Questions Asked on
July 13, 2016

  1. Maths

    if a spinner is divided into 6 equal parts ,when it's spun, what is the probability of spinning on 4?

    asked by Michael
  2. math

    find the value of k so that k-3,k+1,4k-2 form a geometric sequence.

    asked by peejhay
  3. Chemistry

    The reaction 2NO (g) + 2H2 -> N2 (g) + 2H2O (g) was found to follow the rate law, rate = k[NO]^2[H2]. By what factor will the rate of reaction increase when the pressure of NO gas is increased from 2.0 atm to 3.0 atm? Assume all other conditions are held

    asked by Mikey
  4. computer sc.

    Draw a flowchart to calculate the average of 50 students in one subject.

    asked by Saira
  5. Economics

    1. According to the data table below, what is the unemployment rate?: Total Population: 1,500 Population under 16 or institutionalised: 360 Not in the labor force: 450 Unemployed: 69 Workers with part-time work who want full-time: 30 A. 10% B. 11% C. 8.4%

    asked by Wesley
  6. maths

    Sam wants to build a wooden deck on his patio, which is in the shape of a parallelogram. The area of the patio is 280 ft2. Find the width. Round your answer to the nearest foot.

    asked by zoe
  7. English

    1. He is less tall than Tom. 2. Tom is taller than he. 3. He is less smart than Tom. 4. Tom is smarter than he. 5. He is less big than Tom. 6. Tom is bigger than he. 7. He is less careful than Tom. 8. Tom is more careful than he. 9. He is no thoughtful

    asked by rfvv
  8. math

    What is the height of a cylinder with a volume of 384π cubic inches and a radius of 8 inches? Round to the nearest tenth of an inch.

    asked by anon
  9. Maths

    If the line x=3 divides the area bounded between the curves y^2=12x and x^2=12y into two parts then the ratio of their areas is

    asked by Anand
  10. chemistry

    How much heat is produced by the complete combustion of 287 g of CH4? CH4(g)+2O2(g)→CO2(g)+2H2O(g)ΔH∘rxn=−802.3kJ

    asked by Anonymous
  11. English Check answers

    Identify the number of independent and subordinate clauses in the following group of words. Energy can be gathered by using solar power A.two independent clauses(MAY ANSWER) independent clause and one subordinate clause subordinate clause only

    asked by Nikki
  12. physics

    an antelope moving with constant acceleration covers the distance between two points 70.0m apart in 7.00 s.Its speed as it passes the second points is 15.0m/s. a.What is its speed at the fist poin? b.What is ita acceleration?

    asked by Belle
  13. Socials Studies (Help please)

    in what ways did politicians expect confederation to solve economic problems in the colonies?

    asked by Samantha
  14. English, Literature, Grammar, History

    ◎☞△❍✔︎✺➣PLEASE HELP EMERGENCY!!!!!!◎☞△❍✔︎✺➣ Twelfth Night by Shakespeare Questions: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Why do Sir Toby and Maria write a letter to

    asked by Hazel
  15. Math

    laura spent 20 percent of her money on a dress. she spent 2/5 of the remainder on a book. she had $72 left. how much money did she have at first?

    asked by Stephanie
  16. Studying for Pre Cal exam

    Find the fourth roots of − 1/2 + (square root)3/2 i Write the roots in trigonometric form. A - w 1=cos(35°)+isin(35°) w2 =cos(125°)+isin(125°) w3 =cos(215°)+isin(215°) w4 =cos(305°)+isin(305°) B - w1 =cos(40°)+isin(40°) w2

    asked by Lottie
  17. Maths

    The numbers p,10 and q are 3 consecutive terms of an arithmetic progression .the numbers p,6 and q are 3 consecutive terms of a geometric progression .by first forming two equations in p and q show that p^2-20p+36=0 Hence find the values of p and q for

    asked by Nyasha
  18. maths

    Carlos is laying concrete to make the floors of two rooms. The dimensions of the rooms are shown below. He needs to use 0.1m3 of concrete to make 1m2 of floor. The concrete will cost £65 per m3. How much will it cost to buy enough concrete for the floors?

    asked by x
  19. math

    Find the slope of the line whose parametric equations are x=2-t and y=1=2t fi this line passes through (2,y) find the value of y compute also the value of t

    asked by johnel
  20. Chemistry

    How many molecules are in 5.2L of carbon dioxide gas?

    asked by Joey

    A creative writing teacher tells students to publish their writing projects in a nonprint format. Which of the following techniques would not meet the teacher’s requirements?

    asked by JAMES
  22. Math

    If 18 gallons of gas costs X dollars what is the expression to represent the cost in dollars of 3 gallons

    asked by Angie
  23. Pre Calculus

    Perform the operation shown below and leave the result in trigonometric form. [8(cos10° + i sin10°)] [5(cos 200° + i sin 200°)]

    asked by Jessica Maths
  24. maths

    Perform the operation shown below and leave the result in trigonometric form. [6(cos 5pi/6 + isin 5pi/6)] [3(cos 4pi/5 + isin 4pi/5)]

    asked by oleg
  25. Math

    If a run is 10 feet and the slope 1% what is the rise?

    asked by Mark
  26. math

    Robin flies to San Francisco from LA in 4 hours. she flies back in 3 hours. if the wind is blowing from the north at velocity of 20mph during both flights, what was the airspeed of the plane (it's speed in the air)?

    asked by brat
  27. Economics - PLEASE CHECK ANSWERS

    1. The main advantage to a corporation is.. A. Ease of entry B. Limited liability for the owners C. Dividends all go to one person D. Owners share managerial duty (I chose B) 2. The main advantage to a sole proprietorship is.. A. Ease of entry B. Financial

    asked by Charlotte
  28. maths

    manik has a sum of money ,he saved 1/4 of it and spent 4/9of the remainder on a bike; 1-what fraction of his money was spent on the bike

    asked by chirag
  29. pre-calculus

    Choose the point on the terminal side of -210°.

    asked by Gabb7
  30. Math

    Given that Force 1 = 70 pounds and Force 2 = 120 pounds , find the angle between the forces if the magnitude of the resultant force is 90 pounds . Round answer to the nearest degree. A) 48° B) 40° C) 53° D) 45° E) 60° I think it is answer B

    asked by Katya
  31. math

    The side of a triangle are in the ratio 2:3:4.If the shortest side measure 6cm,what is the perimeter of the triangle?

    asked by pratikshya
  32. math

    A boy reaches his school 1.4km away in 1hr 40mins at what speed does he travels?

    asked by karan
  33. Economics - PLEASE HELP

    Homework Help: Economics PLEASE CHECK MY ANSWERS! 1. The MAIN advantage to a corporation is.. A. Ease of entry B. Limited liability for the owners C. Dividends all go to one person D. Owners share managerial duty E. All of the above (My answer: E) 2. The

    asked by Taylor
  34. Math (PLEASE HELP!)

    A ferris wheel has a radius of 13 m. It rotates once every 24 seconds. A passenger gets on at the bottom of the wheel from a ramp which is one metre above ground level. a) If the height of the passenger is measured from the ground, determine an equation

    asked by Anonymous
  35. statistics

    If 6 bass are randomly selected from Clear Lake, find the probability that the mean weight is greater than the mean of those you caught

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Science

    2kg water vapour 100degrees is condensed to water at 40degrees. The quantity of heat required?

    asked by Hji
  37. maths114

    A chord xy of a circle of radiuns 14cm subtends angle of 60 degree at the centre. find the area of major segment.

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Math

    The ratio of a triangle's sides is 4:3:6. If the length of the hypotenuse is 1/4, what is the value of the length of the short leg of the triangle subtracted from the length of the long leg of the triangle? Help please?

    asked by Jane
  39. math

    a messenger traveling 65 miles per hour pursues a truck which has a start of 2 hours and overtakes it in 3 hours. find the truck speed.

    asked by jessa
  40. Math

    Mrs. Kumar bought 27 apples. She bought 15 more oranges. How many oranges did she buy?

    asked by Primary 1 Math
  41. Math (PLEASE HELP!)

    How do you solve sin2θ−cosθ=0 between -pi/2 less than or equal to θ less than or equal to 3pi/2?

    asked by Anonymous
  42. English

    1. He has less money than Tom. 2. Tom has more money than he. 3. He has less time than Tom. 4. Tom has more time than he. 5. He has less water than Tom. 6. Tom has more water than he. 7. He has less rice than Tom. 8. Tom has more rice than he.

    asked by rfvv
  43. Math (PLEASE HELP!)

    A ferris wheel has a radius of 13 m. It rotates once every 24 seconds. A passenger gets on at the bottom of the wheel from a ramp which is one metre above ground level. a) If the height of the passenger is measured from the ground, determine an equation

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Physics

    Five masses are positioned as follow in the x and y axis: m1 = 1 kg at (0,0) m2 = 2 kg at (4,0) m3 = 3 kg at (4,5) m4 = 4 kg at (0, 5) m5 = 5 kg at (2, 2) All x and y values are in meters. Find the magnitude and direction of the net gravitational force

    asked by Justin
  45. math

    Felicia left Rome at 8am and drove her Ferrari at 8mph from Rome to Sorrento. she then took the boat to Capri for the day, returning to Sorrento 5 hours later. on the return trip from Sorrento to Rome she averaged 60mph and arrived in Rome at 8pm. How far

    asked by laiche
  46. Math

    The Fahrenheit temperature of a certain city has never dropped below 50 degrees how would you describe this using Celsius temperature and has never dropped below how many degrees Celsius simplify your answer type an integer or decimal rounded to the

    asked by Carol
  47. English composition

    Title: Video Games Topic announcement: Sports video game Introduction: It is fun to play video games in sports, because it is very challenging and it excites the person who will play for it. Thesis statement: While genres for sports video games can get

    asked by Bernard
  48. Physics

    A 4.65-μF and an 9.30-μF capacitor are connected in series to a 60.0-Hz generator operating with an rms voltage of 111 V. What is the rms current supplied by the generator? The capacitors are in series so I used C = C1*C2/(C1 + C2) and got C = 3.1*10^-6

    asked by Alli
  49. Math

    A minor league baseball team plays 95 games in the season if the team won 15 more than three times as many games as they lost how many wins and losses did they the team have I need the losses

    asked by Carol
  50. English

    1. Let's go around this area once more. 2. Let's walk around this area once more. 3. Let's get around this area once more. 4. Let's detour this area once more. -------------------- Do they have the same meaning? Can we use #3? Does #1 have the same meaning

    asked by rfvv
  51. Math

    Find two numbers which have a difference of 7, and a product that is a minimum. Thank you! :)

    asked by Gennelle
  52. Maths

    If the value of a machine depreciates 15percent every year.What was its value 1 year ago.its present value is 85000

    asked by Himanshi
  53. Chemistry

    hydrogen sulfide reacts with sulphur dioxide to give water and S, balance the equation. if hydrogen sulfide contains 125g, how much S is produced?

    asked by Love
  54. Chemistry

    hydrogen sulfide reacts with sulphur dioxide to give water and S, balance the equation. if hydrogen sulfide contains 125g, how much S is produced?

    asked by Love
  55. algebra

    The graph above shows the relationship between the time it takes in minutes for Rosina to walk versus run to different destinations. Give a written interpretation of the slope of the function.

    asked by mia
  56. Math

    A court is to be surrounded by plastic stripping 30m long. One side of the court does not need the stripping because it is a brick wall. What must be the dimensions of the court in order to obtain a maximum area? What is the maximum area? Thank you! :)

    asked by Gennelle
  57. Math

    Daniel drives 30 mph to the toy store and 45 mph back home, taking the same route both ways. If the total trip took two hours, how many total miles does he drive on the round-trip from home to the store and back? Can you please explain how to do it?

    asked by Gina
  58. Algebra

    Two pipes can fill a tank in 9 hours. If the bigger of the pipes has a rate of 1 ½ times of the smaller, how long would it take each pipe to fill the tank if opened alone?

    asked by Shawn
  59. physics

    Searches related to A football at rest is kicked so that it start to move with a velocity where horizontal component is 1/2 vm/s. In it's flight , the ball rises to a maximum height of 10m.Assuming that air resistance may be neglected and that the ground

    asked by nnenna
  60. math

    Write 3.027 in expanded form

    asked by Anonymous
  61. English

    1. Your name has been deleted from the list. 2. Your name has been deleted out of the list. 3. Your name has been ________ from the list. ============================= Can we use 'out of' instead of 'from'? What other past participles can we use in place

    asked by rfvv
  62. tle

    the surface temperature of ranges from 173 degrees celsius to 410 degrees celsius find its equivalent temperature in the fahrenheit scale.

    asked by Anonymous
  63. Algebra

    How do u work out how much fence is needed for area of 100m2

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Math

    A student was asked to divide a number by 12. Instead he divided the number by 24. In doing so he got a quotient which was 16 less than the original number. Which of the following cannot be the value of that number. A) 394 B) 398 C) 396

    asked by Madhura
  65. Chemistry

    If you are asked to make exactly 1.0 Liter of 0.80 M ZnCl2 solution, how many grams of zinc chloride would you need to be massed out? How do I go about solving this problem?

    asked by Annie
  66. math

    solve (x-1) (d^2 y)/〖dx〗^2 +2dy/dx=0 using series method

    asked by yusuph
  67. science

    advantages and disadvantages of difusion

    asked by deepak
  68. statistics

    In a shipment of mangoes , 90

    asked by che
  69. Math

    1/11 of 132 Evaluate

    asked by Kavi
  70. science

    5% w/v aqueous sodium chloride from this i have to prepare 1.6% w/v aqueous sodium hydroxide solution

    asked by prabhakar
  71. Math

    The sum of two decimals is 100. Their difference is 18.50. What are the numbers?

    asked by alzo
  72. analytic geometry

    a line connecting coordinates (x,7) and (10, y) is selected at (8,0) find x find y find equation of line

    asked by johnel
  73. math

    show solution. in a certain eatery, there are 5 glass racks having 24 glasses and 8 left over. The answer says there are 130 glasses in all.

    asked by shawn
  74. Chemistry

    What is the test for ammonium formed on hubber process? i need your help

    asked by RONALD KAZEYA
  75. English

    1. Eli shared his chocolate with the other kids. ===================== Does this sentence mean #2 or #3? Did he or the others eat chocholate? 2. Eli just gave some chocolate to the other kids. 3. Eli gave some chocolate to the other kids and ate chocolate

    asked by rfvv
  76. maths 114

    find area of major segment

    asked by Anonymous