Questions Asked on
July 22, 2016

  1. science

    What is the density of a piece of wood that has a mass of 25.0 grams and a volume of 29.4 cm3

  2. Math

    It takes 3 men to dig 2 identical trenches in 5 hours.If all the men work at same rate,how long will it take 5 men to dig 7 of these trenches?

  3. Physics

    If you weigh 670 N on the earth, what would be your weight on the surface of a neutron star that has the same mass as our sun and a diameter of 15.0 km ? Take the mass of the sun to be ms = 1.99×1030 kg , the gravitational constant to be G = 6.67×10−11

  4. math

    a compositor takes 1 hour 45 min to compose 24 page of a book. how long will be take to compose 64 pages

  5. math

    a bag contains 6 blue marbles and 10 red marbles. If you choose one marble at random, and then another marble at random, what is the probability that both marbles are blue?

  6. Science

    Arun has prepared 0.01 percent of solution of sodium chloride in water .Clculate mass of solute and mass of solvent.

  7. Maths

    By selling a sofa set at 85% of the labelled price, Apex furniture earned a profit of 13.33% when it sold the sofa set for Rs 17,000.What will be the profit percentage if the discount is not offered?

  8. Algebra

    Divide 60 into 2 parts, such that twice the smaller number exceeds half of the greater number by 10

  9. physicis

    A cylinder 15 cm long and 9 cm in radius is made of two different metals bonded end-to- end to make a single bar. The densities are 4.3 g/cm3 and 6.3 g/cm3. 15 cm 9 cm radius What length of the lighter-density part of the bar is needed if the total mass is

  10. math

    The solution of x for equation a (bx - c) = d - (x + e) (a > 0 and b > 0) the answer is x = ac + d - e/ab + 1 How?

  11. maths

    mrs chan baked some cupcakes. She gave 1/6 of the cupcakes to her neighbour and 7/10 of this remaining cupcakes to her sister. If she had 12 cupcakes left, how many cupcakes did she bake together?


    on a partime job you are asked to bring a cylindrical iron rod of legnth 85.8 cm and diameter 2.85 cm from a storage room to a machinist. will you need a cart? (to answer calculate the weight of the rod.)

  13. stats

    The lifetimes of lightbulbs of a particular type are normally distributed with a mean of 241 hours and a standard deviation of 12 hours. Find the first quartile, Q1.

  14. math

    Write the equation in standard form, given the following information. vertex(-2,4), directrix y=1

  15. Science

    What is the kinetic energy of 0.5 kg soccer ball that is travelling at a velocity of 3m/s?

  16. Physics,Mthe

    a body of mass is100an objet and volume is 10 .find the density

  17. Algebra

    y^2-7y+p. Find the value of p that it becomes a perfect square algebra

  18. English

    I'm writing a creative writing piece for class and have trouble coming up with a coherent plot. Basically I'm stuck with a question. Why would two normal teenagers (boy and girl) suddenly have to run for their lives? Any advice is much appreciated I just

  19. Physics

    Searches related to a stone is projected vertically upward with a speed of 14m/s from a tower 100m high. find the maximum height attained and the speed with which it strikes the ground

  20. refrigeration

    air in the smoke house has WBT of 20 degree centigrade and DBT of 25 deg.centigrade,determine RH,DPT and % moisture content.What will be the change if the air is heated to DBT of 40 degree centigrade ?

  21. math

    In five years time thabo will be three times as old as he was nine years old is he now

  22. Math

    A girl leaves her home A at 9am, and after cycling for 25km at 5km/h she reaches her destination B at 2pm. After having lunch at B for 90 minutes, she sets off for home. On the way home she stops for half an hour to see a friend who lives at C, which is

  23. Math

    a) Find the values of x and y so that the ordered data below has a median of 31 and a mean of 31.25. 13, 17, 25, 27, 28, x, 32, 36, 37, 40, y, 47 b) The numbers below have been written in ascending order. Find the values of a, b, c and d if the mode is 15,

  24. Futher maths

    Tan theta +2sec theta=2 cot theta+3cosec theta=a Find theta

  25. math

    $420 is divided between A & B so that A gets 3/7 th of what B gets.what amount doea A get?

  26. Calculus

    An open box is to be made from a rectangular piece of material by cutting equal squares of length x from each corner and turning up the sides. If the material is 18 inches long and 12 inches wide. What is the volume of the box as a function of x?

  27. math

    find missing denominator of 3\7=15\? to show equivalent fraction

  28. math

    In a class,30 students passed in math,20 passed in physics and 8 passed in both. How many students failed in both if the class has 45 students?

  29. Maths

    A ball is dropped from height of 100 feet towards the ground. It hits the ground and bounces back 80% of the fall. This continues till the ball comes to rest. Find the vertical distance covered by the ball

  30. math

    A man walks 40 m due north and 50 m due west. Find the distance from the starting point?

  31. English

    Indeed a poem about tree it should have a message maintain rhyme scheme try include simile, metaphor and alliteration

  32. Algebra

    number of hours they worked at a cake shop during the holidays and the number of cakes they delivered in a week. Graph shows 0 to 60 on x axis and y axes at increments of 10. The label on the x axis is Weekly Hours Worked, and the label on the y axis is

  33. Chemistry

    A solution of 0.211 M NaOH is used to titrate 24.0 mL of a H2SO4 solution. If 19.0 mL of the NaOH solution is required to reach the endpoint, what is the molarity of the H2SO4 solution? H2SO4(aq)+2NaOH(aq)→2H2O(l)+NaSO4(aq)

  34. Math

    Posted by Pam on Thursday, July 21, 2016 at 10:41am. One day 3/8 of the students in Jack's class ate toast for breakfast. Another 1/8 of the students ate oatmeal. Jack added the fractions and found the sum was 7/8. Which statement best describes the sum

  35. math

    Find value of x for log1/2(x-1)+log1/2(x+1)-log1/√2(7-x)=1

  36. probability

    In the state of Georgia, telephone numbers consists of 10 digits, including the area code. One of these area codes is 770. The first digit following the area code cannot be 1 or 0. Find the number of possibilities for telephone numbers in area code 770.

  37. Analytical Chemistry

    I am having major issues with this problem and I no clue where to start. It also doesn't help that the professor never taught us how to calculate mass % from data like this... Students in the analytical chemistry class were given a sample of spinach to

  38. RE

    I am going to take the Regents Algebra 1(Common Core)and I'd like to know whether a certain procedure of mine could lower my grade. When solving linear equations I do this: x+2=20 I just pass the 2 negative to the other side without subtracting it from the

  39. math

    Find the probability of choosing spade or a red card from a standard deck of 52 cards

  40. math

    find the probability of choosing a queen or a diamond from a standard deck of 52 cards

  41. Math

    For a certain day,the depth of water,h, in metres in PEI, in hours is given by the formula:h(t) = 7.8sin (pi/6(t-3)), t E [0,24], assume t=0 represents midnight. Provide an algebraic solution to determine the time(s) of day, the water reaches the depth of

  42. English

    Identify the verb phrase. Include main verb and helping verb in the following sentence? Do you know the three main parts of the brain? I think the answer is: Do you know

  43. English

    Identity the verb phrase including the main verb and helping verb. I can do many activities impossible for other animals. Answer: can do

  44. Math

    The function g(x)=ax^3−x^2+x−24 has three factors. Two of these factors are 𝑥−2 and 𝑥+4. Determine the values of a and b then determine the other factor.

  45. Math

    For a certain day,the depth of water,h, in metres in PEI, in hours is given by the formula:h(t) = 7.8 + sin3.5 (pi/6(t-3)), t E [0,24], assume t=0 represents midnight. Provide an algebraic solution to determine the time(s) of day, the water reaches the

  46. Maths

    If perimeter is 62 cm and area is 198 squared cm what are the dimensions?

  47. Math - Trig

    The depth of water, h, in metres at time t, in hours, is given by the formula: h(t)=7.8+3.5sin[pi/6(t−3)]. Its a 24 hours period and t=0 is midnight. Provide an algebraic solution to determine the time(s) of day, the water reaches the depth of 10.29 m i

  48. science

    The initial and final temperatures of a liquid are (67.7+0.2)°C and (76.3+0.3)°C . Calculate the rise in temperature.