Questions Asked on
September 25, 2016

  1. math

    For his exercise today, Josh plans to both run and swim. Let r be the number of laps he runs and let s be the number of laps he swims. Each lap he runs takes him 4 minutes, and each lap he swims takes him 3 minutes. He wants to exercise for at least 30

    asked by kelly
  2. Further mathf

    In a senior secondary school, 80 students play hockey or football. The number that play football is 5 more than twice the number that play hockey. If the 15 students play both games and every student in the school playsat least one game, find: The number

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Home economics

    List 10 careers in home economics

    asked by Marissa
  4. Expected Value? Help

    Kyd and North are playing a game. Kyd selects one card from a standard 52-card deck. If Kyd selects a face card (Jack, Queen, or King), North pays him $4. If Kyd selects any other type of card, he pays North $3. a) What is Kyd's expected value for this

    asked by tatiana
  5. Expected Value?

    A company estimates that 0.4% of their products will fail after the original warranty period but within 2 years of the purchase, with a replacement cost of $300. If they offer a 2 year extended warranty for $46, what is the company's expected value of each

    asked by tatiana
  6. Math

    A flower garden has three times as many red roses as pink roses. Twice the number of red roses is equal to four times the number of pink roses increased by ten. How many red roses are there? How many pink roses are there?

    asked by Mikes
  7. Expected Value

    A bag contains 1 gold marbles, 10 silver marbles, and 29 black marbles. Someone offers to play this game: You randomly select one marble from the bag. If it is gold, you win $4. If it is silver, you win $2. If it is black, you lose $1. What is your

    asked by tatiana
  8. The Human Resource Environment

    Which of the following is a false statement about the performance management process? A. In some organizations, employees evaluate their own performance, and often, peers and subordinates participate, too. B. Performance measures may emphasize either

    asked by Marck
  9. Maths ( permutation and combination)

    a town council plans to plant 12 trees along the centre of a main road.It has 4 hibiscus trees, 6 Jacaranda trees, 2 oleander trees. How many different arrangements of these 12 trees can be made if no hibiscus tree is next to another

    asked by david
  10. math

    A Boy Is 6 years Younger Than His Sister.The Product Of Their Ages Is 135.Find The Ages

    asked by elvis
  11. maths

    The sum of first 6 terms of an Arithmetic progression is 6 the product of 2nd term and 5th term is -80 . Find the terms of A.P.

    asked by mahesh p
  12. Physics

    A body slides down from the rest from the top of6.4m long rough inclined plane at 30 degree with the horizontal.find the time taken by the body in reaching the bottom of the plane. Take mu k=0.2 and g=10m/s2

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Chemistry

    What is the volume of the oxygen produced when 1.00L carbon dioxide reacts with 20.0 g of Na2O2 based on the following unbalanced reaction at 25C and 2.00 bar? Na2O2 + CO2 -> O2 + Na2CO3 R = 0.083145 L bar K-1 mol-1 I got 1.57L but the answer is 500mL

    asked by Mary
  14. Math

    A tank having a capacity of 300 gallons is 3/4 full. How many gallons are needed to make it 4/5 full??

    asked by Zane lascuna
  15. Please help do by 10:00 Science

    1. Convert 4.0 kilometers (km) to meters (m). (1 point) 0.04 m 40 m 400 m 4,000 m 2. For his science project, Austin wants to determine if the pH of standing rainwater changes over time. He collects a jar of rainwater and places it indoors in a spot that

    asked by BLOB
  16. Physics

    Block A (Mass = 2.319 kg) and Block B (Mass = 1.870 kg) are attached by a massless string as shown in the diagram. Block A sits on a horizontal tabletop. There is friction between the surface and Block A. The string passes over (you guessed it) a

    asked by Max
  17. psychology

    Describe a behavior that you exhibit every day that you think is probably influenced by both heredity and environment.

    asked by leea
  18. English grammar

    Sun was very was still summer. Correct conjunction for it.

    asked by Conjunction
  19. Math

    I have a room that's 12ft*11ft room i have 24* 24 inches tile how many tile will i need

    asked by Fabian
  20. Physics

    You step onto a hot beach with your bare feet. A nerve impulse, generated in your foot, travels through your nervous system at an average speed of 152 m/s. How much time does it take for the impulse, which travels a distance of 1.65 m, to reach your brain?

    asked by Sherlie
  21. Statistics

    The amount of Jen's monthly phone bill is normally distributed with a mean of $55 and a standard deviation of $12. Calculate the z score for each scenario. What percentage of her phone bills are above 79? What percentage of her phone bills are between $31

    asked by Amy Penn
  22. HCC

    A motorcycle is following a car that is traveling at constant speed on a straight highway. Initially, the car and the motorcycle are both traveling at the same speed of 19.5 m/s , and the distance between them is 57.0 m . After t1 = 4.00 s , the motorcycle

    asked by Mary
  23. algebra

    How do you find the inverse of f(x)=4x-2?

    asked by Suzie
  24. physics

    part a of the drawing shows a bucket of water suspended from the pulley of the well; the tension in the roof is 92N. part b shows the same bucket of water being pulled up from the well at a constant velocity. what is the tension in the rope in part b?

    asked by aljhun
  25. Science

    If a cell membrane is both permeable to salt and water, what will immediately occur?

    asked by Hayden
  26. English Check My Answer

    Which word from the following list has meanings that fit both sentences? I’ll start the fire after _______ a match. The workers are ______ for a higher wage. A. Protesting B. Lighting C. Fighting D. Striking A is my choice.

    asked by John
  27. Biology

    Light absorption by a pigment is measured for red, blue, green, and yellow light.

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Physics

    Ximena stands near the edge of a cliff 20 m above her friend Javier. If she throws a sandwich to Javier at an angle = 30 below the horizontal and it reaches him in 1.0 s, ignoring air resistance, what was the magnitude of the sandwich's initial velocity?

    asked by Roy
  29. Physics

    A train travelling at a constant speed of 100 km/h travels west for 45 minutes, northwest for 30 minutes and finally north for 15 minutes. What is the trains average velocity for the trip?

    asked by Instantaneous
  30. Physics

    A ball is thrown straight down with a velocity of 12 m/s; what will be its velocity 2.0 s after being released? Please help me solve this!!

    asked by Student
  31. Physics

    1) A 2.5kg durian falls from a tree with a height of 30m. Determine the energy before it falls in Joule. 2) A 2.5kg durian falls from a tree with a height of 30m. Determine the velocity when it drops 20m from the ground. 3) A 2.5kg durian falls from a tree

    asked by Enileda
  32. Physics

    A infinite wire carrying a current 5A is bent at right angle find the magnetic Induction at a point on the perpendicular to the wire through its point of bending at a distance 35 cm from the corner

    asked by Mia
  33. science

    1. If person weighs 176 lbs on earth what is his or her mass on mars where the force of gravity is 37% of that on earth. With Complete solution

    asked by sky
  34. Physics

    Block A (Mass = 2.319 kg) and Block B (Mass = 1.870 kg) are attached by a massless string as shown in the diagram. Block A sits on a horizontal tabletop. There is friction between the surface and Block A. The string passes over (you guessed it) a

    asked by Plase help soon
  35. Algebra 2

    How do I write: 3x = 6y - 12 in standard form (ax+by=c)

    asked by Bryce
  36. Chemistry

    Is the flame coloration a test for the metal or for the acid radical?

    asked by Judy
  37. Algebra

    A coaxial cable 10 feet long is cut into two pieces such that the length of one piece is two-thirds of the length of the other piece. Find the length of the shorter piece of cable.

    asked by Mary
  38. physics

    a body is moving with a velocity of 20 meter per second is apply abrack such that it stop in 2 second mass of body is 20 kg find the forse appley by brack

    asked by pankaj
  39. Math

    a small plane flies due south with a speed of 112 m/s while a tailwind blows due south at 31 m/s. Draw and label a vector diagram and calculate the magnitude and direction of the plane's resultant velocity

    asked by Penn
  40. Chemistry

    Wat is the product of Mn^+2 + NH3? is it Mn(NH3)2?

    asked by Eb
  41. Physics

    A mass (m1) is connected by a light string that passes over a massless frictionless pulley to a mass (m2) sliding on a horizontal surface. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the m2 and the surface is 0.25. If m1=1.0kg and m2=2.0kg then what is the

    asked by Bex
  42. math

    show that in a quadrilateral abcd , ab+bc+cd+da>ac+bd .

    asked by deepak kumar
  43. Maths

    The length of notice board is thrice its breadth.if the perimeter of the notice board is 10m.find the lend and breadth. ?

    asked by Umesha
  44. Basic Chemistry

    A 150L water heater is set to a cutoff temperature of 49 degrees C and that the incoming water is at 298K, calculate the energy in kJ needed to get this 150L water to it's maximum temperature. Please help!

    asked by Hannah
  45. Math

    With fractions do you always have to find a common denominator in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division? For each of the above mathematical operations?

    asked by Matt-Please Help
  46. MATH 6grade

    Juan plans to build a bookcase to store his paperback books, DVDs, and CDs. He has lumber that he will use for the sides and back of the bookcase. The bookcase will have five shelves, and each shelf will be 2 1/2 feet. DVD cases are 9 16 inch wide. a. If

    asked by AMBER A.
  47. Physics

    A cheetah can maintain its maximum speed of 29.5 m/s for only 35.3 seconds. What is the maximum distance a gazelle running at 26.2 m/s must be ahead of the cheetah to have a chance of escaping?

    asked by Josh
  48. algebra

    For g(x)=3x-5; find g(6)

    asked by starkid
  49. Science

    The mass of astromout measured on earth in 8500g. What will be his weight on earth

    asked by Matred
  50. Physics

    You push a skateboard so that it rolls down the road at a speed of 0.700 m/s. You run after the skateboard at a speed of 3.90 m/s and while still behind the skateboard you jump off the ground at an angle of 28.0° above the horizontal hoping to land on the

    asked by Caroline
  51. Physics

    You throw a water balloon hoping to hit your sibling. You throw it at an angle of 21.0° at 5.50 m/s. It ends up leaving your hand at a height of 1.70 m above the ground. It completely misses your sibling and breaks on the ground. How far did the water

    asked by Caroline
  52. math

    A number when multipled by 3 exceed itself by 48 what is the number

    asked by prashant
  53. Math

    Three linear equations are given below. The first is in slope intercept form, the 2nd is in point-slope form and the 3rd is in standard form. Each equation has a slope. What is the sum of the three slopes. 1.y = -2x + 5 2.y + 7 = 6(x − 3) 3.4x − y = 9

    asked by CheckMyAnswer
  54. algebra

    An open box is to be constructed from a rectangular sheet of tin 5 meters wide by cutting 1 square meter from each corner and folding up the sides. The volume of the box is to be 18 cubic meters. What is the length of the tin rectangle?

    asked by Billy
  55. math

    a custome requires 7/9 square yards of fabric. if the designer has 6 2/9 square yards, how many costumes can she make?

    asked by maranyeliz
  56. Chemistry

    The density of a sample of F2(g) is 1.559 g/L. If the gas is held at 755 torr, calculate the temperature. how would i calculate the volume to use

    asked by Anonymous
  57. English

    I saw my picture on your blog, but I don't like it. I feel uncomfortable about it. ------------------------------ In these sentences, what does 'it' refer to? 1. my picture 2. your uploading my picture to your blog 3. or else....

    asked by rfvv
  58. Grammar

    Critical reading is deep reading.Workers must use critical reading in the workplace.

    asked by Chantee
  59. Algebra

    The bongo family has three children, including a pair of twins. The third child is 3 years younger than the twins. The sum of the three ages is 42. How old is each?

    asked by Paul
  60. History, college

    Hi, I need help with making a stronger thesis statement that I'm going to use on my midterm assignment for Pre-Modern World History. Here's the thesis statement that I've come up with: The book 'The Natural and the Supernatural in the Middle Ages' portrays

    asked by Alex
  61. Physics

    An object of mass m1= 2.90 kg placed ona. Frictionless, horizontal table is connected to a string that passes over a pulley and then is fastened to a hanging object of mass m2= 8.70 kg. Draw free- body diagrams of both objects. I've seen many people have a

    asked by Keef sosa
  62. Physics

    A batted baseball leaves the bat with a velocity of 41.4 m/s at an angle of 51.2°. If the ball just barely clears the 3.05 m (10 ft) center field wall, a. How long was the ball in the air? ___s b. What must the range be from home plate to the center field

    asked by Eric
  63. physics

    a student weighing 160 pounds hangs for dear life from a cable tied to two other cables fastened to a support as shown above. the upper cables make angles of 39 and 55 with the horizontal. these upper cables are not as strong as the vertical cable and will

    asked by Anonymous
  64. math

    A) Daily sales of petrol from the Nabua service station are normally distributed with Mean6300Landthe standard deviation 400L. (i) If a daily sale is selected at random, find the probability that it is less than 6200L. (ii) If petrol sales are sampled for

    asked by joe
  65. Math

    You say the number when you count by 2s. You say the number when you count by 3s. You say the number when you count by 4s. The number is more than 20 but less than 30. What is the number?

    asked by Anonymous
  66. Calculus

    Evaluate the limit using algebraic techniques. limit of (x^2 - 25)/(x^2 - 4x - 5) as x approaches 0. How do I do this?

    asked by Anonymous
  67. math

    (A) An architect estimates that the average height of the buildings of 30 or more stories in Suva is at least 500 feet. A random sample of 12 buildings is selected, and the heights in feet are shown. At =0.025, is there enough Evidence to reject the

    asked by pamu
  68. math

    if, instead of assuming that the mean body temperature is 98.20 degree Ferinheight, we assume that the mean is 98.60 F(as many people believe), wht is the chance of randomly selecting 106 people and getting a mean of 98.20 degree F or lower? (continue to

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Physics

    1. A dog sits under the only shade tree in its territory. Suddenly the dog desires to dig a previously buried bone. From the tree the dog goes 13 meters at 22.6° north of east. Not finding the bone there the dog then goes 17 meters at 61.9° north of

    asked by Isabel
  70. math

    let f be the function f(x)=x(x+2) Find and simplify f(x)-f(-x)/2x I tried pluggin in whatever is for x in the first equation and get an answer for each value but it isn't working out can someone please help thank you

    asked by madison
  71. algebra

    let f be the function given by f(x)=x^2-4x Find and simplifiy f(x+h)-f(x-h)/h Please show all work Thank you

    asked by madison
  72. chemistry

    how many grams of barium would be found in 1.72g of barium sulfate 1.72(137.3/233.4)

    asked by lola
  73. Physics

    To give a 19-kg child a ride, two teenagers pull on a 3.8-kg sled with ropes, as indicated in the figure . Both teenagers pull with a force of 55 N at an angle of 35 ∘ relative to the forward direction, which is the direction of motion. In addition, the

    asked by jonge
  74. English

    Just a question I need to know... but in a poem, can three lines be considered a stanza? There's a poem I'm reading and the verses are in three lines, can those three lines (combined) be called a stanza? Or do they have to be at least 5 lines? Thanks

    asked by Fading
  75. maths need help

    the transverse of the conic:3x^2-y^2+2y-1=0 is ???

    asked by samuel
  76. maths

    the equation of the asymptotes of the hyperbola?:16y^2-9x^2=144 are ?? Show step plz

    asked by phumulani
  77. math

    Ali has 16 1/2 yards of fabric. She will use 5 2/5 yards to make each costume. How many costumes can Ali make?

    asked by Anonymous
  78. Physics

    Block A (Mass = 2.319 kg) and Block B (Mass = 1.870 kg) are attached by a massless string as shown in the diagram. Block A sits on a horizontal tabletop. There is friction between the surface and Block A. The string passes over (you guessed it) a

    asked by Josh
  79. Physics

    A science student is riding on a flatcar of a train along a strait, horizontal track at a constant speed of 12.0 m/s. The student throws a ball into the air along a path he judges to make an initial angle 65. deg with the horizontal and to be in line with

    asked by Mary
  80. Physics

    A deer runs into the road 1.24 km in front of a car. The driver, traveling at 70.5 km/hr, sees the deer and slams on the brakes which decelerates the car at a rate of 3.2 x 10-1 m/s2. Will the driver hit the deer?

    asked by Michelle
  81. Physics

    An airplane, traveling 142.5 km/hr at the moment it touches the runway, runs off the end of the runway still traveling at 36.7 km/hr. If the plane’s rate of deceleration was -1.6 m/s2, how long and how far did the plane travel along the runway?

    asked by Michelle
  82. physic

    The brakes on a car permit it to decelerate at the rate of 0.80 m/s2. How much distance is required to stop this car when it is traveling at 60.0 km/hr?

    asked by Michelle
  83. Math Algrebra Word Problems People on a line

    1) How many people are there between the 4,000th person from the front end and the 1,000th person from the back end when there are 4,000 people on a line? 2) There are 2,500 people on a line. The 100th person counted from the front is Adam. Adam is what

    asked by Anonymous
  84. math

    What is the slope of the line that contains the points (4, –4) and (7, –6)?

    asked by Luis
  85. Math

    Henry is 3 times as old as Jake. Three years ago, he was 4 times as old as Jake. How old is each boy now?

    asked by Ana
  86. Maths

    Thnx Reiny & Steve 4 d help rendered in per the past questions. Plse help in this, If the line through the point y=2x+c touches the hyperbola 4(x)^2-6(y)^2=24. Show that c=+-2sqrt5.

    asked by Joel
  87. english

    what is the speaker saying about her marriage vows in the fourth stanza in the wifes lament

    asked by tom
  88. math

    What is the slope of the line that contains the points (4, –4) and (7, –6)? Answer: 3 If its rong please explain to me what i did rong

    asked by CheckMyAnswer
  89. Algebra

    jake jenkins earned 9000 last year by giving tennis lessons. he invested part at 7% simple interest and the rest at 4%. he earned a total of 540 in interest. how much did he invest at 4%

    asked by Dakota
  90. math

    two sides of a triangle are 15cm and 18 cm in length. the altitude tossed is 10cm what is the length of the altitude to the 15 cm side?

    asked by allie
  91. Physics

    Judy walks a certain distance due north, then walks twice as far due west. At the end of her trip, the straight-line distance from her starting point to her final position is 112m. a) What is the length of each leg of the trip? b) What is the direction of

    asked by Anonymous
  92. maths pppllllz hellllp me too hard

    determine a series if solution of the equation y"(x)+x.y'(x)+y(x)=0 show me step plz

    asked by philip
  93. math

    Jammed is building a two story house in which the top floor is 12feet above the bottom floor the local building code specifies that the hight of a step cannot be above 7.5 inches what is the maximum height of a step in a staircase that jammed can construct

    asked by allie
  94. Business Law-- HELP

    Tangible property (such as automobiles, furniture, and equipment) and intangible property (such as securities, patents, and copyrights) are collectively referred to as __________. A. real property B. immovable property C. personal property D. fixtures An:

    asked by Angela
  95. Math

    Solve the inequality: 1/4w +3 is less than -6

    asked by Mary
  96. physics steve or damon help!!!!

    SIG FIGS. how many sig figs in 6:70. hOW TO FIND SIG FIGS IN TIMe.

    asked by brahtherfrmanothermather
  97. Science

    a freight train must approach a road crossing at 16km/h. after passing through the intersection, the train speeds up to 65 km/h, taking 10 min to do so. what is the train's acceleration during this time in meters per second squared

    asked by Nhipham
  98. Calculus

    Find all the values of a and b in such a way that f is continuous function on its domain. f(x)= { (√x+a)+1 if -a ≤x ≤ 0 2x^2+3 if 0 ≤ x ≤ 1 (x+b)^2+1 if x>1

    asked by Emily
  99. maths

    tanA+4cotA=4 find the value of tanA*tanA+cotA*cotA

    asked by Abhiram s nair
  100. statistics

    x is normally distributed and that sample of 20 yields a mean of 42 and a variance of 25 test the hypothesis that the population standard deviation is 8 at 5% significance level.

    asked by Sasanka
  101. math

    there are 3000 fruits in a fruit stall. 65% of the fruit are apples. 10% of the fruit are oranges and the rest are pears. how many more apples than pears are there?

    asked by persentage
  102. alg 2

    Two trains whose rates differ by six miles per hour start at the same time from stations that are 273 miles apart. They meet in three and a half hours. Find the rate of each train.

    asked by joe
  103. Maths

    The sum of two fractions is 2 1/6 if one of the fraction is 1 1/3 then what is the other

    asked by Anonymous
  104. Math

    I randomly throw 2 darts at a board of 15 balloons. 4 are purple, 3 red, 4 blue, 2 yellow and 2 green. What is the probability of hitting two purple balloons?

    asked by Ava
  105. polynomials

    I have to simplify (-x^5y^4)^4(3x^2y)^2(1/3xy) I did (x^20y^16)(9x^4y^2)(1/3xy) (9x^24y^18)(1/3xy) 3x^25y^19 Is this correct? Thank you for your help!

    asked by sara
  106. Math

    Alice paints at a rate of 10 square feet per minute and Bob paints at a rate of 8 square feet per minute. If they work together, how many square feet can they paint per minute?

    asked by Math
  107. Math

    If A is a square matrix, show that B=(A+A^T)/2 is a symmetric matrix.

    asked by Jay
  108. maths need help

    Father is aged three times more than his son Ronti. After 8 years , he would be two and a half times of Ronti's age. After further 8 years, how many times would he be of Ronti's age?

    asked by sam
  109. Calculus

    Find the set of points that the following function is continuous at them . f(x)= { (2x+1)/(x+3) if x0 -1/3 if x=0

    asked by Emily
  110. Math

    Express 84 minutes as a fraction of 4 hours in lowest term?

    asked by Cebastian
  111. maths

    Find the complex number which satisfied the equation 5zz ̅+3(z-z ̅)=42 – 15j

    asked by araz
  112. Urgent Math

    Solve it step by step! Find the area below f(x) =-x^2 + 4x +3 and above g(x) = -x^3 +7x^2-10x + 5 over the interval of [1 ≤ x ≤ 2]. Show the overlap or shaded area of the graph.

    asked by Wawen
  113. american Government

    1. if a majority of committee members support a bill, what is likely to happen? A. The committee will pigeonhole the bill B. the committee will report the bill favorably to the floor C. the committee will rewrite the bill D. the committee will report the

    asked by Leslie
  114. math

    it takes 3 mins to fill a water tank using pipe A and 5 mins to fill the same tank using pipe b alone how long will it take to fill the water if pipes a and b are used together, in minutes and seconds?

    asked by rey
  115. american government

    2. which of the following reflects a difference between debate on the House and the Senate floors? A. debate in the senate has very few restraints B. the minority party in the senate manages debate on the floor. C. representatives in the house may

    asked by Leslie
  116. algebra,

    x=5x+6y change subject to x

    asked by koushal
  117. Math

    Six years hence a man 's age will be three times his son 's age and three years ago,he was nine times as old as his son .find their present ages

    asked by Pooka
  118. maths need help log

    if loxbase 2=k^2+2k what is the value of logx^3 base64

    asked by dam
  119. maths help me asap

    y(x) = 8.x^6/(x-1), then.d^4y/dx^4 = ? show workings!plz

    asked by revina
  120. mathematics

    Let A = (1,2,5) B = {1,2,4,5,6,8} and the relation R is "less than or equal to."Representing the relation BRA in set gives??? Please show me work

    asked by philip
  121. Ap Chemistry

    Saccharin has a pKa of 2.32 It has a formula of HNC7H4SO3 If you dissolve 4.6 grams of saccharin in 478 ml of water, what is the resulting pH ?

    asked by John
  122. Physics

    For a standard production car, the highest road-tested acceleration ever reported occurred in 1993, when a Ford RS200 Evolution went from zero to 26.8 m/s (60 mi/h) in 3.596 s. Find the magnitude of the car's acceleration.

    asked by Sherlie
  123. Chemistry

    if I want to show the results of a nitrate analysis as nitrogen what is the equation

    asked by Anonymous
  124. maths

    If [.] means greatest integer function then ([-4.00000001 + 1])^5 = ??? Thanks help

    asked by sammy
  125. math

    Volume of cicle

    asked by kelebohile
  126. Physics

    A 1.00 kg box, initially at rest, is pulled across a table with a force of 3.00 N. (a) Will the box move if the coefficient of friction is 0.45? (b) What is the coefficient of friction if the box just begins to move? (c) What is the acceleration of the box

    asked by Lorenzo
  127. maths

    if the C.P. of an umbrella be decreased by Rs.60, there is a profit of 7.5% at present instead of a loss of 5% of the past. What was the C.P. of the umbrella at past.? [Please answer the question using Pure Arithmetic.]

    asked by phum
  128. Chemistry

    Cynthia combines 1.7 grams of Silver hydroxide with 234 ml of a 1.2 M solution of HBr. Assume all the silver hydroxide dissolves once it is in solution(which is technically not the case, but for this example, just go with the flow of it). What will be the

    asked by Kane
  129. English

    5. Read the following sentences from “Day of the Butterfly” So Myra and Jimmy spent every recess standing in the little back portch between the two sides. Perhaps they watched the baseball games, the tag skipping and building of leaf houses in the fall

    asked by Fading
  130. Absolute Inequalities


    asked by K
  131. Philosophy

    Society is indeed a contract

    asked by Edmund Burke
  132. phsyics

    The x and y components of a certain force are measured and found to be Fx = (68 ± 3)N and Fy =(42 ± 2) N, respectively. Calculate the magnitude of this force? expressing your result to the proper number of significant figures.

    asked by andy
  133. science

    what is the focal lenght of an object 10cm in front of a convex mirror having image that is 5cm behind the mirror?

    asked by Anonymous
  134. Physics

    You are on a new planet and want to know the acceleration due to gravity. You take a ball and kick it at an angle of 26.0° at a speed of 21.0 m/s. If the ball is in the air for 7.30 s, what is the magnitude of the acceleration due to gravity?

    asked by Fred
  135. Physics

    You push a skateboard so that it rolls down the road at a speed of 0.600 m/s. You run after the skateboard at a speed of 3.50 m/s and while still behind the skateboard you jump off the ground at an angle of 22.0° above the horizontal hoping to land on the

    asked by Jim
  136. Math

    Let f:[0,infinity) -> R be a differentiable function such that f'(x) >= f(x) > 0 for all x in [0,infinity). Construct a proof to show that f'(x) >= f(x) for all x in [0,infinity).

    asked by Annoymous
  137. Chemistry

    4.12 grams of Zinc are placed in a crucible with 3.00 grams (excess) of Sulfur. when reaction is complete the product mass is 6.10 grams. What mass of Sulfur should be used in the simplest formula calculation? Find the empirical formula of Zinc Sulfide. My

    asked by Jakob
  138. Math

    Find the distance between the two points: P1= ( -1,0) and P2= (2,4)

    asked by Irma
  139. American Government

    national emergencies, advances in technology, and demand for services have increased congress's acceptance of which view? A. conservative constructionists B. liberal constructionists C. radical constructionists D. strict constructionist My best answer is D

    asked by Leslie
  140. Biology

    What is the energy of helium in its second excited state

    asked by Misha
  141. precalculus

    how do you solve for a triangle with a given side

    asked by Ange
  142. Math

    What is 5 7/8 - 1/4 I got an answer of 23/2 did I do this right or what di I do wrong?

    asked by Matt-Please Help
  143. Physics

    Block A (Mass = 2.319 kg) and Block B (Mass = 1.870 kg) are attached by a massless string as shown in the diagram. Block A sits on a horizontal tabletop. There is friction between the surface and Block A. The string passes over (you guessed it) a

    asked by ASak
  144. Applied mechanics

    the resistance of two forces are and 15 newton is 20 Newton in client at 60 angle to the 15 Newton force find the magnitude and direction

    asked by Shubham Rawat