Questions Asked on
September 3, 2016

  1. Chemistry

    What substance is acting as the Brønsted-Lowry base in the forward reaction below? H2O + NH3 yields NH4+ + OH-

    asked by MONICA
  2. profit and loss

    a businessman purchased certain items worth rs. 1200 and after selling some items at the end of the first day made a profit of 16 % on items sold on that day. if his profit for the day was 4 % of his total purchases what is his stock at the end of the day

    asked by vipul
  3. Chem

    Suppose you have Avogadro\'s number of mini marshmallows and use them to cover the state of California which has a land area of 1.560 × 105 mi2. Each mini marshmallow has a diameter of 0.635 cm and a height of 2.54 cm. Assuming the marshmallows are packed

    asked by Alisha
  4. Chemistry, Heat and Phase changes(general chem II)

    From the data below, calculate the total heat (in J) needed to convert 22.00 g of icea t -6.00 C to liquid water at 0.500 C. melting point at 1 atm: 0.0 C Hfusion: 6.02 KJ/mol cliquid: 4.21 J/g C csolid: 2.09 J / g C My answer is about 300 J short of the

    asked by Dean
  5. Physics

    An airplane with a mass of 1.20x10^4 kg tows a glider with a mass of 0.60x10^4 kg. if the airplane propellers provide a net forward thrust of 3.60x10^4, what is the acceleration of the glider? I'm thinking that I should add the masses and then solve using

    asked by HiMyNameIsRandy
  6. Math

    There are 42 pupils in a class. 3/4 of the boys and 2/3 of the girls travel to school by bus. The total number of boys and girls who travel to school by bus is 30. (a) How many boys are there in the class? (b) How many girls travel to school by bus?

    asked by Saba
  7. Math

    If a storage tank is holding 450 litres when it is three-quarters full, how much will it contain when it is two-thirds full?

    asked by Andre
  8. Math

    A sum of money is shared among three brothers. The eldest receives 7/13 of it and the 13 next receives 2/3 of the remainder. If the youngest brother receives $6, find the sum of money shared.

    asked by Saba
  9. algebra 1

    you made two deposits to your bank account this month . One deposit was 17.92, and the second deposit was 15.33. Your balance at the end of the month is 72.31, and you made no withdrawals. Which expression shows your balance at the beginning of the month?

    asked by Hello
  10. Math

    James uses 1/3 of his land for growing durians, 1/4 for bananas, 3/8 for guavas and the remaining 9 hectares for mangoes. What is the total area of his land?

    asked by Saba
  11. biomechanics

    an orienteer runs 300m north and then 400m to the southeast (at a 45 degree angle to north). if he runs at a constant speed, how far away is he from the starting position?

    asked by Qurat-ul-Ain
  12. profit and loss

    to double the profit from the present 10 % the present selling price of rs.100 will have to be increased approximately to

    asked by vipul
  13. algebra 1

    Which statement about the product is true? 7.56*6.7 ̅? a)the product is irrational b)the product is rational** c)the product is neither rational or irrational d)the nature of the product cannot be deterined

    asked by Hello
  14. Algrebra

    Find K if the lines 3x-5y=9 and 2x+key=11 are a) parallel and b) perpendicular So for A) I have to find the slope, so would I set the x's equal to each other? And from there, I can find B) because the slope is just the reciprocal. I'm just having trouble

    asked by Yaga
  15. Math

    An old book listed that 72 turkeys were bought for $\$\square.\square\square$ each, at a total cost of $\$\square 67.9\square.$ What was the cost of each turkey, if each $\square$ stands for a digit that was unreadable in the old book? Note: The $\square$

    asked by Ryan
  16. Hospitality and Tourism

    Is this ethical behavior? Is it ethical to take office supplies from work for home use? No Is it ethical to use company time to solicit signatures for a petition nconcerning a current social issue? No If there are sslight defects in a product you are

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Geography

    A guy wire is attached on the ground 100 feet from the base of the tower. The wire is also attached to the top of the 300 foot tower. How long is the guy wire?

    asked by Joey Zanti
  18. math

    A pelican flies 2 and 1/4 feet above the surface of the ocean. A dolphin swims 10 and 1/2 feet below the surface. How far apart are the dolphin and the pelican? Show your work. I got 8 and 1/4. I think it's right but I just want to get another's persons

    asked by Wossum
  19. Math

    If sinA+sinB=1/2 and cosA+cosB=1/2 then the value of tanA+tanB

    asked by Raju chauhan
  20. Math 160

    The position function of an object moving along a straight line is given by s = f(t). The average velocity of the object over the time interval [a, b] is the average rate of change of f over [a, b]; its (instantaneous) velocity at t = a is the rate of

    asked by Erin
  21. algebra 1

    you made two deposits to your bank account this month . One deposit was 17.92, and the second deposit was 15.33. Your balance at the end of the month is 72.31, and you made no withdrawals. Which expression shows your balance at the beginning of the month?

    asked by Hello
  22. Chemistry

    How many grams of NaN₃ must be decomposed to fill a 42.0 L airbag with nitrogen gas at a pressure of 1.05 atm and a temp of 29.5 degrees Celsius?

    asked by Hugh
  23. English

    1. This is the same watch that I lost. 2. This is the watch that I lost. 3. This is the very watch that I lost. 4. This is the same watch as I lost. ------------------------------- Do #1, 2, and 3 have the same meaning? They mean that I found that I had

    asked by rfvv
  24. algebra 1

    what is the simplified form of the following expression -28st over -4s -7t 7t** -7s 7s

    asked by 9th grader
  25. math

    If focus and directrix of a parabola are (3,-4) and x+y+7=0 then its length of latuusrectum is?

    asked by jogender
  26. Algebra

    Sally bought 12 tickets for a movie, an adult ticket costs $9 and a child ticket costs $5, if she spent a total of $76, how many adults and children did she buy tickets for?

    asked by Jessica
  27. Math

    A hot dog cart at the entrance of the Stadium sells hot dogs ($3.50) and hamburger ($5.25) for a total of $1,225.00. If it sells twice as many hot dogs as hamburgers, how many of each did it sell?

    asked by Jennifer
  28. Physics

    In general, what conditions with observable effects make magnets interact with non-magnet materials?

    asked by Jave
  29. math

    If football team loses 3 yards, gains 12 yards, gains 10 yards, and then loses 15 yards. Did the team gain or lose yards overall? How many yards? Show your work

    asked by haley
  30. math

    Patrick recorded the daily changes of the value of stock in dollars: -3.40, -8.09, -2.47, 1.86, and 3. 55. What was the average daily change in the stocks value in dollars. I got 1.71 but I think it might be wrong.

    asked by haley
  31. MATH

    A number has three distinct digits. The sum of the digits equals the product of the digits. How many three-digit numbers satisfy this condition?

    asked by Jhon
  32. Calculus

    If g(X) = 2+ln(x-5), find the inverse function, (g^(-1))(x) Solution: y = 2+ ln(x-5) e^y = 2 + x - 5 x = e^y + 3 y = e^x + 3 g^(-1) = y = e^x + 3 Is that right? I'm following an example - but don't really get it - how do I determine the domain and range -

    asked by Linda
  33. Physics

    A child throws a small ball vertically upwards. The ball is caught at the initial height 1.8 seconds after being thrown. What was the net displacement for the ball? What was the initial speed of the ball? What was the final speed of the ball? How high did

    asked by Elizabeth
  34. World History

    which statement best describes the period known as the old kingdom? a) it was a time dynastic uncertainty. b) it was a time of development. c) it was a time of great geographic expansion d) it was a time of disunity

    asked by Staci
  35. Math

    Kate's parents decided it was time to start giving her pocket money. They were not sure how much to give her so they started with $1 for the first week and doubled it every week. How many weeks until Kate gets over $20 pocket money?

    asked by George
  36. principle of management

    whilst entrepreneurship is a panacea to the world over, the current Zimbabwean situation is different .eludicate four reasons why the situation is different

    asked by George
  37. Physics

    PhysicsA race car travels northward on a straight, level track at a constant speed travels 0.755 km in 18.0 s. The return trip over the same track is made in 23.0 s. (a) What is the average velocity of the car in m/s for the first leg of the run? 41.94

    asked by Drake
  38. Physics

    A ball is thrown straight up at an initial speed of 24 m/s. How long did it take to reach maximum height? How high did it rise before falling again? I am confused on how to attempt this problem. Please provide me with some guidance:)

    asked by Elizabeth
  39. Physics

    A car uniformly accelerates from rest at 3 m/s^2 for 8 seconds. At the end of the 8 seconds the car uniformly brakes at -5m/s^2 for 4 seconds. What total distance is traveled by the car during the 12 seconds of motion?

    asked by Elizabeth
  40. Maths

    A knife has a mass of m grammes. It is 20g heavier than a spoon. The mass of a knife and four spoons is 330g. Find the mass of the Knife.

    asked by Maxwell
  41. Maths

    A plane setts off from airport A and flies due east for 100 km, then turns to fly due south for 80 km before landing at an airport b show that the approximate bearing of airport b from airport a is 129

    asked by Maria
  42. math

    Given the four rational numbers below, find the greatest difference and the greatest product using two of the numbers for each operation. 2 1/3,1.5, -1.25, -3 1/4 Difference= -0.95 is what I got for the first answer. Product= 4.0925 is what I got for the

    asked by Wossum
  43. physics (Simple harmonic motion)

    X(t)=0.142sin(2t+0.19) b) Find the travelled distance by block at t2=3.5min [37.963m].

    asked by bling pls help
  44. English

    1. Though the baby was left alone, she didn't cry. 2. Being left alone, the baby didn't cry. 3. Left alone, the baby didn't cry. (Are the three sentences all grammatical?) 4. Although he had been very tired, he couldn't quit the job. 5. Having been very

    asked by rfvv
  45. Math

    As part of the 'Learning Journey' program, 73 pupils travelled on two buses, one air-conditioned and one non-air-conditioned, to the Singapore Discovery Centre. Three-fifths of the pupils on the air-conditioned has wee girls. There were 17 boys in the

    asked by Saba
  46. Math

    The mathematics club in a school has 53 members. 5/7 of the girls members and 3/5 of the boys members are from lower secondary. The total number of lower secondary members is 35. How many members of the club are boys?

    asked by Saba
  47. math

    Which of the following equations are true. Select all that apply. A. 7+(-7)= 14 B.-4+9= 5 C. 3-(-10)=-7 D. -2-6= -8

    asked by Wossum
  48. math/Calculus

    If h(x) = csc(x), find the inverse h^(-1)(x). express answer in terms of sin^(-1), cos^(-1) or tan^(-1) Don't know where to start -

    asked by Linda
  49. physics (Simple harmonic motion)

    In a horizontal block-spring system,the block mass is m=0.5kg and the spring constant is k =2N/m. At t1=0.1s the block velocity is +0.263m/s and the acceleration is -0.216m/s2. Assuming that the system is undergoing SHM.Write the expression for block

    asked by bling pls help
  50. science

    Prove that the maximum horizontal range is 4times the max height attaind by projectile when fired at an inclined so as to have max. Horizontal range

    asked by sankalp
  51. Algebra

    Special factorization I know someone has helped me with this before, but I'm really stuck on how to attack these two problems [(8x^3)/125]+[64/(y^3)] X^2-8xy+16y^2-25

    asked by Yaga
  52. English

    1. When he was playing the piano, his brother came in. 2. He playing the piano, his brother came in. -------------------------------------- 3. While he was walking along the river, he was listening to music. 4. Walking along the river, he was listening to

    asked by rfvv
  53. help please!

    find a set of parametric equations for the line that passes through the given points. (-9, 5, 1), (2, -3, 8)

    asked by lottie
  54. math

    You are completing a tax form. The tax is 15.3% of $44,000. Calculate how much you have to pay

    asked by arely
  55. maths

    Shyam wishes to determine the distance between two objects A and B but there is an obstacle between the two objects which prevents him from making a direct measurement. He design an ingenious way to overcome this difficulties. First, he fixes a pole at a

    asked by naincy
  56. Science

    MMR causes autism Help with the connection between MMR vaccine to autism pros and cons

    asked by Sam
  57. Math

    Mary has two tanks of fish. If she transfers 15 fish from the larger tank to the smaller tank then the number of fish in the smaller tank will be 5/7 of the number of fish in the large, tank. Given that there are 35 fish in the smaller tank originally,

    asked by Saba
  58. math

    Tell me whether each fraction. 1/n, is given as a terminating decimal or a repeating decimal for the given rules of n. Write t for terminating or r for repeating. It starts at 2- 10 which are t and r.

    asked by Wossum
  59. Math

    State the domain and range of f(x) = 2sin(sort(3x-1)) + 3

    asked by Linda
  60. English

    Hello. I would be very grateful for your help. 1) Please help me with articles. I'm writing about a particular company. Should I use the definite article or no article in the following context: "(the ?) costs are likely to be higher than (the?) revenues".

    asked by Ilma
  61. Calculus

    Find the zero(es) of f(x) = (e^(7-2x)) - 1

    asked by Linda
  62. English

    Dear Writeacher, thank you for your answers. Will you help me with a few more sentences? 1) Which is correct in the following sentence: "She has remained without her colleagues OR / AND friends in a closed space." (I think it's OR) 2) Is the sentence

    asked by Ilma
  63. Calculus

    e^(1+2lnx) ----------- x^2 simplify

    asked by Linda
  64. Calculus

    log base 4 of 8/log base 8 of 16 question is to simplify can you rewrite it this way? 4^x = 8 --------- 8^x = 16

    asked by Linda
  65. Calculus

    State the domain and range of the function f(x) = 2sin(sqrt(3x-1)) + 3 Why is this so difficult?

    asked by Linda
  66. math

    -23 4/7 + (+ 34 1/6)= I didn't get it can anyone help me!!!! Please I got to study for this test tuesday

    asked by Wossum
  67. algebra

    $2000 principal earning 3% compunded after 6 years? how do i solve this? i don't need answers i just don't know what the equation is.

    asked by quesia
  68. willimington

    Draw two ER diagrams for the enterprise described below: one using standard (Chen) notation (that one is hw #2), and one using ordered pair (Merise) notation (this one being hw #3). Indicate clearly which is which. Remember to indicate keys and

    asked by virenndra
  69. math

    Your bill at a restaurant is $29.97. You want to leave about 20% for a tip. Estimate the amount of a tip. (Round your answer to the nearest cent.)

    asked by arely
  70. math

    How to post 35252 in expanded form

    asked by Monique
  71. math

    The sum of all digit is 21 none of my digit are same.i am the smallest 7 digit number made of these digit who I am?

    asked by sunil
  72. algebra 1

    what is the value of xy over w if x=-3 y=4 and w=-6 2 -2 1over2 -1over2

    asked by Hello
  73. Math

    I am a mutiple of 4 I am between 6 and 15 I am also a factor of 16 what number am I

    asked by Kasha ortiz
  74. Calculus

    Hi, please I need help with this demonstration: If “f” , “g” :[ 0,1]→R are continuous functions, they are differentiable in (0,1), f(0)=0, g(0)=2 and │f ‘ (x)│≤1 ,│g ‘ (x)│≤1 for the interval (0,1). Prove that f(x) < g(x) in

    asked by Jane
  75. Algebra

    Simplify 4√490k^2

    asked by TIFFANY
  76. algebra

    What is the probability of choosing aletter o from theword school?

    asked by Anonymous
  77. algebra

    5 times a number decrease by 18 minus 4 times the same number is -36 what is the number

    asked by Anonymous