Questions Asked on
August 13, 2016

  1. Math

    Out of 40 student in a class 16 study English ,22study account & 26 eco. 5 study English & eco ,14 Account & eco 2 study all the three subject if each student studies at least one of the three subject. Find the number of student who study.

    asked by Ravi Yadav
  2. Chemistry

    Calculate the mass of the precipitate formed when 2.27 L of 0.0820 M Ba(OH)2 are mixed with 3.06 L of 0.0664 M Na2SO4.

    asked by David
  3. Math

    The scale drawing of a soccer field mis 1 inch= 10 yards. The drawing of a soccer field is 12 inches by 7.5 inches. Find the dimensions of the actual soccer field in square feet.

    asked by Michelle
  4. physics

    a 5kg ball is suspended by two strings one horizontally attached to a wall and one attached to the ceiling at a 35 degree angle, determine the tension in the slanted string, determine the tension in the horizontal string (you have to use a free body

    asked by bryan
  5. algebra

    You want to celebrate all of your recent successes. You decide to reward yourself and a special someone with a vacation to a destination of your choosing. For your trip you will need to stay in a hotel/resort and rent a car. You decide to rent a car for

    asked by sarah
  6. Math

    A model rocket is launched straight upward from the side of a 212-ft cliff. The initial velocity is 86 ft/sec. The height of the rocket h(t) is given by: h(t)=-16t^2+86t+212 where h(t) is measured in feet and t is the time in seconds. Use the quadratic

    asked by amy
  7. physics

    A girl delivering newspapers travels 4 blocks west, 6 blocks north, then 6 blocks east. What is the magnitude of her resultant displacement? Answer in units of blocks.

    asked by talpal
  8. algebra

    You also have two options for lodging. Write an equation FOR EACH OPTION that depicts the total cost of your stay, y, based on the number of days, x. Bilton Hotel: $100/night but you must pay an additional one-time fee of $40 for parking and other fees

    asked by alex
  9. math

    Determine the rate percent per annum if Rs6250 amounts to Rs6760 in six months interest being compounded quarterly.

    asked by ana
  10. math

    math problem-Car payments are determined using simple interest. To finance your vehicle purchase you have two choices. Write two equations, one for each bank, that models the banks' loan options using x for the price of the vehicle and y to represent the

    asked by amanda
  11. physics

    steam point and ice point of a mercury thermometer are marked as 80 and 20 what will be the temperature in centigrade mercury scale at 32

    asked by abc school
  12. physics

    Distance travelled by a ball dropped from a cliff in the 10th second.

    asked by Aniruddh
  13. probability statistics

    how many bridge hands are possible containing 4 spaders, 6 diamonds , 1 club and 2 heart?

    asked by jamie
  14. Advanced Functions

    Hello I'm stuck with these two questions The point (1,-2) is on the graph of . Describe the following transformations on , and determine the resulting point. a) g(x)=f(x+1)-3 b) -f(2x)

    asked by Malik
  15. Math

    Ben has a collection of 15 coins in quarters and dimes. There are 7 quarters in the collection. Is the ratio of quarters to dimes the same as dimes to quarters ?

    asked by Jayla
  16. math

    Neelesh is fond of playing number games. Once when his friends were present he challenged them. He said that he has thought of a five-digit number and anyone who guesses it correctly can use his cycle for a full day. ‘To help you,’ he said, ‘I shall

    asked by gayathri
  17. math

    " I am thinking of a number thrice my number minus 6 equals 66"

    asked by anna
  18. physics

    The speed of the bullet (m = 50g) and the speed of an electron ( m = 9.1 * 10-28g) are measured to be the same, namely 300 m/s, with an uncertainty of 0.01%. With what fundamental accuracy could we have located the position of each, if the position is

    asked by priyanka
  19. Chemistry

    Calculate the mass of solid which would be precipitated when 35g of carbon 4 oxide are passed through a solution of calcium hydroxide Show your work

    asked by Mike
  20. math

    There are eight different two-digit numbers: AD, BA, BG, CE, DB, DH, EF and FC. Each is less than 70 and divisible by 7. Each of the distinct letters represents a different digit. The same letter represents the same digit. Given E = 5, what is G?

    asked by gayathri
  21. geometry

    Your company is going to make frames as part of a new product they are launching.The frame will be cut out of a piece of steel and to keep the weight down,the final area should be 28 cm squared. The inside of the frame has to be 11 cm by 6 cm.What should

    asked by Rowi
  22. Physics/Science

    How much heat must be removed from 15.0g of water at 10°C to become ice at 0°C?

    asked by Kevin
  23. English

    1. He got the boy to open the door. 2. The boy was gotten to open the door. 3. The boy was made to open the door. 4. The boy was asked to open the door. ------------------------------- Which one is similar to #1? Are they all grammatical?

    asked by rfvv
  24. Pre-Calc

    Hello I'm stuck with these two questions The point (1,-2) is on the graph of . Describe the following transformations on , and determine the resulting point. a) g(x)=f(x+1)-3 b) -f(2x)

    asked by Malik
  25. Statistics

    Survey of 115 families chosen at random, having 5 children it was observed that the distribution was as follows The 5 children are girls is 6 There is one boy and four girls is 18 There are two boys and three girls is 35 There are three boys and two girls

    asked by Huruva Nomore
  26. Math

    If seven times a number is added to the squares of the number and the result is negative twelve, what are the numbers?

    asked by Stephanie

    How much heat must be removed from 5.0g of water at 10°C to become ice at 0°C ? (my name is Kevin and I changed it to KPL cuz there is another kevin here)

    asked by KPL
  28. Ross

    If seven times a number is added to the squares of the number and the result is negative twelve, what are the numbers?

    asked by Stephanie
  29. chemistry

    ?Fe(2+)+?NO3(-)+H(+)==》No+Fe(3+)+H2O What's the balanced equation?

    asked by Fred
  30. Science

    How the adhesion and cohesion properties of water are linked to photosynthesis😐

    asked by 🤓👑
  31. if the difference of two positive integer is 4,and

    if the difference of two positive integer is 4,and the difference of their square is 80,what is the sum of ? I'm

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Mechanical Vibration

    An engineer wishes to determine the moment of inertia oa a machine part mass 1.2 kilogram about a particular axis (the X-X' axis) through the CM. He locates the CM by suspending the object motionless from several different points around its periphery. He

    asked by Kerwin Jid Lingating
  33. math

    Ashwin and Kartik went to a resort by the coast for the weekend. Since both of them were good drivers, they decided to drive from their apartment complex in Mumbai. On the way to the resort, Ashwin drove for the first 90km and then Kartik took over for the

    asked by gayathri
  34. math

    The integer 113 is a prime, and its reverse 311 is also a prime. How many twodigit primes are there between 10 and 99 which have the same property?

    asked by gayathri

    How much heat must be removed from 5.0g of water at 10°C to become ice at 0°C ?

    asked by Kevin
  36. Math

    How do you draw a rectangular prism net with the ratio of the length to the breadth being 5:2

    asked by Uzair
  37. Analytical Chemistry

    how much volume of h2so4 is needed to produce a 0.953 Normality) of h2so4 if the 1 liter solution is 1.14 g/mL in density?

    asked by Sham
  38. math

    A team played 30 games of which it won.what part of the games played did it lose

    asked by fawad
  39. Java programming

    Need help not sure how do this Do an analysis of the following program: Write a program to input the dimension of a cylinder, and print the surface area and volume.

    asked by Poohboi
  40. math

    Peter received a six month post dated check for Php 100,000.00.(The check can only be cashed after six months.) He offers it to his friend for Php 92,000.00. His friend's money is presently earning 10% compouunded monthly. If there is 20% withholdingtax on

    asked by ann
  41. Math

    if the difference of two positive integer is 4,and the difference of their square is 80,what is the sum of ?

    asked by Aidah
  42. biology

    : How are cohesion and adhesion properties of water linked to photosynthesis

    asked by Nchimunya
  43. Pre-calc

    Hi Steve and Damon, if you're reading this, please take a look at my previous post because I had to apologize for my mistake. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My Home Work Question: Suppose that α is an angle such that tanα=5/7 and sinα0. Find

    asked by chizoba
  44. Safety

    Is you feel that an OSHA inspection is need to get hazards corrected at your work place, which is your best option? A- file a complaint online B- submit a written, signed complaint with a specific hazard information C- request a Health hazard evaluation

    asked by Ladado
  45. maths help

    There are two distinct natural numbers. Each is first increased by 10 then by same percentage as each was increased for the first time. Each number finally results in 72 Find the difference between the numbers. How to do in simplified way please help

    asked by Dharmesh
  46. Chemistry

    What volume of 0.123M NaOH contains 0.025 moles of NaOH?

    asked by Alicia
  47. math

    rohan pours 25 ml water in an half empty mug. now mugis 3/5 full. how much water can the mug hold ?

    asked by gayathri
  48. math

    A group of hardy trekkers started out on a challenging trek. Their number was less than 100. At night they found a shelter which could just about accommodate all the trekkers. However, in the shelter there were three-tiered bunk beds. Only one trekker

    asked by gayathri
  49. math

    Deepak, Eknath and Falguni got a sizeable amount of inheritance from their father who had just passed away. However, the sums they received were not equal. The siblings were fond of each other. Deepak being the eldest decided to give away ¼ of his share

    asked by gayathri
  50. math

    Birbal, the wise one among Emperor Akbar’s courtiers, is known to have solved several taxing conundrums to the satisfaction of everyone concerned. The sons of a well-known merchant once approached Birbal with a peculiar problem which they could not

    asked by gayathri
  51. science

    What is absolute zero temperature?

    asked by Bhawana
  52. Physics

    an object falls from the beach 45 meters above the water it falls directly into a boat which moves at a constant speed that was initially 12 meters from the point of impact when the object was released what was the speed of the boat

    asked by Abibi
  53. history

    calculate the tariff of your total stay in khaplu hotel.?

    asked by esha
  54. Maths

    1)Find the sum of the first 10terms of 16,8,4,... 2)Find the sum of the first 8terms of 1/9,1/3,1,...

    asked by Efa
  55. Math

    Create a word problem of your own about a triangle in any sports field. Write measures of all sides. Find area of the triangle by using Heron's formula.

    asked by Aish
  56. science

    list with match stick figures/pictures of some exercises to release stress.

    asked by esha
  57. algebra

    what is the expression for 17

    asked by nay
  58. Help- Precalc

    Suppose that α is an angle such that tan α=(5/7) and sinα0. Find the exact value of sine(α−β) -Direction (Simplify your​ answer, including any radicals. Use integers or fractions for any numbers in the​ expression.) Please show work + answer,

    asked by chizoba
  59. Maths

    1)16(1-1/2^10)/(1-1/2) 2)1/9(3^8-1)/(3-1)

    asked by Efa
  60. Pre-Calc

    Hi, can someone please teach me how to solve this? Find the exact value of the trigonometric expression cos(89)sin(29)+sin(89)sin(29)

    asked by chizoba
  61. Science

    What science field is Vantablack considered to be part of?

    asked by Mary
  62. Pre-calc

    Use the given information to determine the values of sinθ, cosθ​, and tanθ. tan2θ=7/11 ​; π

    asked by chizoba