Questions Asked on
June 25, 2016

  1. Enghlish

    What is the main idea of the story of Morte d’Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory? King Arthur shows himself to be an unjust ruler. King Arthur is mortally wounded in a battle with his mortal enemy Sir Mordred. King Arthur creates the ideal kingdom of Camelot.

  2. Algebra

    After visiting the Titanic, Captain Brain and Mr. Pinky are taking the Alvin submarine back to the surface of the water. They start 1500 meters below the surface of the water, and ascend at 37 meters per hour. Note: under the water is a negative number.

  3. Algebra

    Geppetto is a puppet maker. He starts the month with 3 puppets ready to sell, and makes 9 puppets per day. Write an equation to model this situation (use d for days and p for puppets).

  4. Science

    What kind of a solution will you create if you add 17g of table salt to 50g of wAter at o'c?

  5. physics

    A boy moves 400m towards north 300m towards west and again 400m towards south calculate displacement of the boy from initial position

  6. pysics

    A BMW convertible travels on the german autobahn at the speed of 128km/h.what is the speed of the car, in m/s and in mi/h.what is the answer.

  7. math/stats

    A hamburger chain found that 65% of all customers use mustard, when they buy hamburgers. If 5 customers randomly selected, what is the probability that none use mustard?

  8. Physics

    A bullet moving at 20m/sec strikes a wooden plank and penetrates 4cm before coming to stop.The time taken to stop is?

  9. Chemistry

    64g of oxygen reacts completely with methane gas to form 44g of carbon dioxide gas and 36 g of water vapour. Calculate the amount of methane that takes part in the reaction .

  10. science

    A measuring cylinder contains 50cm`3 of water.A stone has a mass of 1.75g.The stone is lowered into the cylinder, the level of the water rises to 52.5cm`3.Calculate the density of the stone

  11. math

    {prime numbers greater than 20 but less than 50}

  12. Nct

    A ball impinges directly on a similar ball at rest. The first ball is reduced to rest by the impact. Find the coefficient of restitution, if 1/5 of the initial kinetic energy is lost by impact

  13. Mathematics

    from the age of a person if two fifth of his age is subracted,the result becomes 24 years.find the age of the person

  14. science

    A block of wood is weighed on a beam balance.its mass is 54g.The density of the block is1.8g/cm`3.Find volume

  15. Math

    Ama, Karla and Daniel are siblings. Ama is 3 years older than Karla and Daniel is 2 years older than Ama.The sum of their ages is 32. How old is each child. Please help me I don't know what to do, it's my High School Summer Holiday Homework!!! But I'm

  16. geometry

    Sara decides to sow grass in a triangle plot of her garden that has a base length of 20m and height of 15 m. it costs her 8$ per square meter for sowing the grass. If she wants to sow grass in a plot with double base and double the height she will have to

  17. geometry

    Identify the lateral area and surface area of a regular square pyramid with base edge length 11 cm and slant height 15 cm.

  18. Math

    When the teacher buys tennis rackets for his gym class, he must buy five more than three times as many tennis balls. Rackets cost $20 each and ball cost $1.50 each. How much does the teacher spend if he needs 17 tennis rackets?

  19. Business

    Assume you purchased specially made steel articles in the shape of your company’s logo to give out at a conference in five weeks. Because the items are being manufactured specifically for your company, you paid 50% of the $15,000 purchase price up front.

  20. English

    1. I think Chuchu should live with his old master because he is a very good person. When Chuchu was almost blind, he didn't abandon Chuchu. Instead, he decided to take good care of him. 1-2. I think Chuchu should live with his old master because he is a

  21. math

    States whether the following is finite, infinite or empty 1). { integres between -25/3 and 33/7 } 2). { whole numbers } 3). { numbers between 2 and 3 } 4). { multiple of 3 and 4 } 5). { even prime numbers }

  22. english

    i had to write a story and i am struggling to find amazing vocabulary i did big and changed that word into enormous

  23. Physics

    Completely lost on what formula to use: A 50 gram ball enters a pendulum with mass 200 g. The pair then swings up to a height of 12 cm. Find the velocity at which the pair move immediately after the collision. Find the initial velocity of the ball before

  24. Physics

    A uniform ladder of mass (m = 14.5 kg) and length (L) leans against a frictionless wall, see figure. Find the static friction force between the ladder and the floor if the angle θ = 64.0°?

  25. Physics

    A spring that has a force constant of 1200 N/m is mounted vertically on the ground. A block of mass 1.60 kg is dropped from rest from height of 1.50 m above the free end of the spring. By what distance does the spring compress?

  26. Algebra

    Ricardo visits different states every summer. This summer, he started with 3 states already visited and visits 6 states per day. Write an equation to model this situation (use d for days and s for states).

  27. Algebra

    With a full tank of gas, if you can drive 465 miles, your car can go 18 miles per gallon. Write an equation to show how many miles (use m for miles) you can drive after using _____ gallons of gas (use g for gallons).

  28. math

    There are three natural numbers. The first and second are less than the third by 40 % and 50 % respectively. what percentage of the second number is the first number How to do best way help me

  29. math

    Two articles are bought at the same price. one is sold at 20% profit and other is sold at 10% loss find overall profit /loss percentage.

  30. Probability

    Kindergarten class has 7 Scooby Doo , 8 Sesame Street, and 9 Barney DVDs. Each week, the class randomly selects 2 DVDs to watch on Friday. What is the probability that both movies are Barney?

  31. Physics

    A car moves for half of its time at 80km/hr and for rest half of time at 40km/hr.The total distance covered is 60km.What is the average speed of the car?

  32. math

    the lenght of rectangle exceeds its breadth are each increased by 3 and the area of the new rectangle is will be 84 cm2 more than that of the give rectangle . find lenght & breadth.

  33. geometry

    what would tan be for -1^(9)to the nearest degree? and what would sin -1^(0.62) be to the nearest degree?

  34. math

    3,12,21, __ , __ ,__ what is the missing number ? can you guys answer this ?

  35. math

    A local gym charges $15.00 per month for membership and additional $3.25 for each class. If the monthly charge is $54.00 how many classes did you take What is the first step

  36. Maths Year 10

    Q) the difference between two numbers is 5. A) if the larger number is k, what is the other number? B) write a simplified expression for the product of both numbers. ??? ty in adv.

  37. Physics

    What is net capacitance if maximum potential is 40 volt and instant charge is 60 coulomb.?

  38. math

    A started a business with rs 20000 after 3 months B joined him with rs 40000 after some more months c joined them with rs 100000 B received rs 18000 out of the total annual profit of rs 55000 how many months after A started the business did c join How to

  39. physics

    find the relative velocity of boat w.r.t water .The velocity of boat is 3i^+4j^ and that of the water is -3i^-4i^

  40. physics

    A block and tackle system of 5 pulleys is used to raise a load of 50kg through a height of 20m the work done against friction is 200J.Calculate the work done by effort,the efficiency of the system and the effort applied.

  41. science

    How much below the surface of the earth does the acceleration due to gravity become 1percent of its value at the earth surface? The earth is assume to be a sphere of radius 6.4×10^6m.

  42. Math

    I am a number between 1000000 and 2000000. My ones digit is the sum of my tens and hundreds digits and is also the sum of my millions and ten thousands hundred thousands, thousands, and ones digits are the same.the sum of my digits is 45.what

  43. Math

    How much more is 245,612 than the combined numbers of 18,912 and 45,608

  44. Math

    What is the difference between 20 hundreds and 3 x 10 to the 2nd power

  45. Math

    Given: sin37 = 6/10 use identities and calculate the following without using a calculator

  46. English

    I'm going to ride a bike. 1. Okay, but you should wear a healmet. 2. Okay, but you ought to wear a healmet. 3. Okay, but you must wear a healmet. 4. Okay, but you have to wear a healmet. ------------------------------ #1 is a suitable answer to the

  47. Math HELPPPPP

    a) Find the gradient of the line x/7+y/11=1. b) the straight line Y=mx+c is parallel to the line y+ 5/3x=7/3 and passes through the point (2,3). Find the values of m and c The answer for a is -11/7x And b us 6 1/3

  48. English

    1. A man was reading a newspaper on the seat of the subway train. 2. A man was reading a newspaper on the seat in the subway train. 3. A man was reading a newspaper on the seat on the subway train. 4. A man was reading a newspaper on the seat of the

  49. English

    1. It was his mistake that he didn't walk the dog on a lead. 2. It was his fault that he didn't walk the dog on a leash. 3. He made a mistake by not using a dog lead. 4. By mistake, he didn't walk the dog on a lead. 5. He should have walked the dog on a

  50. Math

    How do I write the equation for this: sum of ten and nineteen

  51. English

    Draw two lines under verb phrase .write it's tense I had already heard the rumor

  52. chemestry

    calculate the pH of the 120mL of a 0.12 M HCOONa,Ka=1.8*10^-5,solution are added to 50mL of a 0.05 M H2SO4 solution.Determine the pH of the sodium formate solution before and after the H2SO4 addition. please someone help me!

  53. algebra

    As part of a conservation effort for a lake, 70 fish were caught, tagged, and then released. Later, 80 fish were caught from the lake. Four of these 80 fish were found to have tags. Estimate the number of fish in the lake.


    A motorist drove 180 mi before running out of gas and walking 6 mi to a gas station. The motorist's driving rate was twelve times the walking rate. The time spent walking was 3 h less than the time spent driving. How long did it take for the motorist to

  55. Math

    How do I write the equation for this: sum of ten and nineteen

  56. geometry

    Determine whether triangle PQR is congruent to triangle STU given the coordinates of the vertices. Explain. P(4,0),Q(2,-3)r(-1,4),S(-1,4), t(1,-1),u(4,6)

  57. Adulte Electronic school

    s=k ln W * lottery numbers / g!^¥ + ([x:86:23]

  58. Math

    If 2 times the square of a number is equal to the 6 times the number,find the number

  59. Algebra

    A plane is traveling at a speed of 160 mph in still air. Flying with a tail wind, the plane is clocked over a distance of 800 miles. Flying against a headwind it takes 3 more hours to complete the return trip. What was the wind velocity?

  60. Collage algebra

    Solve for x in any equation ? 1. 3x-9=0

  61. value

    an aeroplane leaves an airport A an flies on a bearing of N41E for 1 and half hour at 699km/h to airport then flies on a bearing of S50E for 3 and half hours at 400km/h to an airport C.calculate the distance from C to A

  62. Probability

    The Brass Tap stocks 12 different beers, which it rotates randomly among its 8 taps. They will have one beer for each tap, and no two taps will have the same beer on any given evening. How many different beer menus do they need to stock.