Questions Asked on
July 27, 2016

  1. Physics

    A body of volume hundred centimetre cube is immersed completely in water contained in a jar containing water. the weight of the jar and the water before immersion was 700 grams. After immersion weight of the jar and the water will be

    asked by Vidhi
  2. maths

    In a graduating class with the same number of boys and girls, 1/8 of the girls and 5/6 of the boys are honor students. What part of the class consists of boys who are not honor students

    asked by athaulla
  3. Math

    Write the ratio of dogs to cats in simplest form. 12 dogs, 16 cats

    asked by Help!!!
  4. Math

    A path is 3 feet wide and is paved with square bricks that are three inches wide. How many bricks wide is the path.

    asked by Tyrone Pelzer
  5. Algebra

    What is the polar form of 1+sina+icosa

    asked by chandan
  6. Physics

    (a) A narrow beam of light containing yellow (580 nm) and green (550 nm) wavelengths goes from polystyrene to air, striking the surface at a 30.0º incident angle. What is the angle between the colors when they emerge? (b) How far would they have to travel

    asked by Elizabeth
  7. science(physics)

    A bullet of mass 100g moving with20m/sec .Strikes a wooden plank and peretrates up to 20cm.Calculate the resistance offered by the wooden plank.

    asked by Raj
  8. Math help

    Stock in Company XYZ decreased from $14 per share to $9 per share. What is the percent decreased in the stock price?

    asked by Singi
  9. Math

    In a diagram of an 2 isosceles triangles, where ABC is a big triangle and a ADE, is just inside the top portion of ABC. Isosceles triangle ABC is similar to a isosceles triangle ADE what is the length of DE, which is the base part of a isosceles triangle

    asked by Terri
  10. Math Need Help

    The price of a pair of trousers was decreased by 22% at $30. What was the original price?

    asked by Mai
  11. Chemistry

    If 0.896g of a gas occupies a 250mL flask at 20 degree celcius and 760 mmHg of pressure, what is the molar mass of the gas?

    asked by John
  12. Physics

    A cubical block of steel of side 'a ' and density 'p'floats on mercury of density with a part of it being submerged. The height of the block above the Mercury level is given by

    asked by Vidhi
  13. F/maths

    X, Y and Z are three points on a straight road.A car passes X with a speed of 5m/s and travels from X to Y with a constant acceleration of 2m/s^2. The car then moves with a constant retardation of 3.5m/s^2 from Y to Z and comes to rest at Z. If the total

    asked by Ajila Ayobami
  14. GP

    two consecutive terms of a GP are the 2nd ,4th and 7th terms of an A.P respectively.find the common ration of the GP

    asked by Mike
  15. Physics

    What is the change in the volume of 1.0 L kerosene, when it is subjected to an extra pressure of 2.0 ×100000 N/m^2 if the density of the kerosene =800kg m^-3 and speed of sound in kerosene is 1300ms^-1

    asked by Vidhi
  16. math

    The selling price of the house from the bank was dropped from k200000.00 to 190000.oo.By what percent did the price drop?

    asked by Thomas sakap
  17. Urgent Math

    The price of oil decreased from $54 per barrel to $50 per barrel. What is the percent decrease in oil prices?

    asked by Aulem
  18. Math

    A boat is 300m away from the foot of a cliff. The angle of elevation from the boat to the top of the cliff is 16 degrees. a) Determine the height of the cliff to the nearest meter. b) If the boat sails 75 m closer to the cliff, determine , to the nearest

    asked by Kennedy
  19. Maths

    James decided to paint his bedroom. His bedroom walls are 5 metres long and 3 metres high. If 6 litres of paint can cover 10 square metres of the wall, how much paint should James buy to paint all the walls of his bedroom. If paint costs $12.00 per litre,

    asked by Ana
  20. maths

    james decided to paint his bedroom.his bedroom wall are 5 metres long and 3 metres high.if 6 metres of paint can cover 10 square metres of the wall,how much paint should james buy to paint all the walls of his bedroom.

    asked by ana
  21. world history

    What is the most likely explanation for why the Shang had little interaction with non-Chinese cultures?

    asked by kenny
  22. math

    Divide 534 into three parts such that the second part will be 32 less than twice the first ,and the third will be 18 more than the first.

    asked by waris
  23. Math

    A boat is 300m away from the foot of a cliff. The angle of elevation from the boat to the top of the cliff is 16 degrees. a) Determine the height of the cliff to the nearest meter. b) If the boat sails 75 m closer to the cliff, determine , to the nearest

    asked by Kennedy
  24. Geometry

    Myles was asked to draw a triangle xyz and then dilate it using the origin aa the center of dilation and a scale factor of 0.75.he thinks adding 0.75 units to the coordinates of the vertices of xyz will help him draw the dilated image. Explain why miles is

    asked by Jennifer
  25. Maths

    A number increases from 30 to 40 and then decreases from 40 to 30. Compare the percent of increase from 30 to 40 and that of the decrease from 40 to 30.

    asked by Runi
  26. Algebra

    Plane A is flying at a rate of 560 mph and is traveling 1960 miles from Phoenix to Washington, D.C. Determine how long the flight will take. Which answer choice shows the correct equation and solution for the situation? a)The equation is 1960h=560. The

    asked by Emma
  27. someone please help me. - Precalc

    Rewrite the expression tan(90°−θ)sinθ as one of the six trigonometric functions of acute angle thetaθ. Please show work + answer. I have a few of them to do. Thanks.

    asked by chichi
  28. Chemistry

    I need to draw a line angle structure of ibuprofen that shows hydrogen bonding and I am stuck. Can anyone help?

    asked by Breanne
  29. pre cal

    Given that f(x) is a cubic function with zeros at −5, 2, and 4, find an equation for f(x) given that f(−10)=−4.

    asked by tor
  30. Math Need Help

    The price of an item changed form $140 to $100. Then later the price increase again from $100 to $140. Which of the two changes was larger in percentage in term and how much percent?

    asked by Mai

    Daniel se está afeitando.

    asked by Ama
  32. Math help

    At the supermarket, a certain item has increased from 75 cent per pound to 81 cent per bag. What is the percent increase in the cost of the item?

    asked by Singi
  33. chemistry

    what volume of a 0.5M solution of sulphuric acid is required to prepare 2 litres of a 0.4M solution of the acid

    asked by Apoorva
  34. algebra

    when the lenght of each side of a square is increased by 7in., its area is increased by 189in.^2. find the lenght of the side of the original square.

    asked by shekyra nelvis
  35. Math

    The school is having a big event in the gym and wants to use their rectangular tables. 6 people can sit together at one rectangular table. If 2 tables are placed together, 10 people can sit together. So the pattern I noticed is 4 people added whenever a

    asked by John Dosley
  36. physics

    a person in a hot air balloon ascending vertically at a constant rate of 12m/s drops a rock over the side when the balloon is 40 m above the ground, what is the velocity of the rock just before it hits the ground, and how long will it take the rock to

    asked by gary
  37. chemistry

    what volumes of 6M hcl and 2M hcl should be mixed to get two litres of 3M hcl

    asked by hussain
  38. Math

    Carlos and Max are buying a house. They have $24000 for a down payment. The house price is $150000. If the interest rate is 8.85% compounded monthly, determine the size of the monthly payments they must make over the next 25 years to pay off the house.

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Chemistry Grade 12

    If the concentration of CN1- is found to be 1.4 × 10-6 mol/L in a saturated solution of AgCN, what is the Ksp of AgCN?

    asked by Kevin
  40. Urgent Math

    Growing up,you lived in a village. When you left for college, the population was 840. You recently heard that the population has grown by 5%. What is the percent population?

    asked by Aulem
  41. Algebra

    Write the equation of a line that contains (-8,4) and the midpoint of the segment connecting (-10,5) and (-5,0) in standard form. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I found the midpoint (-7.5, -3.5), found the slope, and put the equation in standard form.

    asked by sarah
  42. maths

    danny drove halfway from town p to town q at average speed of 60 km/h. he wants to average 80 km/h for the entire journey. What will his average speed be for the second part of his journey?

    asked by tim
  43. Physics

    A hollow sphere starts from rest and rolls down a hill without sliding. At the bottom of the hill, it has a linear velocity of 5 m/s. What was the height of the hill the sphere rolled down (in meters)?

    asked by Rebecca
  44. Maths

    Ms.Enclair has a fortnightly salary of $1,200 per fortnight for other expenses. What percent of her salary does she spend in a month? How many percent does she spent on food?

    asked by Khann
  45. Physics

    A body of volume hundred centimetre cube is completely immersed in a jar containing water. The weight of the jar and the water before immersion was 700. After immersion weight of jar and water will be

    asked by Vidhi
  46. Math

    A laboratory technician has a 20% and a 40% acid solutions. What amount of each solutions should be used in order to make 300ml of 28% acid solution?

    asked by Jeremy
  47. chemistry

    15mg of sodium chloride is present in 1kg of solution. express the concentration in ppm and ppb.

    asked by Apoorva
  48. Maths

    A clock gains 2 mins in a day and another clock loses 3 mins in a day. Both watch are set to the correct time . When will they both next show the correct time?(in number of days) Please show work.

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Math

    Tobin borrowed $5000 from the bank in order to buy a new piano. He will pay it off by equal payments at the end of each week for 4 years. The annual interest rate is 3.5%. Determine the size of payments, and the total interest paid. Express your answers

    asked by Anonymous
  50. Math

    Describe two ways to show the expression 5×3/4. My answer is. 15/4. 5×3/4. 5/1×3/4. I don't know how to write expression.

    asked by Deborah
  51. Health

    set a SMART mental health goal and One social health goal

    asked by Sherry
  52. maths

    Express the function f(x)= (2x + 1)^3 as a combination of functions g(x) and h(x) and define g(x) and h(x)

    asked by Clive
  53. Math

    Casies invested one part of her $10,000 at 7.5% interest per year and the other part at 8.5% per year as well. Her income from the two investments was $820. How much did she invest at each rate of interest?

    asked by Jeremy
  54. algebra

    when the lenght of each side of a square is increased by 7in., its area is increased by 189in.^2. find the lenght of the side of the original square.

    asked by shekyra nelvis
  55. Maths

    How many litres of water fills a tank whise internal dimensions are 2.5m by 20m by 1.5m

    asked by Precious
  56. Science

    What is physics

    asked by Yashesh
  57. physics

    a sky diver jumps out of a plane that is 3000m above ground with an initial upward speed of 6m/s she free falls for 20s (assume there is no wind at this time)before pulling the cord to activate the parachute she then falls to the ground at a constant

    asked by gary
  58. Chemistry

    You discover a new cell type that contains measurable amounts of silver ions (Ag+) in it. You find that the concentration of Ag+ inside the cell is still 10 times lower than the concentration outside. Calculate the amount of membrane potential that results

    asked by Tenshi
  59. Maths

    The price of an changed from $120 to$100, then later the prices decrease again from $100 to $80. Which of the change was larger in terms of percent?

    asked by Khann
  60. Math

    Which letter on the number line above represents 6?

    asked by Andrew
  61. Science

    When did the first human exist? And when did they start populating the earth?

    asked by Isaiah
  62. Physics

    Considering a mass-spring system aligned horizontally moving at a velocity v. a) How will the velocity of the mass change if amplitude is doubled. b) How will the velocity of the mass change if the spring constant is quartered? I know the answer to the

    asked by Lost
  63. Math

    The sum of two consecutive numbers is S. The square of the larger number minus the square of the smaller number is?

    asked by Janine
  64. maths

    The function f is such that f(x)= (2 - x)^2, x belongs to real number. Find g and h as functions of x such that gh(x)=f(x)

    asked by david
  65. Organic Chemistry

    Is helium considered a noble gas?

    asked by Anonymous
  66. Algebra 2

    What would happen to the sum of a geometric series if the ratio was 1?

    asked by Nina
  67. hard core physics

    A car is at motion.It horns an hears the echo of the sound after 6 sec.find the speed of the car.

    asked by j
  68. pre cal

    Given P(x)=5x^5−9x^3−9x^2+3x+9, P(x)→ ? if x→−∞, P(x)→ ? if x→∞.

    asked by tor
  69. chemistry

    15gm of sodium chloride is present in one kilogram of the concentratiom in ppm and ppb

    asked by hussain
  70. physical Science

    Sodium azide fully decomposes at 300 degrees celcius at a volume of 3,5 cubic decometer,calculate the mass of sodium azide pellets used

    asked by wiseman Syabonga Xaba
  71. Math

    Ms. Anne works in a supermarket for $10 per hour.If her pays increased to $12, then what is her percent increase in pay?

    asked by Singi
  72. Maths

    The selling price of a house from the bank was dropped from $200,000 to $190,000. By what percent did the price drop?

    asked by Alstonier
  73. Maths

    Solve For X if archtan(x)+archsin(x)=3/4pi

    asked by Joel
  74. Math

    Translate into an equation use x to represent an unknown number two thirds of a number is negative 28

    asked by Atavia
  75. Maths

    Your supervisor says that his wife has put an 18ft x 51ft garden in along the whole back end of their backyard. He says that this has reduced the backyard lawn area by 24%. What are the total dimensions of his backyard? What are the dimensions of of the

    asked by Alstonier
  76. Maths

    Prove that (1+sinx-cosx/1+sinx+cosx)^2= 1-cosx/1+cosx

    asked by Joel
  77. maths


    asked by abdal