Questions Asked on
July 30, 2016

  1. maths

    express the angular measurement of angle of a regular decagon in degree grades and radian

    asked by soniya
  2. math

    A manufacturer of open tin boxes wishes to make use of pieces of tin with dimensions 8 in. by 15 in. by cutting equal squares from the four corners and turning up the sides. a. Let x inches be the length of the side pf the square to be cut out; express the

    asked by miss 49
  3. statistics

    in a certain college 33% of the physics majors belong to ethnic minorities. if 8 students are selected at random from the physics majors what is the probability that more than 5 belong to an ethnic minority

    asked by bernie
  4. Chem

    Write a chemical formula. . . Ca2+ and S2-

    asked by David
  5. math

    Find the area of largest isoscless triangle having perimeter 18 inches

    asked by anju
  6. Chemistry

    Write chemical formulas for the compounds formed by the following positive and negative ions: Ba2+ and NO3-, Al3+ and Co3, and K+ and PO43-

    asked by Kelly
  7. Science

    A crow bar of length 2m is used to lift a stone of weight 200kg if the fulcrum is set apart from stone how much effort should be applied to the other end of the crowbar to balance it?

    asked by Anjana Subedi
  8. English

    Identify and list one error in the sentence below: Hand sanitzer doesnt kill all germs. Error:doesnt

    asked by Tim
  9. Business

    Your beachside inn will be ready to open next spring. To get in on the summer tourist trade, it will be necessary to… A- offer bargain rates at first B- give it an unforgettable name C- advertise heavily and local newspapers D- establish a strong web

    asked by Quick easy
  10. Math

    if some unicycles, bicycles tricycles are parked in a parking lot. there are 65 wheels in all. how many each type of vehicle in the lot

    asked by Chiara
  11. Math

    Let G be the graph of the parametric equations x = cos(4t), y = sin(6t). What is the length of the smallest interval P such that the graph of these equations for all t E P produces the entire graph G?

    asked by Bob
  12. English

    Identify and list one error in the sentence below: How can yous tell when the cake is fully baked? Error:yous

    asked by Tim
  13. English

    Identify and list one error in the sentence below: Other people, say that climate change does not exist. Error: comma after say

    asked by Tim
  14. English

    Identify and list one error in the sentence below: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Error:? not sure on this one.

    asked by Tim
  15. pre algebra

    The difference between two numbers is 44. Five times the smaller is equal to 8 more than the larger. What are the numbers

    asked by stephanie
  16. Statistics

    A production line operation is designed to fill cartons with laundry detergent to a mean weight of 32 ounces. A sample of cartons is periodically selected and weighed to determine whether underfilling or overfilling is occurring. If the sample data lead to

    asked by Gary
  17. Calculus AB

    Let f be the function that is given by f(x)=(ax+b)/(x^2 - c). It has the following properties: 1) The graph of f is symmetrical with respect to the y-axis 2) The graph of f has a vertical asymptote at x=2 3) The graph of f passes through the point (-1,3)

    asked by Michael
  18. Physics

    For a given velocity of projection from a point on a inclined plane , the maximum range down the plane is three times the maximum range up the incline. Then find the angle of inclination of the inclined plane.

    asked by ADITYA BABAR
  19. Physics

    Emma is working in a shoe test lab measuring the coefficient of friction for tennis shoes on a variety of surfaces. The shoes are pushed against the surface with a force of 400 N, and a sample of the surface material is then pulled out from under the shoe

    asked by BT
  20. Calculus AB

    Without using a calculator, what is the exact value of sec(arctan(12/5)) - sin(arccot(3/4))

    asked by Michael
  21. Maths

    Sn=3n-2.Find the 1st,3rd and 5th term

    asked by Efa
  22. Calculus AB

    What is an algebraic expression for cot(arccos ((x+1)/2)?

    asked by Michael
  23. math

    The base (BC) of an isosceles triangle (ABC) is also the side of a square (BCEF) in which the triangle is inscribed. A perpendicular line is drawn in the triangle from B to AC at D, forming triangle ABD. What is the ratio of triangle ABD to the square

    asked by joejoe
  24. Financial Acc & Reporting

    Archive bhd acquired a franchise on finance lease. it is required to pay 200000 per annum in advance for five years. the implicit interest rate is 10%. the franchise could be bought for 800000. the legal life is five years but can be renewed at 5000 for

    asked by Nurul
  25. Science (Biology)

    In a species of rodent, fur colour may be black or brown and their tail length either long or short. A pair of rodents were crossed, and their progeny then allowed to interbreed. The result in the F2 were as follows: 29 with brown fur with long tails; 9

    asked by Khalid
  26. Physics

    What is physics

    asked by Val
  27. Calculus AB

    Water pours at a constant rate into a conical tank of height 10 feet and radius 4 feet. Let V, h and r be the volume, height, and radius if the water in the tank at a particular time t. Express the volume of the water in the tank at any time t as a

    asked by Michael
  28. English

    Identify and list one error in the sentence below: The cow jumped over the moon Error:? I need help on this one.

    asked by Tim
  29. English

    Identify and list one error in the sentence below: The consequences of climate chang will be profound, some people say. Error:change

    asked by Tim
  30. Chem

    Consider the following equation in chemical equilibrium C2H4(g) C2H6(g) + 137 kJ What happens to the ethane (C2H6) when the temperature of the system is increased

    asked by David
  31. Math

    Diane Van Os decided to buy a new car since her credit union was offering such low interest rates. She borrowed $32,000 at 3.5% on December 26, 2012, and paid it off February 21, 2014. How much did she pay in interest?

    asked by Jada
  32. English

    Identify and list one error in the sentence below: Sleep deprivation is leading cause of car crashes. not sure on this one.

    asked by Tim
  33. English

    Identify and list one error in the sentence below: The smell of freshly baked doughnuts made mouth water. not sure on this one.

    asked by Tim
  34. English

    Paralegals sometimes send and receive invoices. Error: receive

    asked by Tim
  35. chemistry

    In which direction, on ceiling, floor or walls, the pressure exerted by air in a room will be maximum. Justify your answer

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Business

    The servers like Gary Frazier's busy ice cream shop decided that putting more ice cream in the Sundays and cones would bring back more customers. After three months, Gary was surprised to discover that has profit had… A- dropped, along with his costs B-

    asked by Quick easy
  37. math

    write 5-log2(4y) as a single quantity

    asked by loren
  38. Calculus

    Calculate the interval of convergence. Sigma from n=1 to infinity of (n!*x^n)/n^n. Calculus - Steve, Friday, July 29, 2016 at 11:52pm try using the ratio test. You should be able to show that the series converges for |x| < e I tried and I got |x|lim

    asked by andre
  39. Java programming

    Okay so I am rewrite the program and it's still not coming right can anyone help me see what's going wrong here please I have to turn this in by tmw so here the program The following program is supposed to read two numbers from a file named Ex20Input.txt,

    asked by Poohboi
  40. Math

    How much weight does a 747 aircraft lose due to jet fuel consumption during a 4 hour flight?

    asked by Danielle
  41. Physics

    Emma is working in a shoe test lab measuring the coefficient of friction for tennis shoes on a variety of surfaces. The shoes are pushed against the surface with a force of 400 N, and a sample of the surface material is then pulled out from under the shoe

    asked by BT
  42. Physics

    A 75 kg individual runs a 5 m/s and jumps onto a stationary 40 kg wagon. What is the speed of the wagon and individual?

    asked by BT
  43. Physics

    A sled has 300 kg m/s of momentum at point A. At point B the momentum is 375 kg m/s after 2 sec. What force was applied to the sled?

    asked by BT
  44. Math

    1. The graph of the parametric equations x= 2-3t, t= -1+5t is a line. What is the slope of this line? Please help!!!!!

    asked by Bob
  45. English

    1. I ate a piece of banana(s). 2. I ate some pieces of banana(s). 3. I handed two pieces of apple(s) to the boy. ------------------------------ Do we have to use a singular noun or a plural noun in each sentence?

    asked by rfvv
  46. Calculus AB

    If a sinusoidal function has a local maximum at (3,8) and the next local minimum at (7,-2), 1) What is the equation of a cosine function that has a graph characterized in the statement above 2) What is the equation of a sine function that has a graph

    asked by Jake
  47. Calculus AB

    The functions are f(x)= lnx, x>0 and g(x)=sinx. Let H be the composition of f with g, or H(x)=f(g(x)) and A) Find the domain of H B) Find the range of H C) Find the zeros of H

    asked by Anoop
  48. Maths

    Rajesh gets Rs 240 per month. He spends one-third of it on ice creams ,one-half on comic books and the remaining on wafers . Find the ratio of the money spent on each item

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Algebra

    A girl was murdered and there was 4 people in the room 1.Sohag 2.Jahan 3.Sagor 4.Hamidur Police got a paper from the hand of the girl and it was written that 1st September 2nd January 3rd August 2nd November 3rd April Who is the murderer among the 4

    asked by hasib
  50. Math

    Find the sum of first n terms and the sum of first 5 terms of the geometric series

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Math

    4*15-11+8-2 =20

    asked by Sai
  52. science

    a cricket ball of mass 0.2kg moving with a velocity of 0.4second. find the average force.

    asked by faizan shabista
  53. Calculus AB

    From a height of 10 meters in the third floor of an apparent that building, the angle of depression of two cars moving on the same lane and in the same lane and in the same direction measure 29.5 degrees and 38.2 degrees. How far are the two cars from each

    asked by Michael
  54. Calculus AB

    One of the equal angles of an isosceles triangle is 55 degrees. If the base is 20 cm, what is the perimeter and the area?

    asked by Michael
  55. Calculus AB

    A hiker walks due east for 40 minutes, then changes course by going South 25 degrees West. After 20 minutes, he changes course again, this time at South 75 degrees East. He goes through this path for one hour after which he heads north reaching his final

    asked by Michael
  56. math

    Two negative inetegers has a product of 35.The 2nd no. Is three more than twice the 1st no.What are the integers

    asked by miles
  57. Math

    find the brackets in the right place to make the statement true. in the expression 4*15-11+8-2=20

    asked by Sai
  58. Math

    What would be the total amount if Sara deposited $700 at 2% compound interest for 23 years?

    asked by C
  59. Trigonometry

    A luxury ship left the port and cruised for 7 miles at a heading of 38 degrees. It then cruised for 24 miles heading of 128 degrees and stopped. How far was the ship now located from the port?

    asked by Mohammed
  60. Trigonometry

    Solve the equation 6sin^2 x-sin x=0 , if x belongs to the half open interval [0,2 ).

    asked by Mohammed
  61. math

    The base (WX) of an isosceles triangle (SWX) is also the side of a square (WXYZ) in which the triangle is inscribed. The altitude from SX, at point V and making 90 degrees with SX, meets W, forming triangle SVW. What is the ratio of triangle SVW to the

    asked by jim
  62. Math

    A lattice point is a point with integer coordinates. How many lattice points (x,y) with -100 less than or equal to x less than or equal to 100 and -100 less than or equal to y less than or equal to 100 are on the graph of the parametric equations x=30-40

    asked by Bob
  63. Math

    The graph of the parametric equations x=cos(t) y=sin(t) meets the graph of the parametric equations x=2+4cos(s) y=3+4sin(s) at two points. Find the slope of the line between these two points. Please help!!!! I need this done soon and I am getting nowhere

    asked by Sultan
  64. general knowledge

    if a man has a 3bags each one contains 30 apples and he ha spass through 30 checkposts at each checkpost he has to give 1 apple how many apples will be remained with him after he passes all the checkposts

    asked by surya
  65. Math

    Is the following series convergent? explain ((2n)!)/((n!)(4^n))

    asked by ANON
  66. Calculus AB

    Solve graphically (x-2)^3(x+4)(3-x)^2(x+1)^4

    asked by Michael
  67. Calculus AB

    If r and s are roots of the pokynomial equation x^2 + bx + c, show that b=-(r+s) and c=rs

    asked by Michael
  68. Calculus AB

    Theta is an angle between the lines L1 and L2 with the slopes m1 and m2. Prove that tan theta= (m2 - m1)/(1+m2m1).

    asked by Michael
  69. Geometri euclid

    The small circle and the large circle have the same center O. Chord AB is tangent to the smaller circle at C. Prove that the area between the large and small circle is the same as the area of the circle that has AB as a diameter

    asked by Maria
  70. Calculus AB

    The height h of a closed cylindical tank is 4 times longer than he radius r. Write the volume of the tank as a function of r. Write the total surface area of the tank in terms of h.

    asked by Michael
  71. Calculus AB

    A 5.5 foot man walks away from a 12 fokt lampost at a constant speed. At a given moment, let l be the length of the man's shadow (along the ground) and ket x be his distance from the lampost. Sketch a figure that represents the problem Express l in terms

    asked by Michael
  72. Calculus AB

    A rectangle is inscribed in a right triangle with legs of length 5 and 12. The sides of the rectangle are parallel to the legs of he triangle. Find the dimensions of the rectangle that has the largest area?

    asked by Michael
  73. English

    Identify and list one error in the sentence below: The two boys were was playing soccer. Error: was Please check my work.

    asked by Tim
  74. math

    What is the height of the coaster when the velocity is 90 ft/sec? Show all work using the equation editor and label your final solution. Round your final answer to the nearest hundredth, but remember you should NOT round in the middle of the question.

    asked by ayoma
  75. Chemistry

    An antifreeze solution is prepared containing 40.0 g of ethylene glycol (molar mass = 62.0 g/mol) in 60.0 g of water. Calculate the freezing point of this solutions A.-20.1°C B.0.518°C C.20.1°C D.120.1°C

    asked by Jessie
  76. matg

    Solve the system of equations by the elimination method 9/x++3/8y=-9/4 and -1/9x+5/4y=1/9

    asked by keila