Questions Asked on
September 5, 2016

  1. profit and loss

    two thousand people live in business village of which 55% were male. the male population earned 5 % and female population earned 8% on an investment of rs. 50 each. find the change in the % profit of the village if the ratio of male to female gets reversed

    asked by Dharmesh
  2. Chem Help - Thank you!

    Explain the following: 1) Ethylene, C2H4 is a planar molecule, but hydrazine, N2H4, is not 2) ICl2- is linear, but NH2- is bent 3) Of the compounds mercury(II) cyanate, Hg(OCN)2 and mercury(II) fulminate, Hg(CNO)2, one is highly explosive, the other is

    asked by Shirley
  3. Math

    The sum of five consecutive numbers is 645. Find the numbers.

    asked by Deepika
  4. Calculus

    Consider the following planes. 5x − 4y + z = 1, 4x + y − 5z = 5 a) Find parametric equations for the line of intersection of the planes. b) Find the angle between the planes

    asked by Anon
  5. math

    As part of the 'Learning Journey' program, 73 pupils travelled on two buses, one air-conditioned and one non-air-conditioned, to the Singapore Discovery Centre. Three-fifths of the pupils on the air-conditioned has wee girls. There were 17 boys in the

    asked by Kate
  6. math

    Mr. Rozario bought some numbers of apples and oranges in a ratio of 2:3. He gave away 2/3 of the apes to his sister and 23 oranges to his brother. The ratio of the number of apples to the number of oranges that he has now is 3:2. How many apple did he buy?

    asked by Sydney
  7. physics

    An object 4cm high is placed 25cm from a covering lens of focal length 15cm the image height is

    asked by ifeanyi
  8. Math

    How many sets of 3 primes sum to 20?

    asked by Ryan
  9. Chemistry

    How much heat is evolved in converting 1.00 mol of steam at 155.0 ∘C to ice at -45.0 ∘C? The heat capacity of steam is 2.01 J/(g⋅∘C) and of ice is 2.09 J/(g⋅∘C).

    asked by Caleb
  10. Science

    500g of water at 100°c is mixed with 300g of water at 20°c.specific heat capacity of water is 4.2Jg°c.find the final temperature of mixture. (Physics)

    asked by Rahul
  11. Physics

    A student says a speed of 50 m/s is faster than a speed of 140 km/h because the number is bigger. what would you say to them?

    asked by kris
  12. stats

    scores on a University exam are normally distributed with a mean of 68 and a standard deviation of 9. use the 68-95-99.7 rule to answer the following questions 1) what proportions of students score between a 59 to 77? 2) what proportions of students score

    asked by kayla
  13. P-Chemistry

    A closed vessel of volume 2.50 dm3 contains 100g of nitrogen (N2) and 100g of carbon dioxide (CO2) at 25 C. What are the partial pressures and mole fractions of each gas? Can you check my answers.Thank you. I got Partial Pressure for N2=34.95 atm CO2=22.24

    asked by Jessy
  14. Math

    Factoring using the GCF x^3y^4 + x^2y^2=

    asked by Meg
  15. math

    Before it can be used, a 12-ounce container of liquid fertilizer must be mixed with 48 ounces of water. What fraction of fertilizer is in the final mixture?

    asked by Jacquelyn
  16. Math

    Logarithms 3^x-2=18 Work log(3^x-2)=log18 (x-2)log3=log18 xlog3-2log3=log18 x=log3/(log9-log18) e^3x+1=10 lne^3x+1=ln10 3x+1=ln10 I'm stuck here 8^x=5^2x-1 xlog8=(2x-1)log5 xlog8=2xlog5-log5 x=log10/(log5-log8) Are these right?

    asked by jackson
  17. math

    A ridge beam rises 18 in. over a horizontal run of 72 in. Calculate the pitch of the roof and express it as a fraction with a denominator of 12.

    asked by Jacquelyn
  18. Math urgent

    X,Y and Z can do a piece of work in 15 days. If X takes twice as much as Y and Z together and Y takes thrice as much as X and Z together, how long days will each take to finish a work.

    asked by Rabin
  19. Physical Science

    You drop a water balloon off of a tree branch, and you time the drop time at Δt = 0.8 sec, from the instant you drop it to the instant it impacts the sidewalk. What is the height of the tree branch?

    asked by Courtney
  20. math

    a proton in a magnetic field follows a path on a coordinate grid modeled by the function f(x) = x^4-2x^2-15. what are the x-coordnates of the points on the grid where the proton crosses the x-axis?

    asked by Jourrapide
  21. physics

    Find the resultant of the following two displacements; 2.0 m 40 degrees 4.0 meters at 127 degrees. the angles are taken relative to the x-axis

    asked by jenny
  22. Prealgebra

    It is recommended that for every 8 square feet of surface, a pond should have 2 fish. A pond that has a surface of 72 square feet should contain how many fish?

    asked by Mexdaughter
  23. chemistry

    i.Calculate the volume of carbon ivoxide given off at stp when 20gram of octane is burnt in excess air (c=12,1+=1 gmv of any gass is 22.4dm^3 at stp). ii. Deduce the formula of a hydrocarbon with general formula cnH2n-2 of its molar mass in 110.

    asked by lawrence
  24. Physics

    A 1500 kg car is travelling at 20 m/s. It brakes to a stop causing the brake pads to heat up from 25 degrees Celsius to a temperature too hot to touch. The total mass of the pads altogether is 4.0 kg and their heat capacity is 8.9 x 102 J/kg0C. If these

    asked by Ishmael
  25. Chemistry Help Please!

    At most, how many 4d electrons can an atom have? Of these what is the maximum number that can have ms= -1/2? A 5f electron has what value of quantum number l? What values of ml may it have? Also please explain how you got the answers so I can understand?

    asked by Kim
  26. Chemistry

    two aqueous solutions (solution A and solution B) contain different non reactive solutes and have densities of 1.021 g/ml and 1.190 g/ml, respectively. when 40.00 ml of solution A is mixed with 10.00ml of solution B what is the density of the mixture? im

    asked by Anonymous
  27. P-Chemistry

    A closed vessel of volume 2.50 dm3 contains 100g of nitrogen (N2) and 100g of carbon dioxide (CO2) at 25 C. What are the partial pressures and mole fractions of each gas?

    asked by Jessy
  28. Science

    An arrow is shot vertically upwards with an initial velocity of 14 m/s . Calculate the height reached

    asked by Nadia
  29. math

    can I distrubute this? 4pi (M/2pi*RT)^(3/2) ?

    asked by Anonymous

    Cynthia used some of the ordered pairs from the set below to make a new set. {(4, –3), (–2, 5), (5, 4), (7, 2), (2, –7)} She wrote the domain of this set as {2, 4, 5}. Which ordered pairs from the original set did Cynthia use to make her new set?

    asked by I'madumbidiot
  31. chem

    calculate volume of excess KOH(aq) and the volume of 6.00M H2SO4(aq) to neutralize it

    asked by adam

    A line segment has end points of (4, -4) and (0, 5). What are the coordinates of the midpoint of this line segment? A) (2, 1/2) B) (-2, -9/2) C) (4, 1/2) D) (8, -13)

    asked by I'madumbidiot
  33. Science

    Calculate the energy release in 1 gram of Uranium 235

    asked by ADA
  34. science

    what functions do individual cells perform that are similar to the functions of our bodies?

    asked by Joud
  35. Math Please Help

    5. Shara's new lawn sprinkler watered a circular area with three times the radius of the old sprinkler. How many times greater was the area watered by the new sprinkler than the area watered by the old sprinkler? a)3 b)6 c)9 d)36 6.How many x-intercepts

    asked by MrHardPistachioToCrack
  36. math

    Home Center sells rectangular picture frames. The ratio of the length to the height in centimeters is 7:5. What would be the length of a frame that is 15 centimeters high?

    asked by sarah
  37. Science PLEASE HELP

    what functions do individual cells perform that are similar to the functions of our bodies?

    asked by Joud

    Dino used three pieces of string to make a model of a triangle in art class. the lengths of two of the pieces of string were 3 inches and 7 inches. which could be the length in inches of the third piece of string dino used? A) 2 B) 8 C) 5**** D) 3

    asked by Phobiah

    Two sides of a triangle have lengths of 8 inches and 12 inches. What could be the length of the third side? A) 2 in B) 4 in C) 16 in**** D) 20 in

    asked by CheesePizzaLover373736527
  40. Math

    Chris has a 10 foot long strip of red ribbon and a 15 foot long strip of blue ribbon. A] draw a diagram to show the relationship of the length of the red ribbon to the length of the blue ribbon. B] write a ratio to describe the relationship of the length

    asked by Samantha
  41. Calculus

    a) Find parametric equations for the line through (4, 1, 4) that is perpendicular to the plane x − y + 2z = 7. (Use the parameter t.) b) In what points does this line intersect the coordinate planes? xy-plane? yz-plane? xz-plane?

    asked by Anon
  42. Pre algebra

    On the map 5 miles corresponds to 2 inches. How many miles correspond to 7 inches?

    asked by Tisa
  43. English

    1. What animals live in Canada? 2. Which animals live in Canada? 3. What animal lives in Canada? 4. Which animal lives in Canada? - Many animals live in Canada. ------------------------------------ Which questions are suitable for the answer?

    asked by rfvv
  44. math age problem

    I am 10 less than four times my age six years ago how old am I now

    asked by ed
  45. Chemistry

    A piece of metal with a mass of 131 g is placed in a 50 mL graduated cylinder. The water level rises from 20. mL to 35 mL. What is the density of the metal?

    asked by Lean brow
  46. math

    A printer has 15 rolls of newsprint in the warehouse. What fraction of this total will remain if 6 rolls are used?

    asked by Jacquelyn
  47. math

    give me an answer . Chris has a 10 foot long strip of red ribbon and a 15 foot long strip of blue ribbon. draw a diagram to show the relationship of the length of the red ribbon to the length of the blue ribbon

    asked by Anonymous
  48. College Algebra

    You spend $1000 on a computer and for tax purposes chose to depreciate it (or assume it decreases in value) to $0 at a constant rate over a 4-year period. a) calculate the rate of chage of the assumed value of the equipment over 4 years. The rate of change

    asked by Darlene
  49. math

    if V(r)=4/3 pir^(3) find (v2r)/(vr)

    asked by Stephen
  50. Chemistry

    How many grams of ice are needed to cool 250 ml of water from 75 degrees Celsius to 5 degrees Celsius? (m_ice * 6.01kJ) + (m_ice * 4.18J/g°C * (5-75°C) = -[250mL * 4.18J/g°C * (5-75°C)] ???

    asked by Mikey
  51. Pre algebra

    Find the constant of variation when y varies inversely as x, and y=8 when x=5

    asked by Tisa
  52. Math

    The circumference of earth is about 40,030.02km. The formula for circumference is c=2(3.14)r.jennifer determines the radius of earth is about 12,700km.use estimation to determine if Jennifer measurement is reasonable.

    asked by Kari
  53. Statistics

    A movie theater has a super ultra combo meal. It includes the option of a large popcorn, a soda, a slice of pizza, and a box of candy. There are 12 types of toppings for the popcorn, including no topping. There are 5 types of toppings for the pizza,

    asked by Nathan
  54. Math

    Ali has a rectangular pool around which he wants to construct a fence. The pool is 10 m long and 6 m wide, and he wants the fence to be 2 m from the edge of the pool on all sides. He want to pave the area around the pool and within the fence. How many

    asked by Titin
  55. Chem

    for the dimethylthiocarbamate ion [OSCN(CH3)2]-. Add bonds and electron lone pairs in order to give the important resonance structures of this ion, including any formal charges where necessary. Select the resonance structure likely to provide the best

    asked by Saki
  56. Pre algebra

    Find the constant of variation if y varies directly as x, and y=17 when x=34

    asked by Tisa
  57. Language Arts (Books)

    How does the writer use Elphaba to convey a message or a lesson in the book Wicked?

    asked by Student
  58. Differential Calculus

    A water trough is 10 m long and a cross section has the shape of an isosceles trapezoid that is 30 cm wide at the bottom, 80 cm wide at the top, and has height 50 cm. If trough is being filled with water at the rate of 0.2 m^3/min how fast is the water

    asked by GRAY
  59. profit and loss

    Dea bought 100 kg of rice for rs 1100 and sold it at a loss of as much money as he received for 20kg of rice. ?

    asked by vipul
  60. math 1050

    how do I find the answer to if the point (5,-3) is a point on the graph of f then f(?)=(?)

    asked by sherie
  61. Math

    5x -7(2-4x)

    asked by Angel
  62. value

    A Bicycle Wheel D=70cm Is Making 25 Rev. In 10secs.Find Speed

    asked by value
  63. Algebra

    In a recent year, a single person could expect to pay $4200 in income taxes on an adjusted gross income of $30,000. How much more tax should the person expect to pay if her adjusted gross income increased by $3000, knowing that this would not move her into

    asked by Randy
  64. Math

    One positive number is one-fifth of another number. The difference between the two numbers is 160, find the numbers.

    asked by Bsal
  65. English (grammar)

    The players were playing hockey

    asked by The players
  66. math

    there are 36 rows in a cinema hall.if the capacity of the hall is 600 people at a time then what will be the minimum number of seats in each row?

    asked by aryan mahesh
  67. math

    Vista county is setting aside a large parcel of land to preserve it as open space. the county has hired Meghan's surveying firm to survey the parcel which is in the shape of a right triangle. the longer leg of the triangle measures 5 miles less than the

    asked by Jourrapide
  68. Physics

    Is KNO3 soluble in KOH solution?

    asked by Nisha
  69. Math

    I am the largest 5 digit number where no number is repeated.I am... please help

    asked by Ayu
  70. Math

    A farmer had sheep and end.altogether 124 legs, how many sheep and hens

    asked by Jacob
  71. Math

    Write three equivalent ratios for 15/9

    asked by Sabrina
  72. English Writing

    People believe in God because... And there is life on earth because... And people who believe in God think that God has put human beings on this earth because... Could you help me? I'm not English speaker so I don't know how can I write continue of these

    asked by CC
  73. nath

    Lucy has 80 foreign stamps and 128 Philippine stamps. She separates the two kinds of stamps in her album and she puts the biggest and the same number of stamps of each kind on a page. If all pages with stamps in her album are full and there are none left

    asked by Diwi
  74. Maths

    X,Y and Z can do a piece of work in 15 days. If X takes twice as much as Y and Z together and Y takes thrice as much as X and Z together, how long days will each take to finish a work.

    asked by Rabin
  75. Math

    Orange juice concentrate is mixed with water in the ratio 1 pary concentrate to 5 parts water.How many parts orange juice are needed for 25 parts of water?

    asked by Kenya
  76. English

    1. Jenny is in the coffee shop, drinking coffee. 2. Jenny is in the coffee shop while she is drinking coffee. 3. Jenny is in the coffee shop and drinking coffee. 4. Being in the coffee shop, Jenny is drinking coffee. 5. In the coffee shop, Jenny is

    asked by rfvv
  77. maths

    Find the future value of $1200 invested at 5.25 % per annum payable annually after 6 months?

    asked by shubhi
  78. math

    write down your age. add 5 to it.Multiply the sum by 2. subtract 10 from it. next divide it by 2. what do you get?

    asked by deepika
  79. English

    1. While she felt embarrassed, she ran out of the room. 2. Feeling embarrassed, she ran out of the room. 3. Embarrassed, she ran out of the room. -------------------------------- Are they all the same in meaning? Can we remove 'Feeling' in Sentence 2?

    asked by rfvv
  80. profit and loss

    a man gains 20 % by selling apples at a certain price. if he sells it at rs. 1.2 higher than the previous price he gained 40 % find original cost price

    asked by vipul
  81. MATH


    asked by MIER MICHELLE
  82. falcon

    the average score for a business examination comprising 300 students is 54%. if the marks are normally distributed with a standard deviation of 8%, determine the number of students scores above 70%

    asked by claude
  83. Maths

    A man leaves 2/3 of his property for his wife , 1/3 of his property for his daughter and rest fo r his son what part does his son receive?

    asked by Ayushi
  84. Prealgebra

    An 8-ounce glass of orange juice contains 72 milligrams of vitamin C. How much juice contains 36 milligrams of vitamin C?

    asked by Mexdaughter
  85. Math

    If helen can type 150 words in 5 minutes how long will it take her to type 2400 words

    asked by Kenya
  86. Statistics

    The average score for a business examination comprising 300 students is 54%. If the marks are normally distributed with a standard deviation of 8%, determine the number of students scores above 70%.

    asked by Dmaster
  87. math

    8 janitors can clean the college grounds in 3 hours. how long will it take 6 janitors to clean the college grounds?

    asked by Arvee
  88. Math

    A number has 6 in the hundredths place. The number also contains a digit whose value is 1/10 the value of 6 in the hundredths place.

    asked by Kyle
  89. math

    The mathematics club in a school has 53 members. 5/7 of the girls members and 3/5 of the boys members are from lower secondary. The total number of lower secondary members is 35. How many members of the club are boys?

    asked by Kate
  90. math

    Mary has two tanks of fish. If she transfers 15 fish from the larger tank to the smaller tank then the number of fish in the smaller tank will be 5/7 of the number of fish in the large, tank. Given that there are 35 fish in the smaller tank originally,

    asked by Kate
  91. Chemistry

    Why is it important to keep the beaker containing the mobile phase covered while preparing your chromatography paper and developing your chromatograms?

    asked by Steve
  92. physics

    a car is moving at 17.7 m/s when it begins to slow down with a deceleration of 2.5 m/s2. how long does it take to travel 20 meters as it slows down

    asked by shin
  93. math

    Y=Ax^2+Bx has agradient of 7 at the point (6,8) ,find the constant numbers of A and B ? *calculus*

    asked by A.rahman
  94. Math

    If there are 5 boys and 7girls, in how many ways can 5 boys and 5girls sit in a round table? Is the ans : 5!*4!*7c5? Reason: since there are 5 boys so (5-1)! And left 5 seats for girls so 7c5 and within the girls theres 5 diffrent ones so another 5!

    asked by Math
  95. math

    PQ and RS are 2 parallel chords of a circle such that PQ = 8 cm & RS = 6 cm. If the chords are on the opposite sides of the centre and distance between them is 4 cm. find the radius of the circle

    asked by cirlcles
  96. calculus

    If F(x) = f(xf(xf(x))), where f(1) = 4, f(4) = 6, f '(1) = 4, f '(4) = 5, and f '(6) = 6, find F '(1).

    asked by Sarah
  97. Algebra

    Angelica has 15 comic books and each month she buys 3 more comic books. Write an equation representing the number of comic books c she has at the end of any month m

    asked by Larisa
  98. Sociology

    What did industrialization have to do with Max Weber? I understand that he thought that rationalization would lead to a caged society, but what does that have to do with industralization?

    asked by <3Books
  99. Probability

    You are dealt 6 cards out of a 52 card deck. What is the probability that you were dealt exactly 1 face card?

    asked by Uva
  100. maths

    can someone explain this: how is having a square in the denominator equivalent to taking the reciprocal and raising it to the 1/2 power? EX: here's an identity: let x= 1/(2a^2) a = M/2RT so can this be rewritten as: (1/2)(2RT/M)^(1/2)

    asked by Anonymous
  101. Calculus

    I can not seem to get this right Find an equation of a sphere if one of its diameters has endpoints (5, 5, 5) and (7, 7, 7).

    asked by Anon
  102. Math

    A ferrari is heading west at 30 m/s. A Cop turns on its lights and the ferrari speeds up to 60 m/s in 7 seconds to outrun the police. What was the acceleration of the ferrari?

    asked by L
  103. Calculus

    Find (a cross b)dot product a? & Find the cross product(a × b) dot product b? a = 1, 1, −1 b = 4, 8, 10

    asked by Anon
  104. algebra

    90 students from three different classes, A, B, and C are going on a field trip. Class A has 32 students and Class B has 28 students. Write an equation to describe the situation.

    asked by Jen
  105. statistics

    Post a null hypothesis that would use a t test statistical analysis.. Use the same hypothetical situation taken in the t test hypothesis, and turn it into a null hypothesis using a one-way ANOVA analysis and a two-way ANOVA.

    asked by Barbara
  106. Trigg

    A force vector has a magnitude of 475 newtons and points at an angle of 26.0 degrees below the negative x axis. What are the x scalar components and y scalar components?

    asked by Erica
  107. chem 2

    0.946g Al in 35 ml of 2.00M KOH and obtained 13.8g of dry alum. calculate the theorecital and actual yield %

    asked by adam