Questions Asked on
August 2, 2016

  1. Physics

    Quentin is lifting a 10 kg dumbbell by pulling upward on it with a 108.1 N force. What is the acceleration of the dumbbell as a result of this force?

    asked by BT
  2. English

    Which of the following sentences shows correct usage of a comma or commas? A. Christopher Wren, a contemporary of Isaac Newton and John Locke, was the architect of St. Paul's Cathedral. B. William of Orange, arrived in England in 1688, to claim the English

    asked by ChanaG
  3. Chemistry

    Rearrange the titration calculation to find Mb in a solution. If I put 13.2 mL of NaOH and 0.3 mL of phenolphthalein in 25 mL of KHP, what is the Mb of the solution? The original solution of NaOh is 100 mL and is composed of 1.069e-15 moles of H+, 9.445e-2

    asked by Jenny
  4. english

    i Once Protected China From Invaders ,Now I Am A Wonder Visitors.What Am I ?

    asked by david axel
  5. calculus

    Campbell’s Soup Company requires that is its tomato soup containers have a capacity of 64 in^3 , have the shape of a circular cylinder, and be made of aluminum. Determine the radius and height of the container that requires the least amount of metal.

    asked by maggie
  6. English

    Please check over my answers for the Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. 1. The mood of the selection could best be described as A. Frantic B. Ominous C. Thrilling D. Peaceful I Chose A 2. All of the following can be inferred about Marlow's characters

    asked by Justine
  7. Physics

    A boxer is punching the heavy bag. The time of impact of the glove with the bag is 0.10 s. The mass of the glove and his hand is 3 kg. The velocity of the glove just before impact is 25 m/s. What is the average impact force exerted on the glove?

    asked by BT
  8. maths

    coffee costing $250 per kg was mixed with chicory costing $75per kg in th ration 5:2 for a certain blend. if the mixture was sold at $230 per kg,find the gain or loss percent.

    asked by esha
  9. Chemistry

    The following soluble salts are strong electrolytes. For each, write a balanced equation for their dissociation in water. NaBr BaBr2 Li3PO4

    asked by Katie
  10. math

    Your required rate of return on company XYZ's preferred stock is 12%. Their preferred stock pays a fixed annual dividend of $4. A share of XYZ preferred is valued at

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Opt math

    Prove :Tan20+4sin20=square root 3

    asked by Rabin
  12. economics

    Suppose the residents of Vegopia spend all of their income on cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots. In 2006, they buy 100 heads of cauliflower for $2 each, 50 bunches of broccoli for $1.50 each, and 500 carrots for $0.10 each. In 2007, they buy 100 heads of

    asked by mee
  13. math

    A relief package is released from a helicopter at 1600 feet. The height of the package can be modeled by the equation h(t)= -16t^2+1600 where h is the height of the package in feet and t is the time in seconds. The pilot wants to know how long it will take

    asked by mariah
  14. Physics

    An 80.0 kg rollerblader is at rest at the top of a 100 m hill at a 7o incline. The coefficient of friction on the hill is 0.110. What is the roller blader's kinetic energy at the bottom of the hill?

    asked by n
  15. Math

    Two RSM students are standing 20ft apart and spot Mrs Rifkin. If they immediately run opposite direction with speeds of 300 ft/min and 200 ft/min, how many hours will pass until they are 3,000 ft apart?

    asked by Mishaal
  16. Chem

    When 4.5 mol Al reacts with 11.5 mol HCl,what is the limiting reactant, and how many moles of H2 can be formed?

    asked by Amanda
  17. Math 6th Grade

    The product of the GCF and LCM of two numbers is 12. Give one possible pair of values for the two numbers

    asked by Aa
  18. physics

    A boxer is punching the heavy bag. The time of impact of the glove with the bag is 0.10 s. The mass of the glove and his hand is 3 kg. The velocity of the glove just before impact is 25 m/s. What is the average impact force exerted on the glove?

    asked by anonymous
  19. Chemistry

    Describe how lead(II) iodide cen be prepared in the laboratory

    asked by Aaron
  20. Math

    Mr McDonald has some ducks and goats in his farm. If he counted a total of 94 legs and 30 heads, find the number of ducks and the number of goats in his farm.

    asked by Melody
  21. Microsoft PP

    A _______ is a set of commands. A. handout B. slide C. website D. tab my answer is d.

    asked by Priscila
  22. math

    The ratio of an objects weight on earth to its weight on Neptune is 5:7. How much would a person who weighs 150 pounds on earth weigh on Neptune? A.210 pounds B.750 pounds c.107 1/7 pounds D.170 pounds

    asked by jeneva
  23. I need help please - Pre-Calc

    Using the graph of y=cos(x), list all values of x on the interval [-11π/3,11π/6] that satisfy the ordered pair of (x,-1/radical2). - List all the values of (x,-1/radical2) (Type an exact answer using π as needed. Use a comma to separate answers as

    asked by chizoba
  24. statistics

    the diameter of red apples of an orchard have a normal distribution with a mean of 3 inches ans standard deviation of 0.5 inches one apple will be randomly chosen. what is the probability of picking an apple with a diameter less than 2.15 inches

    asked by bernie
  25. Chemistry

    sample of silver metal is suspected to be contaminated with zinc. A 0.2365 g portion of this metal is dissolved in nitric acid and the silver ions precipitated with excess aqueous NaCl. After filtering and drying, the mass of the precipitate is found to be

    asked by Damon
  26. calculus

    Suppose that an arrow was fired vertically upward from a crossbow at ground level and that it struck the ground 20 seconds later. If air resistance may be neglected, find the initial velocity of the bolt and the maxim altitude that it reached.

    asked by maggie
  27. Physics

    Hi everybody! can someone please help me with this problem? The shaft ACB, of constant outer diameter 2R and length 2L, is fixed to walls at both ends A and B. The left half of the shaft (AC)is solid, while the right half (CB) is hollow, with an inner

    asked by mary_ann
  28. Phy.Chem

    Need some help :) Thanks! A sample of a glass occupies a volume of 525 ml at 625 mm Hg. At constant temp, what will be the new volume when the temp changes to the ff: a.) 1.5 atm b.) 455 mm Hg

    asked by Andy
  29. ALgebra

    How many 10 Inch stones will wesley need for one row

    asked by RichardTheGodd
  30. Physics

    A coiled spring in a waist trimming excercise requires a force of 54N to compress it by 0.20.find the force constant of the spring

    asked by Zaherah
  31. accounting

    At the end of the current year, $19,900 of fees have been earned but not billed to clients. a.What is the adjustment to record the accrued fees? Indicate each account affected, whether the account is increased or decreased, and the amount of the increase

    asked by tay
  32. maths

    A man travels for 5 hr 15 min if he covers the first half of the journey at 60 kmph and the rest at 45 kmph. find the total distance travelled by him.

    asked by Balaji
  33. maths

    a reduction of 20% in the price of sugar enables a purchaser to obtain 2.5 kg more for Rs.160.find the original rate and the reduced price per kg.

    asked by Balaji
  34. math

    The base of a rectangular prism has dimensions (x)cm by (2x) cm and a height of (x + 2) cm. If the total surface area is 63cm squared, find the value of x and the dimensions of the rectangular prism....

    asked by Anonymous
  35. maths

    a reduction of 20% in the price of sugar enables a purchaser to obtain 2.5 kg more for Rs.160.find the original rate and the reduced price per kg. (a) 8.80 per kg (b) 10.80 ,, (c) 11.80 ,, (d) 12.80 ,,

    asked by Balaji
  36. bio

    Which are no longer classified as animals plants or fungi true or false.?

    asked by Qaim ali
  37. Math

    This is for my daughter who was given summer homework and I don't know how to help her please. the difference between two mixed numbers is 3 1/4 .what might the two mixed numbers be?show as Manny solutions as you can. Thank you .

    asked by Guna
  38. biomechanics

    Compare the kinetic energies of the following: a) A baseball (mass=0.145kg) moving at 100 km/h. b) A runner (mass = 75 kg) moving at 30km/h. c) A swimmer (mass = 75 kg) moving at 7 km/h. d) A discus (mass = 2 kg) moving at 20 m/s.

    asked by anonymous
  39. algebra 2

    hiw much heat is needed to raise the temperature of 0.800 kg. ethyl alcohol form 15.0 celcius to its boiling point 78.3 celcius

    asked by Olive
  40. maths

    jan spent $42 FOR SHOES.THIS WAS $14 less than twice what she spent for a much was the blouse?

    asked by esha
  41. Physics

    A force of 35.0N is exerted onto a 12.0kg block and the block moves 42.0m. How much work is done?

    asked by n
  42. Math

    Q: A metal cube weighs 5/9kg and its volume is 40 5/6cm3. How much does it weigh per 1cm3? 5/9kg to .555kg 40 5/6cm3 to 40.833cm3 .555kg / 40.833cm3 = .0135 A: 1cm3 weighs .0135kg Is this correct? Thank you.

    asked by Kev
  43. Chemistry

    Mercury has a melting point of - 38. 9°C. what would this read in degrees Fahrenheit the and kelvin

    asked by Ruth Ekada
  44. maths

    there are b boys in the class.this is 3 more than 4 times the number of girls. how many girls are there in the class.?

    asked by esha
  45. Algebra

    You and 4 friends go out to eat you all split the bill equally each person's share was 6.50 how much was the original bill

    asked by Anthony
  46. math

    A bag contains 12 blue, 5 red and 3 green marbles. Amy selects a marble and then returns it to the bag before selecting a marble again. If Amy selects a blue marble 4 out of 20 times, what is the experimental probability that the next she selects will be

    asked by Cece
  47. maths

    without stoppage a train travels a distance with an average speed of 60 km/hr and with stoppage it covers the same distance with an average speed of 40 km/hr. on an average how many min per hour does the train stop during the journey.

    asked by Balaji
  48. English

    I Am What You Use Whn Its Raining.What Am I ?

    asked by david axel
  49. Math

    Q: Joe's car can go 9 1/7km with 1 liter of gas. How far can it go with 1 1/8 liters of gas? 9 1/7 to 9.143 1 1/8 to 1.125 1 liter / 9.143 = 0.109 liters per km 1.125 liters / 0.109 liters per km = 10.32km A: Joe's car can go 10.32km on 1 1/8 liters of

    asked by Kev
  50. math

    A used motorcycle is priced at 3,438.if you borrow the money foe the motorcycle,your payments will be $165 a month for 24 much will you save by paying cash?

    asked by jeneva
  51. Math

    Seven bills add up to $73.00 --no change and no one dollar bills

    asked by Pat
  52. physics

    A therapist is helping a patient with stretching exercises. She pushes on the patient’s foot with an average force of 200 N. The patient resists the force and moves the foot 20 cm toward the therapist. How much work did the therapist do on the

    asked by BT
  53. math

    Christine took out a 150-day loan for $2000 at 12% simple interest. After 60 days, she decided to make an early payment of $1000. What is the balance due on maturity date of the loan? (Round your answer to the nearest penny.)

    asked by steven
  54. pre cal

    Suppose cos(u)=3/5 and sin(u) is positive. sin(u)= sin(u−π)= cos(u−π)= sin(u−π/2)= cos(u−π/2)=

    asked by tor
  55. Math

    Matchstick Rings each pattern of square rings has been made with matchsticks which are all the same length. If the length of one side of a square ring is "m" matchsticks, try to find a formula, in terms of m, for each of the following: a) The outer

    asked by Sandy
  56. science

    list atleast ten healthy foods/smoothies/tonics with local produce that can help combat or reduse stress.

    asked by esha
  57. math

    two consecutive multiples of 22 just greater than 22?

    asked by kavya
  58. Budini ss chem

    Describe the preparation of sodium hydroxide in the school laboratory.

    asked by Isaac
  59. economics

    all about mixed economy

    asked by Lebo Ramphora
  60. Math

    Q: If 5/6 Liter weighs 9/10 kilograms, how much will 1 Liter of paint weigh? 0.9kg / 5 = 0.18 0.18 * 6 = 1.08 1 Liter of paint will weigh 1.08 kilograms. Is this correct? Thank you.

    asked by Kev
  61. science

    What is the molarity of a solution of sodium chloride which contains 0.5moles in 200cubic centimeters? #2.what volume of 1m solution of hcl will contain 10moles?

    asked by thomas
  62. Math

    The height of a triangle is 2 mm. less than the base. If the area is 60 mm^2, find the height and the base.

    asked by Bll
  63. Math

    The bottom of the ladder on a horizontal flat surface rests against a wall. It makes an angle of elevation of 35°. The bottom of the ladder is 42 ft from the base of the wall. How long is the ladder? Round your answer to the nearest whole number. Do not

    asked by Jeb
  64. Math

    A man gets an invoice for ​$430 with terms 22​/10, ​1/15, ​n/30. How much would he pay 26 days after the invoice​ date?

    asked by You
  65. Biomechanics

    Bob bench presses a 50 lb barbell. He maintains a constant speed on the way up and on the way down. If the barbell moves 75 cm in each direction how much work does Bob do on the barbell on the way up and the way down? What is the total work done?

    asked by anonymous
  66. Chemestry

    Calculate the volume of CO2 produce at N.T.P. by heating 200 gm 25% pure limeston

    asked by Devdas
  67. maths

    find the single discount equivalent to two successive discount of 20% and 10%

    asked by esha
  68. english

    i am a vitamin you need if you have cold.What Am I ?

    asked by david axel
  69. Ap series

    Sum of first six term of an ap is 46 ratio of its 10th term to that of 30th term is 1:3. Find its 13th term

    asked by Math
  70. english

    what are the different options of hotel to stay in khaplu?list 5 hotal and the tariff?

    asked by esha
  71. Math

    Factor the following polynomials. 1. 25x³-36x

    asked by Anonymous