Questions Asked on
July 28, 2016

  1. life Orientation

    Define the concept"risk behsviour"and explain why it is important for teenagers to investigate and be knowledgeable about it

    asked by happiness
  2. Math

    two pyramids are similar with a ratio of surface areas of 25:64, find the volume of the second pyramid given that the first has a volume of 250 m

    asked by Kelin
  3. Math

    The park had initially planned to charge $8 for admission and expected to have 2400 visitors a day. Allison and Juan were assigned the task of analyzing the park's admission revenues. 1.a)How much revenue would the park have for one day at the current

    asked by Josh
  4. Chemistry

    C2D3 has a solubility product constant of 9.14×10−9. What is the molar solubility of C2D3? Express your answer with the appropriate units.

    asked by Damon
  5. math

    Three faucets fill a 100-gallon tub in 6 minutes. How long, in seconds, does it take six faucets to fill a 25-gallon tub? Assume that all faucets dispense water at the same rate.

    asked by Kyle
  6. life orientation

    Why is it important for teenagers to investigate and be knowledgeable about risky behavior?

    asked by solomon
  7. Maths

    Prove That Sin2A+ Sin2B +SIN2C/sinA+SINB+SINC=8sinA/sinB/2COSC/2

    asked by Joel
  8. chemisty

    If 26.5 mL of 0.222 M HCl reacts with excess Mg, how many mL of hydrogen gas are produced at STP?

    asked by Jenny
  9. Stats

    Describe how to use a source of random data to simulate multiple trials of this situation. A student guesses on all 10 questions of a multiple-choice quiz. Each question has three choices. a. Assign 00-09 to all of the correct answers and 10-29 for all the

    asked by Bailey
  10. General Chemistry

    what is the value of Kc if PbCl(s)=1.5g, [Pb2+]=1.6*10^-2 M and [Cl-] =3.2*10^-2 M at equilibrium? (The molar mass of PbCl(s) is 278 g/mol and its density is 5.85g/cm^3.)

    asked by Anonymous
  11. chemistry

    How to solve CoCl2+HO2- ------> Co(OH)3+ Cl- by half reaction method

    asked by Pratik Rathi
  12. Maths

    Prove that cos3x/cosx-cos6x/cos2x=2(cos2x-cos4x)

    asked by Joel
  13. math

    How does the volume of a rectangular prism change if the width is reduced to 2004-06-01-04-00_files/i0280000.jpg of its original size, the height is reduced to 2004-06-01-04-00_files/i0280001.jpg of its original size, and the length is reduced to

    asked by max
  14. pre cal

    Find a possible formula for the function graphed below. The x-intercept is marked with a point located at (5,0), and the y-intercept is marked with a point located at (0,−0.833333333333333). The asymptotes are y=−1 and x=6. Give your formula as a

    asked by tor
  15. Chemistry

    What is the concentration of a monoprotic weak Acid if its pH is 5.50 and its Ka= 5.7 x 10^-10?

    asked by Joshua
  16. Business Law- Need Help with this one..

    Which of the following statements is true about contracts? A. Parties to an informal contract can use any words they choose to express their contract. B. A contract under seal is disclosed only to the offeror of the contract. C. A letter of credit is an

    asked by angela
  17. chemisty

    How many mL of .200 M NaOH are required to completely neutralize 5.00 mL of 0.100 M H2PO4?

    asked by Jenny
  18. math

    Determine the rate per cent per annum if Rs 6,250 amounts to Rs 6760 in six months ,interest being compounded quarterly

    asked by Nina
  19. pre cal

    Find a possible formula for the function graphed below. Assume the function has only one x-intercept at the origin, and the point marked on the graph below is located at (2,12). The asymptotes are x=−2 and x=1. Give your formula as a reduced rational

    asked by tor
  20. Science

    A motor boat starting from rest on a lake accelerate in a straight line at a constant rate of 3m/s for 8s. How far does the boat travel during the time?

    asked by Nimisha
  21. Chemistry

    How much heat is produced by the complete reaction of 5.29 kg of nitromethane?

    asked by Isaac
  22. Business Law

    Which of the following statements is true regarding a negotiable instrument? A. It should be signed by the payee. B. It need not state a fixed amount of money. C. It should not require any undertaking other than the payment of money. D. It can be either

    asked by angela
  23. Algebra 1

    You buy a used car for $20,000. It depreciates at the rate of 21% per year. Find the value of the car for the given years (5 and 8) I'm using the equation v=c(1-r), and i end up getting 6154.11 ; im not sure if i subtract that from 20,000 or if that is my

    asked by Jordan
  24. physics

    a rock is dropped from a height of 20m above the ground when it hits the ground it leaves a hole 10cm deep with what speed does the rock hit the ground, and what is the magnitude of the rock's deceleration after it hits the ground

    asked by kevin
  25. math

    How can you write 100,203 in two other ways?

    asked by mila
  26. mathematics

    There are thrice as many girls as boys at a school. If 35% of the girls and 45% of the boys have already completed their holiday project, what percentage of the learners still needs to complete their project?

    asked by edna
  27. Science

    Pressure is 50N/m2,area is 600cm2.Find force

    asked by Srinjoy
  28. math

    Write the equation which describes the average price of a 19 inch TV if the cost in 2000 was $224 and has gone down $7 per year following.

    asked by m
  29. maths

    A lorry is travelling at 120 km/hr .At what speed must a car travel to catch up with the speed of the lorry?

    asked by junior
  30. Math

    92-(-64)=? -73-89=? -66-(-49)=? 846-749=? 697-(-697)=? -697-(-697)=? -697-697=? 89-97-(-78)=? -53-26-(-77)=? -42-(-81)-(-73)=?

    asked by Tante
  31. stats

    The purpose of using stratified random sampling is to guarantee that the ______________. a. proportions within the samples represent the proportions in the population. b. sampling variability is increased c. sample groups are highly varied for more precise

    asked by m
  32. Chemistry

    How many grams of Nitrogen contains same number of neutrons as 6grams of 12C?

    asked by Anurag Barman
  33. Maths


    asked by joel
  34. Science, English, math

    Why do we live

    asked by Yo yo jo
  35. life orientation

    examine how each of following are responsible for road accident and propose the potential solution by community 1.1 competence of the driver 1.2 substance abuse 1.3 pedestrian 1.4 cyclists 1.5 live stock

    asked by phumudzo
  36. Business Law

    __________ are a special form of contract that satisfy the requirements established by Revised Article 3 of the UCC. A. Banknotes B. Negotiable instruments C. Letters of credit D. Stocks An: B

    asked by angela
  37. Health care

    Of the racial/ethnic groups, which has the highest rate of low birth weight infants? Asian or Pacific Islander Hispanic Black/ African American White

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Math

    If you roll this six sided number cube 36 times, how many times would you expect to roll the number one based on Jennifer's results?

    asked by Jona
  39. microsoft P.P.

    When planning a presentation, there are several factors you need to consider. Which of the following is one factor you should consider when initially planning your presentation? A. Location of audience B. Title placeholder C. Type of font D. Saving your

    asked by Daniela
  40. Microsoft P.P.

    Which button would you use to insert a downloaded video clip on your computer into a slide? A. Online Video B. Clip Art Video C. Video on My PC D. Media my answer is c.

    asked by Daniela
  41. Microsoft P.P.

    Sorter 9. Tracy inserted one of her favorite photos into a slide presentation. However, the picture is small and needs to be longer and wider. To make the picture larger, which of the following should she do? A. Right-click on the object and click Size. B.

    asked by Daniela
  42. algebra

    The product of two consecutive integer is 5 three times the larger integer, what are the integers?

    asked by Anonymous
  43. algebra

    The product of two consecutive integer is 5 three times the larger integer, what are the integers?

    asked by Anonymous
  44. algebra

    The product of two consecutive integer is 5 three times the larger integer, what are the integers?

    asked by Anonymous
  45. algebra

    The product of two consecutive integer is 5 three times the larger integer, what are the integers?

    asked by Anonymous
  46. math

    How much talk time if call costs 36 cents a minute and i have 30 dollars?

    asked by vicky
  47. Chemistry

    A glass of water contains 1.2 x 1024 molecules of water. An additional 4.0 moles of water are poured into the glass. How many moles of water are in the glass?

    asked by Kelly
  48. Calculus

    divide 64 into two parts such that the product of one of them plus the cube of the other is a maximum

    asked by Jj
  49. English

    Underline the subject and verb. Does the verb agree with the subject? In my garden, the first flowers has bloomed. subject:flowers verb: has The verb should read: have

    asked by Kimmy
  50. math

    how to find the dimension if the diagonal of the rectangle is 8 meters longer than its shorter side and the area of the rectangle is 60 square meters?

    asked by lloyd
  51. English

    Which is grammatically correct? The steak (is, was) as tough as shoe leather. answer: was

    asked by Kimmy
  52. Math

    It takes John 45 minutes to read 9 pages of a book at this same rate, how long will it take him to read 12 pgs?

    asked by Terri
  53. math


    asked by number
  54. basic maths trignometry

    prove that secx - tanx = 1 -tan x/2 /1 + tan x/2

    asked by kabir
  55. math

    Solve 2 + 2 sin θ = 3 cos^2 θ. Give the general solution and then give solutions in [−π, π] How do i solve for theta?

    asked by Daniel
  56. math

    A motor travels 20 km/hr faster than the bicycle. If the motor travels 240 km, while the bicycle travels 180 km at the same time. Find the speed of the motor and the speed of the bicycle. thanks :))

    asked by Ari
  57. Math

    In Gulshan the ratio of private homes to apartment is 3:5. If all the apartments are brick made and 1/10 of the private homes are wooden, what is the maximum portion of houses that may

    asked by Anonymous
  58. value

    in a class 7 2 fifthy were girls ,27were boys ,how many girls were there

    asked by maths
  59. math

    In a country, 15 out of 100 residence had no auto insurance. The population in that country at that time is 240 million. How many residence of that country had no auto insurance? thanks :))

    asked by Ari
  60. Chemistry

    Why wash water in experiment limiting reagent has to be kept warm at 80-90 degree celcius . Explain why

    asked by Uitm
  61. math

    An elevator went up 8 floors, then down 6 floors, down 5floors, up to 10 floors down 2floors and up 9 floors. If it stopped on the 15th floors. On what floors did it starts?

    asked by Anonymous
  62. powerline

    the resistance of the material in inversely proportional to its

    asked by lagjhon
  63. maths

    in a class 2fifthy were girls, 27 were boys, how many girls were there

    asked by amos
  64. maths

    in a class 7, 2 fifthy were girls . boys were 27. how many boys were there

    asked by amos
  65. Chemistry Grade 12

    If the concentration of I^-1 is found to be 2.4 x 10^-3 mol/L in a saturated solution of PbI2. What is the Ksp of PbI2?

    asked by Kevin
  66. physics

    find the energy of an x-ray photon which can impact a maximum energy of 50 kev to an electron

    asked by priyanka
  67. Maths

    Multiply and give the answer in the simplest form 2/5 × 15

    asked by Rehan
  68. Maths

    By expanding the inequality(the square root of A-the square root of B)^2>0,show that the arithmetic mean of two unequal numbers is greater than their geometric mean.Check by using the numbers a)10 b)2root2 c)2/3

    asked by Efa