Questions Asked on
June 23, 2016

  1. Chemistry

    X forms an oxide X2O3 , 0.36 grams of X forms 0.56 grams of X2O3 .so that atomic weight of X is

    asked by Soujanya
  2. math

    The telephone bill consists of a fixed monthly rent and a variable part that varies with the number of units of calls made per month. The monthly rents charged for a telephone connection in bangalore and patna are in the ratio 5 : 3. The bill amounts

    asked by vipul
  3. Math

    Write the least number possible with 5 in the thousands place

    asked by Miguel
  4. Algebra

    A cash register contains $5 bills and $10 bills with a total value of $350. If there are 46 bills total, then how many of each does the register contain? answer is 22

    asked by liliy
  5. chemistry

    Find the molar solubility of BaCrO4 (Ksp= 2.1 × 10−10) in 3.5 × 10−3 M Na2CrO4

    asked by becca
  6. physics

    A body moves with uniform acceleration with a distance x for 1st sec. What is relation b/w x & y? A) y=24x B) y=16x C) y=12x D) y=8x

    asked by Jahangeer
  7. Math

    As part of a conservation effort for a lake, 70 fish were caught, tagged, and then released. Later, 80 fish were caught from the lake. Four of these 80 fish were found to have tags. Estimate the number of fish in the lake.

    asked by Irma
  8. Chemistry PLS HELP

    The cover plate is removed from the gas jars shown iin the diagram. Nitrogen dioxide is a brown gas. After several days, the color of the gas is the same in both of the jars. What explains this change? So the picture shows this jar and nitrogen and

    asked by Cheezel
  9. Math

    Look at the given triangles. a. Write an expression in simplest form for the perimeter of each triangle. b. Write another expression in simplest form that shows the difference between the perimeter of the larger triangle and the perimeter of the smaller

    asked by PlzHelp!
  10. math

    What number, whose sum of its digits is 26, becomes 6000 when rounded to the nearest thousands? List 3 possible answer.

    asked by hainess
  11. math

    Given that 18f=33g,what would the ratio of f to g in simplest form?

    asked by Cara M.
  12. math/algebra

    Find the hang time for a golf ball hit 150 feet into the air. The time T in seconds is given by the function T(x)= square root of x over 2

    asked by april
  13. for all real numbers x and y,it x*y=x(x-y) then x*

    for all real numbers x and y,it x*y=x(x-y) then x*(x*y)=?

    asked by tasu
  14. Algebra

    Janine has two savings accounts totaling $6,500. One account earns annual interest and the other earns . If her total interest for the year is $211, then how much is in each account? answer 509.5

    asked by liliy
  15. Math

    Every 1 1/2 on a wilderness map represents 1 mile. If the actual distance between two likes is 10 miles how far apart are the lakes on the map?

    asked by Kay
  16. Probability and statistic

    An assembly consists of three mechanical components. Suppose that the probabilities that the first, second, and third components meet specifications are 0.95, 0.96, and 0.98. Assume that the components are independent. Let X be the number of components

    asked by Maureen
  17. Algebra

    The Pi (π) Club at Math High School was planning a fundraiser to sell pepperoni pizza. A pizza company donated enough ingredients to make the equivalent of 300 extra large pepperoni pizzas (16” diameter). In trying to determine the number of pizzas of

    asked by Carl
  18. MATH

    1. The population of the city A is 10^-4 million, and the population of City B is 10^3 million. How many times more is the population of City A then the City B? 2. A grain of rice has a volume 10^-9 m^3. A box is full of rice and has a volume of 10^-3 m^3.

    asked by Camz
  19. Biology

    * what do organisms needs ? * how do organism secure what they needs ? * what are the attributes of life ?

    asked by macy
  20. Psychological Stats

    For a population with a mean of 80 and the standard deviation of 12, what is the Z score corresponding to an individual score of 71?

    asked by Tara
  21. Chemistry

    In 1985 benitoite became the California “state gemstone.” Found only in a tiny mine near Coalinga, California, it is a silicate of barium and titanium with trace impurities that cause a range of hues from colorless to blue to pink. Its general formula

    asked by Anonymous
  22. english

    Change the italicized clause to a nominative absolute. Rewrite the entire sentence in the box below. As the hurricane season was over, people returned to the cottages on the beach. as the hurricane season was over is italicized.

    asked by jay
  23. Math

    Greates number can be rounded to 6000

    asked by Anonymous
  24. math

    Let f be the function defined on {-3, 1} by f (x)= (x+1)/x^2+ax+b and (C) its representative curve in an orthonormal system . Knowing that the two lines of equations x=1 and x=-3 are asymptotes to (C) calculate the values of a and b.

    asked by vicky
  25. math

    when dealing with sigma notation, if i enclose my formula with parenthesis,does it make it different from a formula with no parenthesis? plz help, I saw this in regents prep webpage and I just didn't see any difference, but they say that the parenthesis

    asked by Lauren
  26. General Physics

    Clarification: this is calculus-based physics, so the methodology is not restricted to trigonometry only. I have two questions, so hopefully I can divide them up nice and evenly. Also, if you know where I should copy and paste proper vector notation from,

    asked by Justin
  27. Math

    Traveling across a flat land you notice a mountain of f in the distance with an angle of elevations 3.5 degrees. You walk toward the mountain 13 more miles and now the angle of elevation is 9 degrees. How tall is the mountain?

    asked by Gabby
  28. matyh

    80% of your employees work in production. What fraction of the employees work in production?

    asked by Anonymous
  29. math

    if you make guesses for four multiple-choice test questions (each with five possible answers), what is the probability of getting at least one correct?

    asked by sara
  30. Math

    Visitor Numbers Total visitors: 2004. 2005. 2006 3,135,727. 3,164,906. 3,281,435 Total visitor days: 2004. 2005. 2006 7,453,465. 7,518,997. 7,784,044 Total visitors have increased by 4.6% and total visitor days by 4.4% in this period. Group tour visitors

    asked by Candice
  31. physics

    An object experiences an impulse, moves and attains a momentum of 100 kg·m/sec. If its mass is 50 kg, what would its velocity be?

    asked by Eli
  32. Math

    Can you help me with this calculation, if instead of paying $124K in four equal annual installments we pay this amount up front what would be PV ?

    asked by Mike
  33. Math (pre-celc 12)

    Given (f+g)(x)=10-3x and (f-g)(x)=5x-14, find f(x) and g(x). I'm not sure how to go about this.

    asked by Jana
  34. English

    1. I move that a vote be taken on this. 2. I suggest that a vote be taken on this. (Does #1 mean #2?) 3. He suggested that she was a professor. (Is this sentence correct? What does 'suggested' mean in this sentence? What other words can we use?) 4. He

    asked by rfvv
  35. math

    out of 7500 candidates 75% offered english and 45% offered many offered both?

    asked by toompa
  36. English

    1. It was his fault that he didn't put a leash on his dog. 2. He should have walked his dog with a leash on. 3. He should have walked the dog with a leash on his collar. 4. It was his mistake that his didn't tie his dog to the collar. He should have used a

    asked by rfvv
  37. English

    A: I like pears. 1. Same here. 2. That makes two of us. 3. You can say that again. 4. Me too. 5. So do I. 6. I think so, too. 7. I agree with you. (Can we use all the responses? #6 and #7 seem to be a little strange.) A: The movie was great. 8. Same here.

    asked by rfvv
  38. Math(Please Help Assignment Due Tomorrow)

    From the length(in seconds) of 80 randomly chosen U2 songs, the mean determined was 289.6986295 and standard deviation was 76.82292002. Assume that the data is normally distributed and that the bands entire collection of songs has a mean and standard

    asked by Jenny
  39. Physics

    A square 1 m on its side has charges on every corner. Calculate the electric field on the upper right corner of the square. Let the charge on each corner be 40 x10-9C. Do I use K(Q*4)/r^2=F Then F/(Q*4)=E K=8.99*10^9 Nm^2/C^2

    asked by Kim
  40. English

    Hello. I will be grateful for your language advice. Do you think I used the articles correctly in the following sentence: "The author analyzes a long and complicated process of the rise and fall of the British Empire." Thank you.

    asked by Ilma
  41. Algebra

    The difference of two integers is 6. The sum of twice the smaller and the larger is 72. Find the integers. The sum of 3 times a larger integer and 2 my answer the lager integer is 192 and the smaller integer is 72

    asked by liliy
  42. Math

    A flag has a length of 3 1/3 feet when the width is 1 5/6 feet. Write the ratio of the length to the width as a fraction in simplest form.

    asked by Carl
  43. Math

    1 1/5 a ------ = ----- -6 3/7 4 1/6

    asked by Susan
  44. math

    the result of doubling a number added to half and decreased by 1result to 20. Find the number

    asked by eric opoku
  45. Physics

    the diameter of the moon is 3.48x10^3 km. what is its surface area in m2?

    asked by hi
  46. algebra

    if you toss a coin and roll a number cube, what is the probability that the coin shows tails and the number cube shows 4?

    asked by carly
  47. Math

    Write the ratio as a fraction in lowest terms. 1 1/3 to 1 3/4

    asked by Carl
  48. Math

    A flag has a length of 1 1/4 feet when the width is 1 2/7 feet. Write the ratio to the width as a fraction in simplest form.

    asked by Beth
  49. geometry

    a tree is 10 ft. 3 in. tall. To find the height of a tower,the shadow of the tree and the shadow of the tower were measured. What is the height of h of the tower?

    asked by Nika
  50. Calculus

    The base of a solid is the region bounded by the lines y = 5x, y = 10, and x = 0. Answer the following. a) Find the volume if the solid has cross sections perpendicular to the y-axis that are semicircles. b) Find the volume if the solid has cross sections

    asked by Jessica
  51. Physics

    A satellite orbits at a distance from the Earth's center of abut 3.00 earth radii and takes 7.30 hours to go around once. What distance (in meters) does the satellite travel in one day? And, what is the orbital velocity (in m/s)? I'm completely lost. I

    asked by Leslie
  52. maths

    when a 3 digits number is reversed, the number decreases by 396. the diffrence between the digits at the units place and the digit at the tens place is the same as the difference between the digits at the tens place and the hundreds place. if the product

    asked by Madhurima Mishra
  53. math

    Thank you for answering my question Steve!😄

    asked by Cara M.
  54. Math

    Let R be the region bounded by y = ln x, x-axis, and x = 3. Answer the following. a) Write, but do not solve, an integral expression that will find the volume of the solid that results from rotating R about x = -2. b) Write, but do not solve, an integral

    asked by Jessica
  55. probability and statistic

    Heart failure is due to either natural occurrences (85%) or outside factors (15%). Outside factors are related to induced substances or foreign objects. Natural occurrences are caused by arterial blockage, disease, and infection. Assume that causes of

    asked by Sarah
  56. Probability and statistics

    Astronomers treat the number of stars in a given volume of space as a Poisson random variable. The density in the Milky Way Galaxy in the vicinity of our solar system is 1 star per 16 cubic light years. (a) What is the probability of 3 or more stars in 16

    asked by Sarah
  57. Pre-Cal: Word Problem

    I'm having a lot of trouble on this word problem. Can someone help me plz? To define the inverse sine function, we restrict the domain of sine to the interval ______. On this interval the sine function is one-to-one, and its inverse function sin^−1 is

    asked by Nicolle
  58. Language

    Which words can be used to describe Jonas's father

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Physics

    On a day that is 30°c, you drop a rock from the top of a well. You hear the sound of the rock hitting the bottom 0.6s after you drop it. How deep is the well?

    asked by Anonymous
  60. algebra

    Show Work Use the intermediate value theorem to show that the polynomial function has a zero in the given interval. f(x)=x^5-x^4+4x^3-4x^2-20x+18 [1.5,1.8]

    asked by naomi
  61. life orientation

    Evaluate the physical;social and economic consequences of Jacob Zuma how did this corruption and fraud of nepotism;stealing country'resources favoritism etc impact negatively in South Africa for example service delivery;tax;expenses of trial

    asked by Lesego
  62. English

    1. The dog ran around the house. ---------------------- Does it mean that the dog ran outside the house? Does it mean he ran here and there in the house? Or does the sentence mean both situations?

    asked by rfvv
  63. chemistry

    What volume of 6M NaOH needed to prepare 250ml 0.1M NaOH?

    asked by alfa
  64. history

    I what ways did the reformation in europe play a role/impact new world exploration?

    asked by linda D Williiams
  65. Algebra

    I deposit 2,500.00for 7months and make 19.76in interest. What. Rate of interest an i receiving?

    asked by Anonymous
  66. Calculus

    Related rates: The volume of a cube is increasing at the rate of 40 mm^3/s. How fast is the surface area of the cube increasing when each edge is 10 mm?

    asked by anonymous
  67. Math

    If the population of a town grew 11% up to 5,173, what was the population last year.

    asked by Jordan
  68. engineering science

    A horizontal force of 230B is required to pull a trolley 39 m, at a constant speed across a horizontal surface in 40 sec.1 the work done 2. The speed of the trolley. 3. Power required

    asked by busy nhlapo
  69. Sound words

    The ---- of broken glass followed ----- of the bullet as the rifle ----.The soldiers awakened by the ---- of the bugle

    asked by Murugesan
  70. I Really Need Help

    Visitor Numbers Total visitors: 2004. 2005. 2006 3,135,727. 3,164,906. 3,281,435 Total visitor days: 2004. 2005. 2006 7,453,465. 7,518,997. 7,784,044 Total visitors have increased by 4.6% and total visitor days by 4.4% in this period. Group tour visitors

    asked by Candice
  71. engineering science

    a lifting machine is used to lift a load up to a height of 800mm when an effort moves through a distance of 4 m

    asked by zikhona
  72. maths

    The product of two positive number is5/6 and their quotient is 15/8 . calculate the numbers.

    asked by umeradeel
  73. math

    if x^2+2x-15=(x+r)(x+s) for all values of x one possible value of for r-s is?

    asked by tasu
  74. math

    if x...y=(x-y)^2 for all integers which are the following must be true? 1)x...y=y...x 2)x....y=x...(-y) 3)x...(-y)=-x..y

    asked by tasu