Questions Asked on
July 29, 2016

  1. statistic

    A survey found that​ women's heights are normally distributed with mean 62.5 in. and standard deviation 2.7 in. The survey also found that​ men's heights are normally distributed with a mean 67.9 in. and standard deviation 2.8 . Complete parts a

  2. science

    a bullet is fired with velocity 55m/sec at a target.if if the sound of collision heard after 7second.find the distance between target and gun.(speed of sound in air=330m/sec

  3. Accounts

    Present value of Rs.2000 due in 6 years if money is worth compounded semi annually

  4. statics

    you select a name at random from a hat that contains 33 freshmen,34 sophomores, 30 juniors, and 28 seniors. what is the probability that the name is a seniors?

  5. Math

    A car is traveling at a rate of 35 meters per second. What is the car's rate in kilometers per hour? How many kilometers will the car travel in 3 hours? Do not round your answers.

  6. Chemistry

    Electrochemistry In the electrolysis of aqueous copper(II) bromine CuBr2(aq, 1.00 g of copper is deposited at the cathode. How many grams of bromine are produced at the anode?

  7. statitics

    you are going to play two games the probability you win the first game is 0.60 if you win the first game the probability you will win the second game is 0.75 if you lose the first game the probability you win the second game is 0.55. what is the

  8. math

    a rectangle with side of 6 cm and 5 cm has the same area as an isosceles triangle with base length 12 cm find the altitude to the base of the triangle and the sides of the triangle

  9. WH

    Using the following passage from Jean-Jacques Rousseau's 1763 book The Social Contract to answer the following question Which quotation from the Declaration of Independence shows the influence of the idea of the social contract on the founders of the

  10. Bookkeeping

    All of the following are primary reasons for updating a chart of accounts, except that's easier to train bookkeepers.'s easier to eliminate business excess departments. C.auditing is simpler and less expensive.'s easier to gather data from

  11. Science

    40 degrees north runs along 146th street on the north side of Indianapolis. What is the rotational velocity of the surface of the earth at 40 degrees north?

  12. math

    Find the measure of an angle with measure 8 less than the measure of its complement

  13. math

    Two angles are complementary to each other, if the ratio of the two angles is 3:2, then what is the difference of measures in degree of these two angles? please explain :(

  14. Maths

    you need to go on a trip to other ancient sites. Your plane takes off at 10:00 am from an airfield, and flies at 120 km/h on a bearing of 325 degrees T. your crew and equipment are in a second (incorrect flight) plane that takes off at 10:05 am from the

  15. Chemistry

    A voltaic cell, with Ecell = 0.180 V at 298K, is constructed as follows: Ag(s)|Ag+(satdAg3PO4)||Ag+(0.135 M )|Ag(s) What is the Ksp of Ag3PO4?

  16. Algebra

    A cyclist rides her bike at a rate of 8 meters per second. What is this rate in kilometers per hour? How many kilometers will the cyclist travel in 2 hours? Do not round your answers.

  17. Interior Decorator

    Your client has seen a very costly brass bed that she's determined to have. It appears to you to be a good item for her room and worth it's price. Unfortunately, it's costs exceeds the entire amount planned for redecorating her bed room. The living room is

  18. statics

    hi damon the answer you gave me 28 how do i round it to three decimals places

  19. Math

    How many mls of a syrup containing 85% of sucrose should be mixed with 150ml of a 60% sucrose syrup to make a syrup conatining 80% sucrose

  20. statics

    how do i round 0.224 to three demicals places

  21. statics

    two dices are rolled find the probability that the sum is less than 6 and what is the answer rounded to 4 decimals places

  22. luderitz

    name any five forces that can negatively effect classroom enviroment if not addressed properly

  23. math

    the colored stripes pattern red,blue,blue,green,yellow repeats on wall paper.what will be the color of the 32nd stripe

  24. statistics

    can i get help with my question thank you

  25. Calculus AB

    How do you solve a system of logarithmic equations? They have completely different bases: {(log(25)^3)x + (log(2)^7)y = log(5)^27 {(log(7)^8)x + (log(3)^5)y = log(49)^2

  26. Calculus AB

    What are the six trigonometric functions of 2010 times pi?

  27. math

    Mr. Ali purchases a government bond for five years which gives simple interest 12% p.a. At the time of maturity he gets back 160000 AED. What amount he has invested?

  28. math

    A rectangular prism is 2 1/3 mm long, 1 1/2 mm wide and 3 mm tall. What is the volume of the prism? V = 2 1/3 x 1 1/2 x 3, or V = 7/3 x 3/2 x 3, or V = 63/6, or V = 10 1/2

  29. Calculus AB

    If csc x = -2.5, what is the value of x?

  30. statistics

    twenty light bulbs are tested to see if they claims last long as the manufacturers claims they do. three light bulbs failed the test. two light bulbs are selected at random without replacement from this collection of bulbs find the probability that both

  31. maths

    Find the measure of an angle with measure three times the measure of its supplement.

  32. statistics

    can someone help me with the question i asked please thank you

  33. history

    In which country did the first newspaper in the world start?

  34. Math

    At what point does the graph of the parametric equations y=3-2t, y=-2+5t intersect the graph of the parametric equations x = -1+3s,y=5-9s. The answer is the point of intersection (x,y). Please help! I am really confused!

  35. Math

    A fence to a rectangular enclosure has a width w, which Is (5m) shorter than its length. (A).write down an expression for the perimeter of the enclosure. (B).if the perimeter is not to exceed (150m), find the maximum possible width of the enclosure.

  36. Chm

    If we increased the amount of acetic acid and sodium bicarbonate to 2.0 moles, what effect would this have on the reaction? The enthalpy change? Explain

  37. math

    Eight people rob a bank: What percent of the loot belongs to three people if they decide to share it evenly

  38. Art and creative development for young children

    During periods of stress or change which traits can families model for their children to support creativity

  39. math

    using two triangle rulers with angles of (30, 60, 90) and (45 , 45, 90) how many angles less than 180 degrees can be drawn?

  40. Chemistry

    If you start with 4.00 moles of C3H8 (propane) and 4.00 moles of O2, how many moles of carbon dioxide can be produced?

  41. statistics

    twenty light bulbs are tested three light bulbs fail the test. two light bulbs are selected at random without replacement from this collection of bulbs find the probablilty that both light bulbs failed the test. round the answer 3 decimals places

  42. statistics

    according to the health and exam survey (1999-2008)35.7% of u.s adults were consdered obese(body mass greater then30)if two people in the u.s are selected at random is the probability that both are obese

  43. statistics

    i made a typo i meant to say what is the probability that both are obese

  44. COM 425

    Organizational innovation is a planned and direction change intended to 1) get an advantage over the organization's competition 2) improve the organization's upper hierarchy 3) address problems and improve organizational performance 4) dismantle

  45. Foundation Chem

    Why do we need to keep water warm in a limiting reactant experiment around 80 to 90 degree celcius

  46. Calculus

    Calculate the interval of convergence. Sigma from n=1 to infinity of (n!*x^n)/n^n.

  47. math

    The length of three line segments are a,b, and c respectively, and a=2/3b c=3/2b then a : c = ?

  48. MATH

    Does the sequence converge? Work out a=-1^n

  49. Math

    how to solve this po? 4(4x)^2 + 2(4x) + 5 I hope you can answer this for me. and thank you very much. :)

  50. PACE INter Science Colldege

    what is average rate in cm3/s of gasoline to the engine of a car travelling at 100km/hr if it averages 10km/l?

  51. Chemistry

    A 50.0 mL solution with analytical concentration of 0.100M in HClO4and 0.080M in formic acid is titrated with 0.200M KOH. Calculate the pH after addition of the following volumes of titrants: a) 0.0, b)20.0, c) 25.0, d)35.0, e)45.0, f)50.0

  52. Chemistry

    Calculate the pH of the buffer formed by mixing 50.0mL of 0.200 F NaH2PO4 with 50.0mL of 0.120 F HCl

  53. math

    In a exam 80% students passed in accountancy, 85% paased in mathematic ,75% passed in both subject. If 45 students fail in boths subject than what is the total number of students?

  54. Physics

    A ladder 9 meters long is place a wall t base 2 metera away. What is the height reach by the ladder?

  55. Physics

    If a man walks 4 km east and then 5 km south. How far is he from the point where he started?

  56. Stats

    Suppose a Normal model describes the fuel efficiency of cars currently registered in your state. The mean is 27 mpg, with a standard deviation of 4 mpg. Describe the mileage of the most efficient 3% of all cars. a. greater than 24.9 mpg b. greater than

  57. Maths

    While cruising the Nile, you see a bank covered in crocodiles. The tour guide says the distance from the water's edge to the top of the bank is 15m, which is 6m above the water line. Using the sine rule, calculate the angle of depression a crocodile at the

  58. math

    the length of the diagonals of a rhombus are in the ratio 3:4 if one side of the rhombus is 10 cm the length of both the diagonals of the rhombus

  59. probability

    A nationwide survey showed that 65% of all children in Ghana dislike eating vegetables. If 4 children are chosen at random, what is the probability that all 4 dislike eating vegetables?

  60. Chemistry 12th

    How can you prepared to benzo phenol from phenyl magnetium bromide

  61. Chemistry

    if 1.7L of a saturated solution of AgC2H2O2 is found to contain 14.1g of AgC2H3O2. What is the Ksp of AgC2H3O2?

  62. Chemistry

    if the solubilty of AgC2H3O2 is 5.0 x10^-2mol/L. What is the Ksp?

  63. Chemistry

    Downlad Project

  64. math

    is secA*cosA =1 for all A where 0

  65. chemistry

    Using dissociation constants from Appendix D in the textbook, determine the value for the equilibrium constant for each of the following reactions. (Remember that when reactions are added, the corresponding equilibrium constants are multiplied.) (i)

  66. Chemistry Theory

    We are able to "see" the shapes of molecules with X-ray crystallography. However, even without this technology, there is a great deal of evidence that water, H2O, is a bent, polar molecule. Discuss this evidence and explain how it relates to our model of

  67. Chemistry

    How do you determine the polarity of a substance? Example?

  68. Chemistry

    What are 2 allotropes of carbon? Could you please compare the physical and chemical properties....

  69. physics

    three equal charges each of 2.0×10^-6 are fixed at three corner of an equilateral triangle of side 5cm .find the coulomb force experience due to other two charges