Questions Asked on
September 19, 2016

  1. English

    In the Night The Bed Fell, what is the father's reaction to the scene he discovers when he opens the attic door? He is ready to chase a burglar He's worried someone's been hurt He wants to know what's happened He's glad that everyone's all right My answer

    asked by LaLa
  2. chemistry

    How many kilojoules are required to melt 15g of ice at 0 degrees C, and raise the temperature of the liquid that forms to 85 degrees C?

    asked by Todd
  3. CHECK MY ANSWERS American Government

    *** By my answer Please check! 1. Which statement best describes the importance of the Magna Carta? (1 point) British judges should hold judicial power. Even the king must respect certain rights of the people.*** Federalism is the best form of government.

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Social studies

    what was the primary reason thomas hooker left the massachusetts bay colony and founded the connecticut colony? A. His religious ideals conflicted with the Puritan beliefs B. He desired to move further inland where soil was better for farming C. He though

    asked by Helppp
  5. American Government

    1. Thomas Hobbes and John Locke were European philosophers who influenced American founding documents with which theory? A. social contract theory B. divine right of kings theory C. no taxation without representation theory D. equal pay for equal work

    asked by Jessica
  6. math

    In a farm, the farmer counted 78 legs and 35 heads consisting of cows and hens. How many hens does he have?

    asked by Cheng
  7. Biology

    I would like some help if that is OK, like soon!:) 1.) A group of scientists proposes an idea that a chemical compound will enable bean plants to grow faster. They grow one group of bean plants in the presence of the compound and another group in the

    asked by Jessica
  8. Social Studies

    A class is selling magazines as a fund raiser. Of the 500 magazines sold, Amy sold 1/9 of them. Garrett sold 0.145 of the magazines. Robbie sold 11/100 of the magazines, and Carlita sold 0.095 of the magazines. Who sold the most?

    asked by HELP!
  9. Algebra

    A meteorologist announces that yesterday’s high temperature was within 4° Celsius of 18° Celsius all across the country. Write an inequality that involves an absolute value to represent yesterday’s high temperature. Solve the inequality and explain

    asked by Fading
  10. math

    the mass of 3 dictionaries and 2 textbook is 8 kg and the mass of 3 dictionaries and 3 textbook is 9 kg. find the mass of 5 textbooks?

    asked by murtaza
  11. Math 6th grade

    Mr.Baker has baked some muffins. If he packs them in boxes of 4, he will have 3 left over. If he packs them in boxes of 5, he will also have 3 left over If he packs them in boxes of 6, he will have only 1 left over. Find the least possible number of

    asked by Andrea
  12. English

    1. In which of the following selections is point of view used to highlight contradictions in what is being described? A) "Aztec Creation story" B) "Day of the Butterfly" C) "At the Tourist Centre in boston"** D) "Two Bodies" 2. Which of the following

    asked by Starcatcher
  13. math

    Tony had an equal number cranberry bars and walnut bars. He gave away 66 cranberry bars. He then had 4 times as many walnut bars as cranberry bars left. How many bars did he have at first?

    asked by Lillianna
  14. Math

    Jon's car can travel an average of 35 miles per gallon. Write an equation to represent how many gallons he will need for a trip of 656 miles

    asked by No name
  15. History

    Which of the following is the purpose of the North Atlantic Treaty Organazation? A.) Econimic Aid B.) Open Borders C.)Sea Patrolling D.) Common Defense Is it B?

    asked by Redneck
  16. Math

    Suppose the amount of bacteria growing in a perti dish is represented by the function b(t)=50t/t+1 Evaluate the function at t=1,2,5,10,15,20 (a) constract a table of values (b) use the table to sketch a graph.

    asked by Loko
  17. Math

    A class is selling magazines as a fund raiser. Of the 500 magazines sold, Amy sold 1/9 of them. Garrett sold 0.145 of the magazines. Robbie sold 11/100 of the magazines, and Carlita sold 0.095 of the magazines. Who sold the most?

    asked by HELP!
  18. Physics

    A 10-ft,25lb seesaw is balanced by a little girl with a weight of 50lbs and her father with a weight of 200lbs at opposite ends. How far from the seesaw's center of mass must the fulcrum be placed?

    asked by Hana
  19. Math

    find the digit that makes 2,72_ divisible by 6.

    asked by HELP!
  20. college- practical statistics

    Five coins are tossed 3200 times find the frequencies of distribution of heads & tails & tabulate the results. Calculate the mean number of success & the standard deviation.

    asked by sathya
  21. Social Studies

    Apply your knowledge of Texas' economic development and geographic regions to explain where in Texas you would convince a tech company to locate. Explain why you would steer them away from other regions of the state.

    asked by Smiley
  22. Math

    Janice thinks that 20 hundredths is equivalent to 2 thousandths because 20 hundreds is equal to 2 thousands

    asked by Shameiz
  23. Science

    10. How can serveying reading material improve your comprehension? (1 point) > Knowing the main ideas ahead of time helps you know where to focus your attention**** > Reciting the answers to questions out loud will help you remember them > Reading your

    asked by Lexi
  24. English

    Identify the part of the following topic sentence that does not belong. The campus paper spends too much time covering football, in my humble opinion

    asked by Ssm
  25. Algebra 2

    1. Convert the 5th root of x^3 into a rational expression. 2. Solve i^63 I don't know how to solve these so please help me!!!

    asked by Anon
  26. algebra

    h/j=15 for j

    asked by Melody
  27. Health

    In order to make healthy choices you must learn to what risks? A. Ignore B. Advocate For (C.) Evaluate (My Answer) D. Take More

    asked by Ashlie
  28. Chemistry help please!

    Why does a clear, saturated solution of PbI2 form a yellow precipitate when a small amount of KI is added to the solution? A. KI is insoluble in PbI2. B. PbI2 is always insoluble in water. C. Adding KI is like adding I-, which drives the reaction toward

    asked by Laura
  29. physics

    As two trains move along a track, their conductors suddenly notice that they are headed toward each other. The figure gives their velocities v as functions of time t as the conductors slow the trains. The figure's vertical scaling is set by vs = 40.0 m/s.

    asked by fotran God
  30. History

    Both William Bradford and John Smith helped found American colonies. How did their actions differ? Bradford developed cash-crop agriculture, while Smith focused on subsistence farming. Bradford had little involvement with colonial government, while Smith

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Maths

    The area of small rectangular plot is 84meter square . If the difference between it's length and breadth is 5m find its perimeter

    asked by Lovepreet
  32. Math

    Complete each ratio table: ___ 12 18 24 4.5 ___ ___ 18 80.8 40.4 ____ 10.1 ___ 512 256 ____ How do you complete a ratio table I have never done this before. Please help me. The spaces that I put are for the answers for each table.

    asked by Matt-Please Help
  33. social studies

    Explain the relationship of spindletop's location in Texas to its importance on the economic development of Texas and the United States?

    asked by pier
  34. Commom Core Algebra

    how do I rewrite the following expression as an equivalent product of two binomials? x(x+2)+3(x+2)

    asked by Nikki
  35. Physical Science

    What is the average kinetic energy of a nitrogen molecule, N2 in the air for 100 degrees Fahrenheit?

    asked by Keke
  36. Chemistry

    A sample of 5.52 grams of NaOH is dissolved into 659 mL of aqueous 0.250 M NaOH (assume no volume change). This solution is then poured into 1.52 gallons of water. (You may assume that the two volumes can be added.) What is the concentration of NaOH in the

    asked by Greatest
  37. Math

    Clark wants to give some baseball cards to his friends. If he gives 6 cards to each of his friends, he will have left. If he gives 8 cards to each of his 5 card friends, he will need 7 more cards. How many friends is he giving the cards?

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Algebra

    A gardener has a border of flowers around a rectangular vegetable garden. The vegetable garden is 5 ft x 2 ft, and the flower border has a uniform width of 1 ft and is 7 ft x 4 ft. What is the area of the flower garden only? 4 ft^2 10 ft^2 18 ft^2*** 28

    asked by Fading
  39. Social studies

    how was the government outlined in the fundamental orders of connecticut (FOC) different from the government in massachusetts? Select all that apply. A. The FOC gave the vote to all men who were property owners B. The FOC limited the governor's power which

    asked by Helppp
  40. physics

    a glass block weighs 25N in air . when whole immersed in water, the block weighs 15N. calculate the relative density of glass

    asked by zari
  41. Math please help

    Celeste is making fruit baskets for her service club to take to a local hospital. The directions say to fill the boxes using 5 apples for every 6 oranges. Celeste is filling her baskets with 2 apples for every 3 oranges. Complete the tables to find

    asked by Matt
  42. biology/science

    Oxygen attracts electrons more strongly than hydrogen does. What kind of bond forms between the two hydrogen atoms and single oxygen atom that form a water molecule? A. A metallic bond B. A hydrogen bond C. An ionic bond D. A polar bond Currently stuck

    asked by Logan
  43. Math

    Compare the values of each of the digits 337 The 3 in the tens place is ---------the value of the 3 in the hundreds place.

    asked by Liz
  44. maths

    write 378cm to the nearest metre

    asked by Anonymous
  45. physics

    a bullet of mass 20 gram is horizontly fired with a velocity 150 mtr/sec from a pistol of mass 2 kg. what is the recoil velocity of the pistol?

    asked by geethika
  46. Grade 10 Math

    Tanesha needs to measure the height of a flagpole. She is 5'9" tall. She finds that if she stands 12 ft from the base of a flagpole, the top of her head touches the guy wire holding the flagpole up. The guy wire is anchored 15 ft from the base of the pole.

    asked by Becky
  47. maths trignometry

    Prove that. √seca+2sina/seca-2sina=Sina+cosa/sina-cosa

    asked by Aditya
  48. World History

    How did China become a feudal state under the Zhou? A.The Shang shared regional power over lands with the Zhou. B.Warlords overran regions and set up their own kingdoms.* C.The Zhou awarded control over lands to their supporters. D.Groups of regional

    asked by Hannah
  49. science chemistry

    balance Redox :- CuS + SO4²- = CuO+SO2

    asked by Yashvi
  50. Math

    For each babysitting job, Ashley charges $2.50 for bus fare and $8.00 per hour for each hour she works. She charged $30.50 for her last babysitting jib. Write an equation representative if this situation. Do not solve it. What does the variable represent?

    asked by Amy
  51. World History

    Which of the following most likely caused the prosperity of Gupta India? A. Strong Hindu religious policy. B. Powerful central government. C. Tribute paid by the conquered. D. Mining extensive gold deposits. Is the answer C? Thank you in advance😃

    asked by Anonymous
  52. maths help me

    an engine pumps water from a river 10m an below its own level and discharge it through a nozzle of diameter 10cm with a speed of 50m/ s.find the power required assuming losses b.70% efficiency.water weighs 10^3kgm^-3 {g=10ms^-2} help me

    asked by dams
  53. Math

    The cost (in dollars) of producing x air conditioners is C=g(x)=560+40x. Find a formula for the inverse function g−1(C).

    asked by Laura
  54. math

    the mass of 3 dictionaries and 2 textbook is 8 kg and the mass of 3 dictionaries and 3 textbook is 9 kg. find the mass of 5 textbooks? math - Steve, Monday, September 19, 2016 at 5:17am 3d+2t = 8 3d+3t = 9 clearly, t=1 i cant understand it math - Steve,

    asked by murtaza
  55. Physics

    Sam and Terry find a 30.0 m deep wishing well and decide to make a wish. Terry throws a penny down the well at 3.00 m/s and Sam throws a penny up in the air at the same speed. If they threw them at the same time, how much time would there be between

    asked by Fred
  56. 4th grade math

    Elizabeth has 45 cents in her pocket.none of the coins are pennies.Make a list of all the combinations that could be in Elizabeth's pocket. I am so confused. (:V)

    asked by Anonymous
  57. math

    For the following two numbers, find two factors of the first number such that their product is the first number and their sum is the second number. 60, 23

    asked by baba
  58. Physics

    A woman stands on a bathroom scale in a motionless elevator. When the elevator begins to move, the scale briefly reads only 0.70 of her regular weight. 1).Calculate the magnitude of the acceleration of the elevator. Express your answer to two significant

    asked by Alex
  59. physics

    A puck is released on an air table inclined by 0.1rd with respect to horizontal. By applying the principle of conservation of the mechanical energy of the system ,calculate the velocity of the puck after 40 cm journey along a line of greatest slope.

    asked by angy
  60. Science

    A rock is held steady over a cliff and dropped. 1.1 seconds later, another rock is thrown straight down at a speed of 12.1 m/s, and hits the first rock. How far have the rocks dropped before they collide? How long is the first rock in the air before it

    asked by Gabriel
  61. Math, please help! :)

    What number can be inserted in the set 9, 12, 17, 5, 13, so that the median of the numbers in the resulting list is 14? a.12 b.13 c.14 d.15

    asked by Myah ^_^
  62. Chemistry

    The mass of an empty container is 91 g. The mass of the container filled with water is 111 g. What is the volume of the container? The density of water is 1 g/cm3 .Answer in units of cm3 20cm3 016 (part 2 of 5) 1.0 points The container was emptied, dried,

    asked by Katie
  63. chemistry

    One isotope of a nonmetallic element has mass number 16 and 7 neutrons in the nucleus. The anion derived from the isotope has 10 electrons. Write the symbol for this anion. I thought the answer was O^2- but this isnt correct

    asked by Dani
  64. physics

    A flowerpot falls from a window sill 27.7 m above the sidewalk. What is the velocity of the flowerpot when it strikes the ground? The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s 2 . Answer in units of m/s.

    asked by haven
  65. physics

    An electric vehicle starts from rest and accelerates at a rate of 2.3 m/s2 in a straight line until it reaches a speed of 24 m/s. The vehicle then slows at a constant rate of 1.5 m/s2 until it stops. (a) How much time elapses from start to stop? (b) How

    asked by fotran God
  66. math

    A kite is attached to a string. Find the length of string,when the height of the kite is 60m and the string makes the angle 30 degree with the ground.

    asked by komal
  67. Chemistry please help!

    What happens to the following reaction at equilibrium if the pressure is decreased? 2H2(g) + O2(g) 2H2O(g) A. The equilibrium shifts left because Q > K. B. The equilibrium shifts right because Q < K. C. The equilibrium shifts left because Q < K. D. The

    asked by Laura
  68. Biochem

    Using stocks of 0.1 M KH2PO4 and 0.1 M K2HPO4 how much 0.1 M K2HPO4 is needed to prepare 20 mL of a buffer solution at pH 7.2. The pKa of phosphate is 6.82. I know to solve for the ratio using henderson hasselbach but im lots after that! 5.2=6.82+log(A/HA)

    asked by Ellen
  69. physics

    A car accelerates uniformly in a straight line from rest at the rate of 3.9 m/s2 . What is the speed of the car after it has traveled 56 m? Answer in units of m/s.

    asked by haven
  70. chem

    If you were asked to convert 25 cg to the unit hg, which of the following would be the first fraction used in the conversion? 1 hg/10^2 10^2/1hg 10^2 hg/ 1cg 10^-2 g/1 cg

    asked by Sarah
  71. math

    Joe is training for a triathlon by biking and running. He would like to run 24 miles and bike 36 miles total. He plans to run and bike the same amount on each day of his training. What is the greatest number of days that Joe can spread out his training

    asked by kurbria
  72. Math

    Restaurant has 300 tables. 1/10 are reserved. How many tables are reserved?

    asked by Debra
  73. Health

    Which of these is an example of a hereditary risk factor? A. Smoking B. Eating Junk Food Everyday C. Being A Couch Potato D. Having Fair Skin That Is Prone To Sunburn I don't know which one I should choose. PLZ HELP.

    asked by Ashlie
  74. Influential Ideas and Events Quiz( Check Answers)

    (The sign "*" means that's my answer I chose for the question) Part A What is the basic independent unit of world politics? a) country b) province c) nation* d) organization Part B Which of the following groups is an example of the basic unit you selected

    asked by Unknown
  75. Trigonometry

    A boat is 100 m from the bottom of a 75 m high cliff. Calculate the angle of elevation from the boat to the top of the cliff. (I've been trying to solve it but i have no idea how

    asked by Unknown
  76. math

    a store bought flower pots for 1,200 -sold for 2,700 with a profit of $30.00. How many flower pots sold

    asked by Jimi
  77. Math

    Find the percent change. Round to the nearest percent. 215 1/2 lb to 133 1/4 lb $315.99 to $499.89

    asked by Jessica
  78. MATH

    define a variable to represent a real life quantity, such as length in centimeters or money in cents. then use the variable to write a mathematical expression to represent one of your daily activities. describe in words what your expression represents and

    asked by John Dosley
  79. chemistry

    The diameter of a neutral neon atom is about 1.4 ✕ 10^2 pm. Suppose that we could line up neon atoms side by side in contact with one another. Approximately how many neon atoms would it take to make the distance from end to end 1 cm? I did 1.4 x 10^2 pm

    asked by Dani
  80. physics

    A homologous rod of mass M=20kg of length L=3m and of negligible cross-section rests initially on the horizontal ground chosen as a reference level for the gravitational potential energy. The rod is rotated about one end until it takes a vertical position

    asked by angy
  81. Math

    The second part of the question says compare the ratios. Is Celeste using the correct ratio of apples to oranges?

    asked by Matt please help
  82. Math 115

    A department store is offering a coupon for 28 ⁢ % off for any purchases over dollar-sign Baseline 100. Construct a piecewise function for the actual cost, C, of the purchase as a function of the original purchase price, P. When 0

    asked by Daniela
  83. Math

    Carly and Kyle decided to count the number of red, blue, and yellow cars that they saw. They counted twice as many red cars as blue cars. The number of yellow cars they counted was one third of the number of red cars if they counted a tote of 33 cars. How

    asked by Sara
  84. Math

    1. Gerald received the following test scores in math class: 76, 86, 89, 81, and 99. What was Gerald’s average test score, rounded to the nearest point?

    asked by Devon
  85. science

    Johnny stacked 200 cans, each weighing 5 N, on shelves 1 meter high in only 100 seconds. How much power did he use for the task?

    asked by dolly
  86. Math115

    Create a piecewise function of the following scenario where Upper D left-parenthesis t right-parenthesis is the total distance walked (in miles) as a function of time t (in minutes): “You begin a walk from your home at a fast pace of 4 miles per hour for

    asked by Brita
  87. Math 115

    Create a piecewise function of the following scenario where D(t) is the total distance walked (in miles) as a function of time t (in minutes): “You begin a walk from your home at a fast pace of 4 miles per hour for 30 minutes. You rest for 10 minutes,

    asked by Daniela
  88. Science

    THANK YOU DRWLS. I just wanted to thank you because you have been a major part of my successes in High school. Your answers are always clear, easy to understand, and most importantly correct! I just wanted to expresses my gratitude as you are truly the MVP

    asked by BlueishLocket
  89. Physics

    Tiffany throws a ball with a velocity of 5 m/s. As soon as it leaves her hand, the ball makes an angle of 30 ° with the ground. What are the x and y components of the velocity of the ball?

    asked by Kinematics
  90. Math

    Deternmine the volume of a cylinder with a radius of 5cm and a height of 30cm. How long would it take it to fill this cylinder with water if you were using a fountain with a flow rate of 2400 mL/min? 1cm^3=1mL

    asked by Les
  91. physics

    A capacitor with a capacitance of C = 25.7 μF is slowly charged by a constant current of I = 45.7 nA. How long does it take to charge the capacitor to a voltage of V = 29.4 V?

    asked by andrea
  92. Calculus

    Find a value for k so that the function is continuous. f(x) = {(x^2 + 2x - 15)/(x - 3), x ≠ 3 and 2kx - 4, x = 3 Is k = 2?

    asked by Anonymous
  93. Algebra

    Consider the following system of equations. Solve and write as a coordinate point. 5x+4y=-14 3x+6y=6 Please help and thanks

    asked by Adam
  94. Trigonometry

    Hello, is there any way to calculate arctan (2) without using calcultor? And what is that way?

    asked by Arthur
  95. physics

    Two ropes are pulling upward on a large crate. The weight of the crate is 458 N. The tension in the left rope is the same as the tension in the right rope.If the crate is accelerating upward at a rate of 1.95 m/s2, and the tension in the two ropes is the

    asked by taylor
  96. Algebra

    You and a friend eat tacos. You order 2 tacos and 5 burritos which equals $19. Your friend orders 1 taco and 4 burritos which equals $14. Find the cost of a taco and a burrito. Please help

    asked by Bill
  97. Maths

    Two trains are running, on separate tracks, round a model railway layout. One completes a circuit every 40 seconds and the other every 55seconds. The trains start together at the station. How long, in minutes and seconds, will it be before they are at the

    asked by Sk
  98. Math

    Sachin completed 3/5 of a story books. She finds more 80 pages to complete the story book. What is the total no. of pages in the story books.

    asked by Sania Reang
  99. Chemistry

    H2S decomposes at 438k ,according to the following equilibrium: H2S(g)=H2(g)+S(s) Knowing that Kc=1.1*10-2,determine the gram amount of sulfur formed at the equilibrium coditions in a 5L flask ,where the initial concentration of H2S was 0.7M.

    asked by Gianna mele
  100. Math

    A grocery store sells 3 pounds of grapes for $3.45 another grocery store sells 5 pounds of grapes for $5.75 which equation represents the price of grapes

    asked by Natasha
  101. Math 2

    I need help with math 2 really bad !

    asked by Caitlin
  102. English

    1. I'd like you to get my permission next time. 2. I'd like you to ask my permission next time. 3. I'd like you to ask for my permission next time before uploading my photos. ================================ Are the sentences grammatical?

    asked by rfvv
  103. English

    1. Change the imperative sentences into more polite expressions beginning with "Do you mind if..." 2. When I say a sentence, you should say a more polite sentence beginning with 'Do you mind..." 3. _________________________________

    asked by rfvv
  104. Physics

    A Dare daredevil wants to jump his motorcycle across a 50 m Canyon a) If his speed is 30m/s and a ramp angle is 50 degrees where should the landing ramp be placed? b) With the same ramp what initial speed should he have if the landing ramp is 10 m from the

    asked by Vanessa
  105. Lee college

    two cars start driving in the same direction from the same place. If one travels 54 mph and the other 61 mph, how long will it take to be 49 miles apart?

    asked by Jas
  106. History

    How are in-text citations for history journal articles and books supposed to be formatted? I am finding inconsistent information on the internet. Is it the same as APA- (author last name, date)?

    asked by Citations?
  107. Chemistry

    If 33.8 mL of lead(II) nitrate solution reacts with excess sodium iodide to yield 0.865g of precipitate, what is the molarity of the lead(II) ions in the original solution? im not exactly sure how to start this problem. But i went ahead and gave it a shot

    asked by Anonymous
  108. Math, science,English and social studies

    Hi, do you help with homework? Do you help with reading? Paying money?

    asked by Mafanta Dulleh
  109. sciences

    What will be the effect on the colour of blue litmus paper when it is dropped in each of the following solution. 1. Water 2. Lime juice 3. Dilute hydrochloric acid 4. Sodium hydroxide solution.

    asked by Ruby belley
  110. Math

    Alanna is paid $12.25 for regular hourly rate for all hours worked from Monday to Friday with time and a half paid her for Saturday hours and double time for Sunday hours?

    asked by Freeds
  111. Algebra

    Kerry's car averages 25 mpg. She wants to find how far she can drive based on the gallons in her car. Choose the correct model fo this situation 25=d+g D=25g G=25 ( d is distance in miles and g is gallons of gas) What is the slope ? How far can she travel

    asked by Juan
  112. Chemistry

    Heating 1.0 mole of ammonia and 1.0 mole of molecular nitrogen at 723k in a 10L flask,the following equilibrium is observed: N2(g)+3H2(g)=2NH3(g) when the equilibrium is reached ,0.40 moles of molecular hydrogen are present in the flask,determine Kp and Kc

    asked by Gianna mele
  113. Physics

    A ball thrown horizontally from a point 26.0 m above the ground strikes the ground after travelling a horizontal distance of 23.0 m. With what speed was it thrown? Which equation should I use? V= DeltaX / Delta T A= Delta V / Delta T Horizontal motion

    asked by Bex
  114. Math - Excel

    Hi, I need to write an Excel formula and I am trying to double check my work. We are asked to find the difference and relative difference for this account. So the values are: $10,000 $10,700 $11,400 $12,100 $12,800 $13,500 etc. The difference for each is

    asked by Carly
  115. science

    The volume of a gas increases from 18.7 m3 to 25.1 m3 while the pressure changes from 1.82 atm to 1.41 atm. If the initial temperature is 353 K, the final temperature of the gas is K.

    asked by nana
  116. Physics

    A tennis player hits a ball 1.6m above the ground. The ball leaves the racket with a speed of 12m/s at an angle 8.0 above the horizontal. The net is a horizontal distance of 7.0m away from the player and is 1.0m high. a) does the ball clear the net?

    asked by Brittany
  117. physics

    A particle B of mass 10g is shot vertically upward from a point O with velocity 10m/s. The horizontal plane containing O is the reference level of the gravitational potential energy .Neglect all air effects. a) Calculate the mechanical energy of the system

    asked by angie
  118. Algebra

    Shark wireless charges 2 cents per text with a $25 monthly fee while Nova cellular charges 4 cents per text with a $15 monthly fee. Create a linear equation.

    asked by Db
  119. accounting

    In determining the viability of a strategic investment, several pieces of information are required, including the cost of the project, the projected cash flows, and the discount, or interest, rate. In the Guillermo Furniture Scenario, which costs would you

    asked by gus
  120. math

    a. The power of an electric appliance is given by the formula P=I^2R, where I is the current and R is resistance. Use this information to explain how you can use radicals to determine the current if the power and the resistance is given. b. Find the

    asked by Steve
  121. Physics

    A rocket accelerates upward at 3m/sec2 for 60 seconds when it releases a booster. How long will it take the booster to reach the ground from the highest point and what is its velocity as it is striking the ground? I'm unsure how to find the time if time is

    asked by john
  122. physics

    A particle B of mass 10g is shot vertically upward from a point O with velocity 10m/s. The horizontal plane containing O is the reference level of the gravitational potential energy .Neglect all air effects. a) Calculate the mechanical energy of the system

    asked by angy
  123. algebra

    What is the equation for the line with a slope of 7 and a y-intercept of -1 ?

    asked by Jack
  124. Science

    What is the difference between saltwater and freshwater?

    asked by Anonymous
  125. Social Studies

    What is a name of a soldier in the Revolutionary War that was a low ranked soldier but then stepped it up?

    asked by Mia
  126. Chemistry

    10g of NOBr were added to a 5L flask and the temperature was fixed to 350K. The following equilibrium is reached : NOBr(g)=NO(g)+1/2Br2(g);The pressure measured at the equilibrium was 0.63 atm.Determine Kp and Kc. I need help to solve this problem.I

    asked by Gianna mele
  127. math

    a. the maximum velocity at which a vehicle can go around a level curve is given by the formula v=√µrg, where µ is the coefficient of friction, r is the radius of the curve, and g is the acceleration due to gravity. explain how radical expression can be

    asked by John Dosley
  128. math

    the mass of 3 dictionaries and 2 textbook is 8 kg and the mass of 3 dictionaries and 3 textbook is 9 kg. find the mass of 5 textbooks? math - Steve, Monday, September 19, 2016 at 5:17am 3d+2t = 8 3d+3t = 9 clearly, t=1 i cant understand it

    asked by murtaza
  129. Math

    Find the inverse function (if it exists) of h(x)=x4x+3. If the function is not invertible, enter

    asked by DumDum
  130. Science

    A bus travels first 20 km in 1 hour next 20 km in half an hour and next 20 km in 1 hour

    asked by Vasu
  131. Math

    Give a real world scenario in which you would write an inequality rather than a solution. Please help I can't think of a scenario.

    asked by Senpai onii-chan
  132. Chemistry

    How does the polarity of water cause its cohesive property? Describe with an example that we can actually see. I really need help with this!!! Especially on describing an example that we can actually see..... Can someone please explain this to me and give

    asked by Starcatcher
  133. Psychology 101

    which of the following is TRUE? (Points : 1) IQ does not change. IQ tests favor minority groups. IQ tests typically measure creativity. IQ predicts success in school.

    asked by Samantha
  134. US history

    how did the Virginia colony survive with the help of the English colonists?

    asked by brian
  135. Business (Health Care)

    what is a recent health care business that has changed the way health care staff perform their jobs or the way patients receive services?

    asked by Anonymous
  136. math

    define a variable to represent a real life quantity, such as length in centimeters or money in cents. then use the variable to write a mathematical expression to represent one of your daily activities. describe in words what your expression represents and

    asked by John Dosley
  137. Physics

    Joseph drives his car 10 km [E20 °S] then 25 km[N]. What is his total displacement?

    asked by Kinematics
  138. math

    A five-foot board is cut into two pieces. Use one variable to express the length of the two pieces

    asked by jeny
  139. Algebra

    Solve the system by elimination 2x+3y=4 5x+6y=7

    asked by Sanan
  140. MATH

    in the square, A represents the area of the square. Find the value of a such that A is equal to two times the square.

    asked by John Dosley
  141. Maths

    What are the factors of 117? I've tried, and I can't find them.

    asked by Ksuper
  142. Pre algebra

    how to simplify -12 divided by 3•(-8+(-4) to the seccond power-6)+2

    asked by Tyanna
  143. math

    I've done these problems for the past 4hrs and i can't get them right please its my only questions left.1-12 1.x + 3 > 5 2.7 > x + 5 3.x - 8 ≤ -6 4.-4 < -6 + x 5.9x > 18 6.-3x > 6 7.x/4>0.5 8.x/-14>1/7 9.-10 ≥ 5x 10.-16 ≥ -8x 11.-4x < 8 12.15 ≥

    asked by plshelp
  144. algebra 1

    I need to solve this inequality 3(x-2)>-3

    asked by Amanda
  145. Precalculus

    In triangle ABC, we have AB=3 and AC=4. Side BC and the median from A to BC have the same length. What is BC? Please help, I have no idea where to start.

    asked by James
  146. algebra

    What is the equation in slope-intercept form of the line that passes through (1,5)and has a slope of 3 ?

    asked by Jack
  147. Algebra

    System of equations for -6=Ab^-3 -18=Ab^2

    asked by Terrance
  148. Math

    What is the sum of the first 60 odd numbers?

    asked by Lola
  149. math

    a man sleeps 8 hours a day. how many hours can he sleep in a year?

    asked by james
  150. calculus help me asap

    if y^6=tanh^-1(tan^-4(4x^2+y^2)^2)^9 find dy/dx show work....

    asked by marvin
  151. science

    A 100 kg cart accelerates from 0 to 20 m/s in 5 seconds. What is the acceleration?

    asked by nyeem
  152. Math

    Solve for p 93=12(2)^p

    asked by Sarah
  153. maths

    sin(5x)+sin(7x)=0 live answer in radian form

    asked by feliz
  154. Math

    I need to make a crossword puzzle using scientific notation and standard form

    asked by Jamie
  155. algebra - theory of numbers

    Sum of divisors ofN

    asked by sathya
  156. English grammar

    Verb used in the following sentence- 1) me after some days (talk,talked,will talk)

    asked by Mukesh kumar
  157. Math

    The speed limits on I-70 is 40-65 mph. A $ 10 fine is imposed on every mile above or below this speed limit.

    asked by Mahmood
  158. Algebra

    Verify the solution by choosing the correct coordinate point whic states 3x-2y=2 5x-5y=10 Answer choices: (0,-1) (-4,-2) (-2,-4) (1,-5) Thanks for the help

    asked by Joe


    asked by MWOMBEKI'S SON
  160. math

    the mass of 3 dictionaries and 2 textbook is 8 kg and the mass of 3 dictionaries and 3 textbook is 9 kg. find the mass of 5 textbooks?

    asked by murtaza
  161. social studies

    what were the guaranteed jamestown success

    asked by jack
  162. English

    1. Do you want to stop practice? 2. Do you want to stop practicing soccer? 3. He sent a message to Tom about the photos uploaded on the website. ------------------------------- Are the sentences all grammatical? Would you check the please?

    asked by rfvv
  163. ict

    description of dvd+/-rw

    asked by tawanda
  164. Math


    asked by Daniella
  165. maths

    3 litres 300ml_ 1/2 litre

    asked by Anonymous
  166. History

    How was power lost in the Han dynasty

    asked by Anonymous
  167. mathematics need help

    find the parametric equation for the line with slope 3 and y-intercept -2 where 't' is any real number?

    asked by sam
  168. Math

    Solve for x 4(log(x)+5)=6

    asked by Sarah
  169. Science

    Is mushroom, desert, temperature, coral, steak, athletes foot, mold, tree, rocks, dirt, gold, plastic, grapes, turnda Biotic, both, or abiotic

    asked by Kitkat
  170. Math

    If my clothes are like this the hundred digit is greater than 7 the tens is one more than the hundreds digit and the ones digit is less than 2 then what would my answer be

    asked by Chloe
  171. math

    Drow A line 7 centimetres divided in the ratio 2 : 3

    asked by Anonymous
  172. English

    1. (On June 6, 1897), they traveled (across the Golden Gate Bridge). 2. They have been producing vegetables and cotton (for many years). 3. (During most seasons), the crops grow well (in this central valley). Tell what each adverb phrase in () modifies. 1.

    asked by HAYDEN
  173. Math

    3 children each want to eat onethird of a pizza how many do I need to feed them

    asked by Fafa
  174. science

    I don't know what to do 4 science in my honners class

    asked by Demitri
  175. math

    How is a inequality different from an equation?

    asked by Senpai onii-chan
  176. Math

    A bag contains 7 white, 15 blue, 14 red, 10 yellow, and 4 green marbles. What is the probability of selecting a white marble first and a green marble second?

    asked by Tyler
  177. Math

    Solve for x 8⋅4^2x−4=53

    asked by Laura
  178. math

    What is 46 and 33 gcf

    asked by ggfhjgfdjgf
  179. bio

    1. Complete the following conversions: 1ul= what mal I thought 1000 100ul = what ml 50ml = what ml ul=1.5 ul=0.06ml ul=0.003ml idk how to do this was not in lab

    asked by sarah
  180. spanish

    which neighborhood in chicago did cisneros live in from the house on mango street

    asked by Tom
  181. English

    Can someone please clarify what this means; a summary Analysis of your weekly monthly and semester time demands. Maybe and example of this

    asked by Vee
  182. math

    what is 0.7 x 0.02

    asked by Evelyn
  183. maths

    18 fives= _tens

    asked by Anonymous
  184. Maths


    asked by Anonymous
  185. mathematics help

    solve for x? if x^2+j16=0 where j=sqrt(-1)

    asked by maths-lover