Questions Asked on
June 21, 2016

  1. Math1(Please Help Me)

    A group of 894 women aged 70-79 had their height and weight measured. The mean height was 159 cm with a standard deviation of 5 cm and the mean weight was 65.9kg with a standard deviation of 12.7kg. Both sets of data are fairly normal. A.) Suppose you were

    asked by Candice
  2. English

    Complete the following sentence. _____ often answer the questions who, what, why, when, or where. Supporting details (MY ANSWER) Statistics Reading strategies Graphic organizers

    asked by Nikki
  3. math

    The equation below models the height in feet, h, of a softball t seconds after it is hit by a batter. mc023-1.jpg Why is the height of the ball a function of time?

    asked by marquan
  4. science

    The occurrence of earthquakes along plate boundaries indicates that the 1) plates are stationary 2) earth will eventually break apart 3) earth is shrinking 4) coast of California will break off and slide into the ocean 5) plates are moving

    asked by Anonymous
  5. science

    All of the following factors are related to the plate tectonic model of the western coast of South America except the 1) length of the coastline 2) pattern of the earthquake activity 3) location of volcanoes 4) density of crustal plates 5) location of

    asked by nathalia
  6. Physical Science

    Many people mistakenly believe that the astronauts who orbit Earth are "above gravity." Earth's mass is 6×1024kg, and its radius is 6.38×106m (6380 km). Use the inverse-square law to find a height above Earth's surface at that the force of gravity on a

    asked by Hannah
  7. Math Geometry

    Polygon ABCD is similar to polygon WXYZ, and and are corresponding sides. You know the perimeter of each polygon, and you know the measure of BC. What can you find? A. Measure of all sides of both polygons B. Measure of

    asked by Seth
  8. Math (pre-celc 12)

    A true false test has 15 questions. How many answer keys are possible of the answer to 6 of the questions is false and 9 are true? I think this is a permutation and not a combination because each answer key would be different depending on the order of

    asked by Jana
  9. math

    On Tuesday and Wednesday, cab fare cost $7.75 total. On Monday and Thursday, cab fare cost $6.30 on each day. On Friday, cab fare cost $7.00. What was the average daily cost

    asked by Anonymous
  10. chemistry

    Why reversible reaction never complete

    asked by ali
  11. Physical Science

    A penny on its side moving at speed v slides off the horizontal surface of a table a vertical distance y from the floor. If the speed is 3.1 m/s and the coffee table is 0.30 m tall, find the distance the coin lands from the base of the table. (Use

    asked by Hannah
  12. Algebra

    A salesperson earns a base salary of $1,800 per month and 4.2% commission on her total sales for that month. Write a function that gives her monthly salary based on her total sales. Use the function to determine the amount of sales for a month in which her

    asked by liliy
  13. Math/Conversions

    Good afternoon, could someone please help me with this? The answer is 22 1/2 oz. Doctor instructs pt to drink 1 L (33 4/5oz) of water. An hour later you find 1/3 L left. How many ounces did Ms. White consume? This is what I keep getting. I think I may be

    asked by Anonymous

    a mass of 3kg rests on smooth horizontal table connected by a light string passion over a smooth pulley at the edge of the table to another mass of 2kg hanging vertically. when the system is released from rest with what acceleration do the masses move and

    asked by CHRISTINE
  15. English Check answers

    2) Your online chat name should never contain your full name. True or False ~ (My answer is TRUE) 3) It is safe to tell your online acquaintance (someone you have NEVER met) your a. full name b. address c. phone number d. favorite music ~ (My answer) 4)

    asked by Nikki
  16. chemistry

    Is NH4+ po;ar or non polar?

    asked by sarah
  17. Chemistry

    The experimentally determined rate law for the reaction H2 + NO --> ½N2 + H2O is Rate = k[H2][NO]2. Is the mechanism below possible? Step 1: H2 + NO --> N + H2O Slow Step 2: N + NO -->N2 + O Fast Step 3: O + H2 --> H2O Fast 1. Yes, because the slow step

    asked by Hs
  18. physics

    A body with uniform acceleration covers 76 m in the 5th sec and 116 m in the 10th sec.Find the distance traveled in the 15th sec.what is the distance traveled in next 5 seconds. As the body is travelling with uniform acceleration so the distance traveled

    asked by rati
  19. math

    Filling each 5 cars with the same amount of fuel empties 3/4 of a gasoline storage tank.what part of the total capacity did each vehicle receive?

    asked by tasu
  20. math

    a motion was adopted by a vote of 5 to 3.what part of the total vote was against the motion?

    asked by tasu
  21. English

    1. The mayor ordered that the man (should) leave the city early. 2. He suggested that the party (should) be put off. 3. He insisted that she (should) make a sppech. 4. They demanded that he should resign. 4-1. They demanded that he resign. 4-2. They

    asked by rfvv
  22. Math

    A physician ordered 1 L of D-10-1/2 NS to infuse over 10 hours. How many grams of Dextrose would the patient receive per hour? I answer like this D10 = 10g/100 ml 1 L= 1000 mL 10 g/100 mL= x/ 1000 mL 100x= 1000x10 x= 10,000/100 x= 100 g over 10 hours

    asked by Fatin
  23. Math

    The difference of a number and its opposite is 28. Find the number

    asked by John
  24. math

    a motion was adopted by a vote of 5 to 3.what part of the total vote was against the motion? ans is 3/8. couldnt get the question and answer?please reply

    asked by tasu
  25. Science

    Write the word equation to show the chemical reaction taking place during acid rain?

    asked by Raghav
  26. Math

    The 3 digit number in which the ones digit is three times the tens digit and the tens digit is three times the hundred digit.

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Control systems

    What is the gain margin and phase margin of this equation which represents transfer function of a unity feedback control system G(s)=(4(1+0.5s))÷(s (1+2s)(1+(s/20)+(s^2/8)))

    asked by Plz help
  28. Algebra

    X/5 -g=a for x

    asked by Stephanie
  29. geography

    What impact did the dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics have? affected nations throughout the world decreased conflict in eastern Europe increased communism throughout the world none

    asked by blabla
  30. math

    a ;unch menu has 4 differnt sandwhiches

    asked by rehan
  31. English

    1. I am happy with my brother. 2. I am happy for my brother. 3. I am happy because of my brother. 4. I am satisfied with my brother. ------------------------ Are they all correct? What is the difference between #1 and #2? #1 seems to mean #4. Is that

    asked by rfvv
  32. Chemistry

    will red blood cells undergo hemolysis, crenation or no change at all. 10%m/v NaCl 2% m/v glucose H2O 5% m/v glucose how would I come up with the answer I read the chapter and i'm confused

    asked by Jason
  33. Chemistry

    Rule of thumb gives the activation energy of most organic reactions as approximately 50 kJ/mol. Based on that, calculate by what factor the reaction rate increases when the temperature climbs from 25°C to 45°C. 1. 3.6 2. 3.2 x 1046 3. 1.001 4. 1.3

    asked by TS
  34. Math

    I would like to put these fractions in order from least to greatest: 3/8, 5/8, 4/8, 2/8, 7/8

    asked by Xavier
  35. Physics

    A parallel-plate capacitor is constructed with circular plates of radius 5.6×10−2 m . The plates are separated by 0.27 mm , and the space between the plates is filled with a dielectric with dielectric constant κ. When the charge on the capacitor is 1.9

    asked by Alli
  36. English

    1. He decided that she should go shopping. 2. His decision was that she should go shopping. 3. He made a decision that she should go shopping. 4. He suggested that the party be put off. 5. His suggestion was that the party should be put off.

    asked by rfvv
  37. English

    1. He suggested that she should join the club. 2. He suggested that she might be a librarian. 3. He suggested that the boy laughed at the girl. 4. The driver insisted that the car ran into the pedestrian. 5. He insisted that she should go on a picnic

    asked by rfvv
  38. CALC

    Find the particular solution of the given differential equation dydx=−4xe(y−x^2);y=11whenx=1. THanks

    asked by SARAH
  39. geometry


    asked by joey
  40. science

    Between a 700kg elephant moving at a velocity of 18km/h East and a 74kg cheeetah moving at 31m/s East. Which is more difficult to stop? Why?

    asked by Chlöe
  41. Chemistry

    A 53.8-mg sample of sodium perchlorate contains radioactive chlorine-36 (whose atomic mass is 36.0 amu). If 29.6% of the chlorine atoms in the sample are chlorine-36 and the remainder are naturally occurring nonradioactive chlorine atoms, how many

    asked by Harry
  42. math

    The gradient of a curve at (1,-11) is ax^2 + b at all points. The tangent at (2,-16) is parallel to the x-axis. Find a and b and the equation of the curve

    asked by joseph
  43. English

    Hello. I will be grateful for your advice. Which is correct in English: 1) my congratulation message to my teacher; 2) my congratulation message for my teacher? Thank you.

    asked by Ilma
  44. Physical Science

    Using the formula for gravity, find the force of gravity on a 0.80-kg mass at Earth's surface. (The mass of Earth is 6×10^24kg, and its radius is 6.4×10^6m.).

    asked by Hannah
  45. Chemistry

    Consider a cylinder containing 2 mol of an ideal gas at an initial temperature of 25 C. The cylinder is fitted with a piston on which a weight is placed, subjecting the gas to a constant pressure of 2.66 atm. The cylidner is then wrapped with a heater,

    asked by Chris Tesler
  46. Chemistry

    I have the answer to this question but the book does not explain WHY this is a good buffer solution? It uses pH=pKa - log(base/acid) and shows 7.2=7.2 - log(1). I don't understand why they can only use pKa7.2 and ignore the pKa 12.7. You are instructed to

    asked by Kelsey
  47. maths

    0/0=? it is equal to zero or infinity?

    asked by somay
  48. statistics

    A coin is biased so that the probability of obtaining a head is 2/3. The coin is tossed four times. Find the probability of obtaining exactly two heads.

    asked by Laura
  49. Mathematics

    How do you solve 12k^2m^8/4km^5 This is what I thought of doing: =12k^2m^8/4km^5 =8km^3 *Is that correct?*

    asked by Alejandro
  50. Chemistry

    Calculate the mass of HF required to prepare 200 mL of 0.25 mol/L solution. P = 40%; d = 1.14 g/cm3

    asked by Jacke
  51. Chemistry

    Is NH4+ polar or non polar?

    asked by sarah
  52. Physics

    0.255 kg catcher is attached by a 45.0 cm long massless cable to a frictionless axle. The catcher is initially at rest. A 0.144 kg ball with a radius of 0.0875 m rolls without slipping from a height of 1.25 m and is captured by the catcher. For a solid

    asked by Ashley
  53. Chemistry

    Given that W = -PatmΔV, if a gas expands into a vacuum, the sign of W is ? 1. Positive: work is being done on the gas 2. Negative: work is being done on the gas 3. Positive: work is being done by the gas 4. Negative: work is being done by the gas 5. ZERO:

    asked by Melodie
  54. English

    1. He was married to Emily in 2009. 2. He got married to Emily in 2009. ---------------------- What is the difference between them? Does #1 mean "state"? And does #2 mean "action"?

    asked by rfvv

    State the intercepts, domain and range for y= |0.5x^2-2|.

    asked by Peter
  56. chemistry

    The amount of energy required to remove an electron from the surface of Hg is 7.22x10^-19 J. What is the threshold frequency of mercury? I got 1.09*10^15 hz is it right?

    asked by lo
  57. Maths

    The area at the bottom of the pool floor is 20 meters squared and the pool is 1.5 meters deep. The hose is filling up the pool at a rate of 50 Liters per minute. How long will it take to fill the pool?

    asked by Anonymous
  58. physics

    A car accelerates from rest for ten seconds with a linearly increasing speed of 3 m/s every second. If the diameter of the tires is 2/3 m and they roll without slipping, find their final angular velocity in radians per second.

    asked by Anonymous
  59. english i just need someone to simplify this sente

    population of interbreeding individuals with similar characteristics, though variation is common among all of the them at all times. individual fixed and unchanging. thanks

    asked by miyabi
  60. maths

    two towns A and B are 96km apart a is due north of B. town C is 80km from B and is on a bearing of 56 degree from B find distance of town A and C

    asked by desai
  61. science

    out of following solution which possesses lowest osmotic pressure,highest boiling point and highest frezzing point 1M KCl,1MNa3PO4 and 1M glucose.

    asked by sunidhi
  62. maths

    find the sum of first 15 multiples of 8

    asked by mrinal
  63. math

    place value of 2.435

    asked by may
  64. economics

    Part III: Calculate the Following Questions by Using the Necessary Steps (4 pts each) 1) A monopolist is deciding how to allocate output between two markets that are separated geographically. Demands for the two markets are P1 = 15 –Q1 and P2 = 25 –

    asked by Belete
  65. math

    A chord subtends an angle of 68 degrees at the center of a circle of radius 200mm.find the chord length.

    asked by brenda
  66. English

    1. Why don't you take a few days off? 2. Why don't you take off a few days? (Are both grammatical? What other similar expressions do we have about 'take off'?) * I can't stand people talking loudly in public. 3. Me neither. 4. Neither can I. 5. Nor can I.

    asked by rfvv
  67. Maths

    Terry is 25 years older than Ron. in 5 years, he will be twice as old as Ron. Find their present ages.

    asked by Shalini
  68. math

    what part of a quarter is 2 pennies 2 nickels and 1 dime???

    asked by tasu

    A circular loop lies with its plane normal to a magnetic field given by B=(0.200 - 0.0200t) T, where t denotes the time in seconds. The induced emf in the loop is 1.36 V. Calculate the radius of the loop.

    asked by Sandy
  70. phsics

    A body is released from a certain height another is released frm d same height 1 sec later. D separation between the 2 bodies 2sec after the release of the 2nd body is?

    asked by devansh
  71. physics

    A car moves for half of its time at 80km/hr and for rest half of timeat 40km/hr. Total distance covered is 60km.What is the average speed of car

    asked by devansh
  72. math

    simplyfy if quadratic equation or not quadratic equation and arrange into quadratic equation form 25-r2=4x

    asked by jane