Questions Asked on
July 6, 2016

  1. math

    Polygon MNOPQ is dilated by a scale factor of 0.8 with the origin as the center of dilation, resulting in the image M′N′O′P′Q′. The coordinates of point M are (2, 4), and the coordinates of point N are (3, 5).The slope of MN is

    asked by kika
  2. Statistics

    A physical therapist wants to determine the difference in the proportion of men and women who participate in regular sustained physical activity. What sample size should be obtained if he wishes the estimate to be within four percentage points with 99 ​%

    asked by Zechariah
  3. Chemistry

    What is the oxidized substance in the following reaction? Fe + 2HCl → FeCl2 + H2

    asked by Dylan
  4. Chemistry

    The specific heat capacity of copper is 0.09 cal/g°C. How much energy is needed to flow into a 10-gram sample to change its temperature from 20°C to 21°C?

    asked by Mariah
  5. math

    mr. Carr is installing wall to wall carpeting in a room that measures 12 1/2ft by 9 2/3 ft how much will it coast if the carpet is $26 per square yard

    asked by walter
  6. science

    the number of moles of H2O2 required to completely react with 400ml of 0.5N KMnO4 in acidic medium are

    asked by vijendra
  7. Chemistry

    In the reaction C + O2 → CO2, 18 g of carbon react with oxygen to produce 72 g of carbon dioxide. What mass of oxygen would be needed in the reaction?

    asked by Kelly
  8. physics

    A copper wire that has a diameter of 2.9 mm carries a current of 39.0 A. Assuming that each copper atom contributes one free electron to the metal, find the drift velocity of the electrons in the wire. The molar mass of copper is 63.5 g/mol and the density

    asked by Joe
  9. Pre-Cal

    Write the trigonometric expression in terms of sine and cosine, and then simplify. tan u sin u + cos u _____________.

    asked by Amber
  10. Analytic geometry

    Find the equation of the set of all points P(x,y) that is equidistant from (-3,0) and (3,-5).

    asked by Jimmy
  11. Pre Calculus

    Assume that x, y, and b are positive numbers. Use the properties of logarithms to write the expression logb ^8xy in terms of the logarithms of x and y. a. logb^8 + logb x + logb^y b. logb^8+logbx c. logb^8+logby d. logb^8 + log8 x + log8^y e. logb^8+log8xy

    asked by Jessica Maths
  12. pre cal

    A cash register contains only ten dollar and tenty dollar bills. It contains three times as many ten dollar bills as twenty dollar bills and the total amount of money in the cash register is $1,950. How many ten dollar bills are in the cash register?

    asked by ari
  13. Math

    The fourth term of a geometric series is 30; the ninth term is 960. Determine the sum of the first nine terms. How do I find t1 and r?

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Pre Calculus

    Assume that x, y and a are positive numbers. Use the properties of logarithms to write the expression loga x ^6y ^7 in terms of the logarithms of x and y. a. 42loga^x+y b. 42loga^x+7loga^y c. 6loga^ x + 42loga^ y d. 6loga^x+7loga^y e. 6loga^x+6loga^y

    asked by Jessica Maths
  15. algebra 2-1

    Evan washes two types of vehicles. It takes him 30 minutes to wash a car and 40 minutes to wash a truck. He charges $12 to wash a car and $15 to wash a truck. In 270 minutes, Evan made $105 washing cars and trucks. How many trucks did Evan wash?

    asked by noni
  16. English

    Which of the following is an example of a narrative poem? A. The Bridegroom by Alexander Pushkin B. The Fish by Elizabeth Bishop C. Danny Deever by Rudyard Kipling D. All of the above

    asked by Adam
  17. Math

    If Bill can now a lawn in 'x' hours, what part of the lawn can he now in 2 hours? A) 2/x B) x/2 C) 1/2 D) 1/x Okay, so I've tried this one. I'm thinking, since I don't know how long it takes him to mow the lawn, I think you would divide x from 2? I'm not

    asked by Cydney
  18. Calculus

    A 400 N object is hanging from two ropes that are suspended from the ceiling. One of the ropes forms a 60° angle with the ceiling and has a tension of 400 N. Calculate the tension in the second rope

    asked by Safiya
  19. math

    The length of a rectangle is 2ft less than 3 times the width. If the area is 65 ft. Find the dimension

    asked by Curry
  20. science,physics

    The focal length of a mirror is given by 1/f=1/u+1/v where u and v represent object and image distances respectively,The maximum relative error in f is ?

    asked by Neh
  21. Physics

    How much heat is required to convert 175 g of ice at -2°C to water at 2°C? I have no idea how to solve this. Nothing I've found in the book or on-line is helping. Can someone point me to how to solve? Thank you

    asked by Anna
  22. Analytic geometry

    Find the equation of set of all points P(x,y) that is twice as far from (-8,8) as from (-2,2).

    asked by Kem
  23. Analytic geometry

    Find the equation of the set of all points P(x,y) that is twice as far from (-8,8) as from (-2,2).

    asked by Jimmy
  24. springdale

    difference between thermal capacity and water equivalent

    asked by puja
  25. English

    website: an area on the Web where information about a particular subject, organization, etc. can be found ------------------------------ What does the where clause modify, 'an area' or 'the Web'?

    asked by rfvv
  26. maths

    The bearing of two points Q and R from a points P are 030 degree and 130 degree respectively. If PQ is12cm and PR is 5cm, find QR

    asked by Christian
  27. Pre Calculus

    Tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, has a half-life of 12.4 years. Of an initial sample of 69 grams, how much will remain after 75 years? a. 1.5848 grams b. 61.5289 grams c. 0.0000 grams d. 1.0426 grams e. 17.2500 grams

    asked by Jessica Maths
  28. Pre Calculus

    Simplify the expression. 9 log 9 2 This is 9 to the power of log base 9 of 2 a. 2 b. 18 c. 4 d. 9 e. none of these

    asked by Jessica Maths
  29. Pre Calculus

    Simplify the expression. log3 36 a. 6 b. 36 c. 3 d. 18 e. none of these

    asked by Jessica Maths
  30. Pre Calculus

    22. Solve the equation. 2x = 5 a. x = 0.5541 b. x = 5.8628 c. x = 2.3219 d. x = 1.4307 e. x = 1.6652

    asked by Jessica Maths
  31. Math

    Using two different digits from 0 to 9, what is the greatest two digit number that you can make

    asked by Raina
  32. Pre Calculus

    Find the value of x. log4 65,536 = x a. x = 32,768 b. x=8 c. x = 65,536 d. x=4

    asked by Jessica Maths
  33. Pre Calculus

    Write the equation 5^2= 25 in logarithmic form. a. log255=2 b. log25=25 c. log52=25 d. log225=5 e. log525=2

    asked by Jessica Maths
  34. English

    1. People got out of their cars and helped the driver. 2. People went out of their cars and helped the driver. 3. People came out of their cars and helped the driver. ------------------------------- Are they all the same in meaning? Can we use 'went' and

    asked by rfvv
  35. Physics

    How many calories will it take to raise the temperature of a 41 g gold chain from 20°C to 100°C? The answer is 102 calories. I've tried everything and can't come up with that answer. Does someone have any idea what was used for a formula? Thanks

    asked by John
  36. java program

    Create a program that will print the student’s letter grade given the following specifications : 90 – 100 = A 80 – 89 = B 70 – 79 = C 60 – 69 = D below 60 = F

    asked by april
  37. Science

    What phase change represented by the equation I2 (s) I2 (g)

    asked by Jordan Ramsey
  38. Algebra

    An object is dropped from a bridge. Find the distance the object has fallen when its speed reaches 132 ft/s. Use the equation v = 64d , where v is the speed in feet per second and d is the distance in feet.

    asked by Irma
  39. physics

    6. Cleo and Clare are looking from their balcony to a swimming pool below that is located 15 m horizontally from the bottom of their building. They estimate the balcony is 45 m high and wonder how fast they would have to jump horizontally to succeed in

    asked by dario
  40. physics

    You have a mass of 69 kg and are on a 57-degree slope hanging on to a cord with a breaking strength of 135 newtons. What must be the coefficient of static friction to 2 decimal places between you and the surface for you to be saved from the fire?

    asked by kp
  41. Physics

    An astronaut wearing a spacesuit can jump 0.5 m vertically at the surface of the earth. The gravitational acceleration on Mars is 0.4 times that on the earth. If her takeoff velocity is the same, how high can the astronaut jump on Mars?

    asked by Mathusha
  42. Chemistry

    What is the name for the following coordination compound or ion? Na3[Cr (NH3) NO2 Cl3]

    asked by Katrina
  43. Math

    find a rational function that satisfies the given conditions vertical asymptotes x=-6,x=7 horizontal asymptotes y=10/9 x intercepts (6,0)

    asked by Megan
  44. Meths

    Two cars travel to a place at 60 km/hr and 70 km/hr resp. The first car takes 11/2 hour more then the second car for the same journey find the length of the journey

    asked by Anna
  45. science

    type of cells stimulates other immune cells to attack and destroy foreign agent

    asked by cate mburu
  46. English- please help

    Need help with the following questions: Q1) Mrs Chen ________ for the doctor's clinic already. 1) left 2) has left 3) had left 4) was leaving Is the answer (1) or (2)? Q2) John ______ to the library since nine o'clock this morning, he should be back soon.

    asked by chimingbell
  47. Math

    The third term of an AP is 8 and ninth term AP exceeds three times the third term by 2. Find the sum of its nineteenth terms

    asked by Thilaka
  48. Delta

    According to a previous report, 25% of households had some type of high-speed Internet connection. Suppose 8 households are selected at random and the number of households with high-speed Internet is recorded (a) Find the probability that exactly 3

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Pre-Cal

    Write the trigonometric expression in terms of sine and cosine, and then simplify. 1). (csc θ − sin θ)/(cos θ) ____________. 2). Simplify the trigonometric expression. (cos u + 1)/(sin u) + (sin u)/(1 + cos u) ______________.

    asked by Amber
  50. intermediate algebra

    Mr. Lakandula would like to increase his production of milkfish due to its high demand in the market. He is thinking of making a larger fishpond in his 8000 sq. m lot near a river. Help Mr. Lakandulaby making a sketch plan of the fishpond to be made. Out

    asked by sylvia
  51. svis

    what is a five digit number, which when rounded to the nearest ten thousands, nearest thousands, nearest hundreds, and nearest tens, still has the same answer?

    asked by eman
  52. Algebra

    if n and x are each integers and 6=n^x then which expression represents 36n? a)n^6x b)n^6x+1 c)n^2x+1 d)n^x+3 e)n^x+6 Can you please teach me how to do this?

    asked by Jina
  53. arithmetic sequence

    give the sequence of 5 term if the first term is 8 and the last term is 100

    asked by alex
  54. arithmetic sequence

    find the 9th term of the arithmetic sequence with Asub1=10 and =1/2

    asked by alex
  55. MATH

    1. A rectangular table with a side length of 10√5 by 8√5 inches is to be cut to make it in a square shape. What is the measure of the part of the table that will be cut? Thank you!!

    asked by Camz
  56. Math

    1. You want to carpet a square room with an area of 350 square meters. You have a carpet that measures 5√14 by 3√14 meters. What is the length of the carpet to be added in able to fulfill the room? Thank You!!

    asked by Ari
  57. math

    how many committee of five people can be chosen from 20 men and 12 women if a) exactly three men must be on each committee b) at least four women on each committee

    asked by rose
  58. Analytic geometry

    Find the equation of the set of all points P(x,y) that is equidistant from (-3,0) and (3,-5).

    asked by Jim
  59. Analytic geometry

    Find the equation of the set of all points P(x,y) such that the sum of the distance from (-4,0) and (4,0) is equal to 12.

    asked by Ems
  60. English

    Asim is my friend who is an artist.Asim who is my friend is an artist. Which sentence is correct in case of usage of adjective clause?

    asked by Pramatha
  61. Analytic geometry

    1. Find the equation of the set of all points P(x,y) that is equidistant from (-3,0) and (3,-5). 2. Find the equation of the set of all points P(x,y) that is twice as far from (-8,8) as from (-2,2). 3. Find the equation of the set of all points P(x,y) such

    asked by Primma
  62. Analytic geometry

    1. Find the equation of the set of all points P(x,y) that is equidistant from (-3,0) and (3,-5). 2. Find the equation of the set of all points P(x,y) that is twice as far from (-8,8) as from (-2,2). 3. Find the equation of the set of all points P(x,y) such

    asked by Immaculate
  63. Math (Analytic Geometry)

    1. Find the equation of the set of all points P(x,y) that is equidistant from (-3,0) and (3,-5). 2. Find the equation of the set of all points P(x,y) that is twice as far from (-8,8) as from (-2,2). 3. Find the equation of the set of all points P(x,y) such

    asked by Justsimplelikeme
  64. math

    what is the acute angle between the hands of hour and minute?

    asked by tish
  65. pre cal

    Use factoring to solve the polynomial equation: HINT: Try multiplying each side of the equation by a number to eliminate the denominators. x2/162 + X/18 + 1/9 =0

    asked by ari
  66. math

    three right angles have vertices at the center of the circle .if the radius of the circle is 8,what is the combined area of the shaded region?

    asked by tish
  67. pre cal

    This is like the preceding problems except that your answer is an algebraic expression. x2+2sx+ =(x+ )2.

    asked by ari
  68. math

    what is the acute angle between the hands of hour and minute at 6:25?

    asked by tish
  69. Science

    If pistons A,B andC of the apparatus given in the diagram are supposed to be friction less,what is the of the pistonB?what force is exerted on the pistonC?

    asked by Bhawana
  70. English

    1. She asked me to hold the line. 2. She asked me to hold on. ----------------- Are both the same? Do you have some other similar expressions? 3. He handed me the document without comment. 4. She handed me the document without comments. (Are both OK? Do we

    asked by rfvv
  71. English

    1. I'll probably go and check out that apple, actually. 2. I'll probably go and check that apple, actually. 3. I'll probably go and check on that apple, actually. ------------------ Which one is correct? Do we have to use 'out' after 'check' here? 4. The

    asked by rfvv
  72. AP Chemistry

    Sodium can be extracted by heating naturally occurring salt until it is molten. An electrochemical process is then used to extract the sodium. Cl2 is produced at the anode, and Na is collected at the cathode. Write the half-reactions that occur at the

    asked by Jessica AP Chemistry
  73. AP Chemistry

    Q - Aluminum metal reacts with zinc(II) ion in an aqueous solution by the following half-cell reactions: Al(s) → Al3+(aq) + 3e− Zn2+(aq) + 2e− → Zn(s) Predict the potential of the cell under standard conditions. Predict whether the reaction will

    asked by Jessica AP Chemistry
  74. AP Chemistry

    Q - An electrochemical reaction occurs between an unknown element and zinc. The half-cell reaction for the zinc is: Zn(s) → Zn2+(aq) + 2e− The cell potential for the reaction is Eºcell = 1.83 V. Is the reaction spontaneous or nonspontaneous? Explain.

    asked by Jessica AP Chemistry
  75. math

    The area of a square field is 3/2 hectares find the length of its diagonal in metres please help.

    asked by yanto
  76. probability

    what is the probability of getting a head when tossing 4 coins simultaneously

    asked by daynielle
  77. math


    asked by Juan
  78. lagdamat

    the length of a rectangle is 2 more than twice its width if the area of the rectangle is 24 squared meter find its dimensions

    asked by lily
  79. Math

    I am 5 digit number between 20,000 and 40,000. My ten thousand digit is 6 less than in ones digit and my thousands digit is more than my tens digit. My hundred digit is the sum of my ten thousands digit. What number am I?

    asked by Anonymous
  80. Math

    2 cars traveled to a place at 60 km/hr and 70 km/hr respectively if the first car takes 1and 1/2 hour more then the 2nd car for the same journey what will be the length of the journey

    asked by Alex Pereira
  81. physics

    A proton travels at a speed of 2.0..*.10Ò meters/second. Its velocity is at right angles with a magnetic field of strength 5.5..*.10ȳ tesla. What is the magnitude of the magnetic force on the proton?

    asked by asdsa
  82. math

    In K&M grocery store, apples are sold in groups of 3 and oranges are sold in groups of 5. If Mrs. Winter buys 26 apples and oranges in all how many apples does she buy? How many oranges does she buy?

    asked by Anonymous
  83. math

    30 = 8 times square root of (h - 40) I have done this so many ways, I couldn't possibly show all my work. I do know the answer is 54, I just don't know how to get it!

    asked by Diann
  84. Pre Calculus

    17. population growing at an annual rate r will triple in a time t given by the formula t = ln 3/r If the growth rate remains constant and equals 9% per year, how long will it take the population of the town to triple? a. 6 . 6 years b. 1 years c. 5 . 3

    asked by Jessica Maths
  85. Pre Calculus

    16. Use a calculator to find a value for ln16.1 to four decimal places. a. 2.7788 b. –2.7788 c. –1.2068 d. 5.0814 e. 1.2068

    asked by Jessica Maths
  86. Pre Calculus

    Use a calculator to find the value for log0.94769 to four decimal places. a. –0.0536 b. –0.9767 c. 0.9767 d. 0.0232 e. –0.0232

    asked by Jessica Maths
  87. Pre Calculus

    The population P of a culture of bacteria is described by the equation P = 1600e^0.052t where t is time, in hours, relative to the time at which the population was 1600. (a) What was the population at t = 6 hours? Show your work. (b) After how many hours

    asked by Jessica Maths
  88. algebra 2-1

    What are the vertical and horizontal asymptotes for the function mc017-1.jpg?

    asked by noni
  89. Math

    What does it mean when it says Roots (order) for a function eg. -x^3-2x^2+15x+36 What i mean is how do you the answer.

    asked by Jen
  90. Math (Quadratic Equations)

    Two pipes that are open at the same time can fill a pool in 12 hours. When only Pipe A is open, it can fill the pool 7 hours longer than when only Pipe B is open. Find how long Pipe A can fill the pool when it is the only pipe open?

    asked by John
  91. Physics

    During a thunderstorm, a lightning bolt carries current between a cloud and the ground below. If a lightning bolt transports a total charge of 80 C in 0.001 s, what is the magnitude of the average current? A

    asked by Joe
  92. Math

    Can a polynomial function of an even degree be an even function? is this true all the time? Thank You!

    asked by Jen
  93. science

    3.A rocket launched accelerates at 3.5m/s^2 in 5.90 secs and2.98m/s^2 in the next 5.98 secs and then experiences a free fall. What time will the rocket be in air? Assume that the rocket is launched from the ground.

    asked by mano
  94. Physics

    When a body vertically projected with 200m/s. then velocity of body at490m

    asked by Shiva
  95. hialeah campus

    Assume that women's heights are normally distributed with a mean of 63.6 and a standard deviation of 2.5 a) If 90 woman is randomly selected, find the probability that they have a mean height between 62.9 and 64.0 inches.

    asked by Anonymous
  96. math

    John walks 600m from his house to the bus stop. He then travels 3200m by bus to his school. How far does john travel to get to school

    asked by fgjjjj
  97. Chemistry

    If the ΔH for H2O(l) → H2O(s) is -6.01 kJ, then what is the ΔH for 2H2O(s) → 2H2O(l)? A -6.01 kJ B. 6.01 kJ C. -12.02 kJ D. 12.02 kJ

    asked by Leanne
  98. English

    This line: "the noblest and most agreeable of all possible castles." Would you say its more exaggerated or sarcastic? Its from the story, Candide. I put it down as exaggerated but wanted to make sure I was correct. Just by the tone of it, he seemed like he

    asked by Justine
  99. Chemistry

    For the following reaction, how many kJ of heat are produceed in forming 225.0 g of NO? 4 NH3 + 5 O2 → 4 NO + 6 H2O ΔHrxn = -906 kJ/mole

    asked by Morgan
  100. MATH HELP

    A bus leaves a station at 10am and averages 60 mph. Another bus, traveling at 75 mph, leaves the same station 30 mins later following the same route. What time does the second bus catch up with the first bus? I don't know how to work this out at all!

    asked by Anon
  101. English

    1. Don 't hang up. Hold on, please. 2. Don't hang up. Hang on, plese. (Can we use 'Hang on' instead of "Hold on' in telephone conversation?) 3. He and I made poses like models. 4. He and I made a pose like models. (Which one is correct? Do we have to use

    asked by rfvv
  102. chemistry

    How many g of H2 is formed from 2.4 g H20 according to the following reaction. 2H2O--->2H2O+O2 I believe the answer is .27g However, I can't understand how to work the problem completely out or one like it, if someone could please explain the formula it

    asked by me
  103. Chemistry

    For the following reaction, identify the substance being oxidized and reduced CH4 + 2 O2 = CO2 + 2 H2O

    asked by Dylan
  104. math

    how do i simplify 3 square root of 5 end root minus 2 square root of 7 end root plus square root of 45 end root minus square root of 28

    asked by anonymous
  105. chemistry

    How many grams of dipotassium succinate trihydrate (K2C4H4O4·3H2O, MW = 248.32 g/mol) must be added to 790.0 mL of a 0.0522 M succinic acid solution to produce a pH of 5.872? Succinic acid has pKa values of 4.207 (pKa1) and 5.636 (pKa2). is the pH of the

    asked by Melodie
  106. Algebra

    Y=7X-16, 7X+ Y=3 are these lines perpendicular, parallel, or neither

    asked by Ashley
  107. English

    1. They made too many noises in the laboratory. 2. The boy made too much noise in the library, so he was sent out by the libriarian. 3. She woke up because of a lot of noise from outside. 4. He could not sleep well because a lot of noises from outside

    asked by rfvv
  108. Algebra

    Johnny has 17 marbles. Mary has twice as many marbles as Johnny and half as many as Joe. How many marbles does Mary have?

    asked by Dee
  109. chemistry

    What is the difference between the acid and base notation of a hydroxide? Give an example of the same molecular formula written in acid and base notation.

    asked by chris
  110. Mathmatics


    asked by D'Tron
  111. math

    solution of if 2/7 of the 2905 student and if 30 % of the student play musical instruments, how many student play musical instruments?

    asked by Juan