Questions Asked on
August 14, 2016

  1. Art Help plzs

    which word means to influence someone in a positive and exciting manner?

    asked by Ashley
  2. math

    Renting a truck costs $55.00 per day and $0.38 per mile when the driver goes beyond the 40 free miles allotted. How much would Samantha pay when renting the truck for 2 days and driving a total of 94 miles?

    asked by bird
  3. SS

    Compare the tactics used by the French troops in the French and Indian War with those of the American patriots during the Revolution? Can you please give me some cites to read from or even some examples from mind?

    asked by asasasasasas
  4. surd

    In the isosceles triangle ACB AB=AC=4cm BAC= 30. and CN is an altitude. Find BN

    asked by Olumide
  5. Chemistry

    What are the equilibrium concentrations of all the solute species in a 0.95 M solution of hydrogen cyanide, HCN? The Ka value = 6.2 x 10^-10. (a) [H3O+], M; (b) [OH-], M; (c) [HCN], M; (d) What is the pH of the solution? For HCN So far i have calculated

    asked by Alice
  6. Bus Math

    On March 30, Wade accepted a nine-month $32,250 promissory note at 7% interest from one of his clients for work he completed. On April 27, he sold the note to his local bank at 9.5% interest. What were his proceeds?

    asked by demey
  7. Math Counting

    A bowl of candy contains many pieces of candy but only six different types of candy. How many ways can three pieces of candy be removed from the bowl? Assume you can remove one or more pieces of the same type of candy.

    asked by MoKing
  8. Algebra

    At a concession stand, three hot dogs and four hamburgers cost $12.00; four hot dogs and three hamburgers cost $10.75. Find the cost of one hot dog and the cost of one hamburger.

    asked by Rebecca
  9. Chemistry

    How many grams of hydrogen chloride acid containing 10% by mass of hydrogen chloride acid would be required to dissolve 13g of zinc

    asked by Mike
  10. physics

    a car whose brakes are locked skids to a stop in 100m from an initial velocity of 20m/s. find the coefficient of sliding friction

    asked by shiela
  11. physics

    A Photon of energy 240 KeV is scattered by a free electron. If the recoil electron has a Kinetic energy of 190 KeV, what is the wavelength of the scattered photon?

    asked by priyanka
  12. math

    The sum of the 1st nine terms of an arithmetic series is 216. The 1st,3rd and the 7th terms of series form the 1st three terms of a geometric series. Find the 1st term and the constant difference of the arithmetic series ?

    asked by mpho makua
  13. English

    1. A dog huddled in the shelter of the tunnel. (Add details about the subject) 2. It shivered in the wind. (Add descriptive details about an item in the compete predicate. 3. Finally, it left the shelter of the tunnel. (Add another predicate) 4. Its shadow

    asked by Hayden
  14. calculus

    A force of 10 pounds is applied to a wagon, directed at an angle of 30∘30∘. Find the component of this force pulling the wagon straight up, and the component pulling it horizontally along the ground.

    asked by andre
  15. math

    There are two distinct natural numbers. Each is first increased by 10 then by same percentage as each was increased for the first time. Each number finally results in 72 Find the difference between the numbers.

    asked by hiren
  16. Chemistry

    Determine the cell potential from the following half cells: Pb^o/Pb2+ and ZN^O/Zn2+ whre [Pb2+]=.86Mand [Zn2+]=0.35M Calculate K for this reaction. How long in hours would you have to let it go until you lower the voltage to 95 percent of the E from the

    asked by Jessica
  17. Pre-Calculus

    Use a graphing utility to graph the function y = d + a sin (bx - c) for different values of a, b, c, and d. Write a paragraph describing the changes in the graph corresponding to changes in each constant.

    asked by Iris
  18. physics

    A subway train starts from rest at a station and accelerates at a rate of until it stops at the next station. Find the distance covered. xtot=1800m

    asked by Light
  19. RTC

    The population of a southern city follows the exponential law. If the population doubled in size over 2929 months and the current population is 30 comma 00030,000​, what will the population be 33 years from​ now

    asked by maysam
  20. calculus

    Do the three points (1,2,0), (−2,1,1), and (0,3,−1) form a right triangle? I think they do by using dot product. Do the three points (1,1,1)(1,1,1), (2,3,2)(2,3,2), and (5,0,−1)(5,0,−1) form a right triangle? I think they don't.

    asked by andre
  21. history

    which northern georgia gas relies predominantly on coal mining for industry in its history? the Appalachian plateau the valley and ridge region the blue ridge mountains the upper coastal plain

    asked by Nick J.
  22. Chem 3

    Prepared by disolving 60g CaBr2 280g H2O the final volume of tje solution is 300ml. Calculate the mole of the solution, normality ,weight % of CaBr2,molality ,moles of fraction of CaBr2 ,moles fraction of H2O

    asked by Lavena
  23. English

    Is agony, and dumfounded tone words?

    asked by Jack
  24. algebra

    Substitute 6x² from 3y-2x+5x²

    asked by Donna
  25. Math

    Hello I'm stuck with these two questions The point (1,-2) is on the graph of f(x). Describe the following transformations on f (x) , and determine the resulting point. a) g(x)=f(x+1)-3 b) -f(2x)

    asked by Malik
  26. math help me out please

    There are two distinct natural numbers. Each is first increased by 10 then by same percentage as each was increased for the first time. Each number finally results in 72 Find the difference between the numbers. How to solve in easy way please help me

    asked by vipul
  27. algebra

    the probability of winning a particular game at the game store is one fourth. fine the odds of winning the game

    asked by ray
  28. math

    To enclose rectangular field whose area is 68200 square meter, a farmer used 1460 m of fencing material. What is the length and width of the field. Please answer.. Thank you

    asked by Nimuel
  29. Math

    Write the following as an equation and then solve: "The quotient of a number and ten is thirteen."

    asked by Michie
  30. math

    A class of students had a test. If each boy had got 3 points more for the test, then the average result of the class would had been 1,2 points higher. What percentage of the class are girls?

    asked by Amitabha
  31. math

    the numerator of a fraction is 3 less than the numerator.If half of the numerator is added to the numerator and the denominator,the resulting fraction is 1/2.Find the the fraction.

    asked by hans
  32. Science

    Bob created an experiment to test what plants need to survive. He believes plants only need water to live. In order to test his hypothesis, Bob planted two of the same types of plant. Only one received water and sunlight. While the other plant only

    asked by Hayden
  33. Math

    a tray with a square base is to be made from a square piece of cardboard by cutting 5 inch squares from each corner and folding up the sides. If the box is to hold a volume 520 cubic inches, find the length of the piece of cardboard that is needed.

    asked by Fairen
  34. math

    A 1963 Chevy Bel Air, a classic car today, cost $2400 new in mid-1963. How much would that be in 2012 dollars?

    asked by marina
  35. Math

    A rectangular paddock has an area of 240m². Find the breadth if the length is 8 meters longer than the breadth.

    asked by Dian
  36. Math

    The amount of interest earned on an investment is directly proportional to the amount of money invested. If 200, 000 pesos earns 15, 000 in a month, how much will a 150, 000 peso investment on the same venture earn in a year?

    asked by Bryn
  37. physics

    If a body is thrown upwards tends to go it to a height of 10mtrs.if initial velocity is doubled what will be the height reached

    asked by vinn
  38. Algabra

    Three times one number added to two times another give 34. The sum of the two number is 13 .find the numbers? Solutions

    asked by Hamdi
  39. math

    The sides of two squares differ by 25cm while the sum of their areas is 2425cm. What is the length of the side of each square. Please answer. Thank you

    asked by Nimuel
  40. English

    Kathy's family buys and serves healthy food. subject:Kathy's family verb: buys, serves

    asked by Kimmy
  41. English

    Kim's dog and her cat are good friends, most of the time. subject: Kim's dog and her cat verb: are

    asked by Kimmy
  42. math

    if inflation had been 3% each year from 2002 to 2012, what would theCPI have been in 2012?

    asked by marina
  43. Business statistics

    You chose a simple random sample of 300 guests you develop a 95 percent confidence interval estimate you found the following 325 and 32 determine the standard error of the sampling distribution determine the critical value z from the standard normal table

    asked by Kim
  44. English

    Find the verb. Exactly how does the brain work? verb: work

    asked by Kimmy
  45. Math

    Hello I'm stuck with these two questions The point (1,-2) is on the graph of f(x). determine the resulting point. a) g(x)=f(x+1)-3 b) -f(2x)

    asked by Malik
  46. science

    ten tonics with local produce that can help to reduce stress

    asked by esha
  47. math

    What is the quotient of 6 divided by 5/6?

    asked by haterofantaandkd
  48. Math

    The value of 50! Is the product of all the whole numbers from 1 to 50 inclusive, i.e. 50! = 1x2x3x...x49x50. Find the maximum number of divisions by 2.

    asked by jack
  49. Math

    1110 students at school, 230 of them are boys.if each classroom holds 30 many classroom are needed at school.

    asked by Dijo
  50. Algebra

    which is another way to write to 72 - (-25)

    asked by Nick J.
  51. chemisrty

    an object has a mass of 123 g and volume of 17cm3. calculate the density of the object

    asked by angel
  52. English

    Find the subject and verb. There are people in love with the sport. Verb: are subject: people

    asked by Kimmy