Questions Asked on
October 3, 2016

  1. Health

    An individuals self-esteem stays the same throughout their life: A - true B - false ** Self-actualization means that you focus on yourself all the time A - true B - false ** Which of the following is a skill you can practice to improve your self-esteem? A

    asked by Ana
  2. English

    I am having trouble with a Unit Test and I want to see if some of my answers are right. 1. Read the following sentences from "Day of the Butterfly." "I did not know what to do. I could not afford to be seen walking with her, and I did not even want to -

    asked by Katey
  3. Science

    what steps are important in the process of creating a scientific theory A) Hypothesizing,observing,and testing. B) Creating a prototype and trouble-shooting. C) Analyzing,Offering an opinion, and evaluating D) Trouble-shooting,hypothesizing,and evaluating.

    asked by valerie
  4. Chemistry

    Identify the oxidation-reduction reactions among the following: 1. Zn(s) + Cu2+(aq) → Zn2+(aq) + Cu(s) 2. 2Na(s) + Cl2(aq) → 2NaCl(s) 3. 2Mg(s) + O2(g) → 2MgO Identify the oxidation-reduction reactions among the following: 1 and 2 only 2 and 3 only 1

    asked by Beth
  5. spanish

    Many job options for high school graduates in Honduras are in what field? A. agriculture B. english C. engineering* D. technology

    asked by oto
  6. Social Studies

    Which of the following were precedents that George Washington set during his presidency? Select all that apply He established a judicial system of nine justices that is still in place today. He chose well-known leaders to run his executive departments and

    asked by Adlyn
  7. English

    Which of the following sentences from Of Wolves and Men uses imagery to engage the reader? The wolf is three years old. It is now late afternoon.**** His ears are rammed forward, stiff. It is not the time of year for much howling

    asked by Lost
  8. Chemistry

    Write the formulas of the compounds formed by NH4+ with the following anions: NO3−, HCO3−, SO42−, HPO42−. Express your answers as chemical formulas separated by commas. Use the given order of anions.

    asked by Morgan
  9. english

    in an inconvenient truth, an increase in greenhouse gases is dangerous becasue a. they trap more heat in earths atmosphere b. they create holes in the atmopshere , releasing too much heat c. they reduce humans ability to absorb oxagen throught their lungs

    asked by oto
  10. Reading 8

    What is the main idea in the story Always To Remember: Maya Ying Lin?

    asked by 8th grader
  11. Physics

    A hydroxide ion (OH−) in a glass of water has an average speed of about 600 m/s. Determine the magnitude of the electrical force between the hydroxide ion (charge −e) and a positive ion (charge +e) that is 1.0 × 10−8 m away (about the separation of

    asked by Kyle
  12. Chemistry

    When an electric current passes through water during the process of electrolysis, two gases are formed. One gas has a boiling point of -183 C and the other has a boiling point of -253 C. Has a physical change or chemical change occurred? Explain. I think

    asked by Sami
  13. geography

    In The Deadliest Tsunami History all of the following were effects of the tsunami except lack of food no clean water mass animal deaths*** the coastline was destroyed

    asked by Lost
  14. Math

    The city highway department bought 3/4 tons of salt to put on the road when it snows. They have used 2/7 of salt. How many tons has the city highway department used?

    asked by Dani
  15. Physics

    A kangaroo carries her 0.49kg baby in her pouch as she bounds across the ground. As she pushes off the ground, she is accelerating upward at 30 m/s2. What is the apparent weight of her baby at this instant?

    asked by Brittany!
  16. Physics

    A baseball of a mass 0.15 kg is thrown by a pitcher with a speed 20m/s. The bat is in contact with the ball for 0.01 second and gives it a speed of 30m/s in a direction straight towards the picther.find the value of the force and the impluse?

    asked by Kylie
  17. history

    1, What was one reason for the formation of the Democratic Republican Party? Washington's cabinet members wanted to form a new party to strengthen the federal government Thomas Jefferson's views clashed with those of Alexander Hamilton **** The alien and

    asked by Anonymous
  18. History PLS HELP

    Which two of the following characteristics are necessary for a state to exist? Select all that apply. (2 points) 1. territory *** 2. judiciary 3. sovereignty 4. constitution 5. federal system 6. organized government *** 7. seperation of powers AM I RIGHT?

  19. english

    Please answer the following from An Inconvenient Truth 11. Earth is called the Goldilocks planet because a.the sun is at a balanced distance has significant wildlife population is neither too hot nor too cold for life** d.of the mineral content,

    asked by oto
  20. Math

    Natalie read 3/4 of a book that is 120 pages long. How many pages does she have left to read?

    asked by Gigi
  21. math

    Aanya made a scale drawing of a picture. The original dimensions of the picture are 8 inches by 12 inches. Which choice shows a possible combination for the dimensions in Aanya’s drawing?

    asked by Anonymous
  22. maths

    From the four corners of a square piece of paper of side 12cm, small squares of 1cm are cut off. The edges of this are bent up and joined to form a container of height 1cm. What is the capacity of the container? If squares of side 2cm are cut off, what

    asked by shalu
  23. math

    Winning the jackpot in the connecticut classic lotto requires that you choose six different numbers from 1 to 44, and your numbers must match the same six numbers that are later drawn. the order of the selected numbers does not matter. if you buy one

    asked by Anonymous
  24. History

    Why was it necessary to apply the federal bill of rights to the states with the 14th amendment? A: to establish civil rights for visible minorities B: to prevent states from continuing the practice of slavery *!*!*! C: to give the federal government the

    asked by mia larson CHECK ANSWERS NOW PLEASE!!!!!MRS. SUE
  25. Chemistry

    An Unknown Compound (M=60.09 g/mol) is composed of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen. Combustion of 0.255 g of the unknown compound produces 0.561 g Carbon Dioxide and 0.306 g of Water. Determine the molecular formula of the compound.

    asked by John
  26. Physics

    At the starting gun a runner accelerates from the rest at 1.5 m/s squared for 2.2 seconds. What is the runner's speed 2.0 seconds after she starts running?

    asked by Jannet
  27. English

    I did not know what to do. I could not afford to be seen walking with her, and I did not even want to-but on the other hand the flattery of those humble, hopeful turnings was not lost on me. A role was shaping for me I could not help playing. Which of the

    asked by Marylyn
  28. L.A.

    Why should you avoid writing about too many events in a personal narrative? avoid overwhelming the reader with too much info. help you, the writer, stay on topic. allow your self, the writer, room to add many details and descriptions. D. all

    asked by CJ
  29. Social studies

    Can someone check my answers if there wrong can you give me the right answers please 1, What was one reason for the formation of the Democratic Republican Party? Washington's cabinet members wanted to form a new party to strengthen the federal government

    asked by Bree
  30. monoplistic competition

    Suppose that a typical firm in a monopolistically competitive industry faces a demand curve given by: q = 60 − (1/2)p, where q is quantity sold per week. The firm’s marginal cost curve is given by: MC = 60. How much will the firm produce in the short

    asked by Akwi
  31. algbra

    sair has to read a book for english class by he end of the week. She wants to read at least 200 pages in her first 5 days of the week. On average , how many pages should Sari read per day to meet her goal? p greater than equal to ______ I think

    asked by oto
  32. Algebra

    which of these numbers can be classified as both real and irrational? 1. 5.858585858 2. 63.4 3. root 21 4. root 36 which is both a real number and an integer? 1. 23 2. 1/4 3. root 27 4. 3.402538 which of these number is classified as both real and

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Grammar

    When you add sugar to it, your cup of coffee becomes not only sweet, also flattening. Which word is not grammatically used in this sentence ?

    asked by Kamo
  34. biology (check answers)

    1. How do endothermic and exothermic reactions differ? a. Endothermic reactions release energy and are spontaneous. b. Exothermic reactions release energy and are spontaneous. c. Endothermic reactions give off heat and light. d. Photosynthesis is

    asked by Dizzie
  35. Biology

    Two students were testing the amount of fertilizer that would best promote the growth of tomato plants in a garden. Which of the following could be an unavoidable source of experimental error? Select one: a. variation of tomato plants b. amount of water

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Physics

    A horizontal force of 150 N is used to push a 40.5-kg packing crate a distance of 5.05 m on a rough horizontal surface. If the crate moves at constant speed, find each of the following. (a) the work done by the 150-N force (b) the coefficient of kinetic

    asked by Bella
  37. SS

    Which of the following is a reason that conservatives were not happy with the Constitution of 1777? A. Eight counties were formed from twelve parishes B. A one-house legislature was created*** C. Too many men were eligible to vote D. Trial by jury was

    asked by ttng
  38. Algebra

    A square and an equilateral triangle have the same perimeter.Each side of the triangle is 5 inches longer than each side of the square. What is the perimeter of the square.

    asked by Maurice
  39. Maths

    Given that log200=0.3010 and log1000=0.4771 calculate without using table log0.72.

    asked by Isaac a
  40. english

    Holly's dad restores her desire to learn how to play guitar, even though he does not know anything about playing guitar. What type of irony, if any, does this demonstrate?

    asked by emma
  41. Geometry

    The midpoint of UV is (5, -11). The coordinates of one endpoint are U(3, 5). Find the coordinates of endpoint V. I know what the question is asking, but I'm not sure what steps to take to calculate the other endpoint based on the midpoint. Please help, I

    asked by Anonymous
  42. world history

    1. Which statement best describes the period known as the Old Kingdom? It was a time of dynastic uncertainty. It was a time of development. It was a time of great geographic expansion.*** 2. In what way was the Nile both a benefit and a disadvantage for

    asked by cupcakesss
  43. Physics

    A small bug is placed between two masses (m1>m2) on a frictionless table. A horizontal force F is applied to either m1 or to m2, as shown. 1) In which case does the bug have a better chance of survival? HINT: Find the force of contact between the blocks in

    asked by Anonymous
  44. math

    Julio's father is 4 times as old as Julio. The sum of their ages is no less than 55. Enter an inequality that can be used to represent this situation in the first box, where x represents Julio's age. Enter the youngest age Julio can be in the second box.

    asked by ariel
  45. Math

    Twelve farmers can harvest 2 hectares of rice in 3 days. How many farmers will it take to harvest 5 hectares in 10 days?

    asked by Anonymous
  46. math

    Suppose the scores of students on an exam are normally distributed with a mean of 393 and a standard deviation of 57. According to the empirical rule, what percentage of students scored between 279 and 507 on the exam

    asked by betsy


    asked by MOHAMED
  48. science

    A gymnast is performing a routine on the trampoline. At the beginning of each jump, she leaves the trampoline with a vertical velocity of 7.4 m/s upward. What is her vertical acceleration when she is at the apex of each of her jumps?

    asked by jaspreet
  49. math

    Chalk contains calcium,carbon and oxygen in the ratio 10:3:12.Find the percentage of carbon in a chalk and in a stick of chalk, carbon in 3g what is the length of chalk stick?

    asked by Ashish
  50. Biology

    A consumer can also be considered a a. herbivore b. autotroph c. heterotroph d. primary producer I think the answer is either a or c, because a consumer could also be a herbivore, but I don't know if the question is asking for a different name for a

    asked by Starcatcher
  51. Math

    Cucumbers are on sale, so you buy 16 pounds of them at the local market for your restaurant. Each cucumber is actually 99% water. A few days later, the cucumbers have dried out to the point that each is now 80% water. How much do all your cucumbers weigh

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Math

    Annika is making a quilt with squares that are one half foot in length on each side the finished quilt will be 4 feet long and 3 and a half feet wide how many quilt squares will Annika need.

    asked by Alissa


    asked by LESTER
  54. math 115

    How many droplets of water are in a river that is 100 km long, 290 m wide, and 29 m deep? Assume a droplet is 1 milliliter. (Note: one liter equals one cubic decimeter and 10 decimeters equals 1 meter.) Express you answer in scientific notation.

    asked by Anyno.
  55. Math

    Let r(t) be a differentiable function that is positive and increasing. The rate of increase of r^3 is equal to 12 times the rate of increase of r when r(t)=?

    asked by Mike
  56. Calculus

    Sketch a rough graph of the yield of a crop as a function of the amount of fertilizer used. I do not know what to do, can someone guide me?

    asked by Johanna
  57. math

    The temperature has been going down at a constant rate. In 8 hours it went down 16 degrees. Which expression best shows the temperature change each hour?

    asked by sonia
  58. Biology

    In a population of Mendel's garden peas, the frequency of green-flowered plants (genotype aa) is 49%. The population is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. What are the frequencies of the AA and Aa genotypes? I got 9% AA, 42% Aa as my answer, is this correct?

    asked by Fay
  59. Math

    Estimate the product by finding two numbers the exact answer is between. 7×3,289

    asked by Felicia
  60. Physics

    An 80 kg man stands in an elevator. What force does the floor of the elevator exert on the man if a) the elevator is stationary? b) the elevator accelerates upward at 2 m/s2? c) the elevator rises with constant velocity 4 m/s? d) while rising, the elevator

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Algebra

    Top of the rectangle is 2x+5 right hand side is 5. Write an expression for the area of the rectangle. Then find the area of the rectangle in square feet if x=3. Then I need to find the value of x if the area of the rectangle is 1y0 square ft. Help!!

    asked by Kimmy
  62. maths

    The sum of two numbers one of which is 3/4 of the other is 84 . Find the number

    asked by Anonymous
  63. Physics

    A boy throws a ball straight up into the air so that it leaves his hand at 11 m/s. 1) If the ball has mass 0.15 kg and the boy's arm moved through 1.5 m as he threw the ball, then what average force did he exert on the ball? Please show it step by step

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Math

    solve the equation. 1. 5h - 9 = -16 + 6h (1 point) A 4 B -7 *** C 7 D 10

    asked by Caleb
  65. Chemistry

    A beaker of nitric acid is neutralized with calcium hydroxide. Write a balanced molecular equation and a net ionic equation for his reaction

    asked by Amy S
  66. percentage

    There are two distinct natural numbers. Each is first increased by 10 then by same percentage as each was increased for the first time. Each number finally results in 72 Find the difference between the numbers. Please explain easy way

    asked by vipul
  67. finance

    Starting a year from now and making 10 yearly payments, Pierre would like to put into a retirement account enough money so that, starting 11 years from now, he can withdraw $30000 per year until he dies. Pierre is confident that he can earn 8% per year on

    asked by Yumi
  68. math

    The normal to the curve y = ax^1/2 + bx at the point where x = 1 has a gradient 1 and intercepts the y-axis (0,-14). Find a and b

    asked by Cynthia
  69. Science (Chemistry) (Measurement Uncertainty)

    Three students are asked to determine the mass of a coon. They each measure different values for the mass of the coin using a balance. Student A recorded a mass of 63.08g, student B recorded a mass of 63.022g and student C recorded a mass of 63.0328g. If

    asked by Ray
  70. English

    In Ragtime music, melodies are syncopated. Is ragtime a noun or adjective? I think noun...Is this correct? Thank you

    asked by Marylyn
  71. Physics

    Two blocks of masses 11 kg and 8.0 kg are connected together by a light red string and rest on a frictionless level surface. Attached to the 8-kg mass is a light blue string, which a person uses to pull both blocks horizontally. If the two-block system

    asked by Jessica
  72. maths

    5004=hundreds and units

    asked by Anonymous
  73. science

    Describe how you will prepare 500cm of 1M nacl

    asked by Abigail
  74. Chemistry

    1.025g of an impure sample of a weak acid HX(mol mass = 82) is dissolved in 60ml of water and titrated with 0.25M NaOH. When half of the acid was neutralized the pH was found to be 5.0 and at the equivalence point the pH is 9.0. Find the % purity of this

    asked by Sandu

    15.0g of KCLO3 was crushed and heated with about 0.1g of MnO2.Write an equation for the reaction.

    asked by CHI
  76. math

    You reserve 2/5 of the seats on a bus. You are able to fill 5/8 of the seats you reserve. What fraction of the seats on the bus are you able to fill? How do I figure this out?

    asked by Ki
  77. Us history

    the sugar act was a new tax on molasses but actually lowered an earlier text what were the colonists doing in response to the earlier text that the sugar act try to stop? A.) Declaring independence from Britain B.) Paying only a portion of it C.) Holding

    asked by Kendra
  78. Physics

    A car starting from rest is uniformly accelerated so that it's velocity in 5 seconds is 36 km/h . It travels at this velocity for 5 seconds, and then a brake is applied to bring it to rest in the next 5 seconds. Find the total distance travelled

    asked by Claire
  79. emmy norberton

    Tom is 6. He is 3 years older than sam and twice as old as jack

    asked by debeye
  80. Proportion

    A truck has traveled 75 miles in 1.5 hours of driving. At the same speed,which proportion can be used to determine how long,T (in hours),it would take the truck to travel 325 miles?

    asked by Anonymus
  81. Fractions

    Two fifths of the instruments in the marching band are brass, one third are percussion, and the rest are woodwinds. A. What fraction of the band is wood wind? B. One half of the woodwinds are clarinets. What fraction of the band is clarinets? C. One eight

    asked by Aia
  82. Chemistry

    Each increase in pressure of 100 atm decreases the melting point of ice by about 1.0¡ÆC. Q. One possible explanation of why a skate moves smoothly over ice is that the pressure exerted by the skater on the ice lowers its freezing point and causes it to

    asked by KK
  83. physic

    two force10n and20n are inclined at an angle 60 degree to each.find the resultant forces are now made to be inclined at120degree to each other,find the magnitude of the new resultant force

    asked by precious
  84. physics

    a wooden box weighing 286N is pushed across the floor by a workman who exerts a horizontal force of 143N. If the force of friction between the box and the floor is 28N, what is the acceleration (in meters per second) of the box?

    asked by kassy
  85. Social Studies

    1, What was one reason for the formation of the Democratic Republican Party? Washington's cabinet members wanted to form a new party to strengthen the federal government Thomas Jefferson's views clashed with those of Alexander Hamilton **** The alien and

    asked by Amy
  86. Algebra

    Two cars are traveling at 40 and 50 miles per hour, respectively. If the second car starts out 5 miles behind the first car. How long will it take the second car to overtake the first car?

    asked by Emily
  87. physics

    The speed of a train is reduced from 80knhr-1 to 40kmhr-1 in a distance of 500m on applying the much further will the train travel before coming,how long will it take to bring the train to rest after the application of the brakes?

    asked by tope
  88. Algebra

    A rectangle has dimensions in feet as shown in the figure it is 2x +5 And one side is 8. I need to write an expression for the area of the rectangle. B. Find the area of the rectangle, in sq.ft. if x=3 C. Find the value of x if the area of the rectangle is

    asked by Shane
  89. physics

    A plane 65 m above the ground is flying directly toward a target at 50 m/s . Part A At what distance from the target should the pilot drop the weight?

    asked by brittney
  90. Physics

    An object with a weight of 150 N hangs from the ceiling as shown in the figure. 1) Find the tension in each string. q1 = 60 degree and q2 = 45 degree Please show it step by step along with the equation to use

    asked by Anonymous
  91. Math

    Rita needs to measure out 3.5 gallons of vinegar for a science experiment However, her only measuring tool is a measuring cup that holds 1 cup. How many cups of vinegar does she need? I am confused on this can you please help me?

    asked by Matt
  92. physics

    A flatbed truck is carrying a 2610kg crate of heavy machinery. if the coefficient of static friction between the crate and the bed of the truck is 0.530, what is the maximum rate(in meters/second^2) that the driver can decelerate when coming to a stop in

    asked by kassy
  93. physics

    how large a fore (in newtons) is needed to accelerate a 5 metric-ton vehicle from rest to a speed of 10 km/hr in 4 s?

    asked by kassy
  94. Chemistry Lab

    Number of moles of HCl and Na2CO3 (show calculations) when 0.015 g of Na2CO3. How can I calculate this problem if I am only given the 0.015 grams of Na2CO3?

    asked by Julissa
  95. physics

    a bullet is fired horizontally with a velocity of 40 m/s from a height if 50m. how far it will fall to the ground

    asked by laraib
  96. physics

    A 0.110 kg baseball,traveling at 37.0 m/s, strikes the catchers mitt, which recoils 13.0cm in bringing the ball to rest. What was the average force(in newtons) applied be the ball to the mitt?

    asked by kassy
  97. math

    The distance that light travels in 1 year (a light year) is 5.88 times 10 Superscript 12 miles. If a star is 4.6 times 10 Superscript 7 light years from Earth, what is this distance in miles? Enter your answer in scientific notation. Round the coefficient

    asked by Anyno.
  98. Communications

    I completed my assignment, but I need someone to check the answers, please. This is counting as a test and due tomorrow! Word bank: A. Interactional identity B. positive or solidarity face C. Master identity D. Personal identity E. Romantic self F. Third

    asked by Joe
  99. science

    A man of mass 50kg is walking on a long wooden board of mass 200 kg. The wooden board is initially at rest on a frictionless ice surface. If the man walks with a velocity 1m/s in the positive x direction relative to the wooden board,find the velocity of

    asked by Divya
  100. Math

    Find the sum of all integers between 1200 and 2900, inclusive, which are not divisible by 9.

    asked by Anonymous
  101. Physics

    A fuzzy die (m = 0.2 kg) hangs from the ceiling of a car. When the car accelerates forward along a horizontal road, the die swings backward so the the string supporting it makes an angle of 4 degree with the vertical. What is the acceleration of the car?

    asked by Anonymous
  102. Math

    Label the grid dot below with the letter T so that the length of ST is ratio 10

    asked by Anonymous
  103. math

    Pete invests $10,000 in a certificate of deposit that earns 3% interest, compounded yearly. What will be the compounded income at the end of 5 years

    asked by britany
  104. algebra

    how would you set this up Two sides of a triangle measure 11.4 cm and 16.2 cm. If the perimeter is 32.1 cm, what is the length of the third side in centimeters?

    asked by jennifer
  105. physics

    if someone walks 1.5 km west then 2.5 km 30 degrees south of east then 1.5 km 40 degrees north of east. Starting at the same point, what would be the angle to get someone straight from the starting point to where the other person ended??

    asked by Joe
  106. Math

    During the Great Singapore Sale, Mr. Chen bought a digital camera for $810. This was 90% of the usual price How much was the discount

    asked by Grace
  107. Civics

    How did the ideas of Locke and montesquieu influence our founders views on our government?

    asked by Dj
  108. physic

    a car travels 3.0km due south and then4.0km west what is lt's displacememt from the starting point

    asked by precious
  109. Math

    How many arrays are there for modeling a rectangular quilt with 24 paper squares?

    asked by Jaden
  110. PHYSICS

    A 100 kg box on the right and a 50 kg box on the left are tied together by a horizontal cable. The 100 kg box is acted upon by an external force of 500 N to the right. The frictional force exerted by the floor on the 100 kg box is 30 N and the frictional

    asked by LESTER
  111. MATH

    Sketch a rough graph of the yield of a crop as a function of the amount of fertilizer used.

    asked by Sasha
  112. Algebra 2

    The function f(x) = -5x. The graph of g(x) is f(x) vertically compressed by a factor of 1/4 and reflected in the x axis. What is the function rule for g(x)? g(x) = -20x g(x) = -5/4x g(x) = 20x g(x) = 5/4x I think it's B, but I'm really not sure... please

    asked by Fading
  113. physics

    What two facts did Newton need to be able to calculate the acceleration of the Moon? A) the distance to the Moon and the diameter of the Moon B) the time it takes the Moon to make one revolution and the distance from the Earth to the sun C) the diameter of

    asked by Sue
  114. Physics

    A train travels due east at a velocity of 85.5 km/hr. A passenger walks from the front of the train to the back at a velocity of 3.7 km/hr. What is the velocity of the passenger to an observer who is seated on a train going due west at a velocity of 64.7

    asked by George
  115. physic

    two sorces of resultant100N are perpendicular to each other.if one of them makes angle60degree with the resultant calculate the magnitude of the force

    asked by precious
  116. science

    6.023*x10^21 electrons are present n a given amount of ammonium (NH3).How much amount of hydrogen is required to produce the sample of ammonia

    asked by sandhya
  117. math

    Find a value of the constant k, if possible, that will make the function continuous for all values of x. f(x)=9-x^2 if x >= 0, f(x)=k/x^2 x < 0

    asked by tish

    How many arrays are there for modeling a rectangular quilt with 24 paper squares?

    asked by Damien
  119. Math

    They have emptied 1/2 to an oil tank; then they emptied another half of what was left; then the rest of 11/15 emptied. Now, there are 26 liters in the tank. How many liters were at first?

    asked by Ayesha
  120. PHYSICS

    A 100 kg box on the right and a 50 kg box on the lift are tied together by a horizontal cable. The 100 kg box is acted upon by an external force of 500 N to the right. The fritional force exerted by the floor on the 100 kg box is 30 N and the froctional

    asked by LESTER
  121. Business

    Your program plans to acquire a total of 600 end items costing $535 million over a five-year period (five Lots). The first production contract is to be awarded in FY14. The number of items to be procured (not delivered) each year and their estimated cost

    asked by Ms. H.
  122. math

    There are 5 boys and 6 girls on soccer team. What is the ratio of girls to boys. Expressed in 3 different ways?

    asked by Jrperry
  123. Science, Nature Science

    Can you please give me three examples of things that photosynthesize that live in oceans?

    asked by CC
  124. MATH

    The forty and the 9th term of an AP is -3 and 12 respectively. Find the common difference and some of the frist 7th term

    asked by JOHN
  125. Science

    Answer with solution, plz. 1. What is the concentration of the solution by volume when dissolved is used 30 grams & the water is 60 grams. 2. How much solvent in grams is present in a solution with a concentration by volume of 40% the solute of content is

    asked by Rachel
  126. math

    on the way to the Open Air Museum Jaz and Kim stop to buy petrol.The petrol costs $3.15 for one USE gallon. Kim wants to compare the cost of petrol in America with the cost of petrol in England. Kim uses this information - 1 US gallon=3.875 litres - 1

    asked by Anonymous
  127. Physic

    A particle of mass 1kg undergoes simple harmonic motion and its potential energy U changes with displacement x from a fixed point as shown below. Determine a) amplitude b) period Help me guys...

    asked by Ellise

    How many arrays are there for modeling a rectangular quilt with 24 paper squares? please help

    asked by ms sew
  129. Maths

    The ratio of the circumference of circle P to the circumference of circle Q is 5:4.Find the ratio of the area of circle P to the area of circle Q

    asked by Anonymous
  130. physics

    What is the acceleration (in meters/second^2) of free falling 74kg sky diver, if the air resistance exerts a force of 233n?

    asked by kassy
  131. algebra

    A bag of marbles contains 5 brown, 6 yellow, 4 blue, 3 green and 2 orange. What is the probability of: a) getting 3 yellow marbles, if 3 are taken at a time? b) getting 1 brown and 2 orange marbles, if 3 are taken at a time? a= 6/20* 5/19* 4/18 b=5/20*

    asked by steven
  132. 淤ㄇ

    A scuba diver dove from the surface of the ocean to an elevation of −59 9 10 feet at a rate of −12 feet per minute. After spending 14.5 minutes at that elevation, the diver ascended to an elevation of −8 9 10 feet. The total time for the dive so far

    asked by ㄑㄎ濕濕ㄎㄎ
  133. Algebra

    Solve x^(1/2)-(81x)^(1/4)-4=0 x^(1/2)-3(x)^(1/4)-4=0

    asked by Goo
  134. Math,Algebra

    After diving 97 m below the sea level, a diver rises at a rate of 3 meters per minute for 7 min. Where is the diver in relation to the surface?

    asked by Hanen
  135. science

    Water has a density of 1g/ml. If an object has a densidy of less 1g/ml will sink or float?

    asked by bill w. jean toussaint
  136. physics

    A 2.0 kg object moving with a constant velocity of 5.0 m/s, is acted upon by a force of 14n in the direction of the motion for 5.0s. what is the velocity (in meters /second^2) of the object at the end of this time?

    asked by kassy
  137. Math

    Find the number whose sum is 15. If the product of the square of one by the cube of the other is to be maximum

    asked by Abs
  138. Linear or Nonlinear, Order.

    (a) y''' + y' - xy = x (b) y'' - y' = xy2 (c)x/y = y' (d)(xy')' = cos x

    asked by Erica
  139. business

    Whilst enterprenuership is a panacea to poverty the world over, the current zimbabwean situation seems different. Elucidate any four reasons why the situation is different

    asked by rutendo
  140. History

    What are some cause of the French and Indian war and the effects?

    asked by Mika
  141. maths

    what is the approximation value of pi/3+7-2root3 as a fraction

    asked by mashudu
  142. Derivative

    f(x)=x|x| Show that f'(0) exists. What is the value? I don't know how to work with the absolute solving for f'(x) with first principles

    asked by T
  143. Grammar

    Some people of ancient times used cubits.

    asked by Joan
  144. Physics(check my answer please!!)

    Hello, could you guys let me know if this looks right? Thanks in advance. A ball is fired at a speed of 8 m/s at 20 degrees above the horizontal from the top of a 5m high wall. a) what is the total velocity at the maximum height? b) how far from the

    asked by Timothy
  145. Physics

    I think it is D) but I'm not quite sure. Thanks in advance! Right after the ball is thrown at angle of 45 deg, the acceleration is a)g b)sin(45) * g c)cos(45) * g d)tan(45) * g

    asked by Timothy
  146. Algebra2

    Simplify the expression -5+i/2i -5+i over 2i

    asked by steve
  147. Chemistry

    0.299 g of NH4Cl is dissolved in 50.0 ml then titrated against 0.205 M NaOH. Calculate the pH at the equivalent point

    asked by Venessa
  148. PHYSICS


    asked by LESTER
  149. Physics

    A car drives east at 40km/h and then turns back and drives west back to the strating point at 70 km/h, what is the avarge speed of the car?

    asked by need help
  150. Algebra

    What is the sum of 5/6 + 2/3? 1 1/3 1 1/2 ** 1 2/3 1 3/4

    asked by Cassidy
  151. mechanics

    Two forces F1,F2 their resultant is R The measure of the angle between them is 120° if F1 is reversed their resultant become root3R Prove that F1=F2

    asked by yasmiin59
  152. Ap maths

    a^(1/x)=b^(1/y)=c^(1/z) if a,b,c are in Gp.prove that x,y,z are in Gp step plz

    asked by Anonymous
  153. math

    A man uses 1÷3 of his land for growing mangoes, 1÷4 for bananas,3÷8 for apples and remaining 18hectares for oranges. How much land does he have?

    asked by Ashish
  154. Alegra

    5. Which expression is equivalent to 4 • 4 • 4 • 4 • 4 • 4 • 4 • 4? A. 4 • 8 B. 8^4 C. 8 • 8 D. 4^8 *** I think D.

    asked by Aliza
  155. Algebra

    -2(y-3)=2y-6 A. One Solution B. No Solution C. Infinite Solutions ____________________________ Also Need help on these 2 prntscr/cpbo66

    asked by Anonymous
  156. Chemistry

    What two facts did Newton need to be able to calculate the acceleration of the Moon?

    asked by Betty
  157. History PLS HELP

    In which election process are individual votes given the most equal weight? electing president electing members of the house electing members of the senate ***!!!*** electing candidates in primaries

  158. Chemistry

    Calculate the value of Z and its absolute standard deviation. All standard deviations shown are absolute. Show your work and report the standard deviation in the result with two significant digits (to confirm the correct result). Z =

    asked by Adam
  159. math

    Two digits over two digits equals three digit decimal (_.__) Can only use 0-9 once

    asked by dean
  160. Calculus II

    If f(x) - x cos (x), how many intervals would be needed to approximate with the Trapezoidal Rule with an error of E

    asked by Scott
  161. Writing

    Please check this Apostrophe: 1) Kates' sister 2) the giraffe's neck 3) the parent's anniversary 4)the senator's cars 5) Toms' folder 6) the deer's habitat

    asked by Tommy
  162. Math

    I have $46.20 in my pocket in $2, $1, 50c, 20c, 10c and 5c coins, and I have an equal number of each coin type. That number is?

    asked by Anonymous
  163. Algebra

    How do I work -3-5(3x+7)=0

    asked by Josh
  164. math

    Explain how you can use a straight edge and a compass to construct an angle that is both congruent an adjacent to a given angle.

    asked by Nikki
  165. Chemistry

    A student does a standard addition experiment by pipetting 25 mL of unknown, adding ferrous ion spikes and reagents, into a 100 mL volumetric flask and making up to the mark. The equation of the line has a slope of 0.103 and an intercept of 0.135 when the

    asked by Adam
  166. Calc 2

    Use the shell method to find the volume of the solid generated by revolving the region bounded by the line y = x + 2 and the parabola y = x^2 about the following lines: a) The line x=2 b) The line x=-1 c) The x axis d) The line y=26 I know what the

    asked by Nathan
  167. Algebra

    Six times a number is eight more than two times the number

    asked by Vic
  168. math

    Y varies directly as X,Y=32 when X=4

    asked by ULOK
  169. French

    This is a poem. I did include alliteration, imagery, metaphor or simile to add some fig. language. Can you fix any mistakes I have. Btw, this is a poem written from Cyrano's perspective to Roxane. (common french book :) 1. Oh mon amour, ma belle Roxane. 2.

    asked by Heather
  170. Chemistry

    What effect does the presence of an impurity have on the freezing point of a liquid?

    asked by QuickName
  171. chemistry

    what is the pH of a solution prepared by adding 0.65mol of LiOH(aq) to 1.0L of 0.30mol/L HNO3(aq)>

    asked by bryant
  172. science

    T or f,if false,explain why.volume is measurement of how much matter is in an object

    asked by maslot
  173. math

    the sum of three consecutive even numbers is 96, what is the biggest number?

    asked by Anonymous
  174. Math adv functions

    is x+b a factor of x^9+5b^2x^7+5bx^8-b^9

    asked by Anonymous
  175. math

    which equation together with x+y=1 forms a system that has a solution of (-3,4) A)y=x B) x-y=1 C)y=x=7 D) -3x+4y=1 I think the answer choice is d by sub in the numbers of -3for x and 4fory

    asked by K.T.
  176. Chemistry

    Base = NaOH, 0.084 M drips 2ml at a time Acid = Phenol, KA=1.3*10^-10 You have 28.0 ml in flask, and it is 0.06 M How would you find the molarity and moles of OC6H5-1

    asked by John
  177. math

    I need help for my homework

    asked by mario
  178. maths

    the ratio of two number is 2:3 and their sum is 30 find the numbers

    asked by anil
  179. Math

    What is 3÷3/4

    asked by Hayley
  180. Marh

    If I missed 9 questions out of 27 what wil my grade be

    asked by Anonymous
  181. sir-steve or reiny or damon

    just got a little favour to ask plz do u do facebook am just asking if u don't wanna give ur full name to add as friend then is fine by me because you guyz have really added academic sucess in my carreer life plz

    asked by samnuel
  182. algebra

    If the order doesn't matter, what is the probability of drawing 1 brown and 2 orange marbles from a bag containing 5brown, 6yellow, 4blue, 3green and 2orange? Is it 5/20* 2/19* 1/18 or do I use a formula with factorials?

    asked by steven
  183. english 5 grade

    I want the imagine paragraph

    asked by fried
  184. math

    Evaluate: a) 1:(-1)+0:4-(-4)x(-1)= b) -12x6:(-3)=

    asked by Anonymous
  185. Math

    what does skip half an increment mean in graphs

    asked by lara
  186. Very Urgent Help Here (Math)

    Area under y = -x^2 + 1 between x = 0 and x = 1 is rotated around x-axis. Find the volume by shell method. (Please solve it using step by step solution).

    asked by Yo Shunng
  187. Math

    How to solve 11^2016

    asked by Anonymous
  188. math

    how much should darwin borrow to have 15000 today if he promised to pay it in 2 years at 5-3 7 simple discount rate ?

    asked by john paulo
  189. math

    in chess match one point is scored for a win, half a point for a draw and no point for a loss. If the match score is presently A to B is 3.5 to 1.5. How many games have been played? How could this score have come about between A and B to win, draw ,loss

    asked by dinda
  190. Math

    [(8^2 - 4) - 6] / 6 = ?? i think it's 59?? idk what the brackets mean. can someone PLEASE explain this to me???

    asked by Sally
  191. Math

    Explain How To Change more 0.7and 5/8.

    asked by Lexi
  192. Mathematics(indices)

    Square root of xy^2 * fourth root of 16x^4/x^3y^2.

    asked by Adekanmi isaac
  193. Mathematics(indices)

    Square roots ofxy^2* 4th roots of 16x^4/x^3y^2

    asked by Adekanmi isaac
  194. Math

    Two consecutive numbers add to -11. What is their product?

    asked by Laila
  195. Math

    Find the last two digits of the number 11^2016 . I need to figure out how to hand do this and show all my work. Help pls

    asked by Anonymous
  196. math

    The sum of two numbers is 6 the second number is three times greater than the first number. I think it starts off like this x+y=6 then I get confused

    asked by katey
  197. Math

    I need to show work for this but I don't know how. Erik wants to form 4-digit integers using only the digits 1, 2, 3, and 4. He is allowed to repeat digits. What is the probability that he forms a 4-digit integer where at least one digit repeats? Express

    asked by Becky
  198. math

    find to rational number between -4 and 5/4

    asked by shehzad
  199. Math

    round it off to the first 2 numbers •439,264 km •15million degrees celcius •1.00794 atomic mass unit •140pm •14.00674 atomis mass unit

    asked by Anonymous
  200. Math

    -7-14 :(-7)=

    asked by dan
  201. Math

    40.8 gallons in 8 contains

    asked by Deashia