Questions Asked on
September 17, 2016

  1. Math

    The table shows two cell phone plans that offer free minutes for each given number of paid minutes used. Pablo has Plan A and Sam has Plan B Plan A Free Minutes=2 Paid Minutes=10 Plan B Free Minutes=8 Paid Minutes=25 a. What is Pablo's ratio of free to

    asked by Matt-Please Help
  2. Chemistry

    Which of the following pairs would make a good buffer? A. H2C2O4 and HC2O4- B. HNO3 and NO3- C. NaOH and NaCl D. HCl and NaOH Would it be C? I think I remember learning about these in a lesson about buffers, hence why my instinct is to go with C...

    asked by Laura
  3. Chemistry

    For the reaction C2H4Br2+ 3KI>C2H4+2KBr+KI3, when the rate of reaction is 2.0x10^-5, what is the rate of disappearance of KI?

    asked by Mike
  4. Math

    Gina's art teacher mixes 9 pints of yellow paint with 6 pints of blue paint create green paint. Gina mixes 4 pints of yellow paint with 3 pints of blue paint. Did Gina use the same ratio of yellow to blue paint instructed by her teacher? Explain. My

    asked by Matt-Please Help
  5. chemistry

    A mixture of SO3,SO2 and O2 gases is maintained in 10litre flask at which the Kc for reaction is 100 . If number of moles of SO2 and SO3 are equal then how many moles of O2 present.

    asked by snehi kashyap
  6. PRE-CAL

    Complete the table for the time t (in years) necessary for P dollars to triple when interest is compounded continuously at rate r. (Round your answers to two decimal places.) R=2% t=? tried to plug in as A=Pe^rt since continiously 3=e^.02t ? then take the

    asked by RACHEL
  7. Physics

    A person driving her car at 45km/h approaches an intersection just as the traffic light turns yellow. She knew that the yellow light lasts only 2s before turning red,and shi is 28m away from the near side of the intersection. Should she try to stop,or

    asked by Lee
  8. physics

    A vertical spring stretches 13 cm when a 2.3 kg block is hung from its end. (a) Calculate the spring constant. This block is then displaced an additional 3.2 cm downward and released from rest. Find the (b) period, (c) frequency, (d) amplitude, and (e)

    asked by Mariaaaaaaa
  9. Algebra

    1)More than 450 students went on a field trip. Ten buses were filled and 5 more students traveled in a car. a) Write an inequality to represent the situation. Be sure to define your variable. b) Solve the inequality to find the minimum number of people on

    asked by Elizabeth
  10. Geometry

    Find the point, M, that divides segment AB into a ratio of 3:2 if A is at (0, 15) and B is at (20, 0).

    asked by Lindsay
  11. Math

    A farmer uses 11/18 of his field for growing rice and 3/7 of the remaining field for growing tomatoes. Of the area thus left he uses 1/4 of it to grow spinach and the rest to grow sweet potatoes.What fraction of the field is used for growing sweet

    asked by Samiya
  12. Georgia History

    1. Which of the following describes the Puritans? A) didn't have much success as planters B) made Sunbury into a thriving port*** C) came from the backcountry of Virginia D) came from Pennsylvania by way of North Carolina 2. Georgia’s slave code was

    asked by Sami
  13. math- study question for final

    You are given a sample of 106 body temperatures having a mean of 98.2 F and a standard deviation of 0.62 F. You are asked to test the hypothesis that the population mean body temperature is 98.6 F using a 0.05 significance level. What value should you use

    asked by Danielle
  14. maths

    using a scale of 1:250 draw an accurate plan of a rectangular garden measuring 25m x 15m.

    asked by sonia
  15. PRE-CAL

    Complete the table assuming continuously compounded interest. (Round your answers to two decimal places.) Initial Investment== ? Annual % Rate== ? Time to Double== 11YRS Amount After 10 Years== $1600 Using formula A=Pe^rt ?

    asked by RACHEL
  16. Chemistry

    an empty graduated cylinder weighs 82.450g. when gilled tp 50.0 mL with a liquid it weighs 110.810g. what is the density of the liquid?

    asked by Troy
  17. physics

    A 4.6 "kilo" bag of sugar is on a counter. How much work is required to put the bag on a shelf a distance of 0.45 m above the counter?

    asked by kim
  18. physics

    How much work is required to lift a 5.2-kg concrete block to a height of 3.1 m?

    asked by kim
  19. MATH

    Dave takes out a 24-year mortgage of 210,000 dollars for his new house. Dave gets an interest rate of 13.2 present compounded monthly. He agreed to make equal monthly payment, the first coming in one month. After making the 68th payment, Dave wants to buy

    asked by TT
  20. mathematics

    the clarkes son suggests that they rent a car that costs $250 for the week pllus 22cents/km. their daughter does not want to drive far so she suggests a car that is only $96 for the week but 50cents/km

    asked by safia
  21. Physics

    A turtle ambles leisurely–as turtles tend to do–when it moves from a location with position vector r1,x = 1.49 m and r1,y = -2.83 m in a lettuce garden to another location, with position vector r2,x = 3.17 m and r2,y = -4.49 m, where the lettuce

    asked by Chisom
  22. Chemistry

    The pH of your swimming pool is found to be 6.89. What is the concentration of H+ ions in the pool? A. 7.76 × 106 M B. 0.84 M C. 1.29 × 10-7 M D. 1.29 × 107 M

    asked by Laura
  23. Science

    Please help me. This is the question. A diver weighing 500N is positioned at the right end of a diving board with a length of 4m and negligible weight. The board is bolted down at the left end while being supported 1.5 m away from the fulcrum. a.)Find the

    asked by Kenneth
  24. Algebra

    A phone company charges a monthly rate of 10 dollars for the first 50 text messages and charges $0.05 for every text message after the first 50 messages Write an equation in two variables that represent the monthly cost of text message services y=0.5x+10

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Math

    Divide Rs 5000 in the ratio 2:3:5

    asked by Hannah
  26. Algebra

    I don't know how to solve this at all. You work every Sunday in the yard from 8:00 A.M. To 11:30 A.M. Draw a diagram that shows the rotation completed by the hour hand of a clock during this time. Find the measure of the angle generated by the hour hand in

    asked by Stephanie
  27. algebra

    I have a rebus puzzle it says THRU in bold print and AND in regular print THRU AND PLEASE HELP! !

    asked by Tammy
  28. Math

    Adding and subtracting rational expressions. 3x/x^2+x-12 - x/x^2-16

    asked by Meg
  29. Physics

    One positive aspect of the potential use of methane hydrate as a fuel is that exists in a pure form ready for use B.there is more of it than there is coal, oil, and natural gas use will never contribute to global warming is easy to mine

    asked by Destiny
  30. Chemistry

    When are more products of a reaction available initially than at equilibrium? A. K = 0 B. Q < K C. Q = K D. Q > K

    asked by Laura
  31. Algebra

    Mandy has to pay for her gas when she goes out with friends. She receives an allowance of $25 per week. Mandy fills her 16 gallon car up twice a month with gas currently costing $2.11 per gallon. After filling her car up twice a month, how much does Mandy

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Physics (Mechanics)

    A bat makes contact with a ball 0.8 meters above the ground. The ball then travels with a speed of 22 m/s, moving up. How high does it go?

    asked by Andrew
  33. English

    1. Boys are better at math than girls. 2. He is the best at math of all the students in his class. (Are both grammatical?)

    asked by rfvv
  34. College Algebra

    Create a piecewise function of the following scenario where Upper D left-parenthesis t right-parenthesis is the total distance walked (in miles) as a function of time t (in minutes): “You begin a walk from your home at a fast pace of 3 miles per hour for

    asked by megan
  35. calculus

    A container of hot liquid is placed in a freezer that is kept at a constant temperature of 10°F. The initial temperature of the liquid is 160°F. After 5 minutes, the liquid's temperature is 60°F. How much longer will it take for its temperature to

    asked by Sarah
  36. Math question urgent

    Mrs. Hart, at age 65, can expect to live for 25 years. If she can invest at 8% per annum compounded monthly, how much does she need now to guarantee herself $300 every month for the next 25 years? Present Value = 900(1 - 1.0041666..)^-300)/.0041666... =

    asked by Karen
  37. Maths Exponents

    (1) 11×10^-5 .Express it in scientific notation. (2)The distance between sun☉ and earth🌎 is (1.496×10^11)m and the distance between earth 🌎 and moon 🌙 is (3.84×10^8)m.During solar eclipse moon comes in between earth and sun.At that time what

    asked by Vivek
  38. Chemistry

    A solution has [OH-] = 3.5 × 10-6. Based on that, what must be true about this solution? A. It is an acidic solution. B. It is a strong base. C. It is a strong acid. D. It is a basic solution.

    asked by Laura
  39. Science Chemistry

    A saturated solution of kcl is prepared at 25degree celsius. What would happen if temperature is cooled to 10degree celcius?

    asked by Jim
  40. English

    1. She was listening to the radio, and she was writing a letter. 2. She listened to the radio, and she was writing a letter. (Are both ok? Which one is the better of the two?) 1-1. While she was listening to the radio, she was writing a letter. 2-1. While

    asked by rfvv
  41. Maths

    A teacher has 16 boxes of sweets. Each box contains 25 sweets. The teacher shares as many sweets as possible equally among 23 pupils i) How many sweets does each pupil receive? ii) How many sweets are left over ?

    asked by Anonymous
  42. Physics

    An automobile accelerates 1.77 m/s2 over 6.00 s to reach freeway speed at the end of the entrance ramp. If the car's final velocity is 24.44 m/s, what is it's initial speed when it began accelerating. the answer i got was 35.06 m/s (35.1 m/s when doing sig

    asked by John
  43. miss reiny correct-done

    find the nth term of the series 1,3,6,11,19,31,48.... Hence duduce a formula for calculating the sum of the series plz help me show working

    asked by dam
  44. Chemistry

    assume that a drop has a volume of o.o5 ml. if a titration requires 30.00 ml for completion, what % error will each extra drop over 30 ml cause? is it 30.05-30 divided by 30 then times 100 which is equal to 0.17 %

    asked by Renae
  45. Physics

    Q.A ballon is asending at the rate of 5m/s at height of 98m above the ground, when a packet is dropped from the ballon. After how much time and with what velocity it will reach the ground.

    asked by Me
  46. chemistry

    calculate the number of moles and mass of methane (ch4) required to produce 11 kg of carbondoxide(co2) when combusted ?

    asked by anu
  47. English

    1. We have talked about the street foods in the four cities. Which street food do you like most among the street foods in the four cities? - I like fruit sticks the most because they are delicious and nutritious. (Is the question or the answer grammatical?

    asked by rfvv
  48. Business maths

    a dealer makes a profit of 25% when he sells a shirt at a discount of 30%. if the profit is 91, find the marked price of this shirt.

    asked by Mina
  49. Physics

    You take 4 measurements of the mass of a ball: 2.96 kg, 3.32 kg, 3.31 kg, 3.17 kg. What is the uncertainty of the average mass to 95% confidence? CL=95% N=4 CC=1.84

    asked by Gabriel
  50. algebra

    If the value of 10 ounces of gold is d dollars and an ounce of gold is equivalent to s ounces of silver, what is the value, in dollars, of 3 ounces of silver.

    asked by wing
  51. Maths

    Solve the problem - How many three digit numbers do not contain a five? Show evidence of solving the problem in a systematic way.

    asked by Jo
  52. math

    in a grain bin 90' in diameter 130'tall how many bushel of grain at 1.2445 cubic feet per bushel will the bin hold?

    asked by Fred
  53. math

    Share $150 among John Mary and Susan such that the two girls receive twice as much as John . How much does John receive

    asked by stephon
  54. physics

    While rearranging a dorm room, a student does 307 J of work in moving a desk 1.1 m. What was the magnitude of the applied horizontal force?

    asked by kim
  55. American Gov.

    I'm having trouble finding the answers to these questions (the answers should be in order from the article, it's just not clarifiable. Also, I put ****** .... ***** to show where the answers may be that I think is right, but I'm not sure)... 2. How does

    asked by Dina
  56. Math

    Please help me with this question. 4x^2-3x-3 = 0 has roots p, q. Find all quadratic equations with roots p^3 and q^3. I think I do know how to do it but no matter how many times I try, I could never get the right answer. Please help me!!

    asked by Barbra
  57. Advanced Functions 12

    A student writes, "The inverse of y = -√(x+2) is y = x^2 - 2." Why is this statement false? I don't understand how it isnt the inverse. The textbook says that changing the domain will make it the inverse? Wouldn't that only make it a function?

    asked by y=1/0
  58. English

    Find the answer that best describes the action or situation. The likely result of a surfeit of skilled workers. 1. prices go up 2. wages go down 3. jobs stay the same 4. profits go down Answer: prices go up

    asked by Kimmy
  59. Physics

    A ball is rolled up a ramp with an initial velocity of +10m/s. It arrives at the bottom of the ramp with the same speed 5 seconds later. What is the ball acceleration for the whole trip? What is the velocity after 2 seconds? After 3 seconds?

    asked by Koko
  60. English

    What type of pronoun is used in the following Sentence Under the most splendid house in the city is still to be found the cellar where they store their roots as of old? a- personal b- reflexive c- indefinaite d- interrogative my answer is a

    asked by Steve
  61. math

    A scuba diver dove from the surface of the ocean to an elevation of −99 9 10 feet at a rate of −30.7 feet per minute. After spending 14 minutes at that elevation, the diver ascended to an elevation of −8 9 10 feet. The total time for the dive so far

    asked by john
  62. SS

    How is unity and division a theme in Canadian history? How did distinct English and French populations form in Canada? What is the relationship between natural resources and European settlement? How is conflict and compromise a theme in Canadian history?

    asked by Leila
  63. algebra

    The width of a rectangle is 8 cm less than its length. The perimeter of the rectangle is 52 cm. What is the width of the rectangle? 7 cm 9 cm 15 cm 17 cm

    asked by Christena
  64. Science

    A saturated solution of kcl is prepared at 25degree celsius. What would happen if temperature is cooled to 10degree celcius? ????????

    asked by Anonymous
  65. Physics

    A bean jumps off a table and when it reaches have its height it has a speed of 10 m/s, how high does it rise?

    asked by Jack
  66. Math

    Adding and subtracting rational expressions. 1/6m + 2/5m +4/m then simplify

    asked by Meg
  67. arithemetic progression too hard help plz

    find the nth term of the series 1,3,6,11,31,48.... Hence duduce a formula for calculating the sum of the series plz help me show working

    asked by dam
  68. math

    Hoe to simplify this Log72/75-log50/48+2log25/24

    asked by Asha
  69. Math

    I really need help with a quadratic question. So the problem is kx^2+[k+2]x-3=0 has roots which are real and positive. Find the possible values that k may have. The answer is -8+ √60

    asked by Barbra
  70. science

    calculate the volume oqupaied by 20gram H2 at NTP

    asked by abhishek
  71. algebra

    Solve for p. 3+|1+p|=123+|1+p|=12 A. p = 8 or p=−10p=−10 B. p = 14 or p=−16p=−16 C. p = 10 or p=−10p=−10 D. p = 8 or p=−8

    asked by Christena
  72. Maths

    Divide 8 into 2 parts such that 7 times the square of the smaller part exceeds twoce the square of the other part by 13

    asked by Lue
  73. physics

    What is the kinetic energy of a 15 kg dog that is running at a speed of 8.7 m/s (about 19 mi/h)?

    asked by kim
  74. math

    each letter in the following problems represents a different number 0 + 9. letters remain constant witin the problems. can you figue out what number each letter represes? he + me = we

    asked by holly
  75. Trigonometry

    How do I solve these linear system problems? I solved it many times but it never seems right. 1. x^2 + y^2 =9 2x - y = -6 2.x^2 - x -y =0 x - y = -3 3. 2x^2 - x - y = -1 3x + y = 5

    asked by Jamie
  76. Maths

    If (x+3) varies directly as you and x= 3 when y= 12 Find the ; i)relationship between x and y ii) value of x when you = 8

    asked by Anonymous
  77. Math

    Melissa collected 3 kinds of autumn leaves when she was walking today- Elm,maple, and oak. She has 2 times as many maple leaves as elm leaves. Altogether, she has 32 leaves. How many of each kind does she have?

    asked by Rebecca
  78. maths need help

    the diameter of a circular grass-field is 40m. There is a road of width 1 m starting from 1 m away of its end point. Calculate the expenditure to grass the road at a rate of 26 paise per m^2. Plz help with solution

    asked by marvin
  79. maths


    asked by idhaya
  80. science

    What are the effects of pollution in plants?

    asked by afikile mputane
  81. Physics

    A bean jumps vertically off of a table. It has a speed of 10 m/s when it reaches half of its maximum height. How high does it rise?

    asked by Jack
  82. Maths

    An aquarium is 30% full. When 20 gallons of water are added, the aquarium is four-fifth full. How much water does the aquarium hold?

    asked by Jiaqi ( Jiachi )
  83. Algebra

    Suppose you but 5/8 of a hard of fabric for 2.50. What is the price of the fabric per hard?

    asked by Manisha
  84. math

    If 6 is added to the numerator and denominator of the fraction 7/9,what will be the value increase or decrease ?by how much ?i need solution answer

    asked by sheirra
  85. Geography

    Why do we get to see only side moon🌕from the earth🌎?

    asked by Sakshi s.
  86. Geography

    How many age of the sun☉?

    asked by Sakshi s.
  87. Math

    Make the smallest number possible , you may include a decimal point 1,7,0,3,8

    asked by Anonymous
  88. Science

    How many grams of CO2 is produced from 855 grams of C6H12O6 in the process of cell respiration?

    asked by Arvs
  89. Maths

    Solve the problem - How many three digit numbers do not contain a five? Show evidence of solving the problem in a systematic way.

    asked by Jo
  90. physics

    You are thinking about taking gymnastics, so you go to the facility and get an idea of what to expect by looking out from the viewing room. The viewing room window is 4.40 m above the trampoline directly below, so it is perfect for viewing the the

    asked by p
  91. Physics

    Physics teacher has this question for hw. 38. An electric powered model car starts from rest and moves in a straight-line for 4.0 s. The relationship between time and position is x^2+ 2 t^2 = 32, t in seconds and x in cm. Find the velocity at t= 1 s & t =

    asked by Eric
  92. Chemistry

    2.36 x 10^4 s= ? days

    asked by Anonymous
  93. Chemistry

    Convert a density of 13.6g/ml to lb/ft^3

    asked by Anonymous
  94. DAM363

    if the mean of 5,6,z,15,is 16,find the value of z

    asked by hart
  95. college math

    The difference between sixsix times a number and sevenseven more than threethree times the number.

    asked by Anonymous
  96. Algebra

    write an equation of a line through (-5,-2) that is perpendicular to the x-axis

    asked by Toney
  97. AP physics

    Can two vectors, of unequal magnitude, add up to give the zero vector? Can three unequal vectors? Under what condition?

    asked by Susana
  98. History

    Who became the ruler of Rome after Julius Caesar died?

    asked by Anonymous
  99. Chemistry

    Which of the following has no effect on the rate ofa reaction? a)degree of branching or size of reactant molecules b)value of Heat of reaction c)presence of a catalyst d)temperature of the reactants e) concentrations of the reactants

    asked by Mike