Questions Asked on
June 30, 2016

  1. math

    The MATHCOUNTS Sprint Round competition consists of 30 problems with a time limit of 40 minutes. Suppose you complete 20 Sprint Round problems in 25 minutes. On average, how many times as long will you be able to spend on each remaining problem than you

    asked by !!!!!!!!
  2. pre algebra

    A flower bed is in the shape of a triangle with one side twice the length of the shortest​ side, and the third side is 30 feet more than the length of the shortest side. Find the dimensions if the perimeter is 138 feet

    asked by Mary
  3. science (physics)

    how far will a stone travel over level ground if it is thrown upward at an angle 30 with the horizontal and with a speed of 12m/s?what maximum range could be achieved with the same initial speed?

    asked by tena
  4. Math

    Which of the following best complete the sequence below 12,8,5,3,

    asked by Chelle
  5. science

    A parachutist jumps from height 100m. He wants to reach at ground with zero velocity. For this purpose he switches on a parachute propeller after falling freely for certain height. Given that the parachute propeller is switched on total acceleration of the

    asked by Himanshu
  6. English Check answers

    Transportation Strike Disrupts Westridge Thousands unable to get to work or school WESTRIDGE, Ohio—More than 600 transportation employees went on strike at midnight last night after the Westridge City Council rejected their demand for a 10% pay increase.

    asked by Rebecca
  7. Math

    The circumference of a circular garden is 135.02 feet. What is the radius of the garden? Use 3.14 for pi and do not round your answer.

    asked by Aneles
  8. Calculus

    Sketch the graph of the function that has the following properties. f is continuous on (-infinity, infinity). points: (-1,2), (0, 0), (-1,0) f'(x)>0 at (-infinity, -1) f'(-1)=0 f'(x)0 on (1, infinity) f"(x)0 on (0, infinity) I'm having trouble graphing

    asked by Sarah
  9. geometry

    ray EC bisects angle BED, The measure of angle AEB equals 11x minus 12.and The measure of angle CED equals 4x plus 1.. Find measure of angle AEC.

    asked by josie
  10. math

    ganga and gayatri start an enterprise by investing rs 24000 and rs 36000 respectively. their agreement is to share half of the total profit equally and then share the remaining half in the ratio of their capitals. if they share the entire profit in the

    asked by hiren
  11. Chemistry

    Given the balanced neutralization equation: H2SO4+2KOH→K2SO4+2H2O How many moles of potassium hydroxide (KOH) are required to neutralize 4.5 mol of sulfuric acid (H2SO4)? Assume that the sulfuric acid completely dissociates in water. 2 mols of KOH = 1

    asked by Mariah
  12. science physics

    a force acted upon a body by 3 given force is under equilibrium if f1 =10n and f2 =6n find f3 and angle

    asked by vaani
  13. Reserach Statistics in CRJU

    A data set has n=10 pairs of X and Y values. This data has SSx=10, SSy= 20 and SP=10. Compute the Pearson correlation and explain r=sp/√ssx ssy = 10/√10*20= 10/√200 Simplify 200 under radical= 200 as 10^2⋅2. √(〖10〗^2 )×2= 10/10√2 or

    asked by Michelle
  14. physics

    The contestants at a cycling race travel around a 0.5km radius track. The peloton travels 33 laps in 1 hour to complete the race. What is the total angular distance they have traveled? On the first lap, they start from rest and after traveling ½ the

    asked by dave
  15. Math

    The circumference of a circular garden is 84.78 feet What is the diameter of the garden? use 3.14 for pi and do not round your answer.

    asked by Aneles
  16. Maths

    In an exhibition , an umbrella is made by stitching 8 triangular pieces of cloth with some message written on two triangular pieces . If each piece measures 26 cm , 26 cm and 12 cm . Find how much cloth is required for each message.

    asked by Deepak
  17. math

    In the SmallState Lottery, three white balls are drawn (at random) from twenty balls numbered 1 through 20, and a blue SuperBall is drawn (at random) from ten balls numbered 21 through 30. When you buy a ticket, you select three numbers from 1-20 and one

    asked by Jon
  18. Math

    A mall charges 25pesos for the first hour or a fraction of an hour as parking fee. An additional 25pesos is charged for every additional hour, or a fraction of an hour of parking. The parking area operates from 7A.M. to 12 midnight every day. a. Write a

    asked by Trisha
  19. chemistry

    60 cm of hydrogen diffused through a porous membrane in 10 minutes. The same volume of gas G diffused through the same membrane in 37.4 minutes. Determine the relative molecular mass of

    asked by emmanuel
  20. physics

    A particle A having a charge of 2×10^-6 Coulomb and a mass of 100g is fixed at the bottom of a smooth inclined plane of inclination 30 degree. Where should another particle B having same charge and mass, be placed on the inclined plane so that B may

    asked by anonymous 111
  21. Math

    kira has scored 73, 60, and 86 on her previous three test. What score does she need on her next test so that her average (mean) is 72?

    asked by Aneles
  22. physics

    A cyclist is on a rolling stationary trainer pedaling such that his wheels are traveling at 30 km/h. He has an unfortunate incident and ends up falling over 90° on his side onto a large patch of ice. Given the cyclist and bicycle have an 4.5 kg*m^2, find

    asked by joe
  23. Math

    A certain medicine is given in the amount proportional to a patient's body weight. Suppose a patient weighing 164 pounds requires a 205 milligram of medicine. What is the weight of a patient who requires 173.75 milligrams of medicine?

    asked by Aneles
  24. geometry

    You are given that 2 2 2 2 ac c  bc  with c ≠ 0. Show that 4b = 4c − a by filling in the blanks. a. 2 2 2 2 ac c  bc  a. Given b. 4c2 = 4bc + ac b. __________________ and __________________ c. 4c = 4b + a c. __________________ and

    asked by hiii
  25. algebra

    You are going on a camping trip and can carry only 2 gallons, or 8 quarts, of water. After 2 days of hiking, you have used 3 quarts of water. There is an accident, and you find yourself on a ledge where you must wait for someone to find you. You decide to

    asked by rae
  26. Chemistry

    100g of water is added into 10.6m NaOH solution.What is the mol fraction of NaOH in the diluted NaOH solution. Density of NaOH is 1.08g/ml

    asked by Que
  27. solid geometry

    the plane of a circle of center M contained in plane X , MA perpendicular to plane X and if AM = 2√7 cm , BC = 8 cm find the length of AB.. where BC is a tangent and AMB is right at M .... find the length of AB ..?

    asked by Momen
  28. math

    an 18 pound turkey cooks for 4.5 hours. how long will it take a 12 pound turkey to cook for?

    asked by jelly
  29. Math

    Mike is paid at a rate of 950 per hour for the first 40 hours worked in a week and one and one half times that rate for all hours over 40 if he works 52 1/4 hours in a week what is his gross pay rounded to the nearest cent

    asked by Anonymous
  30. physics

    A cyclist is attached to a rope which is looped over a pulley (disc of mass 10kg and radius 0.5m). The rope is then attached to a hanging block of mass 5kg. What force must the cyclist generate such that the block will move with an acceleration of 2.25

    asked by sam
  31. Income tax

    Catherine purchased furniture and fixtures (7-year property) for her shop for $80,000 in May 2013. What AMT depreciation adjustment is required in 2013? A. $0 B. $2,864 C. $8,568 D. $11,432 The answer is A?

    asked by Anthony
  32. Math please help me :(

    Order the expression by choosing >,

    asked by Aneles
  33. SOC120

    10. Florynce Kennedy would agree with which statement? (Points : 1) A) Making abortion illegal is the result of continual undermining of women’s rights. B) If men could get pregnant, abortion would be illegal. C) Women have had historical power to make

    asked by JESS
  34. Physics

    A stone is dropped from the root of a building. A person in the building observes that the stone crosses his window that is 2 meters tall in a time of 0.2 second. How far is the roof from the top of the window?

    asked by Joe

    Solve -5x-9y=-21 and 7x+5y= -1

    asked by Kimmy
  36. C++

    My assignment: 1- Rewrite your C++ program in Project 1 to compute the number of words, average length and lengths of the words in the text file words.txt – the input file. Each line in the input file contains exactly one word. The words in the input

    asked by Josh
  37. subject verb agreement

    Everyone has/have come to the training room

    asked by bharath
  38. math

    find the given equation table 4x+y=9 x y1-3 -1 3 2

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Math(HELP PLEASE )

    Complete the given table for the equation 4x+y=9 The following given table is x y -1 13 3 5 2 -3 Roll X is missing two numbers and Roll y is missing three numbers Please someone help. I have been stuck on this question for to long and can not move on to

    asked by Felicia
  40. Math

    a man can swim with a speed of 4 km per hr in still water. How long does he take to cross a river 1 km wide if the river flows steadily at 3 km per hr and he makes his strokes normal to the river current? How far down the river does he go when he reaches

    asked by Student
  41. science

    which path does light take upon entering your eye? a). cornea-pupil-iris-retina-lens-optic nerve-brain b). pupil-cornea-iris-lens-retina-optic nerve-brain c). cornea-pupil-lens-retina-optic nerve-brain

    asked by aya corneto
  42. science

    AgNO3+NaCL=AgCL+NaNO3 is not a redox reaction but Cu+2AgNO3=2Ag+Cu(NO3)2 is a redox reaction.explain

    asked by mohit
  43. physics

    A cyclist is attached to a rope which is looped over a pulley (disc of mass 10kg and radius 0.5m). The rope is then attached to a hanging block of mass 5kg. What force must the cyclist generate such that the block will move with an acceleration of 2.25

    asked by sam
  44. education

    why Race and Racism is essential to acknowledge in the scope of the classroom setting? what does this question mean? examples thank you

    asked by nina
  45. math equation

    If the side of a square are extended to form a rectangle. One side of the square is extended by 5cm and the other side by 2cm. The area of the rectangle is 130cm^3. Find the length of the side of the square

    asked by Charlie Benj
  46. Maths

    On each business trip, a salesman visits three of the eight major cities in his territory. In how many different ways can he schedule his route (that is, the cities and their order) for each trip?

    asked by Hemanth
  47. math

    i am composed of three Digits. The first digit is 3. Two digits are the same as my first digit. What number am i?

    asked by Caezar louis
  48. Music

    I want to make sure these answers are right. The answers are put between two stars(*). 1. The overture to A Midsummer Night's Dream is a one-movement work A. famous for the interplay of piano, violin, and cello. B. known for the massive sound of the

    asked by Adriana
  49. physics

    A ball reaches the ground at 6 seconds when thrown vertically upwards from the top of a tower with an inoitial velocity 24m/s. Find the height of the tower.

    asked by kowalski
  50. Math

    4x8x4x8,base 4

    asked by Claire
  51. Chemistry

    What quantity of NaOH should be dissolved in 15000l of water to obtain 4% concentration? proposed solution 4/100 * 15000 = 600

    asked by Mankah
  52. Probability

    Brenda’s Bike Booth, at the mall, allows people to order a bike in their choice of 4 colors (Atomic Tangerine, Banana, Café Noir, or Dollar Bill) and the options of with or without a basket; with or without a horn. Given all of these options, what’s

    asked by Katie
  53. geometry

    What would be the equation of the circle B with center B (4, −6) and radius 7?

    asked by Fluff
  54. Statistics

    In a sample of 1000 tires, with a mean of 250 miles per tire....about how many tires will last longer than 300 miles?

    asked by Wade
  55. Biology

    Four different molecules are shown below. For each, indicate if it would be found in region A, B, C, and D. An image of the structure of glucose. Molecule Found in Region A Found in Region B Found in Region C Found in Region D An image of the structure of

    asked by Antonio
  56. Science

    Calculate the no. Off molecules atom in 360gm of water...??

    asked by Anonymous
  57. Chemistry

    How to convert 1.08g/ml to volume in ml?

    asked by Que
  58. science

    The least count of a screw gauge is 0.001cm.the diameter of wire measured by it is 0.225cm.find out percentage error in the measurement.

    asked by Anonymous
  59. English

    Which of the following is a technique of satire used by Wilde in The Importance of Being Earnest? A. giving information about his characters in a direct, straightforward way B. ridiculously exaggerating the importance people such as Gwendolen place on a

    asked by Noemi
  60. math

    (x-1)(x+2) is the H.C.F of the polynomials f(x)=(x^2-5x+4)(x^2+ax+b) g(x)=(x^2-x-6)(x^2+3x+b)

    asked by Soumita Basu
  61. English

    Literary Analysis: Character and Characterization Read the selection. Then, answer the questions that follow. People who don’t know Harry tend to underestimate him. They cast a skeptical eye on his typical outfit: ragged jeans and shirts that bear

    asked by Noemi
  62. chemistry/biochemistry

    How can we calculate the HCO3- (bicarbonate ion) concentration in water in 25C pH7.0? I think we can use PV=nRT equation, but I am not sure. If pH is changed from 7.5 to 6.5 ( around pka 6.3 of CO2), how can change the HCO3- concentration? Thanks in

    asked by Anonymous
  63. English

    ''Thank you so much for you're patiently waiting.'' 1. Is the statement grammatically correct? 2. What is its sentence patterns? ;)

    asked by Sasa