Questions Asked on
June 26, 2016

  1. Math

    The sum of the three smallest positive values of theta such that 4(cos*theta)(sin*theta) = 1 is k*pi. Find k. Help!!!!!

    asked by Bob
  2. math

    a job pays a salary of 18,000 the first year. during the next 18 years,the salary increases 7% each year.what is the total lifetime salary over 19 years

    asked by louis
  3. math

    Find the measure of an angle , if 7 times its complement is 10 less than three times its supplement

    asked by aadi
  4. Physics

    A bat strikes a 0.145-kg baseball. Just before impact, the ball is traveling horizontally to the right at 47.0 m/s ; when it leaves the bat, the ball is traveling to the left at an angle of 31.0 ∘ above horizontal with a speed of 58.0 m/s . The ball and

    asked by Jordan
  5. Please Help ..!Math

    70 patients in a hospital consume 1350 liters of milk in 30 days. At the same rate, how many patients will consume 1710 liters in 28 days?

    asked by Vecchi
  6. Physics: Oscillations and spring constant

    A student measured 15s for the 20 complete oscillations for an object of 200g attached at the free end of a spring. Calculate the period of oscillation (T) and the spring constant (k). My work (just wanted to ask for opinions if this is right): T =

    asked by Jenna
  7. Biochemistry

    An enzyme-catalyzed reaction was carried out in a 0.2M �Tris� buffer, pH 7.8. As a result of the reaction, 0.03 mole/liter of H+ was produced. (pKa of Tris =8.1) (a) What was the ratio of Tris+ (conjugate acid) / Triso (Conjugate base) at the start of

    asked by Christine
  8. math

    A shopkeeper bought an article for rs 360. The profit made by the shopkeeper after selling it after 11×1/9% discount is rs 40. Find the marked price (in rs)of the article.

    asked by vipul
  9. Biology

    To a curly haired mother and straight haired father 8 children are born. The ratio of curly and straight haired will be 1) 6:2 2) 4:4 3) 2:6 4) 3:5

    asked by Sanjana
  10. math

    a man spent 1/4 of his monthly salary on rent ,2/5 on food and 1/6 on books. If he still had ghana 55000 left what was his monthly salary

    asked by helen

    A gumball machine contains 150 gumballs. If the probability of getting a yellow gumball is 1/7, what is the probability of not getting a yellow gumball?

    asked by kay
  12. chemistry

    Which of the following sets of quantum numbers are not allowed. For each incorrect set, state why it is incorrect. For each correct set, name the atomic orbital. i. n=4, l=3, ml =2, ms =-1/2 ii. n=2, l=1, ml =-1, ms =-1 iii. n=5, l=-4, ml =2, ms =+1/2 can

    asked by lo
  13. physics

    A piccolo and a flute can be approximated as cylindrical tubes with both ends open. The lowest fundamental frequency produced by one kind of piccolo is 508.7 Hz, and that produced by one kind of flute is 220.3 Hz. What is the ratio of the piccolo's length

    asked by nop
  14. physics

    a particle executing shm time period t from mean position the time to complete 5/8 oscillation

    asked by rachel
  15. Physics

    A uniform ladder of mass (m = 14.5 kg) and length (L) leans against a frictionless wall, see figure. Find the static friction force between the ladder and the floor if the angle θ = 64.0°?

    asked by Ryan Keefe
  16. Chemistry

    Sorry, I have been stuck on this question. I would appreciate if someone could help me out. Approx how many mL of 0.25M BaCl2 solution would be required to precipitate all the sulfate if we assume the sample is pure sodium sulfate? Assume that the density

    asked by Mike
  17. Math

    A bicycle's wheels are 30 inches in diameter. Assuming that the angular speed of the wheels is 11 radians per second, find the speed of the bicycle in inches per second.

    asked by Rafael L.
  18. Math

    Part 1 of the Question: A rectangular field is 120m long and 80m wide. If I walk around the perimeter of the entire field, how far have I walked? Part 2 of the Question: If I wanted to re-turf the field, how much turf would I need to complete the task?

    asked by Laiba
  19. Algebra

    The bus fare in a city is $2.00. People who use the bus have the option of purchasing a monthly coupon book for $24.00. With the coupon​ book, the fare is reduced to.$1.00.  Determine the number of times in a month the bus must be used so that the

    asked by Edwards
  20. Chemistry

    The sulfate in a 0.2345 g sample of a mixture containing only K2SO4 (fm = 174.26) and Na2SO4 (fm = 142.04) is to beanalyzed by precipitating all the sulfate as barium sulfate, BaSO4 (fm = 233.39) by the addition of excess BaCl2. Na2SO4 + BaCl2 image from

    asked by Esraa
  21. CALC

    A 200-gallon tank is currently half full of water that contains 50 pounds of salt. A solution containing 1 pounds of salt per gallon enters the tank at a rate of 6 gallons per minute, and the well-stirred mixture is withdrawn from the tank at a rate of 6

    asked by Sarah

    a field goal kicker makes 3 of every 7 attempts at a field goal. if he kicks 3 field goals in a certain game, what is the probability that he'll make all three?

    asked by TIERNEY

    A letter is chosen at random from the word mathematics. what is the probability of choosing either a T or an M? A) 4/11 B) 3/11 C) 1/11 D) 2/11

    asked by kay
  24. Urgent ..!Math

    If a car covers 82.5km in 5.5 liters of petrol, how much distance will it cover in 13.2 liters of petrol?

    asked by Vecchi

    if two balls are drawn without replacement from a box containing 4 blue balls, 3 yellow balls, and 2 white balls, what is the probability of getting 2 yellow balls? (write your answer as a fraction in lowest terms.)

    asked by TIERNEY

    A bag contains 6 red poker chips, 5 white poker chips, and 5 blue poker chips. If two poker chips are drawn from the bag, find the probability that the first one is blue and the second one is white. (write your answer as a fraction in lowest terms.)

    asked by TIERNEY

    from a bag containing 6 white balls, 3 black balls and 13 red balls, two balls are drawn at random. what is the probability that they are both red?

    asked by kay
  28. Math Urgent

    1. A hexagonal prism 6ft tall with a regular base measuring 9ft on each and an apothegm of length 7.8ft. 2. A prism 2m tall. The base is trapezoid whose parallel sides measure 7m and 3m. The other sides are each 4m. The altitude of the trapezoid measures

    asked by Vecchi
  29. Math

    Find the unit rate for the given rate. Round to the nearest hundredth if necessary. 4. 30 cards for $5.20 5. 192 miles on 6 gallons of gasoline

    asked by Still yo girl
  30. Math

    If 5 men working 6 hours a day can reap a field in 20 days, in how many days will 15 men reap the field if they work for 8 hours a day?

    asked by Vecchi
  31. Physics

    At what displacement the instantaneous velocity become equal to half of its maximum velocity? Plz help me

    asked by Ali
  32. English

    Combine each pair of sentence into one sentence,or shorten a long sentence. Using an infinitive phrase 1)the mayor asked her aides.the mayor asked her aides to work hard. 2)kate was sad when she heard the news. 3)Andy was shocked when he discovered the

    asked by Tinafey
  33. Math

    The following table shows the distribution of Army and Navy personnel who like football and Boxing. ARMY(A) NAVY(N) TOTAL Football(F) 30 8 38 Boxing(B) 55 7 62 TOTALS 85 15 100 Use the table to determine the following probabilities: a) P(A | F) b) P(F | A)

    asked by Adrian

    A bag contains 3 yellow marbles, 4 green marbles, 6 purple marbles, and 2 orange marbles. If a marble is drawn from the bag, what is the probability that it is orange? (Write your answer as a fraction in lowest terms.)

    asked by TIERNEY

    if a die is tossed and a coin is flipped, what is the probability of getting a number less than five on the die or tails on the coin? (write answer as a fraction in lowest terms)

    asked by kay
  36. english

    what is the subject,verb and object in this sentenceParalegals must have good ethics.

    asked by carmen
  37. chemestry

    To 400mL of a 0.1 M CH3COOH solution(Ka=1.8 x 10-5),two subsequent additions of 100mL of 0.2 M NaOH solution have been done.determine the solution pH after each addition. Drbob,I don't understand this problem how to solve.Can you help me and give me the

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Physics

    I've figured out the first part that the v is 1.25 m/s, but even with that knowledge can't determine how to calculate the horizontal distance. Can someone help with a formula? You let a ball roll from rest from the top of a ramp sitting on a table. If the

    asked by Anna

    A soda company determines that there is a 3% chance that a soft drink bottle is under filled. If two bottles are selected at random, find the probability that both bottles are under filled

    asked by kay

    if one coin is flipped and then a second coin is flipped, what is the probability that both coins land on tails? A) 1/8 B) 1/32 C) 1/16 D) 1/4

    asked by kay
  41. math


    asked by justine

    A basket contains 6 pieces of paper numbered from 1 to 6. A hat contains the letters A, B, and C. If a blindfolded person picks a number and a letter, what is the probability that the number is even and the letter is A?

    asked by TIERNEY
  43. english

    The of broken glass followed the of the bullet as the rifle . The soldiers were awakened by the of the bugle

    asked by john

    For this probability experiment a single die is rolled. For Events A, B, and C below, determine which of the following are NOT mutually exclusive. A: the result is an even number B: The result is a multiple of 3 C: The result is less than 2

    asked by TIERNEY

    a bag contains seven red balls numbered 2,4,5,6,7,8,10 and three white balls numbered 1,3, and 9. If a ball is drawn, what is the probability the ball is white or the number on the ball is less than 3? Write your answer as a fraction in lowest terms.

    asked by kay
  46. English

    1. He was standing right behind her. 2. He was standing just behind her. 3. I got here right after nine. 4. I got here just after nine. 5. The bus came right on time. 6. The bus came just one time. 7. The bus came exactly on time. ------------------- Are

    asked by rfvv
  47. Math

    Mrs. Cord's class , 11 children Owens pets. There are 23 children in the class. What is the ratio of pets owners to the whole class?

    asked by Heather
  48. Chemistry

    a 2.00 g sample of C6H402 is burned in a calorimeter whose heat capacity is 8kj/C. The delta T is +7.13 degrees C. What is the enthalpy change per mole?

    asked by Alex
  49. algebra , math

    two third of a number increased by 7 is 29 . Find the number. Answer- 2/3x + 7 = 29 2/3x = 29 - 7 2/3x = 22 X = 22/2 multiplied by 3 X = 33 Is the answer right

    asked by leena
  50. Maths

    The measure if one angle of a parallelogram is 25 degree . Find the measures of the other 3 angles

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Math

    Product of two no is -6/7 if one no is 28/5 find the other no

    asked by Vaibhav Anand
  52. maths

    if the mean of these numbers (20,15,32,18) is 21 what is the missing number?

    asked by imaan
  53. chemistry

    This statement is writing in my textbook can someone please explain to me what it mean: Determining the position of electrons, eliminates their wave properties.

    asked by lo
  54. Grammar

    I need to find a subject, verb and a object in this sentence. 1.Set a high value on spontaneous Kindness. Subject- verb- Object-

    asked by Mikey
  55. English

    What about dinner at my place? What about dinner in my place? What about having dinner at my place? What about having dinner in my place? Why don't we have dinner at my place? Why don't we have dinner in my place? ----------------------- Can we use both

    asked by rfvv
  56. chemistry

    How many degenerate orbitals have the following name? 2s 3p 5d 4p 5s I don't get this question

    asked by lo
  57. music art

    The renaissance concided with Van eycks paintings lack any refrencesto this

    asked by anonymous
  58. Riddle

    A dead heart can start beating words with no sound can be known Where eyes can tell a story And you dream of the unknown Where your life can take you places But your thoughts are your true home When a smile is not yours But you happy that it was loaned

    asked by Mia
  59. science

    Find the acceleration of a lift moving upwards with 2m/s acceleration, 20kg on the it & 1000N force

    asked by prathibha
  60. Math

    1. 9,000,024km is equal to how many yards? 2. 7,068,000 pounds is equal to how many kilograms? 3. 25,000 ounces is equal to how many kiloliters? 4. 3,140,156,000 bytes is equal to how many terabytes?

    asked by Vecchi
  61. Math Urgent

    A rectangle of length 4cm and width 3cm has one vertex at the origin of a system of axes and another vertex on a quarter of a circle whose center is also at the origin. Solve for the area

    asked by Vecchi
  62. math

    Square of a side x are cut from each corner of an 8 inches * 5 inches rectangle, so that its sides can be folded to make a box with no top. Define a function that can represent the volume of this box.

    asked by Mar
  63. BUS 401

    if a firm just paid a dividend equal to $4.00 a share, then for the WACC, in order to find the cost of equity, $4 should be

    asked by rebecca sanchez
  64. Math

    The 3 digit number in which the ones digit is three times the tens digit and the tens digit is three times the hundreds digit is?

    asked by Zach
  65. Science

    Calculate the volume of solute percent in 90ml solution with 5%

    asked by Althea Jane Duran
  66. MATH 3

    How do i find the exact interest of Principal=3000, Rate= 11.5% ,Time= 3 yrs.

    asked by Mai-mai
  67. Chemistry

    How much energy is released when 2.50g of NH3 rxs with excess N20 given the following 2NH3+3N2O -> 4N2_3H2O; DELTA(H)=-1010KJ. Please give work and setup :)

    asked by Alex
  68. maths

    the sum of the digits of a 2- digit number is 9. if the tens digit is half of the ones digit , find the 2 digit number. pls help

    asked by shalini
  69. math


    asked by sessxh
  70. algebra

    Let R={(x,y)∈R×R│⟦3x⟧=⟦3y⟧}, where ⟦x⟧ ┤ denotes the greatest integer less than or equal to x. Show that R is an equivalence relation on R. Determine R⁄R .

    asked by arthur
  71. spelling

    how do we know when to put 2 pp or 2 lly its making me confused

    asked by emaan
  72. english

    i need something to hep me with past tense i did this in class we'd we had ?

    asked by emaan
  73. Maths

    To solve the simultaneous equation 1.4x + 3y = -1 2y - 3x = -12

    asked by Jeremiah
  74. Math

    If sin (a) +cos (a) =1.2, then what is sin(a)^3 + cos(a)^3? I was having some trouble with this problem. I got .98 as an estimate. Why is this wrong!!!1

    asked by Bob

    a coin is loaded so that the probability of getting tails is 1/4. If the coin is flipped twice, what is the probability of getting tails twice?

    asked by TIERNEY
  76. math

    True or False: The median must always be one of the numbers in the data set itself.

    asked by jake
  77. Algebra help

    Please help me compute how to draw a graph after I receive the answer. The problem I have is physically connection the graph.

    asked by Anonymous
  78. Maths

    Write the number rule for these order pairs p6. (1,4),(2,7),(3,10),(4,13). rule

    asked by Shaibu
  79. math

    if 359=sum 17 how can the unknown next number be 966=sum 21

    asked by Anonymous