Questions Asked on
August 4, 2016

  1. Math

    What percent of 1 kg is 5 g ?

    asked by Shivam
  2. Calculus - Need help please

    Given the following​ function, y=tan(pi-3x) 1)determine the interval for the principal cycle. (^ Type your answer in interval notation) 2)Then for the principal​ cycle, determine the equations of the vertical​ asymptotes 3)find the coordinates of the

    asked by Mike
  3. physics

    If the relationship between the manipulated variable and the responding variable is an inverse proportion, what will a line graph of this relationship look like? A. a straight line B. a curved line C. a jagged line D. none of the above B?

    asked by quick help needed
  4. physics

    Which of the following conversion factors would you use to change 18 meters to kilometers? A. 1000 m/1 km B. 1 km/1000 m C. 100 m/1 km D. 1 km/100 m A?

    asked by quick help needed
  5. Algebra

    Container A and container B have leaks. Container A has 800 ml of water,and is leaking 6 ml per minute. Container B has 1000ml,and is leaking 10 ml per minute. How many minutes,m,will it take for the two containers to have the same amount of water.

    asked by Rosa
  6. Math

    Which of the following statements best describes the effect of replacing the graph of y = f(x) with the graph of y = f(x) + 20? The graph of y = f(x) will shift left 20 units. The graph of y = f(x) will shift down 20 units. The graph of y = f(x) will shift

    asked by layla
  7. biology

    Which of the following properties of water would be most important in protecting a fish in a shallow pond on a hot summer day? the low density of water in the solid phase water's strong forces of adhesion water's high specific heat water's solvent

    asked by Nyanka
  8. math

    Add parentheses to the expression. 7-3×4+6

    asked by lan
  9. Chemistry

    100g of calcium carbonate was decomposed by heating to produce 45g of calcium oxide and carbon dioxide, using the equation given, calculate the Percentage Yield of Calcium Carbonate. CaCO3 -------> CaO + CO2 Please help me i tried working out but kept on

    asked by Tanmay
  10. Math

    Is the value of the second 5 in 450,852,137 one-tenth the value of the first 5 ? Explain

    asked by Andrea
  11. Pre-Calc with Analytic Geometry

    Function : y=cot(2x+pi) 1)determine the interval for the principal cycle. (Type this answer in interval notation) 2)Then for the principal​ cycle, determine the equations of the vertical​ asymptotes. 3)find the coordinates of the center​ point. 4)

    asked by Nancy
  12. Math

    The product of three consecutive odd integers is 4845. What is the largest of these three integers?

    asked by Sri
  13. Educational Technology

    Before Katie turns in the paper she typed she wants a peer to review it and give her feedback. Katie uses her all in one printer to scan her edit,prints, and send them to her friend. An all in one printer is (Multiple answers) 1. Input device 2. Output

    asked by Sheara
  14. math

    A number increased by a % and decreased by 80% is 400. What is the number ?

    asked by cali
  15. Math

    The angles of a quadrilateral in the ratio 2:3:4:1 . Find the measure of each angle of the quadrilateral.

    asked by Shahana
  16. Physics

    a jet plane starts from rest with an acceleration of 3 m/s^2 and makes a run for 35 sec before taking off .What is the minimum length of the runway and what is the velocity of the jet at the take off ?

    asked by Abhijeet Jena
  17. math

    Lisa deposits $3000 in an account that pays 2% simple interest, and $4000 in a second account which has a higher interest rate but is more risky. What minimum interest rate must she get on the second account in order to earn at least $700 in interest for

    asked by Kenny
  18. Science

    how do flowering plant that do mot have all four parts can make seeds?

    asked by Ivy Mae O. Lucero
  19. english

    why traditional healers should be allowed to practise and prescibe their medicine in hospitals and clinics?

    asked by zama
  20. Chemistry

    How many grams of NaCl are presented in 250g of salt solution containing 9% NaCl?

    asked by Jessel
  21. math help

    in 2003 brijesh paid a tax of 20% of his salary. in 2004 his salary increased by 93×3/4 % and the tax scheme changed. under the new tax scheme he had to pay a fixed sum of rs.1000 and an additional 20% on the amount above rs 10000. his salary in 2004 was

    asked by hiren
  22. physics

    an arrow is shot vertically upward 2 seconds later it is at an height of 42m (not necessarily the highest point) with what velocity was the arrow shot how long was the arrow in flight altogether

    asked by kent
  23. Math

    If a fruit bowl three apples two bananas and five pears what is the ratio of the pears to Apples

    asked by Kayla
  24. English Novel

    Catcher and The Rye To what extent is Holden responsible for his own loneliness?

    asked by Farah
  25. Math

    Meredith bakes 5 pumpkin pies. She cuts the pies into quarters and distributes the pieces equally among her neighbors. Each neighbor receives 3 4 of a pie. a) How many neighbors does Meredith distribute the pies to?

    asked by Stela
  26. math

    A manufacture of a cotter pins know that 5¨G of his product is defective if he sells cotter pins in boxes of 100 and guarantees that no more than to pins will be defective, what is the approximate probability that a box will fail to meet that guaranteed

    asked by menaka
  27. algebra

    car averages 20 miles per gallon of gas in city driving and 30 miles per gallon in highway driving. At these rates, how many gallons of gas will the car use on a 300-mile trip if 4/5 of the trip is highway driving and the rest is city driving?

    asked by Mar
  28. math

    The second and sixth terms of an arithmetic sequence is 2:5 and their sum is 28. Find the sum of the first 10th term.

    asked by Hitome Muramasa
  29. Biology assignment

    How are cohesion and adhesion properties of water linked to photosynthesis

    asked by Namuyaba
  30. Microsoft exel

    4. You're working in a table that has three columns and five rows. Since the first row will be a header row, you want it to span all three columns. What formatting feature should you use? A. Connect cells B. Autofit cells C. Combine cells D. Merge cells

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Mathematics

    A bus travels at an average speed of 50km/h for 42 minutes. How far does it travel?:)

    asked by Miracle
  32. educator as a mediator

    Piaget theory of cognitive development is very important in the medication of leaning, especially under diverse or multicultural conditions. Discuss this through the lens of educator as mediator of learning.

    asked by Nozipho
  33. Algebra

    nancy has $250 in her savings account. she plans to save $15 per week from her salary. annie has only $200 in her account but she can save $20 a week from her paycheck. How weeks will it take before the amount in each saving account is the same?

    asked by Rosa
  34. I need help - precalc

    List all points on the graph of y=tanx on the interval [π/2,3π] that have a​ y-coordinate of -1/radical3 (Direction- Type ordered pair)

    asked by Ana
  35. physics

    a boy uses a sling shot to launch a rock upward with a velocity of 30m/s how long does it take to reach a height of 20 m what maximum height does the rock reach, what is the velocity of the rock at this height, what is the velocity of the rock just before

    asked by wayne
  36. Maths

    The sum of two opposite angles of a parallelogram is 140 degree. Find all the angles of the parallelogram.

    asked by Shahana
  37. Mathematical literacy

    Simplify the following equivalent ratios: 45:10:25:55

    asked by Lucia
  38. Math

    I am between 20 and 30. I am mutiple of both 3 and 4. Who am i

    asked by Ayesha siddiqyi
  39. Physics

    A bus accelerates uniformly from 8 M/s to 24 m/s in 4 seconds. What is the acceleration produced? Also calculate the distance covered by the bus during the given time?

    asked by Vitthal
  40. Help on Pre-Calc

    Given the following​ function, y=tan(x+π/4) 1) determine the interval for the principal cycle. *(Direction - type your answer in interval notation. Use pi as needed. Use integers or fraction for any numbers in the expression) 2) Then for the

    asked by Lio
  41. Help Needed for PreCalc

    List all points on the graph of y=tanx on the interval [π/2,3π] that have a​ y-coordinate of -1/radical3 (Type ordered pair) Please teach me and show step by step work so i can learn. Thank you.

    asked by chichi
  42. math help me out

    A salesman has to choose between two schemes of remuneration.The first scheme has a fixed salary of rs 3700 and a commission of 2% on sales above rs 50000. The second scheme has no salary but offer commission only. The commission starting from 3% of sales

    asked by vipul
  43. physics

    a person in a hot air balloon ascending vertically at a constant rate of 12mm/s drops a rock over the side when the balloon is 40m above the ground how long will it take the rock to reach the ground

    asked by kent
  44. math

    Five times a number when increased by 8 gives 68. Find the number

    asked by lovely
  45. physics

    If the mass of a material is 102 grams and the volume of the material is 21 cm3, what would the density of the material be?

    asked by quick help needed
  46. Math

    plz help me Choose the equation below that represents the line that passes through the point (−2, −1) and has a slope of 5. y − 1 = 5(x − 2) y + 1 = 5(x + 2) y + 2 = 5(x + 1) y − 2 = 5(x − 1)

    asked by layla
  47. biology assignment

    How are cohesion and adhesion properties of water linked to photosynthesis

    asked by Roberta
  48. Math

    3. The rectangle has an area of 1 square unit. What is the value of x? The length of the rectangle is (3)/(x+2) The width is (2)/(x-3) I can't seem to figure this out, could some please help me? I'm in urgent need of help as this assignment is due

    asked by Omdeep
  49. english

    what does the word 'release' symbolize in the novel The Giver by Louis Lowry?

    asked by churs
  50. insight academy

    Steve has Rs. 12000/-, he invested some amount at 10% and rest at 12% simple interest. His income from these investment is Rs.1280/-. How much he invest at 10%?

    asked by abhishek
  51. Science

    If a particle is projected at an angle of 30° to the horizontal with kinetic energy E then its kinetic energy at the topmost point would be?

    asked by Sujata
  52. Math

    The difference between 2 numbers is 14.When the greater number is divided by the lesser, the quotient is 2 and the remainder is 5.What are the numbers?

    asked by Jo
  53. math

    Grandpa says sam can have all the coins in his pocket if he discover the correct total valeu of the coins. What is the total value of the coins in grandpas, pocket that same should discover?show all mathematical thinking.

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Math

    Sally can paint a fence in hour 30 minutes, but she calls Max to help and together they paint the fence in hour. How long would Max take if he were to paint the fence alone?

    asked by Reyna
  55. Pre algebra

    * There are 1,000 of an endangered species of bird left. If the population drops by 50% each year, how many years until there are only 1% of the current total left? ( round to a whole number)

    asked by cali
  56. Math

    One thousand people stood in a very large circle. Each starting with the Jennifer Lopez look alike, wore a sign on his or her back with a numeral from 1 to 1000 in a clockwise sequence. They began counting off. The Jennifer Lopez look alike said one in and

    asked by Steve
  57. maths

    Solve this anagram of a famous mathematician: ghetgNlai

    asked by rose
  58. Help needed- PreCalc

    Please help me understand how to solve this questions. I need step by step solution and answer because I find it difficult to understand when someone on here writes the answer instead of showing step by step work on how he/she got the numbers to get the

    asked by chichi
  59. PSY 202 - Abnormal Psychology

    CASE STUDY Day, a 30-year old woman, has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital after a failed suicide attempt, she took a considerable amount of paraffin and an overdose of headache tablets. Her aunt found her where she was vomiting heavily and took her

    asked by Philip
  60. Pre-Calc help

    - Determine the​ quarter points of y=2−3cos(4x−π) (Type an exact answer using π. Type ordered pair) TEACH ME HOW TO GET THE ANSWERS AND THANKS!.

    asked by chichi
  61. Math

    The length of a rectangle is 6 inches shorter than the width. The perimeter of the rectangle is 32 inches. What is the length of the rectangle?

    asked by Diamond
  62. English

    Is the sentence '0 is called as additive identity' correct? Is the usage of 'as' correct or should it not be used?

    asked by Seema
  63. Math

    if 6 workers complete a 1 km of roadway in 4 days. how long would it take for 4 workers to complete 3 km of roadway

    asked by Lydia
  64. math

    The sum of a number and it's square is one and a half times their differences. What is the number?

    asked by marjan
  65. Logical science

    (1)weathering of rock is a ......?......Change.

    asked by Fill in the blank.
  66. Math

    3@rs 20=60 Is that right?

    asked by Anny
  67. math

    A real estate company has a fleet of cars. The annual operating cost per car is C = 0.25m + 1300, where m represents the number of miles traveled per year. Find the maximum number of miles that each car can travel per year to yield an operating cost of no

    asked by Kenny
  68. Math

    3) Solve. 1+(2x)/(x+4)=(3)/(x-1) Not sure how to do this, any help would be appreciated, thank you!

    asked by Omdeep
  69. Arthemetic sequence

    8 time the 8 term is equal to 12 times the twelve term.find the 20th term??

    asked by Govind