Questions Asked on
July 4, 2016

  1. Physical Science

    A 100-g chunk of 72 ∘C iron is dropped into a cavity in a very large block of ice at 0∘C. What is the mass of ice that melts. (The specific heat capacity of iron is 0.11 cal/g⋅∘C.).

    asked by Hannah
  2. math

    Solve the following problems related to automobile insurance. Jerry Adams normally pays $875 for bodily injury and property damage insurance. His insurance company increases premiums by 150% for 1 accident, 200% for 2-3 accidents, and 250% for 4 accidents.

    asked by C
  3. math

    Find the area of the following plane figure. Find the altitude of a triangle whose area is 100 cm2 and whose base is 20 cm. Altitude =

    asked by C
  4. math

    Use the formula to solve the problems. B * In The amount that results when $3,000 is compounded at 7% annually over eight years. $ a0 The interest earned in this case.

    asked by C
  5. ophs

    the hat of a clown is in the form of a cone. the slant height of the cone is 15cm and it makes the angle of 45 degree with the height of the hat. what is the diameter of clown's head ?

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Economics/Finance

    How much Jim can accumulate in a private pension fund over 20 years if the fund offers 5% interest compounded annually, and he can afford to deposit $2,000 at the end of every 2nd year? My textbook says the correct answer

    asked by Bill
  7. Math

    a hollow metal sphere has an internal radius of 20cm and an external radius of 30cm , given that the density of the metal is 7.8, find the mass of the sphere , expressing your answer in kg.

    asked by Steph
  8. Physics

    When a force of 500 N pushes on a 25-kg box, the acceleration of the box up the incline is 0.75 m/s^2. If the inclined plane makes an angle of 40 degrees relative to the horizontal level, what is the coefficient of kinetic friction?

    asked by ylopez
  9. math

    Find the area of the following plane figure. A circle whose circumference measures 28 centimeters. Area (to the nearest square centimeter) =

    asked by C
  10. Government

    1. The main purpose of a legislature, whether it be the Indiana General Assembly or the US Congress, is to MAKE laws. True False 2. Indiana's two US Senators are Richard Lugar (R) and Dan Coats (R) True False 3. Currently in the US House of

    asked by Alison
  11. math

    One base of a trapezoid is twice as long as the other.the length of the shorter base is 9 cm and its height is 5 cm. What is its area?

    asked by micka
  12. Math

    The heights of three plants A,B and C in a garden are in the ratio 2 : 3 :5. their mean height is 30cm a) find the height of plant b b) if another plant D is added to the garden and the mean height of the four plant is now 33cm , find the height of D plant

    asked by Steph
  13. Math

    Ronnel spent 1/5 of his money to buy a food. He spent 1/4 of the remaining money to buy a magazine.If he had 360 pesos left in his wallet, how much money did he have at first?

    asked by Kylie
  14. Physics

    Randy pushes a 30.0 kg box resting on a rough surface by exerting a force of 85.0 N. The box did not move. What is the coefficient of static friction between the box and the surface where it lies?

    asked by ylopez
  15. physics

    a uniform rod 100cm long and weighing 50N is supported in a horizontal position on a fulcrum with weights 80N and 100N suspended from its end. compute the position of a fulcrum.draw the illustration.

    asked by joshua
  16. math

    rounding off to the nearest thousand 21526 36099 53115 64742 77428

    asked by aya corneto
  17. maths

    8 men can build a house in 6 months how long will it take 12 men tovdo the same job working at the same rate?

    asked by mwila
  18. Math

    Bayes' theorem problem, Struggling with this the whole night, please help.Thank you. Two states of nature exist for a particular situation: a good economy and a poor economy. An economic study may be performed to obtain more information about which of

    asked by Queenie
  19. Physics

    A 6.0 V battery is being used to charge a 5.0x10^-6 F capacitor through a resistor R. The capacitor attains a potential difference of 3.6 V in 1 second after the charging begins. The value of the resistance R is? Been stuck on this for a while and if

    asked by Zabe
  20. Math

    Certain financial aid students must pass 2/3!of their classes in order to continue their aid. If they are taking 18 hours , how many hours do they have to pass

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Physics

    A ring (hollow cylinder) of mass 2.89kg, inner radius 5.35cm, and outer radius 6.35cm rolls (without slipping) up an inclined plane that makes an angle of θ=35.6°, as shown in the figure below. At the moment the ring is at position x = 1.87m up the

    asked by Tim
  22. math

    What is the greatest number of rectangles with integer side lengths and perimeter 10 that can be cut from a piece of paper with width 24 and length 60?

    asked by tish
  23. Physics

    A 20 kg slab is to be pulled up a plane inclined 20 degrees with the horizontal at a constant speed by a force that is directed 15 degrees above the surface of the inclined plane. Determine the magnitude of the force necessary to perform the task. The

    asked by ylopez
  24. Math

    Family wants to buy van in 2 years, they want to make a down payment of 25% of the estimated purchase price of $29,000. Find the amount they need to invest to make the down payment if funds earn 10% compounded semiannually.

    asked by Vivianne
  25. Math

    how to find the curved surface area of a cone when the height is 25mm and circumference is 132mm ?

    asked by Steph
  26. geometry

    Harold is making a letter a to put on the rooftop of the a is for Apple Orchard store. The figure above shows a sketch of the design. what should be the measure of angle is one and 2p so bad the horizontal part of that a is truly horizontal

    asked by journey
  27. phy

    A wheel rotates about an axis passinG through the centre and perpendicular to the plane with slowly increasinG angular speed.thus it has? A. Radial velocity and radial acceleration B. Tangential velocity and radial acceleration C. Tangential velocity and

    asked by SAGAR
  28. Pre Calculus

    The number of new accounts opened at a credit union in the years 2001 to 2006 can be approximated by the model N(t)= -80.6t^2+2100t+12000, where 11

    asked by Jessica
  29. Chemistry

    What is the volume in L of 34.0g of Ammonia (NH4) at STP?

    asked by Joaquii
  30. Math

    Akash distributed Rs. 180 in equal sums among a certain number of people. Bhaskar also distributed the same sum but gave Rs 6 more to each person . In doing so Bhaskar got the blessings of 49 persons less than Akash . How much Akash give to each person?

    asked by Nihal
  31. maths

    a number consist of two digits of which tens digit exceeds the unis digit by 7 the number itself is equal to 10 times the sum of its digit find the number

    asked by Anonymous
  32. rounding off

    circle the digit in the hundreds place.use this digit to round off to the nearest hundred. 376 415 509 784 852 2094 5342 6918 8776 9539

    asked by aya corneto
  33. Physics

    An ion beam has a cross-sectional of 2.5 mm^2 and the charge delivered by it to a target can be expressed as q(t)=(.12 C/s^3)t^3 + (.24 C/s^2)t^2 - .45 C. Calculate the current density in the beam at t = 3.0 seconds. I used an integral from 0 to 3s. and

    asked by Zabe
  34. math

    Nica has a fever.her temperature is 39.5' much higher is her body temperature than the normal body temperature?

    asked by micka
  35. health 1

    Risk factor for depression execpt

    asked by jasmeen
  36. Government

    1. Not all resolutions need presidential approval, as do bills becoming laws. True False I think the answer is true because there are certain resolutions like joint and concurrent resolutions and joint require presidential approval while concurrent does

    asked by Morgan
  37. math

    how to put 2/3,1/2,4/5 and 7/30 in ascending order

    asked by angel
  38. chemistry

    Write the balanced chemical equation for the dissolution of magnesium sulphate

    asked by lo
  39. MATH

    Exercise:- A new flag design. The flag measures 100cm by 90cm. The flag consists of a red cross with a white background. The thickness of the vertical strip is twice that of the horizontal one. The area of the cross is half the area of the flag. By making

    asked by Mhon
  40. English

    Quick question. Can wittiness be a method for satire?

    asked by Justine
  41. rounding off

    cirle the digit in the tens place.use this digit to round up or down to the nearest ten 25 42 53 136 422 517 69 81 634 758

    asked by aya corneto
  42. Physics

    Q. The time period of seconds pendulum in a free falling elevator is Zero 1s 2s Infinity Depends upon mass of pendulum

    asked by SAGAR
  43. math

    what is the area of a triangle whose base is 28 cm and height is 25 cm?

    asked by micka
  44. Object Oreinted Programming in java

    write a program that Enter price item,Enter No: of Items and Total Due of Items.Subtract 0.5 to TotalDue and , Print The total Amount.

    asked by joshua
  45. Math of investigation

    Two identical circles are to be cut from a 12cm by 9cm sheet of paper. What is the maximum possible radius of these circles? Show that if the length of the sheet of paper is twice the breadth of the paper, then the radius of the largest circles which can

    asked by Sandy
  46. Physics

    A box with a mass of 10 kg slides along a horizontal surface. A force of 50 N is needed to keep it moving. What is the coefficient of kinetic friction?

    asked by ylopez
  47. math

    the denominator of a rational number is greater than its numerator BY 7 if the numerator is increased by 17 and the denominator is deacreased by 6 the new number becomes 2 find the orginal number

    asked by hy
  48. computer science

    Write the pseudocode & flowchart that receives a letter from a user and displays the corresponding color

    asked by JAJA
  49. Math

    Two identical circles are to be cut from a 12cm by 9cm sheet of paper. What is the maximum possible radius of these circles? Show that if the length of the sheet of paper is twice the breadth of the paper, then the radius of the largest circles which can

    asked by Mhon 2
  50. math

    if the side of a square is increased by 150 what percent does the area increase?

    asked by tish
  51. rounding off

    circle the digit to the right of the thousands place.use this digit to round off to the nearest thousand. 1372 3547 5893 6501 8688 21526 36099 53115 64742 77428

    asked by aya corneto
  52. Physics

    In physics what does ω unit represent? rad/s ???

    asked by Boboerto
  53. Pre Calculus

    Write f(x) =x^3-11x^2+18x+32 in the form f(x)= (x-k) q (x) +r when k=6 + (square root)6, and demonstrate that !@#$%^&)=r

    asked by Jessica Maths
  54. Pre Calculus

    Can you give me an example of properties of functions in a real life example?

    asked by Jessica Maths
  55. Physics

    An unknown mass of a certain solid, initially at 60⁰C, is heated at a uniform at a uniform rate. After 4.0 min the solid reaches its melting point of 80⁰C, and it remains at that temperature for 3.0 min until completely melted. After a further 6.0 min

    asked by John Carlo
  56. Physics

    How do I figure out how long it takes two runners to have the same momentum if I am given a, m, and Vi for both runners? Runner A= 85kg, 2ms-2, Vi=1ms-1 Runner B= 65kg, 3ms-2, Vi=0ms-2 I don't want an answer, just which equations to use or a hint.

    asked by Cam
  57. Pre-Calculus 11

    Simplify the following ∛375/4 This is how far I got ∛5*5*5*3/4

    asked by Rocket
  58. Pre-Calculus 11

    Can you simplify this further? 2∛3 + 5∛3/4 - 12√11 + 5√11

    asked by Rocket
  59. Math

    A circle of radius greater than 9 cm is inscribed in the square ABCD. A point P on the circle is 8 cm from side AB of the square, and 9 cm from side AD. What is the radius of the circle? D-----------C | | | |

    asked by andre
  60. Math

    A cyclist on a circular track of radius 600 feet is travelling at 36 feet per second. His speed is increased with angular acceleration of 0. 01 rad/sec². What is the cyclist total acceleration?

    asked by Dourence
  61. math

    two number are such that ratio between them is 3:5 find the orginal number

    asked by Anonymous
  62. maths

    the digit at the tens place of a two digit number is four times that in the units place if the digits are reversed he new number will be 54 less than the orginal number. find the orginal number

    asked by Anonymous
  63. math

    How many times greater are the digits at the left than digits at the right? 81 281

    asked by aui
  64. math

    Find the area of the square vegetable garden whose measure is given by the expresions (5x+3y)m.

    asked by Roel
  65. chemstry

    element how to invole them chemstry 30 name

    asked by akshay
  66. math rounding off

    circle the digit to the right of thousands place. use this digit to round off to the nearest thousand. 1372 3547 5893 6501 8688 21526

    asked by aya corneto
  67. Physics

    Q. A mass is sliding down an incline. As the angle for the incline increases, the magnitude of the component of weight perpendicular to incline:- Increases Decreases Increase then decrease Decrease then increase

    asked by SAGAR
  68. Pre Calculus

    a. Identify the horizontal asymptotes of the function f(x)=x+6 / |x|+1 ( / = divided by/over) b. Make a summary of how you may sketch a graph of this rational function.

    asked by Jessica Maths