Questions Asked on
July 7, 2016

  1. Pre-Cal

    Find sin 2x, cos 2x, and tan 2x from the given information. [1]. sin x = 8/17, x in Quadrant I 1). sin 2x =________. 2). cos 2x =________. 3). tan 2x =________. [2]. sin x = -5/13, x in Quadrant III 1). sin 2x =________. 2). cos 2x =________. 3). tan 2x

    asked by Amber
  2. PreCalculus 1

    I have graphed the equations onto my calculator but I don't know how to answer the questions. Can someone explain this to me? 2. Coco, the wonder cat, is watching a spider on a wall that is 18 feet wide and 12 feet tall. The spider moves along for 10

    asked by Anonymous
  3. geometry

    If BE−→− bisects ∠ABD and m∠ABE = 28°, find m∠ABD.

    asked by g
  4. Pre-Cal

    Use an Addition or Subtraction Formula to write the expression as a trigonometric function of one number. (tan(74°)-tan(14°))/(1+tan(74°)tan(14°)) =__________ Find it's exact value (not decimal form) =__________ Note: A similar question(but with

    asked by Amber
  5. math

    Name the sets of numbers to which the given number belongs 60/47

    asked by allison

    If vector |a| = 12 cm, |b| = 13 cm, and the angle between them when placed tail to tail is 35°, find |a × b| to the nearest centimetre.

    asked by jerimiah
  7. Algebra

    a farmer wants to build a rectangular garden with a river as one side.what is the area of the biggest garden that he can fence with 220 meters of fencing materials?

    asked by Queen
  8. Business Math

    a new piece of equipment cost $18,000 with a residual value of $600 and an estimated useful life of five year. Assuming twice the straight-line rate, the book value at the end of year 2 busing the declining-balance method

    asked by KayKay
  9. General Mathematics

    A jeepney ride costs P8.00 for the first 4 km and each additional integer km adds P 1.50 to the fare. Use a piecewise function to represent the jeepney fare in term of the distance d in km.

    asked by Cheezy
  10. Pre-Cal

    Find sin x/2, cos x/2, and tan x/2 from the given information. [1]. sin x = 5/13, 0° < x < 90° 1). sin x/2 =________. 2). cos x/2 =________. 3). tan x/2 =________. [Note: Plz help with these 3]

    asked by Amber
  11. PreCalculus 1

    Please help me answer this question. I have finished the other two parametric equations on my own, but I am confused as to how to do this one. 4. A ball is hit at an angle of 17¢X. The ball is hit when it is 2.5 feet above the ground and is hit at a

    asked by Anonymous
  12. math

    4/9of a group of students are girls .if there are 17more boys than girls ,how many students are there altogether

    asked by jyoti
  13. kashinath palod

    an object of mass 3 kg is at rest. Now a force of vectorS = 6t2^i + 4tj^ is applied on the object then velocity of object at t = 3 sec. is?

    asked by dnyanada
  14. Physics

    A uniform 100-N pipe is used as lever. Where the fulcrum (the support point) must be placed if a 500-N weight at one end is to balance a 200-N weight at the other end? What is the reaction force exerted by the support on the pipe?

    asked by ylopez
  15. Physics

    A 4.0-kg mass is placed at (3.0, 4.0) m, and a 6.0-kg mass is placed at (3.0, -4.0) m. What is the moment of inertia of this system of masses about the x-axis?

    asked by Justin
  16. English

    The exam is around the corner.rewrite starting with the corner

    asked by Mapeto
  17. Algebra

    A woman invested some money at 8% and some at 9% annual simple interest. The interest for 1 year on the combined investment of $10,000 was $860. How much was invested at each rate?

    asked by Raquel
  18. Algebra

    The ticket prices for a movie are shown in the illustration. Receipts for one showing were $1,990 for an audience of 215 people. How many general admission tickets and how many senior citizen tickets were sold? (General admission tickets: $10 Senior

    asked by Raquel
  19. precalc

    Suppose that cos θ = 12/13 and that θ is a Quadrant IV angle. (a) Find the exact value of sin θ. Show work. (b) Find the exact value of sin 2θ. Show work.

    asked by Tony
  20. math

    A carpenter wants to use a 12-foot ladder to reach a window that's 10 feet high. Which formula would you use to determine how far to place the ladder from the base of the house?

    asked by lissy
  21. Maths

    Assume that x, y and z are positive numbers. Use the properties of logarithms to write the expression -2logb^(x-6)logb^y+1/7logb^z as the logarithm of one quantity. answers: a. logb z1/7 / x^2y^6 b. logb z 1/7 / x^6y^2 c. log x1/7 / y^2 z^6 d. logb z1/2 /

    asked by Issie
  22. Math

    If you ride a bike for 75 minutes and goes a distance of 15.4 miles how many mph did you go!

    asked by Jeannie
  23. geometry

    Robin is looking up at a 89degree angle to the top of the stratosphere in Las Vegas, which is 1149ft tall. how far away is Robin form the base of the tower? round to the nearest hundredth

    asked by alicia
  24. Algebra

    sue can shovel snow from her driveway in 60 minutes. Tom can do the same job in 35 minutes. how long would it take Sue and Tom to shovel the driveway if they work together?

    asked by Megan
  25. math

    A family has two cars. The first car has a fuel efficiency of 30 miles per gallon of gas and the second has a fuel efficiency of 25 miles per gallon of gas. During one particular week, the two cars went a combined total of 1275 miles, for a total gas

    asked by jazmine
  26. Geometry

    Find the slope and y-intercept of 6x-3y=9

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Algebra

    A boat can travel 48 miles downstream in 4 hours and can make the return trip in 6 hours. Find the speed of the boat in still water.

    asked by Raquel
  28. Physics

    Two identical loudspeakers are some distance apart. A person stands 5.70 m from one speaker and 3.00 m from the other. What is the second lowest frequency at which constructive interference will occur at this point? The speed of sound in air is 343m/s.

    asked by Anon
  29. Math

    Nadine dives with a senior swim club. In a dive off a 10m platform she reaches a maximum height of 10.5m after. 35s. How long does it take her to reach he water?

    asked by Jay
  30. pre-calc

    A ball is dropped from the top of a 25-m ladder. In each bounce, the ball reaches a vertical height that is 3/5 the previous vertical height.Determine the total vertical distance traveled by the ball when it contacts the ground for the sixth time. Express

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Math

    Solve the following system of equations: −2x + y = 1 −4x + y = −1 (3, 1) (−1, 3) (−1, −3) (1, 3) ***

    asked by tay
  32. Math

    Consider the series 1+(2+3)+(4+5+6)+(7+8+9+10)+(11+12+13+14+15)+.... (a) find an expression for the ith term in the rth bracket. (b) Given that 39×79 is the sum of all the numbers in the first k bracket in the series, find the value of K.

    asked by A. A. Fuseini
  33. Science

    1953) Sodium benzoate and benzoic acid are mixed in equimolar ration to form buffer if pKa is 2 what will be the pH? A. 0 B. 1 C. 2 D. any one

    asked by Riya
  34. Physics

    A ball of mass 0.1 is thrown against a wall. It strikes the wall normally with a velocity of 30 meter per second and rebounds with a velocity of 20 m/s. Calculate the change in momentum of the ball.

    asked by Sahil
  35. math

    A rope is 25 1/2m long .how many pieces each of 1 1/2m long can be from it?

    asked by e

    a=40.0 plus-minus 0.1 cm (uncertainty) b=2.5 plus-minus 0.05 cm (uncertainty) Find a/b and its uncertainty Is it 16cm plus-minus 1cm of uncertainty or is it 16.0cm plus-minus 0.4 cm of uncertainty

    asked by Clive
  37. Advanced Function

    Garfield has designed a rectangular storage unit to hold large factory equipment. His scale model has dimensions 1 m by 2 m by 4 m. In order to maintain the scale he needs to increase each dimension by the same amount. By what amount should he increase

    asked by Matt
  38. Chemistry

    Two closed vessels of equal volume both with pressure p1 and temperature t1 are connected to each other by tube with negligible volume. If the temperature maintained of both vessels is then changed to t1 and t2 respectively what is the pressure in the

    asked by Yuktee
  39. Math Please Help

    Simon travels north and south from Main Station. The distance, in km, of the train from Main Station is modeled by the function d(t)=t^3-9t^2+6t, where North is positive and South is negative. Time elapsed after the start of a shift, in hours, is

    asked by Jen
  40. Physics

    How do you calculate tension

    asked by PHIL


    asked by Anonymous
  42. Algebra

    A merchant wants to mix gummy worms worth $7 per pound and gummy bears worth $3 per pound to make 30 pounds of a mixture worth $4.60 per pound. How many pounds of each type of candy should he use?

    asked by Raquel
  43. Algebra

    A rectangular-shaped dance floor has a perimeter of 164 feet. If the floor were 44 feet wider, its width would equal its length. Find the length and width of the dance floor.

    asked by Raquel
  44. Physics

    A guitar string is 108 cm long and has a mass of 2.90 g. From the bridge to the support post (L) is 70 cm, and the string is under a tension of 470 N. What is the frequency of the first overtone? Only 1 try left please help.

    asked by Anon
  45. physics

    A child pulls a wagon with a force of 58 N by a handle making an angle of 27 degrees with the horizontal. If the wagon has a mass of 4.5 kg, to the nearest hundredth of a m/s2 what is the acceleration of the wagon

    asked by Anonymous
  46. precalc

    A projectile is launched from a platform 10 feet high with an initial velocity of 72 feet per second, The height h of the projectile at t seconds after launch is given by h = –16t2 + 72t + 10 feet.

    asked by Tony
  47. precalc

    Letf(x)=2x2 –5 and g(x)=x+4. (a) Find the composite function ( f o g)(x) and simplify. Show work. (b)Find (f og)(3).Showwork.

    asked by Tony
  48. math

    what is the difference between C and IX?

    asked by aya corneto
  49. roman numerals

    how do i write in roman if millions? 2803000

    asked by aya corneto
  50. pre cal

    This is like the preceding problem, except that your answers may be negative x^2+7/3x+ =(x+ )^2. x^2−5/7x+ =(x+ )^2. x^2+2/3x+ =(x+ )^2.

    asked by ari
  51. pre cal

    x^2+bx+ ?=(x+ ? )^2.

    asked by ari
  52. pre cal

    6x^2−4x+ ?=6(x− ?)^2.

    asked by ari
  53. math

    In isosceles right triangle ABC, point D is on hypotenuse BC such that AD is an altitude of triangle ABC and DC = 5. What is the area of triangle ABC?

    asked by charles
  54. science,physics,chemistry

    According to our theory atomic size should increase in groups from top to bottom but in group 13 Aluminium has atomic radius 143 pm and Gallium has atomic radius 135 pm which is less WHY??????

    asked by Neh
  55. physics

    research on the physics of living systems.give to examples to show how physics help to understand the concepts of evolution,biological systems of living organisms.

    asked by tarun
  56. maths

    one man buy 6mango,10 banana and 5 apple in fix amount . how many percentage he kharch in apple ?

    asked by Pinakin patel
  57. english

    Properly format the following conversation, using dialogue tags and proper punctuation. In other words, make it look as it would in a short-short story: Jane: Hey, Mary. How are you? Mary: Good. You’ll never guess who I saw yesterday! Jane: Who?

    asked by sam
  58. Calculus

    use te fundamental theorem of calculus to evaluate the integral Integral [0, pi/3] sin^2(x)dx I'm confused on what F(x) should be

    asked by Sarah
  59. General Math

    This is something about rational functions and I was given an assignment to be answered: Liway has 6 liters of a pineapple juice blend. What is 50% pure pineapple juice. How many liters of pure pineapple juice and to be added to make the blend 75%

    asked by Jeremy Nell
  60. Calculus

    Evaluate the definite Integral Integral [0 to pi/4] cos(2x)sec^2(pi/4 sin(2x))dx

    asked by Sarah
  61. Math

    What is the equation of the line segment joining P(x, y) to (2, 4) and is parallel to the segment joining (-2, -1) and (6, 8).

    asked by alexis
  62. Math

    Find the equation of the line through (-8, 9) with x-intercept trice the y-intercept.

    asked by alexis
  63. Math

    Find the coordinates of the point which is 3/5 of the way from (3, 2) to (-3, 5).

    asked by alexis
  64. Math

    Find the equation of the set of all points P(x, y) which is equidistant from (2, -4) and (-1, 5).

    asked by amikhailov
  65. Math

    Find the equation of the set of all points P(x, y) if the sum of the distances of P(x, y) from (0, -2) and (0, 2) is equal to 8.

    asked by amikhailov
  66. Math

    Find the value of k such that the distance of 3x + 4y + 7 = 0 to (2, k) is 5.

    asked by amikhailov
  67. Math

    Find the distance of the lines 4x + 2y + 3 = 0 and 2x + y - 1 = 0.

    asked by amikhailov
  68. Math

    If the distance of point (5, 0) to (3, 2) is twice the distance of (5, 0) to (7, n + 1). Find the value of n.

    asked by amikhailov
  69. Math

    Let A (2, 3); B (-2, -1) and C (5, -2) be vertices of triangle ABC. If the line connected by points B and C is the base of these triangle and the line bisected through point A is the altitude then what will be the area of the triangle?

    asked by amikhailov
  70. chemistry

    To 100 mL of a 0.1M NH3(Kb=1.8*10-5)solution,200mL of a 0.1M NaOH have been obtained.Calculate the pH of the solution.

    asked by Anonymous
  71. Math

    Find the equation of the parabola, in standard form, whose Vertex (2, 1), ends of the latus rectum (-1, -5) and (-1, 7).

    asked by amikhailov
  72. Math

    Determine the new equation of xy - x - y - 10 = 0 if the origin is translated to the point (1, 1).

    asked by amikhailov
  73. Math

    Find the equation of the parabola whose directrix is y = -1 and focus is (1, 1).

    asked by amikhailov
  74. Math

    Find the equation of the parabola whose axis of symmetry is horizontal and passes through the points (1, 2), (3, -2) and (7, -6).

    asked by amikhailov
  75. science

    What is percentage yield?

    asked by solomon
  76. science

    A simple pendulum with bob of mass m and conducting wire of length L swings(is hanging ) under gravity thro' an angle 2theetha. The earth's magnetic feild component in the direction perpendicular to swing is B. the max potential diff induced across

    asked by somya
  77. English

    1. Why did you upload my pictures? I want you to delete them now. ----------------------- Q1: Where do we give the primary stress on the verb 'upload,' on the first syllable or on the second syllable? Q2: Can we substitute 'erase' for 'delete'? What other

    asked by rfvv
  78. geometry

    Dave had a section of his roof damaged by hail, so he needs to replace the shingles. The roof section can be represented by trapezoid JKLM. How many square feet of shingles must he order?

    asked by Anonymous
  79. English

    1. Parrots imitate human speech. 2. Parrots mimic human speech. 3. Parrots copy human speech. ----------------------------- Do they have the same meaning? 4. Can I ask you to take a picture of us? 5. Can I ask you to take a photo of us? 6. Can I ask you to

    asked by rfvv
  80. English

    1. No few students were present at the meeting. 2. Not a few students were present at the meeting. 3. Quite a few students were present at the meeting. ------------------------- Are they all the same in meaning? ============================= 4. I have no

    asked by rfvv
  81. Science

    A person moves 30m north, then 20m east and finally 30 root 2m south west. Find the displacement of the person.

    asked by Jayanta
  82. E.V.S

    What we get from nature

    asked by samya
  83. physics

    A proton is confined to a nucleus of radius 5 FM.what's the minimum uncertainty in momentum?

    asked by anushka
  84. science

    claculate 50g of CH4

    asked by kushal
  85. physics

    12 wires each of resistance r ohm are connected in the form of a skeleton cube.Find the equivalent resistance of the cube ,when a cell is joined across any 1 of the 12 wires forming the cube.

    asked by Debasish
  86. physics

    A power transmission line is made of copper that is 1.8 cm in diameter. If the resistivity of copper is 1.725 10-8 Ω · m, find the resistance of 7 mi of the line.

    asked by Joe
  87. Maths

    Can you help me with this? I don't know how to figure it out. the population growing at an annual rate r will triple in a time t given by the formula t = ln 3/r If the growth rate remains constant and equals 9% per year, how long will it take the

    asked by Issie
  88. Math Please Help

    Simon travels north and south from Main Station. The distance, in km, of the train from Main Station is modeled by the function 𝑑(𝑡) = 𝑡 3 − 9𝑡 2 + 6𝑡, where North is positive and South is negative. Time elapsed after the start of a shift,

    asked by Jen
  89. math

    For what value of 𝑚 will the polynomial 𝑃(𝑥) = 2𝑥 3 − 𝑚𝑥 2 + 9𝑥 − 11 have the same remainder as when it’s divided by (𝑥 − 2) and (𝑥 + 3)?

    asked by Anonymous
  90. math

    Given that the range of a polynomial function is {y | y

    asked by Anonymous
  91. AB Calculus

    Assume that x, y, z and b are positive numbers. Use the properties of logarithms to write the expression logb 4(square root)x^7y^2 / z^4 in terms of the logarithms of x, y and z a. 28logbx+8logby-16logbz b. 7/4 logbx+1/2 logby-logbz c. 7/4logb(x+y-z) d.

    asked by Miriam
  92. algebra2

    A farmer counted the number of cows and chickens by counting heads and legs. If he counted 35 heads and 78 legs, how many cows and how many chickens did he have?

    asked by Anonymous
  93. math

    The angle of elevation of the top of a tower from a point on a level ground 450m away is 20° find how high the tower is from the ground

    asked by lise
  94. math

    Explain two ways that you can solve for R in the following division statement. Then, use one of your methods to find R. x^3+4x^2-3x=(x-1)(x^2+5x+2)+R could you divide x^3+4x^2-3x by (x-1) to get the quotion of (x^2+5x+2)+ the remainder which would be r?

    asked by Matt
  95. Science

    sodium can be extracted by heating naturally occuring salt until it is molten. an electrochemical process is then used to extract the sodium. cl2 is produces at the anode and Na is collected at the cathode. write the half-reactions that occur at the anode

    asked by Lauren
  96. MATH Function Transformation

    for function if the a value 1/2 is it a stretch of 1/2 or a compression of 2. Or is both correct!

    asked by Matt
  97. Maths

    The sum of the interior angles o a regular polygon is 30 right angles. How many sides have the polygon?

    asked by James
  98. Calculus

    Launching a missile to hit a target 100 miles away. Determine the launch speed of the missile along with the angle at which it's to be fired. Also, show your work and one of the angle that will work. Finally, assume that the only force acting on the

    asked by James
  99. English

    1. They made a pose like a model. 2. They made poses like models. *2-1. They made poses like a model. *2-2. They made a pose like models. 3. They made a mistake. 4. They made mistakes. 5. They made a card for Mom. 6. They made cards Mom.

    asked by rfvv
  100. science

    is it true that the theory of evolution collapsed on itself and that's why scientists don't believe in it?

    asked by isaiah
  101. physics

    A spring extends 10 cm whena mass of 100g is attached to it, when is the spring constant

    asked by boikobo
  102. English

    He was the last man to be hangs for murder in this country. -------------------- In this sentence what is the meaning of 'for'? Does 'for' refer to 'reason' or 'relation', or else?

    asked by rfvv
  103. Maths

    Steve - you answered this question earlier for someone else and gave them the formula for how to answer it. I have the same problem in my homework and have used the formula you gave, but have got an answer that does not appear in the answer options. I got

    asked by Lauren
  104. English

    1. I need a small passport photo. 2. I need a small passport photograph. 3. I need a small passport picture. --------------------------- Can we use all the words at the end? Is #1 the most common expression?

    asked by rfvv
  105. Physics

    1. How much (Power/Force) is required to lift 8Kg 12meters up within 15sec? 2. Can you tell me difference Power Force from that question or anyway simple?

    asked by Jurgen
  106. US History - need answer ASAP

    For a report i'm doing i need the following two: The political, social, and economic issues of Calvin Coolidge's philosophy & programs during his time in office; and the causes and effects of his programs on the US. i don't necessarily need the answer (tho

    asked by Amy