    asked by didi
  91. Statistics

    If a basketball player has a shooting percentage of 60% , find the probability that the player will make at least 4 of her next 6 shots?

    asked by Hannah Jorgensen
  92. Physics

    Using a simply pulley/rope system, a crewman on an Arctic expedition is trying to lower a 6.17-kg crate to the bottom of a steep ravine of height 23.8 meters. The 55.6-kg crewman is walking along holding the rope, being careful to lower the crate at a

    asked by Morgan
  93. Math

    A skyscraper is 1150feet above ground level it extends 35 feet below ground level what is the total length of the skyscraper from top to bottom?

    asked by Janet
  94. english

    the living room looked except

    asked by Anonymous
  95. Physics

    A stuntman is being pulled along a rough road at a constant velocity by a cable attached to a moving truck. The cable is parallel to the ground. The mass of the stuntman is 109 kg, and the coefficient of kinetic friction between the road and him is 0.621.

    asked by BrookeNeed
  96. psychology

    Social skills training programs are interventions in which children are taught specific, discrete behaviors that can facilitate effective social interactions, like making eye contact and asking appropriate questions. Assessments of these interventions

    asked by diane
  97. Chemistry

    1) 2 kg of solid copper is at its melting point. How much energy does it take to melt all the copper? Heat of fusion: 134 J/g Heat of Vaporization 5060 J/g q= mHf I know the equation but I do not understand know if this is correct. 2kg= 2000 grams

    asked by John Brown
  98. maths polynomial need help

    4m^4-24m³+33m²+9m-9=0 help me with factor

    asked by sam
  99. Science

    What has more potential energy a bowling ball or a basketball on a ledge 10 feet off the ground? Why? 1 paragraph

    asked by Amberly
  100. english

    After the bully struck him

    asked by Anonymous
  101. Math

    Dan Howell has a total of 57 memes made of him. He decides to make another derp face; this causes people to make more memes and the amount of memes made of him triples. Meanwhile, Brendon Urie has a total of 38 memes. How many memes does Dan have? How many

    asked by Anonymous
  102. English

    1. This is the my book. 2. This is the book of mine. 3. Look at the these book. 4. Bring some the books. 5. Bring the some books. 6. Take the every book. 7. Take the any books. 8. Take each the book. ------------------------------------ Is only #2

    asked by rfvv
  103. Biology

    A man made allopolyploid ceral crop is?

    asked by Syed
  104. social studies

    When were the middle ages? A) Before medieval times B) Between ancient and modern times** C) After modern times D) Between medieval and ancient times

    asked by Cyborg_DRAGon
  105. science

    Two concentric conducting spherical shell have raddii R1=0.145m and R2 =0.207m. The inner sphere with negligible speed. Assuming that the region between the sphere is a vacuum, compute the speed with which the electron strikes the outer sphere.

    asked by joshua
  106. Math

    Mother is twice as tall as her daughter Pam. The sum of their height is 270 cm. How tall is Pam? How tall is her mother? I tried dividing but it doesn't seem right.

    asked by Uel
  107. Math

    What is the equivalent ratio in simplest form of 45 books in 90 minutes if she organized 120 books.

    asked by David
  108. Math

    Find the area of an air hockey table that is 8 1/4 feet by 4 3/8 feet.

    asked by Anonymous
  109. Algebra

    one pipe can fill a tank in 90 minutes a second pipe can fill the tank in 60 minutes how long will it take to fill the tank if both pipes are

    asked by Anonymous
  110. physics

    A boat is wrecked by waves of speed 30m/s whose successive crest are 10m apart. Calculate the speed at which the boat receives the waves.

    asked by nuel
  111. Math

    Find 2 tangent line equations to the curve y=x^3+x at the points where the slope of the curve is 4. What is the smallest possible slope of the curve? At what x-value(s)does the curve have this slope? So far I have figured out the derivative of this

    asked by Dave
  112. Pre-Calculus

    A.Verify the identity. B.Determine if the identity is true for the given value of x. Explain. [cot(x) – 1] / [cot(x) + 1] = [1 – tan(x)] / [1 + tan(x)], x = π/4 I solved A and I believe it's true; however, I need help with B.

    asked by Iris
  113. Math

    What unknown number makes these equation true. 447+99 =447+100-

    asked by Alyssa
  114. Social Studies

    The First Amendment protects which rights? (Select 2) - the right to own a gun - the right to a fair trial ** - the right to practice a religion (or not) ** - the right to criticize the government - the right of owning property help

    asked by Niki
  115. Math

    What prime number am I? I have 3 prime factors Each prime factor is a different number I am a multiple of 10 I am less than 50

    asked by Matt
  116. chemistry

    Calculate the solubility of in water at a partial pressure of of 140. torr at 25°C. The Henry's law constant for is for Henry's law in the form C = kP, where C is the gas concentration (mol/L).

    asked by Amber
  117. history

    where did the immigrants come from during the period between the Civil War and the early 1900s?

    asked by cadetbluecrayon
  118. Chemistry

    Calculate normality of 27% H2SO4

    asked by Akshay
  119. Science

    Carbon could be classed as a metal true or fales

    asked by Anonymous
  120. english

    what are the factors that causes diversity in language?

    asked by abc
  121. Business Finance

    You choose to invest your $3,560 income tax refund check (rather than spend it!) in an account earning 5% compounded semiannually. How much will the account be worth in 5 years?

    asked by Anonymous
  122. chemistry

    Glycerin, C3H8O3, is a nonvolatile liquid. What is the vapor pressure of a solution made by adding 159 g glycerin to 338 mL H2O at 39.8oC? The vapor pressure of pure water at 39.8oC is 54.74 torr and its density is 0.992 g/cm3.

    asked by rose
  123. english

    Duane feels he degressed too many years in

    asked by Anonymous
  124. Eng

    what does "laying the foundation of human rights violation mean"? Especially when you are taking about how someone's acceptance of something lays the foundation of human rights violations

    asked by A
  125. Math

    Clara has a garden that is 7 feet wide and 4 feet long. She has 30 tomatoe plants to put in the garden. Each plants needs 1 foot of space. How many plants will Clara have

    asked by Cathleen
  126. Math

    Write the expression to represent the given situation.Be sure to define your variable. Sam currently has $150 in a saving account and is saving $10 per week

    asked by Anna
  127. math

    Find the circumference and the area for each circle in terms of π. r = 3 in.

    asked by Nikki
  128. Math

    so, there are two people in the band Twnety One Pilots and there is 1 person in the band, Panic! At the Disco, (they used to have 6). Both bands sell general tickets for $200 and VIP for $500. Donald decided to buy one general admissions concert ticket for

    asked by Carlee
  129. physics

    What two facts did Newton need to be able to calculate the acceleration of the Moon? 1) the distance to the Moon and the diameter of the Moon. 2)the time it takes the Moon to make one revolution and the distance from the Earth to the sun. 3)the diameter of

    asked by Betty
  130. Physics

    A fuzzy die (m = 0.2 kg) hangs from the ceiling of a car. When the car accelerates forward along a horizontal road, the die swings backward so the the string supporting it makes an angle of 4 degree with the vertical. 1) What is the acceleration of the

    asked by Anonymous
  131. Chemistry

    What is the molar volume of pure water at 22 degrees Celsius?

    asked by Allie

    If a sample of red blood cells at an osmotic pressure of 7.70 atm is placed in a solution that contains 0.050M calcium chloride (CaCl2) at 25°C, what is the freezing point of this solution if the density of the solution is 1.50 g/mL

    asked by BYU
  133. Physics

    The mechanical force acting on a unit are of charged conductor is =? a)f=6/2ke0 b)f=6"/2ke0 c)f=6/ke0

    asked by Syed
  134. science

    The following replicate values were reported for the concentration of magnesium chloride, MgCl2, in mol/L. What value should be reported as the mean concentration of the chloride ion, Cl, converted to ppm? (You may use the simplified definition of

    asked by Lo
  135. College Algebra

    ok, so I need to come up with an answer for this question- A car traveling 65mph on the hwy gets 25 miles per gallon. Write the function that represents the distance d(t) in miles that the car travels in t hours. *Then, Write a function that represents the

    asked by Jenn
  136. Math

    Sally saw three kinds of flowers---tulips, roses, daffodils. She saw 3 times as many tulips as roses and 4 times as many daffodils as roses. Altogether there were 72 flowers. How many of each flower did she see. How do I start finding the answer? Or do I

    asked by PJ
  137. Math

    What unknown number makes these equations true 353-203 = 353-200-

    asked by Alyssa
  138. math

    A capacitor is charged with a battery and energy stored is U. after disconnecting the battery another capacitor of same capacity is connected in parallel with it. The energy stored in each capacitor is.

    asked by ankit
  139. English <3

    Why do doves symbolize love? Innocence? Peace?

    asked by meg
  140. Chemistry

    If 0.0365 mol of CaCl2 is dissolved in water to make a 0.640 M solution, what is the volume of the solution?

    asked by Tsomo
  141. English

    1. He continued working for a long time. 2. He continued working for long. 3. He continued working for ages. 4. He continued working in ages. 5. He continued working for such a long time. 6. 7. =============================== Can we use all the expressions

    asked by rfvv
  142. math

    club x charges a one time fee of $35 with an additional charge of $35 per month. Club y charges no initiation fee but charges $46 per month. Write an equation to represent the cost for x amount of moths for each club. x=35x+35 y=46x IS this correct?

    asked by jennifer
  143. ENGLISH

    What is the infinitive phrase in the following sentences? Tell whether it is used as a noun, adj, or adverb. 1. Early Bostonians STAGED THE BOSTON TEA PARTY TO PROTEST TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. 2. TO PROTECT THEIR COMFORTABLE POSITION, Louis XVI and

    asked by Alicia
  144. precalc

    Write an equation of the hyperbola given that the center is at (2, -3), the vertices are at (2, 3) and (2, - 9), and the foci are at (2, ± 2√10).

    asked by lisa
  145. History

    Major cities of han dynasty?

    asked by Anonymous
  146. Chemistry

    In the titration of a solution of a weak acid HA with NaOH the pH is 5.0 after 10ml of NaOH solution has been added and 5.6 after 20ml of the NaOH solution has been added. Find the PKa of HA? Pls give some hints to solve this question...

    asked by Sandu
  147. Algrebra and Math

    Can you help me answer this question? I'm confused, and show me how you did it, that way I can understand on how to solve it more? The total number of students in 8th Grade is 32, including Fran and Billy, Who are one of the female and male students

    asked by Anonymous
  148. English

    How do i write lady in possessive form?

    asked by Anonymous
  149. math

    a cone has a circular base of radius 16cm and a volume of 420cm2.find the height of the cone.

    asked by Anonymous
  150. Math

    A chemist needs 22 liters of a 14% acid solution. He has a 10​% solution and a 20% solution available to form the mixture. How much of each should be used to form the 14​% ​solution? I'm having a really hard time forming an equation for this. I've

    asked by Robert
  151. Pre-Calculus

    A.Verify the identity. B.Determine if the identity is true for the given value of x. Explain. Sec(x) / tan(x) = tan(x) / [tan(x) – cos(x)],x = π I already solved A and I believe it's true; however, I need help with B.

    asked by Iris
  152. Math

    How can expression 5 plus 4 squared plus 6 minus 2 squared minus 1 be grouped to equal 19?

    asked by Maureen
  153. byu

    If a sample of red blood cells at an osmotic pressure of 7.70 atm is placed in a solution that contains 0.050M calcium chloride (CaCl2) at 25°C, what is the freezing point of this solution if the density of the solution is 1.50 g/mL

  154. precalc

    Use the equation 〖(y+2)〗^2/4-((〖x+3)〗^2)/49=1 to find the following: a. center: b. vertices: c. foci: d. graph:

    asked by lisa
  155. Physics

    When an 84.7 kg adult uses a spiral staircase to climb to the second floor of his house, his gravitational potential energy increases by 2.00E+3 J. By how much does the potential energy of a 17.3 kg child increase when the child climbs a normal staircase

    asked by Ashley
  156. math

    If the Red Sox have 14 fans, the Pirates have 42 fans, and the Phillies have 25 fans, what is the probability that a randomly selected fan is not a Red Sox fan? The total number of fans is 81, so I believe it would be 42 + 25 = 67/81 which is 82.7%.

    asked by carly
  157. Math Pre- Algebra

    Linda reserved two hotel rooms for $75 each room plus a tax of $7.50. Illustrate the Distributive Property by writing two ways to compute the total. What is the total. So I need to get help on this answer stat. This is due tomorrow and I need done. Please

    asked by Alyson
  158. Math

    leila, Henry, and Miguel have a total of 87 in their wallets. Henry has 2 times what Miguel has. Leila has 5 less than Miguel. How much does each have?

    asked by Jess
  159. Math

    What is next missing number patterns 3,5,7

    asked by Tvisha
  160. Science

    Carbon could be classed as a metal

    asked by Anonymous
  161. math

    a cone has a circular base of radius 16cm and a volume of 420cm2.find the height of the cone.

    asked by abdullah
  162. maths

    Eric is twice as old as Ernest, who in turn is 5 years older than mike.if their total age is 47 years, how old is each of them?

    asked by Emmanuel
  163. HEALTH

    do you think there is big difference in the number of deaths caused by disease and those not caused by disease.

    asked by Leila
  164. Biology 20

    I'm using chromatography to identify compounds in a leaf extract for a lab, and one of the evaluation questions is 'Suggest a step that could be added to the procedure to isolate a specific compound for chemical testing.' What step could I use?

    asked by Justin
  165. English

    When we send letters, we write 'zip code' on the envelope. What is the meaning of 'zip'? Why is 'zip' used here?

    asked by rfvv

    if you say twenty days to respond and a few paragraphs later say the petition must be filed within 90 days is that correct or must both match

    asked by Lizzie
  167. physics

    he a body is moving in a circular track of radius 100m with a velocity 120m/s.determine the banking angle of the track (g=9.8m/s)

    asked by joy
  168. Math

    Solve. Movie tickets cost $9.50. How much change will a customer who pays for one ticket with a $20.00 bill received?

    asked by Emilia
  169. saveetha schl

    write the cell notation of Zn°(s)|Zn 2+ (aq),Cl − (aq)|AgCl(s)|Ag°(s)

    asked by sushma
  170. world geography

    The North African Maghreb states, dominated by the Atlas Mountains, do not include A. Libya. B. Algeria. C. Morocco. D. Tunisia.

    asked by ruth
  171. Physics

    What are some scientific questions that can be asked about projectile motion?

    asked by Anonymous
  172. Chemistry

    Does helium have an ionic radius? I searched and looked in an old Chem book, and come up empty. Hydrogen is not listed either. Is there a specific reason for this? Thank you.

    asked by lulu
  173. Math

    There is an 8 foot long ramp. If the platform holding up the end of the ramp is 1 foot high, how do you calculate the distance from the base of the platform to the end of the ramp? Is there an equation I'm missing here or something?

    asked by Amy
  174. Science

    If a train is traveling 200km/h east and a bee is traveling 20km/h west, can the bee stop the train

    asked by Deborah
  175. Science

    john is on a skiing holiday. he starts from rest on a long gentle incline of 6° and the coefficient of kinetic friction between the skies and the snow is 0,06. the weight of john and his skies is 800 n. Traveling 100m

    asked by Farren
  176. algebra

    Two equal sides of a triangle are 1 metre more than half the third side. If the perimetre of the triangle is 22 meters find the lenth of its side.

    asked by Anvay
  177. science

    importance of utilizing natural energy in architecture

    asked by value
  178. Mathematics

    According to my calculator, -2^2 is equal to -4, I did this to another calculator, and google, but got the same answer. But, isn't -2^2 = -2*-2 = 4 according to negative multiplied by negative = positive? So which one should I follow?

    asked by Anony
  179. Math

    27-r to the 3rd power

    asked by Cici
  180. physics

    what is the angle between the resultants of P + Q and P - Q where P & Q are two vectors

    asked by prabir
  181. Math

    -(-(-)(-)(-10x))=-5 solve for x A. X=.5 B. X=.7 repeating C. X=-.5 D. X=1 Please help i am so confused.

    asked by Anonymous
  182. English

    Posted by rfvv on Friday, September 30, 2016 at 10:08pm. ------------------------ Can we use both prepositions, on and 1. The temperature on dokdo is around 12 degrees Celsius. 2. The temperature of dokdo is around 12 degrees Celsius. of? •English - Ms.

    asked by rfvv
  183. Science homework

    john is on a skiing holiday. he starts from rest on a long gentle incline of 6° and the coefficient of kinetic friction between the skies and the snow is 0,06. the weight of john and his skies is 800 n., traveling 100m

    asked by Farren
  184. Math

    Find the variance of 3,24,30,47,43,7,47,13,44,39

    asked by Naruto
  185. Maths

    Find the Amount when... P=1000 N=2 1/2 years R=10% Compounded half yearly

    asked by Crystal
  186. Math

    Desiree takes16 minutes to read 4pages.

    asked by Shanti
  187. math

    A step ladder 2.2m high was opened making an angle of 30° Calculate distance between legs of ladder

    asked by Darren
  188. Engineering Linear Equation

    At your initial meeting with your business partners for CellGenTech, you propose that the rate of change in the number of newly introduced cell lines that the company scientists should be able to produce should be proportional to the number of cell lines.

    asked by Erica
  189. First person? - Language Arts

    Hi, okay so when I write in first person do I call myself "I" or "Cassidy"?

    asked by Cassidy
  190. Math

    a tank of 100litres has two taps one tap pours in 60L in 5mins and takes out 14L in 2mins. find the time taken to fill that tank when both taps are open

    asked by Ntwali
  191. Math

    What is 7over N equall to 28 over 48

    asked by Ashley
  192. geometry

    I am not a student, I am a parent trying to help my son. I understand why you do not want to solve the questions, but can you please help me set them up correctly so I can try? h = -16t(exponent 2) + 60t where t is the time in seconds. A) Factor the

    asked by KP1
  193. algebra

    (4 x 10^-5)^-6

    asked by Isabella
  194. Math

    How many complete sets of aprons could you make out of 5 1/2 bolts of material and 1 bolt is equal to 15 yards? there are adult size which needs 3/4 yard material to make and child size which takes 1/2 yard to make.

    asked by Mary
  195. ENGLISH

    Do they need to match twenty days and 90 days. In the same paragraph but referring to diff requirements?

    asked by Lizzie - MS SUE
  196. English

    1. The pilot will take off the plane. 2. Don't take off the poster from the wall. 3. I don't want to take off my hat inside. 4. I need to take today off, for I feel sick. ---------------------------- I have written down some sentences containing 'take

    asked by rfvv
  197. Algebra

    (8.8 × 10^-5)^-5

    asked by Bryan
  198. Enriched Geometry

    Rotate (0,1) counter clockwise 18000 degrees

    asked by vim
  199. questions

    Ms.Sue are you actually a teacher?

    asked by Ms.Sue pls answer
  200. Pre algebra

    5b+15=30 15+15=30 or b-30=15

    asked by Dominic