Questions Asked on
September 12, 2016

  1. Government

    1. Which of the following is true about the formal amendment process for the Constitution? A. Only citizen may propose an amendment. B. Only Congress may propose an amendment. C. Both houses of Congress may pass a resolution to propose an amendment. D. The

    asked by Michael
  2. chemistry

    on heating 25g of a saturated solution to dryness at 60c,4g of anhydrous salt was recovered.calculate it's solubility in grammes per 100g of solvent

    asked by kyari
  3. Math

    Find the sum of all the even numbers between 75 and 85

    asked by Anonymous
  4. chemistry

    Which is most acidic in its aqueous solution? a)FeCl3 b)AlCl3 c)NiCl3 d)BeCl2

    asked by prashant
  5. Math

    Your school's football team scored 49 points. Your team's scored 19 points more than the opponent's scores. Write and solve an equation to find the opponent's score

    asked by Izamae
  6. Algebra

    Mark buys last year's best-selling novel in hardcover for $20.80. This is with a 20% discount from the original price. What was the original price of the novel?

    asked by Tanvo
  7. Psychology

    China and Singapore are examples of what type of economies?

    asked by Andrew
  8. profit and loss

    a reduction of 20% in the price of eggs would enable a man to obtain 6 more for rs 10 what is the original price per dozen of eggs

    asked by vipul
  9. precalculus

    Suppose that θ is an angle in standard position whose terminal side intersects the unit circle at , 35/37−12/37 .

    asked by Ange
  10. Physics

    In the absence of air resistance, a projectile is launched from and returns to ground level. It follows a trajectory similar to that shown in Figure 3.10 and has a range of 29 m. Suppose the launch speed is doubled, and the projectile is fired at the same

    asked by Shelby
  11. chemistry

    Which of the following chemical reactions represents a neutralization reaction? A. CH4 + 2O2 CO2 + H2O B. HCl + NaOH H2O + NaCl C. NH3 + H2O NH4++ OH- D. CH3COOH + H2O CH3COO- + H3O+

    asked by jessie
  12. Government

    The Intolerable Acts led to most directly to which event? A. Stamp Act Congress B. Constitutional Convention C. First Continental Congress D. Second Continental Congress The Framers Included the Supremacy Clause in the Constitution for the purpose of? A.

    asked by Irene
  13. Algebra

    Use the properties of exponents to simplify the following expression. Write the answer in scientific notation. (5.6x10^5) (9.9x10^-8) divided by (8.4x10^-4) (5x10^6) =28.9x10^-1 I added 5.6 9.9 8.4 5 5+-8+-4+6+ -1

    asked by Sarah
  14. AP physics

    A store is dropped from the top of a Cliff. It is seen to hit the ground below after 3.55s.How high is the cliff?

    asked by Susana
  15. MATH

    el rectangulo mostrado aqui es un rectangulo cuadrado cuyo interior se puede dividir totalmente en dos o mas cuadrados. el numero escrito dentro de un cuadrado es la longitud del lado de ese cuadrado. calcule el area de este rectangulo cuadrado.

    asked by Rolanda
  16. Math

    In​ Marissa's calculus​ course, attendance counts for 10​% of the​ grade, quizzes count for 20​% of the​ grade, exams count for 55​% of the​ grade, and the final exam counts for 15% of the grade. Marissa had a 100% average for​

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Math

    A speeder passes a parked police car at 30 m/s and continues on, obliviously maintaining a constant velocity. At that instant, the police car starts from rest with a uniform acceleration of 2.44 m/s2. a) How much time passes before the officer catches up

    asked by Anonymous
  18. maths

    The area of a rhombus is 84 cm2 and one diagonal is 12 cm. Find the other diagonal of the rhombus.

    asked by neeta
  19. J

    the decimal expansion of 147/120 will be terminate after how many decimal

    asked by A
  20. math

    lara is six years older than pamela. what are their present ages if in 5 years the sum of their ages is 32

    asked by edz
  21. chemistry

    Which of the following is true about the results of a neutralization reaction? A. An acid and a base form water and salt. B. Water reacts with a base to form the hydroxide ion. C. Water reacts with an acid to form the hydronium ion. D. An acid and a base

    asked by jessie
  22. chemistry

    Given the following solubility constants, which list arranges the solutes in order of increasing solubility? CaCO3: Ksp = 2.8 × 10-9 Ca(OH)2: Ksp = 5.5 × 10-6 CaSO4: Ksp = 9.1 × 10-6 CaF2: Ksp = 5.3 × 10-9 A. CaSO4 < Ca(OH)2 < CaCO3 < CaF2 B. CaSO4 <

    asked by jessie
  23. Calculus

    Find the velocity and position vectors of a particle that has the given acceleration and the given initial velocity and position. a(t) = 2 i + 6t j + 12t2 k, v(0) = i, r(0) = 2 j − 7 k

    asked by Anon
  24. Math

    1. Set I contains six consecutive integers. Set J contains all integers that result from adding 3 to each of the integers in set I and also contains all integers that result from subtracting 3 from each of the integers in set I. How man more integers are

    asked by Irene
  25. Calculus

    The curves r1(t) = 5t, t^2, t^4 & r2(t) =sin t, sin 4t, 3t intersect at the origin. Find their angle of intersection, θ, correct to the nearest degree.

    asked by Anon
  26. History

    Can someone check this? The organizational patter of the Gettysburg Address is: A. problem and solution B. Compare and contrast C. Chronological D. Order of importance***

    asked by Sam
  27. English

    Is it "manmade", "man made", or "man-made"?

    asked by Max
  28. Technology

    To insert clip art into a document, what step should I take immediately after i find the clip art I want to insert? a. Use scroll bars to view more choices of clipart. b. Click on the clip art image. c. Click on the clip art button. d. Click insert tab at

    asked by Don
  29. Social Studies

    1. Which are some characteristics of the Middle Colonies? Select all that apply. 1. Some colonists were skilled artisans. 2. They were all established as Royal colonies 3. Most colonists settled for religious reasons. 4. Agriculture was an important

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Math

    lim x→0 ((1/x)^(sinx))

    asked by Vandit
  31. math

    Perform the operation and write the result in standard form. 9i - (5 + 3i)

    asked by kate
  32. Social studies

    What resulted in the loss of the continental dollar Foreign countries demanded repayment of their war loans from the government Trade became complicated because states printed their own currencies Congress began to sell sections of land in the northwest

    asked by Online girl
  33. Physics

    When a jam occurs, the vehicle quickly piled up. For example, in highway vehicles drive at a rate of 80 km/h and the distance between the vehicles 80m. The distance here is between the rear end of the vehicle in front to the front end of the rear vehicle.

    asked by Husna
  34. Business

    When budgeting form your inmediate needs, you should divide them into

    asked by Sonyvette
  35. Math

    A square painting measures 2 meters on each side.What Is the area of the painting in square centimeters.

    asked by Anonymous
  36. chemistry

    Why is HCl required in the stomach? A. To transport proteins into the small intestines B. To help absorb other acids in the stomach C. To catalyze the digestion of carbohydrates D. To aid in the digestion of proteins

    asked by jessie
  37. Math

    If he didvdes his land into a square fields that are1/2 mile long and 1/2 mile wide how many fields will he have?

    asked by Shari
  38. Physics

    A VW Beetle goes from 0 to 46.0 mi/h with an acceleration of +2.35 m/s2. (a) How much time does it take for the Beetle to reach this speed? (b) A top-fuel dragster can go from 0 to 46.0 mi/h in 0.750 s. Find the acceleration (in m/s2) of the dragster.

    asked by Shelby
  39. chemistry

    What change do you expect if the value of the reaction quotient is greater than the value of the equilibrium constant? A. The rate of the forward reaction is greater than the rate of the reverse reaction. More reactant forms. B. The rate of the forward

    asked by jessie
  40. visual basic programming

    Write a program that accepts salaries of 25 employees into an array into an array and display the following i. Sum of all salaries ii. All salaries below 500 iii. All salaries above 3200 iv. Average salary v. Message if the salary value has been found or

    asked by LOVEMORE
  41. chemistry

    When are more products of a reaction available initially than at equilibrium? A. K = 0 B. Q < K C. Q = K D. Q > K

    asked by jessie
  42. Math

    Pencils cost $0.49 each. You estimate the cost as $0.50 each. How many pencils do you need to buy for your estimate to differ from the actual cost by $2.00?

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Algebra

    An ordinary plane leaves an airport and flies due west at 180kph. Two hours later, a jet leaves the same airport and flies due west at 900kph. How far from the airport will the jet overtake the ordinary plane?

    asked by Raquel
  44. Algebra

    If you are 20 years old,you have been alive for more than 630,000 seconds,write the last number in scientific notation? 630,000,000 I said it was 630,*10^7 idk how its wrong!

    asked by Sarah
  45. Social studies

    Why might the spanish have left it important to train the native of california for a european colonial society To make it easier to govern the Indians To prevent the Indians from leaving To make the Indians equal in colonial society To spread European

    asked by Vianey Jackson
  46. Statistics

    The Virginia Department of Social Services collected information on 25 Virginia Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly Food Stamps) beneficiaries and found that their average monthly food expenditure was $160. The average monthly food

    asked by REDGY22
  47. English

    1. While they made fun of my pose, some students posted a lot of unkind comments. 2. Some students posted a lot of unkind comments while they made fun of my pose, ------------------------------------- Thank you for your help. Are both the same in meaning?

    asked by rfvv
  48. English

    In the Wuthering Heights,What are the most influential forces in the shaping of a child’s values and behavior? Parents, guardians, or other family members? Schooling? Friends?

    asked by win
  49. Math

    Given the GCM or LCM, what else do you know about each pair of numbers? Two numbers have a GCF of 2

    asked by Victoria
  50. Social studies

    Type of American Indian dwelling in the Eastern Woodlands

    asked by María
  51. Social psychology

    confirmation Bias : How might people protect against the confirmation bias? need 1 strategy

    asked by Ann
  52. Math

    This is a cross product problem: Given uxv= find (u-5v)x(u+4v) I appreciate your help Thank you!

    asked by Frank
  53. Introduction to algebra

    144 is the product of 9 and Holly's height . Use the variable h to represent Hollys height

    asked by Ashley
  54. Math

    What is the basic independent unit of the world politics. A county B province C nation D organization****

    asked by Joe
  55. Math

    A fair coin is tossed six times. Find the probability of getting head, head, head, head, tail, tail in that order

    asked by Grace
  56. math

    mr. henderson has 2 bouncy ball vending machines. he buys one bag of the 27 millimeter balls and one bag of the 40 millimeter balls. he puts an equal number of each in the machine. how manu bouncy balls does he put in each machine?

    asked by alana
  57. geometery

    In triangle​ ABC, the size of angle B is 55 times the size of angle​ A, and the size of angle C is 1111degrees° less than 44 times the size of angle A. Find the size of the angles.

    asked by jeff
  58. physics

    a 5kg bomb exploded into two fragments. if one fragment with 3kg moves in a direction with 5m/s then what is the velocity of the send fragment of mass 2kg?

    asked by Lakshmanarayana
  59. Physics

    Each cubic centimeter of silver has a mass of 10.5 g. (a) What is the mass of 62.9 cm3 of silver? (b) When placed on a beam balance, the 62.9-cm3 piece of silver has a mass of only 612 g. What volume of the piece is hollow?

    asked by Big Homie
  60. RPS

    the sum of1st 6 term of an Ap is 6.The product of second and fifth term is-80find the terms of Ap

    asked by yashu
  61. Math

    1. what is the solution o 204 - (-36)? A 240** B - 240 C 168 D -168 2. what is the solution of 87 + (-396)? A 183 B -183 ** C 9 D -9 3. Evaluate: -12 x 3 =? A 36 B -36** C 4 D -4 4. Evaluate: -20 ÷ -10 =? A 200 B -200 C 2 **8 D -2 5. Select all the

    asked by Caroline
  62. Math

    The angle of elevation to the top of a tower is 27 degrees, taken from a point 19 meters from the base of the tower. How high is the tower?

    asked by Chloe
  63. mac1105

    A driver averaged 43-miles per hour and took 6 hours to travel between two cities? What is the distance between the two​ cities?

    asked by mary
  64. History

    what statement best describes the government relationship with England that was in the middle colonies A. Middle colonies were all established as royal colony B.each have a different system based on the charter agreed upon with the king of England C.The

    asked by Joel
  65. math

    25/155 = 60/x solve for x show your work

    asked by john
  66. math

    dale needs to repair the bottom of his outdoor fish pond.the pond is circular and has a diameter the area of the surface that needs to be painted

    asked by haven
  67. Pre-algebra

    Find the side length of a square that has an area of 36 square yards.

    asked by Jayda
  68. Algebra

    We played 24 games. We won 6 more than we lost. How many games did we win? 24÷2=12+6=18÷2=9+6= 15 wins? Am I even close? Confused...

    asked by Tamara
  69. Math

    Given 800 matches, what is the largest figure in the series(ie what value of n) that you could construct and how many matches would you have left over at the end?

    asked by Andrew
  70. CHECK MY ANSWERS American Government

    my answers have * next to them 1. A political system that separates the law-making and law-enforcing branches is called what? (1 point) a federal system a parliamentary system a presidential system*** a unitary system 2. Which of the following statements

    asked by Anonymous
  71. mechanic

    Resolve a force of 100 n in to two compound of 200 n each drow sketch .solve this

    asked by Anonymous
  72. Math

    what is the vale of 4²-2(3÷5 + 1)? A 8 B 1 C -16* D -21

    asked by Caroline
  73. MATH

    On a map, two cities are 634 inches apart. The scale of the map is 14 inch =10 miles. What is the actual distance between the two cities?

    asked by CASSANRA
  74. math

    2x-1, 3x+1, 4x+3, 5x+5 ... find the formula

    asked by Anonymous
  75. Maths Percentage

    Syed's income is 25% more than that of Emraan.How many per cent is Emraan's income less than that of Syed?

    asked by Vivek
  76. math

    What is the real part of the complex number 10 + 4i?

    asked by tierney
  77. Math

    The radii of two spheres are 4ft and 8ft find the volume of a spheres whose surface area is equal to the sum of the surface areas of these two spheres.

    asked by Perlie
  78. Math

    How we find the 101th term in terms of x (n+1)x + (-1 + 2(n-1))

    asked by Anonymous
  79. math

    a cheetah can run 170 meters in 6 seconds at this pace how far would she go in a minute

    asked by Abby
  80. geometry

    Two sides of an isosceles triangle with perimeter 112 cm are in the ratio 3:2. Find ALL possible lengths for the base.

    asked by Jordan
  81. Math

    A car with an initial velocity of 8 m/s experiences a constant acceleration for 3 sec, after which the velocity is 17 m/s. a) What was the acceleration? b) How far did the car travel during that time interval? Please help!! ASAP

    asked by Anonymous
  82. Maths Percentage

    (1)Raghu has some apple. He sold 40% more than he ate. If he sold 70 apples, how many did he ate? (2)A man gives 10% of his money to his children and 20% of the remaining to trust.If he is still left Rs 9600, what did he originally have? (3)A boy remains

    asked by Ashmitt
  83. Geometry again

    This is exactly what the problem says: Two sides of an isosceles triangle with perimeter 112 cm are in the ratio 3:2. Find ALL possible lengths for the base.

    asked by Jordan
  84. French

    Can someone help me fix anything that needs to be fixed in terms of correct structure of the words. I would really appreciate it! 1. After studying premed at University, I want to be a pediatrician. 2. The reason for this is because I have a little sister

    asked by Lanna
  85. ut

    The national anthem at the super bowl by whitney houston. sang-sung-was singing i think sang.sang is past tense

    asked by jackon
  86. science

    Changes in the carbon cycle cause global temperatures to rise. How might this affect the water cycle?

    asked by yar
  87. english hw

    Its plastic eye is hanging by a thread. [the toy racon is missing it’s left ear/its toy that looks like racon/our dog took it’s toy with him. which one express the its???

    asked by hosin
  88. Algebra

    Write the following number in scientific notation. 50,800 I thought the answer was 50.8x10^4 Need help

    asked by Sarah
  89. Math

    5 6 15 9=24 I am trying to determine what symbol I need between each number to make the sentence true. +, - X or / I am not clear if I can use the same symbol multiple times in the equation

    asked by Shannon
  90. Algebra

    Write the following number in scientific notation. 0.157 I thought the answe was 0.157x10^3. it is wrong need help! No idea how its wrong

    asked by Sarah
  91. math

    Yunny had thrice as many stamps as Zul at first.Then,each of them bought an equal number of stamps.In the end,Zul had 36 stamps and Yunny had twice as many stamps as Zul. Fi nd the number of stamps Yunny had at first?

    asked by kelly lim
  92. Algebra

    A light year, the distance light travels in 1 year, is approximately 5.9×10^12 miles.A nearby galaxy is approximately 1.2×10^7 light years from our galaxy. Find the distance in miles between our galaxy and the nearby galaxy. IDK this question. I first

    asked by Sarah
  93. Geometry

    The question is as follows: Two sides of an isosceles triangle with perimeter 112 cm are in the ratio 3:2. Find ALL possible lengths for the base. Please help. Thanks!

    asked by Jordan
  94. math

    yunny had thrice as many stamps as Zul at first.Then each of them bought an equal number of stamps.In the end , Zul had 36 stamps and Yunny had twice as many stamps as Zul . find the number of stamps Yunny had at first ?

    asked by kelly lim
  95. Algebra

    (9x10^8)(3x10^3) what I did was 9 times 3 got 27x. Then did 8+3=11. Put it all together and got 27x10^11. Its saying it is wrong though

    asked by Sarah
  96. physics

    can someone else me solve this equation? E=mgh

    asked by sal
  97. english

    what role does the wind play in the poem "day breal"?

    asked by DAY BREAK
  98. history

    What is taxation without representation? Why did the colonists consider this practice a problem

    asked by Nikki
  99. Algebra2

    Solve the system for 2x=3y=2 3x-5y=22

    asked by Giovanni
  100. Math

    Jenny bought 3.50 pounds of peanuts for $12.60.Her friend buy's 4.00 pounds of pecans for $15.20. Which is less expensive per pound? By how much?

    asked by Jane
  101. matematicas

    En su fiesta de cumpleaños el señor green no dijo directamente su edad sino que planteo lo siguiente. "si usted suma el ano de mi nacimiento a este ano, resta el ano de mi cumpleaños numero 10 y el ano de mi cumpleaños numero 15, y luego suma mi edad

    asked by ronda
  102. Social Studies

    Compare the tactics used by the French troops in the French and Indian War with those of the American patriots during the Revolution.

    asked by Anna
  103. physics

    Does drift velocity depend upon the area of conductor?

    asked by prashant
  104. maths

    Measure the height of students&estimate mean height

    asked by Anonymous
  105. Math

    How much feet will u need if the diameter is 4 feet around a circular garden

    asked by Brittany
  106. Microeconomics

    Consider a single price monopoly that faces a market demand curve for a good is given by the equation 𝑃=100−.1𝑄 and the total cost function is given as 𝑇𝐶=1000+20𝑄+.4𝑄2.

    asked by Ella
  107. Math

    Write the decimal number for each given number. 1.five and three hundred ten thousandths 2.nineteen and two hundred ten thousandths 3.fifteen hundredths hundred one and one tenth 6.forty six and sixty three thousandths 7.five hundred and three

    asked by Charm
  108. pre-algebra

    y/8 +6= -10 i need help please. i don't understand it.

    asked by hunter
  109. Maths

    In the triangle ABC, AD is perpendicular to BC. Angle CAD=y and angle DBA=x. AC=17 and BD=25 units Find the value of 5cosx -17siny+tanx

    asked by Rachana
  110. Math

    what is the vale of 14 - a² given a = -3 A 23 B 11** C 8 D 5 what symbol is needed between -2 ? |-3| to make a true statement? A < B >** C =

    asked by Harry
  111. maths


    asked by abilash
  112. Calculus

    Sir i need help in two questions, i am stuck ! 1) Calculate the population within a 7mile radius if the radialpopulation density is 6(3+r^2)^1/3 ? Use decimal notation and aswer should be in million. 2) Find the volume of solid obtained by rotating the

    asked by Asfand
  113. Physics

    A ball dropped without initial velocity at the edge of a cliff with a height of 24m. from the base of the cliff at the same time, the second ball is thrown vertically upward, with an initial velocity V_0. V_0 is exactly the same speed of the first ball

    asked by Husna
  114. math

    The equation below can be used to model the approximate total revenue based on the number of cars sold at a local dealership. Revenue = 1,000 + 6,000p Which of the following is true? A. The slope is 6,000 and represents the cost of six cars. ***my

    asked by Nikki
  115. Math

    The computer school enrolment shows that there are 5 girls in every 12 boys. If the school enrolment in one year is 5,200, how many girls and boys are there?

    asked by Nes
  116. Science

    Which of the following means using specific observations to make generalizations? A: BIAS B: Subjective C: Deductive Reasoning D: Inductive resoning is the answer c?

    asked by James
  117. Micoeconomics

    What comparison can you make about a firm operating as a perfectly competitive and as a monopoly? Identify at least 7 characteristics of both market structures

    asked by Ella
  118. math

    before swimming andrea walks for 12 minutes and burns 60 calories. While swimming she burns 10 calories per minute. Write a variable expression for how many calories Andrea burns while walking for 12 minutes and swimming for m minutes.

    asked by stephanie
  119. chemistry

    The [OH-] ion concentration of a sample is 1 × 10-10 M. What is the concentration of [H+] in the sample at 25°C? A. 1 × 10-14 M B. 1 × 10-4 M C. 1 × 10-10 M D. 1 × 10-6 M

    asked by jessie
  120. profit and loss

    a reduction of 20% in the price of eggs would enable a man to obtain 6 more for rs 10 what is the original price per dozen of eggs

    asked by vipul
  121. chemistry

    What does a buffer do? A. It resists a change in pH when H+ or OH- is added to a solution. B. It prevents an acid-base reaction from happening. C. It prevents an acid or base from being neutralized. D. It prevents a salt from forming in solution.

    asked by jessie
  122. SS

    Canada: Icy North...Need a Somthing to Read ....

    asked by Barron Trump
  123. Chemistry

    What volume of 12.1M HCl(aq) is required to make 435 mL of 0.100M HCl? would i just follow the equation V1xM1=V2M2 V1x12.1=.435Lx.100M = 0.00360 L

    asked by Anonymous
  124. Math

    2 x 3^x = 162

    asked by IamBatman
  125. Help Please!

    1) AMP -activated protein kinase (AMPK): Option A: is activated by both AMP and ADP. Option B: undergoes allosteric regulation. Option C: all of the choices are correct. Option D: adds phosphate groups to serines and threonines in other enzymes. 2) Which

    asked by Saki
  126. chemistry

    Given the equilibrium concentrations in the table, what is the equilibrium constant for the synthesis of ammonia at this temperature? 3H2(g) + N2 2NH3(g) A. 0.0035 B. 0.014 C. 0.066 D. 0.017

    asked by jessie
  127. Chemistry

    A chemist wants to make 500.0 mL of 0.215M NaCl. What mass of NaCl is needed? would it be .500 L x .215 M = .1075 mol NaCl .1075 mol x 58.44g NaCl = 6.28g NaCl needed

    asked by Anonymous


    asked by Leila
  129. chemistry

    In an electrolytic solution the density of CuSO4 decreases or increases or remains constant?

    asked by prashant
  130. College Math

    A cookie sheet is 8/9 ft. By 4/3 ft. Find it's area.

    asked by Kierra
  131. Calculus

    Find the tangential and normal components of the acceleration vector. r(t) = t i + t2 j + 4t k aT= aN=

    asked by Anon
  132. Calculus

    Hello, I need help with this limit: Lim ((arctanx-x)/x^3) X->0 I can't use L'Hospital Rule or series. I don't get what to do. Can you give an idea?

    asked by Mary
  133. math

    1.8e+6 in simplest form?

    asked by j
  134. Math

    What two numbers multiple to get 64, but add to get -16 ? Is the answer prime

    asked by Ken
  135. Algebra

    Write the number in scientific notation. 6,761,000 I said it was 6,761,*10^3 Its saying its wrong?

    asked by Sarah
  136. Physics

    A bird watcher meanders through the woods, walking 1.13 km due east, 1.01 km due south, and 3.95 km in a direction 49.8 ° north of west. The time required for this trip is 1.965 h. Determine the magnitudes of the bird watcher's (a) displacement and (b)

    asked by Shelby
  137. Physics

    A horizontal rifle is fired at a bull's-eye. The muzzle speed of the bullet is 640 m/s. The gun is pointed directly at the center of the bull's-eye, but the bullet strikes the target 0.028 m below the center. What is the horizontal distance between the end

    asked by Shelby
  138. Physics

    The captain of a plane wishes to proceed due west. The cruising speed of the plane is 255 m/s relative to the air. A weather report indicates that a 39.0-m/s wind is blowing from the south to the north. In what direction, measured with respect to due west,

    asked by Shelby
  139. Algebra

    A light year, the distance light travels in 1 year,is approximately 5.9x10^12 Alpha centauri A,b 4.3 How far in miles is Alpha Centauri A,B. Scientific notation! I thought the answer was 25.37 x10^12

    asked by Anonymous
  140. chemistry 102

    what will happen if copper is overheated during the drying process? How will this affect the percent recovery?

    asked by angela
  141. algebra

    How do you write 4.2 x 10 to the 5th power in standard form?

    asked by Sarah
  142. algebra

    What is the smallest number that must be subtracted from 9x2+9x+4 to make it divisible by (3x+1)?

    asked by
  143. AP physics

    Two locomotives approach each other on parallel tracks. Each has and average spend of 150 km/h with respect to the ground. If they are initialy 8.5 km apart, how Long will it be before they reach each other?

    asked by Susana
  144. math

    Factoring: differences of cubes 9a^2-16

    asked by Ken
  145. algebra

    How do I solve d=ut+(1/2)at^2

    asked by bill
  146. Calculus

    Find parametric equations for the tangent line to the curve with the given parametric equations at the specified point. x = 5 ln t, y = 8sqrt(t), z = t^5 (0,8,1) (x(t),y(t),z(t))=( )

    asked by Anon
  147. math

    the length of a rectangle is 6 cm more than its width. Find its length and width when its area is 40 cm

    asked by drei
  148. math

    Just want to double check please... Susie has two children, Mary and Jake. Given that Susie has Alzheimer’s and there’s a 25% chance that she passed the Alzheimer’s gene onto her offspring, what is the probability of BOTH Mary and Jake developing

    asked by Danielle
  149. math

    where do the parenthesis go for 5x4+3x6=210

    asked by celeste
  150. Algebra 2

    The base of is numerically 3 less than its area, and the height is numerically 6 less than its area. Find the area of the triangle.I am lost.....

    asked by Braden
  151. Social studies

    were effects of pizarro and cortes defeat of native americans Settlement and colonization of Florida under Spanish rule •• Inspiration for other Europeans to being explanations and settlement •• Settlement and colonization in the southwest under

    asked by Kayla Burnett
  152. algebra help needed

    5(x+y)-(x+y) 5X+15Y-X+Y answer 6x-15y Us this correct

    asked by jennifer
  153. Criminal justice

    10. what are two of the leading conflict theories A. Racial criminology and peacemaking criminology B. Racial criminology and gender criminology C. Racial criminology and social criminology D. Racial criminology and subculture criminology Plz help

    asked by G man
  154. Math

    What is the difference between "Give your answer correct to two decimal places." and "Round your answers to two decimal places." ?? Are they the same thing or do the answers differ?

    asked by George
  155. biological chemistry

    How many calories of heat are needed to increase the temperature of 55 g of ethanol from 18 Celsius to 48 Celsius

    asked by Vickey
  156. math

    The pressure exerted on a surface is the ratio of the force on the surface to its area. Find the pressure on a patch, 2.25 m square, on a tank if the force on the patch is 37.4 N.

    asked by delvina
  157. History

    A fundamental theme of the Gettysburg address is A. The condemtion of unnecessary violence** B. The description of the impact of the civil war I got it narrowed down to these, I think it is A though

    asked by Sam
  158. English

    1. When he was in the living room, he started to watch TV. 2. Being in the living room, he started to watch TV. 3. In the living room, he started to watch TV. (Are the three sentences the same? Can we use that way? If we delete 'Being,' we can get #3. Does

    asked by rfvv
  159. Physics

    A car with an initial velocity of 8 m/s experiences a constant acceleration for 3 sec, after which the velocity is 17 m/s. a) What was the acceleration? b) How far did the car travel during that time interval? What would the equations be for each of these

    asked by Anonymous
  160. Social Studies

    describ the tiano lifestyle before columbus voyage

    asked by Wille Pierre
  161. Calculus

    I am sure this is the last time i am bothering you steve for today! you are very helpful. 1) I have to find the population density i which r is 0.2 apart and distance is 1.2km so there are total 7 values from 0 to 1.2 , i am taking right and left end-point

    asked by Asfand
  162. algebra homework help

    −( 3x + 3 ) + 2( 2y + 2 ) Answer is :-3x+7-4y

    asked by jennifer
  163. Science

    An empty 1.5 litre Pepsi bottle is filled with uncooked rice. A marble is put into the bottle and a pencil used to push it down until it is buried in the rice. The bottle is capped and shook hard back and forth. The bottle is then placed on the table. What

    asked by Billy
  164. math

    The sum of the third and seventh terms of a linear sequence is 38 and the ninth term is 37.find the sequence.

    asked by naa
  165. math

    the sum of the ages of three redwood trees is exactly one thousand years. when the youngest tree reaches the age of the middle tree, the middle tree will have reached the age of the oldest tree. at that time the middle tree will be four times the current

    asked by andre
  166. algebra

    z = x + y / 2 solve for y

    asked by daya
  167. S.S.

    Why did 9/11 occur? This isn't actually a question on my homework, I just wanna know. Thx

    asked by FLOWERYGURL
  168. math

    Wilcorp has 50 employees who work 40 hours a week and earn $20/hour. Fifteen employees each worked 4 hours of overtime at 50% above their hourly rate.

    asked by jeff
  169. maths

    Seven times a certain number is the same as nine more than four times the same number. Find the number.

    asked by grace
  170. math

    If facing north east then turn anti clockwise 135 degrees what position would i be

    asked by angela
  171. math

    A hare is in a 100m race. it starts the race at a particular speed s. halfway through the race, it notices its losing, and increases its speed by an additional 15m/s. Write a formula for how long the hare took on the first half of the race, in terms of s.

    asked by Mary
  172. maths

    hi, need help in below problem. thanks. A cruiser which can steam at 48 km/hr received a report that enemy vessel, steaming due north at 32km/hr, is 46 km away in a direction 30 degrees north of east. show graphically or by calculation , that the cruiser

    asked by peterlaw
  173. Algebra

    Find the x and y intercepts of the equation 2x-5y= -10 So i got this x intercept is -5 and y intercept is 2

    asked by Maya
  174. math

    each of 14 student will give 1 1/3 minute speeches how long will it take for all the students to give their speech

    asked by Kaashif
  175. physics

    a force of 20 N acts toward the east. Another force of 27 N acts at the same point toward the west. what is the magnitude and direction of a third force that produces a resultant of 10 N toward the east?

    asked by Anonymous
  176. algebra

    the sum of five times a number and nine times the same number

    asked by randa
  177. math

    A number cube, numbered 1 through 6, is rolled once. What is the probability of getting a factor of 6

    asked by nora urban
  178. Physics

    A box is dragged across a floor by a rope which makes an angel 45 degree with the horizontal the tension in the rope is 100N ,while the box is dragged 10m the work done is?

    asked by Sangita
  179. Algebra

    A football game lost 6 yards on their first play in Gained 10 yards on the next play how many yards were gained

    asked by Anonymous
  180. english

    The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today. i need the subject verb and object

    asked by toya
  181. Science

    An athlete runs on a circular track 7m.calculate the distance and displacement covered by him after 3 rotations?

    asked by Jhon
  182. Physics

    If the sled in the the previous question weighs 530 newtons and the horse pulls it with a force of 140 newtons across level ground at a constant speed, what is the magnitude of the force of friction between the sled rails and the snow? Hide hint for

    asked by Adam
  183. Social studies

    What is the basic independent unit of the world politics. A county B province C nation D organization****

    asked by Joe
  184. algebra

    the formula for the area of a trapezoid is a=1/2h(b1+b2) are the are the length of the bases, and is the height, to answer the question. How many square feet of grass are there on a trapezoidal field with a height of 75 ft and bases of 125 ft and 81 ft?

    asked by rad
  185. algebra (check work)

    a camera car with a crane is used to film a movie. the crane's max. height is 18ft and the min. height is 4ft. write a compound inequality that describes the possible heights of the crane. 18≥x≤4

    asked by daya
  186. math

    The first term of a linear sequence is 7.5 and the fourth term is 3.find the number of terms in the sequence if its sum is -9.

    asked by naa
  187. math

    lindsey buys a bug of each size of bouncy ball. she wants to put the same number of each size of bouncy ball in to 5 party favor bags. how many of each size of bouncy ball will she put in a bag?

    asked by alana
  188. ss

    A. By gaining control of Quebec, the British could increase financial and military support from the colonists.*** B.By gaining control of Quebec, the British would disrupt French supplies from reaching forts further north. C. Without capturing Quebec, the

    asked by kay
  189. English

    The subject,verb and object in " great people endure criticism without resentment"

    asked by Laura
  190. geometry

    A rectangle has a perimeter of 4242 inches. The width of the rectangle is 33 inches less than one half 1/2 the length. What are the dimensions of this​ rectangle? Write your answer in the form​ "width, length thank you

    asked by jeff
  191. algebra Need to make sure that my answer is correc

    −( 3x + 3 ) + 2( 2y + 2 ) = -3x + 3 + 4y + 4 = -1x + 4y +7 Is this the correct answer

    asked by jennifer
  192. geometery

    A rectangle has a perimeter of 42 inches. The width of the rectangle is 3 inches less than 1/2 the length. What are the dimensions of this​ rectangle? Write your answer in the form​ "width, length

    asked by jeff
  193. Solid mensuration

    In a frustum of a right circular cone the diameter of the lower base is 24ft while the diameter of the upper base is 14ft if the slant height of the frustum is 13ft find the total area and the volume of the frustum.

    asked by Met
  194. Math

    Describe and correct the error in finding the sum. 3/10 + (- 1/10) = 3+1/10 = 4/10 = 2/5

    asked by Hayden
  195. Physics

    A child throws a rock vertically at 15.0 m/s. It lands on his roof 3.0m above the ground. How long was the rock in the air and what was its speed just before it hit the roof?

    asked by Vanessa
  196. physics

    What is the resultant displacement when a ship sail 200km north and then 150km west

    asked by Daniel
  197. Algebra

    Find the x and y intercepts of the equation 2x-5y= -10 So i got this x intercept is -5 and y intercept is 2

    asked by Maya
  198. Economic

    J make ice in 4 hours and make cream in 2 hours. P make ice in 6 hours and make cream in 4 hours. What is each opportunity cost of making ice

    asked by Anonymous
  199. Maths

    Which form of tranformation is non-rigid?

    asked by Boitumelo
  200. Math

    Where does the parenthesis go to make the equation true 5+4*3-1=18

    asked by Abel
  201. Math

    What is total area of land in square miles if field is 1.5 miles wide and 1 mile long?

    asked by Ava
  202. Math 172

    Find the break-even point for the firm whose cost function C and revenue function R are given. C(x) = 14x + 9,000; R(x) = 23x (x, y) = (_________)

    asked by Leyla
  203. Physics

    Each cubic centimeter of silver has a mass of 10.5 g. (a) What is the mass of 62.9 cm3 of silver? (b) When placed on a beam balance, the 62.9-cm3 piece of silver has a mass of only 612 g. What volume of the piece is hollow?

    asked by Anonymous
  204. Mali

    Scientists are often eager to learn more about the world around them. What is this attitude called? A. curiosity B. honesty C. creativity D. ethics A?

    asked by Science
  205. chemistry

    Silver chloride (AgCl) is a white solid. For the equilibrium reaction AgCl(s) = Ag+(aq) + Cl‐(aq) The Ksp for AgCl = 1.6 * 10‐10. At equilibrium, would you expect to have more silver and chloride ions or more solid silver chloride?

    asked by lalalalala
  206. Calculus

    Find the average interval of function 3x^3-12x^2 on the interval [-5,4]? My answer is 114.75 but when i put it on submission , it tell me that its wrong not sure why kindly help and tell me right answer

    asked by Asfand
  207. ITC

    Develop the algorithm and flowchart for a module that calculates the retirement deduction rate according to the following codes: R = 10% P = 8% G = 5%

    asked by Murtaza
  208. math

    Iam trying. to unscrambled anruiclme ssepxosneir. please. help. me.

    asked by harry
  209. Math, ratio, part to part ratio etc...

    There were 40 students per bus for the field trip

    asked by Alex
  210. Math

    How do I work this out h^3 r^3 × h^4 r

    asked by Amy
  211. language arts

    while cyril is smacking the sat cushion,his aunt invites him to look out the window what can you infer from these to details in The Story teller

    asked by Anonymous
  212. Math HELP!

    [(82 – 4) – 6] ÷ 6 = EXPLAIN please

    asked by Pokemon
  213. Social Studies

    1. The Middle Ages began with the collapse of the a. Renaissance b. Roman Empire c. Kingdom of Mali. d. Tang Dynasty 2. In the system of feudalism, who owns the land? a. vessels or knights b. peasants c. kings or lords d. priests 3. A lord's main duty

    asked by Please help
  214. science

    i want to know the density of a golden nugget . the nugget i found had a mass of 120 g and took up a space of 6 mL . what is the density ?

    asked by Alexis
  215. Math

    We played 24 games. We won 6 more than we lost. How many games did we win? 24÷2=12+6=18÷2=9+6= 15 wins? Am I even close? Confused...

    asked by Tamara