Questions Asked on
September 1, 2016

  1. Social Studies

    1. Who had The power to resolve the dispute between New Hampshire and New York regarding Vermont? No one Congress The state militias The continental army

    asked by Heav
  2. english 1

    1. Which of these is an example of direct characterization? A. actions or thoughts that reveal what a character is like B. dialogue between a character and other characters in the story C. an authors description of a character's appearance and

    asked by 9th grader
  3. Chemistry

    Calculate the volume of 1.0 M CuSO4 stock solution you should use to make 100 mL of a 0.010 m CuSO4 solution.

    asked by Brianna
  4. advancing vocabulary skills third edition

    i need help on sentence check 2 and final check chapter 1

    asked by seth
  5. Technology

    Katie typed a paper using Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is a type of? operating system software •• hardware data storage device

    asked by Mandi
  6. Math

    I want to fence in a square vegetable patch. The fencing for the east and west sides costs $5 per foot, and the fencing for the north and south sides costs only $4 per foot. Find the total cost of the fencing as a function of the length of a side x (feet).

    asked by Jeoffry
  7. History! Help!

    Which of the following lists the start of the agricultural revolution according to absolute chronology? A. AD 500 B. after hunting and gathering C. post-Spanish exploration D. 5000 BC

    asked by Iris
  8. Science

    Q1: Why do scientist use models? A.) Scientist use models to learn about things that are too small, too late, or too complex to observe directly. B.) Scientist use models because doing so is always part of the scientific method. C.) Scientist use models

    asked by Help please
  9. Social studies please help :) thank u so much!

    what is one of the values revealed through the indian epics A: the equality of men and women B: the importance of duty over personal desires C: the superiority of the nobility D: the knowledge gained through war and conquest How did geography affect where

    asked by Hahahajokerqueen

    1. Which group most directly influenced the maya and the Aztec? A: Mexican B.moche C.olmec D.puebloan 2. Which of the following are evidence that one civilization had a large influence on both the Maya and Aztec? 3. How did the Aztecs use resources in the

    asked by Kylieemo82
  11. science help pls pls

    The table below shows the average distances of Jupiter and Earth from the sun. Name of Planet Average distance from the sun (in AU) Jupiter 5.2 Earth 1.0 What is the difference between the orbital periods of Jupiter and Earth? 4.20 years 6.20 years 8.86

    asked by Oscar
  12. math

    To make a scarf, Jenny uses blue yarn and white yarn. The number of yards of blue yarn she uses is 4 times the number of yards of white yarn in each scarf. What are 4 ratios that show the number of yards of white yarn to blue yarn for each scarf? Me and my

    asked by Wafflezzrock
  13. biochemistry

    which of the following is consistent with the theory of vitalism ? A.all matter contains a vital force** b.the chemistry of life and nonlife are similar c. living things contain a vital force absent in nonliving things d. life must be sustsained through a

    asked by 9th grader
  14. Technology

    Before Katie turns in the paper she typed she wants a peer to review it and give her feedback. Katie uses her all in one printer to scan her edit,prints, and send them to her friend. An all in one printer is 2 answers Input device •• Output device

    asked by Mandi
  15. algebra

    The amount of rainfall in January in a certain city is normally distributed with a mean of 4.3 inches and a standard deviation of 0.3 inches. Find the value of the quartile Q1.

    asked by steve handson
  16. Chemistry(please check my answer)

    Which of the following is an oxidation reaction? A. AuCl4- → AuCl 2- **** B. Mn7+ → Mn2+ C. Cl2 → ClO3- D. Co3+ → Co2+

    asked by Cherry
  17. consumer

    Choose the best answer. Carl Cornfield purchases new equipment. After reducing the cash line, where else would Carl put an entry for this purchase?

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Health

    1. The way in which your emotions affect your physical and overall health is part of? Setting goals. heredity. The mind-body connection. (MY ANSWER) Your cultural environment. 2.In order to make healthy choices, You must to _______ risks. Ignore. Advocate

    asked by LOVE
  19. Physics

    you toss a racquetball directly upward and then catch it at the same height you released it 1.90 s later. Assume air resistance is negligible.What is the acceleration of the ball while it is moving upward?What is the acceleration of the ball while it is

    asked by Miranda
  20. Math

    Insects have 6 legs, and spiders have 8 legs. What is the least number of insects and the least number of spiders possible so that each group has the same number of legs?

    asked by Mauricio
  21. Chemistry

    Which is a conjugate pair in the following equilibrium? H2C2O4(aq) + HPO4(aq) 2- HC2O4(aq)- + H2PO4(aq)-

    asked by Aidan
  22. MATH

    which set of integers are in the right order from least to greatest a.|-10|,-3,2,7 b.7,|-10|,-3,2 c. 2,-3,7,|-10| d. -3,2,7,|-10|

    asked by coolguy123
  23. Chemistry (please check my answer)

    Identify a false statement about how to protect iron from corrosion. A. Coat the surface with oil, paint, or plastic. B. Attach a metal that is more easily reduced. ******* C. Exclude air and water. D. Attach a metal that is a better reducing agent.

    asked by Cherry
  24. American government

    1.) Which of the following is true about the formal amendment process for the Constitution? A.) Any citizen may propose an amendment. B.) only Congress may propose an amendment. C.) both houses of Congress must pass a resolution to propose an amendment.

    asked by Taylor
  25. Chemistry(please check my answer)

    When the equation HCl + MnO2 → MnCl2 + H2O + Cl2 is balanced, what is the coefficient for HCl? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4***

    asked by Cherry
  26. american history

    1. What was the main reason that early settlers gradually spread across the Americas? (1 point) They were constantly under attack from neighboring tribes. They often relocated to find more favorable farming conditions. They traveled far and wide to trade

    asked by helpppp
  27. Chemistry

    How many electrons in CH3NH3+ ?

    asked by anon
  28. math

    What number must be added to each of the numbers 1, 3, and 6 in order for the resulting numbers to form a geometric sequence?

    asked by sam
  29. Chemistry(please check my answer)

    Among the following, which is an oxidation-reduction reaction? A. Na2S + CaCO3 → CaS + Na2CO3 B. 2HNO3 + Mg(OH)2 → Mg(NO3)2 + 2H2O C. H2 + F2 → 2HF**** D. 3Ba(OH)2 + 2H3PO4 → Ba3(PO4)2 + 6H2O

    asked by Cherry
  30. math

    If a farmer has one square mile of land and he divides his land into square fields that are 1/3 mile long and 1/3 mile wide,how many fields will he have?

    asked by Dexter
  31. Math

    At the zoo, there were 3 times as many monkeys as lion. Tom counted a total of 24 monkeys and lion. How many monkeys were there?

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Math

    Is -n always, sometimes, or never a positive number? Explain. I don't know what they mean by -n - is a negative number?

    asked by Robin
  33. History

    Which of the following was the provision in the Treaty of Paris 1763? A. All French land in North America was to be given to England B. All French land in North America was to be given to Spain C. All French lands west of the Mississippi and Louisana were

    asked by Sam Winchester
  34. Language Arts

    Which answer choice lists ALL of the common nouns in the following sentence? A few days before the race, Shauna met the girls on the street. days, race, Squeaky days, race, street days, race, Squeaky, girls days, race, girls, street ***?? In which sentence

    asked by Madison
  35. algebra

    solve the equations justify each step with and algebraic property 13=x/4

    asked by Kim
  36. maths

    Ratna obtained a loan of ₹25000 from the bank to renovate her house. If the rate of interest is 8% per annum, what amount will she have to pay to the bank after 2 years to discharge her debt.

    asked by kks
  37. Algebra help please :)

    Hey I was wondering if someone could help me with this. I know it's simple but It's for some reason harder for me. If someone can help me it will be really much appertiativ write an equation and solve tofind the solution to the following problem you have

    asked by Hahahajokerqueen
  38. math

    find the pattern and next two numbers 8, -24, 72, -216

    asked by Anonymous
  39. science

    A(n) ____________ is a legal document issued by a government that gives an inventor exclusive rights to make, use, or sell an invention for a limited time.

    asked by U dont know me
  40. American government

    How does the 10th amendment shown below demonstrate a constitutional provision for limiting government? The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to

    asked by Taylor
  41. math

    Find the center, vertices, and foci of the ellipse with equation 3x^2 + 8y^2 = 24.

    asked by valerie
  42. Math asap

    which set of integers are in the right order from least to greatest a.|-10|,-3,2,7 b.7,|-10|,-3,2 c. 2,-3,7,|-10| d. -3,2,7,|-10|

    asked by coolguy123
  43. MATH

    which set of integers are in the right order from least to greatest a.|-10|,-3,2,7 b.7,|-10|,-3,2 c. 2,-3,7,|-10| d. -3,2,7,|-10|

    asked by coolguy123
  44. Science

    Which of the following questions is outside the scope of science? a. how are religion and philosophy different b.what is the diet of an american alligator c. how do humans digest protein d. how does gravity affect an airplane's motion

    asked by Steven
  45. Math

    Six points lie on the circumference of a circle. How many different triangles can be drawn having some of these points as vertices?

    asked by Grace
  46. Social studies

    The colony Lord Baltimore established in Maryland encouraged Land grants for every settler A role for colonists in government Religious freedom for Roman Catholic •• The settlement of wealthy people In the Massachusetts bay colony the right to vote was

    asked by Toni
  47. Math

    A water tank is 3/5 full. After using 60 liters of water, it is only 3/10 full. How many liters does it hold when full?

    asked by Rean
  48. 5th grade math

    If a farmer divides his land into square fields that are 1/2 mile long and 1/2 Mike wide how many fields will he have

    asked by Dexter
  49. MATH

    Joaquin buys 3 packs light bulbs. Each pack contains 12 light bulbs. After changing the bulbs in his house, he has 15 bulbs left. How many light bulbs did he use?

    asked by coolguy123
  50. Math

    PLEASE HELP! If 1 is the square root of dividing-OH FORGET IT IM SEXY AND YAAAAAS WERK IT

    asked by Ashley
  51. Chemistry

    how many joules of energy are needed to change 400 grams of water from 35 degrees C to 45 degrees C?

    asked by helpneeded
  52. Math

    24tenths - 1one 3 tenths

    asked by Susan
  53. english

    adding the suffix -ous to the word danger forms a/an verb adjective** adverb

    asked by 9th grader
  54. Social studies

    4. Why were the Dutch and the French such fierce enemies in North America? (1 point) They both wanted control of the Mississippi River. They both wanted to settle the same area. They both wanted to dominate the fur trade. •• They were fighting a war

    asked by Toni
  55. Chemsitry

    What is the ∆G for the following reaction under standard conditions (T = 298 K) for the formation of NH4NO3(s)? 2NH3(g) + 2O2(g) NH4NO3(s) + H2O(l) Given: NH4NO3(s): ∆Hf = -365.56 kJ ∆Sf = 151.08 J/K. NH3(g): ∆Hf = -46.11 kJ ∆Sf = 192.45 J/K.

    asked by Kaelah
  56. Art

    As you try to answer the following question think about this question What does the expression of an angry superhero mean? Which of the following steps of art critique are you conducting for this type of question? describe analyze •• present interpret

    asked by Toni
  57. Algebra 1

    A company that produces custom bike license plates spends $5525 per month in building overhead plus $2.50 per license plate. If the plates sell for $5.99, how many plates must the company sell each month before making a profit? Plz help. Thanks?

    asked by Kate
  58. intergrated rate law chemistry

    The decomposition of ammonia on a platinum surface at 1129 K occurs according to the following reaction: 2NH3 (g) ¨ N2(g) + 3H2(g). Use the following kinetic data which report the variation of ammonia concentration in the gas phase with time to evaluate

    asked by chancy xdicey
  59. Calculus

    Evaluate using tabular method: integral e^(2x)cos3xdx

    asked by Alice
  60. Math

    If gas if $4 a gallon and you have to drive 15 miles each way for 30 class meeting each semester in a car that get of 28 miles per gallon, how much money will you spend in gas over the four years?

    asked by Stephine
  61. Pathway to Statistics

    a. What value of T represents the temperature that is 16°F below​ zero? b. A student says that T represents only positive numbers and​ zero, because there is no negative sign. Is the student​ correct? Explain

    asked by Sam
  62. science

    A/MX-----AX/M and AX is green coloured solution.then A and MX RESPECTIVELY ARE

    asked by Anshul
  63. Math

    How do you simplify this expression? 5(x+10)+x 6x+50 is the answer?

    asked by Jo
  64. physics

    A soccer ball is released from the top of a smooth incline. After 4.54 s the ball travels 8.1 m. One second later it has reached the bottom of the incline. Assume the ball's acceleration is constant and determine its value ( m/s2). How long is the incline?

    asked by clair
  65. Geometry

    Radus bisects angle ddh so that an angle DGI is x -3 and a mango igh is 2x - 13 what is the value of x

    asked by Anonymous
  66. MATH

    A waiter made $120 in tips after waiting on 6 tables. What was the waiter’s average tip per table

    asked by coolguy123
  67. Statistics

    How do I answer: A normal distribution has a standard deviation equal to 39. What is the mean of this normal distribution if the probability of scoring above x = 209 is 0.0228

    asked by Brian
  68. vocab help

    words - detriment, dexterous, discretion, facetious, gregarious, optimum, ostentatious, scrupulous, sensory, and vicarious. "you have to be use __ in choosing your friends," my father said."If your associates are dishonest, people will think that you

    asked by seth
  69. History

    Why US government believed it was necessary to place Japanese americans in internment camps?

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Math

    Mary can clean a house in two hours, Gina can clean a house in three hours. How long would it take for Mary and Gina to clean the house together.

    asked by Matt
  71. Math

    The dimensions or a fish tank ( rectangular prism ) are x, 3x+2, and 2x-4. Express the volume of the fish tank as a simplified polynomial.

    asked by Riley
  72. Geometry

    Find the distance between points M 6 + 16 + z -1 and 14 to the nearest tenth

    asked by Anonymous
  73. Biochem

    Describe the steps (and the glassware used) to making 100 mL of a 1 M Tris pH 7.8.

    asked by Kasei
  74. physics

    the mass of the density bottle is 18g when empty 44g when full of water and 39 when full of a second liquid. caculate the density of liquod?

    asked by Aabdurrahman
  75. English Check

    The advice was meant for ____ A)you and i B)she and i C) you and me Hello i need help. My original answer was A)you and I. But then I started reading a book on English grammar and it says it should be C)she and I since they are subject pronouns.

    asked by Jonathan
  76. Algebra 2

    The perimeter of a rectangle is 82 feet. Find the length and width of the rectangle if the length is 7 feet more than width.

    asked by Meg
  77. math

    Rotations per Minute . How many rotations per minute must a wheel of diameter 1.5 m make to achieve a speed of 45 kmph ? (Approx pi= 3 ).

    asked by RAMARAJU
  78. Physics

    An airplane has an airspeed of 950 km/h due east. There is a crosswind blowing in a direction of 550 south of east at 85 km/h. Calculate the velocity of the airplane relative to the ground.

    asked by Piyush
  79. Math

    Express 15471 to 3 significant places

    asked by Ranesh
  80. Math

    What is the volume of a fridge with dimensions 2.5ft, 2tft, 4ft..

    asked by Amy
  81. Liature

    Identify Parts of Speech in A city must be planned Carefully, or people will not want to live in it.

    asked by Barb
  82. algebra,geography

    Rotations per Minute . How many rotations per minute must a wheel of diameter 1.5 m make to achieve a speed of 45 kmph ? (Approx pi= 3 ).

    asked by RAMARAJU
  83. Mathematics

    A car, moving at the rate of 60km /hr,does a journey in 15 min. How long would it take , if the speed is reduced to 36km /hr?

    asked by Hephzibah
  84. Python Programming

    Given a time in the 12 hour format with the suffix, either AM/PM, convert that into a 24 hour format. 12 hour format is hours:minutes:seconds followed by AM or PM, where the hours range is from 0 to 12, minutes range is from 0 to 59, second range is from 0

    asked by Rudra
  85. chemistry

    From a laboratory process designed to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen gas, a student collected 10.2 g of hydrogen and 66.9 g of oxygen. How much water was originally involved in the process?

    asked by melissa
  86. College Physics

    At what voltage would a 9 μF capacitor have the energy to lift 3 grams by 1 cm? i understand i need the0.5CV^2 equation however I don't know how to answer this

    asked by mike
  87. Math

    If the line passing through the points (a, 1) and (−2, 8) is parallel to the line passing through the points (12, 5) and (a + 2, 1), what is the value of a? a =

    asked by Leyla
  88. Math question for Steve

    Hi Steve you answered on my question regarding bigfoot call I can see on the six day but what is the pattern tof get to six day . The numbers of calls total

    asked by Ashley
  89. Social studies

    what was common in new england but not in other colonies? Dame schools Apprenticeships •• Private schools Free public schools

    asked by Toni
  90. Social studies

    One reason why the spanish easily conquer the americas was the aztecs and incas lacked? Wealth and power •• Loyalty to their leaders The will to fight to the death Resistance to European diseases

    asked by Toni
  91. 8th Grade Science

    Why do scientist use standered units of measurements? A.) Because their tools only measure in units B.) Because their units are either too small or too large to work with C.) So they can communicate findings without confusion D.) So that people who are not

    asked by ItsMe!
  92. Maths

    If alpha and beta are zeros of a polynomial f(x)=x squared -6x+k find value of k such that alpha squared + beta squared =40

    asked by Arjun
  93. physics

    what is the difference beteewn resultant and equlibrium

    asked by Akeelah
  94. math

    Express each of the following in terms of another angle between 0 degrees and 180 degrees a. sin 50 degrees b. sin 150 degrees c. cos 45 degrees d. cos 120 degrees please explain to me how to answer this question you don't have to answer it , but please

    asked by becky
  95. institute

    Al Cascade ,president of the litre coporation is studying hiscompany's chances of being awarded an important water purificationsystem contract for the Tennessee Valley Authority.Accordingly twoevents are intrest to him.First ,litres major competitor,WTR

    asked by othman
  96. Discrete Math Proof Exercise

    Prove that if 3n^2+5 is odd, then n is even. Please post a detailed answer. Thank you.

    asked by Christian
  97. Math

    8 to the 12 power over 8 to the 9th power equals 8 to the what power?

    asked by Damien
  98. Math HELP

    2 boys and 5 girls can finish a piece of work in 4 days. 4 boys and 4 girls can finish the same work in 3 days. If a girl paid rs 750 each day, what may be the expenditure to complete the work? Tomorrow is my test and I don't know how to solve this

    asked by A GOODSTUDENT
  99. Chemistry

    How do I calculate the amounts of Na2SO4 and CaCl2 that I need to create a solution of CaSO4 at 9 grams/Liter concentration?

    asked by Kato
  100. Math

    Perimeter is 95 cm, each leg is 7 cm longer than its base. How long is the base?

    asked by Rean
  101. math

    2 boys and 5 girls can finish a piece of work in 4 days. 4 boys and 4 girls can finish the same work in 3 days. If a girl is paid rs 750 each day, what may be the expenditure to complete the work? Tomorrow is my test and I don't know how to solve this

    asked by A GOODSTUDENT
  102. Math help ASAP!

    Sydney has $972 to spend on tickets. If each ticket costs $27, how many tickets can she purchase? If there will be any money left over after the purchase, include it as a remainder. A.37 B.36 C.38 D.35 Please help! :

    asked by Did you know? Kogo means empress in Japanese.
  103. Algebra

    Write an equation that has variables on both sides and has a solution of -3.

    asked by Mike
  104. Geometry

    Midpoint of segment UV is 5 + -11 the coordinates of one endpoint are you three and five find the coordinates of endpoint V

    asked by Anonymous
  105. Math

    Insert mathematical symbol to make the equation true .25 ___ .4 ___ .5 = .2. Use the symbol only once.

    asked by Merz
  106. Calculus

    Integral of (3^x)(e^x)dx

    asked by Alexa
  107. Math

    Insert any operator on the blank to make the equation true. Use the symbol only once .25 ____ .4 ____ .05 = .2

    asked by Merz
  108. Math

    3 cars are red , 3 yellow and 3 blues if add together how many yellows

    asked by Sy
  109. Math

    Subtract and subtract 18 2/3 -17 5/6

    asked by Amy
  110. Math

    Write an equation of the line that passes through (-5,-1) and is parallel to the line y=4x-6

    asked by Joey
  111. math,algebra,geography

    The time required for completing 3 tasks:type-1 , type-2 ,type-3,by three carpenters is given in the table below.time specified in the table is for manufacturing single unit. all the carpenters start working simultaneously on one task each,with an

    asked by RAMARAJU
  112. integrated science

    A planet is 2.45 x 10^9 km away. How long would it take in hours to travel to the planet at the speed of light? (speed of light is 2.998 x 10^8 m/s)

    asked by David
  113. ps12

    7[-7p + 5 + 2(p + 1)] = 6p + 1

    asked by Anonymous
  114. Algebra

    suppose a,b,c and d are different positive integers whose sum is 100, and a-c=5. what is the greatest possible value of ab-cd?

    asked by Libby
  115. Accounts

    Owner Started a business investing $11,000 and $7,000 equipment. how do i record this

    asked by Angel
  116. math

    14 ? 2 ? 7 ? 3 ? 9 = 10 Either insert +, -, x or /

    asked by bella
  117. Grammar

    What is the predicate noun in Other subjects were historical or mythical figures. I think it is figures.

    asked by Kim
  118. science

    25. Perform the following conversions. (Do your work on scratch paper and then type answer.) A. 105 m = cm B. 2000 mL = L C. 3400 g = kg D. 0.985 km = m E. 2345 mm = m F. 34 kg = g

    asked by katie
  119. AP Biology

    I have the compound C20H24O2N2, A quinine molecule The Question: Calculate the molarity of 100.7g of quinine in 275 mL of water.

    asked by Marcelo
  120. math

    An 8 liter can filled with cooking oil weights 42kg. When 5 liters are emptied from the can,the can and the oil weight 27kg.What is the weight of the empty can?

    asked by Jun
  121. Math

    How to put 0.46 ,0.6 , 0.41 from least to greatest

    asked by Natalia
  122. History

    Who were Code Takers

    asked by Anonymous
  123. English

    1. I need someone to find some photos to post on the blog. 2. I need someone who will find some photos to post on the blog. 3. I need someone who will find some photos so as to post on the blog. ---------------- Are they all the same? Does #1 mean #2 or

    asked by rfvv
  124. math

    what is 0.31+1/5=?

    asked by chloe
  125. Math problem soving

    Ok if someone can help me understand I greatly appreciated. I want to know how this is the answer the numbers in table I know answer is day 6 but the pattern?. I got it wrong in my exam. The teacher explained it to me but I still don't get it. On July 5,in

    asked by Ashley
  126. english 1

    which of these is coordinating conjunction but** however although

    asked by 9th grader
  127. science

    how were you able to determine the branches of science that are connected to tha issues that the filipinos are facing right now?

    asked by Aeron michael
  128. Business

    How do you collate survey results in a spreadsheet, in order to make graphs afterwards? How do you collate: Open-ended questions Close-ended questions Multi-answer questions

    asked by Jade
  129. math

    If i barrow 2000000 and am charged 2% interest on the loan for a period of 60 months how much should my monthly payment be?

    asked by Carol
  130. chemistry

    12M HCl + H20→ 5M HCl How much water? Total Volume= Pls I need this tomorrow

    asked by jack
  131. College Algebra

    8x - 4y + 2z=16 for elimanation method,substitution method and cramer's rule?

    asked by MJ
  132. College Algebra

    Solve for elimination method,substitution method and cramer's rule for 8x - 4y + 2z =16

    asked by MJ
  133. MATH

    A milk cooler was 3/5 full of milk, 1/4 of that milk was sold, only 360 litres remained in the cooler. how many litres does the cooler have when it is 5/8 full?

    asked by EPHRAIM