Questions Asked on
September 9, 2016

  1. Math

    Which table shows a function whose range has exactly three elements? x |f(x) 1 | 4 2 | 4 3 | 4 /////// x |f(x) 3 | 8 4 | 6 5 | 12 6 | 8 /////// x |f(x) 0 | 5 2 | 9 0 | 15 /////// x |f(x) 1 | 4 3 | 2 5 | 1 3 | 4 Is the answer C? I was also thinking A since

    asked by Sandy East Ward
  2. Math

    You’re involved in the design of a new facility. It is important for people to move between work stations quickly. Based on the figure below, how many feet would a person need to walk to get from Work Station 1 to Work Station 3? Work Station 1 5 feet

    asked by Tammie
  3. Math

    The new facility is square in shape. The length of one of the wall is 20 feet. How many square feet is the facility?

    asked by Tammie
  4. Math

    Tom has three pieces of rope with lengths of 140 cm, 168 cm and 210 cm. He wishes to cut the three pieces of rope into smaller pieces of equal length with no remainders. a) what is the greatest possible length of each of the smaller pieces of rope? b) how

    asked by Dara
  5. MATH


    asked by R.SURYA PRAKASH
  6. Math

    There are 72 boys and 90 girls on a math team. For the next competition, Mr Johnson would like to arrange all the students in equal rows with only girls and only boys in each row. What is the greatest number of students that can be in each row? Answer: 72

    asked by Matt
  7. chemistry

    Which of the following reactions have a positive delta S rxn? check all that apply 1) A(s)+2B(g) -->C(g) 2) 2A(g)+3B(g) -->4C(g) 3) 2A(g)+2B(g) -->5C(g) 4) 2A(g)+B(s) -->3C(g) Not sure how to tell if the reaction is positive.

    asked by ang123
  8. math

    What is the perimeter of the facility? 20 feet

    asked by Tammie
  9. Science

    1. A study was done to find if different tire treads affect the braking distance of an Army Jeep. The same road surface was used each time. Independent variable: Tire Treads Dependent Variable: Braking Distance 2. An experiment was performed to determine

    asked by Plz check my answers!
  10. Social Studies

    1. Why was capturing Quebec so important for the British during the French and Indian war? A. By gaining control of Quebec, the British could increase financial and military support from the colonists.*** B.By gaining control of Quebec, the British would

    asked by the number 7 the letter Q
  11. chem help!

    If the equilibrium constant is much less than 1, how can you tell where the equilibrium lies? A. Reactants are in the numerator of the equilibrium expression, so equilibrium lies toward the reactants. B. Products are in the numerator of the equilibrium

    asked by jameson
  12. Math

    Two spheres of copper, of radii is 1 cm. and 2 cm. respectively, are melted in to a cylinder of radius 1 cm. Find the altitude of the cylinder.

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Algebra 2

    Which probability matches the probability histogram? Assume that there are 2 trials. X = 2 where X represents the number of successes. . P(success)=0.3 P(success)=0.4 P(success)=0.6 P(success)=0.7

    asked by Arianna
  14. Physics

    If a basketball player has a vertical leap of 1.29 m , then what is his takeoff speed and his hang time ( total time to move upwards to the peak and then return to the ground ) ?

    asked by Chloe
  15. Social studies

    which of the following were effects of pizarro and cortes defeat of native americans Settlement and colonization of Florida under Spanish rule Inspiration for other Europeans to being explanations and settlement •• Settlement and colonization in the

    asked by Lily
  16. chemistry

    To create a 0.1 M carbonate buffer pH = 10.2. You choose to use a combination of HCO3- / CO32-. This buffer system has pKa = 9.9. a) Calculate how much you need to weigh in each of the sodium salts, NaHCO3 and Na2CO3, to create 1.0 L carbonate (with total

    asked by Maria
  17. Math

    You bought a new car for $26,500 in 2005, and the value of the car depreciates by $900 each year. Find a formula for V, the value of the car, in terms of t, the number of years since 2005.

    asked by Billy
  18. chem help!

    A reaction has an equilibrium constant very much less than 1. Will the reaction proceed spontaneously? A. Yes, because products are favored and deltaG° < 0. B. Yes, because reactants are favored and deltaG° > 0. C. No, because reactants are favored and

    asked by jameson
  19. math

    The perimeter of a rectangular garden is 46. The length is 7 less than 4 times the width. What are the dimensions of the garden?

    asked by stacy
  20. Math

    The cost for 3 dinners plus a 15% tip is $27.60. Write an equation representing the situation if p is the price of the dinner in dollars. You may asssume there is no tax.

    asked by Bobby
  21. Chemistry

    Ammonia is composed of hydrogen and nitrogen in a ratio of 9.33 g of nitrogen and 2.00 g of hydrogen. if a sample of ammonia contains 6.28 g of hydrogen, how many grams of nitrogen does it contain?

    asked by Kelsey Walenciak
  22. English

    Oh, Susanna, Oh don't you cry for me For I come from Alabama With my banjo on my knee ------------------------------------- What is the meaning of the sentences? 1. Don't cry for me, because I've come from Alabama with my banjo on my knee. 2. Are you

    asked by rfvv
  23. Math

    The population of a town in 1920 was 3500 people. The town's population decreased linearly, and in 1927 the population was 3185. Find a formula for P, the town's population, in terms of t, the number of years since 1920.

    asked by Sarah
  24. Math

    The GCF of two numbers is 5. The LCM is 60. One of the numbers is 20. What is the other number?

    asked by Devan
  25. chem help!

    Which statement is true about a reaction at equilibrium? A. The reaction is not reversible. B. The reaction concentrations of the reactants and products are always equal. C. The reaction rates of the forward and reverse reaction are always equal. D. The

    asked by jameson
  26. Math

    A 75% alcohol concentration mixture of water and alcohol and was made by mixing 30 ml of pure alcohol with 150 ml of original mixture

    asked by Jordan
  27. Math

    A group of 54 randomly selected students from one school district participated in a survey. Out of the 54 students in the survey, 9 are enrolled in band camp. If there are a total of 1,200 students in the school district, which estimate is reasonable for

    asked by Pokemon
  28. College Algebra

    A 6 ft tall man is standing 40 feet from the light post, if his shadow is 20 feet, determine the height of the lamp. Here I use simple ratios: 40ft + 20ft = 60ft 6/20 = h/60 Cross multiply both sides with 60: 6 (60)/20 = h 360/20 = h h = 18 Height of the

    asked by Anonymous
  29. math

    1. Give an example of an open equation. 2. How can you use an equation to make a prediction from a pattern ?

    asked by oto
  30. stuff

    is hair biotic or abiotic

    asked by bob
  31. Math

    I am very confused on how to figure out the below math problem: A traffic light changes every 30 seconds. Another traffic light changes every 40 seconds. Both lights just changed. After how many minutes will both lights change at the same time again?

    asked by Matt
  32. Physics

    Two forces of magnitudes 6.0 N and 4.0 N act on a 3.2 kg body. What is the acceleration produced when these forces are acting in the same direction? What is the acceleration produced when these forces are oppositely directed?

    asked by Jenny
  33. HIT 211

    Anesthesia services for closed treatment of fracture of numerous;patient is 85 years old,but healthy.Provide the code(s)and physical status modifier.

    asked by Lora Jackson
  34. History

    Which features describe the religion handed down in jewish scripture? Select all that apply. A) Belief in opposing forces of good and evil B) Call to spread jewish belief in the diaspora C)Guidance from the sacred text known as the torah D)Obedience to the

    asked by Sage
  35. Math

    A circle has a radius of 8cm . Find the length s of the arc intercepted by a central angle of 110° .

    asked by Ange
  36. Tax Accounting

    Many tax professionals have moved into the field of financial planning for their clients. How do taxes impact financial planning for a client? Why do tax professionals have a perfect opportunity to perform financial planning for their clients?

    asked by Patte
  37. mates

    lo que es 20 Plus 65 Plus 76 emmo~~~

    asked by ayudarme en matemáticas
  38. chemistry

    presentation Tasks: Ephedrine (structure see below) is a natural product that is used as a medicine in the treatment of asthma. The corresponding acid to ephedrine have pKa = 9.60 at 25 ° C. Question: Calculate the pH reaches 991 mg ephedrine dissolved in

    asked by Maria
  39. chemistry

    Calculate the pH at 25 ° C when 120 mL of a HCl solution having a concentration of 50 mM is added 50.0 mL of a 120 mM ephedrine solution. Assume no change in temperature. Amitriptyline is a drug used in treating depression. It is typically formulated as

    asked by Maria
  40. chemistry

    Calculate the pH reaches 30.0 mL one 0.200 M solution of HCl salt of amitriptyline is added 100.0 mL of a NaOH solution of concentration 80 mM.

    asked by Maria
  41. chemistry

    a) Hva er fellesioneffekten? Veronal er et barbiturat (struktur se over). Barbiturater er en stoffklasse som forekommer i en rekke legemiddelgrupper, blant annet i sovemedisiner (hypnotikasedativa), i smertestillende (anestetika) og i antiepileptika. Et

    asked by Maria
  42. chemistry

    In quality control of raw materials for pharmaceutical production often used foul reactions to prove that raw materials in salt form containing the appropriate salt. Hydrochloride (eg. Amitriptyline hydrochloride) can be detected for example by

    asked by Maria
  43. algebra

    3x − y2 − 3 + 2y2 + 2x − 4 I have to combine like terms My answer is 5x+1y-7

    asked by jennifer
  44. Physics

    Superman lived on Krypton where the acceleration due to gravity is 23.6 m/s2. If a woman falls from a building that is 88.3 m tall, how long does he have to save her before she hits the ground? Givens: Unknown: Substitute: Solve:

    asked by Anonymous
  45. English

    1. Oh, Susanna Oh, I came from Alabama with my banjo on my knee, --------------------------------------- 2. Oh, Susanna Oh, I come from Alabama with my banjo on my knee, ================================ There seem to be many versions for the famous song

    asked by rfvv
  46. Chemistry

    2CO(g) + O2(g) -> 2 CO2(g). What volume of oxygen is required at 25 degrees celcius? This is all the information the question come with, and I am not sure if there might be something missing?

    asked by Gill
  47. Chemistry

    2CO(g) + O2(g) -> 2 CO2(g). What volume of oxygen is required at 25 degrees celcius? This is all the information the question come with, and I am not sure if there might be something missing?

    asked by Gill
  48. Math

    A function f is defined by the equation f(x)=4x−8. Suppose that the state variables T and Q are related by this function according to the mapping f:Q↦T. Suppose that T=3. Use the equation of the function to find the value of Q.

    asked by Zach
  49. Calculus

    The following equation defines y as a function of x. −5xy−3x=−6y

    asked by Zach
  50. help please?!

    If it takes 30 seconds for a reactant concentration to decrease from 1.0 M to 0.5 M in a first-order chemical reaction, then what is the rate constant for the reaction?

    asked by jameson
  51. Math.

    Define quantum

    asked by Jst
  52. Algebra HELP PLEASE

    A pair of jeans is on sale for 25% off the original price. Which expression represents the sale price? If the original price of the jeans is $40, evaluate the expression to findicate the sale price.

    asked by Kitty
  53. Math

    The following equation relates u and t. 3t=(1)/(7+u) Solve for u as an explicit function of t.

    asked by Sarah
  54. Chemistry

    What changes of state are involved in this use of ethyl chloride? Select all that apply. Select all that apply. 1-liquid to gas 2-liquid to solid 3-gas to solid 4-liquid to solid 5-solid to liquid 6-solid to gas

    asked by Sam
  55. Math

    Machine A was able to finish copying a set of document in 36 minutes. Machine B was brought in to work together with machine A to finish copying the document in 20 minutes. How long would it take machine B to finish copying the document by itself

    asked by John
  56. math

    Sum of 2 numbers =14 Difference of the numbers =40 Find the numbers. What is their difference?(show work)

  57. Agriculture

    Discuss agriculture as the nerve center of the nation.

    asked by Emmanuella
  58. College mathematics

    if 1/2 cup of sugar is used to make 48 cookies how many cookies 2 ¼ cups of sugar?

    asked by Nadia
  59. Math

    first five number of: a) Palindromic numbers b) Triangular numbers c) Square numbers

    asked by Tula
  60. Math Help needed quickly

    In a mixture of alcohol and water the concentration of alcohol is 55%. Water is 20 ml less than alcohol in the mixture. There should be _____ ml of alcohol and ____ ml of water to make up ____ ml of mixture

    asked by Quang
  61. Math

    Find the area of the largest square that can be cut from a circle whose radius 4 mm?

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Science

    How much mL of dilute nitric acid is needed to add in control solution in chloride limit test in sodium hydroxide sample according to japanese pharmacopia??can u please give me Answer

    asked by Palakpatel
  63. Math

    Tom is 17 year old and mary is 3 year younger then.tom how old will mary be in 5 year

    asked by Princess brown
  64. Math

    Heidi conducted a survey in her neighborhood to determine the restaurant her neighbors preferred. Restaurant Number of Neighbors Pams Diner 23 Nick's 36 Magnolia 12 Olive Groove 22 Fine Dining 20 Patsy's 22 Best Eatery 22 Heidi concluded that one of the

    asked by Callie
  65. Science

    How much mL of dilute nitric acid is needed to add in control solution in chloride limit test in sodium hydroxide sample???can u please give me Answer urgently??

    asked by Palakpatel
  66. Chemistry urgent please

    How much mL of dilute nitric acid is needed to add in control solution in chloride limit test in sodium hydroxide sample???can u please give me Answer urgently??

    asked by Palakpatel
  67. English

    1. Because he had no money, I lent him some money. 2. He having no money, I lent him some money. (Are both the same? Can we use #2?) 3. Because Dave was hungry, I gave him some bread. 4. Dave being hungry, I gave him some bread. 5. Dave hungry, I gave him

    asked by rfvv
  68. Math

    The stem-and-leaf plot shows the scores of Jon's Basketball team for the year. 3| 8 8 3| 3 5 7 5| 2 4 6 9 6| 1 3 8 3| 8 represents 38. What is the range of the basketball scores? 53 52 30 38

    asked by Frankie
  69. maths


    asked by Anonymous
  70. math 101

    8 janitors can clean the college grounds in 3 hours. how long will it take 6 janitors to clean the college grounds?

    asked by Arvee
  71. Math

    x-y=5 x+y=7

    asked by Usman
  72. Physics

    A car goes North at 55mi/hr for 1.3 hrs. It then goes East at 65mi/hr for 45 min. What is the total distance travelled, total displacement,average speed and average velocity of the car?

    asked by Erica
  73. Math

    China population is approximately 1.325 billion. The United States has approximately 0.304 billion. How many times as many people live in China than in the U.S. Round to the nearest tenth if necessary.

    asked by Lola
  74. math

    Explain the difference in meaning between |-3| and -3. In your explanation, be sure to include various key words you learned within this unit.

    asked by nania
  75. ALGEBRA 2

    Insert ,or = to make the sentence true. -1/3 ___ -2/5

    asked by Becky
  76. math

    you have 8 different flavors of ice cram and 10 diff toppings how many different desserts could you make

    asked by Anonymous
  77. Chemistry

    For my lab, I have been asked to calculate the pKa of an unknown amino acid. We titrated the unknown amino acid with NaOH. The pKa needs to be calculated using the Henderson Hasselbach Equation. Obviously you can just get the pH from any point on the graph

    asked by Eleanor
  78. Math

    A train travels at an average speed of 15 m/s. a) Express its average speed in km/h b) Find the time in sec taken by the train to travel 750m

    asked by Tanto

    RIDDLE:My weakness and fame equals

    asked by HENRY
  80. Algebra

    (x^-2)^3 (x^2)^4 on the bottom its x^15 I did this to get my answer (x)^-6 (x)^-8 /x^15 got x^-4 / x^15= x-14-(15)= -29 final answer is x^-29 IDK what I did wrong the computer saying its wrong! Help pleas

    asked by Sarah
  81. Math

    I am also having big trouble with this math problem. A teacher is making identical activity packets using 92 crayons and 23 sheets of paper. What is the greatest number of packets the teacher can make with no items left over? Please help me.

    asked by Matt
  82. math

    three fireworks are fired at the same time. The first one is fired every 64 seconds, the second one is fired every 84 seconds and the third one is fired every 96 seconds. How many seconds after they start will it take until all three fireworks are again

    asked by lulu
  83. Math

    27 marbles in a bag containing 9 black, 5 white, and 13 clear what is the percent of getting a white.

    asked by Cody ragland
  84. Algebra

    (2x^-2y^6)^4 / (4x^3y^-4)^2 = I got 16x^14/y^16 The computer is saying it's wrong and I don't get it. Even watched a video on similar problem. Help me!

    asked by Sarah
  85. Grammar world

    They crowned him king

    asked by Nagaland edition for class 6
  86. Physics

    What acceleration is imparted to a football when the player kicked it with a force of 25 N? Mass of a football = 0.40 kg.

    asked by Jenny
  87. Science

    A body is moving with uniform accelaration goes 65 meter 5th second and 105 meter in 9th second. How far will it go in 20th seco d

    asked by kabak tamo
  88. Algebra

    2^-1+4^-5 I thought 5/8 but its wrong. help please

    asked by Sarah
  89. Social Studies

    What kind of relationship did colonists have with the Native Americans A. The two groups were equals B. Colonists ignored Native Americans C. Native American taught colonists religious rituals D. Colonists treated Native Americans poorly

    asked by Sam
  90. Physics (Help Plz)

    Ilya and Anya each can run at a speed of 8.00 mph and walk at a speed of 3.50 mph . They set off together on a route of length 5.00 miles . Anya walks half of the distance and runs the other half, while Ilya walks half of the time and runs the other half.

    asked by Ashley
  91. Physics

    The observation deck of tall skyscraper is 370. m above the time required for a penny to free fall from the deck to the street below and its velocity when it reaches the ground . Plzz help I know the t= .869 and the v= 85.2 and thank u :) have a good day

    asked by Dyla
  92. physics

    how many meters does a car travel in 3 seconds at 75 mph

    asked by jw
  93. Math

    Jack's age is 3 times more than his younger cousin, Gabby's age and 4 times more than his younger brother's. If Jack's younger cousin's age is 8, how old is his younger brother?

    asked by edwina
  94. Physics

    A baseball is his so that a travel straight upward after being struck by the bat. A fat observes that it takes three seconds for the ball to reach its maximum height. Find the balls initial velocity and the height it reaches. my professor showed a similar

    asked by Lauren
  95. Math

    The least common multiple of two numbers is 60 and one of the numbers is seven less than the other number what are the numbers? justify your answer

    asked by Ariana
  96. Physics

    A baseball is hit so that it travels straight upward after being struck by the bat. A fanobserves that it takes 3 seconds for the ball to reach it's maximum height. Find the balls initial velocity and the height it reaches. My teacher gave me a similar

    asked by Ri
  97. chemistry

    Cocaine is a weak base (Figure see below) with pKb = 5.59. Cocaine has local anesthetic effect (local anesthetic) but is also a narcotic. a) Calculate the ratio of the concentration of cocaine and its conjugated acid in a solution which has. pH = 7.40

    asked by Maria
  98. chemistry

    a) What is fellesioneffekten? Veronal is a barbiturate (structure see above). Barbiturates is a substance class which occur in a variety of drug classes, including sleep medications (hypnotikasedativa), in painkillers (anesthetics) and anticonvulsants. A

    asked by Maria
  99. English

    What is the prepositional phrase in the following sentance: We take our vacation in July and August.

    asked by Diedra
  100. Maths

    David is 3 years older than Justin. In 4 years, David will be one and a half times as old as Justin. How old is David now?

    asked by Jonnyko
  101. Math.

    A shop was selling chocolates for rd.1and if you get return 3wrappers you get o e free.if so how many chocolates can you get for rd 45.

    asked by Jst
  102. math

    which property is illustrated by the equation 5/6(-11)=-11(5/8)

    asked by ellen
  103. maths

    In 2013 all the 180, student of a class played either chess polo or tennis of two out of there 3 game or all the 3 game 84 of them played chess 87 played polo and 87 played tenins 39 pay led only polo and 16 played both chess and tenins but not polo in

    asked by NIKHIL jain
  104. Chemistry

    2CO(g) + O2(g) -> 2 CO2(g). What volume of oxygen is required at 25 degrees celcius? This is all the information the question come with, and I am not sure if there might be something missing?

    asked by Gill
  105. Chemistry

    The density of an unknown gas is 1.23 g/L in 330K and temperature 25.5 pressure kPa. What is the molar mass of the substance?

    asked by MONICA
  106. chemistry

    a) What is fellesioneffekten? Veronal is a barbiturate (structure see above). Barbiturates is a substance class which occur in a variety of drug classes, including sleep medications (hypnotikasedativa), in painkillers (anesthetics) and anticonvulsants. A

    asked by Maria
  107. calculo

    Let f(x) = 4x5/4 + 10x3/2 + 9x. Find the following. (a) f '(4)

    asked by df
  108. hcc

    A tuberin skin test should be read within 24 hours administered. since-from-as

    asked by dan
  109. anal.gom.

    ellipse has an equation of x^2+3y^2+16x+4=100y? standard form

    asked by Anonymous
  110. Math

    In a class of 35 students 29 play droughts,16 play chess and 10 play both droughts and chess what's the number of students who play droughts only and chess only???

    asked by Rhonda
  111. Math HELP!

    Richard paid $80 per hour plus $55 for parts to get his computer fixed. If Richard paid a total of $175, how many hours did he pay for?

    asked by Amanda
  112. Math

    The function f relates state variables f:Q↦S according to a power function f(x)=Axp. For each state, give the corresponding equation involving the parameters A and p. (Q,S)=(6,11) implies ____=_____ (Q,S)=(5,19) implies ______=_____

    asked by Terrance
  113. math

    Show the functions f= f(z); z=x+iy is nowhere di fferentiable f(z)=cosy -i siny how do i do this? heres my idea separate them into u(x,y) and v(x,y) then differentiate them and since the first derivative of u(x,y) and v(x,y) does not equal i can deduce

    asked by lim
  114. pre calc

    Give the coordinates of the circle's center and its radius. (x−1)^2 +(y+8)^2 =16 a. (-1,8); r=4 b. (1,-8); r=16 c. (1,-8); r=4 d. (-1,8); r=16 e. none of these

    asked by emma
  115. science

    What is , a quarter after four in digital form.

    asked by Connie
  116. Geometry

    A rectangular prism is measured 84 cm(l) x 42cm (w) x 56cm h. What is the largest size cube that fits the dimensions of the prism? Number of cubes required? Maximum length of the edge of the cube that fits 64cm, 42cm, and 56cm is _____cm. Number of

    asked by Brian
  117. Math

    Increase the quotient of 1/2 and 2 by 1

    asked by Tata
  118. english

    "I hear American siniging the varied carols I hear" Is this a) onomatopea b) anaphora c)Aliteration d)Antithesis E) Personification I think it is personification because Americaa is not a person therefore it can't sing?

    asked by bob
  119. math

    innthe expression 17-4x=67-9x, what is the value of x? please show me the steps.

    asked by Arvee
  120. chemistry

    If 100 g of butane are reacted with unlimited amounts of oxygen, how much carbon dioxide (in grams) and how much water (in grams) should form?

    asked by Greg H
  121. Chemistry(please check my answer)

    The transuranium elements A. are the elements with atomic numbers above 92. *** B. occur in nature. C. are sometimes radioactive. D. all of the above

    asked by Cherry
  122. Math

    A bag contains 8 white, 6 black and 4 red discs. They are selected at random and not replaced. What is the probability that there is at least one black disc in the first four discs drawn out of the bag?

    asked by Grace
  123. PHYSICS

    a violin string emits sound of freqency for will be the sound waves reach when string completes 250vibration?the velocity of sound is 340M/S.

    asked by value
  124. math

    If the difference between the exterior regular polygon and an (n+1) sided regular polygon is 12 find the value of n.

    asked by poonam
  125. Science

    One:the sI unit measure for length the meter-would be most appropriate when Two:The metric System Of measurement is based on the number Three: Scientists use SI because it allows them to compare data and communicate with each other about their results

    asked by Mia
  126. Calculus

    An airplane takes off from an airport at sea level and climbs at the constant rate of 5m/s . The outside air temperature T varies with altitude h according to the law T=15-0.0065h where T is measured in degree Celsius and h in meters above sea level . Find

    asked by Anonymous
  127. Chemistry

    Calculate the degree of dissociation and oh conc in 0.1m (nh4)3po4 having alpha 50%

    asked by Sudiksha soni