Questions Asked on
October 4, 2016

  1. English literature

    Symbolism of story the white knight by eric nicol

  2. percentage

    There are two distinct natural numbers. Each is first increased by 10 then by same percentage as each was increased for the first time. Each number finally results in 72 Find the difference between the numbers Please explained in simplified way

  3. percentage

    In an exam every question correctly answered fetches 2 marks. Every question wrongly answered loses 1 marks. unanswered question have no marks associated with them. ram and shyam wrote this exam. ram attempted a certain number of questions and 30 % of them

  4. math

    The formula of a trapezoid is A=1/2h(b1+b2) Express b1 in terms of A,h,and b2 I did A=1/2hb1+1/2hb2 A=hb1/2 +hb2/2 A-hb2(2/h)=hb1/2(2/h) A-b2=b1 I am not sure if this is correct? I was confused on how to do this. Any help or explanation is greatly

  5. Chemistry

    Classify the following reactions as precipitation reactions, oxidation-reduction reactions, or acid-base reactions. 1)2NaCl(aq)+K2H2Sb2O7(aq)==Na2H2SbO7(s)+2KCl(aq) 2)(CH3COO)2Cu(aq)+(NH4)2C2O4(aq)==CuC2O4(s)+2CH3COONH4(aq) 3)4Al(s)+3O2(g)==2Al2O3(s)

  6. literature

    In the merchant of venice act 3 scene 4, 1. What does Portia tell Lorenzo that she and Nerissa will do? What is their actual plan? 2. 1. How is Portia equipped to portray a man?

  7. Algebra 1

    A cashier has 25 bills consisting of twice as many ones as tens, two fewer fives than than ones, and the rest are twenties. If the total value is $140, find how many of each bill she has?

  8. math please help

    The perimeter of a rectangular field is 380 yd. The length is 10 yd longer than the width. Find the dimensions. Please help and show work thank you

  9. Math

    An experiment is conducted where a single die is rolled 15 times. A 3,2,1,6,4,6,6,5,2,6,5,3,2,3 and 1 are rolled. What is the probability of rolling a 1? Decimal and fraction form

  10. Math

    how to round up 2.500 to the nearest gram.

  11. math

    Joe is playing a game with a regular die. if the number that turns up is even he will gain 5 times the number that comes up. if it is odd, he will lose 10 times the number that comes up. he tosses a 3. express the results as an integer

  12. Physics

    An 80 kg man stands in an elevator. What force does the floor of the elevator exert on the man if a) the elevator is stationary? b) the elevator accelerates upward at 2 m/s2? c) the elevator rises with constant velocity 4 m/s? d) while rising, the elevator

  13. Math

    Round to the nearest hundred thousand the number 387,422

  14. History

    A thesis statement about Asoka’s rule would connect which phrases? Select all that apply. (2 choices) governs by moral example****** a golden age dawns******* sends Buddhist missionaries destroys Nalanda

  15. Chemistry

    2NO(g) + O2 (g) --> 2NO2 How many grams of NO are required to react fully with 5.00 mol of O2? I do not understand any of this please help

  16. Physics

    An airplane touches down at a speed of 55.0 m/s on a runway that is 600 m long. The plane can decelerate at a uniform rate of 2.50 m/s^2. Will the plane be able to stop before the end of the runway?

  17. History

    . Which characteristic helped make the Gupta Empire a golden age? A) adoption of a social caste system B)conquest of neighbors C)growth of religious schools ****** D)reduction in trade

  18. history

    the practice by the british of impressing american seamen was brought to a head by who or what?

  19. Geometry

    Point A (-2,3) and point B (4,6) are the endpoints of segment AB. What are the coordinates of point C on segment AB that AC is 2/3 the length of segment AB from point A? Please help, thanks.

  20. Math

    Ms. Jones wrote the equation below on the board. x divided by 42=21 If the equation Ms. Jones wrote is true which of the following equations must be true? Answers: a. x=21 divided by 42 b. x=21 x 42 c. x=42 divided by 21 d. x=21 plus 42 I am not sure where

  21. percentage

    In an exam every question correctly answered fetches 2 marks. Every question wrongly answered loses 1 marks. unanswered question have no marks associated with them. ram and shyam wrote this exam. ram attempted a certain number of questions and 30 % of them

  22. problem solving (math)

    what is the greatest possible product of a 2-digit number and a 1-digit number? Explain how you know

  23. Geography

    1. Which group of colonists established the first free public education system? A. Spanish colonists B. New England colonists C. Middle state colonists D. Southern colonists 2. Of the following, which influenced the idea of self-government in the colonies?

  24. chemistry

    Write the balanced chemical equation for the oxidation of catechol to quinone.

  25. American History

    Which of the following occurred in the presidential election of 1800? Thomas Jefferson was elected president and John Adams became vice president. The House of Representatives had to decide the election. The Supreme Court ruled the election results were

  26. algebra

    Need help with this The area of a trapezoid is 240 cm2. The height is 20 cm and the length of one of the parallel sides is 10 cm. Find the length of the second parallel side

  27. Physics

    Briefly describe the relative quantities of kinetic, gravitational potential and mechanical energy as a stone is thrown in the air vertically upward and falls to the person's hand at the same height that it left.

  28. Math

    a pulley revolving at 250 revolutions per minute has a diameter of 8 inches. it is belted to a second pulley which revolves at 200 revolutions per minute. find the diameter of the second pulley

  29. Math

    If kelly has a blue shirt, a red shirt, an yellow shirt an only one pair of jeans. If kelly wears one shirt at a time, how many outfits does she have

  30. Algebra

    Which number is equivalent to 0.45(with line over 45) A. 1/45** B. 5/11 C. 4/5 D. 1/4 Is my answer correct?

  31. Physics

    A bat flying in a cave emits a sound and receives its echo 0.1 s later. How far away is the cave wall? Assume the speed of sound to be 340 m/s. Answer in units of m. How do you do this?

  32. alegebra

    (1.08 x 10^-3)(9.3 x 10^-3)

  33. History

    How did the joint family enrich connections between its members across generations? by protecting traditional rights of members to own property by sharing household power equally between men and women by performing the rituals that honor the family’s

  34. Chemistry

    B2O3(s) + 3C(s) + 3Cl2 (g) ---> 2 BCl3(g) + 3CO(g) How many moles of chlorine are used up in a reaction that produced 0.35 kg of BCl3 I do not understand please help

  35. Chemistry

    How many grams of solid KOH must be added to 100ml of a buffer solution which is 0.1M each with respect to the weak acid HA and its potassium salt KA in order to make the pH of the solution 6.0?

  36. chemistry

    A metal bar having a mass of 212 g is heated to 125.0 C and then dropped into 375 g of water at 24.0 C. After a while the temp of the water and the metal is 34.2 C. If the specific heat of the metal is 0.831 J/g C, how much heat did the metal lose? How

  37. social studies

    what was significant about the role of the green mountain boys? select all that apply A}they assisted Washington and his troops in launching a surprise attack in Trenton B}They secured valuable supplies of gunpowder and cannons. C}They secured a key route

  38. Science

    What is the acceleration of a kg object if force of 3 n is applied to it?

  39. Geography

    which of the following was a belief of the quakers that set them apart from ither religious groups that settled in the american colonies? A. Quakers believed that all people are equal in God's eyes B. Quakers believed in freedom of religion C. Quakers

  40. Chemistry

    When methane are burned in a bomb calorimeter the temperature rises from 21.00℃ to 25.18℃. The heat capacity of methane is 3.754x10^3 J/℃. The amount of heat, q (in kJ) absorbed by the calorimeter apparatus is: Correct Answer: 18.68 kJ My Work and my

  41. Math

    The sum of 20 and a number is 30

  42. Math

    What is 10 times as much as 700 will be 7,000

  43. PE

    How does esteem affect the way you behave?

  44. Math

    5.23 x 44 rounded to its greatest place value

  45. History

    Which religion considers the epic poem about Krishna one of the most important texts? Buddhism****** Hinduism Judaism Zoroastrianism

  46. Math

    All the odd numbers from 51 to 5001 are written. What is the total number of digits used?

  47. Maths

    Sally and ben are running around a 400m circular track. Sally can run at 8m/s while ban can run at 6m/s. They start at the same time and run in the same direction. How far are they apart after 5 minutes?

  48. History

    In Hinduism, what is the role of reincarnation in achieving moksha? Reincarnation prevents people from achieving moksha. Moksha is the essential self, which reincarnation allows one to discover. Reincarnation allows one to work toward moksha through

  49. Math

    A round silo is 40 feet tall and has a 25 foot radius. How high would a load of 37000 cubic feet of grain fill the silo? Express your answer rounded to the nearest foot.

  50. math

    using parentheses to make each number sentence true .. 8x9-2-3 equals 32

  51. Maths

    A blue train is 500m long and is travelling at 58km/h. A yellow train is 400m long and is travelling at 32km/h. The trains are travelling towards each other. Ooriginally, the trains are 900km apart. A) how long will it take for the 2 trains to reach each

  52. Math

    You arrive home to find that your 45 foot by 20 foot basement has 3 inches of water in it. A) If 1 cubic foot of water is about 7.48 gallons, how much water will you be pumping out of your basement? Express your answer rounded to the nearest tenth of a

  53. algebra

    need help Marked at half price and less the dealer discount of $4.50, the CD cost $4.50. How much was the original price of the CD?

  54. 2nd grade math

    Show how to make one addend the next tens number. Complete the new addition sentence 26+27=? Is it 53 (10+43=53)

  55. math

    A train leaves a station and travels north at a speed of 105 mph. Two hours​ later, a second train leaves on a parallel track and travels north at 135 mph. How far from the station will they​ meet? please help

  56. Math

    Tell how to find 81 - 16 using mental math

  57. English

    1. He went on lots of exciting rides. 2. He went on doing lots of exciting rides. 3. He went to lots of exciting rides. (Are both OK? What is the part of speech of 'on'? Is 'on' an adverb? Can't we use as in #3?)

  58. physics

    An object initially at rest on a horizontal OX axis explodes into two pieces . One piece moves just after explosion along the axis OX with a speed of 6m/s. What are the direction and the magnitude of the velocity of the second piece whose mass is three

  59. Physics

    An oceanic depth-sounding vessel surveys the ocean bottom with ultrasonic waves that travel 1530 m/s in seawater. How deep is the water directly below the vessel if the time delay of the echo to the ocean floor and back is 7 s? Answer in units of m. Is it

  60. Math

    The usual price of a plasma television set was $8999. After a year, the selling price of the same type of plasma television set was $4200. Find the percentage decrease in price. Round off your answer to the nearest whole number.

  61. Math

    In January, the price of a kilogram of potatoes at Supermarket X was $3.20. In May, a kilogram of the same type of potatoes cost $2.99. Find the percentage decrease in price. Express your answer correct to 1 decimal place.

  62. Earth Science

    which two criteria must be met before scientists can use radiocarbon dating? I need serious help dudes lol

  63. Math

    The COE price for a small car in January was $16,525. In November, the COE price had increased to $24,725. Find the percentage increase in the COE. Express your answer correct to 1 decimal place.

  64. Accounting

    What is the annual capital loss deduction? How does it apply to worthless securities?

  65. 4th grade math

    choose the number that has the digit 5 with a value that is 10 times less than the value f the digit 5 in this number: 54,271

  66. algebra

    Hans purchased a prepaid phone card for $45.50. Calls cost 7 cents a minute using this card. The credit, C(in dollars), left on the card after it is used for x minutes of calls is given by the following function. C(x)=45.50-0.07x How much credit is left on

  67. Math

    Distributive property: 8(-x -6)

  68. Physics

    An Australian emu is running due west in a straight line at a speed of 12.8 m/s and slows down to a speed of 7.7 m/s in 7.4 s. (a) What is the direction of the bird’s acceleration? (b) Assuming that the acceleration remains the same, what is the bird’s

  69. History

    I was wondering how I use citation for a website?

  70. Math

    How can you make 64:256 into a ratio

  71. English (ELA)

    Hi! I really need to do well on this quiz, can someone check my answers? 1. What can you infer from this sentence near the stat of "The Story-Teller" Most of the Aunts remarks began with "Don't" and nearly all of the children's remarks began with "Why" A.

  72. chemistry

    WHAT does it mean for a phase of matter to have a definite shape and volume

  73. Math

    Two angles supplementary. One angle is 4degrees° less thanless than three times the other. Find the measures of the angles. What is the measure of the smaller​ angle? What is the measure of the other​ angle? Please Help

  74. Maths

    Harry is x years old now. 3 years ago Jenny was twice Harry's age. In three years timthe Ahmed will be 5 times as old as Jenny. Write an expression for Ahmed's ago now.

  75. Math

    For a certain commodity the supply equation is given by S=2p+5 At a price of $1,there is a demand for 19units of the commodity.If the demand equation is linear and the market price is $3,find the demand equation?

  76. maths-plz just tell me the two factor am okay


  77. 4th grade math

    A poster is 3 inches long. its 4 times as wide as it is long. a. draw a diagram of the poster and label its diagram b. find the perimeter and area of the poster

  78. Math

    If the ratio of green marbles to yellow marbles is 3:4 then how many yellow marbles are there for 8 green marbles

  79. Physics

    A glacier advances at 7 × 10−6 cm/s. How far will it move in 3.7 y? Answer in units of cm. I have calculated that there are 31,449,600 seconds in a year. I multiplied 31,449,600 by 7 × 10−6 and got 2201.472. Then I multiplied that by 3.7 and got

  80. Physics

    An automobile traveling along a straight road increases its speed from 67 ft/s to 85 ft/s in 180 ft. If the acceleration is constant, how much time elapses while the auto moves the 180 ft? Answer in units of s. Can you tell me the steps in doing this?

  81. physics

    if 5 kg mass is suspended from an ideal spring can oscillate down. If the amplitude of oscillator is doubled . the period will be? a. Increases by factor 5 b. decreases by factor 5 c. double d. remain same

  82. Algebra 1

    what is 3 less than 4 times a?

  83. Math

    5 days a week swimming on tuesday diving onfriday how many days a week will you be hsving both LESSONS TOGETHER. A week ??

  84. Social studies

    How did George Washington create and shape our community? would these be a few ways he created a cabinet system he created the first bank he set the term limit of the president

  85. Social studies

    Example of human features

  86. Math adv function

    An unknown polynomial f(x) of degree 37 yields a remainder of 1 when divided by x – 1, a remainder of 3 when divided by x – 3, a remainder of 21 when divided by x – 5. Find the remainder when f(x) is divided by (x – 1)(x – 3)(x – 5).

  87. PE

    why do you think it is necessary to identify your values when using the decide process to make the important decision

  88. Geography

    which of the following was a belief of the quakers that set them apart from ither religious groups that settled in the american colonies? A. Its founding based on religious freedom B. Its founding by a proprietor C. It's effort to attract people of

  89. Algebra


  90. Math! Please help! Now!!!

    1. 31 over 4 written as a decimal? A. 6.75 B. 7.50 C. 7.75 D. 8.25 Help!!!

  91. Adv functions

    Given that the cubic equation has rational coefficients and has the root , determine the values of a and b. I got a=2 and b=4. But the answer is a=-6 and b=-20

  92. Math

    1. What is 57% of 11? (1 point) 11 = 0.57 • n; 19.3 n = 57 • 11; 627 n = 0.57 • 11; 6. 27 11 = 57 • n; 0.19 2. 224 is 25% of what number? (1 point) 224 • 0.25 = w; 560 224 = 0.25 • w; 896 224 • 0.25 = w; 56 224 = 0.25 • w; 90 3. Explain how

  93. Algebra

    In most of the previous examples there were only two terms. Extend your work with using the distributive law backwards and write the following as a product of binomials. x(x+2)+3(x+2)+4x(x+2)

  94. Math

    Robin and Emily are selling boxes of candy bars. Robin sells 36 boxes of candy and Emily sells 24 boxes of candy. Which expression, using the form a(b+c), represents the amount they sold altogether? a. 2(12+24) b. 4(9+6) c. 24(6 + 36) d. 12 (3+2) Can you

  95. information technology

    Define the following terms: a) Connectivity b) Wireless revolution. c) Network d) Internet [8 marks] Question 2 Using Windows Operating system, describe the steps you would follow to perform the following tasks. a) De fragment the hard disk drive [3 marks]

  96. geography

    I need to compare a coastal, mountainous or desert area from Australia to a counterpart in a developing country then discuss their management, sustainability, tourism applications etc. I need assistance in choosing countries as I am having trouble finding

  97. College Algebra

    Let x = the number of birds that Tim has. Let y = the number of dogs that Tim has. Tim has more than twice as many dogs as he has birds. Tim has more than 2 birds. The total number of dogs and birds that Tim has is less than 11. Set up an appropriate

  98. physics

    On the horizontal surface of a truck a block of mass 1kg is placed and truck is moving with acceleration 5m/sec then the frictional force on the block will be?

  99. math

    The ratio for red and blue skittles is 3:5. There are 20 more blue skittles. how many red skittles are there?

  100. adv function

    an unknown polynomial f(x) of degree 32 yields a remainder of 1 when divided by x-1 and a remainder of 3 when divided by x-3, find the remainder when f(x) is divided by (x-1)(x-3). What is the answer? and i was wondering if the part about the polynomial

  101. Chemistry

    The following replicate values were reported for the concentration of magnesium chloride, MgCl2, in mol/L. What value should be reported as the mean concentration of the chloride ion, Cl-, converted to ppm? (You may use the simplified definition of ppm.)

  102. Physics

    A rocket initially at rest accelerates at a rate of 80 m/s^2 for 0.74 min. What is its speed at the end of this time? Answer in units of m/s. Plz help and explain

  103. calculus

    Beast Mode Question: I am seating in one of the corners of the room when the time was exactly 12:30PM. I was decided to go to the other corner of the room at 12:35. I go outside of the room when the sun was directly ahead of me. Find the inclination of the

  104. Physics

    The density of an object is 1500kgm-3, the mass is 10000g find the volume

  105. Maths

    The sum of 26 and a number equals 3 times the number Have to define a variable ,then write equation

  106. Government

    1: Which of the following responsibilities are held by the legislative, rather than executive, branch? (Select 2) A: writing and voting on new laws(my answer) B: providing social programs to citizens C: selecting new judges for federal courts D:

  107. Math

    -5 1/3 divided by 2/3

  108. Math


  109. History

    How did mountain passes influence the rise and decline of ancient Indian empires? They prevented contact between the Gupta and White Hun cultures. They provided routes for migrating peoples from the Persian Gulf. ******* They allowed invading foreign

  110. Physics

    A driver in a car, originally moving at 13.1 m/s, applies the brakes until the car comes to a stop. The car moves a distance of 34.1 m while braking. How much time did it take for the car to stop? Assume constant acceleration during braking.

  111. Math

    If you put me into 7 equal groups with 2 in each group, 5 are left over. What number am I?

  112. M.A.T.H.

    Does a negative times a positive equal a negative? I already know that a negative times a negative equals a positive and a positive time a positive equals a positive. So what's negative and positive? Please help me. Thanks.

  113. glen view

    how much sand is required to fill a swimming pool 20m long and 8m deep

  114. Physics

    A car will skid to a halt at a uniform rate of -9.4 m/s^2. If you measure skid marks that are 34 m long, with what speed was the car going just before the driver slammed the brakes?

  115. math

    The temperature rose 2 degrees every 5 minutes if the final temperature aftee 30 minutes was -4 degrees, what was the beginning temperature

  116. Math

    Shelby drove to her aunt's house, which is 360 miles away. If it took her 5 hours and she drove at a constant rate, what was Shelby's average speed? My answer which I figured out in two different ways: 360 miles/5 hours=72 mph 360 miles/5 hours=x/1 hour=72

  117. Math

    Let f(x) be a cubic polynomial function such that y=13(x-1)+4 is tangent to the graph of f(x)at (1, 4) and y=(x+1)+6 is tangent to the graph of f(x) at (-1, 6). Find the equation of f(x)

  118. Math

    Mrs. Hanson's class of 22 students shares 132 colored pencils Which statement is true? a. For each student there are 7 colored pencils. b. For each student there are 6 colored pencils c. For every 7 students, there is 1 colored pencils d. For every 6

  119. Math

    If it costs $75 to buy 3 video games, how much money will Jordan need if he wants to buy 12 video games? $75.00/3 video games=$25.00 for 1 video game $25.00 x 12 video games=$300.00 for 12 video games Can you please double check my answer to see if I got

  120. Math

    Robin and Emily are selling boxes of candy bars. Robin sells 36 boxes of candy and Emily sells 24 boxes of candy. Which expression, using the form a(b+c), represents the amount they sold together a. 2(12+24) b. 4(9+6) c. 24 (6 + 36) d. 12 (3 + 2) My answer

  121. English

    Which of the following generalizations best applies to "The Third Bank of the River"? a. Family members often know each other the least b. The bond between a father and his son is unbreakable*** c. Sons feel the pressure to follow in their fathers'

  122. Math

    1/2 divided by 1/2=1?

  123. Chemistry

    15.00g of ammonium nitrate decomposes into an expandable container acoording to the following equation. 2NH4NO3 ==> 2N2 g + 4H2O g + O2 g which has the highest partial pressure a. N2 b. H2O c. O2 i am not sure how to approach this problem. is there a

  124. science

    A crane accidently drops a box full of material into a freshwater pool measuring 20 feet long, 10 feet wide, and 6 feet deep before the box is dropped causing the water level to rise to 6.05 feet after the box is dropped. The box is 10x8x12 inches and the

  125. Physics

    A 2 stage rocket launches off at an initial angle of 75 degrees above the horizontal. The rocket has a mass of 250 kg, while the stage 1 has a mass of 125 kg, and the stage 2 booster has a mass of 50 kg. At ignition the stage 1 booster gives the rocket a

  126. Physics

    A car accelerates from rest at 2.9 m/s^2. How much time does it need to attain a speed of 4 m/s? Answer in units of s. are you supposed to divide 2.9 by 4?

  127. AP Physics

    A 2 stage rocket launches off at an initial angle of 75 degrees above the horizontal. The rocket has a mass of 250 kg, while the stage 1 has a mass of 125 kg, and the stage 2 booster has a mass of 50 kg. At ignition the stage 1 booster gives the rocket a

  128. Physics

    An airplane traveling 1004 m above the ocean at 130 km/h is going to drop a box of supplies to shipwrecked victims below. (a) How many seconds before the plane is directly overhead should the box be dropped? (b) What is the horizontal distance between the

  129. Physics

    An arrow is shot at 28.0 degrees above the horizontal. Its velocity is 52 m/s, and it hits the target. (a) What is the maximum height the arrow will attain? (b) The target is at the height from which the arrow was shot. How far away was it?

  130. Physics

    Divers in Acapalco dive from a cliff that is 60 m high. If the rocks below the cliff extend outward for 26 m, what is the minimum horizontal velocity a diver must have to clear the rocks?

  131. Physics

    A 625-kg racing car completes one lap in 14.3 s around a circular track with a radius of 50.0 m. The car moves at a constant speed. (a) What is the acceleration of the car? (b) What force must the track exert on the tires to produce this acceleration?

  132. Social Studies Religion

    A Muslim organization wants to build a small mosque in the vicinity of the September 11 Memorial in New York City. There is public outrage from many citizens who do not want a Muslim religious site there. You must write a letter to the mayor of NYC

  133. Math

    To make green paint, Jeff's art teacher instructed him to mix blue and yellow paint. To make the desired shade of green, the ratio of blue paint to yellow paint is 3:4. What the does the ratio 3:4 mean? a. 4 parts yellow for every 3 parts blue b. 4 parts

  134. Math

    The difference of two number is seven. when the larger number is decreased by five, then doubled, it is five more than the small number. Find the numbers.

  135. damon-steve- help statistics

    Statistics City XYZ has 8800 registered voters. There are two candidates: Peter and Paul. A poll of 600 randomly selected registered voters was conducted. We know that 331 said they'd vote for Peter and 251 said they'd vote for Paul. We also know that 18

  136. physics

    Consider a stationary skater of mass 60 kg. Another skater of mass 40kg rushes and holds the first at a speed of 12km/hr. Both skaters hold together and move as one system (S) with a speed V. a) Determine V. b) Determine the kinetic energy of (S) before

  137. History

    1. What is the name of the Georgian Patriot woman who became famous through a story about her defeat of a group of Loyalists who came to her cabin demanding food? -Molly Pitcher - Helen Kell - Nancy Hart*** - Betsy Ross 2. Which one of George

  138. History

    In a fully developed paragraph, evaluate the rule of the trustees as a success or failure. Explain your reasoning.

  139. History

    How did the development of the caste system affect society in India? Select all that apply. (I need to select 3) connected people through shared identities******** ensured equality among men and women of the same class********* ensured job specialization

  140. Math

    Solve using the elimination method. 2x/5 + y/2 = 3 x/2-y/6=2 Please and Thank you

  141. physics

    How do you find the scalar product of two vectors, A=8m along the y-axis in the negative direction and B=15m, 30 degrees from the y-axis in the first quadrant. Thanks!

  142. American Government

    Who counts the Electoral College vote? A) House of Representatives B) Senate C) State legislatures D) Supreme Court My textbook says "The president of the Senate opens the electoral votes from each State and counts them before a joint session of Congress."

  143. algebra

    Need help with this The area of a trapezoid is 240 cm2. The height is 20 cm and the length of one of the parallel sides is 10 cm. Find the length of the second parallel side

  144. Algebra

    what is the solution to (4 x 10^3) x (6 x 10^6), written in scientific notation? A. 24 x 10^9 B. 2.4 x 10^9 ** C. 24 x 10^18 D. 2.4 x 10^10 Is this right?

  145. math

    The perimeter of a rectangular field is 380 yd. The length is 70 yd longer than the width. Find the dimensions. Please help

  146. Meth

    ______________ angles are angles that add up to __________ degrees. • Vertical angles have the ________ ___________. When you know that two angles are ___________, you know that they are ____________. • ___________ lines are lines that never

  147. physics

    What is the constant value of gravitation ?

  148. Algebra

    Hi, can somebody help me make some equations? I need 3, one true, one false, and one open that includes 2-3 steps. I know what it means but I don't know how to make a decent one, it's supposed to be for my classmates to review and I'm not good at making

  149. Social studies

    What were protestants want to true friend and elation church called

  150. algebra

    need help: When the price of a necklace was reduced by $132, the sale price was $1590. What was the original price of the necklace?

  151. maths-need help

    e^x=2x+1 what is the approximated root

  152. please help math

    $9500 is​ invested, part of it at 12​% and part of it at 7​%. For a certain​ year, the total yield is ​$960.00. How much was invested at each​ rate? PLEASE HELP

  153. maths need help

    determine arcsinh(2+i) in form of a+bi thanks

  154. physics

    a labourer lifts 100 stone to a height of 6m in two minute.if mass of each stone be one kilogram, calculate the average power ( gravity = 10ms-² )

  155. Math

    Determine whether the statement is a good definition. If not, explain. "A newspaper has articles you read." I think that this a good definition, can I get a second opinion?

  156. MATHS

    (0.267*0.934)RAISE TO POWER 3

  157. algebra

    need help Jan is 5 inches shorter than her 72 inch tall mother. How tall is Jan in inches?

  158. Math

    The area of a postcard us 15square inches wide how tall is it

  159. Geometry

    can someone explain this to me? When using the midpoint formula, what is different between a number line and a coordinate plane?

  160. Physics

    usain bolt set the world record for the 100m dash, proving to be the fastest man in history, with a time of 9.58s. what was bolt's average speed in miles per hour? (his initial speed was 100m/9.58s I got 23.35 mph for this I need help with this.