Questions Asked on
August 28, 2016

  1. english

    In Expanded Academic ASAP and other periodical databases, it's best to put your exact phrase in A. parentheses. B. between dashes. C. quotation marks. D. between asterisks.

    asked by Anonymous
  2. physics

    A bus is moving at a speed of 20m/s beyond to slow at a constant rate of 3m/s each second find how far it goes before stopping

    asked by charan
  3. Math. Need help

    1.if g=5 and k=1, evaluate 9+gk a. 13 b. 14 c. 15 d. 16 2.Evaluate a-b^2/b if a = 10 and b = 2. a. 1 b. 3 c. 8 d. 32 3.Evaluate 3xy^2 - y if x = 2 and y = 5. a. 26 b. 30 c. 120 d. 145 4.Evaluate 2d + d^2/3 if d = 6. a. 4 b. 12 c. 14 d. 24 5.Evaluate

    asked by A.
  4. Economics

    Injections into the income-expenditure stream include: a) investment and imports. b) investment and exports. c) transfers and imports. d) transfers and exports.

    asked by Archbold
  5. geometry

    Sammie bought just enough fencing to border either a rectangular plot or a square plot. The perimeter is of the plots are the same. How many meters of fencing did she buy? On the square I know all 4 sides are the same. so I would have 4(x+2)as an equation

    asked by reece
  6. Zoology

    Give ecological anď economic importance of protozoa (Noctiluca,Eimeria,and Opalina)

    asked by happy
  7. percentage

    Madhu's income is RS 12000 per month . She pays 20% tax on monthly income above Rs 2000 and she spends 30% of the remaining income. How much does she save annually

    asked by vipul
  8. Physics

    Initial Statement: A soccer ball is kicked with an initial horizontal velocity of 15 m/s and an initial vertical velocity of 14 m/s. 1) What is the initial speed of the ball? 20.518 2) What is the initial angle θθ of the ball with respect to the ground?

    asked by Aidan
  9. Chemistry

    How many potassium ions are present in the following: 1) 3 moles of potassium chloride.

    asked by Nicole
  10. math

    use an integer to represent the change in the airplanes airplane descends 5,000 feet.

    asked by nick
  11. Organic Chemistry

    The pKa of CH3COOH is 4.76. What statement describes a solution of CH3COOH at pH of 6.4?

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Bio physics chemistry pre medical

    The vitamin a has a molecular formula c 20 h 30 o. How much no of molecules will be vitamin a has in 500mg capsule?

    asked by Anonymous
  13. physics

    a ball projected vertically upwards from the top of the tower 60 meters high with a velocity of 30 meters per second. what is the maximum height above the ground? how long does it take to reach the ground?

    asked by richard
  14. physics

    Simpson drives his car with an average velocity of 48.0 km/ to the east. How long will it take him to drive 144 km on a straight highway?

    asked by monet
  15. Chemistry

    How many electrons involved in the reduction of one mole of Al2o3 to aluminium metal

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Math

    A water tank is 5m tall and has a diameter of 3,5m.calculatethe capacity (volume) of the tank

    asked by Anonymous
  17. zoology

    What is economic importance of protozoa Noctiluca

    asked by happy
  18. math

    Use an integer to represent the change in the airplane's height. An airplane descends 5,000 feet.

    asked by nick
  19. physics

    A 5-kg block lies on a smooth table top. A horizontal string connected to the block is passed over a small pulley at the edge of the table, and a body of mass 8 kg is hung from the other end of the string. Find the tension in the string and the

    asked by Rhian
  20. Calculus

    If θ is an acute angle and tan(θ)=5/12, then sin(θ)=??

    asked by Kevin
  21. Math

    A rectangular garden is 30 m long and 20 m wide. A path of uniform width is set around the edge that reduces its area to 375m^2. What is the width of the path?

    asked by Grace
  22. Physics

    Michael flies in an airplane due north to Michigan. The pilot encounters a direct crosswind from the west of 120 mph. What direction must the pilot steer in order to end up with a resultant of due north and average velocity of 120 mph? Measure and

    asked by Jennifer
  23. Chemistry

    The weight of kclo3 which thermal decomposition o2 gas sufficient for the combustion of 1.12 litres of ethlene gas at STPis

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Algebra 2

    A single card is chosen at random from a standard deck of 52 playing cards. What is the probability of choosing a card other than a queen or a king?

    asked by kate
  25. Math

    The sides of a rectangle are x and 3-2x.Express the rectangle's area as a function of x.Express the rectangle's perimeter as a function of x. Explain why x cannot equal 2. Area= L x W A= x (3-2x) A= 2x^2 + 3x Perimeter= 2(L + W) P= 2(x+3-2x) P= 2(3-x) P=

    asked by Nonym
  26. science

    Ryan wants to identify an element. Which piece of information would best help Ryan identify the element?

    asked by Claire
  27. Math College 115

    According to a 2010 Kaiser Family Foundation report, during 2009 spent almost every waking hour outside of school using electronic devices such as iPhones, computers, or televisions. Those aged 8 to 18 spent an average seven and a half hours a day in 2009

    asked by Diora
  28. Math

    Matt and Carla together can mow a lawn in 8 hours, alone Carla takes four times longer than Matt. How long does Matt take?

    asked by Kimiko
  29. Math

    In a right angled triangle, the length of a hypotenuse is 10 cm. Of the two shorter sides, one side is 2 cm longer than the other side. i) Find the lengths of the two shorter sides. ii)Hence, find the area of the triangle.

    asked by May
  30. Chemistry

    7. A 100.00g sample of the gaseous hydrocarbon ethane is a gaseous hydrocarbon, with 79.89g of carbon and 20.11g of hydrogen. Ethylene is a different gas phase hydrocarbon. A 100.00g sample of ethylene has 85.63g of carbon with 14.37 of hydrogen. A sample

    asked by Alissa L
  31. calcus

    Related Rates Problem An isosceles triangle with a base of 20root3 cm long. If the length of the leg decreases at rate 3 cm/h, find the rate of decreasing of the area of the triangle in the instant at which the triange becomes equilateral

    asked by bedo
  32. Algebra

    A hot air balloon begins its descent at a rate of 22 1/2 feet per minute. How long will it take for the balloon's elevation to change by -315 feet?

    asked by Nani
  33. Physics

    Hi everybody! I need this quick answer, please help! The beam AB in the figure has length 3L and uniform section stiffness EI. The beam is fixed at A(x=0) and loaded by an upward concentrated force, P, applied at its free end B(x=3L). A concentrated moment

    asked by carolina02
  34. College math

    Determine the balance of $10,000 is invested at an APR of 9% compounded monthly for seven years.

    asked by Brooke
  35. Maths

    If two sides of a triangle are 6cm and 8cm respectively. What can be the length of other side?

    asked by saara
  36. English

    1. He smiled brightly, and he extended his hand.(simultaneous situation) 2. He smiled brightly, and he extended his hand at the same time.(simultaneous situation) 3. He smiled brightly, and then he extended his hand. (not simultaneous situation) 4. After

    asked by rfvv
  37. maths

    The ratio of sheep to cattle is 3:1 I want to know how to calculate the number of sheep if there's a total number of animals to be 288

    asked by kagiso France
  38. p.s

    calculate the mass of ice required to lower the temperature of 300 gm of water at 40degree celcius to water at0 degree celcius.

    asked by hema
  39. Math

    Rename 1/10 as a percent

    asked by Seulbi
  40. business

    Please need a vision statement for a chocolate store. Do know where to start

    asked by Jeremiah
  41. Bio physics chemistry pre medical

    Vitamin a has a molecular formula c 20 h 30 o. How much no of molecules will vitamin a contian in 500mg capsule? ? Plz tell me now tomorrow is my test .I will be very grateful of u. .

    asked by Hania
  42. Algebra

    The perimeter of a pool table is 40ft. The table is three times as long as it is wide. What is the length of the pool table? Show work

    asked by Leen
  43. Urgent Math

    Please solve it in step by step. integrate: ∫(cot2x-csc2x)^2 dx

    asked by Wawen
  44. maths

    find the magnitude of one exterior angle of a regular polygon in which one interior angle is 140 .

    asked by zayna
  45. Chemistry

    if 12.8g of NaCl is added to 243.2 mL of water (density (1.00g/mL)). the volume occupied by the solution is 250.0 mL. Calculate the density of the salt water.

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Calculus

    Hello my problem is the next one: g is a function between the interval (a,b)and "p" is a fixed point in (a,b) that`s mean that g(p)=p. If g can be derivated in that interval and /g(x)/

    asked by Arthur


    asked by SARAH
  48. Statstics

    According to a survey by Topez Enterprises, a travel auditing company the avg error by travel agent is 128. suppose this figure was obtained from random sample of 41 travel agent & standard dervivation is 21. What is the point estimate of the national avg

    asked by Karan
  49. Bio physics chemistry pre medical

    Methane react with steam to form h2 and co. . what volume of h2 can be obtained from 100cmcube of methane at the standard temperature and pressure? ?

    asked by Hania
  50. Algebra two

    Find the quotient and remainder 452÷8

    asked by Jan
  51. Math Need Help

    Integrate it step by step: ∫((2x+4)(2x-1))/(3x-2)

    asked by Wawen
  52. Math

    Let f(x) = 3x + 2 Find f(a) and f(2a). I'm confused, can someone help me?

    asked by PT
  53. Chemistry

    Dissolved 0.7500 g calcium chloride dihydrate and impure, in distilled water and the volume was elevated to 200.00 mL in a volumetric flask. A rate of 10.00 mL of the same consumed the titration 18.9 mL 0.0125 M EDTA using CALCON as indicator. What is the

    asked by Damon
  54. algebra

    Here are the scores of 13 students on an algebra test. 55 , 57 , 60 , 60 , 65 , 68 , 70 , 70 , 80 , 80 , 84 , 89 , 92 Notice that the scores are ordered from least to greatest. Give the five-number summary and the interquartile range for the data set.

    asked by cathy
  55. Bio physics chemistry pre medical

    Methane react with steam to form h2 and co. . what volume of h2 can be obtained from 100cmcube of methane at the standard temperature and pressure? ?

    asked by Hania
  56. math

    Dillan has a new cd with 6 songs on it. He puts it on random play. How many ways can the songs play ?

    asked by Amber
  57. Science

    Imagine you designed an experiment that investigated the effect of feeding yeast cells different concentrations (0, 5, 10, 15, 25%) of sugar solutions. The yeast used the sugar to do cellular respiration and make CO2 as a waste product. The volume of CO2

    asked by CC
  58. math

    A product of a two digit number is24 when the number is reverse exceed the original number by 27 find the number

    asked by fatma
  59. Physics

    The driver of a sport car pushed down the accelerator so that the engine pushes the care forward with a force of 2500N,s tarting from rest. How fast the car can go after 20s later? I have tried this by using v=u+at but i don't have a. From F=ma, i cant get

    asked by Tan
  60. algebra

    The length of a rectangle is twice its width. The perimeter of the rectangle is 126ft.

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Bio physics chemistry pre medical

    Vitamin a has a molecular formula c 20 h 30 o. How much no of molecules will vitamin a contian in 500mg capsule? ? Plz tell me now tomorrow is my test .I will be very grateful of u. .

    asked by Hania
  62. Math

    How do you write 210,004,050 in standard form?

    asked by Jan
  63. Math science

    If the numbers never end is zero the end number?

    asked by Jan
  64. maths

    Help me this. The first term of the GP exceeds the second term by 4 and the sum of the second and third terms is 2 by 2/3.Find the first four terms?

    asked by mutale
  65. Math

    I need some help with this please. Find the height of a triangle where area=14 and base=4

    asked by Joan
  66. Computers

    what Word feature allows someone to return a document to you with their edits noted in the electronic file?

    asked by Carole
  67. math

    Determine the balance of $8,750 is invested at an APR of 3.25% (simple interest) for ten years.

    asked by Mike
  68. math

    (2x-3y4)3(x3 + y)0 / (4xy-2)3

    asked by mercyjade
  69. Chemistry

    One volume of a hydrocarbon require 3 volume of oxygen for complete combustion then formula for hydrocarbon

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Science

    Find linear momentum when a stone of mass 50kg is thrown from a height 10m

    asked by Shambhavi
  71. math

    If a convex quadrilateral polygon has two rectangle and each angle is120° then what is the no of sides of polygon?

    asked by jyotiprakash
  72. Math or Maths???

    Which word is correct to use? Math or Maths?

    asked by A GOODSTUDENT
  73. Math

    Flower bed with 6m long and 2m wide. If each edges is 1m,how many concrete edges are there?

    asked by Lavanya
  74. Honors Physics

    How do you determine the mass of fuel in a semi truck?

    asked by Leona
  75. Math

    Graph both equations and conpare the rate of change in both graphs. 1: y = 2x + 1 2: y = 1/4x - 2 I've already graphed them correctly, but comparing the rate of change confuses me. ( Doing summer HM ) I did 2 x 1/4 and got 8. Is this correct?

    asked by William L
  76. math

    Formula of Area of triangle in coordinate geometry

    asked by Anonymous
  77. math

    just please tell me the equations statement (twenty less than a number is 54 and the sum of a number is 12 is 27)

    asked by alijahh
  78. Math

    The bearing of p from q is 055°. Solve it

    asked by Lase adeoye adeyemo