Questions Asked on
July 10, 2016

  1. math

    what is the ninth angle of a nonagon if the others are each 124 degrees

    asked by barira
  2. mathematics

    A box contains 40 oranges,12 of which are unripe.i pick one at random.what is the probability that it is (a)ripe, (b)unripe?

    asked by musa ezekiel
  3. Chemistry

    Given the following three electron configurations: 1s2 2s2 2p5 How many core electrons does this element have? A. 4 B. 5 C. 9 D. 2

    asked by Megan
  4. Math

    Bobs car gets 23 miles per gallon of gas. If bobs car is traveling at a constant rate of 69 miles per hour, how may gallons of gas will his car use in 40 minutes?

    asked by Anonymous
  5. Chemistry

    Which of the following atoms would have the highest first ionization energy? A. Li B. Be C. Na D. Mg

    asked by Megan
  6. science

    What mass of limestone will produce 11.2g of lime

    asked by tehillah
  7. Chemistry

    A 1.00 g sample of limestone is allowed to react with 100 cm^3 of 0.200 mol/dm^3 HCl. The excess acid required 24.8 cm^3 of 0.100 mol/dm^3 NaOH solution. Calculate the percentage of calcium carbonate in the limestone

    asked by Gary
  8. sarangz

    a bus weighing 50 tonnes moving with a velocity of 60km/hr.Calculate the force required to stop it in 10 seconds.

    asked by dev
  9. Maths

    I have a sum which I share with u.. Perimeter of rectangle is 2.4m less than (2/5) of perimeter of square. If the perimeter of square is 40m then find the length & breadth.. Given breadth is (1/3) of the length.. I have also a solution which I wnna be

    asked by Anuradha
  10. math

    Of the three angles of a triangle one is twice the smallest and another one is thrice the smallest. Find the angles

    asked by krishna
  11. narayana

    A person throws a bottle into dustbin at the same height as he is 2 m away at an angle of 45 degrees the velocity of thrown is?

    asked by ritu
  12. Math

    From a window A,10m above the ground, the angle of elevation of the top C of a tower is x degrees,where tan X=5/2 and the angle of depression of the foot D of the tower is y degrees, where tan y=1/4.calculate the height Cd of the tower in metres.

    asked by Naina
  13. math

    Good pm, please help me to my homework. Thank you How to calculate an ordinary interest given a principal rate of 500,00 , at a rate of 18%, that will be due within 394 days? Find the ordinary interest

    asked by lester

    A mass of 2kg is dropped from a height of 3m.Neglecting air resistance,KE of the stone just b4 it hits the ground is ?

    asked by EMMANUEL
  15. English

    I had to pick a sarcastic quote from A Modest Proposal. I just wanted someone to check it to make sure it sounds sarcastic to them as well. I chose, "I grant this food will be somewhat dear, and therefore very proper for landlords, who, as they have

    asked by Justine
  16. Assembly language

    For this project, you will write a MIPS assembly language program to calculate periodically compounding interest. Your program should prompt the user to enter the necessary parameters for the calculation and continue to loop until the user opts to quit.

    asked by Shatha
  17. Socials Studies

    What do you think were the three greatest risks a fugitive slave might face on the underground railroad?

    asked by Andrea
  18. Mat221

    Evaluate the expression when b=4 and x=-7. -b+8x -b+8x = 4+8(-7) = 4+-56 = -52

    asked by Kameesha
  19. Math

    A company selling cell phones has a total inventor of 800 phones. Of these phones, 400 are smartphones and 240 are black. If 200 phones are not black and not a smartphones, how many are black smartphones?

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Math

    The Abc company sells bottles of shampoo for $9 each. It costs the company $3 to make each bottle and they have fixed costs of $4700 each month. If x represents the number of bottles the company makes and sells each month, write he company's profit

    asked by Anonymous
  21. math

    There were 369 tickets purchased for a major league baseball game. the lower reserved tickets cost $9.50 and the upper box tickets costs $10.00. The total amount of money spent was $3645. How many each kind of ticket were purchased?

    asked by math problem
  22. Math

    Consider the following word problem: It took Eric 10 hours to drive to a job interview. On the way home, he was able to increase his average speed by 21 mph and make the return drive in only 7 hours. Find his average speed on the return drive. Step 1 of 3:

    asked by Teri
  23. math,maths

    solve (x+2)/x>=0.2 with steps

    asked by Neh
  24. Math

    One site added 0.5 million new accounts everyday. At this rate how many days will it take to add 25 million new accounts

    asked by Shon
  25. Socials Studies

    Explain why few Black people, Native people, or other minorities became involved in the Rebellions of 1837

    asked by Samantha
  26. science

    A particle is dropped from height 100m and

    asked by Atul
  27. Physics

    “A rifle shot with a velocity of 270m/s at a target that is 400m away.if the shooter wants to directly hit target and what angle he must gire

    asked by Paul
  28. English composition

    i just wanna ask if this is correct. i was making a prewritng classification and division. is not finish yet but i just wanna ask if im having a good start thanks Title: Genres of movies Topic announcement: Horror movies Introduction: It is fun to watch

    asked by Bernard
  29. Math

    2. The following is a random sample of grades achieved on statistics examination by 10 male students in a very large class and a random sample of grades achieved by 8 female students. Male 78 87 75 64 90 80 65 86 74 81 Female 71 50 80 75 90 61 85 81 Test

    asked by Paulo
  30. Pre-calculus

    Equation of the parabola with the vertex (0,3), axis parallel to OX, passing through (4,9)

    asked by Ces
  31. math

    One hundred cards are numbered from 1 to 100. What will be the probability that a randomly chosen card has a digit 5?

    asked by Nandik
  32. Social studies

    Suppose you met a student leader who had involved in the movement of 2036B.S.?prepare a model of article to publish in the newspaper accomplishing the causes and cnsequençes of movement of 2036B.S on the basis of his views.

    asked by Bhawana
  33. Social studies

    Suppose,you got opportunity to meet with a Gorkhali solider on the occasion of the hundred years of the first world war.on the basis of your talking with him regarding places where Gorkhali soldier fought,lessons that they learnt and it's effects in

    asked by Bhawana
  34. maths


    asked by eashan
  35. Pre Calculus

    Determine two coterminal angles (one positive and one negative) for θ = −503°. a. 217°,− 323° b. 217°, − 143° c. 307°, − 413° d. 127°, − 323° e. 127°, − 233°

    asked by Jessica Maths
  36. Pre Calculus

    Determine the quadrant in which an angle, θ, lies if θ = 5.40 radians. a. 4th quadrant b. 3rd quadrant c. 2nd quadrant d. 1st quadrant

    asked by Jessica Maths
  37. Math

    Use the value sin x = 1/ 2 and cos x > 0 to find the values of all six trigonometric functions. Leave your answer in exact form, not in decimal

    asked by Katie
  38. science

    Why is ozone can be describe as our friend

    asked by kim
  39. Physics

    a car which 100 m away from a polic station and is initially at rest started running at 80 m/s. How far wil the car be from the police station after 20 seconds

    asked by Jay
  40. Math

    At a party one hundred and twenty people danced. The girls all started dancing one after the other. Tina was first girl who danced with seven men,Reena the second girl who danced with eight men, Sheela the third girl who danced with nine and so on up to

    asked by Madhura
  41. math

    If a lab technician has a salary of 22000 her first year and is due to get a 500 raise each year, then what will her salary be in her seventh year? What is the total salary for 7 years of work for the lab technician?

    asked by franz
  42. science

    if the velocity of a progressive wave with a periodic frequency of 10KHz is 330m/s. calculate it's wavelength.

    asked by iornav Gideon
  43. chemistry

    100 mL of 0.05 M NH3 solution are added to 60 mL of a 0.1 M solution of the same compound.Determine the concentration of the final solution.

    asked by Anonymous
  44. chemistry

    In the gaseous phase PCl5 dissociates according to the following equilibrium: PCl5⇌PCl3+Cl2 and Kc=0.8 at 613K .Determine the equilibrium composition when 0.12 moles/L of the three compounds are mixed at 613K.

    asked by Anonymous
  45. Psych

    One major reason that groups tend to take greater risks than their members would take as individuals is

    asked by Anne
  46. science

    Athlete of mass 70.0kg runs a 1000m race in 10 seconds calculate the kenetic energy possessed by the body

    asked by donkor
  47. Health

    explain how heredity and lifestyle can both influence the onset of genetic disease.

    asked by Squad
  48. Pre-Calculus 11

    What is the entire radial form of -3* cube root of 2? I go cube root of 54 as my answer but it is wrong

    asked by Rayan
  49. Econ

    Please help me and review my answers for my quiz. Let me know which ones you believe to be right and wrong. 1. When P = AR = MR = AC = MC: X economic profits are positive. economic profits are zero. economic profits are negative. normal profits are zero.

    asked by Frank