Questions Asked on
August 6, 2016

  1. English

    A brief, concise introduction can be effective. True False I pick true, please recheck my answer.

    asked by Tim
  2. physics

    the time of flight of an object projected with speed 20m/s at an angle 30¡ã with the horizontal is

    asked by khushi
  3. English

    Which of the following is unimportant for an introduction in formal or academic writing? a.Entertaining the audience b.Establishing the key point the piece of writing will make c. Discussing your opinion on the topic for at least three sentences.

    asked by Tim
  4. math help me out

    at the beginning of the year, the owner of a jewel shop raised the prices of all the jewel in his shop by x% and lowered then by x%. The price of one jewel after this up and down cycle reduced by rs 100. the owner carried out the same procedure after a

    asked by vipul
  5. Science

    A 500 kg horse pulls a cart of mass 1500 kg along a level horizontal road with an acceleration of 1m/s. If coefficients of the sliding friction between cart and ground is 0.2 then the force exerted by the horse on the cart in forward direction is:

    asked by Sakshi
  6. English

    In 25-50 words, describe what a thesis statement does. Once you have narrowed the topic of your essay, it is important to state your topic clearly in one sentence. Like the topic sentence in the paragraph, the thesis statement introduces what the essay is

    asked by Tim
  7. English

    A topic sentence should be very long. True False I pick false

    asked by Tim
  8. geometry

    In a ∆ABC, if 2 LA= 3 LB = 6 LC, then find A,B,C

    asked by dit
  9. math

    A profit function is derived from the production cost and revenue function for a given item. The monthly profit function for a certain item is given by P(x)=−0.05x2+500x−100,000, where P is in dollars and x is the number of units sold. 19a. How many

    asked by Kenny
  10. Math

    A boy observes that the angle of elevation of the top of a tower is 32 degrees.He then walks 8m towards the tower and then discovers that the angle of elevation is 43 degrees.Find the height of the tower.

    asked by Pelumi
  11. math

    Triangle $ABC$ has vertices at $A(5,8)$, $B(3,-2)$, and $C(6,1)$. The point $D$ with coordinates $(m,n)$ is chosen inside the triangle so that the three small triangles $ABD$, $ACD$ and $BCD$ all have equal areas. What is the value of $10m + n$?

    asked by llama
  12. maths

    Ticket rate for the science exibition is 10rs for a child and 26 rupees for an adult. 740 rupees was got from 50person. How many children among them?

    asked by anu
  13. Math

    The adjacent side of parallelogram are 36 cm and 27 CM in length if the distance between the shorter side is 12 cm find the distance between the longer side

    asked by Ayush
  14. ratio and proportions

    A pet store currently carries 3 times as many dogs as cats and twice as many cats as rabbits. if store carried ten fewer dogs than it currently does, it would have an equal number of dogs and rabbits. how many cats does store currently carry

    asked by prithivi
  15. maths

    four capacitors of 2uf are connected in series the equivalent capacitance is

    asked by mainuddin
  16. Fundamentals of Math

    A tree casts a shadow 36 m long. At the same time, the shadow cast by a 49-centimeter tall statue is 90 cm long. Find the height of the tree. Round to the nearest tenth.

    asked by Anonymous
  17. algebra

    how long would it take 1000 to grow to 5000 if I can get 5% compounded quarterly?

    asked by M
  18. math

    triangle abc angle A+B=166 degree and angle b+c=126 degree find the measure of each angle of the triangle

    asked by kukut
  19. math

    in triangle ABC if 2LA=3L B=6Lc determine Angle A,b,c

    asked by kukut
  20. English

    A thesis statement clarifies the main point an essay will make. True False My answer is true.

    asked by Tim
  21. math

    Kendra deposited a total of $9,000 between two saving accounts bearing simple interest. One of the accounts has an interest rate of 3% while the other rate is 4%. If the total interest earned after one year is $320, find the amount deposited into each of

    asked by seb
  22. fundamentals of math

    By holding a ruler 3 feet in front of her eyes as illustrated in the diagram, Carla sees that the top and bottom points of a vertical cliff face line up with marks separated by 3.5" on the ruler. According to the map, Carla is about a half mile from the

    asked by Anonymous
  23. MATH


    asked by ROLDAN
  24. math

    the sides of a polygon are 3,4,5,6 and 7cm. Find the perimeter of a similar polygon, if the sides corresponding to 5cm is 9cm long.

    asked by roldan
  25. U.S. History

    How many Indians were living in North American when Christopher Columbus arrived? Some sources say 1.2 million and others are 20, is there a definite amount?

    asked by Tripper
  26. math help

    at the beginning of the year, the owner of a jewel shop raised the prices of all the jewel in his shop by x% and lowered then by x%. The price of one jewel after this up and down cycle reduced by rs 100. the owner carried out the same procedure after a

    asked by Dharmesh
  27. fundamentals of math

    A point lies on the of a line segment if and only if the point is equidistant from the endpoints of the segment. angle bisector trisector altitude perpendicular bisector

    asked by Anonymous
  28. algebra 2

    Create a set of data with 5 numbers that satisfy all of the following conditions: 1. the range is 10 2. the mean is 20 3. the median is 22

    asked by Damon
  29. English

    Develop an interesting story in 150 200 words using the given cluestrain journey--- travelling alone desperately---------------------------lost one bag----------------found it with the luggage of some other people---- realized forgot to bring charger of

    asked by Anan
  30. math

    If in an exam consisting of 6 papers a student scored 91,92,85,94,95 and 85 respectively, find his average score.

    asked by sonika
  31. Math

    Simplify 1/(1*2*3) + 1/(2*3*4) + 1/(3*4*5) + ... + 1/(n*(n+1)*(n+2))

    asked by Liam
  32. math

    In triangle ABC,angle B=2times angle A. The bisectors of these angles meet at D,while BD extended meet AC at E. If angle CEB=70 degrees, find angle BAC.

    asked by roldan
  33. algebra

    I am trying to rationalize a denominator and it is a squre root, like this : squre root of x+1 , i don't know what to do ,cause it isn't just a number it is the whole expression. plz help

    asked by Maya
  34. Maths

    Moss and Roy both decide to go out for a 2 course dinner. Moss' meal cost twice as much as Roy's meal, however Roy spent $3 more than Moss for his dessert. Moss spent $11 on his desert. The bill came to $75. How much did Roy spend for his meal and dessert?

    asked by AM
  35. Maths

    Integrate (4e^-x)/3sqrd 1+3e^-x) using Trapezium rule with 6 intervals.

    asked by Bernadene
  36. math


    asked by nihal raj sharma
  37. AP Literature

    EEssay that makes a meaningful comparison between the Iliad and The Odyssey. the topics I chose to compare these epic poems are Honor, character traits, and the relationship of gods and mortals in Homer.

    asked by Reina Bonilla-Vigil
  38. Management

    What is the importance of strategic intent and its impact on organizational success.

    asked by Patte
  39. Maths

    Two years ago, Ronald was 3 times older than Susie. In 6 years time, he will be twice as old as Susie. How old is Ronald now?

    asked by Husnain
  40. math

    By changing the order of integration, prove that ∫_0^1▒∫_0^(√(1-x^2 ))▒〖{dy/((1+e^y)√(1-x^2-y^2 ))}dx=π/2 log⁡(2e/(1+e)) 〗

    asked by kawi
  41. algebra 2

    My data has a median of 4, a mode of 3 and a mean of 3.56. Would this mean my data set was normally distributed? I think my data set is not normally distributed but can someone just check my work for me?

    asked by Nina
  42. Math

    What does sc mean on all jewlry items

    asked by Chris
  43. Math

    How many 3 5\8 board can be cut from a 10 ft board?

    asked by Stephanie
  44. math

    solve: −4≤2x+6

    asked by Kenny
  45. Science

    What does sc mean on all jewlry items

    asked by Chris
  46. maths

    solve this anagram please. its a famous mathematician ghetgninlai

    asked by Anonymous
  47. signals and systems

    Q. Consider the signal h[n] = [( 1/2 )^n−1]{u[n + 3] − u[n − 10]} Express A and B in terms of n so that the following equation holds: h[n − k] ={( 1/2 )^(n-k−1), A

    asked by bella
  48. French

    I need help with the correct translations in French (please check to make sure if I used past tense right or if it's not, suggest the appropriate change. 1. During the summer, I traveled to Baltimore, Maryland. - Pendant l'été , je suis allé à

    asked by Anna
  49. science

    if a 3118tata commercial vehicle apply barke with abs system at the speed of 40km/h,how much distance cover to stop the vehicle speed of 0km/h

    asked by subhasis
  50. history

    how would you access hitler? write a detailed discription about him.

    asked by ritik
  51. AP Biology

    What are the phenotypes of the long-nosed cusimanse? I can't find any site about their body structure or function either.

    asked by Annie