Questions Asked on
September 29, 2016

  1. Social Studies

    the XYZ affair outraged many americans. what was president john adams initial stance on how to handle the issue? Select 2. a. Adams asked Congress for a vote to declare war on France** b.Adams sent diplomats to negotiate with France c. Adams wanted to

    asked by prentiss
  2. science

    Both carbon dioxide and water are pure substances. How are they similar to each other? A. both substances have a set ratio of atoms that cannot be separated by physical means. B. both substances have a set ratio of atoms that can be separated by physical

    asked by ttng
  3. Physics

    A cheetah can run approximately 100 km/hr and a gazelle at 80.0 km/hr. If both animals are running at full speed, with the gazelle 70.0 m ahead, how long before the cheetah catches its prey?

    asked by Tiffany
  4. Social Studies

    2. Why were Northern states in favor of Hamilton’s protective tariff? (1 point) The tariff protected the North from paying any additional fees when exporting their goods. The tariff allowed manufacturers in the North to charge higher prices for their

    asked by Help!
  5. math

    1.A line segment on a number line has its endpoints at -9 and 6 find the coordinate of the midpoint of the segment. Answer choices are A.1.5 B.-1.5 C.2 D.-3 2.find the coordinate of the midpoint of HX given that H(-1,3) and X(7,-1). Answer choices A.3,1

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Math

    1. Use a factor tree to find the prim factorization of 96. Write the prime factorization using exponents. A. 2^3 * 6^2 B. 2^5 * 4^2 C. 2^5 * 3 D. 3 * 5^2 I need help please!

    asked by Baby Boy
  7. Algebra 1

    I am having trouble with a few questions....Wondering if you could help...My answers have the *** by them..... 1. A lab is growing bacteria in a culture dish. The amount of bacteria in the dish doubles every 3 hours. Initially, there are 500 bacteria in

    asked by Brittany
  8. Social Studies

    what was the flaw in the act passed by congress that established a tax on whiskey? a. it rewarded farmers who grew corn b. it did not spread the tax burden evenly** c. it was similar to taxes britan had proposed d. it had to be collected in person by tax

    asked by anon
  9. Can writeteacher pls help social studies.

    Question 1.what was one strength of the articles of confederation? 1.It allowed states to make decisions for themselves. gave the federal government power to impose taxes.***** 3.It gave congress the authority to overturn decisions made by the

    asked by GrimmGamer
  10. American Government

    how did the founding fathers allow each president the freedom to assemble a good administration? A. they outlined specific guidelines in the constitution B. they outlined introductions in the federalist papers C. they left the organization of the executive

    asked by Leslie
  11. history

    how did washington gain control of boston? he sent 16,000 troops to launch a surprise attack on the british fort protecting boston. he surrounded the harbor giving them no option other than to surrender. he strategically placed cannons overlooking the

    asked by Ally
  12. Social Studies

    Why did political tensions increase after the election of 1796? A. Jefferson lost support from farmers abandoned his ideals B. The elected president and vice president were from opposing parties** C. Adams was out raged he did not get to choose his vice

    asked by Spencer Reid
  13. Math

    1. Write 3 2/3 as an improper fraction. Explain your work. 2. Write 17/4 as a mixed number. Explain your work.

    asked by Baby Boy
  14. History

    How did Native Americans influence other parts of the world? A. They taught settlers how to grow crops that were traded with other countries. B. They were taken as slaves to other parts of the world where they grew crops. C. The millions of Native

    asked by Allikay
  15. algebra

    what is 2n>14 What is n/5>11 - what is -3y

    asked by emma
  16. Government

    1. "A peice of coastal land, and surrounding fishing areas, has been occupied by a fishing society for centuries. This society does not have any government, or knowledge that any larger government rules over them" Do political scientists consider the

    asked by Lexi
  17. English

    1. Choose the answer that best matches the word in italics. Samantha tried to look IMPASSIVE when they announced her essay as a finalist in the competition. (1 point) surprised unemotional*** unsure vibrant 2. Choose the answer that best matches the word

    asked by Sara
  18. social studies

    which four state capitals are located between 60 west and 70 west longitude

    asked by jack
  19. Math

    Th equation x^3 - x^2 - 6 = 0 has one real root, denoted by a. Find by calculation the pair of consecutive integers between a lies.

    asked by Zee
  20. Algebra

    Write a real world problem that you can model with the two step equation 5x+7=10. Then solve the problem. I understand that the answer is 3/5, but how would I put this in a real world situation?

    asked by Fading
  21. Social Studies!

    What policy did President Washington follow during the period of war in Europe following the French Revolution? A. He remained neutral toward all European powers to avoid conflict*** B. He acted to promote democracy across Europe C. He promised to fight

    asked by Ally
  22. History PLEASE CHECK MY WOrK

    4. How are Hindu beliefs related to the caste system in India? (1 point) Hindus reject the caste system, offering the hope of nirvana to all. The caste system is the foundation of Hinduism. Hinduism urges people to move out of their castes. To Hindus, all

    asked by Doctor who
  23. Language arts

    What is the central idea of the selection

    asked by None
  24. Social Studies

    When Adams became President, the war between the French and British was causing great difficulties for the United States on the high seas and intense partisanship [taking of sides] among contending factions within the Nation. His administration focused on

    asked by School Helper
  25. Science (check my answers)

    1. In plants, sexual reproduction occurs when sperm and egg unite to form a... a. gamete b. gametophyte c. sporophyte d. zygote Is it d?

    asked by FluttershyK
  26. Math

    How would you convince a fellow student that 0.57 is rational number?

    asked by Senpai onii-chan
  27. Math

    A photo is 4 inches wide. It is placed inside a frame with a border that is x inches wide. The total width of the photo and the frame is 7 inches. Write an equation to model the situation. Then solve the equation to find the width of the border. 4 + x = 7

    asked by Fading
  28. Government

    1. How is the I.S. constitutional government designed? Select 2 that apply. - The Judicial System is controlled by the legislature - the three branches of government can check and balance each other - Powers not given to the federal government are reserved

    asked by Lexi
  29. math

    Z=2e^(ipi/4) What will the conjugate be ? - Z=?

    asked by angy
  30. Chemistry

    Which of the following compounds has an atom with an unfilled valence shell of electrons? A) H3O+ B) BF3 C) CH3OH D) NaI

    asked by Veronica
  31. Science

    How much energy is needed to raise the temperature of 2.0kg of aluminium by 30oc

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Physics- displacement, velocity, etc.

    25. Maria is standing at the edge of a cliff that is 10 m high over a canyon. She throws a rock upward off the side of the cliff. Right before the rock reaches the canyon floor, it has a speed of 25 m/s. a) What was the rock’s total displacement? 10

    asked by MM
  33. CHECK my answers for American Government

    *** by my answer, please check!! 1. Which of the following is true about the formal amendment process for the Constitution? (1 point) Any citizen may propose an amendment. Only Congress may propose an amendment. Both houses of Congress must pass a

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Chemistry

    The half life of radon 222 is 3.82 days. If the initial mass of a sample of radon 222 is 198.72 grams, how much will remain after 19.25 days?

    asked by Jess
  35. percentage

    At the beginning of 2002, sunil had four dozen goats with him. he increased this stock by x %. at the end of 2002, he sold off y % of his stock. at the beginning of 2003 he again increased his stock by x % and and at the end of 2003, he again sold off y %

    asked by hiren
  36. Math

    from 10 meters of wire, 3/4 meter was cut.How many meters of wire were left?Show your answer by using an illustration

    asked by MJ
  37. math

    A large rectangle has an area of 28 square units. It has been divided into two smaller rectangles. One of the smaller rectangles has an area of 4 square units. What are possible whole-number dimensions of the large rectangle? Justify your reasoning.

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Math

    Kevin has a rabbit a ferret a gerbil and a turtle. He feeds them in a different order each day. In how many different orders can Kevin feed his pets?

    asked by Jennifer
  39. Chemistry

    A student performing an experiment mistakenly used 8.0 ml of 16 M HNO3 to dissolve 0.16g of solid copper instead of the 4.0 ml as suggested. how many moles of HNO3 remains after the reaction with copper is complete. 8 moles of HNO3 reacts with 3 moles of

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Chemistry

    Use bond energies to determine the energy transferred in the reaction between hydrogen and chlorine to make hydrogen chloride. H2 (g) + Cl2 (g) → 2HCl (g)

    asked by Bear
  41. STATS

    A true/false test has 40 questions. Assume that a student guesses at the answers. What is the probability of guessing correctly for any one question?

    asked by Swaris1
  42. History

    North America Foods - Exported to Chilles---------------South Asia Sweet potatoes------- China Corn -----------------China, Africa Manioc----------------Africa Tomatoes--------------Europe Based on the chart and what you know of the Columbian Exchange,

    asked by Allikay
  43. Physical science

    A golfer on a level fairway hits a ball at an angle of 42* to the horizontal that travels 100 yd before striking the ground. He then hits another ball from the same spot with the same speed, but at a different angle. This ball also travels 100 yd. At what

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Math

    A number is 830 when rounded off to the nearest tenth.what is the greatest possible value of the number

    asked by Anonymous
  45. Chem

    A hypothetical molecule, X–Y, has a dipole moment of 1.76 D and a bond length of 151 pm. Calculate the percent ionic character of this molecule.

    asked by Alisha
  46. Organic Chemistry

    Hi, I'm trying to fix an incorrect IUPAC name of a molecule. It is given as trisecbutylmethane, and I have to draw it out to correct it. Here's the thing: how do I draw incorrect IUPAC name? I can't wrap my mind around it. What I have drawn out is a

    asked by Justin
  47. american government

    which of the following generalizations about the role of the cabinet does this excerpt support? A. presidents rely on the members of their cabinet for advice because they had-selceted members B. qualified candidates for cabinet positions are in

    asked by Leslie
  48. math

    a small kite starts at 7 meters off the ground and rises at 2.5 meters per second. a large kite starts at 12 meters off the ground and rises at 1.5 meters per second. when are the kites at the same height?

    asked by sandra
  49. Physics

    A river has a current of 4 m/s south with respect to the shore. A swimmer is swimming in the river (which is redundant). a. If the swimmer is swimming 2 m/s north with respect to the water, what is his velocity relative to the shore? b. If the swimmer is

    asked by MM
  50. Grade 11 Physics

    A stone is dropped from rest from a bridge that is 45 m above a river. A second stone is thrown down 1.o s after the first stone is dropped. The two stones strike the water simultaneously. What was the initial velocity of the second stone?

    asked by Cass
  51. Physics

    a block of mass 10kg is kept on ground. a vertically upward force F=(20t)N starts acting at t=0. the height of the block from the ground at t=10s is

    asked by Vinaesh
  52. History

    North America Foods - Exported to Chilles South Asia Sweet potatoes China Corn China, Africa Manioc Africa Tomatoes Europe Based on the chart and what you know of the Columbian Exchange, which statement best explains why people in West Africa eat manioc?

    asked by Allikay
  53. Science

    Compounds with high melting points have ___ a. Covalent bonds b. Metallic Bonds c. Ionic bonds*** d. No chemical bonds How could you determine if a sample of gold is pure? Compare the sample's density with that of pure gold.*** Compare the sample's color

    asked by P
  54. math

    In 2007, the population of a town was approximately 35,250. In 2012, the population of the town had decreased to 28,200. Based on a linear model, what will be the approximate population of the town in 2014? Ive gotten -7050/2005= -4(rounded) then for the

    asked by IDontKnow
  55. awser me

    name at least three ways community residents and authorities can prepare for an earthquake.

    asked by pls
  56. Physics

    A wind turbine rotates at 8.40 rpm and has an angular acceleration of 0.0326 rad/s2. If the wind turbine takes 27.0 s to come to a complete stop, how many revolutions will this take?

    asked by Grace
  57. Math

    A sum of money was shared amount Aaron, Ben, and Charles in the ratio 2:5:7 If Charles's share was $1,180 more that Aaron's share, what was the oringinal sum of money shared?

    asked by Ava
  58. math

    Michael takes three minutes to read 2 pages in his book. At this rate, how long will it take him to read a 268 page book.

    asked by tyrone tolson
  59. AP Physics 1

    You exert a force of a known magnitude F on a grocery cart of total mass m. The force you exert on the cart points at an angle θ below the horizontal. If the cart starts at rest, determine an expression for the speed of the cart after it travels a

    asked by Max Pat
  60. math

    amara rode her bicycle 8 miles in 0.5 hours.what was the average rate that she rode her bicycle in miles per hour?

    asked by jen
  61. physics

    A 500g copper at 100celsius is placed in a 200g water at 25celsius which is contained in an aluminum calorimeter that has a mass of 400g. If the final temperature of the whole system is 30celsius, find the specific heat of the lead.

    asked by bits
  62. Science

    From the top of a tall building, a gun is fired. The bullet leaves the gun at a speed of 340 m/s, parallel to the ground. As the drawing shows, the bullet puts a hole in a window of another building and hits the wall that faces the window. (y = 0.44 m, and

    asked by Anonymous
  63. Physics

    A uniform rod of weight 5N and length 1m is pivoted at the 20cm mark from one end. A weight is hung from the other end so that the rod balances horizontally. What is the value of the weight?

    asked by Jordan
  64. Physics- Velocity, Displacement, etc.

    A child boards a bus for summer camp. His mom is waiting next to the bus. The bus begins moving 3 m/s east with respect to the ground. The child is walking 0.5 m/s west towards the back of the bus with respect to the bus. The mother begins running 1 m/s

    asked by MM
  65. geometry

    A line segment on a number line has its endpoints at -9 and 6 find the coordinate of the midpoint of the segment please help the answer choices are A.1.5 B.-1.5 C.2 D.-3

    asked by dawn
  66. Physics

    A quarter on a spinning vinyl record has a centripetal acceleration of 31.8 m/s2. What is the acceleration of the quarter if it is placed twice as far from the centre of the vinyl record?

    asked by Grace
  67. Algebra 1

    Identify the initial amount a and the growth factor b in the exponential function. f(t)=1.4^t A)a = 1, b = 0.4 B)a = 1.4, b = 0 C)a = 1.4, b = t D)a = 1, b = 1.4*** Is this correct? If I'm wrong can you please explain why, thanks! (=

    asked by Sami
  68. Biochemistry

    All amino acids have two ionizable groups (an alpha-amino group with pKa~9.3, and an alpha-carboxyl group with pKa~2.2). Lysine also has an ionizable side-chain (R) with a pKa of 10.5. What percentage of the Lysine side chain is deprotonated at pH 11.5?

    asked by Jurry
  69. math

    Cucumbers are on sale, so you buy 30 pounds of them at the local market for your restaurant. Each cucumber is actually 98% water. A few days later, the cucumbers have dried out to the point that each is now 89% water. How much do all your cucumbers weigh

    asked by hm
  70. physics

    The drawing (not to scale) shows one alignment of the sun, earth, and moon. The gravitational force that the sun exerts on the moon is perpendicular to the force that the earth exerts on the moon. The masses are: mass of sun=1.99 × 1030 kg, mass of

    asked by BrookeNeed
  71. Chemistry

    You want to heat 1 kg of water 10 degrees celsius and you have the following methods under consideration. The heat capacity of water is 4.184 J/K g. (a) You can heat it with a mechanical eggbeater that is powered by a 1-kg mass on a rope over a pulley. How

    asked by Joesph
  72. Math (Algebra II)

    A mechanic says your radiator has only 40% antifreeze (the rest is water), but it needs to be 80% antifreeze. How much of the solution should be replaced with antifreeze? (your radiator holds 5 gallons) The answer is 3 1/3 gallons. I just don't know how to

    asked by Pitaya
  73. Grammar

    What is wrong with this sentence. She lit scented candles so the air will smell sweetly.

    asked by Kamo
  74. math

    Paige spent a total of $60 on clothing items. She bought 2 pairs of shorts for $10 each. She bought some T-shirts for $4 each. She also bought some sandals for $12 each. How many of each clothing item did she purchase?

    asked by Bob
  75. Physics

    A carnot refrigerator uses an ideal carnot cycle to cool its interior. The outside air has a temp of 304K and the refrigerator is kept at a temp of 279K. 1) what is the coefficient of performance of this refrigerator? 2) if the refrigerator does 1500J of

    asked by physics struggles
  76. ED TECH Ms Sue Check Answer

    What is the rhyme scheme of the following poem? He sat upon his brand new bike waiting for his best friend mike He couldn't wait to ride to school others would say his bike is cool. 1. a a b b 2. a b a b 3. a b c d 4. a a b a I think its 1 aabb am I

    asked by Muffin
  77. math-8

    which measurement would be least likely to be written in scientific notation;the thicknessof a dog hair, the radius of a period on this page, the ounces in a cup of milk? explain your reasoning

    asked by Amy
  78. Social studies

    The First Amendment protects which rights? Select all that apply (2 points) A). the right to own a gun B). the right to a fair trail C).the right to practice a religion (or not) D).the right to critize the government E). The right of owning property

    asked by HappyPotato
  79. math

    One sign blinks every 9 seconds. The other sign blinks every 15 seconds. In how many seconds will they blink together again

    asked by nick
  80. science

    A ball thrown vertically upwards with an initial speed of 24.5m/s.Calculate the greatest height it will stain.

    asked by Maxwell
  81. Math

    Explain the difference in meaning between |-3| and -3. Plzz Help me on this!

    asked by valerie
  82. Algebra

    If the measure of angle 1 = 36 degrees and the measure of angle 2 = x + 3, what is the measure of angle 3? 36 + x + 3 + x + 180 39 + 2x = 180 39-39 + 2x = 180 +39 2x =219 x = 109.5

    asked by Faye
  83. Chemistry

    You want to heat 1 kg of water 10 celsius and you have the following methods under consideration. The heat capacity of water is 4.184 J/K g. (a)You can send the water through a solar collector that has an area of 1 m^2. How long will it take if the sun's

    asked by Joesph
  84. math

    four times the sum of a number and three equal two less than five times the number. find the number

    asked by nadera
  85. Physics

    A 96.4-kg person stands on a scale in an elevator. What is the apparent weight when the elevator is (a) accelerating upward with an acceleration of 1.86 m/s2, (b) moving upward at a constant speed

    asked by BrookeNeed
  86. Stats,

    The following are the P/E ratios (price of stock divided by projected earnings per share) for 16 banks. 19,15,43,22,18,25,29,18,19,34,22,15,24,14 Find 25th and 90th percentiles for these ratios

    asked by Kristine
  87. Algebra

    Ken is creating a rectangular garden where he wants the length to be 5 ft. More than twice the width. If the width is represented by x then write an expression for the length in terms of x

    asked by Jarrod
  88. Math

    If a grocery store, apples are sold in two different ways . you can buy individual apples for $0.75 each or you can buy 5 apples for $ 3.25. If you were buying 10 apples, which way would you purchase apples to get the better deal? Explain how you know.

    asked by Shanti
  89. maths

    There are 5 lemon sweets and 4 orange sweets in a bag, susan takes one out randomly and eats it then ann takes one out at random. calculate the probability that they both take out a sweet of the same flavour. Is there 3 possible outcomes. I am really stuck

    asked by rennie
  90. algebra

    alberto drove to the lake and back. the trip there took two hours and the trip back took three hours. he averaged 20 km/h faster on the trip there than on the return trip. What was alberto's average speed on the outbound trip?

    asked by amie
  91. math

    seven less than a number is 14 more than 2 times that number. what is that number

    asked by jess
  92. Math hellppp!!

    how do you simplify this expression -12/3*(-8+(-4)^2-6)+2 Plzzz Help plzz!!

    asked by valerie
  93. Math, Precalc

    Let ΔABC be a triangle such that b=√8, c=√30, and cos(B)=5/√30. Find all possible values for side length a, entering your answer as a comma-separated list in increasing order.

    asked by HELP ME PLS
  94. english

    some spectators in the back row of the rodeo jeered at the clowns after the last event.

    asked by carly
  95. History

    The publication of Uncle Tom's Cabin resulted in? A.the angering of southern states over the exaggerated detail of slavery. B.northern states breaking away from the country. Csouthern states abolishing slavery. (everybody knows its not C haha but i think

    asked by just my answer plz
  96. Science

    From the top of a tall building, a gun is fired. The bullet leaves the gun at a speed of 340 m/s, parallel to the ground. As the drawing shows, the bullet puts a hole in a window of another building and hits the wall that faces the window. (y = 0.44 m, and

    asked by Anonymous
  97. Math

    Convert the given exponential function to the form indicated. f(t) = 2.7(1.004)^t --> f(t) = Q0e^kt I'm not even sure where to start with this one - any help would be greatly appreciated.

    asked by Amanda
  98. carson high school

    solve by elimination 5r-3s=19 2r-6s=-2

    asked by rebecca
  99. Science

    A piece of wire of resistance R and cut into five equal parts. These parts are then connected in parallel. If the equivalent resistance of this combination is R1 then the ratio of R and R1 is what.

    asked by Arun
  100. Science

    measure the pressure of (water being) 1000kg/mmm density and 40 kg weight on its base

    asked by Bikram
  101. Math

    Victoria buys two pairs of sunglasses for $8 each about how much did she pay for both pairs of glasses round to the nearest ten solve the problem using the four step plan.

    asked by Samantha
  102. math

    in the bobcat's last football game the team gained 7 yards on a play then lost 12 yards and then gained 6 yards. what integer can be used to represent the total yard gained or lost on those 3 plays?

    asked by absha
  103. Algebra

    Which property is illustrated by the following statement? 2(-3/9)=(-3/9)2 A. Associative property of addition. B. Commutative property of multiplication. C. Inverse property of multiplication. D. Commutative property of addition.

    asked by Michael
  104. algebra 1

    what are the minimum and maximum distances a car can travel if it has a 15 gallon tank and can travel 26 miles per gallon with an absolute deviation of 4miles per gallon?

    asked by henry
  105. Physics

    A carnot refrigerator uses an ideal carnot cycle to cool its interior. The outside air has a temp of 304K and the refrigerator is kept at a temp of 279K. 1) what is the coefficient of performance of this refrigerator? 2) if the refrigerator does 1500J of

    asked by physics struggles
  106. Algebra

    How can you model data with a linear function? You must provide a real-world example and show how to model the problem using a linear function. Be sure to explain how you know it is a function. This is a discussion question I need help on, can somebody

    asked by Fading
  107. physics

    A 300g lead is heated to 95celsius and is then dropped into 100g of water at 10celsius. If the final temperature is 15celsius. What is the specific heat of the lead?

    asked by bits
  108. math

    In a pet store there are 12 kittens for sale and 80 puppies. what is the ratioof the number of puppies to kittens ? write your answer as a fraction and reduce your result . thank you

    asked by John
  109. Physics

    A lamp of mass 5kg is hung from two hooks 2.5cm apart on the horizontal ceiling of room by strings of length 1.5m and 2m.Find tension in the strings?

    asked by Prasad
  110. Math

    farmer bill has 28 chickens, 15 ducks, and 7 turkeys. he sold 4/5 of the birds. if he sold 12 chickens, what fraction of the chickens are left

    asked by Anonymous
  111. Math

    Sheila and Rita had $300. After Shiela gave $56 to Rita, , Rita had 5 times as much money as Shiela . How much money did each of them have at first?

    asked by Anonymous
  112. Chemistry

    How do you write the isotopic symbol for Uranium -238?

    asked by Omie
  113. any

    Jim, Juan, Mary, and John are all managers for the same company Jim always meets the sales goals Juan exceeded the goal by 15% on Tuesday and 10% on Wednesday. Mary’s goals for each day of the week are 5% lower than the goals for other managers. Mary

    asked by Anonymous
  114. Math

    Hannah and Francine have $120. Hannah and peter have $230. Peter has 6 times as much money as Francine. How much does Hannah have?

    asked by Amir
  115. Statistics

    Bill, Mary, and Joe belong to a club of nineteen people. A committee of twelve is to be selected at random from the membership. How many different arrangements are possible. How many of these committees will contain Bill, Mary and Joe at the same time?

    asked by Charles
  116. Physics

    A neutron star has 12 km radius and rotation period 1.6 s. What's the centripetal acceleration on its surface at the equator?

    asked by Emma
  117. Pre-Calculus

    This question has me stuck. Use the Pythagorean identity sin^2 Θ + cos^2 Θ = 1 to derive the other Pythagorean identities, 1 + tan^2 Θ = sec^2 Θ and 1 + cot^2 Θ = csc^2 Θ. Discuss how to remember these identities and other fundamental identities.

    asked by Iris
  118. Math

    What is the 9th multiple of 100

    asked by Chloe
  119. english

    How is the gerund used in the sentence? All units will remain here for processing. A. direct object B. subject C. predicate nominative D. object of a preposition

    asked by abdullatif
  120. english

    Which words in this sentence are the infinitive? Would you like to cook? A. like to B. you like C. to cook D. would you

    asked by abdullatif
  121. english

    How is the infinitive phrase used in the sentence? To make a long story short, skip the part about the frog in the laundry. A. adjective B. noun as direct object C. noun as subject D. adverb

    asked by abdullatif
  122. math help

    At the beginning of 2002, sunil had four dozen goats with him. he increased this stock by x %. at the end of 2002, he sold off y % of his stock. at the beginning of 2003 he again increased his stock by x % and and at the end of 2003, he again sold off y %

    asked by vipul
  123. Math homework 📚

    How is division like subtraction 🤔

    asked by Alexia
  124. Physics- Acceleration

    A car starts at rest and accelerates at a constant rate for 12 seconds to a speed of 30 m/s. a) What is the acceleration? b) What is the total distance traveled in these 12 seconds?

    asked by MM
  125. English

    1. Do you mind if I ask you to open the door? 2. Do you mind if I asked you to open the door? ------------------------ #1 is correct. How about #2? Can we use 'asked'?

    asked by rfvv
  126. english

    How is the gerund phrase used in the sentence? Drawing is Reagan's favorite thing to do. A. the object of a preposition B. predicate nominative C. subject D. direct object

    asked by abdullatif
  127. english

    How is the gerund phrase used in the sentence? My goal is reading a book a week. A. the object of a preposition B. predicate nominative C. subject D. direct object

    asked by abdullatif
  128. Math

    Kyle reads 3/4 pages in 1 minute. How many minutes will it take him to read 4 1/2 pages?

    asked by Lameka
  129. Math

    Two consectutive numbers with square roots that have a difference of 33. Please help, I'm 12.

    asked by LF
  130. Math

    Working alone, it takes Leeann 30 minutes to clean the back yard. Mandy can clean backyard in 25 minutes . If they worked together how long would it take them to clean the yard?

    asked by Ashley
  131. maths standard form

    given that 9002.05 can be written as 9*10^3+2*10^a+5*10^b.are integers,find the value of a and b help me

    asked by ramsey
  132. science

    Iron is obtained by reduction of iron(iii)oxide gas in a blast furnace.calculate the amount of iron(iii)oxide needed to produce 100tonnes of iron.

    asked by Ibrahim
  133. Math

    Kyle reads 3/4 page in 1 minute. How many minutes will it take for him to read 3 pages?

    asked by Lameka
  134. english

    Which is the infinitive and the last word of the infinitive phrase in the sentence? To decrease the volume, press the mute button. A. to decrease B. press button C. press mute D. to decrease volume

    asked by abdullatif
  135. Algebra

    Joe had collected 20 stamps at age 6. At age 10, his collection grew to 72 stamps. Assuming linear growth, write an equation that expresses the relation between time and number of stamps.

    asked by Name
  136. Math

    2 liters of cleaning solution is 65% ammonia. How much water must be added to dilute it to a 40% soulition?

    asked by Ashley
  137. Physics

    A woman stands on a scale in a moving elevator. Her mass is 65.0 kg, and the combined mass of the elevator and scale is an additional 757 kg. Starting from rest, the elevator accelerates upward. During the acceleration, the hoisting cable applies a force

    asked by BrookeNeed
  138. CHECK MY ANSWERS American Government

    Sorry to post this again. no one got back to me before. *** by my answer, please check!! 1. Which of the following is true about the formal amendment process for the Constitution? (1 point) Any citizen may propose an amendment. Only Congress may propose an

    asked by Anonymous
  139. Social Studies Religion

    A Muslim organization wants to build a small mosque in the vicinity of the September 11 Memorial in New York City. There is public outrage from many citizens who do not want a Muslim religious site there. You must write a letter to the mayor of NYC

    asked by CC
  140. english

    hey reiny can u please help me? I need help on pharaphrasing. Can you pharaphrase this for me? E/i hexes always produce 15 units. This makes the E/I hex different in a second way because the number of units of all other busness hexes on the number living

    asked by leena
  141. Algebra 1

    The perimeter of a triangle is 36. Find the value of x. Show your work. 2x+1 3x-4

    asked by Katie
  142. math

    3/5 of a group of children are girls.if there are 40 children in the group what fraction is boys?

    asked by Lakshit
  143. Chemistry

    What volume of (2.5M) Hydrochloric Acid will be needed to neutralize 359mL of a 1.50M solution of potassium hydroxide?

    asked by Greg
  144. Physics

    An object is thrown at 30 m/s and at a 40 degree angle. What is the range of the object, given that the ground is horizontal and flat? I'm not sure whether to use (vi^2sin2x)/g or x = Vh*t.

    asked by Anonymous
  145. Maths

    0.5 of peters money is 3.50 how much money has he altogether

    asked by Kay
  146. criminal justice

    what kind of test is used to determine if a person if a person is in custody

    asked by KiKi
  147. Statistics

    Two committees, one with six and one with seven people, are to be selected from a group of eighteen people, with no one person serving on both committees at the same time. In how many ways can this be done?

    asked by Charles
  148. percentage

    A salesman has to choose between two schemes of remuneration.The first scheme has a fixed salary of rs 3700 and a commission of 2% on sales above rs 50000. The second scheme has no salary but offer commission only. The commission starting from 3% of sales

    asked by hiren
  149. UA

    Consider the folllowing chemical equation TiCL4(g) + @Mg(i) --- Ti(s) + 2MgCl(i) 3.54 x 10 to powerof 7g of TiCl4(g) were reacted completely and 7.91 x 10 to pwer of 10 of Ti(s) was obtained in the experiment, A) Calculate the theoretical yield of Ti(s) b)

    asked by Zaza
  150. Math

    What is the absolute value of the average January low temperature

    asked by Alexander
  151. Math

    what is 10 thirds in standard form? A.10 B.100 (my answer) C.1,000 D.1,0000 Please check my answer!!

    asked by Clairty
  152. Math

    I am a number between 50and60 my ones digit is three more than one

    asked by Karim
  153. Quick Economics help

    What is necessary for population growth?

    asked by Anonymous
  154. english

    How is the infinitive phrase used in the sentence? To play in the band is my dream. A. noun as predicate nominative B. adverb C. adjective D. noun as subject

    asked by abdullatif
  155. math

    Inverse of h(x)=7-9cos(-(x+1)). h^-1(x)=? show work please! Thanks.. also accidentally put this as an answer somewhere pls ignore that!

    asked by sophie
  156. Statistics

    Bill,mary,and Joe belong to a club of nineteen people. A committee of twelve is to be selected at random from the membership. How many different arrangements are possible? How many of these committees will contain Bill,Mary, and Joe at the same time?

    asked by Charles
  157. statistics

    An architect estimates that the average height of the buildings of 30 or more stories in Suva is at least 500 feet. A random sample of 12 buildings is selected, and the heights in feet are shown. At  = 0.025, is there enough evidence to reject the

    asked by talei
  158. Pre-Calculus

    tan theta = 1/2, what's sec theta?

    asked by Jade
  159. Statistics

    True or False? If a correlation is negative, then as it becomes even more negative, r2 increases.

    asked by Christopher
  160. Geometry

    A map has the scale 2.5 inches:.75 miles. The distance from east to west is 6 inches what is the distance in miles

    asked by Jen
  161. english

    Which words are the infinitive and the last word of the infinitive phrase in this sentence? This table is able to seat up to eight people. A. able to up B. to seat up C. to seat people D. to eight people

    asked by abdullatif
  162. Quick Economics help

    What type of economy has the same wages regardless of work?

    asked by Anonymous
  163. Organic Chem

    What factors affect the rate of travel of compounds in the Gas Chromatography column?

    asked by Emma
  164. Science

    Describe what makes a mineral unique from other substances. This is (my answer) Its not a lot tho :( Answer:A mineral is a natural occurring crystalline. Minerals are naturally occurring. PLS HELP It's worth 4 points.

    asked by PLS HELP
  165. math

    rewrite each problem three different ways using commutative property 1+2+3+4=10

    asked by Micailina
  166. english

    How is the infinitive phrase used in the sentence? Morning is the best time to study difficult equations. A. noun as subject B. adjective C. adverb D. noun as predicate nominative

    asked by abdullatif
  167. math

    brad can bicycle at a rate of 35km/h. What is his speed in meters per second?

    asked by Joy
  168. Math

    Kody has currently has an average of 80 in his math class. What must he make on his midterm, that counts 20% of his grade, to maintain a 70 or above average?

    asked by Anonymous
  169. Math

    How do you get $1.60 out of 23 coins that are only nickels and dimes

    asked by Monica
  170. math

    Tony invests $3900 in two different accounts. The first account paid 6 %, the second account paid 8 % in interest. At the end of the first year he had earned $280 in interest. How much was in each account?

    asked by joe
  171. maths

    Deformity 9y ^ 2 = x ^ 3, at the point of deformity where the normal axis intersects similar builds.

    asked by yk
  172. math

    Calculate the equation for a line that passes through the points (-2, -1), (4, 8) and (50, p). What is the value of p? Ok for the points -2,-1 and 4,8 i gotten y=3/2x+2 i don't know how to get the 50.p part please help me

    asked by Plz help asap
  173. Grammar

    The national anthem sung/was sung/had sung/ was sung at the Super Bowl by Whitney Houston. What is the right tense in this sentence please.

    asked by Kamo
  174. Life Skills

    What are the six questions for examining a source’s reliability?

    asked by Shannen
  175. math

    whats 9+10

    asked by theunidentified
  176. Math

    What is 1+1

    asked by Travis
  177. Psychology

    HI i don't know the synopsis of the ted talk " stroke of insight" i thought the bigger picture would be that the right and left part of the brain are different but .y teacher said that is not the case

    asked by Sam
  178. Writing

    In the sentence, "Some man has left his rain coat." What is the simple subject?

    asked by Patrick
  179. Biophysics

    Estimate the flow of oxygen into the cell through a side of the muscle cell squished up against the capillary. (give both moles/sec and # molecules/sec.)

    asked by Lucy
  180. math

    the quadratic equations x2-6x+a and x2-cx+6=

    asked by jashan malhi
  181. math 6th

    negative 4 minus 3

    asked by kaylah
  182. History

    one more question sorryy xD The process established by the Constitution for electing the president. A popular vote B primary election Cthe Electoral College Im thinking C but this question i don't get so can you please explain it please

    asked by just my answer plz
  183. Math

    how do you simplify this expression? -12/3*(-8+(-4)^2-6+2 Can someone help me solve this step by step plzzz!!!

    asked by Lety
  184. Biophysics

    Estimate the flux of oxygen from inside a capillary to the interior of an adjacent muscle cell. Use the estimated sizes and values from class. (just in terms of moles is enough)

    asked by HELP ME PLS
  185. geograpy

    some have more than a hundred some have none

    asked by Anonymous