Questions Asked on
August 30, 2016

  1. Art

    This image represents culture and history because? It shows traditional practice for a group of people. (MY ANSWER) It show how people dress in everyday life. It depicts an important event and political celebration. It shows normal daily activities for

    asked by LOVE
  2. art

    The artwork shown here was likely created for which of the following reasons ? A. Utilitarian reasons because it is a design for a building. B. Expressive reasons because it represents the artist's mood at the time. C. Entertainment purposes because it

    asked by Sid.V
  3. Reading and language

    Choose by Carl Sandburg The single clenched fist lifted and ready,Or the open asking hand held out and waiting.Choose:For we meet by one or the other. What is literally happening in the poem? A.a person is deciding whether to to be open to other humans

    asked by Lily
  4. physics

    you are driving home from school steadily at 95 km/h for 180 km. It then begins to rain and you slow down to 65 km/h. You arrive home after driving 4.5 hours. How far is your hometown from school? x=180km + (95km/h)(4.5h) + (1/2)(-30km/h)(4.5h)^2 I

    asked by Anonymous
  5. Social studies

    What is the leading theory about how early humans arrived on the American continents? (1 point) They walked from Africa to South America when those two continents were part of the same landmass. They walked from Asia to North America over a strip of land

    asked by Anna perry
  6. algebra (check answer)

    The diameter of a valve for the space shuttle must be within 0.001 mm of 5 mm. Write and solve an absolute-value equation to find the boundary values for the acceptable diameters of the valve. | d - 5.000| = 0.001 d - 5 = 0.001 d * 1000 - 5 * 1000 = 0.001

    asked by buttercup
  7. One more thing!

    Day had broken cold and gray, exceedingly cold and gray, when the man turned aside from the main Yukon trail and climbed the high earth-bank, where a dim and little traveled trail led eastward through the fat spruce timberland. It was a steep bank, and he

    asked by Chloe
  8. algebra 1

    a square field has an area of 479 ft^2 . what is the approximate length of a side of the field ? but the answer in the nearest foot ?

    asked by 9th grader
  9. Geometry

    If B is the midpoint of segment AC and C is the midpoint of segment AD, what is AD if CD = 9. I think AD = 18, but not sure.

    asked by Abby
  10. Texas state history

    1. What was the effect of discovering oil at spindletop? A. The state suffered economically because the supply wasn't as much as people expected. B. The supply at spindletop was not enough to economically support the exploration of nearby sources for oil.

    asked by Kae
  11. Msth

    Write 100,203 in two other forms

    asked by Red
  12. Math

    An interior painter is painting a wall that is 8 feet by 14 feet. He needs to determine how much paint he will need for the job. If a pint will cover 40 square feet, how many pints of paint are needed to paint the wall?

    asked by Anonymous
  13. early childhood

    what do the ideas of rousseau, darwin, and hall have in common

    asked by lawanda
  14. Math

    1.64 as a mixed number in simplest form

    asked by Heidi
  15. Math

    if p=8 evaluate 4^2/p•3 2 3 6

    asked by Mandy Todd
  16. English

    1. Complete the sentences by using the words in the parenthesis. 2. Complete the sentences by using the words in the parentheses. --------------------------- Which one is right? Do we have to use the singular form or the plural form at the end of each

    asked by rfvv
  17. Science

    Which of the following identifies a measurement, its SI units, and the tool most commonly used to measure it? a. length, meter, ruler *** b. temperature, degrees Fahrenheit, thermometer c. weight, gram, scale d. volume, millimeter, meniscus Why do

    asked by Help me, from Chloe
  18. Math

    Blake watched 1/6 of a movie on Friday,3/5 of amovie on saturday, and the rest on sunday. What fraction of the movie did he watch on Sunday?

    asked by MARY
  19. Math

    Check my answers please. 1)Which statement is an example of the Identity Property of Multiplication? a)8 • 0 = 0 b)8 • 1 = 8

    asked by _Nutuge_
  20. Texas state history

    If you have exact dates and want to be specific what type of timeline do you use? A. Absolute chronology B. Relative chronology C. Multi-tier timeline D. Any of the above

    asked by Kae
  21. Science

    A gas has an initial volume of 2.5 L at a temperature of 275 K and a pressure of 2.1 atm. The pressure of the gas increases to 2.7 atm, and the temperature of the gas increases to 298 K. The final volume of the gas, rounded to the nearest tenth, is

    asked by Egle
  22. Art

    Creativity has allowed or innovation for many industries. How has creativity affected the energy industry? It has allowed for the same traditional energy sources to continue being used for generations.(MY ANSWER) It has allowed for new energy source to be

    asked by LOVE
  23. math

    Tania has 6 tiles with pictures of plants and 3 tiles with pictures of animals. Tania keeps all the tiles on a mat with the pictures hidden and mixes them up. She then turns one tile face up and finds the picture of a plant on it. She removes this tile

    asked by Daniela
  24. Physics

    An archer fires an arrow, which produces a muffled "thwok" sound after it hits a target. If the archer hears the "thwok" exactly 1.2 s after firing the arrow and the average speed of the arrow was 48 m/s, what was the distance separating the archer and the

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Math

    Lucia and Stephen each drew a quick picture to model 2.04. Whose model is correct? Explain the error. □□:: □□|||| Lucia Stephen Lucia's model is correct because it has dots that is showing hundredths place. Stephen's model has lines that are bigger

    asked by Keili
  26. Math

    A craft project requires 5/6 yards of ribbon to make 4 refrigerator magnets.How many inches of ribbon are needed for each magnet?

    asked by Henry
  27. Math

    If a car travel 12 miles on 0.3 gallon of gas. How far can it travel on 1gallon?

    asked by Savannah
  28. AP statistics

    A group of students were asked to guess the width of the room in feet, measured to the nearest foot (1 meter = 3.28 feet, to 2 decimal places). Construct a back to back stemplot from these two datasets. How will you overcome the problem that different

    asked by Leah
  29. Math

    In 748,719 change the digit in the thousands place so that the value of the new digit represents 1/10 of the value of the digit in the ten thousands place write the new # to the right.

    asked by Bryce
  30. Math

    How do you put 11760 825 into expanded form

    asked by Lesly
  31. Math

    A plumb bob is a weight hung at the end of a string, called a plumb line. The weight pulls the string down so that the plumb line is perfectly vertical. Suppose that the angle formed by the wall and the roof is 123° and the angle formed by the plumb line

    asked by CC
  32. Social Studies

    I am stuck on my practice test and test and pre test of, The Revolutionary War. As you can see I am far behind. Can someone give me resources? I have read my books over and over again.

    asked by Please Help!
  33. algebra 1

    what is the simplified form of the expression 5(14-2)^2 _________ 2 60 30 72 360***

    asked by 9th grader
  34. 10th Grade Math

    A history class is comprised of 6 female and 9 male students. If the instructor of the class randomly chooses 5 students from the class for an oral exam, what is the probability that 2 female students and 3 male students will be selected? Round your answer

    asked by Jonathan
  35. Math

    A penguin may swim as slowly as 3 miles per hour or as fast as 15 miles an hour. How many minutes does it take a penguin to swim 1 mile at full speed?

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Science

    Which of the following identifies a measurement, its SI units, and the tool most commonly used to measure it? a. length, meter, ruler *** b. temperature, degrees Fahrenheit, thermometer c. weight, gram, scale d. volume, millimeter, meniscus Why do

    asked by Chloe, please look at my answers!
  37. Physics

    The roof of a two-story house makes an angle of 29° with the horizontal. A ball rolling down the roof rolls off the edge at a speed of 4.5 m/s. The distance to the ground from that point is 8.2 m. (a) How long is the ball in the air? (b) How far from the

    asked by Kendall
  38. Math

    An investment of $2050 at a rate 2% interest earned in 164 in simple interest. Find the length of the time it was invested for My answer: 4 months

    asked by Steve
  39. Physics

    A student travels 300m towards North and then 400m towards East to reach his school. Calculate the distance of his school from his home.

    asked by Crystal
  40. Physics

    A squash ball typically rebounds from a surface with 25% of the speed with which it initially struck the surface. Suppose a squash ball is served in a shallow trajectory, from a height above the floor of 39 cm, at a launch angle of 6.0° above the

    asked by Kendall
  41. algebra 1

    a square field has an area of 479 ft^2 . what is the approximate length of a side of the field ? but the answer in the nearest foot ? someone please do this step for step for me because i really need help

    asked by 9th grader
  42. math

    The coach of a baseball team separates the players into groups for drills. Each group has the same number of players. Is the total number of players on baseball team prime or composite? Explain.

    asked by bob
  43. math

    Shortly after metric units were introduced in Australia, a group of 44 students was asked to guess, to the nearest meter, the width of the lecture hall in which they were sitting. The true width of the hall was 13.1 meters. Please find the mean of the

    asked by Leah
  44. Algebra

    What is the simplified form of each expression? 1) 3g^-2b^2 A)3b^2/g^2 B)3g^2b^-2 C)3gb^-4*** D)b^2/3g^2 2) 3/g^-2h^3 A)3/g^2h^3*** B)3g^2/h^3 C)6g/h^3 D)3/gh Are these correct? If not, please explain.

    asked by Scarlet
  45. Algebra

    Write the verbal statement as an equation. Then solve. 2 more than 3 times a number is 17. My answer: 5x3.4 = 17 is this correct

    asked by Mike
  46. Math

    State the theorem or postulate that is related to the measures of the angles in each pair. Then find the angle measures. m∠3=(23x+11)°,m∠4=(14x+21)° Can you teach me this problem?? Please...

    asked by CC
  47. History

    What was the reason Columbus sailed to the Americans? He wanted to find riches He wanted to prove that the world was round He wanted to prove his seamanship •• He wanted to see India

    asked by Lily
  48. History

    In all English colonies a white man could vote only if he was a Christian Property owner•• Church goer Member of the gentry

    asked by Lily
  49. Math

    The wind chill in a cold day made it feel like 5 degrees below zero outside. Write this temerpature as a integer.

    asked by Amy
  50. math homework help please?!!

    use the first six terms to predict the limit of the sequence a subtext n = n+6 / n^3 +6 (assume n begins with 1) a. 1/6 b. 6 c. the sequence diverges d. 0 e. 1

    asked by ottilie
  51. calculus

    find the area of the parallelogram that has vectors as adjacent sides u = -2i +j +5k v = 4i -3j -3k

    asked by jameson
  52. Pre-Calculus

    Which of the following statements best describes the domain of the functions sine and arcsin? A)Sine domain is all real numbers; Arcsin domain is all real numbers. B)Sine domain is restricted; Arcsin domain is all real numbers. C)Sine domain is all real

    asked by Iris
  53. Measurements and applications

    Given that 50mm on a map represents 4km on the groun. A.Calculate the distance in km between two villages which are represented on the map by points 75mm apart. B.Express the scale of the map in the form 1:n C.Calculate in mm squared the area of the map

    asked by Patrick
  54. Science, chemistry

    During the experiment, 100ml will be required to prepare 0.5M solution of NaNO3. Calculate the mass of NaNO3 in grams that will be required.

    asked by Hilen
  55. English

    Choose the best action or situation. An example of a metonym for the planet earth. soil globe rock moon Answer: globe

    asked by Kimmy
  56. solid mechanics

    A body is subjected to two normal strains of magnitude Ex=0.001 & Ey=0.002. Determine the normal and shearing strains on a plane inclined to 30° with the Ex strain

    asked by raju
  57. math homework help

    Find lim f(x+h) - f(x) / h h -> 0 for f(x) = 5-2x

    asked by ottilie
  58. Art

    Why might the artist want to capture this particular scene? Picture) The criminal case,By Honore Daumier The court case would only impact a small amount of people. The court case involved important Individuals or important subject matter.(MY ANSWER) The

    asked by LOVE
  59. Math

    Is the sum of 425 and 390 less than or greater than 800. How do you know?

    asked by Jeremiah
  60. physics

    a charge of 6mC is placed in each corner of a square 1m on each side. determine the magnitude and direction on each side

    asked by abby
  61. Biology

    The question is exactly like this: The nurse is reviewing a client's blood ph level. which of the systems in the body regulate blood Ph? select all that apply A.buffers b.respiratory c.renal d.cardiac

    asked by Bia
  62. math

    100 student appeared in class test for a combined english and hindi examination. 70 students passed in both,8 failed in english and hindi and 5 failed in hindi only find how manystudents failed in english and how many students passed in hindi also find how

    asked by david
  63. Algebra

    Factor and simplify the algebraic expression 3x^-5/4+6x^1/4

    asked by Lilly
  64. English

    Some common examples of oxymoron expressions are "alone together," "virtual reality," and "a fine mess." Should the sentence read: oxymoronic, oxymora or oxymorons Answer: oxymoronic

    asked by Kimmy
  65. English

    1. Being ill, he played football. 2. Although he was ill, he played football. ( #1 is incorrect. #2 is right. We cannot change #2 into #1. Is that right? Where can we find the explanation about that?) 3. Being ill, he couldn't go to school. 4. Because he

    asked by rfvv
  66. 4th grade math

    solve the following problems using pictures, number or words. At president's inaguration in 2013, the newpaper headlines stated there were about 800,000 people in attendance. If the newpaper rounded to the nearest hundred thousand, what is the largest

    asked by Mythreyee
  67. maths

    Two balanced dice are rolled. Let x be the product of the two dice. 3.1. Construct the probability distributions of x.

    asked by akum
  68. Math

    which value is the "whole" in the following problem: 14 is what percent of 56? I said the "whole" is 56, due to the problem not stating whether i was to solve the problem by using proportions or whatever. May you check my answer? Thank You

    asked by Jourrapide
  69. Math

    Write an equivalent expression for the following: 3(x+2)+2x-1

    asked by Amy
  70. Art , Painting

    This is my homework today.. I have to write it but I don't know how to write this.. so could you guys help me? Identify and analyze how the art element, Color, is present in the final outcome.

    asked by CC
  71. Math

    A gallon of gasoline costs g dollars. Paul puts 12.5 gallons in his car and 0.75 gallon of gasoline in a portable tank. Write an expression that shows how many dollars he spent on gasoline .

    asked by Amy
  72. Algebra

    Find the simple interest on an investment of $800 at a rate of 2.5% per year after 9 months.

    asked by Steve
  73. 4th grade math

    solve the following problems using pictures, number or words. At president's inaguration in 1861, the newpaper headlines stated there were about 30,000 people in attendance. If the newpaper rounded to the nearest thousand, what is the largest number and

    asked by Mythreyee
  74. Pre-Calculus

    Define the inverse secant function by restricting the domain of the secant function to the intervals (0, pi/2) and (pi/2, pi), and sketch the inverse function’s graph.

    asked by Sade
  75. maths

    find the area of the parallelogram that has the vectors as adjacent sides u = -2i + j + 5k v = 4i - 3j - 3k a. 11 b. squareroot 26 c. 86 d. 2 squareroot 86 e. 1

    asked by jessie
  76. Calculus

    a cone has an altitude of 12 cm and a base radius which increases at the rate of 3 cm per minute. When the radius is 6 cm,how fast is the vertex angle increasing?

    asked by Natasha
  77. Physics

    Need someone to check my work and answers: At the instant the traffic light turns green, a car that has been waiting at an intersection starts ahead with a constant acceleration of 2.80 m/s2. At the same instant a truck, traveling with a constant speed of

    asked by Howard
  78. Microsoft Word

    To ensure that your computer is saving files by default to your hard drive,

    asked by Janicqua
  79. spanish

    what is the spanish word for folder

    asked by asha
  80. Math

    Using numbers 2,3,5,10, 24 make the number 120

    asked by K
  81. English

    1. Being poor, he was always happy. 2. Being ill, he played football. 3. Being rich, he was not happy. 4. Though he was poor, he was always happy. 5. Though he was ill, he played football. 6. Though he was rich, he was not happy. 1=>4, 2=>5, 3=>6

    asked by rfvv
  82. Math

    Consider an account with an APR of 8.5%. Find the APY with daily compounding.

    asked by Nate
  83. math

    evaluate the expression (94) 93 a. 94 b. 93 c. 1 d. 88 e. -5

    asked by lottie
  84. 4th grade math

    solve the following problems using pictures, number or words. At president's inaguration in 2005, the newpaper headlines stated there were about 400,000 people in attendance. If the newpaper rounded to the nearest ten thousand, what is the largest number

    asked by Mythreyee
  85. math

    If line BD bisects Angle ABC with the measure of abd= 5x+8 and the measure of dbc= 9x-14, then find the measure of ABC.

    asked by Anonymous
  86. English

    1. I called my brother, walking along the river. 2. I called my brother while I was walking along the river. 3. I called my brother while I walked along the river. -------------------- Which one is closer to #1 in meaning, #2 or #3?

    asked by rfvv
  87. English

    1. It smells bad in here. 2. It smells bad. 3. It smells bad in this room. ---------------------- What does it refer to in each sentence?

    asked by rfvv

    an experiment was conducted to test which of two antibiotics was more effective at killing a certain type if bacterium cultures a and b were treated with antibiotic 1; cultures c and d were treated with antibiotic 2; culture e was not treated with

    asked by coolguy123
  89. math

    Could you please explain why, when increasing something, you put a 1 in front of it? For example, if something is increased by 5%, why do you multiply by 1.05? What exactly does that 1 mean or represent? Thank you.

    asked by Carly
  90. English

    1. People posted a lot of comments on my blog. 2. People uploaded a lot of comments on my blog. --------------------------- Can we use both verbs? Which one is right?

    asked by rfvv
  91. Chemistry

    Oxy acetylene welding uses acetylene gas which is produced by the reaction of CaC2 with water. It also produces calcium hydroxide as a by product.Calculate the volume in liters measured at 27°C and 965 torr that would be produced from the complete

    asked by Vaidehi
  92. English

    1. When he was ill, he didn't play football. 2. Being ill, he didn't play football. ---------------------------- 3. If he is ill, he will not play football. 4. Being ill, he will not play football. ----------------------------- 5. Although he was ill, he

    asked by rfvv
  93. Math

    A die is rolle 16 times and the number that ad for each roll was recorded. Number on die for each roll 5 2 2 6 1 4 6 1 1 3 5 2 2 3 4 4 If this data were to be displayed using a dot plot, what numbers would be displayed along the horizontal number line?

    asked by Irene
  94. calculus

    find the triple scalar product u . (v * w) for the vectors u= (5, 9, -6) v= (5, 8, -1) w= (-2, 8, 3)

    asked by jameson
  95. math

    the population of a town increased from 30000 to 40000. what is the percent of increase

    asked by mae
  96. Algebra

    Ericka had 7 jars of jelly, and each was 2/5 full. How much jelly did she have?

    asked by Mai
  97. Math

    A police car observes a truck traveling a 110kmph. The police car starts pursuit 30secs after the observation, accelerate to 160kmph in 20secs. Assuming the speeds are maintained const on a straight road, how far from the observation point, will the chase

    asked by Shaik
  98. Algebra

    The sum of brandon and Sarah's ages is thirty-six brandon is ten years younger than sarah how old is brandon?

    asked by Zachery
  99. math

    Convert 4 millimeter to centimeters?

    asked by Saram amjad
  100. English

    1. He is knocking on the door. 2. He is knocking at the door. 3. He is knocking (on the door) at the door. ----------------- Which one is right? Are both okay? Do both have a different meaning? Doe #2 mean #3?

    asked by rfvv
  101. Englsih

    1. He bade the boy (to) work on the farm. 2. He ordered the boy to work on the farm. 3. He told the boy to work on the farm. ---------------------- Q1: Does #1 mean #2 or #3? Can we use both 'to work' and 'work' in Sentence 1?

    asked by rfvv
  102. economic

    find the competitive price and quantity (as if the above marginal cost curve represents the market supply curve. given the market demand equation P=100-.1Q and TC=1000+20Q+.4Q^2

    asked by sam
  103. Rainy can you help me with this question?!

    find the values of x and y that will make the matrix equal [x y] 1 9 = [3 5] 1 9 the answer options are a. x=-3 y=-5 b. x=5 y=3 c. x=-3 y=5 d. x=3 y=5 e. no solution

    asked by jessie
  104. percentage

    in an election between two candidates one got 55% of the valid votes. 20% of the votes are invalid. if the total votes are 500 what is the percent of total votes that the other person got

    asked by vipul
  105. Biology

    What is the sample size in this experiment? How can you tell what the sample size is in this case? A team of researchers observed that the acorn density of the oak forests in New York fluctuates from year to year and that mice populations in the forest

    asked by Jamie
  106. solid mechanics

    Under what axial tensile load, the diameter of a steel bar will be reduced from 8 cm to 7.995 cm? Take E as 2.0 ´ 103 t/cm2 and Poisson’s ratio as 0.3.

    asked by raju
  107. Chemistry

    When 38.21 g of pure copper reacts with 192.83g of iodine, 190.83g of a compound containing only copper and iodine result. 40.21g of iodine remain when the reaction is complete. a. Do these results support the Law of Conservation of Mass? Explain. b.does

    asked by Anonymous
  108. math homework

    find a unit vector in the direction of u u = (-5, -12, 9) a. (-5, -12, 9) b. 1 / squareroot 26 (-5, -12, 9) c. squareroot 26 (-5, -12, 9 d. 1/ 5 squareroot 10 (-5, -12, 9) e. 1/ 5 squareroot 10 (5, 12, -9)

    asked by lottie
  109. mzumbe

    in geometric prograssion the difference between 7th and 5th terms is 192 and the difference between 15th and 3rd terms is 48. find the common ratio

    asked by sayid
  110. science

    A concave lens or focal lens 10cm produce an erect image 40cm from the lens .Determine the object distance and magnification.

    asked by samuel
  111. Math

    How many times greater is a digit in the one millions place than the same digit in the ten thousands place

    asked by Marisa
  112. science

    things people must have to survive

    asked by Hugo
  113. Chemistry

    A Helium Gas Ballon Has A Volume Of 12.0L. At Room Temperature(25 Degrees Celcius) The Internal Pressure Is .05ATM. Calculate The Number Of Moles Of Helium In The Balloon?

    asked by Steve
  114. Math

    Determine the balance if you were to invest 10,000 at an APR of 9% compounded monthly for seven years.

    asked by Millie
  115. Maths

    Find the number if 1/2 of which exceeds 1/3 by 4

    asked by Manish
  116. math homework help

    write the equation of the ellipse that has its centre at the origin with focus (0,4) and vertex at (0,7)

    asked by laura
  117. math

    use eachof the digits 0-9 once. make two decimal numbers whose sum is close to 5 and whose difference is close to 1

    asked by Kathy
  118. SCIENCE

    state at least one possible source of bias in an expirament and describe how you can reduce it.

    asked by coolguy123
  119. Chemistry

    If a 29.9 g sample of the liquid cyclohexane has a volume of 38.6 mL, what is the specific gravity of the compound? Take the density of water to be 1.00 g/mL.

    asked by Abby
  120. math

    A point P is 500m from the base of a pole. If the angle of elevation of the top of the pole to the point P is 40 degrees, find the height of the pole

    asked by liz
  121. Math

    K^9 V^8* KV^5

    asked by Amy
  122. English

    Hello. I'd like to know about the use of the verb like. 1. I like you to go there. 2. I like you going there 3. I like you go there. ---------------------------- Which one is grammatical? ================================ 4. I'd like you to got there. 5.

    asked by rfvv
  123. computers

    i am student of BA and i have got 85 marks out of 200 please tell me that i am pass or fail

    asked by Ayaz
  124. algebra

    how to turn 4 less than 3 times the sum of a number and 2 into a algebraic equation

    asked by ronda
  125. mAtH

    Does someone here has some tough simultaneous equations questions ? My test is coming and I want to practice some tough questions

    asked by STRANGE
  126. Math

    In 3 years, an investment earns $108 simple interest at a rate of 3%. Find the principle. Thank You.

    asked by Steve
  127. also IM BACK


    asked by coolguy123
  128. math

    7x/8 = 21 i am kind of confused on this

    asked by Jo
  129. English 2

    How do the native Americans respond to the spaniards in the first encounter

    asked by Sades
  130. math

    3.96 x 10^2/ 1.5 x 10^6

    asked by kaylee
  131. math homework help please?!!

    solve the system of equations algebraically for real values of x and y { x + y = 16 x^2 + y^2 = 128 a. (6,6) b. (8,6) c. (9,8) d. (8,8) e. no solution

    asked by ottilie
  132. math homework

    rewrite n E 5i^3 / n^5 i=1

    asked by lottie
  133. Math-marine ecisytems

    How do I divide 71%÷519million square kilometers and wat is the work? Need answers before 9:00pm today 8-30-16 thanks :) ;) so far I have done a dividing box with 510000000 in it and 71 as my divider my parents can't help it is to hard for them and it is

    asked by Anonymous
  134. Math

    If it takes 10 people 6 days to do a home improvement, how long would 4 take

    asked by Anonymous
  135. maths

    solve the system of equations algebraically for real values of x and y { x+u=16 x^2 +y^2 =128

    asked by jessica
  136. social studies

    A.P.J Abdul Kalam is known as the missile man of india justify

    asked by Anonymous
  137. math

    Find the absolute error, the upper limit and lower limit for 8 h, Least unit of measurement= 1h Absolute error =1/2 of 1 h = 0.5 h Upper limit = 8+0.5 = 8.5 h Lower limit = 8 - 0.5 = 7.5 h

    asked by Bernard

    state at least one possible source of bias in an expirament and describe how you can reduce it. plz help

    asked by coolguy123
  139. math homework help please?!!

    determine lim f(x) x -> 1 where f(x) = { 13 - x^2, x < or equal to 1 11 - x, x > 1 a. 11 b. limit does not exist c. 13 d. 10 e. 12

    asked by jessie
  140. math

    What are the tricks in solving words problem?

    asked by ngun
  141. math


    asked by Anonymous
  142. math homework

    solve the system by gauss jordan elimination { 1/3x + 3/4 y - 2/3 z = -8 x + 1/2 y - z = -24 1/6 x - 1/8 y - z = -24 a. (-6, 8, -24) b. (-6, -8, -24) c. (0, 8, -24) d. (6, 8, 24) e. (6, -8, 24)

    asked by lottie
  143. English

    It is the ugliest but has so many colors

    asked by Mark
  144. Math

    How do you write 4,000,000,000 + 20,000,000 + 500,000 + 60,000 + 1,000 + 300 + 40

    asked by James
  145. Health


    asked by Jasmine
  146. math homework

    give the coordinates of the circles centre and its radius (x-7)^2 + (y+4)^2 = 16

    asked by ottilie
  147. Math

    If two numbers are in ratio 5:8 and their H.C.F. is 6 what are the numbers?

    asked by Directioner
  148. math

    How do you simplify this expression? -12 / 3 x (-8+(-4)^2 - 6) +2 I got -8+2. Is this right?

    asked by Jo
  149. mathematics-need help asap

    if cosz=200, what is the exact value of z!

    asked by dam!
  150. English

    I am going shopping this weekend

    asked by Talana
  151. English

    Now,he (watch)the t.V.

    asked by Lavanya