Questions Asked on
August 22, 2016

  1. Science - Please Look!

    The senses are used to make which of the following? inferences predictions evaluations ((**observations**)) You walk into the kitchen and see a broken egg on the floor. Which of the following is an inference you can make based on this observation? ((**The

    asked by Kat
  2. algebra 1 please help

    use the formula for the area of a trapezoid A=h(b1+b2) where A is area , b1 and b2 are (-----) 2 the lenght of the bases and h is the height, to answer the qustion. How many square feet of grass are there on a trapezoidal field with a heigth of 75 ft and

    asked by 9th grader
  3. math

    Your office manager used 45 paperclips for handouts at his presentation from the 450 paperclips available in the stock room. What percentage of the original number of paperclips did NOT get used?

    asked by fab
  4. Chemistry

    What is the mole fraction of ethanol, C2H5OH, in an aqueous solution that is 50.0% ethanol by mass?

    asked by Devon
  5. Ela

    What is the resolution of "Raymond's Run"? A. Squeaky and Gretchen meet on the street. B. Raymond pretends to ride a stagecoach. C. Squeaky decides to becomes Raymond's track coach. D. Squeaky watches Raymond run.**** Am I right @Mrs.Sue can you please

    asked by Yaya
  6. Science

    What safety rules should I follow before, during, and after a laboratory investigation?

    asked by My name is no
  7. chemistry

    What information does an equilibrium constant give about a reaction? A. It tells how long it takes the reaction to reach equilibrium. B. It tells how much energy is required for the reaction to happen. C. It tells what the rate constant of the reaction is

    asked by jessie
  8. Chemistry

    There are three naturally occurring isotopes of the hypothetical element hilarium 41Hi, 42Hi, and 44Hi. The percentages of these isotopes are the following: Hilarium Natural Isotopes Abundance 41Hi 18.7% 42Hi 43.6% 44Hi 37.7% You can assume that the atomic

    asked by anonymous
  9. American Government

    What issue did the great compromise address? A. congressional representation B. election of the president C. membership of the supreme court D. relationship of the states to each other my best answer is A.

    asked by leslie
  10. Language Arts, help a.s.a.p.

    What is the term of the part of a story that sets up the story’s ending? A. exposition B. conflict C. falling action D. resolution Short Selection: Our farm was on Stone Church Road near the parkway. I was very upset when my parents sold it, but Dad said

    asked by PonyGirl
  11. American government

    The U.S. government is divided into three branches. What is this an example of? A. Separation of power*** B. Federalism C. Confederate system D. Interpretation

    asked by Kidthegamer
  12. Social Studies check my answers

    which actvity is part of both privite and civic life? learning bout politics voting for a candidate*** going to sports games working at a bookshop

    asked by FluttershyK22
  13. english 1

    Which of these is an example of a metaphor in My Forbidden Face? A. Latifa releases the canary from the cage. B. Latifa compares the Taliban's oppression to a slow death. C. Latifa quotes specific laws that the Taliban put in place. The word lucid means

    asked by 9th grader
  14. Math

    What is the best estimate for the product of 289 and 7?

    asked by Hannah
  15. Social Studies

    Can someone check my responses please? I want to make sure I'm correct before submitting. The * is my response 1. How does the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States reflect the concept of natural rights? A. The Pledge of Allegiance includes

    asked by Serena
  16. Math

    How many 3/8 foot pieces of wood can you cut from a board that is 1 7/8 feet long?

    asked by Greg
  17. geography

    __ is the perspective in geography that examines locations on the planet based on their human impact to the other objects around them A. the ecological perspective**** B. the spatial perspective C. the global perspective D. none the above

    asked by shiiiiiy
  18. math

    an open rectangular box is to be formed by cutting identical squares, each of side 2 in, one from each corner of a rectangular piece of cardboard, and then turning up the ends. If the area of the piece of cardboard is 160 in² and the box is to have volume

    asked by jhon alex
  19. Science

    What is the function of the nucleus in a cell? A.The nucleus controls the cell’s activity.** B.The nucleus identifies a cell as belonging to a plant. C.The nucleus determines what substances enter and leave the cell. D.The nucleus can be seen under a

    asked by Anonymous
  20. science

    how to balance chemical equations with redox reaction Cr(OH)3 + IO3{-} + OH{-} = CrO4{-2} + I{-}

    asked by debayan
  21. American government

    why did the founding fathers think it necessary to create the articles of confederation ? A. to establish a monarchy to replace the british king B. to establish thirteen different governments with no central government C. to make peace with the british

    asked by leslie
  22. Science

    Which of the following is not part of the cell theory? A.Cells are the building blocks of life. B.All living things are made up of cells. C.All cells are created from other cells through cell division. D.The nucleus is the control center of the cell.***

    asked by Anonymous
  23. science

    Which rate constant would result in the fastest reaction? Which rate constant would result in the fastest reaction? 1 1.3 × 103 L/mol · s 2 2.8 L/mol · s 3 9.5 × 10-2 L/mol · s 4 4.2 × 10-3 L/mol · s

    asked by leon

    Jim began a 281​-mile bicycle trip to build up stamina for a triathlete competition.​ Unfortunately, his bicycle chain​ broke, so he finished the trip walking. The whole trip took 7 hours. If Jim walks at a rate of 3 miles per hour and rides at 43

    asked by KIERSTEN
  25. Absolute Value

    The opposite of -4 is 4. *** -4. -(-(-4)). -|4|. The opposite of -10 is -(-(-10)). -10. 10. *** -|10|. The opposite of the word "gain" is loss *** deposit increase descend The opposite of the word "withdraw" is loss deposit *** increase descend Which set

    asked by Hailey
  26. American Government

    Which is an example of a power of the legislature? A.nominate ambassadors B.regulate commerce C. find a law unconstitutional*** D. find a law unconstitutional

    asked by Kidthegamer
  27. algebra 1

    write an algebraic expression for the following word phrase: the quotient of r and 12 a. r x 12 b. r + 12 c. r / 12 ** d. r - 12

    asked by 9th grader
  28. science

    A graph of experimental data is a straight line when ln[H2] is plotted versus time. Which rate law fits the data? 1 Rate = k(ln[H2]) 2 Rate = k/[H2] 3 Rate = k[H2] 4 Rate = k[H2]2

    asked by leon
  29. Math

    to the nearest hundred, what is the greatest whole number that rounds to 2,500? the least whole number?

    asked by Bridget
  30. algebra

    For a given interest​ rate, simple interest varies jointly as the principal and time. If ​$2000 left in an account for 6 years earned interest of ​$960, then how much interest would be earned in 7 ​years?

    asked by leinani
  31. physics

    A train starts from rest from a station with acceleration 0.2m/s2 on a straight track and then comes to rest after attaining maximum speed on another station due to retardation 0.4m/s2 .If total time spend is half an hour, then distance between two

    asked by binalika
  32. math

    secretary can type 12 pages per hour. There are a total of 152 pages to type. How many pages remain to be typed after 9 hours?

    asked by fab
  33. algebra 1

    The cost of a telephone call is $0.75+$0.25 times the number of minutes. Write an algebraic expression that models the cost of a telephone call that last t mminutes. $0.75 + 0.25 * t

    asked by 9th grader
  34. chemistry

    When 25 mL of C2H5OH (density 0.80 is dissolved in water to prepare a 250 mL solution, the density of the solution was found to be 0.950 Calculate a. Molarity of pure ethanol; b. Molarity of ethanol in the final solution; c. Volume of the

    asked by avni
  35. chemistry

    What is the equilibrium expression for the following acid dissociation reaction? CH3COOH + H2O CH3COO- + H3O+ A. [CH3COO-][H3O+]/[CH3COOH][H3O] B. [CH3COOH][H2O]/[CH3COO-][H3O+] C. [CH3COOH]/[CH3COO-][H3O-] D. [CH3COO-][H3O+]/[CH3COOH]

    asked by jessie
  36. Math

    Tom keeps all of his favorite marbles in a special leather bag. Right now, five red marbles, four blue marbles, and yellow marbles are in the bag. If he randomly chooses one marble to give to a friend what is the probability that it is blue ?

    asked by Patience
  37. Math

    An airplane is descending 225 feet per 1000 feet of horizontal distance covered. What is the cosine of the angle that its path of descents makes with the horizontal.

    asked by Jose Daligdig
  38. math

    From a rectangular sheet of acrylic of dimensions 32 cm by 24 cm 64 circular buttons, each of diameter 3.5 cm , have been cut out. Find the area of the remaining sheet.

    asked by avinash
  39. science

    The half-life of carbon-14 is 5730 years. If we start with 10 grams of carbon-14, after 5730 years, we will have _____ of carbon-14 left.

    asked by leon
  40. Math

    can someone explain this? The following is a frequency data set for test scores in a small class. Construct a cumulative frequency plot displaying data. Then describe the graph in a sentence or two. test scores: 40-49:1 50-59:2 60-69:2 70-79:7 80-89:9

    asked by Irene
  41. Math

    Joanne picked 15 more than twice as many apples as her sister.her sister has 35 apples

    asked by Malana
  42. physics

    A 1-kg mass hangs by a string from a disk with radius 4.6 cm which has a rotational inertia of 5 × 10-5 kg·m2. After it falls a distance of 0.8 meters, how fast is it going to the nearest hundredth of a m/s?

    asked by laaamaama
  43. vocabulary

    when the jockey had a cold at the kentucky derby everyone said that he was a little hourse

    asked by Abner
  44. math

    p and q started a business. they made an annual profit of rs 50000. q being a working partner received 20 % of the annual profit as his salary. if the entire profit were divided in the ratio of their investment, p would received rs 8000 more as his profit

    asked by hiren
  45. chemistry

    The amount of sulphuric acid (in gm) required to neutralise 10L of ammonia at STP is

    asked by Hamza
  46. Georgia Geography

    Valley and Ridge region is known for its A) rich farmland B) granite quarries C) high mountain ranges*** D) textile production Is this correct?

    asked by Scarlet
  47. algebra

    Special factorization Completely factor the following expressions 250x^3-128 X^6-1 X^6+1 x^2-8xy+16y^2-25 16x^4a-y^8a ((8x^3)/125)+(64/y^3) I was given a set on how to do this skill, but it didn't really cover on how to attack these kind of expressions. I

    asked by yaga
  48. Math

    Angle 1 and angle 2 are supplementary angles. m∠1 = 4x+3 m∠2 = 3x−5 What is the value of x? a.) x = 178 b.) x=178/7 c.) x=92/7 d.) x = 26

    asked by Jay
  49. Georgia Geography

    Which would be the best place to build a textile plant? A) Fall Line*** B) Barrier Islands C) Brasstown Bald D) Okefenokee Swamp Am I right? Please help.

    asked by Scarlet
  50. Algebra

    Hey! I need some help with this question! I totally forget how to do these types of problems! 1 over 2.75 = 1 over 3.2 - 1 over x ( 1/2.75 = 1/3.2 - 1/x) / = fraction bar

    asked by Andrew
  51. chemistry

    A reaction has an equilibrium constant very much less than 1. Will the reaction proceed spontaneously? A. Yes, because products are favored and deltaG° < 0. B. Yes, because reactants are favored and deltaG° > 0. C. No, because reactants are favored and

    asked by jessie
  52. math

    Mike jogs for half an hour at y mi/h. He jogs ? mi complete the statement with a variable expression

    asked by Kelley
  53. Chemistry

    What mass of glucose (c6h12o6)is produced from 18g of co2 when it reacts with water molecule? 6Co2+6H2o→c6h12o6+Co2

    asked by Nasir khan
  54. phy

    two sinusoidal waves traveling in the same direction having same frequency but different amplitudes and maintaining a phase difference derive an expression for intensity of maxima and minima.

    asked by mayuri
  55. Geography

    Which would be the best place to build a textile plant? A) Fall Line B) Barrier Islands C) Brasstown Bald*** D) Okefenokee Swamp Is this correct? Please let me know.

    asked by Scarlet
  56. Math

    The present age of a woman is 30years older than her daughter. 15years ago she was twice as old as her daughter. How old is her daughter at present. How old would the woman be 12years from now.

    asked by Anonymous

    A farmer believes that fertilizer runoff from a farm is killing the fish in a nearby pond. The farmer measures the amount of fertilizer in the pond each week and counts the number of dead fish. The measurements indicate that, as the fertilizer

    asked by HAYDEN
  58. pre caluclus

    Vertex (3,2) focus(-3,2)

    asked by shakendria

    A piece of stone loses its 1/5 th of weight when it is weighted in water and a piece of iron loses 1/10th of its weight under the same condition. The total weight of the both materials in air is 280grams and in water is 240 grams. Find the weight of both

    asked by A GOODSTUDENT
  60. Chemistry

    How many moles of chloride ions are in 0.04dm^3 of 0.45M calcium chloride CaCl2

    asked by Florence
  61. physics

    should the bulb of thermometer be completely immersed in boiling water to measure its boiling point

    asked by remya
  62. physics

    A 126 kg student sits on a chair which is solely supported by a solid 0.4 meter-long steel rod 0.81 cm in diameter. To the nearest micron (millionth of a meter), what is the change in length of the rod produced by the student's weight?

    asked by clache
  63. Physics

    wave traveling on a rope is given by y=0.25 sin(0.3 radX-40radt), where y and X is expressed in meter and t is in seconds. Determine a-Amplitude. B-frequency C-Direction of motion. e-Displacement at X=0.6 m and t=2.3 s.

    asked by Shehab
  64. american government

    why did the founding fathers think it necessary to create the articles of confederation ? A. to establish a monarchy to replace the british king B. to establish thirteen different governments with no central government C. to make peace with the british

    asked by leslie
  65. math

    Suppose that the mosquito population of the world is 36000000 and that these mosquitoes can be packed into a cubic box with no space wasted. If the average volume of the mosquito is 6mm^3,how long would the edge of the box have to be?

    asked by Franklin
  66. Algebra 1

    11n+23=3n-13+84 Solving multistep linear equations If someone could show me step by step how to do this it would mean alot god bless!

    asked by Angelina
  67. socal studies

    why are elections necessary for a good governance? elections prevent people from holding power for long preiods of time********* elected official have a reason to serve the people elections reward officals for work experiences elected officials can be

    asked by FluttershyK22
  68. Algebra

    Been working on this problem for nearly 45 minutes now, totally confused. 4.5x - 6.7y = 8.6 3.8x +2.2 = y

    asked by Johnny
  69. Math

    Solve for x 9.2x + 5.514= 158.234

    asked by Amy
  70. Algebra

    Root of 3x-6 = -4 3x-6 is all under a square root

    asked by Anthony
  71. maths

    A number on being divided by 10 and 11 successively leaves the remainders 5 and 7. Find the number. ie, x/10 = remainder 5 and x/11 = remainder 7. please help me to find the value of x.

    asked by kumar


    asked by HAYDEN
  73. Math

    Is it possible to have a regular polygon each of whose exterior angles is 50

    asked by Deepshikha
  74. Science

    A transvers wave traveling on a rope is given by y=0.25 sin(0.3 radX-40radt), where y and X is expressed in meter and t is in seconds. Determine a-Amplitude. B-frequency C-Direction of motion. e-Displacement at X=0.6 m and t=2.3 s. Please help me

    asked by Shehab
  75. chemistry

    which of following show cistrans isomerism?

    asked by ali
  76. Algebra

    Need some help with this question 65.9 - 32.4k/9.9 = 13.3k / stands for a fraction bar

    asked by John
  77. Science

    Can air be pumped into the container completely filled filled with water?

    asked by Nurin
  78. Ss help pls don't have a lot of time

    What country on the Arabian peninsulas has the highest lireracy rate? A- Kuwait B-Yemen

    asked by Ashley
  79. algebra

    a ball is thown upward from the top of the cliff 12 m at a velocity of 2.8 m/s. find maximum height and when it is attained; time it reached the ground

    asked by pao
  80. MATHS plzz help ASAP

    while paying a bill a man paid $189.80 as the amount of VAT at 13%. how much was the actual bill amount? Plzz help Should i calculate SP+VAT OR ONLY SP

    asked by A GOODSTUDENT
  81. problem solving

    25 Miles Long After 2 Hours John Has Run 7 Miles. How Many Miles, M Does John Have Left To Run?

    asked by walter
  82. Nouns

    Sitting Bull's warriors soundly defeated General George A. Custer and his troops at the Battle of the Little Big Horn.

    asked by Rachel
  83. Math

    If I spend two thirds of my money and have 10 dollars change how much did I have to start with

    asked by Trecie
  84. Social studies

    Nation states arguing over immigration polices?

    asked by Manny
  85. Math

    Solve for X: 9.2x + 5.514= 158.234

    asked by Amy
  86. biology

    how do electrons move

    asked by mpofu
  87. chemistry

    If the equilibrium constant is much less than 1, how can you tell where the equilibrium lies? A. Reactants are in the numerator of the equilibrium expression, so equilibrium lies toward the reactants. B. Products are in the numerator of the equilibrium

    asked by jessie
  88. physics

    In the figure below, the bar is 2.4 meters long and has a mass of 145 kg. To the nearest newton what is the tension in the wire?

    asked by clache
  89. maths

    A shopkeeper mixes two types of milk costing rs 25per litre and rs 30per litre. if he sells 60litres of mixture for rs 1600, find the quantity of each type of milk.

    asked by A GOODSTUDENT
  90. Algebra

    I need some help on this math problem. 3c^2 - 5c - 7.8 = -2.2

    asked by Brian
  91. Algebra

    if V(r)=(4/3)(pi)r^3 find V(2r) ------ V(r) I'm very confused on how to solve this function. Could someone guide me through this?

    asked by Finn
  92. math

    6. George is a 35 Kg 8 yr old who is ordered to receive Ancef 1 Gram IV Q 8hrs. The SDR for Ancef is 50-100mg/Kg/day. Determine the SDR for George? 35 ( 50 ) - 35 ( 100 ) mg / day ; 1750 - 3500 mg/ day 6. Is George’s dose of Ancef within SDR? Pt recvs

    asked by Emma
  93. Math

    6. George is a 35 Kg 8 yr old who is ordered to receive Ancef 1 Gram IV Q 8hrs. The SDR for Ancef is 50-100mg/Kg/day. Determine the SDR for George? 35 ( 50 ) - 35 ( 100 ) mg / day ; 1750 - 3500 mg/ day 6. Is George’s dose of Ancef within SDR? Pt recvs

    asked by Emma
  94. chemistry

    how to balance combustion of 5% by volume in air. 1. 0.05 CH4 + ( )(0.21 O2 + 0.79 N2) 2. ( )CH4 + O2 + 0.376 N2

    asked by skrishna
  95. physics

    how scientists inventions are effecting the environment?

    asked by esha
  96. Math

    Factor of 54 This number is even

    asked by Janiyah
  97. Maths

    120 liter lemonade solution require 11%sugar and 9%juice solve for sugar and juice requirements

    asked by Anonymous
  98. math

    I can't solve this at all! I don't know where to start! Please help 3-(4sin^2 x)/cos^2 x = 3- tan^2 x

    asked by Ani
  99. sports management

    In a couple of paragraphs explain what you know on management and leadership?

    asked by obi
  100. science

    an electron orbiting around hydrogen atom in circular orbit of radius 1armgstrom with the speed of 5*10^6 m/sec. Calculate magnetic field produced at the nucleus?

    asked by Anonymous
  101. science

    2. How many grams of 96.5% pure NaOH pellets do you need to make 1.000 liter of 1.50 N NaOH?

    asked by h
  102. Algebra 1a

    I need help

    asked by Nathan
  103. Algebra 1

    Z/3-3=z/4+7 Please help i don't understand this solving linear equations

    asked by Monique
  104. math

    an = √(7√(7+√(7+⋯)) ) < 4 where an has radical signs.

    asked by Iffath
  105. Maths

    Out of group of goats,Two times the square root of the number of goats were kept in shade, 1/4 of the number were taken for grazing and 15 were sold, find the initial no. Of goats?

    asked by A GOODSTUDENT
  106. physics

    Why we feel pain don't having sweater and not feel pain having sweater by beating with a stick ?

    asked by wajdan
  107. math

    how many solution does this problem have -5(z+1)=-2z+10

    asked by Aubrey T.
  108. Math

    the tens digit of a two digit number is 5 more than the units digit. when reversed and added to the original number the answer is 99. find the original number

    asked by Gadson
  109. science

    what is the action of chlorine gas on ethane

    asked by vishwajit
  110. Maths


    asked by Alan