Questions Asked on
August 8, 2016

  1. Physics

    A pump of 200 W power is lifting 2 kg water from an average depth of 10 meters per second. Find the velocity of water delivered by the pump?

    asked by Deepen
  2. Physics

    (a) Find the electric field at x = 5.00 cm in Figure 18.52(a), given that q = 1.00X10^-6;C . (b) At what position between 3.00 and 8.00 cm is the total electric field the same as that for –2q alone? (c) Can the electric field be zero anywhere between

    asked by Elizabeth
  3. Science

    Which of the following are examples of science? Mark all that apply. A. a journalist writes a story about a man who became rich by buying stock on Tuesdays B.a woman chooses an item to purchase based on its packaging C. a farmer consults a weather almanac

    asked by Amber
  4. math

    Saleem salary is Rs 12000.he gave 1/12 th of his salary as alms, half of the remaining that was debt upon him.What is the remaining salary with him?

    asked by aliza
  5. Social Studies

    What was the significance of the battle at fort necessity? A) British defeated the French and went on to claim Fort Duquesne B) the battle ended the French and Indian war C) the battle ended in a stalemate but with heavy losses on both sides D) it was one

    asked by Badjejehe
  6. Chemistry

    If 152 grams of ethane (C2H6) are reacted with 231 grams of oxygen gas, what is the excess reactant? 2C2H6 + 7O2(g) → 4CO2(g) + 6H2O(g)

    asked by Rohit
  7. physics

    . A ball is thrown so that it just clears a 10 feet fence 60 feet away. If it left the hand 5 feet above the ground and at an angle of 60° with the horizontal, what was the initial velocity of the ball?

    asked by kathleen
  8. math

    Saleems salary is rs 12000.he gave 1/12 th of his salary as alms.half of the remaining for house expenditure and 2/5th of remainig as debt that was due upon him.what is the remaining salary with him?

    asked by aliza
  9. Science

    A person can throw a stone to a maximum distance of 100m.the greatest height to which he can throw the stone is?

    asked by Abilasa
  10. math

    Mrs. Sen makes two third of her garden into a vegetable garden. She plants tomatoes in one fourth of the vegetable garden. what fraction of the garden does she use to grow tomatoes?

    asked by Shree Devi
  11. Science

    Which of the following is true? Mark all that apply. A. a hypothesis can be proved incorrect through experiment B. conclusions cannot disprove a hypothesis C. conclusions are made based on the analysis of data D. opinion is used to analyze data Is it A and

    asked by Amber
  12. precal

    Find all solutions of the equation in the interval , 02π . =2sin2x−2cosx Write your answer in radians in terms of π . If there is more than one solution, separate them with commas.

    asked by teresa
  13. Applied Stats

    Based on the data collected by the National Centre for health Statistics and made available to the public in the Sample Adult database, it was found that the percentage of adults who have at some point in their life been told that they have hypertension

    asked by Anonymous
  14. statistics

    A manufacturer has a maximum of 240, 360, and 180 kilograms of wood, plastic and steel available. The company produces two products, A and B. Each unit of A requires 1, 3 and 2 kilograms of wood, plastic and steel respectively; each unit of B requires 3, 4

    asked by mary
  15. Chemistry

    If 0.500 mol of each of the following solutes is dissolved in 2.0 L of water, which will cause the greatest increase in the boiling point of the solution? A. KI B. CO2 C. Na2SO4 D. NaCl

    asked by SahDuuude
  16. Math

    Amanda uses the equation y= kx to determine how much money (y) she earns after working any number of hours (x). Amanda earned $350 after working 40 hours. What is the value of k in Amand's equation?

    asked by Amy
  17. Chemistry

    If 0.500 mol of each of the following solutes is dissolved in 2.0 L of water, which will cause the greatest increase in the boiling point of the solution? A. KI B. CO2 C. Na2SO4 D. NaCl

    asked by OTP
  18. physics

    what is the maximum torque on a rectangular coil 5 cm x 12 cm and with 600 turns when carrying a current of 0.0700A in a uniform field with magnitude 0.300T?

    asked by alan
  19. Math

    "A fix it business charges 40 dollars per hour or any fraction thereof. Write a step function for the costs up to 3 hours." I'm not sure how to go about this...I know that it's a step function, but I'm not sure how I would go about writing it. Help ASAP

    asked by Leyla
  20. Calc - help needed

    Hi, I'm stuck at this question: List all points on the graph of y=tanx on the interval [-3π/2,2π] that have a y-coordinate of (1/radical3). This is my answer, but I keep getting it wrong. Someone, please explain​ how to go about solving this. I have

    asked by chizoba
  21. Maths B

    From the top of height y m the angle of depression of a Channel swimmer at X is 30°. She swims directly towards the base of the cliff such that 1 minute later, at Y, the angle of depression from the top of the cliff to the swimmer is 50°. Given that her

    asked by IBM
  22. Statistic

    A bouquet of roses is to be composed by a florist. Six roses are chosen at random from four red roses and five white roses. In how many ways can the bouquet of roses be composed if there must be more white roses than red roses?

    asked by eleena
  23. Chem

    Which of the following results from the presence of a solute in a given solvent? A. The vapor pressure of the solution is lower than that of the pure solvent. B. The boiling point of the solution is lower than that of the pure solvent. C. The freezing

    asked by Cherry
  24. Math

    If £480 is shared in the ratio 1:2:3,what is the value of each share?

    asked by Chelsea
  25. Chem

    An antifreeze solution is prepared containing 40.0 g of ethylene glycol (molar mass = 62.0 g/mol) in 60.0 g of water. Calculate the freezing point of this solution. Which calculation is it? A. 120.1⁰C B. -20.1⁰C C. 0.518 ⁰C D. 20.1⁰C

    asked by Cherry
  26. Math

    At 6th grade school dance , there 132boys and 89 girls and 14 adults

    asked by Jesenia
  27. Math

    At 6th grade school dance , there 132boys and 89 girls and 14 adults

    asked by Jesenia
  28. IIS math

    There are fifteen apples on the tree.six are on the ground.which number sentence shows how to find the total number of apples?

    asked by Jimsa
  29. value

    A block slidly on africtionless inclined plane placed an angle of inclination.If the block starts from rest to the top find the time to reach the bottom and the velocity at the bottom?

    asked by value
  30. Physics

    If the ball moves through the air for 3.2 seconds, what is the horizontal distance traveled by the ball? Round your answer to the nearest tenth

    asked by Briana
  31. Math

    Which of the following is equivalent to the expression 8 to the -5 power times 8 to the second power A) 1/8 to the 7 power B) 1/8 to the 3 power C) 8 to the 3 power D) 8 to the 7 power I was in between b and c but im pretty sure its c is it?

    asked by Katherine
  32. Math

    A penguin dove to 130 feet below the waters surface. Then it swam up to 48 feet. At what depth is the penguin after it swam up 48 feet?

    asked by Amy
  33. Math

    Simplify the following: 28 - 6n + 7 (5n-2)-2n

    asked by Amy
  34. Calculas

    Write the equation for a line in point slope form and in slope intercept form parallel to 3x-4y=12 and passes through (8,3).

    asked by Edgar Martinez
  35. Math

    How many 10cm x 10cm tiles are needed to tile an area 2m long and 1.2m wide?

    asked by Chelsea
  36. Physics

    A block slidly on a frictionless inclined plane if the block starts from rest to the top.Then,find the time to reach to the bottom and the velocity at the bottom

    asked by Abawey
  37. biology

    Discuss morphologycally the human tissues

    asked by lyn aliñabon
  38. Math

    Camilla worked 71 hours in July. How many minutes did Camilla work in July?

    asked by Kassidy
  39. Math

    Sam has saved twice as much as Mick,but only one-fifth as much as Benji.If Mick has saved £23,how much has Benji saved?

    asked by Chelsea
  40. math quadratic functions

    Alice cuts a ribbon of length 40cm into two pieces to form two squares as shown in th figure (there was no figure, but from my assumption the two squares are probably different ). Let xcm be the length of a side of one of the two squares a)express the

    asked by Rose
  41. mathematics

    a public ferry travelled 220 km along with current of the wind it's travelled 63 km against the current 24 km/hr at the same time. find the current of the wind?

    asked by anthony
  42. biology

    Discuss physiologically the importance of human tissues

    asked by lyn aliñabon
  43. Math

    Suppose that the half-life of a substance is 250 yrs. .If there were initially 100 g of substance .How much will remain after 500 years??with solution please

    asked by Queen
  44. statistics

    i have a little bit of trouble finding the first and second quartile of this data set:78,91,88,83,84. I know my median is 88,but i cannot see a way to find Q1 ad Q3,plz help!!😄

    asked by Mirandal
  45. Algebra Quadratic Functions

    HOW DO YOU DO PART TWO? The performer stands on a tightrope 3m above ground and theows a diabolo upwards. In each throw , the height (ym) of the diabolo above the ground after s seconds is given by y=-s^2+3s+4 1) Find maximum height that the diabolo can

    asked by Rose
  46. Mathematics

    solve 7(x + 4) - 2/3 (x - 6) < 2 (x - 3(x + 5)

    asked by Lansana Ansumana
  47. Math

    Jack spent $21.70 on 6 notebooks and 7 pencils and has some money left. To buy another notebook he will be short of $0.30. To buy one more pencil, he would have $0.50 left. How much does a notebook cost?

    asked by P5 Math
  48. Math

    A rope of lenght 6.3 is cut into two piece in the ratio 4:5. Find the difference in the lenghts of the two pieces.

    asked by Ikhlaas
  49. Science

    If 50% if reactant is converted to product in first order in 25 much of it would react in 100 minutes?

    asked by Kinetics
  50. Math

    Peter received a six month post dated check for 100,000 (the check can only be cashed after six months) he offers it to a friend for 92,000 .His friend's money is presently earning 10% compounded monthly.If there is 20% withholding tax on interest ,which

    asked by Queen
  51. finance

    Question #28 The construction of abuilding costing $12,0CI0,000 started i* Year I and was completed and occupied in Year 2 (two years constructions). $8,000,000 of the construction costs was incurred in Year I and the halance in Year 2. Using the old rules

    asked by Payal
  52. 6

    The pet store aquarium holds 32 fish. Today 13 angelfish and 19 are clownfish to the total number of fish in the aquarium

    asked by Michael
  53. Math

    How many 2 digit numbers can you make using 1 and 2,if the digits can be repeated?

    asked by Ann
  54. science

    how are cohesion and adhesion properties of water linked to photosynthesis?

    asked by k
  55. Math

    If one pack of lawn feed treats 12 square metres,how many packs are needed for a lawn 15m long and 4m wide?

    asked by Chelsea
  56. Math

    If 3 hens lay 6 eggs in 4 days, how many eggs would 5 hens lay in 8 days?

    asked by Lillie
  57. Algebra Quadratic EFuncyoon

    David has 200m of fencing to enclose three identicle rectangular pens as shown in the figure. Let x be the length of each pen. a) express the total area of the pens in terms of x My answer: 2x^2-100x (It is correct according to the answer key) b) find the

    asked by Rose
  58. English-Grammar

    Is the following correct? "The abysmal absence of food deprived me of energy."

    asked by Nevaeh
  59. physics

    The stiffness of an elastic substance is 700N/m calculate the extension of the substance when the load of 25 kg hang on it (g is 9.8m/s squred)

    asked by oluwabunmi
  60. Calc

    find the equation of the line that is tangent to the curve 𝙛(𝑥)= 5 +3x² -x⁵ at the point (1,7)

    asked by S
  61. Math

    If a movie starts at 9:45 pm and its a 2hr and 14 mins movie, what time is it over?

    asked by Li
  62. math

    The measure of one angle is six more than three times the measure of another angle. If the two angles are complementary, find the measure of each. i keep trying to answer these type of questions but i always get the wrong answer?

    asked by Kenny
  63. math

    In the number 8,920,000 the digits in the tens and hundreds places are the least and the same. What are they?

    asked by Anonymous
  64. science

    list with match stick figures/give pictures of some exercises to release stress.

    asked by esha