Questions Asked on
July 8, 2016

  1. Chemistry

    What is theoretical yield in grams of CO2 formed from reaction of 3.12g CS2 and 1.88g O2?

  2. physics

    a stone is dropped vertically into a lake which one of the following statements best describes the motion of the stone at the instant it enters the water?a)Its velocity and acceleration are both downwards b)It has an upwards velocity and a downward

  3. math

    ``My hundreds digit is 4 less than my tens digit. my ten thousands digit is 6 greater than my hundreds digit. my thousand digit is 5 less than my ten thousand digit and my ones digit is 6 greater than my hundred digit. if my tens digit is 7, what number am

  4. Physics

    A 600kg car is moving on a level road at 30m/ large is a retarding force is required to stop it in a distance of 70m

  5. Maths

    If sum of three consecutive term of A.P. is 48 and product of first and third is 252 then find d?

  6. physics

    A cylindrical conductor of length L and uniform area of cross section A has resistance R. What will be the area of cross section of another conductor of length 2L and resistance R of the same material?

  7. Algebra

    The cost of one hamburger and two large sodas is $5.40. The cost of three hamburgers and one large soda is $8.70. What is the cost of one hamburger?

  8. math

    Let R be a relation on A={2,3,4,6,9} defined by "x is relatively prime to y", that is the only positive divisor or x and y is 1. a)write R as an ordered pair b)Draw a diagraph representing R c)Find the in-degree and the out-degree of each vertex d)List all

  9. Science

    The molarity of a concentrated acid is 1.15M .what volume of HCl is required to make 1l of 0.1M HC

  10. Math

    In a three digit number, the digit is twice the units digit and the hundreds digit four times the unit digit .also,the sum of its digits is14 .find the number

  11. Math

    Ali went to the supermarket to buy 3 sweets and 8 bars of chocolate. He paid $29. If 8 sweets and 3 bars of chocolate cost $15, find the average cost of 2 sets and 2 bars of chocolate.

  12. Business Law

    The bank took a security interest in the vehicle. ... The repair shop claimed a lien on the car for services and materials... Home Banc claimed priority. Discuss the rights of each party and determine which party is in the best position

  13. chem

    why is Na+ reactive. doesn't it have an octet making it happy

  14. english

    how does walter counter hub's defensiveness in secondhand lions

  15. math

    express 84 minutes as a fraction of 4 hours

  16. physics

    A wire of resistance 20ohm is bended to form a closed square. What is the resistance across the diagonal of the square?

  17. Chemistry

    How many mol of hydrogen present in 16g methane

  18. Maths

    Steve - you answered this question earlier for someone else and gave them the formula for how to answer it. I have the same problem in my homework and have used the formula you gave, but have got an answer that does not appear in the answer options. I got

  19. Physics

    John walks 5m south and 5m west. Calculate john's distance and displacement from the starting point.

  20. Math


  21. math

    Find the coordinates of the focus, the lenth of the lactus rectum and coordinates of its endpoints and the equation of the directrix, then sketch each curve of 2y^2=8x.

  22. discrete math

    Let R be a relation "is located in" from set x of y of countries. state each the following in words and state whether the statement is true or false. a)(Bangi,Selangor) b)(Kota Bharu,Johor) c)(Miri,Sabah) d)(Pekan, Pahang)

  23. Science

    An aeroplane takes off from runway making an angle of 30 horizontally at a speed 500ms find the height attained by the aeroplane after 15s?

  24. Accounts

    where do all outstanding expenses and prepaid expenses,outstanding incomes and prepaid incomes appear in the worksheet?,i thought prepaid expenses appear on the debit side

  25. Accounting

    How do i prepare a work sheet?

  26. English

    Select the letter of the term that identifies the order in which the following sentence is written: Here is the equipment you need for rock collecting. a. direct object b. indirect object c. object complement d. predicate nominative e. predicate adjective

  27. maths

    I need a two digit number which after reversi

  28. Calc.

    Find the angle between the vectors ⃗⃗u (-1,4,2 ) and ⃗v (-2,5,1 )

  29. Calc.

    Determine the value and value for each of the following: a) 2(3,y )-5(x,2)= (6,-4 )

  30. Math

    Unit rate or unit cost -Driving 240km in 4 hours -$22.80 for 3 hours of work What is the answer

  31. science

    37. The temperature at sea level on the windward side of a mountain is 28 °C and the dewpoint is 18 °C. What is the LCL?

  32. Science

    Is a diploma a valuable asset?

  33. Calculus

    determine the equation of a plane, P3, that intersects the planes P1: x + y + 3z − 2 = 0 and P2: x − y + 2z = 0 in a point; a line. I know the normals are (1,1,3) and (1,-1,2) clearly the lines don't intersect because the normals are't multiples. So I

  34. Math

    (4,?) is on the line y=2x+3. Find the other half of the coordinate

  35. English

    The President detoured to Chicago for a special meeting. -------------------------------- What does the sentence above mean, #1 or #2? Is the special meeting in Chicago or anywhere else? 1. The President visited Chicago on the way to the White House to

  36. English

    1. Let me in. 2. Let me into. 3. Let me in the group. 3-1. Let me be in the group. 4. Let me into the group. 4-2. Let me go into the group. 5. Let me out. 6. Let me out of the room. 7. Let me be out of the room. 7-1. Let me go out of the room.

  37. English

    1. The sign on the bridge said, "Danger! Low bridge." 2. The sign on the bridge said "Danger! Low bridge." ---------------------- Which one is correct? Do we have to put a comma after 'said'? Or are both okay?

  38. Maths

    Some amount of money is distributed to a some students equally. If the number of student is decreased by 10 then they will get 20 rupees more. If student is increased by 10 then they will get 4 rupees less. Find the amount and number of student?

  39. math-steve

    When Mr. Lucky starts betting, he has 3 dollars. On any bet, he wins with probability 1/3 and loses with probability 2/3. If he wins a bet, the total amount of money he has triples. If he loses a bet, he loses 2/3 of the total amount of money he has. Mr.