Questions Asked on
August 12, 2016

  1. MATH

    ABCD is a rectangle and line DX and DY and XY are drawn where X is on AB and Y is on BC.the area of the triangle BXY is 4 ,area of triangle AXD is 5 and area of triangle CYD is 3.determine the area of the triangle DXY.

    asked by LISHA
  2. Math

    Abdul had 720 beads.He sold 648 of them. How many beads does he have left?

    asked by Anonymous
  3. math

    Irrational Perimeter and a Rational Area of a rectangle. a can = b can = Or, if it's impossible, explain how. Help me I'm confused.

    asked by jose
  4. LA

    Which of the following is an example of direct characterization? Two characters explain why they are angry with a friend. The story's narrator describes a character's personality and appearance. (MY ANSWER) One character reacts to another's unkind remark.

    asked by LOVE
  5. MATH

    ABCD is a rectangle and line DX and DY and XY are drawn where X is on AB and Y is on BC.the area of the triangle BXY is 4 ,area of triangle AXD is 5 and area of triangle CYD is 3.determine the area of the triangle DXY.

    asked by ALISHA
  6. LA

    A boy sees a snake lying still in the road. He bends close to look at it. Suddenly, the snake moves. The boy jumps back. A. A boy sees a snake lying in the road. B. The snake is lying still in the road. C. The boy bends down to look at it. D. Suddenly, the

    asked by LOVE
  7. Algebra 1

    To which subset(s) does the number –square root of twenty belong? Choose all that apply. (Irrational Numbers (Rational Numbers*** (Integers*** (Whole Numbers (Natural Numbers The maximum of choices is 2

    asked by Anonymous
  8. probability statistics

    how many numbers between 4000 and 7000 can be choosen using digita 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8 if each digit must not be repeated in any numbers?

    asked by jhenny
  9. math

    Maria spent 2/5 of her money on a book and 1/6 of the remainder on a P.E. uniform. If the book costs P105 more than the P.E. uniform, how much money did she have at first?

    asked by billy
  10. eng 122

    A petition to change public policy is likely to be an example of ________________ argumentation. (Points : 1) Classic Consensual

    asked by madam
  11. English

    1. I awoke to find myself famous. 2. I woke up to find myself famous. 3. I awoke and found myself famous. 4. I woke up and found myself famous. -------------- Are they all the same and grammatical?

    asked by rfvv
  12. English

    1. He takes after his father. 2. He resembles his father. 3. He is similar to his father. 4. He looks like his father. (Are they all the same in meaning? Do you have other similar expressions) 5. Let's discuss the matter. 6. Let's talk over the matter. 7.

    asked by rfvv
  13. Maths

    Evaluate ∫▒√tan x sec2x dx

    asked by hezzy
  14. Biology

    How are cohesion and adhesion properties of water linked to photosynthesis

    asked by Tabo
  15. Algebra

    1. The opposite of ¨C4 is (1 point) 4. ¨C4. ¨C(¨C(¨C4)). ¨C|4|. 2. The opposite of ¨C10 is (1 point) ¨C(¨C(¨C10)). ¨C10. 10. ¨C|10|. 3. Which symbol is used to make ¨C5 ? ¨C8 a true statement? (1 point) > < = ¡Ù 4. Which symbol is used to

    asked by James Bondd
  16. science

    Calculate the pH of the solution 5ml of M/5,HCl+10ml of M/10 NaO

    asked by KANNAN
  17. Maths

    asked by Esha
  18. eng 122

    Hype and propaganda ____________________________________________ (Points : 1) are messages that try to change your beliefs by manipulating your feelings, often with misinformation. are great ways to obtain the latest information and research on a subject.

    asked by madam
  19. English

    1. There were lots of poor people in the mid 1900s. 2. There were lots of poor people in the mid-1900s. (Are both grammatical?)

    asked by rfvv
  20. Stats

    Urn 1 contains 3 green balls and 5 white balls, and Urn 2 contains 2 green balls and 4 white balls. A ball is drawn from each urn. What is the probability that both balls are green?

    asked by San
  21. eng 122

    Irony should be used in academic writing. (Points : 1)

    asked by madam
  22. Algebra

    -5 ? -8 which symbol needs to be right there > < = ‚

    asked by James Bondd
  23. math

    a six-faced die was thrown 28 times. the table shows the number that each possible score occurred. score 1 2 3 4 5 6 frequency 8 6 6 2 4 2 (a) After the 27th throw the median score was 2. what was the least possible score on the 28th throw? (b) The die was

    asked by max
  24. English

    1. I walked to school, feeling embarrassed. 2. I walked to school, and I felt embarrassed. 2-2. I walked to school, and felt embarrassed. 2-3. I walked to school and I felt embarrassed. 3. I walked to school, while I felt embarrassed. 3-2. I walked to

    asked by rfvv
  25. propability

    Albino rats used to study the hormonal regulation of a metabolic pathway are injected with a drug that inhibits body synthesis of protein. Usually, 4 out of 20 rats die from the drug before the experiment is over. This time round, 10 animals are treated

    asked by mesmmqq
  26. statistics

    how many arrangements can be made from the word MATHEMATICS when all are taken at a time ?

    asked by jella
  27. English

    Wilfrid Laurier, John A. Macdonald, Queen Elizabeth II, William Lyon Mackenzie King, ______ ______.

    asked by Grace
  28. science

    10ml of 1M H_2 〖SO〗_4 will completely neutralize 10ml of xM NaOH solution. what is the value of x

    asked by KANNAN
  29. algebra 2

    You toss a polybutadiene rubber ball 40 feet straight up from ground level. Each time it bounces, it rebounds 2/3 of the distance from which it fell. It continues bouncing indefinitely. How far does it travel before it comes to rest?

    asked by Kate
  30. LA

    Which quote from the selection shows that a character may be experiencing internal conflict? No one, It seems, had though to check a weather forecast. The last wisps of light dissolved. James fussed at the others, who ignored him. Arturo sighed heavily and

    asked by LOVE
  31. car rental agency

    company a- $30/day 22cents/mile company b- $28/day 26 cents/mile For a 2-day rental, at what number of mile will the two companies charge the same. Steps please

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Math-Direct Variation

    can you please show me how to set this up? The variables x and y vary directly. When x is 3, y is 6. Find x when y = 2/3

    asked by Lucas
  33. English

    1. When school was over, we went home. 2. School being over, we went home. 3. School over, we went home. --------------------------- #1 can be changed into #2, right? What about #3? Can we use #3?

    asked by rfvv
  34. Math

    -6 ? |-8| what symbol > < =

    asked by Nick J.
  35. English

    1. You will have to go there, won't you? 2. You must solve the problem, mustn't you? 3. You shall leave for the city, shan't you? 4. Jacob had better go there, hadn't he? 5. Emily should have come earlier, shouldn't she? ----------------- Are the tag

    asked by rfvv
  36. English

    1. People have always imagined ...... 2. What would it be like to live in the future? 3. What will it be like to live in the future? 4. What is it like to live in the future? 1+2. People have always imagined what it would be like to live in the future.

    asked by rfvv
  37. Maths

    Prove that 1+cosx+sinx/1-cosx+sinx=cotx

    asked by Joel
  38. Maths

    Plse Help how do you obtain the maximum value and minimum value of a quadratic equation like for , 1/11+8x-2x^2

    asked by Joel
  39. English

    1. Some ideas still seem to be a long way off. 2. Some ideas still seem to be far off. 3. The town is a long way off. 4. The town is far off. ============== Can we use 'far' instead of 'a long way'? What other expressions can we use instead of 'a long

    asked by rfvv
  40. multiplication word problems

    There are 8 crayons in box. How many crayons are in 6 boxes

    asked by galaxy ann moon
  41. Algebra

    Find the average rate of change of h (x)=2x squared-7x from x=1 to x=5. Simpifily your answer as much as possible.

    asked by Cody
  42. english

    The crowd shouted at him

    asked by sayon
  43. Pre-Calculus

    You are given the value of tan Θ. is it possible to find the value of sec Θ without finding the measure of Θ? Explain.

    asked by Iris
  44. math

    How to solve divide 90 by the sum of 7 and 8

    asked by nene
  45. maths

    goods costing ₹540 are sold at a gain of 10% . Find the SP

    asked by Anonymous
  46. physics

    Use the data below to draw a velocity-time graph. (5) NB: Consider Acceleration, constant speed, deceleration of the object. Time 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Velocity 15 17 19 21 21 21 31 41 51 50 49 48 47 46 45

    asked by sakkeus
  47. physics

    a transverse wave on a string travels with speed of 55m/s and has a wavelenght of 062m and an amplitude of 050cm. what is the maximum speed and maximum acceleration of a point on a string

    asked by meriam sigauke
  48. science(chemistry)

    A laboratory instructure gives a sample of Amino-powder to each if four students,1,2,3 and 4,and they weigh the samples.The true value is 8.72g.Their results for three trails are (1),8.72g,8.74g,8.70g (2),8.56g,8.77g,8.83g (3),8.50g,8.48g,8.51g

    asked by mary tembo
  49. maths

    A worm climbs a rod by 5cms in one second and falls by 2cm next second. How many seconds it will take to climb 60cms rod?

    asked by KRISHNA
  50. science

    if 〖HNO〗_3 changes into N_2 O,then calculate the change in oxidation number.

    asked by KANNAN
  51. math

    diamonds , 1 club and 2 heart

    asked by hannah
  52. Chemistry

    What is the number of molecules in 22. 4 dm^3 of nitrogen gas at STP?

    asked by Vinayak
  53. Math

    Covert 0.1515 to a fraction. I'm not sure how to do this but I do know the answer is. 303 / 2000

    asked by FluttershyK22
  54. Math

    Blockbuster movie charges ten dollars for membership fee, and an additional three dollars and fifty cents for each movie rental. Write an equation to describe the cost, c , of renting x movies including the membership fee.

    asked by Insaf
  55. math

    So i was going over a problem that i didn't understand which is What is the slope of the function described in the table below? x I y 0 | -3 2 | -2 4 | -1 6 | 0 the choices were f) -3 g) 1/2 h) 2 J) 3 i know that the answer is g because my family told me

    asked by Katherine
  56. English

    1. When this had been done, he appeared to be satisfied. 2. This having been done, he appeared to be satisfied. 3. This done, he appeared to be satisfied. ----------------------------- Can we use all the expressions? Are they the same? 4. When our dinner

    asked by rfvv