Questions Asked on
September 2, 2016

  1. biology

    1. Suppose you plant a seed and observe that a tree of large mass grows from it. The tree achieves a final mass that changes very little for years afterward. Which of the following is true about the tree? (1 point) Both anabolic and catabolic reactions

    asked by 9th grader
  2. Government

    which of the following is an example of the principle of checks and balances? A)President can veto an act of congress. B)Members of congress have the power to raise their own salaries C)Federal courts have the power to hear cases involving federal law

    asked by Fred

    A satellite launch rocket has a cylindrical fuel tank. The fuel tank can hold V cubic meters of fuel. If the tank measures d meters across, what is the height of the tank in meters?

    asked by Anonymous
  4. math help

    find a set of parametric equations for the line through the point and parallel to the specified vector. (1, -8, -3), parallel to (-1, 6, -6) find symmetric equations for the line through the point and parallel to the specified vector. (5, -2, -4), parallel

    asked by ellora
  5. profit and loss

    to double the profit from the present 10 % the present selling price of rs.100 will have to be increased approximately to

    asked by vipul
  6. Electricity and Magnetism

    In a thundercloud there are two equal and opposite charges ±35C separated by 6km. Assuming that they can be treated as point charges, what is the magnitude of the electric force between them?

    asked by Sarah
  7. math,

    The table below represents an object thrown into the air. Table

    asked by jada
  8. Math

    You have 16 new CDs to put on your empty five-shelf CD rack. Can you place the CDs so that each shelf contains three or fewer CDs? Can you arrange them so that each shelf contains exactly three?

    asked by Bailey
  9. Science

    A snooker ball X of mass 0.3kg moving at 5m/!@#$%^& a stationary ball Y of mass 0.4kg and Y move at a velocity of 2m/s at angle to the initial direction of X. Find the velocity and direction of X after hitting

    asked by MARTIN
  10. Math

    Amy, Siti and Tina have a total of 730 story books. Tina has 50 more books than Amy. Amy has 70 books more than Siti. How many story books does Tina have?

    asked by Jac
  11. prealgebra

    What is the probability of spinning a number greater than 5 on a spinner numbered 1 to 8 and tossing a tail on a coin?

    asked by Laterra


    asked by MARY
  13. Social studies

    Which of the following were reasons the Spanish wanted to colonize the new world? Select all that apply To seek wealth •• To enter the fur trade To spread Christianity •• To find new medicine

    asked by Kassy
  14. history

    Step 1: Choose four of the following questions to ask Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad: Why is the Holy Land an important site for your faith? What is your perspective or feelings about the other monotheistic faiths? What is the holy book of your faith, and how

    asked by Leah
  15. Math concepts

    How many positive odd integers between 100 and 10000 can be formed using the digits 2,3,4,5 and 6

    asked by Mollie
  16. Organic Chemistry

    Would a C-Cl bond be polar or nonpolar in a molecule if both have a formal charge of 0? I thought at first that it would be polar just due to their electronegativities (just by looking at the periodic table), but if they both have a formal charge of 0,

    asked by Este
  17. Math

    Jeremiah is mowing the lawn which is 2 acres he has mowed 1/4 of a acre in 1/12 of a hour when he was done he had to mow the neighbor's yard which is 1 acre if he can continue at the same rate what is the unit rate for the number of acres can he. mow

    asked by Mercie
  18. jccc

    a tennis player moves in a straight line path as shown in figure below. find her average velocity in following time intervals.

    asked by amy
  19. ELA

    Which of the following sentences contains an indefinite pronoun? A. Some of the puzzle pieces are missing. B. Who worked on the puzzle? C. We didn't lose the pieces. D. They didn't they help us look. Is it A?

    asked by keekee
  20. English

    1. This is all that I have now. 2. This is what I have now. (Are both the same in meaning?) 3. Please show me that he is active. 4. Please show me the fact that he is active. 5. Please show me that this is correct. (Are the three sentences grammatical?

    asked by rfvv
  21. math

    If one is added to both numenator ans denominator fraction become 3/4 however 3 is subtracted from both the fraction become 1/2.fnd the fraction.

    asked by mamta
  22. Math

    I have determine if these are area or volume simply based on looking at them without doing the calculations. Could you please explain how to do that? 1. pi(4 in)^3 is in the numerator 3 is in the denominator 2. 2pi(1.5m)^2 + 2pi(1.5m)(3m) 3.

    asked by Sami
  23. Math

    which set of integers are in the right order from least to greatest a.|-10|,-3,2,7 •• b.7,|-10|,-3,2 c. 2,-3,7,|-10| d. -3,2,7,|-10

    asked by Civil
  24. Pre-algebra

    a coin is tossed and a number cube is rolled. What is the probability of tossing heads and rolling a 3 or a 5

    asked by Laterra
  25. Pre-algebra

    a red and blue number cube are rolled. determine the probability that an odd number is rolled on the red cube and a number greater than 1 is rolled on the blue cube

    asked by math1
  26. working with parents and families

    The help of a computer program can help reduce the time that you as a director spend on payroll by as much as A.10% B.25% C.50% D.75% Pls help

    asked by Tina
  27. International Business

    Are retail investors or traders permitted to naked short a stock?

    asked by Pauline
  28. maths

    Two acute angle of a right angle traingle are in ratio 11:4

    asked by Siddharth Gupta
  29. Math

    -3,2,7,|-10| Are this integers list from least to greatest??

    asked by Anonymous
  30. History! Help!

    The Atakapans occupied the region from the Sabine river to the A. San Jacinto river B. Red river C. Colorado river D. Trinity river Both the Karankawa and Atakapans relied heavily on which resources? A.rival groups and shellfish C.settlers D.trees

    asked by Iris
  31. S.S

    1)The region of the United States in which Georgia is located is the? A)northeastern region. B)southeastern region. C)northwestern region. D)southwestern region.

    asked by Lexii
  32. prealgebra

    One letter is randomly selected from the word PRIME and one letter is randomly selected from the word MATH. What is the probability that both letters selected are vowels?

    asked by math1
  33. prealgebra

    For his experiment, Ryan is going to spin a spinner and roll a six-sided number cube. What is the probability of spinning "RED" and rolling a "2"?

    asked by Laterra
  34. Mayh

    76 times a number minus 72 equals to -65 less than a number

    asked by Mo
  35. Algebra

    A plane traveled 400 miles to Rome and back. The trip there was with the wind. It took 5 hours. The trip back was into the wind. The trip back took 10 hours. - Find the speed of the plane in still air and the speed of the wind.

    asked by Willow
  36. Math

    Evaluate the function. h(n) = -3 • 4^2n+1; Find h(2n)

    asked by Willow
  37. algebra 1

    Evaluate the expression for x+2 and y=5. 3y-11 ________ x so i got 9.5 but it is not right and idk why. can u please help me

    asked by 9th grader
  38. algebra 1

    simplify 3[(7-4)^5 divived 9]

    asked by 9th grader
  39. geometry

    prove in an isosceles triangle ABC,in which AB=AC and AD is the altitude,AD is also: i-median ii-bisector

    asked by komal yaseen
  40. geometry

    triangle PQR is isosceles.S and T are the mid points of the equal sides PQ and PR respectively.prove that triangle QTR=triangle RSQ.

    asked by komal yaseen
  41. plz help ms.sue ss unit test redo question

    importance of the ohio valley for british expansion

    asked by -dat_one_odd_oreo-
  42. Communication Arts

    Grammar check please!!! Georgia O'Keefe was an American painter from Wisconsin. Whose detailed close-ups of flowers brought her world renown.

    asked by Angie
  43. franche

    Salute,can you please write a paragraph in passé recent about my weekend

    asked by mamolemo
  44. Algebra

    h(n) = -3 • 4^2n+1; Find h(2n)

    asked by Willow
  45. Communication Arts

    Viewed through a telescope, the planet Mars looks rust-red because rust is a large component of its soil. Is this proper grammar??

    asked by Angie
  46. Sciences

    scientist are often eager to learn more about the world around them. what is this attitude called? Curiosity •• Honesty Creativity Ethics

    asked by Keeper
  47. MAth

    Over a four year period the value of a stock increased from $15 per share to $24.89. Determine the total return and annual return.State answers to the nearest 0.01%.Total Return: Annual Return:

    asked by Serria
  48. Chemistry

    The homework question said "which 2nd row element has 6 valence electrons and a valence of 2?" I don't really understand the question, because oxygen would be the element with the 6 valence electrons, but wouldn't that mean that it has a valence of 6? Does

    asked by Jen
  49. Chemistry

    Hello I need help with this excersise: How many moles of NH4Cl are neccesary to add to 1 liter of solution of Co2+ 0,20 M in order to prevent the precipitation when the solution is saturated with H2S (0,1M) and the pH is 7,50. It 's known that pKbNH3=4,75

    asked by Mary
  50. Algebra 1

    Mary is 9 years younger than Greg's age doubled, and their total ages combined equals 33. Create and solve an equation to find both children's ages.

    asked by Kayla
  51. math

    A roll of carpet is 4 meters long. How many pieces of carpet can be cut from the roll if each piece is to be 2/5 meter long?

    asked by dezzy
  52. Algebra

    Evaluate the function. g(n) = -3n^2 + 2; Find g(n+3)

    asked by Willow
  53. Algebra

    Evaluate the function. h(a) = 2^a+1; Find h(a - 4)

    asked by Willow
  54. Math

    A snack bar sells ice snow cones. An ice cube has a side length of 24 centimeters.after shaved all linear dimensions of the ice cube are 1/4 of original dimension

    asked by Jazmin
  55. Algebra

    Lcm of x cubed-x squared+ x-1 and x squared -1

    asked by Levi
  56. Math

    For his 13th birthday Adam was allowed to travel down to Sarah's Sporting Goods store to purchase a brand new fishing pole. With great excitement and anticipation, Adam boarded the bus on his own and arrived at Sarah's store. Although the collection of

    asked by Bailey
  57. Math

    Congresswoman Smith opened the Post and saw that a bean-counting scandal had been leaked to the press. Outraged, Smith immediately called an emergency meeting with the five other members of the Special Congressional Scandal Committee, the busiest committee

    asked by Bailey
  58. pre calc!!!

    find symmetric equations for the line through the point parallel to the specified line. (1, -1, 2) parallel to x = -7 -4t y = -5-7t z = 2- 4t

    asked by lottie
  59. Math

    There are 25 students in class. 2 are absent today. What is the percent of students present in class today?

    asked by Melly
  60. science

    Carbon+argon= + =

    asked by mar
  61. Chemistry

    Mg + HCl -------> MgCl2 + H2 What volume of HCl is required from 27 % HCl to form 12.1 gram H2? ( D = 1.41 g/ml)

    asked by Majid
  62. World History

    I have a set of Photo Analysis Questions which are as follows: 1. Who are the people in the photo and what do they look like? 2. What is the relationship between he different people in the photo? 3. What are the people doing in the photo? 4 What is the

    asked by Patrick
  63. jccc

    when applying the equation of kinematics for an object moving in one dimension which of the following statements is true

    asked by amy
  64. Physical

    Which of the following is an appropriate cue for running? (Points : 1) bend your knees drive the arms strongly step-close push off with toes

    asked by Nancy
  65. Algebra

    Evaluate the function. h(x) = x^3 + 4x^2 ; Find h(x-3)

    asked by TIFFANY
  66. Science help immediately

    You are exercising on a hot day. Your body temperature goes up. You begin to sweat. The sweat cools your body. Sweating is an example of: A. Input. B. Process. C. Output. This D. Feedback. or this?

    asked by Stacie
  67. Spanish

    Please check my work. Parte II: In this narrative, you will compare and contrast (in Spanish, of course) what you used to do in the summertime with what you did last summer. The final draft of your narrative should be between 150 and 200 words.You will use

    asked by Bri
  68. business

    Visiting a possible location for a convention is called a _______ inspection

    asked by annmarie
  69. profit and loss

    a businessman purchased certain items worth rs. 1200 and after selling some items at the end of the first day made a profit of 16 % on items sold on that day. if his profit for the day was 4 % of his total purchases what is his stock at the end of the day

    asked by vipul
  70. chemistry

    How to determine saturation point of k2Cr2O7?

    asked by ang
  71. English

    1. This is the same watch that she gave me. 2. This is the same watch as she gave me. --------------------------------------- What is the difference between them? Does #1 mean: "This is the very watch that she gave me."? Does #2 mean: "This is the same

    asked by rfvv
  72. math

    PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS TRIGONOMETRY QUESTION!!? Edit Express each of the following in terms of another angle between 0 degrees and 180 degrees a. sin 50 degrees b. sin 150 degrees c. cos 45 degrees d. cos 120 degrees Update: we have not yet learnt it in

    asked by becky2000
  73. Math Algebra

    A 2 digit number is increased by 36 when the digits are reversed. The sum of the digits is 10. Find the original number.

    asked by Anonymous
  74. general biology

    Describe how an organism broken down into smaller components?

    asked by may
  75. Strength of Materials

    A solid block resting on a horizontal surface needed a pull of 40N inclined at angle 25 degree to the plane just to move it, but a push of magnitude 200N inclined at the same angle to the plane just moved the block. What is the weight of the block, and the

    asked by Mike
  76. Electricity and Magnetism

    (1 point) The sum of two point charges is +8μC. When they are 3.7cm apart, each experiences a force of 63 N . Find the charges given that the force is: a) repulsive. (List your two answers in increasing order of magnitude) μC b) attractive. (List your

    asked by Fatema
  77. e&m

    What is the magnitude of the acceleration of the bigger particle, whose mass is 6.6×10−27kg

    asked by Fatema
  78. English

    They ( work) heard for annual examination

    asked by Anonymous
  79. math help

    find a set of parametric equations for the line that passes through the given points (3, 7/2, -3/2), (9/2, 3/2, 1)

    asked by ellora
  80. Math

    If 15 pizza were purchased, and 25 people ate 121/2 slicee how many pieces did each person eat?

    asked by Del3
  81. someone please help!! i need to finish this!!

    find the minors and cofactors of the matrix [ -3 2 -8] 3 -2 6 -1 3 -6

    asked by lottie
  82. pre calc help please!!!!

    given that lim f(x) = 5 x->x and lim g(x) = -7 x -> c find lim [f(x)+g(x)]^2 x-> c a. limit does not exist b. -175 c. 4 d. 245 e. -70

    asked by lottie
  83. Math

    Point E is the midpoint of BC of a rectangle ABCD and F is the mid point of CD, The area of Triangle AEF is 3sq.units then the area of ABCD is?

    asked by bingo
  84. Stats

    What types of bias could be in a survey asking students how many classes they take per semester? Thanks -MC

    asked by mysterychicken
  85. physics

    a diver of mass 60kg stands on the end of a diving board of mass 30kg and length 2m. calculate the force exerted by the spring 30 cm away from the pivot. (i think that the force asked is 300N since W=mg (30×10)) hence, calculate the upward reaction force

    asked by Kylie
  86. Social psychology

    . what "situational" or "personality" factors do you think would make people more likely to conform to the elevator gag?

    asked by Angeleyes42
  87. help please!

    find a set of parametric equations for the line that passes through the given points. (-9, 5, 1), (2, -3, 8)

    asked by lottie
  88. math

    Marium travels a distance of 8 km everday to and from the school.What is the total distance will she travel for 40 days? i need a help please

    asked by kelvin
  89. Chemistry

    How much 3M HCL will be used in order to prepare 250ml of 1M HCL

    asked by Pp1412
  90. math

    The average age of 24 pupils is 15 years while the average age of 16 pupils is 14 years.What is average age of 40 pupils in a class?please i need anyone to help me

    asked by kelvin
  91. Math

    Liquid is flowing into a tank consist of vertical circular cylinder and vertical circular cone at the rate of 1m³/4min.The height of the cylinder is 3m while the height of cone is 2m.If the radius of the tank is 1m, a)how fast is the surface rising at

    asked by Shazana
  92. english

    A mile from end to end, yet as close to as a friend. A precious commodity, freely given. Found on the rich, poor,short and tall, but share among children most of all What am I?

    asked by Sam
  93. Physics

    A hot-air balloon is rising straight up with a speed of 3.0 m/s. A ballast bag is released from rest relative to the balloon when it is 9.5 m above the ground. How much time elapses before the ballast bag hits the ground?

    asked by Mike
  94. Reading

    I am reading a book called SCAT by Carl Hiassen and I have to write an essay about this. One of the major themes of the book is related to environmental conservation and preservation. How is this theme developed in the book?-This is what I am stuck on

    asked by Patrick
  95. English

    1. Having a lot of fun, we took pictures with Mina's camera. 2. Having a lot of fun, we we taking pictures with Mina's camera. (Which one is a better expression?) 3. Making funny poses, I imitated monkeys. 4. Making funny poses, I was imitating monkeys.

    asked by rfvv
  96. S.S

    1)Which geographic feature marks the last natural obstacle for Georgia’s rivers on their way to the Atlantic Ocean? A)the Floridian Aquifer B)the Valley and Ridge region C)the Fall Line D)the Marshes of Glynn

    asked by Lexii
  97. Physics

    a ball is dropped from the top on an 80-m high building. what speed does the ball have in falling 3.5 s? I keep getting the answer 34.3m/s but it is counted wrong. I found an answer on Chegg that say 29.4 m/s but I can't figure out how they are getting

    asked by Rachel
  98. English

    1. The fact that he died suddenly surprised me. 2. Do you like the idea that we have to go to New York to be wealthy? 3. The fear that the World Wall 3 will break out is widespread. 4. I would like to have the possibility that he will come back soon. (Are

    asked by rfvv
  99. science ( physics )

    Two cars A and B are seprated by a distance of 0.5 km and moving in the same direction with same speed. A car C moving with 10 km/h in opposite direction meets these cars at an interval of 1 minute. The speed of A and B is

    asked by Shivam karn
  100. Math

    A triangular trench 40ft long is 2ft across the top, and 2ft deep. If water flows in at the rate of 3ft³/min, find how fast the surface is rising when the water is 6 in deep.

    asked by Leeya
  101. Physics

    A race car travels northward on a straight, level track at a constant speed travels 0.755 km in 18.0 s. The return trip over the same track is made in 23.0 s. (a) What is the average velocity of the car in m/s for the first leg of the run?

    asked by Drake