Questions Asked on
June 15, 2016

  1. Chemistry 171 Lab

    Suppose we collect hydrogen gas, H2(g), over water at 21◦C in a vessel with total pressure of 743 Torr. If the hydrogen gas is produced by the reaction of aluminum with hydrochloric acid: 2Al(s) + 6HCl(aq) → 2AlCl3(aq) + 3H2(g) what volume of hydrogen

    asked by Rae
  2. Math

    Marge bought a computer for $699 on the installment plan. The terms of the plan were a down payment of $100, then payments of $58 a month for 12 months. How much was her total cost?

    asked by Brianna
  3. english

    read the following line from Poe's "The Raven": "Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before" a)alliteration b)metaphor c)personification d)simile

    asked by Cee
  4. math

    Catherine has $54. She plans to spend more than $20 of the money for a painting canvas. The rest will go toward paints. Each tube of paint costs $8.50. Assume that x represents the number of tubes of paint Catherine can buy

    asked by keenan
  5. Math ---HELP!!!!!

    A study of a brand of “in the shell peanuts” gives the following results: Number of peanut bags Probability 25 0.003 30 0.020 35 0.090 40 0.150 45 0.350 50 0.217 55 0.170 A significant event at the 0.01 level is a fan getting a bag with how many

    asked by angela
  6. statistic

    A special diet is intended to reduce systolic blood pressure among patients diagnosed with stage 2 hypertension. If the diet is effective, the target is to have the average systolic blood pressure of this group be below 150. After six months on the diet,

    asked by mirea
  7. Pre-Cal

    A 13-ft ladder leans against a building so that the angle between the ground and the ladder is 63 degrees. How high does the ladder reach on the building? (round your answer to the nearest foot)

    asked by Jennifer
  8. math

    At noon, one ship A was directly north of another ship B. Ship A was sailing south at 30kph and B was sailing east at 15kph. After how many hours will the two ships be nearest each other?

    asked by montefalco
  9. maths

    a paper cone has a base diameter of 8cm a height of 3cm. a)caculate the volume of the cone in terms of pie b)if the cone is cut and opened out into the sector of a circle.what is the angle of the sector

    asked by ulubi
  10. Math

    Two trucks leave the truck stop at the same time, one heading north and one heading south. The truck driving south is driving 15 miles per hour slower than the truck driving north. How fast is the slower truck traveling is they are 1,250 miles apart after

    asked by TJS91
  11. Social Studies

    What did West Africans trade to North Africans in exchange for salt? A camels (my answer) B gold C silver D masks Am I correct?

    asked by LinkHasTheTriforce
  12. Algebra

    Two cyclists, 128 miles apart, start riding toward each other at the same time. One cycles 3 times as fast as the other. If they meet 4 hours later, what is the speed (in mi/h) of the faster cyclist?

    asked by Rachel
  13. Math ---HELP!!!!!

    One hundred people are selected at random and tested for colorblindness to determine whether gender and colorblindness are independent. The following counts were observed. Colorblind Not Colorblind Total Male 7 53 60 Female 1 39 40 Total 8 92 100 Find the

    asked by angela
  14. Math

    What is the circumference of the circle round to the nearest tenth and show all work and the area of the circle is 9.5m

    asked by Lori loseenem
  15. Math

    An airplane is flying 100 km north and 185 km west of an airport. It is flying at a height of 7 km A) what is the straight long distance to the airport? B) what is the angle of elevation of the airplane, from the point of view of the airport?

    asked by Sydney
  16. E.L.A

    Three centuries of tension between the plebs and patricians led to the __________.

    asked by autumn
  17. geometry

    ABCD is a rectangle. All rectangles have congruent diagonals. Which of the following is valid based on deductive reasoning?

    asked by shelley
  18. Algebra

    After robbing a bank in Dodge City, a robber gallops off at 12 mi/h. 30 minutes later, the marshall leaves to pursue the robber at 16 mi/h. How long (in hours) does it take the marshall to catch up to the robber?

    asked by Rachel
  19. math

    How many pounds of a $1.20 per pound nut mixture must be mixed with two pounds of a 90 cents per pound mixture to produce a mixture that sells for $1.00 per pound? with explanation

    asked by tasreef
  20. maths

    cutting a circle into equal sections of a small central angle to find the area of a circle by using formulae

    asked by meraj
  21. Physics

    An infinitely long, solid insulating cylinder with radius a has positive charge uniformly distributed throughout it with a constant charge per unit volume p. a) using Gauss's law, derive the expression for the electric field inside the cylinder ra c)

    asked by Sally
  22. physics

    rain is falling at 5m/s making 30 degrees with the vertical towards east . to a man walking at 3m/s on a horizontal road towards east , the rain appears to be at a speed of

    asked by shivani
  23. Civics

    Speaker 2: The law would make anyone who looks under 18 without an ID after dark into a criminal. That's not the answer; that's a police state. Confining innocent youth to house arrest does not make young people more responsible. Jan decides to do some

    asked by Frisk
  24. science

    what is the concentration of the mixture of two mixture if two quarts of 30% acid solution is mixed with 3 pints of 20%acid solution

    asked by tasu
  25. science

    Suggest an experiment to compare the conductivity of electricity by iron, copper, aluminium and zinc. Perform the experiment and prepare a short report on the resu

    asked by rohit
  26. geometry

    If Alphonso takes out the trash, his dad will give him $10. If Alphonso has $10 he will go to the movies.

    asked by shelley
  27. Algebra

    Statins are used to keep cholesterol in check and are a top selling drug in the US. The equation S-1.5x=6.4 gives the amount of sales (S) of statin in billions of dollars x years after 1998. According to this equation, how much will/did people spend on

    asked by Rachel
  28. math

    How many 1oz bottles will this solution fill.

    asked by Kelly
  29. maths class 6

    1. JUGGLING NUMBERS From old newspapers cut out digits 0 to 9 and stick them in a creative manner. Make sure the digits are not too small. Juggle the digits to make the numbers described below. The challenge is you can use a digit only once in a number. 1)

    asked by aditya
  30. Physics

    A golf ball is struck with a five iron on level ground. It lands 91.4 m away 4.20 s later. What was (a) the direction and (b) the magnitude of the initial velocity? angle=tan-1(Ry/Rx) for direction R=(Rx^2+Ry^2)^(1/2) I cannot figure out the variables and

    asked by Please Help Understand
  31. English

    Imagine that there are many children in your locality had missing their parents and they just sent to job by their families.Write a letter to editor of newspaper describing the sad plight of such children and the need to uplift them. And I need to get a

    asked by Shakeeb
  32. History

    how has the tension between traditional lifestyles and western influences impacted African cultures?

    asked by Bre
  33. Physics

    youre standing on the ground your friend is standing on a balcony of an apartment building 12m above you. you throw a ball straight upward to your friend, it takes 0.536 s to get to her and she catches it when its right in front of her how fast is the ball

    asked by Kabir
  34. math

    The vertices of triangle IJK have coordinates I(−5, −2), J(−5, −4), and K(−4, −4). Which coordinates are the coordinates of the vertices of triangle IꞌJꞌKꞌ when triangle IJK is rotated 180° clockwise around the origin? A. Iꞌ(5, 2),

    asked by Potato ^-^
  35. MGT435

    According to the drama triangle, one common characteristic of the rescuer role is_______? 1) refuses to say "no" 2) initiates the attack 3) aggressive behavior 4) nonassertive behavior

    asked by Linda
  36. CHEM LAB

    Why must you weigh the beaker containing salt and water before dissolving the salt? Why would it be incorrect/inaccurate to obtain the total mass after dissolving the salt? Explain your answer. (We had to do to create different nacl salt concentration )

    asked by lo
  37. math

    a number with missing digits is given the given clues and find out this number: 6_ _ _6 clues: a). the tens digit is 2 more than thee ones digit. b).the hundreds digit is 5 less than the tens digit. c).the thousands digit is 3 less than the

    asked by aya corneto
  38. Algebra

    nicole is a jewellery designer. she handcrafts all the jewellery she sells online. with every successful sale, she would make a profit of $30; however, if she makes a mistake during the process, she will lose $10. Nicole is starting work on her next batch

    asked by Michelle
  39. Algebra

    Find the sum of (-3a+4cd-6ac)-(7ab-9cd-10ac)+(-8ab+cd-2ac)-(9ab-5cd+CD)

    asked by Gler
  40. Physics

    When a hammer strikes a nail, it is compressed along its length. Suppose that a steel nail 9.00 cm long and 3.00 mm in diameter is compressed an average of 65.0 µm by a 0.490 kg hammer during a 1.20 ms collision. a) What is the average force exerted by

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Algebra

    Valerie needs to rent a car on vacation. The rental company charges $17.95 plus 16 cents for each mile driven. If Valerie only has $50 to spend on the rental, what is the maximum number of miles she can drive?

    asked by Rachel
  42. Math

    A rectangular prism has a base of 42 square inches. If the volume of the prism is 210 cubic inches, which could be dimensions of this prism

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Frederick

    A wire of length 50cm is cut into two parts and each part is bent to form a square. If the total area of the two square is 100cm², find the perimeter of each square.

    asked by Dan
  44. Physics

    i)A boy of 45kg is 5m above a swimming pool on a spring board. The boy jumps up into the air which is 2m above the spring board before falling into the water. What is the maximum depth the boy can reach in the water if the average resisting force of water

    asked by Ami
  45. math

    two bus start from the same bus stand at 8a.m. one travels at 40km/h and other at 50km/h. the second bus reaches the next stop at 10a.m.How much later will the first bus arrive?

    asked by manju
  46. Math

    A recipe calls for 2 1/2 cups of chocolate chips to make a batch of five dozen (60) cookies. On average how many cups of chocolate chips would be in each cookie? I have tried everything and still can not get the answer

    asked by Chris Walley
  47. st.joseph science

    Calculate the molecular formula of a compound whose empirical formula is CH2O AND vapour density is 30

    asked by deepika
  48. English

    1. Look at the abandoned dogs. 2. Look at the deserted dogs. (Which one is a correct term? Can we use both expressions? Do you have some other terms?) 3. A dog is a companion animal. I have two companion dogs. (Is this expression right?)

    asked by rfvv
  49. Chemistry

    what is the percent by mass of a solution by dissolving 200 g of NaCI in 500 mL of water?

    asked by Annyssa
  50. English

    The sandy area is 1.5 km in length, 40 km in width and has an area of 60,000 square meters. ------------------- Would you check the sentence an correct errors, please?

    asked by rfvv
  51. English

    The sea is shallow, and we can not notice a major shift in a tidal change. ------------ Would you check this sentence? Thank you.

    asked by rfvv
  52. Chemistry

    Considering only the molecular orbitals formed by combinations of the s atomic orbitals in the valence shell, how many molecular orbitals can be formed by 5000 sodium atoms?

    asked by Jack
  53. Algebra

    Quadratic Formula 2x^2- 4x-3=0 My answer is (2±√10)/2 or (2√10)

    asked by liliy
  54. math

    There are 2 trains, one in Los Angeles and the other one in Denver. Train 1 left Los Angeles at 10am and was traveling east at a speed of 100 mph. Train 2 left Denver at 1pm and was traveling west at 80 mph. Which train is closer to Los Angeles when they

    asked by bev
  55. Math problem solving

    At the hardware store , you buy hammers for $ 30 a dozen. And sell them for $ 3.50 each. What is the percent mark up for the hammers?

    asked by Danielle
  56. Math

    Father Armando the math teacher adds Bens and the Indians scores atop each other and gets these numbers. 1, 2, 6, 7, 10, 12 Also, go back for Seconds.

    asked by Bianca
  57. Pre-Cal

    Evalute the expressions: 1). sin(π/3)+cos(π/3) 2). (cos 45°)^2-(sin 45°)^2

    asked by Jennifer
  58. science

    The mass of the girl in earth is 24kg. What is her mass and weight in moon if the moon's gravity is 1/6 of the earth' gravity?

    asked by angela
  59. Math Functions

    A stock went on the market and began with a start value of $2. After 6 months of being on the market it reached its maximum value of 52$ but then dropped back down to 2$ by the 12th month. Three competing investment firms have come up with the following

    asked by Dyrone
  60. science

    A skier with a mass of 60.0 kg starts from rest and skis down an icy (frictionless) slope that has a length of 53.0 m at an angle of 25.4° with respect to the horizontal. At the bottom of the slope, the path levels out and becomes horizontal, the snow

    asked by Anonymous
  61. English

    They went to an animal doctor. The vet said, "This pet is almost blind." The wife said to her husband, "What are you going to do?" --------------------------- What is the difference between them in meaning? 1. What are you going to do? 2. What will you do?

    asked by rfvv

    Find the derivative of y=4sinx−2cosx

    asked by Sarah
  63. Algebra

    Subtract (5x²-6x+4) from the sum of (-3x²+3x+1) and 2x²-5x+7)

    asked by Gler
  64. math

    Using paranthesis and exponents use five 3s to write an expression whose value is 29

    asked by rizwan
  65. Math

    Elenore made an 850 mile trip east. She traveled 2 hours by jet and 30 minutes by a private propeller plane. If the speed of the jet was four times the speed of the propeller plane, what was the speed of the jet?

    asked by TJS91
  66. Math

    Among a group of people, 10% are from NYC and 90% are not. All people from NYC are under 18 years old, and 70% of those not from NYC are also under 18 years old. One person is chosen at random, and he or she is under 18. What is the probability that the

    asked by Sarah
  67. physics

    a young's double slit arrangement produces interferences fringes which are 0.004 rad apapt for wave lenght 589nm. For what wavelenght the angular seperation would be 10% greater?

    asked by tuhin
  68. Math

    Lesson is on using formulas A=l*w Create formulas for the following relationships. A. The relationship between the number of tires (not including spares) and the number of cars in a parking lot. B the relationship between the number of minutes to the

    asked by Cindy
  69. Math

    How cub will it cost to buy a rug 9 by 12 at 60 cent a foot

    asked by Chantel
  70. math

    what is the concentration of the mixture of two mixture if two quarts of 30% acid solution is mixed with 3 pints of 20%acid solution

    asked by tasu
  71. management

    what are the 10 most otstanding businesses in the philippines? who are the 10 most outstanding managers in the philippines? contributers of management?

    asked by angel
  72. English

    1. Also many events and festivals are held with (the) opening of the sea. (Is it correct? Do we ahve to sue 'the' here?) 2. The beach provides tourists with other attractions every year. ------------------- Are they grammatical?

    asked by rfvv
  73. math

    find all two-digit odd number, the sum of whose is 9

    asked by miggy
  74. math

    anna is 5yrs old. i am six years more than twice her age

    asked by shaina
  75. English

    1. I'll take him the dog. 2. I'll take the dog to him. 3. I'll bring him the cat. 4. I'll bring the cat to him. 5. I'll bring him it. 6. I'll bring it to him. 7. I'll take him this. 8. I'll take this to him. --------------- Is each pair the same and

    asked by rfvv
  76. English

    Many years passed. --------------------- If a person uses the sentence above, how many years does the person have in mind? More than 5 years? Over 7 years? More than 10 years? How about you?

    asked by rfvv
  77. science

    what is the unit of thermal capacity?

    asked by Puja
  78. maths

    A man had16 mangoes.he gave1/4to bob and1/2tohis sister many mangoes remained after he shared with Bob and Candy?

    asked by Rachel
  79. college algebra

    in a class of 30 students all of them are either female or smokers. while only 5 are female and smokers. if there are 12 male smokers in the class, then how many female nonsmokers are in the class?

    asked by maria
  80. teas

    which of the following is the main function of vitamins? A.provinding structure to cell membrane B.supplying brain with energy source c.Facilitating action of enzymes D.Promoting absorption of carbohydrates

    asked by irene
  81. algebra

    x/x-2 +x-1/x+1 = -1 How do I find the solution to this equation?

    asked by Abigail
  82. physics

    the angle b/w vectors (A¡ÁB ) and (B¡ÁA) is

    asked by uzair
  83. Geometry

    Find mAD if CA is a diameter of circle P

    asked by Ty
  84. English

    Write a speech in the following situation- You are the leading actor in a school play It is the interval in the play. The first half was dreadful, with actors forgetting their lines, props falling over and the audience laughing for the wrong reasons..‟

    asked by Bob
  85. Math Please Help Assignment Due Today

    Ella wants to build a rectangular pen for her dogs with two distinct sections. The area of the enclosure can be represented by A= Xy and the total length of fencing can be represented by 3x + 2y = 60. If she had 60 ft of fencing to work with, determine the

    asked by Jenny
  86. Math

    The formula A=l*w is in this formula ⏹=🔼*⏺ What other formulas in this form can you think of?

    asked by Anonymous
  87. Math Please Help Assignment Due

    The graph of the function f(X)= 4x^2 -17x-9 has two X intercepts. What is the value of the larger X intercept to one decimal place?

    asked by Jenny
  88. Please Help

    What is the range of 4(X-5)^2 + 7

    asked by Jenny
  89. Math

    I am 3 digit number my hundreds digit is 4 times my ones digit and my tens digit is their difference. What number am i?

    asked by Raina
  90. Calculus


    asked by Bruno
  91. English

    Does anyone have an old compare and contrast essay i can use?

    asked by Larissa
  92. Biology Help Please!

    Bacterial Gene Transfer - Conjugation Please Clarify These Questions For Me! 1) Explain the purpose of the controls used in the mating experiment 2) It is necessary to make dilutions prior to plating in Week 1 in order to obtain single colonies. Why are

    asked by Tim
  93. science

    When you return to your house from school, what is your displacement

    asked by Anonymous
  94. calculus

    A rectangular lot is to have an area of 1600m^2. Find the shortest that can can reach the building with one end resting on the ground outside the wall

    asked by montefalco
  95. English

    1. Whitey in Roumania Whitey's master died 5 years ago. However, he has been waiting for him. 2. Whitey in Roumania Whitey's master died 5 years ago. However, he has waited for him for a long time. 3. Whitey in Roumania Whitey's master died, but, he has

    asked by rfvv