Questions Asked on
August 20, 2016

  1. chemistry

    The reaction CHCL3(g)+CL2(g)_CCL4(g)+HCL(g) has the following rate law:Rate =k [CHCL3][CL2].If the concentration of CHCL3 is increased by a factor of five while the concentration of CL2 Is kept the same use a mathematical equation to show the factor by

    asked by Felix
  2. science

    What is the strongest intermolecular force that occurs between methane (CH4) and ammonia (NH3)? A. Dipole-dipole forces B. Hydrogen bond C. London dispersion forces D. Dipole-induced dipole attractions

    asked by finley
  3. PHYSICS topic is pressure

    Why does a person feel difficult to breathe when he is in a deep well? Please answer!!!

    asked by helpneededstudent
  4. chem

    Under constant pressure, a system of gases is sealed in a cylinder and then allowed to expand. What can you conclude about the work associated with this change? A. Work is negative and is done to the system. B. Work is negative and is done by the system.

    asked by jessie
  5. physics

    a 75kg person is standing on a scale in an elevator, the scale gives a readout in newtons(you have to use a free body diagram)determine the reading on the scale in newtons in each of the following situations, when the elevator is not moving, the elevator

    asked by bryan
  6. Maths Unitary Method

    In an army camp🏕,there were provisions🍜for 550 men👬for 28 days🌄. But, 700 men👬attended the camp. How long did the provisions🍴last??

    asked by Sakshi s.
  7. chemestry

    the Earth has mass of approximately 5.98* 10^24kg and radius 6.38* 10^6m. what is the density of the Earth in (a)g/cm^3 and (b) kg/m^3 ?

    asked by kelly
  8. Trig

    if sin(x)=-0.5 and x is in the third quadrant, find x

    asked by Jason
  9. trigonometry

    Find an exact value for csc 11pi/12 How do I do this? I change it to 1/(sin 11pi/12) but then I'm stuck what to do.. Thanks

    asked by Ann
  10. MATHS

    A dishonest shopkeeper has 2 false balances. One balance weighs 10 %more while buying goods and other weighs 10% less while selling the goods. Find his gain percent just by weighing. Plzz help How do I start and how to solve it

    asked by A GOODSTUDENT
  11. Maths Algebra

    The number of boys👦 in a school🏢 is 334 more than the number of girls👧. If the total strength👦👧 of the school🏢 is 572,find the number of girls👧 in the school.

    asked by Sakshi
  12. biomechanics

    an orienteer runs 300m north and then 400m to the southeast (at a 45 degree angle to north). if he runs at a constant speed, how far away is he from the starting position?

    asked by maryam
  13. chem

    Knowing what information would allow you to order gas molecules according to their velocity? A. Pressure and temperature B. Volume and molecular mass C. Pressure and volume D. Temperature and molecular mass

    asked by jessie
  14. Physics

    A man uses a crowbar 1.5 meters long to lift a rock weighing 600N (Newtons). If the fulcrum is 0.50 Meter fromthe end of the bar touching the rock,how much effort The man should apply?

    asked by Hasan nagra
  15. Math

    Context: The function v(t) represents the velocity of a particle moving along a horizontal line at any time, t, greater than or equal to zero. If the velocity is positive, the particle moves to the right. If the velocity is negative, the particle is moving

    asked by Stephen
  16. algebra

    a ball is dropped from the top of a building that is known to be 256 feet high.the formula for finding the height of the ball at any time t is h=256-16t^2,where t is measured in many seconds will it take for the ball to hit the ground?

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Maths Algebra

    Deepak👦is twice as old as his brother Vikas👶. If the difference of their ages be 11 years,find their👬present ages.after 18 years ,their👬ages will be twice . Find this also.

    asked by Shaswad
  18. Science

    A simple pendulum oscillates with an amplitude of 30 degrees. If the length of the string is 1.0m. Calculate the velocity of the pendulum bob at its lowest point.

    asked by Maddi
  19. Physics

    a stone drops from the edge of the roof. it crosses a window 2m long in 0.1sec. how much time does the stone take to reach the lower end of window from roof?

    asked by RHYTHUM
  20. Maths Mensuration

    A field in the form of a parallelogram has base 15 dam and altitude 8 dam.Find the cost of watering the field at the rate of 50 paise per square metre???????Please help to solve this????????????????

    asked by Vivek
  21. chemistry help!!! please!!! DrBob222 I need you!!

    How many atoms of carbon are needed to produce 0.45 mol Al? 3C + 2Al2O3 4Al + 3CO2 A. 2.6 × 1026 atoms B. 9.7 × 1024 atoms C. 3.0 × 1022 atoms D. 2.0 × 1023 atoms I'm really very stuck with this question. please help me!!!

    asked by emma
  22. chemistry help!!! please!!! DrBob222 I need you!!

    The G value for formation of gaseous water at 298 K and 1 atm is -278 kJ/mol. What is the nature of the spontaneity of formation of gaseous water at these conditions? A. The reaction is sometimes spontaneous. B. The reaction is spontaneous. C. The reaction

    asked by emma
  23. SS

    Why did Thomas Paine write pamphlet 1. To support conquering the Native Americans***this one? 2. To argue that more land should go to France and Spain 3. To show that loyalty to the monarchy was wrong 4. To pledge his loyalty to the British government i'm

    asked by Kaitlin
  24. Maths Algebra

    Mona's👧 father👨 is thrice as old as mona👧. After 12 years,his👴age will be twice that of his daughter👩. Find their present ages.

    asked by Sakshi sinha
  25. math

    A rectangular courtyard is 57m 50 cm long and 22m broad.Determine the least possible number of square stones of the same size required to pave it.

    asked by rose Dawson
  26. science

    Which of the following terms are present in the rate law? A. The rate constant, the concentration of the reactants, and the order of the reactants B. The rate constant and the concentration of the reactants C. The rate constant and the temperature of the

    asked by jessie
  27. science

    Kinetic energy is the type of energy that is associated with: A. kinds of gases. B. electricity. C. motion. D. position.

    asked by finley
  28. Maths Unitary Method

    If 48 boxes📦 contain 6000 pens✒, how many such boxes 📦 will be needed for 1875 pens🖋🖊✒?

    asked by Sakshi s.

    Why does one feel difficult to breathe in a deep well while cleaning it?

    asked by someone
  30. Math

    22.Two times a certain number added to 40 gives the same result as three times the same number subtracted from 75. What is the number?   a.7 b.11 c.16 d.25

    asked by Mc
  31. Algebra

    A number consist of 3 digits.The middle digit is 0 and the sum of the first and last digits is 13.If the digits are reversed the number is increased by 297.Find the original number.MY SOLUTION: let x=the 1st digit & y=last digit x+y=13 i.e eqn1 & pls help

    asked by Oduro Hayford
  32. physics

    a boy pulls a 15 kg over level ground by a rope with a force of 50 newtons at 30 degrees above the horizontal, the coefficients of friction between the box and the ground are 0.3 and 0.4, calculate the normal force exerted on the box to the ground,

    asked by bryan
  33. Physics

    At the beginning of a roller coaster ride the car is staionary at the top of a 30m high hill and then begins to fall. Neglect any resistive forces. Calculate the speed of the car when it reaches the top of the second hill on the roller coaster. The second

    asked by Maddi
  34. eng 122

    You should use a formal tone when rewriting informal language. (Points : 1) True False answer true

    asked by madam
  35. eng 122

    The body paragraph includes which of the following? (Points : 1) analysis sentence example sentence restatement sentence all of the above answer all of the above

    asked by madam

    What are the differences between a hydrogen filled balloon and an air filled balloon flying or moving in air?

    asked by THE MASTER

    What is the difference between a hydrogen filled balloon and an air filled balloon moving in air? please answer. THe question is from the chapter PRESSURE.

    asked by A GOODSTUDENT
  38. Math

    Rushil and Timmy shared a sum of money in the ratio 3:4. If Timmy received R 6 more than Rushil, find the total sum of money shared between them.

    asked by Sanjay
  39. eng 122

    Academic writing uses regular conversational language. (Points : 1) True False ANSWER TRUE

    asked by madam
  40. math

    The H.C.F and L.C.M of two numbers are 8 and 504 respectively.One of the numbers is 72.Determine the other.

    asked by Rose Dawson
  41. science - chemistry

    How can we separate a mixture of iodine, napthalene, chalk dust and saw dust. Write the ans in the form of a flow chart.

    asked by shaan
  42. science

    A Geiger counter is used to measure the activity of a sample of iodine-131. Based on the data, what is the half-life of iodine-131? A. 16 days B. 8 days C. 4 days D. 12 days

    asked by finley
  43. Maths Unitary Method

    Cost of 4 doxen bananas🍌 is RS 104. how many bananas🍌 can be purchased for RS 6.50?

    asked by Sakshi
  44. PHYSICS pressure

    What is the difference between a hydrogen filled balloon and an air filled balloon moving in air?

    asked by A GOODSTUDENT
  45. chemistry

    what is the concentration of na and co3 ions in 0.2M aqueous solution of na2co3

    asked by Anonymous
  46. math

    Jordyn is a 15 Kg 2 ½ yr old with a fever and is ordered to receive Acetaminophen 200 mg to Q 4 hr for a fever >101. The SDR for Acetaminophen is 10-15 mg/Kg/dose Q 4hrs. Calculate the SDR for this child ? SDR = 15(10) – 15 (15) = 150-225 mg / dose. 3.

    asked by Tina
  47. ENG 122

    A conclusion tells readers what to expect from your essay. (Points : 1) True False ANSWER TRUE

    asked by madam
  48. eng122

    Most paragraphs should begin with a topic sentence. (Points : 1) True False answer false

    asked by madam
  49. Math

    If apples are 25 cent's, watermelon is 4 dollars, and cantaloupe is 50 cents . what 25 fruits can I buy with 25 dollars ??

    asked by Sal
  50. Math

    If I have 25 dollars and need to buy 25 fruits. The fruits is watermelon is 4 dollars. Peaches is 50 cents. Apples is 25 cents.what 25 fruits can I buy with 25 dollar's?

    asked by Anonymous
  51. math

    two sample of size 8 and 10 are drawn from two normally distributed populations having variances 20 and 36, respectively. find the probability that the variance of the first sample is more than twice the variance of the second sample.

    asked by rani singh

    why is glass called a supercooled liquid?

    asked by helpneeded
  53. Maths discount%

    Find the single discount equivalent to two successive discounts of 20% and 10%.

    asked by Vivek
  54. Geography

    What is the Australian local, state and federal governments' role in managing trade between the Asia-Pacific region?

    asked by DUA
  55. chemistry

    When is there a need to determine G? A. When H > 0 and S < 0 B. When H > 0 and S = 0 C. When H > 0 and S > 0 D. When H = 0 and S < 0

    asked by sofie
  56. maths

    If the length of a rectangular room is 4 times its width,how is the room if it is 6,8 m long.Calculate the perimeter of the room.

    asked by Anonymous
  57. eng 122

    Personal writing can be written in first person and contain personal opinions. (Points : 1) True False Answer true

    asked by madam
  58. eng 122

    You should introduce and discuss each quotation before beginning a new paragraph. (Points : 1) True False answer false

    asked by madam
  59. Math

    100(1+100) Example : 1+2+3+…+100= ----------- 2 Simplify: (x+1) + 2(x+1)+ …+1000(x+1)

    asked by Don
  60. Math

    On a map with a scale of 1:100m, what is the actual area of a land in hectares if it is 180 sq.m on the map?

    asked by NOEL
  61. math

    prove that two triangle formed by the diagonal of a parallelogram are congruent

    asked by kukut

    Why is glass considered as a supercooled liquid? answer please!!!

    asked by A GOODSTUDENT
  63. math

    The polynomials P (x)=x^3-x^2+4x and Q(x)= x^3+6x+10 leave the same remainder when divided by x-a .find the possible values of a and solve the inequality P (x) is greater than Q (x )

    asked by tinotenda
  64. eng 122

    the introduction includes which of the following? (Points : 1) background information thesis hook all of the above answer all of the above

    asked by madam
  65. eng 122

    It is important to transform informal language into academic voice. (Points : 1) True False answer true

    asked by madam
  66. eng 122

    Academic sources should be used as evidence. (Points : 1) True False ANSWER false

    asked by madam
  67. eng 122

    A couple sentences of background information on your topic will help establish context. (Points : 1) True False answer true

    asked by madam
  68. eng 122

    Writing with an academic voice means avoiding casual language. (Points : 1) True False answer true

    asked by madam
  69. calculus

    Find lim as (x,y) goes to (0,0) of (e^(-x^2-y^2)-1)/(x^2+y^2).

    asked by andre
  70. PHYSIC

    A block displacement causs of a force in a horizontal surface is 13m and the work done by the force on the block .6 joules .

    asked by karl
  71. Commerce

    What particular organizations in the community have an influence on the development of policy and laws in Australia?

    asked by DUA
  72. Algebra

    What would the domain of Y=_/2x+14)/(x^2)-49 be? (2x+14 is under a square root) There's a hole but I do not know how to factor them

    asked by Anonymous