Questions Asked on
July 26, 2016

  1. maths

    In a competition, 5 points were awarded for each game won and 2 points were deducted for each game lost.A pupil attempted 15 games and got 54 points.How many games did the pupil win?

    asked by yussra
  2. Math

    Which statement best describes the effect of replacing the function f(x) = 2x − 2 with the function g(x) = 2x + 3? The graph shifts 1 units left. The graph shifts 5 units left. The graph shifts 1 unit right. The graph shifts 3 units right. Plz help

    asked by layla
  3. Physics

    during a race,a dragster is 200 meters from the finish line when something goes wrong and its stops travels at a constant velocity of45 meters per second for 3seconds to try to finish the race.How far from the finish line is the dragster

    asked by Physics
  4. Statistics

    The ages of commercial aircraft are normally distributed with a mean of 13.5 years and a standard deviation of 7.3 years. What percentage of individual aircraft have ages greater than 15 ​years?

    asked by Shawn
  5. geometry

    SM=3x−4, and RN=9x−20. Find the value of x. A. 16 B. 4 C. 12 D. 8

    asked by Courtney
  6. Chemistry

    How much H3PO4 is needed to neutralize 1 liter of a 0.75M solution of NaOH? (in moles)

    asked by Damon
  7. Math

    Write a real-life situation that can be modeled by the expression 5x 3/4

    asked by Deborah
  8. maths

    A sum of money borrowed at a particular rate of interest amounts of Rs 8320 in 2years and Rs 9685 in 3 and half years.Find the sum borrowed.

    asked by boilen
  9. American History

    what are the biggest challenges facing the average American citizen today? I feel that the biggest challenges facing the average American today include lack of jobs, state of our economy, terrorism, and gun violence. Unfortunately in America today wages

    asked by Sue
  10. physics

    an arrow is shot vertically upward after 2s it is at a height of 36m although this is not necessarily the highest point with what velocity was the arrow shot what is the maximum height reached by the arrow how long is the arrow in flight altogether

    asked by craig
  11. physics

    the mass of a proton is 1836 times the mass of an electron a)a proton is traveling at speed v. at what speed (in terms of v) would an electron have the same kinetic energy as the proton? b) an electron has kinetic energy K. if a proton has the sane speed

    asked by hey
  12. math

    Points​ A, B,​ C, D, and E are coplanar and no three are collinear. In how many ways can the plane be named using only these​ points?

    asked by Anonymous
  13. geometry

    The lengths of two sides of an isosceles triangle are 8 and 10. The length of the third side could be? A. either 8 or 10 B. 6, only C. 8, only D. 10, only

    asked by Courtney
  14. physics

    A stone is projected vertically upwards with a speed of 30ms from the top of a tower of height 50m. Neglecting air resistance determine the maximum height it reached from the ground.[g=10ms^2]

    asked by josh
  15. Maths

    Buzz is three times as heavy as Jessie. If Buzz is 450g heavier than Jessie what is the weight of Buzz in grams?

    asked by Heather
  16. science

    Ice has a critical angle of 49.8 degrees, explain or rectangular prism of clear ice can be used for the total internal reflection of light by 90 degrees

    asked by zai
  17. Geometry

    Triangle XYZ is the pre-image with vertex X(-6,-4). Given the algebraic rule for the composition,t(3,5) R(270 ,cc) , what are the coordinates of X’?

    asked by Dr J
  18. physics

    A car accelerates from rest at 1.0 m/s^2 for 20s along a straight roa, it then moves at a constant speed for half an hour, it then deccelerates uniformly to a stop in 30s. Find the total distance covered by the car.

    asked by sophia
  19. microsoft PP

    When planning a presentation, there are several factors you need to consider. Which of the following is one factor you should consider when initially planning your presentation? A. Location of audience B. Title placeholder C. Type of font D. Saving your

    asked by Daniela
  20. math

    round 333.3333333333 to the nearest meter

    asked by berlinda
  21. Chemistry

    Rank the following molecules in order of water solubility. ch3ch2ch2ch3, ch3oh, nacl, and ch3chohcooh

    asked by Steph
  22. Maths

    Construct a parallelogram whose he=5cm each=6cm and angle r=85°

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Algebra

    when f(x)=2x^3−11x^3−4x+a is divided by x+2, the remainder is −4. What is the value of a

    asked by Anonymous
  24. geometry

    Two sides of a triangle have lengths 4 and 7. Which of the following can NOT be the length of the third side? A. 4 B. 7 C. 11 D. 5

    asked by Courtney
  25. Math

    An open box, no more than 5 cm in height, is to be formed by cutting four identical squares from the corners of a sheet of metal 25 cm by 32 cm, and folding up the metal to form sides. The capacity of the box must be 1575 cm^3. What is the side length of

    asked by Sherry
  26. Trigo

    From the top of the mountain 30m. Above the sea level, the angle of depression of two ships lying in a vertical plane with a mountain top measure 28° and 23°. Find the distance between the ships.

    asked by Sid
  27. Chemistry

    When zinc metal is reacted with hydrochloric acid, zinc chloride and hydrogen gas are produced. If 25ml of 0.2M HCl and 0.3g of zinc metal is used: a. how many M of zinc chloride will be produced? b. how many M of zinc chloride will be produced if 0.5M of

    asked by Eirin
  28. Maths

    Construct a parallelogram whose he=5cm each=6cm and angle r=85°

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Science

    What is the concentration off alcohol solution that was prepared by dissolving 40cm3 ethanol in 160cm3 water

    asked by Anonymous
  30. engineering mechanics

    a 75kg person is standing on a board inclined at 30 angle type the horizontal .what are the magnitudes of gravitational components normal to the board and parallel to the board

    asked by Chandra kiran
  31. Chemistry

    Which value is most likely to be the pH of a salt that is formed by the reaction of a strong acid and a weak base

    asked by RESHONDA
  32. math

    Workers A and B working together can finish a job in 8 hrs.If they work together for 6 hrs.,after which worker A leaves,then worker B needs 9 more hrs to finish the job.How long does it take worker A to do the job alone?

    asked by Queen
  33. Maths

    An object is immersed in 1L of water. The water level rises to 1.25 L. What is the volume of the object?

    asked by Jigme Dorji
  34. MAth Trig

    Find the diameter of a circle with an arc length of 32 cm and a subtended angle of 72 degrees

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Algebra

    The Patterson family and the bell family each used their sprinklers last summer. The wayer output rate for the patterson family's sprinkler was 25 L per hour. The water output rate for the bell family's speinkler was 15 L per hour. The familiez used their

    asked by Helen
  36. English

    Rewrite the sentence without changing the meaning. It doesn't matter

    asked by sandhya
  37. Army school math

    Area of isosceles tringle if base is 6 cm and perimeter is 26 cm

    asked by Ritesh
  38. maths

    Find length of diagonal of rectangle whose adjacent sides are 30cm and 16cm.tell answer

    asked by shikha
  39. Physics

    A body accelerates uniformly from rest and covers a distance of 180m in 6s. Calculate the magnitude of its acceleration. . solution S=ut+1/2at^2 180=0x6+1/2xax6^2 180=0+a/2x6^2 180-0=36a/2 180=36a/2 180x2=36a 360=36a 360/36=36a/36 10ms^-2=a acceleration is

    asked by Josh
  40. chemistry

    Dissolve 50g of sodium hydroxide in 1 litres and determine the normality

    asked by Maryann
  41. maths

    A hostel provision of food for 28 days for 40 girls. How many days the food item will last if 16 new girls are admitted in the hostel

    asked by aayush
  42. Science

    How many grams of hydrogen chloride are percent in 250cm3 of comercial 37% by mass hydro chloric acid solution? The density of the acid is 1.19gram/cm3.

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Algebra

    You are playing with a pile of beads and notice if you put them in groups of 4 you have 3 beads left over, in groups of 5 you have 4 beads left over and in groups of nine you do not have any left over. What is the smallest number of beads. Left over

    asked by Jill
  44. physics

    the takeoff speed for a large airplane is 180 mi/hr(roughly 80m/s0 the plane is capable of accelerating at a rate of 4m/s^2 assume that the plane starts at rest determine the minimum runway length required for this plane to safely take off a smaller

    asked by craig
  45. Math

    If a submarine dives 25 feet every second, it will take 8 minutes, 37 second to reach the ocean floor. How deep is the Pacific ocean?

    asked by Evelyn Pichardo
  46. physics

    a person uses a slingshot to launch a rock upward with a velocity of 30m/s how long does it take to reach a height of 20m what maximum height does the rock reach, what is the velocity of the rock at this height, what is the velocity of the rock just before

    asked by kyle
  47. physis

    . Two similar blocks of iron and wood, are immersed in water. Will they have same upthrust?

    asked by bennet
  48. Maths

    What is the only place in the world who has Fahrenheit and Celsius can be equal

    asked by Krisha
  49. math

    paul is twice as old as john.17years ago their age was old is paul?

    asked by Angela
  50. Math

    Two forces of magnitude 8N make angles of 30°and120°with x axis magnitude of y component of resultant will be

    asked by Rafah
  51. math

    Ravinder surveyed 36 student in the school. nine of them said they would attend the dance. if the school has 900 students, how much can Ravinder expect to attend the dance.

    asked by sue
  52. physics

    a driver starting from rest accelerates at a rate of 1.5m/s^2 for 20s until reaching a certain speed she then continues driving at this constant speed for an additional 20s what maximum speed does the driver attain what total distance does the driver cover

    asked by kyle
  53. home economics

    What are the factors to consider when making cushions

    asked by chendzimu
  54. CBSE

    If the cost of 8 apples is $160, what is the cost of 5 apples?

    asked by Pawan Kumar
  55. Math

    Alger is 7 years younger than abegail and the product of their age is old is each?

    asked by Kip
  56. Che

    Calculate the fundamental particles in HCN and na2co3 and k2so4

    asked by gamma ali
  57. trig

    if sec theta =sqrt -20/3 state the exact value of tan theta

    asked by Anonymous