Questions Asked on
August 10, 2016

  1. Math

    A denominator of a fraction exceeds the numerator by 1 if 2 is taken from each the sum of the reciprocal of the new fraction and 4 times the original fraction is 5. Find the original fraction

    asked by Anjana
  2. Math

    Divide 52728 by the smallest number so that the quotient is a perfect cube. Also find the cube root of the quotient

    asked by Doc
  3. Chemistry

    The weight of a pure sample of KClO3 to be decomposed in order to get 0.96 of O2.

    asked by Yathishnv27
  4. child care

    According to the CFOC guidelines, which of the following is true as it relates to grains? A. Grains are whole and enriched breads, cereals, crackers, pasta, and rice. B. Grains should be avoided until a child is 3 years of age. C. Grains should be limited

    asked by thilini
  5. physics

    A cars starts from rest and after 20 seconds its velocity becomes 108 km-1 find the acceleration of the car

    asked by hamza
  6. math

    The dimension of a rectangular metal box are 3 cm,5cm and 8cm.if the first two dimensions are increased by the same number of centimeters, while the third dimension remains the same, the new volume is 34 cubic cetimeters more than the original volume.what

    asked by leamay
  7. math

    A shipment of 9 printers contains 4 that are defective. Find the probability that a sample of size 4​, drawn from the​ 9, will not contain a defective printer . the probability is ?

    asked by sam
  8. math

    a tank was 10 percent full and contained 30l of water what is the full capacity of the tank please dear lectures it is not my homework i am poor in math and tommorow is my test if i could please get the work now

    asked by kaveeta
  9. chemistry

    how many numbers of oxygen molecules are present in 3 litres of CO2 at STP?

    asked by sony
  10. Math

    Marian bought a 2 L bottle of fruit juice for 5.99 Isaac bought a 0.75 L bottle of the same juice for 2.95 Which was the better buy?Explain

    asked by Anna
  11. newton

    the sum of the first 12 terms of an AP is 168.if the third term is 7,find the value of common difference and first term

    asked by isaac
  12. Geometry

    A carousel ride rotates in a clockwise direction at a rate of five times per minute. A rectangular gondola has vertices K(1, 1), L(1, 3), M(2, 3), and N(2, 1). What are the coordinates after fifteen seconds? Round to the nearest tenth. Give the coordinates

    asked by King
  13. Biology

    1. Which of the following is not a characteristic of life? A. maintains homeostasis *** B. composed of cells C. composed of atoms D. carries out metabolism 2. Which of the following must be true to consider something to be alive? A. It must be able to

    asked by Amber
  14. World history

    1Which of the following would john locke most favor Republic Oligarchy Theocracy Absolute monarchy 2Whay was james i resistant to working with parliament He believed in the absolute power of kings He did not agree with the policies of the prime minister

    asked by Karen
  15. hindi

    plz tell us what was the novels of (Usha Privandha)hindi poet plz tell us date vise novels name who wrote by usha privandha....

    asked by shehzad
  16. Science 1 question help plz thank you

    Which of the following is not true about bias. A. Personal bias involves the influence of your own likes and dislikes B. Ethical bias involves basing a conclusion on too little data C. Cultural bias is influence from culture in which you grew up D.

    asked by lilly
  17. Math

    Find the volume of a cake of edge 4cm.

    asked by Chelsea
  18. math

    whats the answer to rounding 387,422 to the nearest hundred thousand...and how to get it??

    asked by freddy
  19. Physical Chemistry

    A 1.00M sucrose solution freezes at -1.8 degree Celsius. What is the freezing point of 1.00M glucose solution?

    asked by Winnie
  20. Art History

    1.which inference can be made of the following statement? art is the difference between seeing and just identifying. need to see it to believe it B. don't believe everything you see C. to understand art you must look deeper*** D. art is ordinary (I

    asked by GummyBears18
  21. ap chemistry

    Propane gas and oxygen gas will chemically react via combustion. Write a blanced equation for this change and then use stoichiomety problem solving to determine the number of carbon dioxide molecules that can theoretically form.

    asked by anonymous
  22. physics

    a particle at rest starts in horizontal strsight line with uniform acceleration ratio distance during 4th and 3rd sec ond

    asked by thiru
  23. math

    your class had a pizza party. 3\8 of one pizza was left over after 4/8 of another pizza was left over .you put them both into one box. how much pizza do you have altogether?

    asked by Nia
  24. math

    a number is 160 when rounded off to the nearest ten.whta is the smallest possible value of the number?

    asked by Anonymous
  25. algebra

    1.)If the airline charges $320 per passenger, find the profit made by the airline for flying 10,000 passengers from New York to Atlanta. Use the equation editor to show all work. Write a sentence to explain your answer. Remember: Profit = Revenue - Cost

    asked by brandon b
  26. Maths

    the centre of circumscribing the quadrilateral whose sides are 3x+y=22,x-3y=14 and 3x+y=62.

    asked by Rishi
  27. math

    In an examination 80% candidates passed in English and 85% candidates passed in Mathematics. If 73% candidates passed in both these subjects, then what per cent of candidates failed in both the subjects?

    asked by dev
  28. Math

    Approximately 1 in every 10 people is left handed. How many left handed people would you expect to find in a group of 430 people?

    asked by Amy
  29. Math

    Add 3 hours 43 minutes and 5 hours 56 minutes.

    asked by Chelsea
  30. Maths

    Express four hundred and one thousand eight hundred and nine in figures.

    asked by Chelsea
  31. Math

    Mark makes 10% of 100, Lindsay makes 5% of 400, Kelly makes 15% of 100, what's the median average?

    asked by Ellen
  32. probability

    John hs 3 red markers and 5 blue markers. What is the probability that he picks a red marker, and then, without replacing it, selects another red marker? Please show me how to set this up (you don't have to give me the answer)...thank you

    asked by John
  33. Pre-algebra

    9 less than k

    asked by Brooklyn
  34. math

    a circle with center o has radius of 5cm and angle of 60 degrees. find the area of the minor sector find the area of angle aob find the area of the minor segment find the length of the arc minor arc i found the area which is 78.54cm pi =3.14

    asked by uniquestarz
  35. Math

    Player B longest home run distance is 500 feet there are 5280 feet in one mile how many home runs will player B need to hit at his longest distance for the total to be greater than 1 mile

    asked by Zach
  36. Math

    What do you do when you have for sale factor 0.5 and 0.25

    asked by Maria
  37. Pre-Calc

    Hi, Find the exact value of the following expression: Sin^-1(1/radical2) (Its inverse sin(1/radical2) Direction -(Type your answers in interval notation. Type an exact answer using pi as need) Please show how you got the answers so I can use this as a

    asked by Chizoba
  38. Math

    Player B longest home run distance is 500 feet there are 5280 feet in one mile how many home runs will player B need to hit at his longest distance for the total to be greater than 1 mile

    asked by Zach
  39. Chemistry

    We add 54g of aluminum to a graduated cylinder containing 50mL of water. What will be the level of water in the cylinder after aluminum has been added?

    asked by Domo
  40. Chemistry

    The density of silver is 10.5 g/mL, so what is the mass of a 16.3cm^3 piece of silver?

    asked by Domo
  41. MATH

    Where would I place the praentheses to make this sentence ture....10+5×4^2÷2^3

    asked by 😡😡😡😡MATH
  42. Calculus

    The velocity of an object is given by the velocity function v(t)=t/42. If the object is at the origin at time t=0, find the position at time t=20.

    asked by Sam
  43. science

    Find the pressure exereted by a girl weighing 400N.standing on one heel of area 1cm square

    asked by sahil
  44. Calculus

    Use L'Hoplital's rule to find the limit. Lim x->0 (3-3cos(x))/(sin(4x))

    asked by Sam
  45. Calculus 1

    Find the limit. lim x->0 (e^(6/x)+8x)^(x/2)

    asked by Kate
  46. Calculus

    Find dy/dx. e^(xy)=sin(x)

    asked by Maggie
  47. Sum of geometric sequences


    asked by Anonymous
  48. math

    the ratio of two numbers is 5/6 : 2/3 by what % second number is more or less than the 1st number

    asked by ratio
  49. chemistry

    Ammonia decomposes upon heating to produce nitrogen and hydrogen elemental products. Write a balanced equation and then use stoichiometry problem solving to determin the mass of nitrogen product that can form if exactly 25.50 grams of ammonia(NH3) is fully

    asked by anonymous
  50. Math

    The number of eggs Meg collected over the week were: Monday=8 eggs, Tuesday =5 eggs, Wednesday=6 eggs , Thursday=7 eggs, Friday=6 eggs, Saturday=5 eggs. By Sunday the weeks average was 6 eggs per day. How many eggs were collected on Sunday?

    asked by Nicole
  51. ap chemistry

    Ammonia decompose upon intense heating to produce nitrogen and hydrogen elemental products. Write a balanced equation and then use stoichiometry problem solving to determin the mass of nitrogen product that can form if exactly 25.50g of ammonia is fully

    asked by anonymous
  52. chemistry

    when heated, kclo3 decomposes into kcl ad 02. 2kclo3--> 2kcl+3o2 if this reaction produced 61.7 g of kcl, how much o2 was produced (in grams)?

    asked by AA
  53. physics

    At a pressure 48 kPa, the gas in a cylinder has a volume of 15 liters. Assuming temperature remains the same, if the volume of the gas is decreased to 8 liters, what is the new pressure?

    asked by quick help needed
  54. Math

    If sin theta=3/5 THen cos theta wil be

    asked by Trignometrical ratios
  55. HIstory

    What was the outcome of the Miners' strike 1984-1985?

    asked by Dylan
  56. science

    calculate the mass of 120 cc of nitrogen at NTP. How many number of molecules are present in it?

    asked by sandy
  57. science

    what is the value f g on moon?

    asked by jazleen
  58. science

    calculate the number of molecules of hydrogen and carbon present in 4 gof methane.

    asked by sony
  59. Science

    1.How is scientific inquiry useful? 2.What does all scientific inquiry have in common? 3. define science and explain what scientists do.

    asked by Senpai onii-chan
  60. algebra

    The airline cost for x passengers, measured in thousands of passengers, to travel round trip from New York to Atlanta is given by c(x)=^0.3x+1 where (c)x is measured in millions of dollars and x>0 Find the airline’s cost for 10,000 passengers (remember,

    asked by ayoma
  61. algebra

    1.) The volume of a rectangular box is 64 ft3. If the width is 3 times longer than the height, and the length is 9 times longer than the height, find the dimensions of the box. Define your variables then show all work using the equation editor. Write a

    asked by ashley
  62. probability statistics

    A jar contains 6 red, 7 white, and 7 blue marbles. If a marble chosen at random. Find the following probabilities? A)P(red) B)P(white) C)P(red or blue) D)P(red and white)

    asked by charles
  63. English

    Can someone help me identify the poetic devices? I only have a few The Wishing Bone By: Stephen Mitchell It happened on a winter’s day (The air was cold, the sky was gray): Out walking in the woods alone, I came upon a wishing bone. I picked it up and

    asked by ALH
  64. History

    Roughly how many former memberes of Congress and staffers serving as lobbyists were involved in the health care reform debate in 2009

    asked by zarita
  65. PE

    Which side of the health triangle corresponds to having loving relationships with others and giving and accepting help? A. physical health B. mental and emotional health C. social health D. non of the above I think b or c.

    asked by anonomys
  66. Social studies

    Why were backcountry colonists more self-sufficient that plantation owners? A.They had more slaves to help them. B. Farming along the coast provided everything they needed. C.Living in the "breadbasket" Provieded them with enought money from their cash

    asked by W.e
  67. Maths

    prove that (2×4×6×8×....2016)-(1×3×5×...2015)is divisible by 2017

    asked by Vandit
  68. Math

    Which set of integers are in the right order from least to greatest? A.|-10|,-3,2,7 B.7,|-10|,-3,2 C.2,-3,7,|-10| D.-3,2,7,|-10|

    asked by Bri
  69. Pre algebra

    Write each of the following expressions without using absolute value. |x−y|, if x

    asked by cali
  70. Algebra

    Six less than three times a number is two more than four times the number.find the number

    asked by Gina
  71. Math

    LCD 3/4 1/8 7/16 3/32

    asked by Anonymous
  72. Math

    Write an equation and solve: You have$100 on a gift card. You buy a pair if jeans for $45. T-shirts are on sale for $11 each. How many shirts can u buy with the money remaining on the gift card?

    asked by Amy
  73. History

    Many changes occurred to the a freedman's life during reconstruction. Which of the following freedoms did these individuals gain? 1- right to legalize a marriage and raise a family 2- freedom to choose where to live 3- freedom to establish churches and

    asked by Steve
  74. Math

    y>4= -36 solve for y

    asked by FluttershyK22
  75. Math

    What is the value of 0.7 of 70?

    asked by Chelsea